3 Dec 2016

Ondo State Election and the Politics of Vote Buying--Akintokunbo Adejumo

Akintokunbo Adejumo

 “Politics cannot be effectively played or carried out without money. Even in those ancient days when politics started, some form of money was involved. At least, money or forms of it, was used in moving from one place to the other. In fact, people involved in moving from place to place playing politics, spent money to buy food in places outside their places of abode. Again, money breeds corruption. The result of corruption is always money or money’s worth. 

Pig's head discovered buried at a shop in Lagos ...photo

It all happened on Monday, 28th of November, 2016 around 11am. According to the source who shared the story, a man dug out what happens to be a pig's head which was buried under a shop, somewhere in Abesan estate in Ipaja area of Lagos.

Everyone was shocked and soon enough everywhere was filled with exclamations of "Jesus!" "God forbid!" "Nawao!" "human beings".

According to the lady (new occupant) and her husband (the one that dug it out), she had a dream of a big lizard trying to find a way inside the shop but couldn't seem to get in...

The shop had been vacated for some time by the former occupant (who was speculated to be an Alhaja, but she's a Christian who got married to an Alfa) and was open to rent. So this lady, said to be a member of "THE CHOSEN" church, took rentage but felt uneasy about the shop, so the couple called for a prayer minister to join them in prayers.

According to them, as the man stepped into the shop he jumped over the spot in which the animal's head was buried and immediately told them there was something wrong with that particular entrance point and they should dig it up.

They listened and on November 28, the husband, after searching fruitlessly for a bricklayer, decided to break the cemented floor and dig it up himself. According to him, the suspicious spot looked different from the others and could have suggested that the act was carried out not too long ago.

Fingers are pointing at the woman who vacated the shop. But no one is sure.

Update! Fake female Military Officer arrested in Abuja dragged to orderly room ...photo

A fake female military officer, Rose John arrested some days back in Abuja, was tried in a military court on Friday. The lady identified as Rose John was arrested for parading herself as an army major with the name 'Juliana Gumel'. She was paraded by the guards brigade in Abuja. Another photo below...

According to a statement made available by Col. Sani Kusheka on behalf of the Nigerian army, the lady also claimed to be a serving medical doctor and was found fully dressed in army camouflage. An outdated army ID card was recovered from her.

Chelsea defeats Manchester City 1-3 in their home

Looks like Chelsea is really 'hotting' this season. The outcome of their today's match with Man City is fantastic, to say the least.

Omg! Notorious gang kills nursing mother and sells her 5-month baby

Imo State Commissioner of Police, Taiwo Lakanu, has paraded four alleged notorious crime syndicate who specialised in armed robberies, murder and child theft, for crime bothering on hacking a nursing mother to death, smashing the husband’s head with an axe and stealing their five months old baby.

The CP told newsmen hat the suspects sold the infant for N300,000 to an already waiting buyer in Okporo community in Orlu Local Government Area of the state.

CP Lakanu said that the alleged kingpin, Uchenna Ozor, with three others - Prince Etim John of Uto Abak area of Akwa Ibom, Chinazaekpere Nwaenyi and Chukwudi Ngbanwelu both of Umuabalike in Ihiala area of Anambra state, who allegedly perpetrated the dastardly act had been on the wanted list of the command.

He sad that the suspects have confessed to the crime and would soon be charged to court.

Indonesian plane carrying policemen goes missing

Thirteen people are feared dead after an Indonesian police plane lost contact during a flight today to the island of Batam near Singapore.

The light cargo and passenger M28 Skytruck plane, carrying five crew members and eight passengers, dropped out of contact midmorning about 50 minutes after taking off from Pangkal Pinang in Bangka Belitung province off the southeast coast of Sumatra island, police said in a statement. It was scheduled to land in Batam in nearby Riau Kepulauan province at 10:58 a.m.

All of those aboard the plane were policemen, according to the statement.

National Search and Rescue Agency chief Henry Bambang Soelistyo said rescuers were searching waters between Mensanak and Sebangka islands for the plane.

He said villagers found a seat and a bag containing a cellphone and police documents.

TV footage showed that police uniforms and other articles of clothing also had been retrieved from the sea.

Watch video of shopkeepers caught blowing air into chicken to make it look bigger ...video

This video taken in Venezuela has revealed how vendors trick customers into parting with a little more money. 
The people in the video are seen blowing up raw chickens with their mouths to make them feel heavier so they can charge a higher price for the birds. 
They blow into the mouth of chickens for several seconds then seal it up so the air does not escape. 
Watch the video below...

According to reports, chickens which weigh 2kg on the store scale drop to as little as 1.5kg when deflated at home. There are now concerns that as well as ripping the public off, the practise of inflating chickens could spread disease. 

Watch the video below:

Meet Zimbabwean Woman who is married to two husbands...photo

For more than a decade, Jack Chako, 38, has been living happily with her two husbands, Michael Hwita and Liford Chimoto, with whom she shares one bed. Chako is the head of the family.

On how she gets maximum sexual satisfaction from her husbands, she said:

“We are a happy family, I live with my two husbands and we love one another. My two husbands are best friends and they are always together. Chimoto is the elder husband, while Hwita is the junior.

I married the second Hwita because Chimoto is elderly and increasingly becoming weak in bed and was starving me sexually. In terms of conjugal rights I favour Hwita. He gets me there. I only do it with Chimoto as a token.

At times, I feel pity for Chimoto and give him token conjugal rights and he appreciates that. The rule is no one gets out of the room, because he is not on duty. Whoever is not on duty, just watches us at it.

I am in charge and my two husbands are now used to sleeping side by side in one bed."

Speaking further, the mother of five, three children from a previous marriage and two from this polyandrous affair, said, “I use some concoction to pacify my husbands.

It is not a secret that I used a concoction to cow them down. I also sell this concoction to other women to cow down their errant husbands and make them compliant. None of my two husbands wishes to leave me."

The husbands, Hwita and Chimoto, on their parts, said they don’t have problems taking Chako says their joint wife. Chimoto said, “I know my failings and I appreciate the decision which was taken, we have various duties and life goes on.”

Hwita said, “I see no problem. She loves both of us and we understand our situation. “I respect Chimoto as the elder husband because I found him here.”

Nigerian student bags masters degree with distinction in UK University...photo

This young Nigerian, Marzuq Abubakar, bagged a distinction in MSc. Clinical Pharmacology from the University of Glasgow, United Kingdom.
 He is from Kano State and studied Veterinary Medicine at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria (Bsc) before proceeding to the UK for his Masters. 

EFCC arrests Commissioner of Police over N1.9bn fraud

Image result for images of efcc officials
The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission has arrested the Commissioner of Police in charge of Works Department, Mr. Victor Onofiok, for an alleged N1.9bn fraud.

The Police Works Department is one of the most funded departments in the Force as it is in charge of all building projects across the country, including barracks, police stations and training schools.

Impeccable sources within the EFCC disclosed that Onofiok was arrested on November 30 after the police high command asked him to report to EFCC for questioning.

According to a detective at the commission, the CP allegedly gave contracts to companies which he had interests in.

The source said, “A serving Commissioner of Police, Victor Onofiok, is currently being grilled by operatives of the EFCC over a N1.9billion fraud. Onofiok, who is the CP Works at the Force Headquarters, was detained on November 30 after being released for interrogation by the police.

“The officer, who has been CP Works since 2014, is alleged to have awarded contracts worth more than N1.9bn to companies in which he has interest. The companies include: Dutse Allah Construction Ventures, Nne-Edak Technical Ventures, Puristic Adherent Company, Quality Watch Construction Company and Faksene International.

“These entities were found to be mere business names and not limited companies.”

Nigerian legendary DJ, Jimmy Jatt makes a shocking confession

Image result for images of jimmy jatt
Not many people know that legendary Nigerian disc jockey, Jimmy Jatt, is a product of a broken home. Although he has made a name for himself in the Nigerian entertainment sphere, the renowned disc jockey told Saturday Beats that his parents’ separation affected his life.

He said that because he was raised in a broken home, it motivated him to put his home in order so that his children would not go through some of the things he experienced.

There are things that guide me, I am not from this generation; so family is key to me and I have to keep it together so that my kids can say they grew up in a very stable and intact family. That is very key to me because I did not have that. I come from a broken home and I know what that means. I don’t want that for my kids or anybody. The fact that I am from a broken home has motivated me to ensure that my family is intact because I know how life is for a young person who comes from a broken home. I guide against it by all means. It affected my growing up without a doubt even though I turned out to be a good child. My parents would never tell you there was a time I caused any trouble, I was never a troublesome kid but when you look back, you would know that if your parents were together and the guidance was double without competition, things would have been better. I know that there are certain things which my mother did which I liked but my father reversed such because he did not want my mother to have her way.

“For me, family has always been the essence at every stage and I would tell you that when I started disc jockeying, it’s not something that parents would allow their children to venture into. They thought we were the worst kind of people; they believed we smoked, drank alcohol and womanised. So for a very long time even at the beginning, I made up my mind to prove those people wrong. I did not want my parents to regret their decision because people would have told them that I got into those vices because they allowed me become a DJ. Family has always been key,” he stressed.

Tragic! Nollywood veteran actress Adegbola Ashabi is dead ...photo

Another death in the movie industry again. Veteran actress, Mulikat Adegbola popular known as Ashabi Iya Adinni has passed away. Sources say the actress died a few hours ago after a brief illness. God rest her soul...

Why I killed man who helped me get job – suspect confesses

The state commissioner of police, Mr Haliru Gwandu who described the incident as wicked said that a 55-year-old man identified as Aniete, from Akwa Ibom state took Cephas from Benin to work at a plantation but unknown to late Aniete, Cephas had his eyes on Aniete’s motorcycle. 

The police boss explained that after killing his victim, Cephas took the motorcycle to where it could be sold and in the process, he ran out of luck and was nabbed.

According to him, “this is a very pathetic situation because this man he killed took him out for a job to make money and this boy took a cutlass and cut the victim from behind and ran away with the motorcycle abandoning the dead man there. But God punished him because God knows he was wicked to the victim. As he was making arrangement to sell the motorcycle, the people insisted he must produce the receipt before they could buy it and while he was pretending and confused as to what to do next, my men accosted them at the check point, he finally confessed and was arrested."

Cephas confession
Narrating how he murdered Aniete, Cephas said: “I killed Aniete but poverty made me to commit that crime. What happened was that he took me to Benin to work but while we were coming back I asked him to stop somewhere and I took the cutlass I saw around to kill him. 

We work at Okomu Rubber Company but he told me there was a job in Benin that he would take me to. So he took me to Benin and while we were in the rubber plantation, I decided to use the cutlass to kill him because I wanted to steal the motorcycle so that I can sell it to make money. 

"But I was arrested when I went to sell the motorcycle in a nearby community. They asked me for the receipt of the motorcycle but I could not produce it and that was when they suspected that I may have stolen it. I told them the receipt was at the rubber plantation, so they followed me back to where I said I came from. It was while we were on our way that the police stopped us at a check point and they told the police they were taking me to look for the invoice of the motorcycle. The police started interrogating me and I told them what happened and they arrested me”. 

Asked about the whereabout of his parents, Cephas said, “I don’t know where they are now because I came to Benin when I was 14 years old and have been tapping rubber. I believe poverty forced me to kill this man and I am so confused about what to do now. I pray God to forgive me and help me come out of this problem. I just don’t know when I took that cutlass to kill him”.

Woman turns up at church for wedding after getting invite before realising she is the bride

This woman was given the shock of her life - when she was invited to her OWN wedding. While the bride is usually responsible for the majority of a wedding's organisation, on this occasion, Mercedes Ortiz was kept completely in the dark.

In fact, the stunned bride only found out she would be the star attraction at the wedding when the doors of the church were opened.

Her husband, Gustavo, managed to arrange the ceremony at the church in Sarandi, Buenos Aires, Argentina, without his wife suspecting a thing.

And her incredible reaction was caught on camera as dozens of her friends helped surprise her.

An almost nine-minute long film of her entrance, caught by a friend, shows how staff at the church in the city opened the massive wooden doors to the church and people start applauding.

Mercedes appears momentarily stunned before it appears someone tells her she has, in fact, arrived at her own wedding.

She had been told she was going to a friend's ceremony.

But she then breaks down into tears as she realises what her soon-to-be husband has done.

Every time she composes herself, as her friends manage to put a veil on her head, she breaks down into tears as she spots another old friend.

At one stage, she spots what are thought to be her three children with Gustavo; Gaspar, 13, Gianni, 10, and four-year-old Gala.

It takes her a number of minutes to make her way down the aisle with her father as she stops to greet guests.

But she eventually gets to the altar where she gives Gustavo a kiss.

Later that night, while the couple danced, she told him: "I can't believe you did this, you're crazy."

The childhood sweethearts have been together for 30 years before Gustavo made Mercedes an honest woman, according to Argentinian site tn.com .

He is said to have come up with the idea five years ago and spoke to a father at the Sacred Heart of Barracas Church who agreed to the plan.

Omg! 14 dead, 8 houses burnt in petrol tanker fire in Niger ...photo

Fourteen persons in Tegina town in Rafi Local Government Area of Niger state, on Friday, lost their lives as a result of a fire caused by a petrol tanker.

It was gathered that the tanker was conveying petrol from Lagos to Kaduna when the driver lost control and rammed his vehicle into some residential buildings in the town.

Eight houses were completely burnt in the fire that ensued.

The fire claimed the lives of the people who were trapped in the buildings and others selling by the roadside.

An eye witness said that the eight houses were completely burnt while properties valued at millions of naira including vehicles were destroyed in the inferno.

The eye witness, who requested anonymity, said that five persons who sustained injury were currently receiving treatment at Tegina General Hospital.

When contacted, the Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Bala Elkana confirmed the incident.

He said that the Commissioner of Police, Alhaji Zubairu Muazu, had visited the scene of the accident.
Elkana said the command would investigate the cause of the accident.

President Buhari makes funds available to states for salaries and pensions

This was shared on his twitter page this night. 

Man caught by NDLEA trying to export Cannabis to China in Garri, Bitter Leaf ...photo

Less than two weeks after a Nigerian, 38-year-old Chijioke Obioha, was executed in Singapore for smuggling 2.6kgs of cannabis into the country, another 38-year-old man, Augustine Uchenna, has been arrested by the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency in Lagos for trying to smuggle 10.2kg of cannabis to China, another country that punishes drug importation with death.

NDLEA spokesperson, Mr. Mitchell Ofoyeju, said Uchenna, a safety equipment trader in Lagos, was nabbed at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport during the outward screening of passengers on an Ethiopian Airline flight to China.

NDLEA commander at the airport, Ahmadu Garba, said that the weeds were discovered inside garri, bitter leaf, bitter cola and other spices, which Uchenna said he was travelling with.

The suspect said during interrogation that he was simply not aware that drug trafficking in China was punishable by death.

He told NDLEA officials, “My friend in China promised to pay me N600,000 for the cannabis. This is my first time of smuggling drug,even though I have been going to China since 2011. The economic recession affected my business and my rent is also due.”

Uchenna, an Enugu State indigene said he is married with three children and was desperate to make ends meet.

NDLEA Chairman, Col. Muhammad Abdallah (retd.), said the agency had taken measures to improve screening for narcotics at the nation’s airports.

He said, “All countries with death penalty for drug trafficking and source countries are all high risk destinations. The main objective of drug control is to promote public health and security.

“I am glad that the arrest was made here thereby preventing the suspect from facing the death penalty in China.”

President Jammeh loses election to former security guard, Adama Barrow, after 22 years in power

Adama Narrow (pictured right) has been declared winner of Gambia Presidential election after defeating President Yahya Jammeh, who has been in power since 1994.
Adama garnered who was a former security guard 263,515 votes while Jammeh won 212,090 votes, Alieu Momar Njie, head of electoral commission announced in the capital Banjul on Friday.
Barrow, a property developer, will become the county's third head of state since independence in 1962. He once worked as a security guard at a branch of Argos in London.

Mr Jammeh, who came to power in 1994, as a 29-year-old army officer following a military has agreed to accept defeat later today, said Alieu Momarr Njie. A video of his speech has already been recorded and is being edited.

Before announcing the final result, Mr Njie appealed for calm as the country entered unchartered waters.
"It was very unique that Jammeh would accept defeat after controlling the Gambia for so long," Njie said.
Jammeh had cut off the internet and international phone calls before the polls. He also banned protests and refused to comment on whether he would concede if he lost.

Omg! Groom flashes gun when pastor officiating his wedding asked if anyone was unhappy with the union ...photo

‏This has gone viral on twitter, with over 91,000 retweets and 130,000 likes. According to the person who shared the photos, @TheYoungDevo, his uncle flashed a gun when the pastor officiating his wedding asked guests "if anyone doesn't want this couple to be together, speak now or forever hold you're peace."

Seven people taken hostage by armed man in Paris ...photo

Seven people have been taken hostage in a travel agency at the Maddena boulevard, in Paris by an armed man, AFP reports. The French Lexpress said the armed man appears to be an armed robber. Police special forces are at the site, adding that law enforcers have cordoned off the area.

Negotiators have arrived on scene, according to social media and police are telling people to avoid the area.

Graphic photo of two suspected thieves burnt in Anambra state

A mob on Friday set ablaze two suspected armed robbers along Onitsha-Owerri Road, Anambra State. The suspected thieves are said to have been terrorizing residents of Onitsha. 
See the graphic photos below...

Governor Fayose spotted on a motorcycle on Ekiti state ...photo

Ekiti state governor, Ayo Fayose, boarded a commercial motorcylce after inspecting some projects in the state capital, Ado Ekiti, Friday. 
Another photo below...

Photo of man living with HIV/AIDS sentenced to 2 years in prison for drug trafficking by Lagos court

The Federal High Court in Lagos on Friday sentenced an AIDS patient to two years in prison for attempting to export 1.595 kilogrammes of heroin to France.
Adeyemo Babatunde Akanni, alias Adeyanju Williams was nabbed by operatives of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos, on October 1, 2014, during an outward clearance of an AirFrance flight to Paris.

He was slammed with a one-count charge of unlawful exportation of the illicit drug. He pleaded not guilty to the charges. The NDLEA prosecutor, Mr. Abu Ibrahim, called five witnesses and tendered several pieces of evidence, including the seized banned drug, which the convict excreted; his travel passport, confessional statements, the results of the forensic test of the drug and a cash of €800 among other exhibits.

At the resumed trial of the matter on Friday, Mr. Ibrahim informed the court of the convict's intention to change his plea, a submission corroborated by his lawyer, Mrs. Lilian Omotunde.
Upon, the change of plea, the prosecutor tendered five more statements of the convict, which were also admitted as exhibits. After tendering the evidence, Mr. Ibrahim urged the court to pronounce the suspect guilty as charged. 
"My Lord, given the accused’s change of plea, coupled with the extra five statements of the defendant, I urged the court to go ahead and pronounce him guilty as charged,"  said the prosecutor.
Consequently, the presiding judge, Justice Chukwujekwu Aneke, declared Akanni guilty on a one-count charge of unlawful attempt of exporting of 1.595 kilograms of heroin.
However, the convict's lawyer, in her plea for mercy, urged the court to pronounce a lenient sentence as he was a first-time offender, who has shown remorse since his arrest. The lawyer added that Akanni has consistently attended court proceedings despite his frail health.
To further support her claim of her client's health challenges, she tendered a medical certificate dated May 13, 2016, endorsed by one Dr. Fatoki of Lagos State General Hospital, Ikeja. The report showed that Akanni was living with HIV/AIDS. 
Mrs. Omotunde also cited Section 416(2)(D) and 420 of Administration of Criminal Justice Act 2015, while urging the court to fine the accused person as an alternative to sending him to prison.
Delivering the judgment, Justice Aneke sentenced the convict to two years in jail starting from Friday.
The judge also ordered that the sum of €800 found on the convict at the time of his arrest be forfeited and paid into the account of Federal Government, while the seized drug be destroyed if there is no appeal against the judgement within the stipulated.


Image result for UK visaThe UK Embassy in Nigeria has adopted a new visa application process, the British High Commission said on Friday in a statement.

The spokesperson of the commission, Joe Abuku, described the new process as a slight change in which “Visa staff now only need electronic versions of support documents.”