21 Nov 2016

Shocking! Woman told to be silent in school where her 3 yr old was defiled ..photo

Parents of three-year-old Valerie Oruade, in the company of some sympathisers, on Monday staged a protest over an alleged defilement of their daughter.

The protest was carried out at the gates of University of Benin consultancy Nursery and Primary School Ekenwan campus in Benin City, the capital of Edo State.

The aggrieved family members called on the management to produce the staff who allegedly defiled their daughter in school on November 8.

Expressing her grievance, the mother said: “My child could not talk because she was so tensed”.

She explained that after telling the school authorities, rather than taking immediate action, “they told me to protect my child’s image and shouldn’t allow anybody to know”.

A child rights protection activist, Jennifer Ero, who attributed the case to sheer negligence said: “We are saying that we send our children to school not to be defiled. If the schools can no longer protect our children it means our children are not safe”.

In reaction to the allegations, the spokesperson for the University of Benin, Michael Osasuyi, said the institution was aware of the incident and that the matter was being investigated by the police.

“When things like this happen, constituted authorities saddled with the responsibilities of taking charge of all of this, swing into action and that is exactly what the police is doing,” he stated.

Shocking! Lagos Police recover caches of arms in Festac town, Lagos

Police in Lagos state have recovered caches of arms in the Festac area of the state. The state Commissioner for Police, Fatai Owoseni ‎who disclosed this to newsmen during his weekly briefing, said the recovery was made at 6th Avenue and that two AK 47 Riffles, 24 AK 47 fully loaded magazines, one Browning Pistol and magazine were among the ammunition recovered.

He said that other arms recovered include 951 ammunition of 752 mm size and 1,107 ammunition of 6mm size. He added that the Police is currently carrying out a detailed investigation to ascertain those behind the stockpile. ‎

Owoseni declined to comment if any arrest has been made. He also disclosed that 28 robbery suspects and two kidnap suspects have been arrested in the last two weeks.

Weapons recovered from the suspects include ‎16 different types of guns, 24 AK 47 magazines, one pistol, 1, 083 ammunition, three cutlasses and 10 vehicles were recovered from the suspects.

Buruji Kasham And His “Agama Lizard Salute” Inside Senate Chamber

If there has been one thing that has remained constant in the good records of Senator, Buruji Kashamu, who is representing the people of  Ogun East Senatorial District at the Red Chambers, it is series of favourable judgments that has been coming his way. The way he has been winning his cases in court  shows clearly that its either he has good lawyers or his cases are very water tight.

If this is one fact that cannot be disputed, another fact is that the senator is only serving as a

Andy Murray finally beats Djokovic to claim No.1 Spot in Tennis ...photo

With determination Andy Murray has silenced all arguments about who is the best tennis player as he subdued his greatest rival on a delirious night at the O2 Arena. 

The 29yrs old Scot took the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals title with a 6-3, 6-4 victory over Novak Djokovic to register his 24th straight victory that capped a late season surge.

He will now keep the world No 1 ranking for a matter of months not weeks, and becomes the 17th man to hold the year-end position since the computer whirred into life in 1973.

Murray produced a rock solid performance to take advantage of an occasionally wayward Djokovic who, despite a late rally. Big congrats! 

Photo of man arrested for rape of his 17-year-old daughter between 2015-2016

The 40-year-old suspect was arrested by FCS Unit of the South African Police Service for raping his 17-year-old biological daughter. He will be arraigned in Springs Magistrate Court soon.

Source: Twitter/SA Police Service.

Graphic photo of ten people killed in the latest communal clash in Cross River State

At least 10 people have been killed in communal clashes between Usumutong and Ediba communities in Abi Local Government Area of Cross River State. Scores from both communities also sustained serious injuries.

According to Thisday, an eyewitness said trouble started on Friday, November 19th, following allegation that youths from Ediba had gone to a land in dispute between both communities when a funeral ceremony was ongoing in Usumutong.
"They are still quarrelling over a piece of land. They are saying that the last time there was a conflict, the Usumutong people inflicted so much casualties on them, so they were looking for an opportunity to strike back and did so on Friday. It was a revenge attack. 
"The people of Usumutong who suffered the attack are planning a counterattack from what I am hearing because it is like today (Monday) is the market day of the Ediba people. It is actually a sad situation because the two communities are brothers and sister. There is no difference between them and they are just killing themselves like that. It is just animalistic. In this age of civilisation people are still doing such."
An account from another anonymous source from area stated that the recent war had broken out due to suspicion that an Ediba youth who was a cyclist was attacked on Friday and murdered by some gunmen suspected to be persons from Usumutong.

Some of the young men killed have been identified as Fashion, William, Otabuyina, and Fatun, all from Usumutong.

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Update! Police denies thief was burnt to death at Alafia, "It did not happen in Lagos"

The Lagos state police command has denied claims that the incident of jungle justice where a suspected young thief was burnt to death on Saturday November 12th, (read here) happened in Lagos. Recall that a video surfaced online last week showing what many presumed to be a 7 year old boy being burnt to death for allegedly stealing food items.

Investigations carried out by LIB showed that an alleged thief was burnt to death at Alafia, along the Badagry expressway when him and some of his gang members tried to steal the bag of a woman.
However speaking exclusively to LIB this afternoon, the Lagos state Police Command Public Relations Officer, Dolapo Badmos, said the recorded incident never happened in Lagos. When asked to give an update, she said;
"The update is that it did not happen in Lagos. A corpse was removed there and that is the corpse of an adult of about 25 years and investigations revealed that this is someone that attacked a passerby with cutlass and people pounced on him and used the same cutlass on him".

Ore Oduba: My wife has kept me grounded during Strictly

Strictly Come Dancing star Ore Oduba has credited his wife for keeping him grounded during the show.
The sports presenter, 31, and Portia celebrated their first wedding anniversary recently.
The couple returned to their wedding reception venue, Penshurst Place in Kent, for a photo shoot with Hello magazine.

Black Axe arrested in latest police raids across Italy, over 20 members of Nigerian mafia gang caught...photo

More than 20 members of notorious Nigerian mafia gang, the Black Axe have been rounded up during raids in Italy.

The suspects are accused of being involved in a catalogue of criminal activities, from prostitution and protection rackets through to drug dealing and human trafficking.
The nationwide operation was co-ordinated by the anti-mafia squad in Palermo, Sicily. The arrests come after a member of the Black Axe turned informer and revealed the workings of the secretive criminal network, including the identifies of senior members.

Among those detained in the latest raids was the head of the group's Italian operation in Padua. The rise of the Black Axe has been linked to the wave of migrants making the crossing from North Africa. It has been reported the criminal syndicate has forged links with the Italian mafia, the Cosa Nostra. According to the authorities, the Italian gangsters import drugs, which are then distributed by the Nigerians.

However, as part of the subordinate relationship, it is understood the Nigerian gang are banned by their Italian counterparts from carrying guns and so settle their differences using axes and machetes.

Photo credit: CTS Compagnia Televisiva Siciliana

Na wa o! Nigerian Premier League star, Jordon Ibe, robbed of his £25K Rolex at knifepoint

Nigerian Premier League star, Jordon Ibe who plays for Bournemouth, was the victim of a robbery after his £25K Rolex was stolen at knifepoint in south-east London. The 20yr old's car is believed to have been struck by the assailants who then accosted him and seized his watch.

According to The Sun,  The assailants made off with the footballer's £25,000 Rolex but didn't injure him.  A Met Police spokesman said:
 'One of the suspects threatened the victim with a knife before stealing his watch. The victim was not injured. A Met Police spokesman said:
 'One of the suspects threatened the victim with a knife before stealing his watch. The victim was not injured. At this early stage, officers are investigating whether the suspects intentionally collided with the victim's car.'
Jordon Ibe  is a Nigerian by birth but grew up in London. In 2015 former Super Eagles coach,  Sunday Oliseh made a personal appeal to Ibe in an attempt to convince him to come play for Nigeria but a few weeks later, he confirmed that his international future lay with England.

A South African Prophet who uses insecticide to 'heal' people speaks, says it's to cure cancer, HIV or any other illness

'Prophet' Lethebo Rabalago from the Mount Zion General Assembly in Limpopo, South Africa, uses an insect killer to supposedly 'heal' his church members. There was outrage on SA social media today after photos emerged of him spraying the chemical directly on people's faces and body parts during a service and prayer meeting over the weekend.

Rabalago has now revealed why he uses such a dangerous 'healing' method.

Speaking to eNCA.com today, he claims that the insect killer is to to heal people with cancer, HIV or any other illness. According to him, he prays over it first like some people who use oil or water for blessings.

On the number of people he has used the insecticide on so far and how many were healed,Rabalago said: "Many People. On Friday (during the service), we used doom on the whole congregation. Some in the mouth, others in the eye. There were many. I can't estimate. Maybe more than a hundred."
On why he picked the insect Killer Doom as opposed to other things, Rabalago said: "Doom is like water because we are spiritual people."

On whether he considers the danger of the chemical spray to the eyes and pother body parts, 
he said: "With us, we believe in God is for all things. People are getting their deliverance."

Love Scam! Nigerian drug trafficker & fraudster tricked an Australian woman into bringing bag with drugs into Cambodia ...photo

An Australian woman, Yoshe Taylor was the victim of an internet dating scam run by a Nigerian drug smuggling syndicate in Cambodia, a special joint investigation by Fairfax Media and SBS's The Feed, reveals.

The international syndicate which entrapped her, targets Australian women with the intention of turning them into unwitting drug mule. 

This report is how a notorious Nigerian drug trafficker and fraudster, who claimed to be a South African businessman tricked the love struck woman into smuggling heroin into Cambodia only for her to be arrested at the airport and subsequently sentenced to 23 years in prison. Unknown, to her, the backpack supposedly full of art samples he had asked her to bring for him contained heroin.

In 2013, Yoshe Taylor was a single mother living on an isolated property in Queensland. She had recently quit her job as a kindergarten teacher and was working part-time as a tutor while home-schooling her own two children, aged 9 and 14. She dreamed of building a new career in the arts

Like millions of others, she went online in search of companionship. There she came across a man who offered even more - not just charm, sex appeal and romance, but the possibility of a job in an arts and crafts business. He went by the name Precious Max, and claimed he was a successful South African businessman working in Cambodia at the so-called Khmer Arts and Crafts business but turned out to be a Nigerian named

Over 12 months, the pair shared photographs and flirted. Long-haired and muscular, Precious posed in photographs at bars and shirtless in a swimming pool. Slowly he gained Taylor's trust. She had never travelled overseas, so when her new love interest offered to pay her way to Phnom Penh, Taylor jumped at the chance. There he wined and dined her, and talked more about her setting up a Brisbane branch of his business

Over three months, Taylor travelled three times to Cambodia. On her second trip, Precious asked Taylor to carry back a package to give to a contact who supposedly ran the Sydney branch of the Khmer Arts and Crafts business.

"He apparently has a job for me running an Cambodian art gallery in Australia," Taylor told a friend in a message. "Read a contract. It seems legitimate".

The long digital trail between the pair indicates Taylor believed Precious Max's front. Fairfax Media and The Feed have reviewed dozens of pieces of correspondence in which Taylor discusses with others the concept behind the business opportunity. She even contacted real estate agents in search of a place to set up shop.

Precious provided Taylor with a copy of his passport - later assessed by the South African embassy in the US to be a forgery - as well as an employment contract and a fake form authorising the 'release' of $50,000 from Khmer Arts and Crafts.
The money, he said, was seed funding for Taylor to help her set up the business. The funds never materialised.

What Taylor did not know was that every move she and Precious Max made was being monitored by the Cambodian authorities. And for good reason...he is not South African. He is a Nigerian national. His real name is Precious Chineme Nwoko, and he is a convicted drug trafficker and fraudster who has groomed dozens, possibly hundreds, of women in Australia and other countries.

To do it, he has created a number of convincing online profiles across multiple platforms including Facebook, Tagged, Badoo and Twoo. He has sent photos of offices and fake passports, along with other documents, to convince potential victims of his legitimacy.

"He gave me a contract, but first I'd asked him for copy of his passport," Taylor told Fairfax Media and The Feed from her prison cell. "Then when I got here, he provided me authorisation for seed money … he had me totally fooled'.

On September 18, 2013, Taylor was in Cambodia on her third trip and due to fly back to Australia. This time Precious had asked her to carry back a backpack full of samples. She hadn't even made it to the check-in counter at Phnom Penh airport when police swooped. They immediately went for the backpack. In the lining they found just over two kilograms of heroin.

Nwoko was arrested only hours after Taylor. In local media, deputy chief of the Cambodian police's anti-terrorism department Lieutenant Colonel Kong Narin said Taylor and Nwoko "were arrested by our Cambodian anti-terrorism police based on a report from Australian anti-drug police after they seized a stash [of heroin] sent from Cambodia to Australia in early 2013."

Nwoko's lawyer also said his client had been arrested based on a report from Australian authorities - a story confirmed by Taylor.
Taylor wasn't the first to be tricked by Precious Max. Just under a month before her dramatic arrest, another woman, Kay Smith*, had arrived back in Melbourne after a whirlwind four-day tour of Phnom Penh. She was there to meet a love interest who she had met online.

This time, Nwoko had sold himself as a successful South African businessman in the import and export trade. He wined and dined Smith, before proposing marriage on the day she was to return to Australia. It was her first trip overseas, too. Giddy with the excitement of the engagement, she agreed to carry back samples that Nwoko claimed were for an Australian associate.

At the Customs counter at Melbourne airport, the fairytale came crashing spectacularly to earth. She was stopped by officers who discovered two kilograms of heroin sewn into a secret compartment. CCTV footage of the search shows Smith collapsing to the floor. It is not only the drugs being revealed to her at that moment, but the treachery of the man she thought she would marry. Officers lifted her into a chair. (SEE THE FOOTAGE AT THE LINK)

At Smith's committal hearing in 2014, lawyers for the AFP confirmed Australian authorities had passed information to their Cambodian liaison officer in the Phnom Penh embassy. But Smith herself was not prosecuted. In early 2015, a year-and-a-half after her arrest, the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions dropped the case against her. It accepted that she had been duped, that she had not formed criminal intent.

However the prosecution brief in the Cambodian case against Taylor includes details taken from Kay Smith's case in Australia, as well as that of one other Australian, a man arrested carrying drugs on behalf of Nwoko.

AFP Commissioner Andrew Colvin was in Phnom Penh in June 2016, to sign a memorandum of understanding with the Cambodian National Police to establish Strikeforce Dragon, which focuses on the illicit drug trade. The aim, according to Colvin, is to "protect our respective communities and to bring to justice those that seek to profit from transnational crime".

Police would only acknowledge that their senior liaison officer in Cambodia had received documents from Taylor's family in 2014. These documents, her family say, provide further information that suggests Taylor is innocent.

According to Taylor and her family, she has crucial information that could assist the AFP in the fight against drug trafficking; she not only met Nwoko and his associates in Phnom Penh, but she also spoke on the phone and met with his so-called "business partners" in Australia.

On her second trip to Cambodia, Taylor brought back a parcel, supposedly for a man called Alex. When she spoke with Alex by phone, he had an Australian accent. But the person who arrived to collect the package was, she believes, a Cambodian national. To her knowledge, the AFP has never followed up this lead.

In her three years in prison, Taylor has never been interviewed by the AFP. Nor have her family or friends.

"No one has ever spoken to me. I've never seen anyone from the AFP. They did not even come to my trial; no one has ever visited me here," she says.

The Department of Foreign Affairs would only say they were providing "ongoing consular assistance" to an unnamed Australian woman. The AFP has refused to answer questions relating to prosecutions brought against any who are connected to Nwoko's syndicate within Australia. Fairfax Media and The Feed were unable to find an example of any individual being prosecuted.

The failure to follow up on the case of Yoshe Taylor raises concerning questions regarding the capacity of Australian law enforcement to stop the flood of illicit substances making their way into Australia, and seriously undermines the government's message on border security.

Fairfax Media and The Feed can confirm that Nwoko continues to operate from within a Cambodian prison. In 2015, two years after Taylor was arrested and Nwoko was imprisoned, a third victim, Joanne Mitchell*, a single mother-of-three from Melbourne, became ensnared in the scam.

Again, Nwoko claimed to be a South African businessman - this time with the name Curtis - and was quick to declare love and propose marriage. "I love you so much. Happy to be yours forever," Mitchell responded.

But when she travelled to meet him, he said he had been called away on urgent business and could not meet her. She did not know he was in jail at the time.
"Curtis" told Mitchell to return to Australia, but not before retrieving a special gift - a musical instrument. At Melbourne Airport, Mitchell was told that the saxophone she was carrying concealed nearly two kilograms of heroin - $1.5 million worth of the drug.

"I'm a strong person … but you will never get over it," she said, remembering that moment. He used to video-call me, he sent money, he paid for my ticket - all from jail."

Last year, Mitchell provided the AFP with an 18-page statement. All charges against her were dropped. Again, the prosecutor could not find criminal intent. Fairfax Media and The Feed understand that yet another drug mule, conned by Nwoko's syndicate and arrested in Australia, had their case go to trial but was found not guilty.

Online today, Precious Max, aka Nwoko, still has active online profiles. On Twoo, his profile has been accessed within the past 30 days. Is he back online from behind bars? Are others in the drug syndicate operating the profile? Whatever the case, it means that another Australian woman could be in the process of falling in love, travelling to Cambodia and ultimately carrying a bag of drugs back into the country.

But while Nwoko's victims who were lucky enough to be arrested and charged in Australia are free to try and pick up the pieces of their lives, Yoshe Taylor faces another two decades inside the former Khmer Rouge torture camp that is now PJ Prison.

She does not blame the Cambodian system. She says they were just doing their jobs. But she is furious at authorities in her own country, whom she feels have abandoned her.
"There are so many people who've been tricked; I'm not the only one," she said.
During her three years in prison, her children have grown taller, lost teeth and gained new ones, and moved up three grades at school. They know that their mum is in jail, but they don't know all the details. When she was asked outside a Cambodian courtroom this month if she had a message for her family, she broke down and cried. Her message was a simple one:
"I love you. I miss you". I haven't spoken to my kids since November 2014, when I was taken to hospital".
Only then did a sympathetic guard allow her to use his mobile phone to call them.  
Taylor is appealing her conviction in Cambodia. A decision is due to be handed down on the December 6.
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Omg! Woman set her Nigerian husband and brother in law on fire in Ghana ..graphic photo

A woman identified as Comfort Agboloshie has been apprehended for allegedly setting her husband and brother in law ablaze.

According to Ghanaweb report, Lawrence Nkem, the victim and husband of the suspect, and his brother Benjamin Oyem was burnt severely when she set fire to some clothing items soaked in kerosene and threw them into the room where they were sleeping and locked the door.
However, the suspect’s husband who survived the tragic nightmare is currently in coma at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, while the victim’s brother died in the course of the burns.

After a police investigation was carried, the Public Relations Officer of the Tema Regional Police Command, Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Ms Juliana Obeng, confirmed that the incident occurred in a house at Ashaiman Lebanon Zone Two on Thursday, November 17, 2016.

She said before the suspect carried out the act, she allegedly took her three children, all females, aged four, seven and nine, from the room in which they were sleeping with their father and uncle before setting them ablaze.

Speaking on rescuing the man and his brother, she said neighbors who saw the fire managed to rescue the two brothers who had sustained severe degrees of burns and quickly rushed them to the Tema General Hospital.

Meanwhile, it’s yet to be revealed what must have led to the woman’s harsh decision kill his husband and brother in-law at their home.

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Photo of fake young soldier selling stolen phone caught in Bauchi

Troops in the 33 Artillery Brigade have arrested a fake soldier identified as Adam Alexander in Bauchi state. The 22-year-old boy from Maiduguri Borno State, was arrested on Friday November 18th where he was trying to sell a stolen phone Samsung Galaxy Note 5 for N70,000.

Announcing his arrest, the deputy director of the media in the army, Captain Sunday Akinkunmi, added that the suspect was arrested in the Wunti market.

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FG to extend International Passport validity to 10 Years

Image result for images of nigerian passport
The federal government is considering extending validity period for international passports from its current five to 10 years, the Comptroller-General of Nigeria Immigration Service has said.

Muhammad Babandede told reporters in his office on Saturday that Nigerians should expect an announcement on the policy changes in the coming months.
He said, “We have submitted a memo to the president and we believe we’ll get a positive response to that soon.”

The immigration chief said the review was the government’s response to months of complaints from Nigerians and other foreign elements who said the five-year validity period is too short.

Citizens demanded that NIS should reverse to the old policy that Nigeria had in place before 2007. Back then, Nigerian passport was valid for 10 years with additional five years validity for renewal.

“We have received complaints that passports only take five years,” Mr. Babandede said. “The international community is not happy, wondering why passports will only be five years.”

“They’re saying it should be 10 years and we’re already considering that. We need to make sure that we have age validity expansion.”

Syndicate selling newborn babies caught in Lagos ...photo

The Lagos State Police Command has arrested members of a syndicate which allegedly specialised in selling newborn babies in the Satellite Town area of the state.

Some members of the gang, led by a woman, Chinenye Amama, were arrested penultimate Friday by policemen attached to the D9 Section of the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department, Yaba.

They were caught with a female newborn baby, who had been rescued and reunited with her mother.

A police source told Punch that the rescued baby and her mother had been transferred to the Juvenile Welfare Centre in the state.

He said, “The syndicate was arrested on November 4, at about 6am. A team of policemen, acting on a tip-off, stormed an isolated house, where the syndicate kept their victims.

“We recovered a female newborn baby from the suspects and they are in custody at the SCIID, including their leader, Chinenye.”

Lagos State Police PRO, SP Dolapo Badmos confirmed the arrest, saying the suspects mentioned a religious leader as their boss. She added that the police were working on the information.

She said, “The case is under investigation. Preliminary investigation reveals that it is a syndicate that specialises in selling newborn babies. One religious leader was named by the suspects.

“The command is working on the clue to ascertain the religious leader’s culpability. Investigation will be made open on that as it goes.”

Lagos estate agent caught for defrauding many with fake deal ...photo

The police in Lagos have arrested an estate agent, Sunday Obayemi, for allegedly defrauding people with fake Lagos State Government letterheads.

The suspect, 45yrs old Obayemi, was arrested by policemen attached to the Lagos State Task Force on Environmental and Special Offences (Enforcement) Unit, Alausa, Ikeja.

A tenant, Nurudeen Duroti, who stayed on Olumo Street, Agege, had reported Obayemi, who hails from Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State, as a suspected fraudster.

Policemen then searched the suspect’s house and found fake Lagos State Government documents.

The suspect said in his statement that he retired from Lagos State Ministry of Environment in 2014, adding that he used the fake documents to extort money from tenants.

He said, “The last one I did was a notice to quit, which I served a tenant on Olumo, after collecting N50,000 from the landlady of the house with a fake Lagos task force letterhead.

I made my money from using fake letterheads of government’s ministries and agencies. I will stop this illegal business if I am pardoned by the government.”

According to Punch, the task force chairman, SP Saheed Egbeyemi, said the state Commissioner of Police, Fatai Owoseni, had directed that the suspect be transferred to the SCID.

He enjoined Nigerians to be wary of dubious elements, who specialised in duping members of the public with fake documents of government agencies.

Tragic! Photo of beautiful lady who died after container fell on her in Lagos ...

This lady, Monica Onokah, was involved in a fatal accident which happened yesterday at Mile 2 bus stop by Festac town in Lagos.

A container truck fell on her and crushed her legs in the process as she was about boarding a bike on the road, on her way to work. 

The bike man escaped but the lady tripped while trying to run, and the container fell on her legs.
People came to her rescue and when they couldn't take the heavy container off her, they decided to cut off her legs with a cutlass. Sadly, the lady died as she was being rushed to the hospital.