9 Dec 2016

Faces of the Notorious Gang who killed husband & wife and sold their baby ...photo

The gang who hacked a nursing mother to death and smashed the husband's head with an axe before stealing their five months old baby in Imo State recently have been arrested by the police.

This was revealed by the state commissioner of police, Taiwo Lakanu while parading the men. 

According to CP Lakanu, the suspects sold the infant for three hundred thousand Naira to an already waiting buyer in Okporo community in Orlu area of the state.

The CP said the alleged kingpin, Uchenna Ozor with three others - Prince Etim John, Chinazaekpere Nwaenyi and Chukwudi Ngbanwelu - who allegedly perpetrated the dastardly act had been on the wanted list of the command for some time.
The suspects had confessed to the crime and would soon be charged to court for prosecution.

Also, the CP disclosed that one Samuel Charles, notoriously known as Obere and his partner Chinasa Egwuonwu were arrested for the alleged kidnap and murder of one Mr Simeon in the state.

The criminals will all face the full wrath of the law.

Woman just discovered her husband of 3 years is a woman ...photo

A woman has been served the shock of her life after discovering the man she married is actually a woman who claims to be a tomboy. The bizarre case has left people in shock after a woman from Founders town unknowingly married another woman thinking she was a man.

In fact, she has slept with 'him' on numerous occasions but the woman, unknown to her, used a small pestle (mutswi) as ‘his’ manhood.

However, the cunning tomboy allegedly covered the black pestle with two condoms, switched off the lights each time they become intimate and always refused to be caressed by the partner.

But three years into the marriage, Memory Danzi (34) of Founders town discovered that her partner was a woman recently after she noticed some blood stains on Clemence George Chibaya Chiwenga’s pants. The stains were said to be from her menstruation.

Baffled by the finding, she set up a trap in the bathroom, budged in as ‘he’ was busy scrubbing ‘his’ body and behold, the person she has been calling hubby was just a woman like her. 

Manica Post reports that more revelations were made open last Saturday night when Danzi made a report against Chiwenga at Dangamvura Police Station. Police have now opened an aggravated indecent assault docket in view of the ‘pestle’ that was used by the suspect in making love to the complainant without her knowledge. The ‘pestle’ was recovered and it will be used in court as an exhibit.

When Chiwenga realised that her lover had gone to make a police report, she vanished from the scene and was later arrested on Monday night after an ambush at a garage where she was hiding.

Following her arrest, police officers were in a quandary on whether to lock her up in female holding cells or to send him to male cells. At the police station, Chiwenga admitted that she was a woman, but due to circumstances surrounding the case the officers felt that if she was to be locked up with female inmates she might abuse them like what she allegedly did to the complainant.

Placing him in men’s cells was also tricky because although she behaves and wants to be a man, she is a woman. Chiwenga was later locked up alone in a secure office for the night.

The news crew caught up with Danzi who tearfully chronicled the hard to believe events surrounding the three-year affair with the suspect whom she thought and believed was a man.

She felt grossly cheated and abused:
“I fell in love with this ‘man’ in 2013, but I later went and stayed in Macheke. I came back to Mutare in 2015 and we reignited our romance. Before ‘he’ dated me, I only knew ‘him’ as a carpenter and ‘he’ used to repair my furniture. Then, ‘he’ had a wife and ‘he’ used to come to my house in the afternoon and went back to his wife in the evening. In August this year ‘he’ separated from his wife and came to stay with me at my house. ‘He’ told me that ‘he’ chased his wife away because she wanted to poison ‘him’.
“I was surprised one of the days when I told one of my children, Masset, to go and do our laundry. She went and did the laundry from a nearby stream. I did not know that Chiwenga’s pants were among the dirty clothes. As Masset did the laundry she noticed that the pants were stained with menstrual blood.”
“I located the pestle and hid it. We quarrelled over the pestle as I wanted to take it to the police and ‘he’ wanted to destroy it. I managed to hide it under the mattress. Every time we slept together I felt deep pain and I had difficulties in walking because of the pestle ‘he’ used. I later opened up to my relatives and told them everything. Right now I am having endless menstrual periods because of that pestle ‘he’ used.”
At the police station, Chiwenga denied ever using the pestle on the complainant. She said she used her fingers in making love and that the pestle allegations were being cooked up by Danzi in a bid to fix her for not giving her money.

The case goes to court soon in Zimbabwe.

One direction star, Louis Tomlinson Loses his 42yr old mum after battle with leukaemia

One Direction pop star, Louis Tomlinson, has lost his mum, 42-year-old Johannah Deakin, to leukaemia. Ms. Deakin who was diagnosed with the disease earlier this year, died in the morning of Wednesday, 7th Dec. Her family have released a statement to this effect. The statement read:
 “It is with immeasurable sadness that Johannah Deakin’s family said goodbye to Johannah in the early hours of Wednesday 7th December 2016. Earlier this year Johannah was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of leukaemia that required immediate and continuous treatment. We respectfully request that the family are given time and space to grieve in private.”
Dan Deakin, husband of the deceased eulogised his late wife, stating that she was an amazing mother to all her children, a wonderful grandmother to her grandchild and a selfless woman who immersed herself in service to others.
"Johannah was first and foremost a truly amazing mother to seven children whose individual talents and success are testament to the principles and beliefs she instilled in them.  She was also an incredibly proud grandmother to Freddie.''
He went on to refer to her as “the perfect wife and best friend to face each day with.”

First Bank office in Imo raided by armed robbers

Dare devil armed robbers this morning raided a First Bank office situated in Amaraku, Imo state. They reportedly carted away millions of Naira. 
More photos below...

Photo credit: Abia Facts Newspaper

Soldier found alive two weeks after Helicopter crash

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A missing soldier has been found alive two weeks after the helicopter he was aboard crashed in a remote area of Borneo, Indonesia's army disclosed today.

The army said in statement that 1st Lt. Yohanes Syahputra was found by locals on a road between two villages Thursday in a weakened state due to lack of food with wounds to his hands, waist and legs.

The discovery was reported by radio to a military post.

The Bell 412 EP helicopter that crashed Nov. 24 was carrying five soldiers including two pilots to Long Bawan, a remote town near the border with Malaysia, when it lost contact with its base.

One pilot was rescued three days later when the wreckage was located in rugged terrain. Three others were found dead.

Army spokesman Sabrar Fadhilah said Syahputra will be evacuated to the town of Tarakan for medical examination.

LAUTECH students allege police fired shots at them during peaceful protest ...video

One of them just sent in the video. According to the student, LAUTECH has been on strike since June, 2016 and they decided to make a peaceful protest today asking when they would resume back in school. According to him, Police came in and started shooting at them before they all ran for their lives. Read his mail below and watch the video above.

When we are denied rights to education, Are we denied rights to stage a peaceful protest? This was the case few minutes ago as men of the NPF shot cans of tear gas at Students of  LAUTECH who were staging a Peaceful protest on Dec. 9, 2016 against the 6 Months Strike which the school has embarked on since June 9,2016. The ugly event which occurred at General area of Ogbomoso was recorded live.

The students blocked the road linking Oyo to Ilorin through Ogbomoso just to make their grievance known without putting any act or form of hooliganism and this occurred.

Arsene Wenger insists Sanchez and Ozil are going nowhere

Both players have been leading lights for the club this season and with a decent shot at the title, the club wants to tie them down to new contracts and do away with the distraction of speculation.

Sanchez is on £130K a week while Ozil earns £140K weekly but given their important role within the club, they are angling for vastly improved terms.

 They've both got just 18months and the club risks losing them if their wage demands are not met but Arsene Wenger says they are going nowhere. He said:
'These players have 18 months on their contracts and, no matter what happens, they will stay for 18 months. ‘Hopefully they’ll stay for longer than that. I can’t give any assurances, but they are completely committed. Beyond that we will try to extend the contracts but I cannot make a subject of that. That’s a normal part of negotiating. The less you talk about it the better it is. We will do the maximum we can for every single player.’
 Sanchez has been the subject of interest from China and has received an offer of £400K a week. Let's watch what happen.

Photo of 23 yr old Nigerian arrested in Florida for aggravated assault and robbery

City Police on Thursday, December 8th, arrested a 23-year-old Nigerian from New York wanted for an aggravated assault and robbery during an October 23 incident at a 7-Eleven near Florida's Turnpike.

Abiola Adeniyi is accused of firing a gun after he stole a MacBook computer from a man in a lot near Mirasol Walk. No one was injured in the shooting.

A second man of Angel Ricardo Rodguez of Lakeland, was arrested shortly after the shooting. Police say Rodriguez drove the getaway car in the robbery.

Adeniyi is being held without bond at the Palm Beach County Jail. Rodriguez, 22, has remained in jail without bond since his arrest on charges of aggravated assault and robbery.
Palm Beach Gardens police say Adeniyi met with a Miami man in the 7-Eleven parking lot to discuss a business deal regarding a vehicle. Adeniyi gave the man a MacBook computer as part of the deal.
Adeniyi then announced: "I am robbing your (expletive)" and grabbed the Mac Book from the man’s hands, the report said.
After getting back in the Hyundai that Rodriguez was driving, Adeniyi allegedly fired a shot as the car pulled away. Adeniyi ran from the scene and could not be found despite the surrounding area being placed on lockdown while authorities searched with police dogs and a helicopter.

Inside the Hyundai, police found a Nigerian passport belonging to Adeniyi. Police also found a 9mm handgun belonging to Rodriguez and allegedly used by Adeniyi in the area around Mirasol Walk.


South Korean President, Park Geun-hye impeached

South Korean first female President, Park Geun-hye, who sparked a nationwide protest after she was accused of using her position to influence and give financial benefits to her friend, Choi Soon-Sil, has been impeached by the Parliament.
The motion to impeach her was passed by 234 votes in favour of her impeachment against 53 votes who were against the impeachment. The number of votes reveals that some members of her party voted in favour of her impeachment. Following her impeachment, her authority as a president has been passed down to the prime minister, Hwang Kyo-ahn.

After the votes, Park went on national television to apologize for the chaos she has caused 
"I created this national chaos with my carelessness". she said
However, her case would be taken before the Constitutional court who have only 180 days to make a decision. If at least six out the court's nine judges approves the decision, she would be stripped down of her position and another election will be held within 60 days 

14 yr old boy who threatened his schoolmates with knives shot by police ...photo

This sad event happened in a school in Nevada, US. A 14-year-old boy, Logan Clark, was shot by a Police officer, after he threatened his classmates with a knife in the schoolyard of Procter R. Hug High School.
 Logan was captured on camera wielding a knife at fellow students and refusing to put it down when a school Police officer ordered him to. He was shot and is currently in a critical condition in the hospital.

However, new reports indicate that Logan behaved in such a manner because he had been bullied for days. 
A post on social media appearing to be from the boy's father, Justin, claims the incident happened because his son was being bullied. 
'To idiots that think Logan was wrong know he was being bullied he is not the kind to back down. He brought the knives because he was gonna b jumped and he was the school knew of this and failed to act,' Logan's father reportedly wrote.
During the incident, the school was placed on lock-down prompting many parents to rush to the school gates. One of the parents claimed his son was a friend of the wounded student. He explained:
 'He is my son's best friend. He's a victim and he's only 15 years old. He is over at my house almost every day. He's a good kid. All of his friends like him. Hell, even I love him and I don't like kids, The kids take bullying into their own hands, and he was shot for it.'
The lock-down was lifted later on and students were released to their parents. In a statement released, the Police said:
'The armed student failed to comply with the school police officer's verbal commands to drop the knife, and the officer ultimately fired his service weapon, 'striking the student and ... stopping the threat. Once the threat was stopped, the officer immediately began to provide medical aid to the student until emergency medical assistance arrived.' 
The school officer has since been placed on routine paid administrative leave.

 More photos below...

Shocking! Another SA pastor makes church members drink Dettol liquid antiseptic, claims God instructed him ...photo

Prophet Rufus Phala of AK Spiritual Christian Church in Makgodu, Limpopo, South Africa made his church members drink Dettol, claiming the antiseptic liquid will heal their sickness. According to Daily Sun SA, Prophet Rufus told the congregation to drink the disinfectant, promising they will be healed of their sickness.

"I know Dettol is harmful, but God instructed me to use it. I was the first one to drink it," he claimed, adding that he has been getting WhatsApp messages from people who say they have been healed.
One Dr Mabowa Makhomisane, said Dettol is harmless when mixed with bath water or when cleaning a wound.
"But if it goes into your stomach and gets absorbed into your body, it decreases the amount of oxygen in your system," he said. "This might cause to you collapse and die. If you vomit the liquid into your lungs, it causes aspiration pneumonia. Your lungs will get swollen and you won’t be able to breathe." he added.
Dr Makhomisane advised the people who drank the liquid to consult a doctor immediately. 

10 killed as bomb rips through a market in Adamawa...photo

At least 10 persons have been confirmed dead in a twin bomb attack at a busy market in Madagali community in Adamawa state today. 
According to eyewitnesses, the bomb attacks took place at the grain and vegetable sections in the market. More detailsto follow...

UK Deportee kills father and stabs mum over argument in Lagos...

Image result for images of people in nigeria
The Lagos State Police Command has declared a suspected drug addict, Babalola Rotimi (jnr.), wanted, for allegedly killing his father, Babalola Rotimi, and stabbing his mother, Adijat, in  Magodo Phase 2.

The state Police Public Relations Officer, SP Dolapo Badmos, said the suspect, who was deported from the United Kingdom, fled the scene of the crime and had remained elusive.

The mother, it was gathered, had been in a coma since the attack on Sunday and was receiving treatment in a general hospital in the state.

Punch Metro learnt that Babalola, popularly called Junior, had been living with his parents on Ibitayo Street, Magodo, Shangisha, after returning from the UK.

His parents reportedly got him an apartment in the Ketu, Ikosi area, where he relocated to.

However, the suspect reportedly paid a visit to his parents on Saturday and stayed over till Sunday. He reportedly attacked them after a disagreement.

A security guard on the estate explained that Junior left his mother for dead.

He said, “Most of the security guards on the estate were not around and many residents had gone to church. By the time we returned, we heard a noise from the woman’s room as she cried out for help.

“We rushed there and met her in a pool of blood. She had been stabbed in the cheek and even in the eye area. There was a lot of blood in the house. We took her to the emergency centre in the Ojota area.”

Another source on the estate said the suspect had arrived in the house on Saturday.

He said, “The man just returned from the United Kingdom and we observed that he was always alone. He was living with his parents until recently when they got him an apartment in Ikosi, Ketu.

“But on Saturday, he came to pay them a visit and he slept over. He had an argument with the father that morning and he stabbed him to death. When the mother tried to intervene, he also stabbed her.

“Afterwards, he left the house. However, some minutes later, he returned to check if they were completely dead. He then shut the door against them before fleeing the area.”

Punch learnt that the security guard in the house did not suspect anything until Adijat started screaming for help.

It was gathered that the guard would have been arrested and detained, but for the testimony of the woman, who before passing out, told the police that her son committed the crime.

“She is in a critical condition now at the hospital and she has not been able to throw more light on what transpired that night. Another person that can reveal what happened is the suspect, who is at large. But we are working on the theory that the man was mentally unstable due to his addiction to drug,” a police source said.

The police spokesperson, Badmos, said the police were trailing the suspect, adding that the case had been transferred to the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department, Yaba.

“The father is dead, but the mother is responding to treatment. The suspect is at large, while effort is on to arrest him,” she said.

Wizkid falls sick, cancels every show for December/January 2017

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Wizkid is sick and has been warned to stay off work for at least two months. The singer who has been billed for several shows this month announced online he would be forced to cancel them because his doctors have advised he stays off work in other for him to regain his strength. 

He however apologised to his fans promising them year 2017 would be better, but before then, he would drop a song for them to end the year. What he wrote below....

Oba dies a week after he was arraigned for threat to life and taking possession of lands ...photo

A traditional ruler in Oyo State on Wednesday died in a road accident after his car collided with a truck.

The monarch–the Amunijio of Ijio in the Iwajowa Local Government Area of the state, Oba Okunade Adegoke was said to be driving himself from Iwere-Ile to his kingdom around 10pm when he ran into the truck.

A source said the monarch was the only occupant of the car, adding that he died at the scene of the accident.

He said, “From what we could piece together at the scene of the accident, it seemed the kabiyesi was trying to avoid a vehicle when he ran into the truck. Help did not come immediately and by the time he was found, he had died from his injuries.”

His death came a week after the king was arraigned before the Okeho Magistrate’s Court for allegations bordering on threat to live, destruction of family business and using thugs to forcibly take possession of a stretch of land that belonged to another family.

He was also accused of destroying a farmland on which tree crops worth N10m were planted.

The prosecutor had also said Oba Adegoke and others, who were at large, on March 29, 2016, sent threat messages to a lawyer, Shittu Azeez, in the Okeho area of the state.

At the time, the counsel for the late monarch, Olufemi Akintomiwa, who was represented by Olakunle Afolabi, prayed the court to give the legal team more time to study the case.


Singer Mick Jagger gives birth for the 8th time ...photo

Rolling Stones frontman Sir Mick Jagger has become a father again at the age of 73, his publicist said. The singer and 29-year-old ballerina Melanie Hamrick welcomed a son, Sir Mick's eighth child, in the latest addition to his brood.

It is understood Sir Mick flew 3,500 miles from London to New York in a last-minute dash to be by Hamrick's side for the birth.

The source added: 'He made sure he was there. He wouldn’t have missed it for the world.'
A statement released on behalf of the couple said: 'Melanie Hamrick and Mick Jagger's son was born today in New York and they are both delighted.

'Mick was at the hospital for the arrival. Mother and baby are doing well and we request that the media respect their privacy at this time.'

The news comes after it was revealed that the Rolling Stones are on course for this week's UK Number One album.

The rockers’ latest LP ‘Blue & Lonesome was way ahead in the midweek charts.

Sir Mick is understood to have given Melanie a $150,000-a-year maintenance deal to help the ballerina raise their child.

He is also believed to be helping the New Yorker find a home in the US to raise the boy.

The $150k will be paid until the child is 18, with school fees also paid for. After secondary school a trust will help cover further education and expenses, which could be as much as £500k.

Even though Mick and Melanie are not planning on getting married, they plan to co-parent given his hectic work schedule.

Nigeria Super Falcons ready to reveal a lot to the public

Super Falcons are threatening to tell the whole world their ordeal after their hard fought victory at the 10th Africa Women Cup of Nations (AWCON) in Cameroon.

Falcons piped hosts and neighbours, Indomitable Lionesses of Cameroon 1-0 in Saturday’s AWCON final in Yaoundé to claim a record eighth title but back home on Sunday still hole up in hotels waiting patiently to be paid their entitlements.

A Falcons player who will not want her name in print said their patience is running out as they are
left with no other option than to engage the public to tell the whole lies and sordid experience in the hands of the football house, Nigeria Football Federation (NFF).

“We do not hope to engage in streets protest carrying placards to tell our sordid stories, I think we are decent persons rather we intend to engage the media in a press conference to open up to the world.

“The press conference is hopefully going to hold latest on Friday except the NFF steps in quickly to meet our demands.

“Our demands are quite simple – NFF should pay us our money inclusive of match bonuses and other entitlements.

“These entitlements cumulatively should see each player receive over Twenty five thousand dollar ($25,000), that’s from the qualifying stage to the AWCON final in Cameroon.

 “We are not too keen over state reception which to us is merely a privilege we want our bonuses paid which is strictly a right.

“We have actually worked for the money and we need it urgently to take care of ourselves as well as dependents.

“Many of us have pressing needs for the money like those who have burial of dear ones to take care of.

“Our families are waiting for us we want to go back to reunite with them, it’s unfair and dehumanising to keep us chained to the hotel rooms.

“It’s uncharitable that after the NFF executive secretary, Dr Mohammed Sanusi spoke with us on Tuesday nobody else has bordered to know what is happening to us.

“Unlike the report outside that we confiscated the AWCON trophy there is no truth there, the trophy is with us because we brought it back what we need is our money nothing more.

“We are not doing anything with the trophy neither has anybody asked for it, we simply need our rightful money not even extra to take care of ourselves especially this yuletide season,” said the unnamed Falcons to supersport.com.

Two men caught with hard drugs worth N62.4m ...photo

Two suspected drug smugglers, Itobo Egede and Munirudeen Ikumapayi, have been arrested with 1,300 parcels of substance suspected to be cannabis worth N62.4 million by Operatives of the Federal Operations Unit, FOU, Zone A of the Nigeria Customs Service, NCS.

The suspects, who were handed over to the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, NDLEA, Lagos Command for further investigation and prosecution, were arrested in different locations at Sagamu, Ijebu-Ode Expressway, Ogun State and Gbeaji Customs check-point, Seme Expressway in Lagos State.

According to the Customs Area Comptroller, CAC, of the Command, Haruna Mahmod, who was represented by Acting Deputy Comptroller, Administration, Adamu Abubarkar, the suspected substance with Duty Paid Value, DPV, of N62.4 million, was heading for Cross River State before it was intercepted by eagle eyed officers of the command through intelligence gathering.

Receiving the suspects, Principal Staff Officer, PSO, of NDLEA, Chief Superintendent of Narcotics, CSN, Lawal Opeloyeru Isiaka, assured that the substance would be subjected to scientific examination after which the suspects would be charged. Customs officers refused to collect bribe from soldiers —Egede Narrating his ordeal to Vanguard, Egede said he was a taxi driver from Cross River State and had come to Lagos to visit her sister, who is a police woman.

According to him, “when I wanted to go back, I went to the bus stop, stopped buses that were travelling to Calabar before this one finally stopped for me. I told them that I was going to Calabar and they asked me to pay N10,000 but I pleaded with them before they agreed to collect N4,000.

There were two soldiers inside and a driver and were carrying a lot of goods but I managed to sit.

“When we got to Ijebu-Ode, Customs officers at a check point stopped us. When we opened the booth and they saw the goods, they started beating me and subsequently arrested me and the driver and put us inside their patrol van. Along the line, I didn’t see the driver again. They now brought me to their office.

“I don’t know about the driver now. I was carrying N100, 000 my sister gave me but the soldiers asked me how much I had on me so that they would give the Customs officers to release us. I then gave them N50,000 to bribe the Custom officers but they refused to collect the money from the soldiers. The soldiers did not give the money back to me. I don’t know what happened to the two soldiers thereafter.”

Vanguard gathered, through a security source, that the soldiers were handed over to the military authority for in-house disciplinary action as it is the usual practice between the military and para-military agencies.

I did not know I was carrying drug —Ikumapayi Another suspect, Ikumapayi, who claimed to be a commercial bus driver plying Osun-Lagos route, said he did not know that the parcel one woman gave to him in Lagos to deliver to Osogbo, Osun State, was not actually the clothes she claimed.

According to him, “I was loading my bus at Oshodi when one woman came with a parcel concealed in a wrapper and asked me to deliver it to someone in Osogbo, Osun State. I charged her N2,000 but she gave me N1,000 which I collected. She also gave me the phone number of the receiver and collected my phone number too. But I did not check the parcel before taking off.

“As usual, while going, any police check point I passed, I gave them N50, N100 but when I got to Customs road block, they stopped me and searched all the goods loaded inside. Everybody showed his or her own. So they asked me to open that one. When I opened, they discovered that it was drug. I did not know that I was carrying trouble because; I did not check the bag.”

Wow! Check out Funke Akindele in this photo...

The actress looks stunning...we like! 

Omg! Pastor's mistress sets his home on fire; killing his wife, kids and a guest in Lagos ...photo

A lady identified as Rachel has set the home of one pastor Isaac Shofolabo whom she is having an affair with; killing his wife, two kids and a guest. The incident occurred around 1 a.m at 46, Oladunni Memorial Street, Double Powerline, Ejibo Lagos state. 

According to neighbors, Rachel who is their tenant, has been dating the pastor who is in charge of Celestial Church of God, Joy of the Lord Parish located inside the premises for five years. The pastor's wife, Mary Shofolabo, his children Taiwo, 19, and Iredamola and a relative, Kazeem, 7, died at the General Hospital, Gbagada where they rushed to for treatment. 

Narrating what happened, a neighbour who wants to remain anonymous said; 
“It is a terrible thing, very shocking. It happened around 1am. It was Mama (the late Mrs Shofolabo) that woke up other residents with her scream. I was in my own room when I heard her voice and came out. Coming out, I saw fire on her body and she was shouting that Iya Rachel has burnt everyone in her house. That she saw someone moving from her house and thought it was a thief. But when she looked from her window, she saw that it was Iya Rachel. Since they are not close, she screamed and asked her what she was doing in her house. She woke up the other children at home and told them she saw a thief moving round and when they tried to go through the door, they realised it was locked from the outside. It was when they were returning to their room that they heard the explosion and people started running. It was Mama that used her hand to break her window so that they can all come out from there. When I saw her, fire was on her body and she was shouting that we should go and help her children inside the house that Iya Rachel has set fire in her house. I got to the place and saw Taiwo, Segun, Elijah and one other person. 
They were the ones who told me that Kazeem was still inside, at that time, the fire was very heavy and no one could enter. Neighbours started trying to put out the fire while some of us rushed them to Isolo General Hospital but they were rejected. We went to a private hospital and they said we have to deposit N200,000. Since we didn’t have the money, we rushed to Gbagada General Hospital. There was no car and so, Mama and others were put inside tricycle, I stood by the edge of the tricycle, while Taiwo was carried on a motorcycle. By the time we got to the hospital, around 2am, Taiwo was swollen. They started treating them and they were responding. Mama even told the doctor on duty what she saw and explained everything to him. But later in the day, she passed on and few minutes after her, Taiwo died too. Their father came back from vigil around 4am and he saw what has happened. He followed some of the neighbours to the hospital to see them. The police was contacted that night. At the trauma and burns section of the Gbagada General, family members and sympathisers trooped in to see Segun and Elijah, who were severely burnt.

The surviving siblings, Bunmi, Felix and Kehinde corroborated the claim by the neighbours saying their mother narrated what happened in the presence of the doctor before she died. Weeping uncontrollably, Bunmi revealed , yesterday was her sister, Taiwo’s 19th birthday, adding that she was her colleagues at her work place had planned to celebrate it for her.
Bunmi said'
“Taiwo was very happy because it is the first time her birthday would be celebrated. At the saloon where she worked, her madam and colleagues had planned a celebration for her and she even called my cousin around 12am on Saturday telling her of the dress code and her new dance step. We do not have anyone. Our mummy was our only support and now, she has been taken from us.
My daddy knew the woman over five years ago when she moved into our compound with her husband. But her husband left when he discovered that she was my father’s lover. The woman has been causing problems for my mother. She was the reason I left the house. At a point, I told my mother to leave them that she should not put her mind in whatever they were doing. Yet, the woman was not satisfied. There was anniversary at the church on November 27 and people heard the woman complaining that my mother was overdressed and looking beautiful. That so, she could still look beautiful. They told my mother but she doesn’t take such things seriously. She didn’t read any meanings to it. Now, the worst has happened. We are crying for justice. We have reported to the police and we are begging them to investigate well because we know that something is not right. Let whoever was responsible for the fire and deaths of my mother, my sister, brother and Kazeem pay for it. We want justice.”
Source: Nation News

Update! NEMA confirms death of father, mother and their seventeen month old baby in Lagos boat mishap

NEMA has confirmed the unfortunate drowning of a family comprising a father, mother and seventeen day old baby.

The family boarded a paddling canoe without light at Marine jetty Badagry, Lagos state on Wednesday night and few metres from takeoff point a speed boat returning to base on high speed swept them off balance with the accompanying wave. 

The fibre speed boat driver thereafter reported the incident at Badagry Police station. The Lagos state police command is already investigating the matter.

Child traffickers caught in Abia State and police rescues 4-year-old boy ...photo

Operatives of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, based at Obehie, Abia State, on Dec. 4th, arrested one Rowland Egbe from  Imo River, Ukwa West L.G.A, Abia State.

According to a statement released on Wednesday, November 7th and signed by spokesperson of the Command, ASP Nta Ogbonnaya, the 30-year-old was arrested in connection with the abduction of a 4-year-old boy, Uzuoba Obinna, with the intention of selling him to one Mrs. Chioma Ohajinmmadu, who was also nabbed.

Mrs Ohajinmmadu, 50, of Aba, Abia State, specializes in the trafficking of children and also bought a male child from him two weeks ago. The suspects were paraded at the police Headquarters on Wednesday.

The boy was rescued and has been reunited with the parent. (Pictured) The suspects are helping the Police in their investigation to locate and rescue other children that might have been abducted.