23 Jul 2016

Shocking pictures...Serial Ikorodu Rapist "Badoo" Burnt To Death(graphic photos)

A notorious rapist known as Badoo was today lynched by an angry mob to death after he was caught raping a little girl at Ota, Owode Ibeshe, Ikorodu. He was stripped unclad and beaten to death before his body was burnt. Graphic photos below...

Wow ...Never Before Seen Rare Pictures of Ooni of Ife and Wife in public...see photos

The Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi Ojaja II paid a courtesy visit to the President of Ghana, John Mahama at the Ghanaian Presidential villa yesterday Friday July 21st. He was accompanied by his wife, Olori Wuraola, Senior Special Assistant on Foreign Relations and Diaspora Assistant to President Buhari Abike Dabiri and others. More photos after the cut.

O ga ju...See what Nigerian Actress Toyin Aimakhu is wearing....(photos)

The Nollywood actress wore this beautiful dress to a birthday dinner today. She looks so classy.

Wow ...You won't believe what the Ooni of Ife just revealed...You will be shocked!

No wonder the Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi, is loved by all. Both young and old delight pleasure in seeing him and hail him endlessly whenever he is spotted. No wonder God has blessed him so much and only crowned his efforts by making him a King. Oba Enitan before ascending the throne was well established and also fully loaded when you talk about cash. He has it all, if we are permitted to use that word. His philanthropy ways, is something one can’t just wave aside. He practically lives for the poor.

In this interview with Femi Makinde, the Ooni explained how he was born, how is birth was a mystery and how is life still remains a mystery. It’s an interview we must all read. It will humble you, it will tell you everything you have really isn't yours if you don't help others. It's a must read. Sit, relax and enjoy!

How was your growing up like?

To the glory of God, I was born into the family of Prince Ropo Ogunwusi and late Mrs. Wuraola Ogunwusi, both from Ife, Osun State. My father is from the royal compound of Agbedegbede while my mother was from Ile-Opa, Soji-opa compound. I was born into a very humble family. I am the fifth child of the family and the third son. I grew up in both Ibadan (Oyo State) and Ife. I had my primary, secondary and tertiary education in Ibadan, but whenever we were on holidays, we travelled to Ife. I have always been sentimentally tied to Ife and as a young man, I have also been passionate about my heritage, my origin. What has actually helped me the most is that my father was a broadcaster and as an inquisitive child, I followed him all over the place. He anchored a programme on radio in the 80s called ‘Ikini lede Ife’ (meaning, ‘greetings in Ife dialect.’) It was a popular programme then. He also anchored another one called ‘Ife Ooye.’ He did it for more than three decades on both television and radio, so all Ife sons and daughters all over the world participated in the programme. By virtue of this, I used to follow my father to Ife.

Was there any prophecy that you would ascend the throne?

It was predicted. The specific time and date of the week was said. It was predicted that I would be born at exactly 1:00pm on a Thursday and up to the fourth child my parents gave birth to, none was given birth to at 1:00pm and on a Thursday. I am the fifth child and to the glory of God, I was given birth to on a Thursday and at exactly 1:00pm.

So many strange things happened after my birth. Immediately I was given birth to, my maternal grandfather left this world because he practically pushed my mother to go and have me delivered when she was not due to do so. He did so on his sick bed. He practically pushed her out to the Seventh Day Adventist Hospital here in Ife to deliver the baby she was carrying. I was not due then. Few hours after I was born, my grandfather left this world.

So your grandfather died the same day you were born?

He died few hours after my birth. My mother wasn’t allowed to witness her father’s funeral because the man was buried according to Islamic injunction. Strange things happened at my birth. I wasn’t christened and did not have my naming ceremony until after the 11th day instead of the usual eighth day.


Because my mother left me alone after birth. I wasn’t breastfed. She did not do it intentionally, but due to the fact that she was destabilised by her father’s demise. I was handed over to my aunt and it was God who made me survive, according to my aunt and my late mum. It affected my eating habit even till date because I wasn’t given that proper motherly care immediately after birth. I am thankful to God that I survived it and that is the more reason I was named Enitan, a child of history and mystery, and my second name, Babatunde, because we Yoruba believe in reincarnation. We believe some of our ancestors usually come back after they die through other children born into the family. My paternal grandfather gave me the name, Adeyeye, meaning the potential monarch, whom the crown fits, and since then, he gave everyone a stern warning not to hit me on the head. Anyone who tried to hit my head had my grandfather to contend with. I never knew, but my father took a very special interest in me. I actually look like him, so he usually called me Adeyeye Ooni because I am from a royal family.

Were you close to the late Ooni of Ife?

He was my father. There is a picture on the wall depicting my visit to him when I was a prince and that is my best picture in the world. I used to go to him often to listen to his words of advice and fatherly wisdom and that particular day (whose picture is on the wall) was the day he prayed for me and it was also at that time that he told me the story of how he became a king. He (Oba Sijuwade), two of his children and I and God were the only ones present there on that very day. I will never forget it.

He spoke very deeply, brought out pictures, told me many things I did not know about him and prayed for me. That is why the picture is very important to me.

You lived in Lagos, did you ever travel in a ‘molue’?

I am always a very passionate person and I did that on many occasions. After my service year, I lived in both Ibadan and Lagos because I was a rice and sugar merchant. I love to take up challenges and my growing up shaped my life. I used to help my mother, who was born into a family of business people. My two grandmothers were business people in Ife. My maternal grandmother used to go to the North to buy rice and beans and sold them in Ife. I hawked for my mother because whenever she came back from work, she resumed business and I was very proud of doing that for her. I would hawk the commodity in some communities in Ibadan and I am very proud to have that kind of experience. I used to make shoes too. I have always been enterprising ever since I was young. I made shoes for friends and families with jeans material; I made canvas with jeans material too. I went to learn how to do it at a shoemaking shop. I used my leisure time after school to do those things and I was very good at them.

Did you hawk in a ‘molue’?

No, I did not but I used to board ‘molue.’ Last year, there was a time I boarded the BRT bus in Lagos. The reason is very simple; I am quite passionate about mankind, so I developed a concept to live like the common man at least once every month because I believe we did not come into this world with anything. I would drop everything I have to live like an average man struggling in life. I would visit people under the bridge, ride on a motorcycle, and board a ‘molue’ to wherever I was going in Lagos. It was very stressful but those times were my best moments in life because I got to relate with the real people. I saw their sufferings and felt their plights. When I ascended the throne, I requested the elders to grant me the opportunity to continue the concept, but they did not agree, so I coined a new one that would go in line with the throne, which is stopping my convoy whenever I get to a particular open place with moderate crowd and buy ‘boli’ (roasted plantain) and ‘dundu’ and other basic food items because we don’t have to forget where we are coming from in life. Which position are you that nobody has never been in life? When you serve mankind, you serve God. Our people have disconnected from the less-privileged and the downtrodden. Each time I stop, the people are always happy and my security men are usually afraid and they caution me to get into the car, but I always make them realise that I cannot be harmed by these people. They are just excited and I am always happy to be in their midst. At times, I would not come out of the car, but most times, I do get out to shake people’s hands and I would buy from them what they’re selling and pay them higher than what they have sold. I will be sick if I am not with the common people; it has always been my lifestyle.

What were the other things you did before ascending the throne that you now miss?

I can’t move around freely now, unfortunately. I can’t hang out the way I used to; I cannot eat and drink on the street because of tradition, which forbids an oba from eating outside. But I still play with the less-privileged. I am into real estate, which is labour-intensive, so I am always in the midst of thousands of people because I go to sites once in a while and they hail me. I like the feeling.

Will you still marry more wives according to tradition?

That is not my priority; marrying more wives is not my priority. Honestly, my priority is to better the lot of the downtrodden and the less-privileged and not to keep acquiring wives upon wives.

Recently, you travelled to the United States with some obas and chiefs, why did you travel with such a large entourage?

Truth be told, I went there to display our culture, our rich tradition and our rich heritage. A lot of Africans in the diaspora and African-Americans have been making a lot of enquiries and tracing their origins back to Ife and some have gone to the extent of doing DNA tests to know where they came from because most of them have traced their lineage to majorly West Africa and the largest tribe there are the Yoruba. It will be remembered that at some point, there was no boundary in West Africa until 1884, by Lincoln’s friends or so, that the partitioning started and if you go to as far as other countries in Africa, you will discover that a significant number of their population speak Yoruba fluently. At some point, we lived as one happy family, so Yoruba is one very big tribe. Most of the trans-atlantic slave trade took place in the Yoruba region of West Africa because the northern part was open to jihad and Islamisation, so they didn’t do more of the trans-atlantic slave trade there, while the whole of South Africa was locked up in apartheid. East Africa was difficult for the colonial masters to penetrate. They didn’t penetrate Ethiopia at all and it is the giant of East Africa. I went to the US for a clarion call that those in the diaspora belong to a tribe that has culture, that they belong to a tribe that has tradition.

A lot of people complained about the crowd I went with and they thought the government was supporting us, but no, we only got support from friends and God. We went from the county level to the state level and then to the federal level in the US. We were warmly received by the people and the government of America.

When will this trip start yielding fruits?

We just signed a Memorandum of Understanding on technology and agricultural city that a lot of Nigerians in the diaspora and Africans as well as African-Americans will key into. What I was told to bring is a good agricultural hub and so we will create a city where cash crops will be sown. We are trying to go back to the old days of cocoa, cashew and other cash crops the west was reputed for and we are planting aggressively, not only in Ife, but we are championing it in Ife just to encourage thousands of youths to go back to the farm. So we signed a very good MoU, in which the project is to cost about $1.5bn. It is a consortium to build a technology city and they would partner with Obafemi Awolowo University in terms of technology transfer from the university into the city and there are a lot of people who want to come and do businesses on Public Private Partnership basis that would require the government to come on board and we represent the community and it is yielding results. Another good thing is our culture; tourism is now evoking a different attraction. So many historic places in Ife are generating a lot of traffic from people who come in to check their authenticity.

Concerning the ‘ori olokun’ and other artifacts that were stolen from Ife by the colonialists, can they still be recovered?

Well, we are not going to give up. ‘Ori olokun’ is very strategic to any nation. It is very strategic to the British Government and the British Museum, but peace is our watchword, so we would negotiate over some of them that they can return because we can’t get all of them back, honestly, but our plan is to collaborate with them and bring back the glory of the black race and unite everybody.

You have gone round to visit some monarchs, especially in Yorubaland. With this, can you say Yoruba obas are more united now?

O yes! We are because everybody has their strength and you cannot say you are the leader. I travelled to the US and when I came back, I called other monarchs to give them feedback on what I was able to achieve on my trip so as to honour them and not show off or exhibit supremacy. You just have to work with them so that where they have their strength, you can combine it with yours because no man is an island. We are working together and there is peace.

Are there taboos in Ife?

Of course, we have our dos and don’ts. Let me give you a good example, the sunlight that gives us good energy, aids photosynthesis and supports human life cannot be looked into because it will destroy our sight despite the fact that it aids our living. We do have our dos and don’ts which must be kept well. There are some deities that certain things cannot be done with. There are some deities that don’t like people that are not clean, if you are not morally clean, you cannot go there because they get upset when they notice such and we do warn people not to overstep.

Also, the ‘yeyemolu’ (water) in the palace cannot be taken away from the palace. We warn people not to try it because it has grave consequences.

How many people do you feed in the palace daily, because your predecessor fed about a thousand people daily?

It is ‘Olodumare’ that assists me in feeding them because I have lost count of how many people come in every day, so I don’t want to brag with that. Don’t let us put any number to it. People come in large number every day and God feeds them through me.

Will you advocate the use of Yoruba as an official language in Osun State?

That is what we do here on the throne. We only speak Yoruba; if not because you want me to speak in English, I would have chosen Yoruba. People take English as an official language and a generally accepted one because it is widely accepted in the world.

You knelt to worship God during a thanksgiving after your coronation this attracting criticisms from some quarters, do you have any regret doing this?

I will continue to do it forever and ever. Those who criticised me are ignorant of the supreme power of God Almighty before whom all kings must bow. God is the King of all kings. He appoints kings and dethrones them. If you remember the story of Nebuchadnezzar, who was a powerful king, when he allowed power to get to his head, God turned him into a beast. So, it is God who is the author and the finisher of everything and I will continue to worship him in humility. He is the God of all ‘orisas’ (deities); any deity that does not want to obey God will be crushed to powder, that is the truth. I have no regrets. Remember I am not the first Ooni, I am the 51st, so people have been here before me. It pleased God to put me on the throne and that is why I am here. Why will I not worship the God who made it possible?

How would you react to the criticisms that trailed your visit to Obafemi Martins?

What is wrong in going to visit Obafemi Martins? But the fact is that he came to greet me and he is someone I like and have tremendous respect for. He is a football icon and a human being for that matter. I visit ‘boli’ sellers whenever I like and I don’t think anything is wrong about that. I still stop my convoy to greet street hawkers because I don’t see them as commoners. I buy from them. I share whatever I buy among my crew. I still did it some days ago on my way from Lagos; the women were happy. That is me, that is who I am. Why can’t I greet Obafemi Martins because I became the Ooni of Ife? And has no one ever done that before? If he invites me to his house today, I will go because he is a human being and an icon with all due respect. It is because we don’t celebrate good people in this country and that has always been our problem.

There are many monarchs in Ile-Ife, why is this so?

Truth be told, Ife is the oldest town in the world. It has a structure. It is the land of the spirit; people who are spiritual came into this world before mankind; they came to Ife. We call them ‘Irunmole’ while some call them ‘malaika.’ In English, they mean angels. Some would say they were angels and some would say they were fallen angels that were sent by God and nobody disputes the fact that the spirit controls the physical. They are divine and they brought the structure to Ife. Everybody has their different role. The Obalufe (one of the monarchs) has his role; Obaleshan has a role, just as Obameri, Obalayan and the rest who have spiritual or traditional roles. Every king is there for a purpose. We met it from time immemorial and we don’t want to alter it.

Can you tell me in brief the history of Ife?

There is a dispute about it. Some will say Oduduwa, our progenitor, came from heaven, some would say he came from Mecca. This is not the time to put the story right. Mind you, neither is wrong, but there is a missing link and from time to time, but the whole world will know the truth.

Will you supply the missing link now?

No. Not now. Like I told you, my focus is peace and for everybody to come together. I like to better the lives of the youths and ensure their development.

Do you watch football matches?

Unfortunately, I don’t have time again but I know how to play football. I have been so busy.

What is the name of your first car?

I have used a Volkswagen before. I have used BMW and a Peugeot 406.

Did you buy the Volkswagen yourself?

No. I got it from my late mother, but the first car I bought myself was a BMW.  I cannot remember the price I bought it because it was a long time ago.

Which is your favourite among your fleet of cars?

My legs; they move me around. They are natural. Actually, I am not really a car freak, but I like Bentley and Rolls Royce and also Mercedes, but they are not my priority. My priority is to bless mankind and empower the youths.

To what level have you been able to reconcile Ife and Modakeke?

We are making tremendous progress. Everybody in this world is shouting war, but I pray war doesn’t get to anyone’s doorstep because you only know the beginning, but not the end. People have been badly hit as a result of the Ife-Modakeke war that lasted for decades, which produced thousands of widows. It is so sad and pathetic. The point is that we just have to live together. The war I want to fight now is to liberate the youths from poverty, the war on how life will be better for everyone, not the physical war of carrying guns, which is outdated. We are using sub-machine guns to shoot poverty right now. We are now doing a lot of programmes. During my visit to the US, I met with the two groups, the Ife and Modakeke groups that are in the diaspora, and they are coming back home with initiatives. We are rebuilding the ruins. We don’t pray for such a thing again on our land.

Senator Iyiola Omisore used to be close to the palace, but since you ascended the throne, he has not come to pay obeisance to you. What do you think is the reason for this?

I don’t know why we are making it an issue. He may be busy politically. I am sure he is. He is a politician. Of course, he is a true son of Ife; that cannot be disputed and people can have issues in life. No one is free from challenges. We pray if he is not found wanting, God will take him out of there. We can only continue to support him by praying for him. People should not make this a big issue. I am sure he has been busy.

Unbelievable...Muhammad Ali's Son Dumps Wife & Children After Getting His Inheritance...

Muhammad Ali's son has dumped his wife and two children after inheriting his part of his late father's fortune, a report suggests. Just over a month after the The Greatest's death, Muhammad Ali Jr. is believed to have moved out of his family home in Chicago's South Side to a more affluent part of the city.

He was woefully neglected by his absentee father as a child, and badly bullied by boys who wanted to prove they could beat up the champion’s son. Sources told Radar Online he wanted to move into a better neighborhood after getting the money. Children of the boxing hero, who died on June 3, met in California to discus how to divide his estate.

When Ali Jr. returned, those close to them said he had suddenly come into money. For the last ten years, he and his family - wife Shaakira and children, Ameera, eight, and Shakera, seven have been relying on food stamps and handouts.

He had been estranged from his sporting legend father for a number of years. The insiders say he is moving close to Midway Airport.They have also hinted that his wife and children won't completely miss out.

This is wickedness! ISIS Celebrates Killing Of Children In Munich...See photos

ISIS is celebrating the Munich rampage carried out by a loner teenager who was bullied on social media as though they had coordinated the brutal killing. ISIS claimed it as a victory, with one account writing: 'Munich so far not claimed by Islamic State. But everything hurting infidels makes us happy'.

'Thank God, may God bring prosperity to our Islamic State men,' read one tweet in Arabic on an account that regularly favours the radical Islamist movement. Another said: 'Whole Europe is now under our terrorism.'

OMG! Popular Spiritualist Kills Businessman after Duping Him of N3m (photo)

He used to be a famous herbalist, whom some people, both far and near, ran to for help at his shrine at No. 8, Oloti area in Iragbiji, Osun State, since he took over from his father in 2006.

Oga o...See the new bride who ended up in hospital after having orgasm...(photos)

As seen on Twitter. A new bride recounted how she was admitted to the hospital after her husband gave her an epic two hour climax after sexual intercourse. We hope the lady recovered better..

So Sad... See the Service of Songs of murdered RCCG preacher....(photos)

The service of song for Mrs Eunice Olawale, an RCCG preacher who was murdered a few weeks ago in Abuja as she went for her early morning preaching, held yesterday July 22nd. She will be buried today. See more photos after the cut...

Shocking photos show 5yr old boy smoking & drinking a can of beer in playground...

Shocking photos of a five-year-old boy smoking a cigarette and drinking what appears to be a can of beer have gone viral on the internet.

Taken by a passer-by in the Russian city of Tyumen, in the oil-rich Oblast region, the child can be clearly seen lighting and then smoking a cigarette in what appears to be a toy car in a playground. The identity of the child or his parents has not been revealed, or whether the Police are following up the case..

Wow...This 18yr old killer created fake Facebook page offering Free McDonalds to lure teens to attack scene...photos

The 18-year-old German-Iranian man who opened fire in a crowded Munich shopping mall and a nearby McDonald's, killing nine people and wounding 16 others before killing himself, has been named in reports by German media as Ali David Sonboly.

According to reports, Sonboly created a fake Facebook profile under the alias Selina Akim to entice youngsters to the centre’s McDonald’s branch, before starting his shooting spree at around 6.30pm on FridayDuring a press conference on Saturday morning, Munich Police President Hubertus Andrae confirmed the Police force were looking at Ali David Sonboly's Facebook page.

Police gave a "cautious all clear" early on Saturday morning, more than seven hours after the attack began, and brought much of the city to a standstill as all public transit systems were shut down amid a massive manhunt. They said a body found near the scene was that of the shooter and he appeared to have acted alone.

Five of the attacker’s victims are adolescents – sparking fears it was a revenge attack for teens who bullied him. Police say the motives of the attacker are still 'unclear' at the moment and it may be connected or unconnected to foreign terror groups like ISIS.
This is the third major act of violence against civilians in Western Europe in eight days. The previous attacks, in the French resort city of Nice and on a train in Bavaria near the city of Wuerzburg, were claimed by Terrorist group ISIS.

Shocking Revelation...Meet the Pastor who converts to Islam...(photo)

A pastor with a church in Taraba state yesterday converted to the Muslim faith at the Uthman Bin Fodio Mosque in Jalingo, the Taraba state capital. He is now to be known as Suleiman Mafindi. Source: JIBWIS Taraba

Na wa o... See the beautiful Lady who walks on Lagos street Completely N*ked...see photos

A beautiful lady stunned residents and passersby of Opebi Road in Ikeja on Thursday night 
as she, in her right sense, took off her clothes by herself and started walking confidently on the street unclad. Those who saw her could not believe their eyes. See the full photo below...

A source said she is a 'crazy' runs girl who probably made a bet with her friends that she could walk around in the manner to win a certain amount from them. Smh!

Shoker! Meet the Actress who says her Boobs are her Assets...(photo)

Actress Queeneth Agbor speaks to Punch's 'Nonye Ben-Nwankwo on her style and fashion and more:

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She shares this lovely pictures at the naming ceremony..

What a wicked world! See this 9yr old Malnourished boy, who was chained for weeks in a celestial church..(graphic photos)

At about 10:30 am, officers from the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps, NSCDC, yesterday July 22nd, rescued a malnourished nine-year-old boy named Taiwo Korede, who had been chained for weeks in a 'Celestial Church of Christ key of Joy Parish Ajiwo', located at Ajibawo in Ado - Odo, Ota division 2, Ogun State. Another photo after the cut...

Serious Trouble...See the faces of three men crime gang jailed in a court in Italy for Attempted Murder, Drug dealing and Armed robbery...(photos)

A courts in Italy yesterday, July 22, sentenced three members of a Nigerian crime gang in Palermo, Sicily, to prison for various crimes including attempted murder. Prosecutors said the three Nigerians brought to Palermo the practices of the "Black Axe" cult, which Nigerian police said carried out ritual murders, mutilation and rape in the early 1990s.
In Sicily, they used mafia techniques in carrying out attempted murder, armed robbery, bodily harm, prostitution, extortion and drug-dealing, and answered to Italy's most storied mafia organisation, the Cosa Nostra, as if they were its subjects, prosecutors said. State prosecutors in Palermo say the mafia brings in drugs and the Nigerians distribute the among both Italian and African clients.

The court's verdict, reached on Wednesday, July 20 and made available on Friday, handed down sentences of 12 years and four months to the gang's boss and just over 10 years each to two others.

The group is believed to have attacked two people with bottles and axes late one night in January 2014 in Palermo's Ballaro street market, where police later found the victims with gashed foreheads.

The Black Axe was among several secret societies that took hold in Nigerian universities in the 1990s, allegedly attacking people on campus with guns and knives, raping women who refused to pay protection money and engaging in blood-drinking rituals.

Prostitution is thought to be one of the most profitable businesses for the Nigerian gangs.

According to police data, 90% of prostitutes in Palermo come from Nigeria.

Source: Reuters

Shoking! See what this Ghanaian Boxer, Bukom Banku has turned into..(photos)

Ghanaian boxer, Braimah Kamok, popularly known as Bukom Banku has reportedly turned to an Evangelist. The 35-year-old undefeated boxer was seen preaching on the street. More photo after the cut...

You won't believe this! Coffins waiting in Italy port for bodies of migrants, Nigerian survivors describe harrowing journey...

Badly disfigured bodies of 21 young women and one man, including Nigerians who died in the Mediterranean Sea were recovered from rubber boats on Wednesday.
The search and rescue vessel run in partnership between Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) and SOS MEDITERRANEE also rescued 209 people from the dinghies. The rescued include two pregnant women and 50 children, of whom 45 were travelling without parents or guardians.
The bodies were brought to port of Trapani, Sicily on Friday, July 2 as fellow migrants described scenes of panic and violence when water poured into their dinghy. Some survivors had bite marks, testimony to a desperate struggle onboard to escape death.

People on the rubber dinghy said human traffickers in Libya had pushed too many migrants aboard and the floor had split after the boat put to sea, proving a death trap for young women who had been sitting in the central section.
"I kept asking for help. Nobody would help. They were climbing on me to stay out of the water. I thought I would die," a 24-year-old Nigerian woman named Mary told MSF.
"I had to bite to be able to breathe. The woman I bit stood up. Men were standing on top of me. A woman stood on my face ... A woman who was pregnant died. We were under the water together." said Mary.
Erna Rijnierse, an MSF doctor who was aboard the rescue ship, the MV Aquarius, said there was an eerie silence when they neared the dinghy and it was obvious there had been a struggle. 
"You can tell it from the nail scratches on people's arms and legs, but also we had 10 people with human bites on arms, a back and also on the lower back and ankles," she said.
Mary told MSF she had been held in prison in Libya - immigrants are often arrested there - for two months before finding a place on the dinghy. Rijnierse said she believed many of the victims had been detained prior to the trip and were too weak to fight their way off the floor. 
"They rape there. They are looking for young girls, you cannot say no, they have guns, shout, speak in their language," Mary said, describing her ordeal in the prison before she managed to escape and meet up with her husband.
Another Nigerian survivor, a 30-year-old man called David, urged would-be migrants not to make the journey. 
"Taking the boat is very dangerous. That is the truth," he said, adding: "I feel bad about the women who died. It wasn't supposed to happen." he said.
Nearly 3,000 migrants and refugees have died in the Mediterranean Sea this year while trying to reach Europe - three quarters of them en route from north Africa to Italy, the International Organization for Migration said on Friday. Just over 80,000 people, mainly from Africa, have reached Italy since Jan. 1, more or less in line with last year's numbers, according to official figures.