19 Dec 2016

Update! 2 yr old girl kidnapped after mom was shot dead in Ikorodu traffic released

Thank God, this is such a great news and may her mom's soul continue to rest in peace. See another photo below....

Update! Suspect who beheaded DSP Alkali leads police to forest where his orderly, Sgt Uchi was buried ...graphic photo

Suspect who beheaded DSP Alkali Mohammed led police to Uju Forest where his orderly, Sgt Peter Uchi was buried in a shallow grave. Police also recovered the patrol vehicle snatched from the late DSP.

Alkali, 48, was beheaded along with his orderly by hoodlums at Uju community near Omoku in Ogba/Edema/Ndoni council area, during the rerun election in Rivers State.

Photo credit: Sahara Reporters...

Watch video of shocking revelations about skin bleaching ...video

Image result for images of bleached women
1. Contrary to the stereotype that skin lightening is purely cosmetic,dermatologists actually prescribe skin bleaching medication to their patients for skin disease.
Generally speaking, most people feel more confident with clear, even skin. For many, the battle with skin disease can be a real hurdle that must be overcome to achieve this goal. That’s why dermatologists prescribe skin lightening medications to treat various common cuteanous diseases that lead to unevenness or discoloration. “One of the most frequent reasons patients are prescribed skin bleaching medicines is to treat post inflammatory pigmentations that can happen to anyone,” Dr. Kassim explained.
Post inflammatory pigmentation — dark spots that appear because of injury to the skin or inflammation like acne — can be faded by applying the medicine to affected areas.Melasma, the appearance of discolored patches on the face, typically triggered by hormonal changes during pregnancy and by sun exposure, also responds well to skin bleaching. In many other cases, skin lightening may even help to reduce the visibility of age spots, moles, birthmarks and scars.
2. There is actually no bleach involved in skin lightening.
Skin bleaching medicines work by reducing a pigment called melanin. By applying the medication to hyper-pigmented areas — parts of the body or face that are visibly darker than others — melanin production is disrupted allowing the skin to lighten and become more uniform. Sometimes, skin lightening products can include exfoliants that induce mild peeling. Since skin tends to regenerate quickly and easily, the peeling helps to clear away dead cells and resurface fresher and lighter layers beneath.
3. But skin lightening can have harmful side effects. 
For the treatment of common skin diseases, dermatologists typically recommend the short term use of Hydroquinone — an over the counter or prescription cream with a max dose of 2% that is FDA approved, but still happens to be a bit controversial. Usually, serious allergic reaction to the Hydroquinone is rare, though users may sometimes experience mild redness, dryness or itching of the affected area. However, according to Dr. Kassim, “there is evidence to suggest that certain skin-whitening medicines, like hydroquinone, contain ingredients which may have carcinogenic properties that can be harmful.” In other words, the drug may increase risks of cancer.  For that reason, though available over the counter in low doses in the United States, Hydroquinone can only be obtained by prescription from a doctor in many countries. It was even banned for a while in Europe but is now once again attainable by prescription only.
4.  There are huge consequences to abusing skin lightening meds.
We have all likely seen celebrity skin bleaching jobs gone wrong and what overly bleached skin can look like: unnaturally white with a grayish, very dull tint. However, the corpse-like skin is not even the worse of it. When Hydroquinone is used in doses higher than 2% or over a period longer than three months, the whole skin lightening business can have some pretty negative, even paradoxical results. “With higher concentrations of the medicine, there have been reports of the development of exogenous ochronosis, the darkening of the skin which is permanent and very resistant to any treatment,” Dr. Kassim explained. Though there is a possibility that this skin reaction can develop with lower doses, the risks are increased when the dose is higher.
Overuse of skin whiteners can also cause pigmentation to build up in your extremities (fingers, toes, ears etc), causing them to look darker and mismatched. Yet another negative reaction can develop known as the “bleach panda effect”, where the skin on the face becomes thinned around the eyes and have increased pigmentation. Cute on a panda, not so much on a human.

5. Natural skin lightening options exist as well.

For those wary of harmful chemicals, explore natural remedies to lighten skin. “There are many naturally occurring agents that can be found in nature that have lightening properties,” Dr. Kassim explained. Chemical-free and easy-to-find alternatives to over the counter or prescription skin lightening products include Vitamin C, topical creams with Azelaic acid (a component of grains like wheat and barley)and the Chinese herb Cinnamomum Subavenium. There is also some research to suggest that pomegranate extract and vitamin E oral supplements may also inhibit melanin production.
For less extreme cases of skin tone unevenness, a simple peel or daily exfoliant may do the trick. If money is not a problem, look for toxin-free skin lightening products currently available on the market: They tend to cost a bit more because they have expensive ingredients, but they may be less abrasive and harmful. 
Watch video below to hear more about the effects of skin bleaching.

Photo of two underprivileged schoolboyswho returned money found in old clothes donated to them

Two students in Mae Ramat, Tak province, Thailand were last Thursday, December 15th, presented with some donated clothes to wear during the winter months.

When the boys, Khamnon Kaenwichit and Nawapon Suksereepon, both 9, were trying on the old clothes, they found a wad of cash in the pocket of a pair of jeans that added up to THB100,000!

The cousins quickly alerted their teacher, who had distributed the clothes to the underprivileged students. The boys said they want to to try and return the money to its rightful owner. The school is currently tracking down the owner of the donated clothes.

More photos below...

Source: Bangkok Post

Uk based, Nigerian journalist, Ore Oduba wins UK Strictly come dancing competition (Photos & Video)

Popular BBC Sports presenter, Ore Oduba beat 15 other celebrities to win the UK Strictly come dancing competition.

The 29 year-old Oduba and his professional partner, Joanne Clifton, beat former Eternal singer Louise Redknapp and Hollyoaks actor Danny Mac in the finale.
Speaking after the result was announced, Oduba said he couldn't believe he won
 “I cannot believe it, we did not even consider this [winning], not even for a single week of this.”

He also thanked his wife, Portia for mentoring him and his parents for coming all the way from Nigeria to watch him perform. He said
 “She’s supported us so much and just been my absolute anchor, and my mum and dad just being here, they’ve sacrificed so much, both of our parents have sacrificed so much for us in our lives, so for them to be here and see this, the most unexpected moment of my life, is just incredible.”
Watch his last performance below...

Omg! Read touching story of Nigerian man who spent 16 years in prison for crime he didn't commit

Below is the story as shared today by Omega Fire Ministry, Lagos:
"This is most touching, bro Ezekiel was givien a life sentenced for a crime he did not commit. After staying in the prison for 16years and 3months, God visited him through the man of God, Rev Fidelis and Pst Gladys Ayemoba,  during the Touch of Love outreach a vision of our father Apostles Johnson suleman this brother was ministered to by the spirit of God. After this meeting God step into his case, without negotiation he was released and today bro Ezekiel is a free man.....he came back to return all the Glory to God of this commission for breaking the limit and setting him free, the church was amazed by the mighty move of God and again the man of God Rev Fidelis prayed and bless him financially. This is the best way to end the year(TOUCH OF LOVE)
See photos below..

Another Dangote truck crushes a commercial bus in Ore, Lagos-Benin expressway and many dead...graphic photo

An accident involving a Dangote truck and EFEX executive bus along Akintelu, Ore, Lagos-Benin expressway have led to the death of many. According to Facebook user, Oluwi Olakunle Brown who shared the photos, the accident occured on Sunday, 18th December 2016 and all passengers in the commercial bus lost their lives. 
See the graphic photos below...

Omg! See how these two old men are tied down for being behind death of a young man in Benue State ...photo

A Facebook user whose brother died of snake bite in a village in Benue State posted these photos of two old men tied up like animals. 

According to him, the men were accused of being behind the death of the young man and brought before the village authorities. 
Another photo below...

Tragic! Russian Ambassador shot in Turkish capital, Ankara ...photo

Image result for images of Russian ambassador to Turkey, Andrey Karlov
Russian ambassador to Turkey, Andrey Karlov, was shot this evening while attending an art exhibition 'Russia in the eyes of Turks' in the Turkish capital, Ankara. He was shot in the back by an unknown gunman while speaking at the exhibition 

According to Turkish media, the attacker let the guests out of the exhibition venue after he shot the diplomat and then engaged the police in a gun fight. Karlov has been transported to the hospital and is said to be in critical condition.

101 yr old British man jailed for 13 years for historical child s3x offences ...photo

A 101-year-old man has been jailed for 13 years for committing 30 child s3x offences. Ralph Clarke, of Erdington, Birmingham, is thought to be the oldest person convicted in British legal history.
Judge Richard Bond QC said Clarke had been guilty of "systematic abuse" between 1974 and 1983.

He was found guilty of 21 counts of abusing two girls and admitted nine charges relating to a boy during his trial at Birmingham Crown Court.

The court heard the retired haulier abused the girls at his home in of Holly Lane, Erdington, in the cab of his truck and in his garden shed.

Bukola Saraki organizes dinner for 71 First Class graduates in Kwara state...photo

Senate President Bukola Saraki organized a dinner for 71 graduate from Kwara State who made first class  as a way of encouraging them for their diligence. More photos below...

Man narrates how a guy was arrested after a lady he was having sex with died from asthma attack

A twitter user, Fela, took to twitter to narrate how a guy is currently in police custody after a lady he randomly hooked up with, suddenly died while having sex with him due to asthma attack. Read the rest of his tweets after the cut...

Check out former actress, Regina Askia at 49 yrs old ...photo

Wow...she's aging so well...

Tragic! Daughter of Assemblies of God General Treasurer hacked to death in Enugu by gunmen demanding for money realized from Harvest Thanksgiving ...photo

Kemi Alaje Merayebu, first daughter of Rev Dr Vincent Alaje, the General Treasurer of Assemblies Of God Nigeria, was killed by gunmen in Enugu on December 13th.
According to reports, the men numbering about 10 and armed with gun, axe and Machete stormed the residence of late Mrs Kemi where she lived with her husband Mr Isaac Merayebu, demanding for the offering money realized during their Church annual Harvest Thanksgiving, which held on the 11th of December 2016, at the church premise located at No 6 Nofia Street by Agric Bank Bus Stop, Enugu.

The couple told the gunmen that the Offering money was not with them, a response which angered the gunmen. And they began to hack the bodies of the couple. Mr Merayebu managed to escape with injuries to call for help. Help came too late as Kemi passed away the following morning. Her husband is said to be still unconscious.

Late Mrs Kemi Alaje Merayebu was before her gruesome death, a staff of the General Council of Assemblies Of God Church. The police are currently investigating the matter.

22 yr old Nigerian student who specializes in duping men on Instagram caught...photo

Falope Oluwole Israel, a 22 – year old suspected male student of the Nigeria Institute of Journalism, NIJ, Ogba, Lagos arrested by operatives of the Rapid Response Squad (RRS) of the Lagos State Police Command, has confessed that he duped over 33 men while pretending to be a lady on Instagram.

Falope it was revealed, was arrested when officials of the RRS decoy team, who had been monitoring him for some weeks, trailed him to a popular club in Ikeja City Mall on Thursday evening, before arresting him.

The officers were reported to have monitored him, and those that he was interacting with at the club before arresting him and a colleague late in the night.

It was gathered that the suspect recently celebrated his birthday at Hard & Rock, Lekki, Lagos, week before his arrest, where he lavished over half a million on foods and drinks.

The suspect, a 100 level part time student of NIJ who confessed committing the crime, said that he had been in the business for more than two years.

The Police revealed that Falope’s activities on Instagram was placed under investigations when it received a complaint about an Instagram handle @blackberbiedoll, used for criminal activities, which was later traced to him.

Apart from @blackberbiedoll, which he prominently used for fraudulent activities, he maintained @froshwhite007 and @froshwhite separately for same purpose.

The complainant, Bernard stated that he got a friend request from @blackberbiedoll.

“Apparently, the picture on the account was that of a lady. The lady in question messaged me on BBM. Honestly, I thought I was chatting with a woman who claimed to be in Nigeria at the time.

“She lied to me that her father was a Nigerian and her mum, a Kenyan, and so we got talking. At a point, she lied that she was building a beauty outfit in Ikota Shopping Mall, VGC and that she was in need of some money to complete the mall,” Bernard added.

He explained further: “I had to transfer N1 million to her. Weeks later, I grew suspicious of the account name Olawole Israel Oluwaseun Falope. I ran a search on Google, and then discovered it was all scam. Immediately, I reported the incident to Instagram and that account was blocked and later suspended to prevent others from falling victim.”

Another victim, who did not want his identity disclosed said he paid N100, 000 into her account to support her bogus fashion outfit.

Admitting the allegation, the suspect noted that since he started the fraudulent act about two years ago, he had duped no fewer than 33 men pretending to be a lady on Instagram and that the least amount he received from any of them was N80,000.

“When I started, much as I pretended to be a lady on phone, some men on the other side didn’t believe me. I then downloaded an app on Google which transformed my voice into that of a lady whenever I am having conversation.

“I got several pictures of Shayla, a pretty United States based lady on my profile. Since then, men have been disturbing me and calling to request for a date”, he stated.

He said, “what I do is that I assessed people based on their appearance on Instagram, add them and thereafter open up conversations with them before I start bringing up all manners of stories in order to dupe them. At a point, I lied to most of them that I had an accident and I lost my ATM. I told them that I need some money. Some of them were generous enough to drop money into my account.

“I lied to them that I was putting up a boutique and saloon at Ikota, VGC and Lekki, and that I need money to finish setting up. I know I made a mistake downloading Shayla’s pictures and used them for fraudulent purposes. I am telling you the truth, those that I have collected money from can’t be more than 33.”

Investigations revealed that the owner of the profile pictures the suspect used, @Shayla had complained to Instagram that some Nigerians were using her profile pictures to scam unsuspecting members of the public.

It was also disclosed that the suspect claimed to be a friend of Toke Makinwa, Tonto Dike, Don jazzy, Peter Okoye, Toyin Aihmaku, Tee Y Mix, Oristsefemi, Timaya, Sean Tizzle, Dami Adenuga, Femi Otedola, Mike Adenuga jnr, Ramsey Noah, among others.

“I know all of them. I attend a lot of shows, I meet them, take photographs with them, even exchange numbers. Like sister Toke Makinwa, Tonto Dike, Uncle Ramsey Noah, these are the kind of celebrities I look up to and I want to be like them”, he stated.

But RRS investigators confirmed that he was following a lot of Nigerian celebrities on Instagram but they could not confirm if any of them fell prey to Falope’s antics, as many his Instagram chats with them got no response.

They added that a Ghanaian business man who Falope claimed to have met at a popular club in Nigeria rebuffed his request to engage him in a chat.

They noted that Falope’s claim of being a half-cast, Fashion designer, stylist, cosmetologist, model were all part of his fraud to make people fall for him as he was never a trainee or a specialist in any of this.

Our source added that he is not an half-cast as he claimed to be, but he rather bleached his skin.

“He didn’t deny this claim. He admitted bleaching his skin to escape the taunting of girls that he was
a very ugly guy”, the source stated.

Items recovered from the suspect included, an iphone 6, 1 Samsung Galaxy A5, an Apple tablet, hand and neck chains, some new notes and a handbag.

Confirming the development, the Police Public Relations Officer, Superintendent Dolapo Badmos, warned Nigerians to be careful on the internet because scammers were on the prowl world wide.

The suspect has been transferred to State Criminal Investigation Department (SCID) for further investigations.

Pm News

Ooni of Ife delays his convoy to search for a man despite important Dignitaries presence

Image result for images of ooni of ife
The Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi, on Saturday night stopped his convoy at the Oke Fia area of  Osogbo, the Osun State capital, to look for one of the journalists in his convoy, who was left behind at a ceremony the monarch earlier attended.

Some of those, who were said to be in the convoy were a former Kano State governor, Rabiu Kwankwaso, Ataoja of Osogbo, Oba Jimoh Olanipekun and other dignitaries.

They were all returning from the final of the Ooni invitational tennis tourney held at the Civil Service Club in Osogbo when the monarch was told that a photographer, who was part of his entourage to the game, Kunle Bowade, was left behind.

It was gathered that the Ooni insisted that the journalist must be found before the vehicles could leave the spot where they were parked.

The stoppage of the convoy was said to have caused a traffic snarl on the ever-busy road and the vehicles in the convoy were not allowed to move until the journalists was fetched and brought to join the monarch and his entourage.

The Director of Public Affairs, Ooni’s Palace, Moses Olafare, confirmed the incident.

He said that was not the first time the monarch would insist that everybody who left the palace with his team must return as a unit.

Olafare said, “That is Kabiyesi’s style. He cares about everybody regardless of their status. He treats both the highly and lowly placed people equally. He loves and accepts everyone.”


16 Russian Soldiers seriously injurediIn plane crash

A plane carrying some Russian soldiers has crashed in Siberia this morning, seriously injuring 16, the defense ministry said, quoted by Russian news agencies. The Ilyushin-18 plane carrying 32 passengers and seven crew made an emergency landing around 4:45 a.m Moscow time in the eastern Siberian region of Sakha, RIA Novosti.

Everyone survived but 16 suffered serious injuries, with three in a very serious condition, and were airlifted to the nearest hospital, Sakha’s regional authorities said in a statement.

The passengers were officers from the eastern Siberian region of Krasnoyarsk.

The defense ministry plane was due to land at Tiksi, around 4,300 km northeast of Moscow and beyond the Arctic Circle. The plane was found 30 km from the aerodrome at around 8 a.m.

The preliminary cause of the plane’s emergency landing was “a strong side-wind with gusts,” the authorities said.

The defense ministry said it had sent a specially equipped plane to evacuate those whose condition allowed them to travel to hospitals in Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

Cristiano Ronaldo wins best player of the tournament award as Real Madrid win FIFA Club World Cup ...photo

Cristiano Ronaldo, Sunday evening took to his Instagram account to show off his best player of the tournament award given to him after his hat trick ensured Real Madrid defeated Kashima Antlers 4-2 on Sunday in Yokohama, Japan. 

Two goals from Gaku Shibasaki shocked Zinedine Zidane's men before Ronaldo scored a penalty and two more goals during extra time despite Sergio Ramos' red card to ensure Real Madrid win their first club World Cup trophy under Zinedine Zidane. 

More photos below...