10 Dec 2016

Update! Photo of men behind the Brazillian plane crash that killed footballers

Bolivian authorities have jailed the second suspect accused of wrongdoing in the air crash that wiped out Brazil's Chapacoense soccer team last month, prosecutors said on Saturday.

Gustavo Vargas Villegas, a former official with Bolivia's aviation authority was arrested and will be held until trial on charges that he misused his influence in authorizing the license of the Bolivian plane that crashed in Colombia while taking the team to Medellin for the Copa Sudamericana.

His father, Gustavo Vargas Gamboa, former chief executive of the LaMia charter airline company, was jailed Thursday pending trial on charges including manslaughter over the Nov. 28 crash.

Both have said they are innocent.

"I am innocent. I did not authorize the operating licenses," Vargas Villegas told reporters on Friday. Vargas Gamboa said on Thursday: "The prosecutors are a bunch of liars

The accident killed 71 people after the plane apparently ran out of fuel, shocking the global soccer community and sparking questions about why the aircraft would have tried to make the international flight with what looks to have been less than the required amount of fuel in its tanks.

Read story of Nollywood actress Regina Chukwu who shares story on how she almost aborted her son...

Beautiful Nollywood actress, Regina Chukwu became a widow 13 years ago when she suddenly lost her husband and was faced with the task of taking care of their 2 kids alone.

Today is her only son Maduabuchi Richard Nwafor's birthday and she has shared a touching story of how she almost aborted him because of poverty. Read her story...

Ring the bell sound the alarm for on this very day 14yrs ago a prince was born Am I going to write an epistle this year AGAIN? Of cos I will. This young man here reminds me so much of his late father *mixfeelings* Come with me as I travel down memory lane;

On this faithful day, I walked into my then pastor's office (I had come for counseling) after exchanging pleasantries, the pastor showed me to a seat N as made to seat comfortably he said nd I quote 'sister the lord will visit you with a male child soon' on hearing that my eyes went straight to the calendar that was hung on the wall of his office, and I realised I was 2 weeks late

there and then, the world around me collapsed, I am supposed to be happy but I was not, why? You do ask..... as at that time, we were living from hand to mouth, my husband was sick and to crown it all Racheal was just like a year.

At that spot I decided abortion was the solution but I made sure not to betray my emotion in the presence of our pastor. I got home and I said to my husband 'I think I am pregnant' and like I had envisaged he said it to me point blank 'we are getting rid of it' how do we have another child in this condition

I said okay but that the pastor said it's a male child o and like the typical Igbo man that my husband is now, his face brightened up at the mention of a MALE child, so he said to me 'chi maybe we should leave it, God will provide' he was from zero to 100 in less than a min
to cut the long story short Maduabuchi Richard Nwafor came into our lives after nine months and the father left us when he was just 4months (he waited for him) a lot of things happened in that space of 13 months but it's a story for another day

my son thank God I kept you, you and your sister have been a great source of strength to me this past years. Sunday left me with the most beautiful gift which is the both of you, and I love that you are my kids cos no one understands me like the both of you I pray this will not be your last birthday on earth your father died young you will live to be very old I will never have any cause to cry over U both happy birthday son momma loves u scarra N ur sister loves you too.

On how her young son was able to carry her up, Reg said:
So as the photoshoot was going on, the photographer @salaamjamiu jamiu asked if I could pls lift @richardnwafor up and pose for a shoot and I was like 'of cos I can carry him' that was how I tried lifting him up o, alas! I couldn't even get his two feets off the ground like I almost fell o and am like Biko nu' so I can't carry this small buchi *the boy yaf big finish*

Everyone present was rolling on the floor, now they suggested that he should carry me instead and I shouted 'he can't carry me o' but Buchi was like 'mummy haba I can carry you now' and before I could say JACK my feet were off the ground ***unbelievable*** I love you so much Maduabuchi Ricahard Nwafor.


Esabod Herbs & Roots fans are wishing you Happy Birthday.
May your coming year surprise you with the happiness of smiles, the feeling of love and so on. I hope you will find plenty of sweet memories to cherish forever. Happy birthday.

Wow! Check out new photos from Nollywood actress, Bimbo Thomas

The actress and mum one shared these beautiful photos recently...we like!

Russia tried to help Donald Trump win Election- CIA

The CIA has concluded that Russia intervened in the 2016 election to help President-elect Donald Trump win the White House, and not just to undermine confidence in the U.S. electoral system, a senior U.S. official said on Friday.

U.S. intelligence agencies have assessed that as the 2016 presidential campaign drew on, Russian government officials devoted increasing attention to assisting Donald Trump's effort to win the election, the U.S. official familiar with the finding told Reuters on Friday night on condition of anonymity.

Citing U.S. officials briefed on the matter, the Washington Post reported on Friday that intelligence agencies had identified individuals with connections to the Russian government who provided thousands of hacked emails from the Democratic National Committee and others, including the chairman of Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign, to WikiLeaks.

U.S. President Barack Obama ordered intelligence agencies to review cyber attacks and foreign intervention into the 2016 election and deliver a report before he leaves office on Jan. 20, the White House said on Friday.

As summer turned to fall, Russian hackers turned almost all their attention to the Democrats. Virtually all the emails they released publicly were potentially damaging to Clinton and the Democrats, the official told Reuters.

"That was a major clue to their intent," the official said. "If all they wanted to do was discredit our political system, why publicize the failings of just one party, especially when you have a target like Trump?"

A second official familiar with the report said the intelligence analysts' conclusion about Russia's motives does not mean the intelligence community believes that Moscow's efforts altered or significantly affected the outcome of the election.

Russian officials have denied all accusations of interference in the U.S. election.

A CIA spokeswoman said the agency had no comment on the matter.

The hacked emails passed to WikiLeaks were a regular source of embarrassment to the Clinton campaign during the race for the presidency.

U.S. intelligence analysts have assessed "with high confidence" that at some point in the extended presidential campaign Russian President Vladimir Putin's government had decided to try to bolster Trump's chances of winning.

The Russians appear to have concluded that Trump had a shot at winning and that he would be much friendlier to Russia than Clinton would be, especially on issues such as maintaining economic sanctions and imposing additional ones, the official said.

Update! 56 killed, 177 injured in the Madagali bomb blast ...photo

Mr. Yusuf Muhammed, Chairman, Madagali Local Government, Adamawa State, has said 56 persons died and 177 injured in the twin blasts that that hit Madagali Market on Friday in Adamawa.

Muhammed, who confirmed the development to NAN in a telephone interview, said 57 of the injured were critical and 120 minor.

He said the critically injured were rushed to Mubi General Hospital and Yola Specialists Hospital, while those that sustained minor injuries were treated and discharged.

NAN reports that the Madagali Market operates on Fridays and the two blasts occurred at the grains and second hand clothes sections of the market.

The council boss appealed to the federal, state governments, relevant donors and humanitarian agencies to come to the aid of the people. The situation is critical.

He said such a gesture would help them in alleviating the pain and loss from the blasts.

FG to pay Swiss Government $79m discretely for Abacha loot

The Federal Government may have agreed to pay the Government of Switzerland $79m (N25.2bn) as part of conditions for the repatriation of almost $400m (N128bn) recovered from the family of the late military ruler, General Sani Abacha.

The Chairman of the Civil Society Network Against Corruption, Olanrewaju Suraj, said this during a seminar to commemorate the 2016 International Anti-Corruption Day in Abuja on Friday.

The event was jointly organised by Nigerian anti-corruption agencies, the European Union, the United States and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime and had in attendance senior diplomats and politicians.

It will be recalled that the Swiss Ambassador to Nigeria, Eric Mayoraz, said in July that his country would return $321m out of the Abacha loot to Nigeria.

However, Suraj, who was a member of a panel of discussants, said the original figure that was meant to be returned to Nigeria was about $400million.

He said the Nigerian Government had secretly agreed to forfeit $79m as part of negotiations.

Suraj said this was disgraceful as the Swiss Government was meant to pay Nigeria an interest instead of dictating the terms of agreement.

He said, “Unfortunately, the government goes to beg countries to get our money back rather than making demands, we appeal for the money and beg them to return it. We are fed with half information such that we even assume that we actually recover the amount stolen.

“I had a very funny experience and it is still ongoing. The $321m that the Swiss Government is meant to return to Nigeria, we discovered three weeks ago that the original money was about $400m. The legal process in Switzerland actually charged the Nigerian Government about $79m and that is why we are receiving $321m.

“The $321m is now to be returned to Nigeria with the condition that the World Bank will monitor how the funds will be spent. I cannot imagine anything more insulting.”

Obasanjo’s son and others promoted by Army Authorities ...photo

The Nigerian Army Council has approved the promotion of Adeboye Obasanjo, son of ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo, and its spokesman, Sani Usman, in a far-reaching exercise that saw no fewer than 227 officers elevated.

According to details of an internal memo, the promotion will take effect from as far back as March 2014 for some officers and as recent as December 2016 for many others.

The memo, dated December 9, 2016, said the officers were considered for promotion by the Army Council in strict compliance with the provisions of the Armed Forces Act.

In the latest rounds, 21 officers were promoted to the position of Major-General.

Amongst them is Chukwunedum Abraham, the General Officer Commanding of the Nigerian Army 2nd Division in Ibadan, whose elevation from the position of a Brigadier-General took effect from January 24, 2016.

Ninety-three were elevated to the rank of Brigadier-General, of which 20 were direct regular commission while the rest were regular combatants.

These include Sani Usman, the spokesman for the Army, whose promotion from the rank of colonel took effect from September 5, 2016.

One hundred and thirteen officers became colonels.

Amongst them is the junior Obasanjo who was promoted from the position of a lieutenant colonel.

Obasanjo’s promotion, effective August 27, 2016, came several months after he sustained serious injuries in a shootout with Boko Haram insurgents in Adamawa State.

Below are names posted by PT of the some of the senior officers:

Photo of Graduate murdered by boyfriend in Lagos hotel ...photo

What truly transpired between a 27-year-old Computer Science graduate of the Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma, Edo State, Okonikhere Joy, and her boyfriend on the night of Sunday, December 4, 2016 causing the former’s death may never be known.

But this much is clear: That night, there was a scuffle between them at a hotel in Orile area of Lagos. By morning, Joy’s corpse was discovered by workers at the hotel, prompting them to alert the police. But the unidentified boyfriend was in the wind.

Saturday Punch learnt that when the workers at the hotel made the discovery, they recalled noticing that there was a scuffle inside the hotel room where Joy and her boyfriend lodged the night before.  When the case was reported to the police, a manhunt was instantly launched for the suspect.

Two suspects have been arrested by the police. One of them is the purported boyfriend, who has not been identified by the police.

A police source told Punch that a CCTV showed the suspect leaving the hotel.

One of Joy’s friends, May Ebute, said, “I just spoke with her brother and he confirmed the news. The murderer is presently cooling off in a police cell. I wish l could find the words to express the anger l am feeling right now,” she said.

The suspect told the police that he indeed had a fight with the deceased, Saturday Punch learnt.

He explained during interrogation that he grabbed the neck of his girlfriend during the disagreement and that he did not mean to kill her.

“I just put my hands on her neck to scare her, but she stopped breathing,” he was quoted as saying.

Joy, an Edo State indigene, was said to have graduated in 2014 and came to Lagos to look for a job.

When Saturday Punch spoke with the father of the deceased on the phone , Mr. Friday Okonikhere, there was no doubt that he was still grief-stricken.

He said, “I have never heard of the boy before. I think they must have met in Lagos. The police said they had acquired a CCTV footage that showed the perpetrator of the crime. But they have not shown it to me.

“She told me she was working in Lagos. Joy came to Lagos in search of a job. Her mother died four years ago. My daughter’s life is like a total waste now. At the moment when her life would have started becoming a glory, she was wasted.

“I feel very bitter and angry. I am looking at myself as a failure right now because I don’t know what I could have done to prevent my first daughter from being killed in such a way. I have been told there is going to be an autopsy soon. Once the autopsy is done, hopefully they would release the body to us.”

The Police Public Relations Officer in the state, Dolapo Badmos, said investigation was still ongoing in the case but confirmed that two suspects are currently in police custody.

Update! Nollywood actor, Yomi Fabiyi's British ex wife, reveals why their marriage broke down

Fran, the estranged British wife of actor, Yomi Fabiyi, has said that the actor didn’t marry her in order to get his green card.

Before now, Yomi Fabiyi had announced via his social media pages that he was divorcing Fran, whom he had been with for about four years.

The actor stated among other things that the main reason he was separating from his wife was because they could not agree on where to live together as husband and wife.

According to Fabiyi, the plan they had before marriage was that his wife would move to Nigeria but she later developed cold feet and this led to a crack in their relationship.

He posted on his Instagram page, “It’s so sad that a lot of people never give me the benefit of the doubt. Only a handful think it is right to respect my freedom of choice. I have been unlucky in life, most of what I do normally have opposite impression irrespective of my positive mindset. I cannot help it and will rather prefer to continue to be as real as possible, I am used to being misinterpreted my entire adult life. I never aim to hurt anybody in words or actions before them or behind them. I am never raised that way. Hopefully Fran accepts my proposition to end this marriage now as I cannot continue this way, I am not happy anymore as we edge close to the 4th year anniversary. Fran is such a beautiful woman, supportive and wish I come live in England, take up employment and study. I have used her documents to renew my normal visa only, so no question she is not willing, I never said that. With all humility, if she never promised me she was coming to take up employment in Nigeria and live with me, maybe we might not have secured the dating. I have made it abundantly clear I am not prepared to live abroad as my career was just gathering shape then. I am focused on my career and keeping my fans and admirers entertained. I have an absolute right to do whatever makes me happy provided it is nothing criminal, illegal, immoral or anti-social. I am NOT interested in the reason two adults came together. It’s crude and an uncivilised thing to do for me. I hope to find true love again while I push for a hitch-free divorce as soon as possible. I will be fine guys.”

Both friends and foes had insinuated that the actor married his oyinbo wife in order to legalise his stay in the UK.

However, when Saturday Beats placed a call across to Fran in England, she sounded unhappy about the divorce but seemed to have resigned to fate. She told Saturday Beats that she was very sure her husband did not marry her because of a green card. When asked if she was still in love with her husband, she replied in the affirmative.

“I am still in love with my husband but we cannot keep living this way. I wish there was another way we could go about it but there is none. It is true that I agreed to relocate to Nigeria after marriage but plans changed and I cannot relocate from England. I understand that my husband cannot also move to England but we cannot keep living like this for the rest of our lives. I am very sure that he married me because he loved me and not for any green card. If he wanted a green card, he could have married a British-Nigerian or any other race,” she said.

Gambian President rejects election result after initially conceding defeat

Gambian President Yahya Jammeh has said that he has rejected the outcome of last week's election that he lost to opposition leader Adama Barrow, only few days after he conceded defeat to him in a public address.

The fresh announcement he made on state television on Friday throws the future of the West African country into doubt after the unexpected election results ended Jammeh's 22-year rule.
Jammeh had conceded defeat on state TV last week, prompting wild celebrations over the ending of a government that human-rights groups accused of detaining, torturing and killing opponents.

"After a thorough investigation, I have decided to reject the outcome of the recent election. I lament serious and unacceptable abnormalities which have reportedly transpired during the electoral process," Jammeh said, changing his position on the election results.

"I recommend fresh and transparent elections which will be officiated by a god-fearing and independent electoral commission," he said.

15 suspected members of rival cult groups arrested in Osun state during reprisal attack ...photo

15 suspected members of rival cult groups were arrested in Ede, Osun state, during a reprisal attack. 
It was gathered that the cultists were allegedly planning to disrupt the Ede day celebration. The suspects have been charged to court.

Photo credit: Mamuda

120 year old virgin man credits his long life to celibacy ...photo

Swami Sivananda, a monk who claims to be the oldest man alive at 120yrs old says his long life is down to celibacy. 
He claims he has never had sex. He was born on August 8, 1896, according to details in his passport and is now applying to Guinness World Records to verify his claim as the oldest man alive.

He believes he is the oldest person after Japan's Jiroemon Kimura died June 2013 aged 116 years and 54 days.

Despite his advanced years, he lives with no help and no medical aid, performing yoga for hours every day. He gives all the credit for his longevity to yoga, food with no spices and no sex. He said: 
"Discipline is the most important thing is life. "One can conquer anything with discipline in food habits, exercise, and sexual desires. "Control over your needs is the biggest gain in life. I have lived for so long because material things don't make me happy."
Sivananda believes that times have changed but he is still the same.

He said:
"Because I was born in poverty, I have never had great demands from life. "Nowadays, people are unhappy, unhealthy and have become dishonest, which pains me a lot." "I just want people to be happy, healthy and peaceful."
The ascetic monk who has never slept in a bed or used a pillow in his life, sleeps on the floor with a jute mat beneath him and uses a stone brick as a pillow. Thanks to his lifestyle, he is now a local celebrity, he travels to give interviews and lectures on life and people from all over the country flock to him in search of peace and the secret to his longevity.
He said:
"My followers persuaded me to come forward to claim the record. "Previously I was worried about inviting publicity into my life as these things don't serve any purpose in life." "Though my followers would be happy to see my name in the Guinness Book of World Records."

Amid tax evasion allegations, Cristiano Ronaldo's agent releases tax documents showing footballer earned £191m last year (£500k per day)

Image result for images of Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo's management agency/ legal team have released tax documents showing the footballer earned £191m in 2015, over £500,000 per day, £3.7m a week and £15.9m a month- after a French paper alleged recently that the Real Madrid star avoided paying tax to Spanish authorities by using offshore companies in the British Virgin Islands.

 According to the tax documents, released by Gestifute- the Sports agency owned by Super agent Jorge Mendes, 
1. Ronaldo has always co operated with Spanish tax authorities and has never hidden tax records.
2. The 31-year-old Portugal international declared just €23.5m (£19.8m) of income from inside Spain, where he works with Real Madrid and made €203.7m (£171m) from other countries.

The company's statement titled 'Model 720' read:
'This document confirms that Spain's Tax Agency is knowledgeable of all of Cristiano Ronaldo's assets and income. From now on, the player will not make any further statement on this subject.
'As reported in recent days, the player has been aware of his tax obligations right away from the beginning of his professional career in all of the countries in which he has resided, and has not and has never had any issue with the tax authorities of any of those countries.
'This communication, which was not required by law, constitutes irrefutable proof that Cristiano Ronaldo and his representatives are in good faith and cooperate with the authorities in a spirit of transparency and compliance with legality.'

Earlier this month Cristiano Ronaldo and Jose Mourinho were accused of avoiding paying tax on millions of dollars of earnings by channelling money abroad, according to claims based on a huge document leak. They allegedly moved large sums to the British Virgin

Real Madrid Footballer Raphael Varane's home burgled, thieves make away with £60k worth of valuables

Image result for images of Raphael Varane
Spanish newspaper El Mundo has revealed that Real Madrid and France defender Raphael Varane lost about £60,000 worth of valuables to burglars who attacked his Madrid home on Wednesday night while he was away playing football for his club side against Borussia Dortmund in the UEFA champions league.

The robbers made away with 12 watches, cash, jewelry and clothes, and the footballer upon returning to the house, called police and the club's security team, informing them that he didn't put on his security alarm before leaving his house.

According to Spanish newspaper El Mundo, 'the burglars entered the property through an annex which was being renovated before entering the house by forcing the front door open.'
Police have informed Varane that they have a couple of leads for their investigation, with an Audi A4 seen outside the annex and a witness has also come forward to say they saw 'three or four people taking a case out of the house and putting it in the car'.

Police believe the gang responsible had been watching the house for several days and knew Varane was away on Wednesday when they struck.