27 Jul 2016

Omg! Tragedy on Nollywood Film Set, Special-Effect Gone Wrong As Actor Gets Burnt During Special Effect...photos

What his people sent in....

A near death incident was averted on a Nollywood set recently when a promising actor, Ani Iyoho was badly burnt while playing a fire incident role on set of movie director, Stanlee Ohikhuare.

An actor on set said while Ani was burning, the fire extinguisher on set did not work and Stanlee shocked everyone by continuing filming with the intention to add the real fire incident to the film.

Ani as we write now is on hospital bed, with his colleagues running around to raise money for him.

All efforts to reach Stanlee has proved abortive and the producers of the movie Kelechi Udegbe and Ugochukwu Azikiwe have been on the run. See more photos  below...

Shocking! You won't believe what this girl wore to Wiz Kid concert...photos

She wore this to Wizkid's show in New York, this is should be worn behind closed doors not to an event..See the full photo..

Wow...Baby Musa who was brutalised by Stepmother recovers, reunites with family...photo

Thank goodness he's recovered. Baby Musa who was mutilated by step mum in Kano but rescued and catered for by the first lady, Mrs. Aisha Buhari, was well treated in the hospital in Abuja. The boy is now lively and happy as he is reunites with his family members in Kano. See more photos...

Wahala dey o...Naira hits all-time low of 334.50 per Dollar at Interbank Market...read more shocking details...

Nigeria naira weakened to an all-time low of 334.50 against the dollar on the interbank market today, just a day after the CBN hiked interest rates to try to lure foreign investors back into local assets.

According to Business Day, Naira fell 5.8 percent Wednesday from its opening rate, and $10m was traded at the new record low.

Traders said investors were pushing the currency lower to test the limit of how far it can fall, given a spread of almost 12 percent between the official and black market naira rates.

“If we have more people trying to buy the naira then it should strengthen. I think we will keep seeing the trickles...I don’t think we will see large inflows until the fundamentals of the economy improves,” one trader said.

Lobatan....Meet the Actress who says she will have sex b4 marriage to know if my man can satisfy me...photos

In a recent interview with Genevieve mag, actress Beverly Naya revealed the kind of men she would date, what put her off in a man and her take on premarital s*x.

On her kind of man the Beverly said:

“I can’t stand potbellies and beyond the physical, someone who doesn’t know how to treat me like a lady. I have a fear of settling down with the wrong guy and I won’t deny it and that’s probably why I haven’t found that ideal guy yet. I know he will come.

I am very ambitious and I know where I am going so anyone I am going to marry has to be successful in some way so that when we do get married. I am not the one doing everything.”

The actress also talked about s*x, saying: “I understand s*x before marriage. You don’t want to end up with someone who gives you bad s*x. I can respect a guy’s decision to abstain, but why? I get it for religious reasons. Ideally, I would love to abstain but I don’t want to be in a situation where the guy is impotent or can’t please me. I will resent him.”

Omg! See how heavy flood and strong winds sweeps cars into the river in Niger state...photos

According to Facebook user, Don Self, heavy rain and strong winds reportedly destroyed, swept some vehicles into a small river, after Kantoma Brigde in Suleja, Niger state. He shared photos of the damaged cars. More photos after the cut...

The Celestial Church worldwide reacts to chained 9-year old boy saga...

The leadership of the Celestial Church of Christ, Worldwide has released a statement condemning the act of one of their pastor's, Francis Taiwo, who chained his 9 year old son, Korede Taiwo, for weeks because of his stealing habit. Read the statement after the cut...

The attention of Reverend Emmanuel Mobiyina Oshoffa, Pastor and Spiritual Head and the Board of Trustees of the Celestial Church of Christ, has been drawn to media reports concerning the activities of one Prophet Francis Taiwo, Shepherd in Charge, Celestial Church of Christ ( C.C.C ), Key of Joy Parish, Ajiwo at Ajibawo in Ado Odo/Ota local government area of Ogun State.

Prophet Francis Taiwo was reported to have chained his nine year old son and starved him of food for months, after the boy was accused of habitual stealing. The nine year old boy was eventually rescued by men of the NSCDC who stormed the church premises for that purpose. Latest reports indicate that the culprit, Prophet Francis Taiwo was later arrested by the police with the help of his church members.

This report has drawn the ire of the public and our great church has been receiving undeserved flaks therefrom. We are therefore compelled to issue this statement to correct whatever misconceptions that might have been created about the church, in the minds of the general public, by this shameful and totally unacceptable incident.

Let it be known that the Celestial Church of Christ does not condone child abuse and violence of any form. We recognise and place a high value on our youths and children as we do acknowledge them as the salt of the earth and a vital part of the future of any given stratum of society, organisation, church or nation.

Our belief is that children therefore must be raised in an atmosphere of love, Christian values and reasonable and acceptable parental discipline. The fact that the said Prophet Francis Taiwo was arrested by the Police with the help of his church members lends credence to the fact that our church abhors child abuse, domestic violence and inhumanity of any form.

We commend the NSCDC and the Nigerian Police for a job promptly well done, and wish to assure the general public that the Celestial Church of Christ is already taking a further look into the matter.

The Celestial Church of Christ avails itself of this opportunity to thank the general public for its concerns. May the good Lord be with you all, Amen.

Superior Evangelist (Prof) Bola A. Akinterinwa, fssan
Secretary, BOT, CCC Worldwide

Unbelievable...This 18-year-old girl sold her baby for N300,000 in Enugu...photos

The Enugu State Police Command has arrested three people, including 18-year-old girl, identified as Ezinne for allegedly selling her 16-month-old child at the sum of N300,000.

Fayose Says INEC Is Messing Up Nigeria's Democracy...

INEC said they won't go ahead with election when people's lives are at risk, just the way people were being killed during election in the past and nothing happened to those who killed Corpers and others.

This female warder is dismissed for smuggling alchohol into Kirikiri prison...photos

Nigeria Prisons Service has dismissed a female prison officer, Mary Ikenye, for smuggling alcohol into the Kirikiri prison in Lagos.

The dismissal letter signed on behalf of the Controller-General of Prisons by the officer-in-charge of discipline, DCP Agun Olatunji, stated that Mary Ikenye was found guilty of negative activities which bordered on trafficking.

A statement by the Prisons Service Public Relations Officer, Francis Enobore, on Tuesday in Abuja, said the wardress’ action contravened the provisions of sections 14 (i) (a) and 82 (n) of Prisons Act, Cap P.29, LFN, 2004, and was punishable under sections 14 (i) (g) and 83 of the Act.

It noted that her offence posed a threat to the security of the prison formation, adding that the officer had been directed to hand over government property, including uniform and Service Identification Card to the authority before leaving.

The statement read in part, “The offence is usually viewed seriously because of its potential threat to security. Cases of inmates making illegal phone calls from their cells, organising jailbreaks and having access to weapons are all traced to trafficking, sometimes perpetrated by staff and this has often been a source of embarrassment, not only to the service, but the nation at large.

“Such compromising acts do not augur well for the security of a custodial institution like the Nigeria Prisons Service and also put the lives of innocent workers and inmates in serious danger.”

O ga o...See the Uniqueness of T B Joshua...

By John Kamunyanje
Love him or hate him, he is a public figure that cannot be ignored. Nigerians have become notorious for trickery and bribery the world over. This is so wide spread that in some places just possessing a Nigerian passport draws the trail of the police.

In almost every country there are crooks and honest people, Nigeria is no exception. The good news is that all is not rotten, in the basket of rottenness.

But what is it that makes T. B. Joshua unique?
By the way, I am neither his fan nor his foe. Below find things that TB Joshua does, which other men of God don't.

These are the things that make him a darling of the people despite the negative publicity campaign by his fellow church men and the media.

​1. His charity work
He is not the richest when compared to the other Nigerian pastors who are reputedly super rich. One has five personal jets. Just one similar jet stirred controversy in Malawi when our president bought it, but a certain Nigerian pastor has five of them.

Some own big hotels, printing presses, limousines, and big companies. The irony is, you hardly hear of them giving to the poor, the widows, the lame and the blind.

TB Joshua gives liberally, giving out even cars while some are stockpiling them in their compounds.

He gives scholarships and his ministry has helped educate many people up to university level.

2. His humility
He is a down to earth person. He mingles with people, breaks down his English so people can understand while mending marriages and hearts of people.

He is seen having lunch with old people, the lame and what have you. He is seen comforting people and many times he has been heard telling childless parents that he will be their child.

He jokes freely with all while most of the men of God we know, believe in being serious, and by that I mean living a separated life and mingling with nobody.

3. His father heart
He is the only one I know, and I stand to be corrected, who has identified and recruited people, and is training them in his own church.

He is exposing them and even allows them to appear on the television alongside him. Sometimes he even goes backstage while they take charge of the services.

Show me other ministers or leader who has done that. Many others make sure that the television is off limit for any budding or aspiring preacher.

If you find them grooming someone, then, be sure, he is one of their kin and folk, otherwise, no way!

Some feel so insecure that they rush home leaving meetings so that nobody preaches apart from them.

4. He is no globe trotter
Seems like this man knows his mission field. He rarely goes out of his country. He has the courage to send some of his boys to the United States of America to do ministry.

This is a direct opposite of what the ministers we know are doing. T B man is never excited with foreign trips which others would quickly take up at the expense of their local flock.
He is different. People find him where he is based. People from European countries have to swallow their pride and go to Nigeria if they want him. What a contrast to most preachers we know.

I have deliberately left out issues to do with the way he ministers. Not all people agree on that, that's why others brand him "controversial".

These issues are more theological than otherwise and as you know, the pew man is not conversant with theological issues. He is a bench warmer and a layman sitting at the back of some church.

from Malawi

Omg! This little girl takes a swim with 8yr old python...photo

Corey Wallace, a California pet owner shared a YouTube video of his daughter swimming with the family's favorite pet, a huge, 8-year-old albino Burmese python named Sumatra.
"She has been to over 500 birthday parties and many schools, she has been around kids since she was a baby."
Wallace wrote of the python in the video's description. He said the python does not accept live food.
"She has never killed anything she even likes our dogs and cat," he wrote. The video was filmed in 2014, but only went viral this week. 

Nigerian embassy told to visit 4 nationals on death row as Indonesia gives 72 hours notice of impending executions....

Indonesia has given a group of death row inmates 72 hours notice before they face the firing squad. Authorities have been making preparations, with death row drug convicts transferred to Nusakambangan prison island (pictured) where Indonesia puts convicts to death.

Wahala dey o! See the bull who enters a local bank...photos

Spectators watching the annual bull run festival Saturday in the Valencia region of Spain captured the hilarious moment a bull turned away from chasing revellers and strolled into a bank.

Wickedness! See the faces of the ISIS knifemen who slit the throat of the 84yr old priest in France....photos

One of the ISIS knifemen who stormed a church in Normandy and slit the throat of an 84 year old elderly priest has been named as known terror suspect, 19 year old Adel Kermiche.

See the beautiful message 2Face Idibia's wife, Annie wrote for him ...photos

The Actress wife shared this message on social media to show how much he means to her...another photo below...

What a pity! Mother of murdered RCCG preacher has just been notified of her daughter's death...photos

The mother of murdered RCCG Evangelist Eunice Olawale, has finally been notified of her daughter's death.

Wow...Actress Toyin Aimakhu helps a Cancer patient Mayowa, raise all the funds she needs...see photos

Mayowa Ahmed, an Ovarian cancer patient has thanked Nigerians for helping her raise the $100,000 she needs for surgery and asked everyone to pray for her. She was visited by actress Toyin Aimakhu who shared a video on IG. See more screenshots after the cut...

Omg! Hauasa and Yoruba clash in Lagos, three people killed...see photos

Three persons were reportedly killed in a clash between the Hausa and Yoruba community at Ijora Badia area of Lagos state yesterday July 26th.

See Wickedness! These kidnappers dig up dead bodies to steal body parts in Kaduna... photos

Some ritualists have been reported yesterday, they dug up the grave pictured above at Nasarawa Dake Chikun LGA in Kaduna State and stole some body parts from the corpse in the grave, wicked people.