22 Dec 2016

Liverpool's Ex-Striker Titi Camara 'gets six months jail sentence' in lawsuit by ex wife

Former Liverpool and Guinea striker Titi Camera, who also served as the country's sports minister after his playing career, has been handed a six-month suspended prison sentence and given a $5,000 (£4,000) fine by a court in Guinea, local media report.

He was found guilty of "forgery, threats, public insults and family abandonment" in the case, which was brought by his ex-wife.

The lawyer for his estranged wife, Mariama Koulibaly, said: "We are going to see if we can make an appeal to get a larger sum. Because 50 million Guinean francs ($5,000) is not even enough to pay the kids' school fees."

Titi Camara's lawyer says he will appeal the ruling,

Protester accidentally sets himself ablaze while trying to torch a sculpture...photo

A man is currently fighting for his life after he caught fire while attempting to light a government sculpture during a demonstration in Bathinda, India.

The protest consisted of teachers who were expressing their grievances at the Punjab government for not fulfilling the promise made to them to regularize their services after their two-year contract.

As the protest was underway, the victim, Sukhminder Singh Mann, reportedly poured petrol on the effigy and it seems some spilled onto his clothes because he went up in flames soon after. Other protesters helped subdue the flames and rushed him to the hospital.

More photos below... 

Man receives $75 check to restart his life after being wrongly imprisoned for 31 years ...photo

A man from Tennessee, Lawrence McKinney, who was wrongly imprisoned for 31 years for a crime he didn't commit has asked for a $1m compensation to restart his life after he was handed $75 by the Tennessee Department of Corrections.

In October 1977, a woman was raped by two strangers and upon questioning by police, identified one of her alleged rapist as her neighbor, Lawrence-  he was then convicted on rape and burglary charges in 1978 and sentenced to 115 years in jail at the young age of 22.

In 2008, DNA evidence cleared Lawrence of any crimes and he was now released from prison the following year, but was sadly given $75 to start his life from scratch.

Lawrence, now 61, is asking the governor of Tennessee, Bill Haslam to exonerate him, which will pave the way for him to receive up to $1m from the government to start up his life. But according to CNN, the Tennessee Board of Parole in September denied Lawrence's request for exoneration.
"The (parole) board reviewed all relevant information related to the crime, conviction and subsequent appeals, as well as all information provided by the petitioner," said Melissa McDonald, spokesperson for the Tennessee Board of Parole.After considering all of the evidence, the board did not find clear and convincing evidence of innocence and declined to recommend clemency in this matter."
"The parole board is not qualified to make these decisions and should not," Jack Lowery, one of McKinney's attorneys said. 
  "For the parole board to step in when many (of them) are not trained in the law is ridiculous.
Lawrence who is now married has revealed he doesn't hold any bitterness as he is now married and has found Jesus Christ.

Lawrence speaking to CNN said; 
"Although I've spent more than half of my life locked up for a crime I did not do, I am not bitter or angry at anyone, because I have found the Lord and married a good wife," McKinney said. "All I ask is that I be treated right and fair for what has happened to me. I didn't do nothing, and I just want to be treated right."

Omg! Lady who survived fire burns celebrates by stripping ...photo

Julie is a lady who survived a death scare due to a domestic fire outbreak incident that "ravaged" her beautiful skin. The curvy lady was confined to the Intensive Care Unit of an hospital for months in the US where she lives, earlier this year as she painfully recuperated slowly.

The sad memories remain unforgettable to the dark-skinned lady who is also into entrepreneurship.

She narrated her ordeal and shared some pictures...
"It honestly feels like a dream. Like none of this happened and I'm watching it all play out in my sleep... All I can say is God saves and Prayers work. I'm forever grateful to be here and be living out this dream."

Tragic! Handsome Naija Comedian murdered over N250m for show ...photo

It was reported weeks back that this young comedian died under controversial circumstance. There is an update on how he was callously murdered over N250m.

It has been revealed that comedian Samuel Awal, with the stage name Big Shark, who ace comedian Ali Baba mourned last week, was murdered in his hotel room in Jalingo, Taraba State on Dec. 8th.

What led to this dastardly act?

Earlier that fateful day, the comedian had been at the Jolly Nyame Stadium in Jalingo, Taraba state for a peace concert sponsored by the state government of which he was one of the organisers.

A disagreement had ensued over sharing of the N250m released by the government for the event.

Next thing, on his return to the hotel room later, he was killed by men who are yet to be identified.

At the moment, according to report, his family in Benue State have refused to receive his corpse until they are given a proper explanation as to what happened to their son.

Update! Berlin Massacre suspect offered himself as an ISIS suicide bomber months before Christmas market attack

The Berlin lorry massacre suspect offered himself up as an ISIS suicide bomber and took a sinister video of himself walking the streets of the German capital, it was revealed today.

Anis Amri, 24, was also learning how to make bombs and was barred from flying to America because of his links to ISIS, US officials have revealed.

Amri, who had six aliases and three fake passports, also has an array different Facebook accounts including one where his profile picture was a lion - a key motif used by jihadists to symbolise honour.

It contains a single video of him filming himself in the centre of Berlin in September - with German media claiming it could have been a reconnaissance video.

Wire taps revealed that two months ago Amri had told a hate preacher that he was willing to blow himself up - and had also inquired about buying automatic weapons from a police informant.

But German officers still did not believe they had enough evidence to arrest him, according to Spiegel.

Police today revealed that his fingerprints were found on the door of the hijacked lorry used to murder 12 people at a Christmas market in Berlin on Monday night.

Officers have been carrying out raids across Germany as the international manhunt continued for the failed Tunisian asylum seeker with German police under fire for a string of blunders that let him go free.

Four men were arrested in Dortmund - where Amri once lived with a hate preacher. The men have reportedly had close contact with him in recent months.

A flat was also raided in Berlin, but was empty, and a shelter for asylum seekers was searched in Emmerich, eastern Germany, where one man was questioned.

Update! Woman kidnapped in front of her children in Festac is a Nigeria Customs officer

The woman has been identified as Mrs Comfort Alaba, a Nigerian Customs Service Officer attache to SDV, a bonded terminal at the NCS Tincan Island Command. She was kidnapped near an eatery on 22 Road, Festac Town.

Mrs Alaba was in company of her children when the gunmen, who rode in a Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) marked EPE103CY, stormed the area around 8:00p.m. and took her away. According to the victim's daughter Faith, who reported the kidnap on Twitter yesterday:

"We were at TFC at 22 road, FESTAC outside in the car and two men came around. My sister ran out of the car. My mother was still screaming and struggling when the other one pointed a gun at me. We ran away and by the time we looked back as we were screaming for help, they zoomed off with her insides. This is the plate number of the black Murano jeep EPE103CY. God please don’t let my enemies laugh at me. She is everything to us. They were two men and they were not wearing mask. I saw them at close range but I won’t be able to recognise them. I don’t know if anyone has any grudge against my mum. But I am appealing to them to please free her. Already, we have notified the police at Area E but nothing has been done so far to the best of our knowledge. However, we have not been contacted by the kidnappers." 

Meanwhile, spokesman for NCS at Tincan Island, Uche Ejesieme, who confirmed the incident said the agency’s headquarters has been contacted. 

"The lady is attached to SDV, one of custom’s bonded terminal, attached to Tincan Island Command" said Ejesieme.

Shocking! See the rat that supposedly ate a 3 month old child alive ...photo

The original report was first published in Swahili in South Africa and translated in English. It doesn't make sense but read below...
A three-month-old baby has been eaten alive by rats after her 26-year-old mother left it alone at her residence on an outing. The incident happened in South Africa’s township area of Katlehong, Johannesburg, where residents made a widespread condemnation of the mother.
According to the Daily Mail News, the child was devoured when left at home by her mother who went for a night party. A neighbour who spoke on an anonymous basis said, “The baby could only have died a painful death. The infant’s tongue, eyes and fingers had all been eaten.” “Besides the missing body parts, the remains of her body had bites and wounds all over that were inflicted by the sharp teeth of the rats. This woman must rot in jail.” “She does not deserve to be a mother.”
Noluthando Mtshali, the daughter to the careless mother’s landlord said the party mum only cares about having fun. A witness confirmed that this is not the first time the woman would be leaving her children in harms way. Luckily, only one of her twin fell victim to the attack by the giant rodents. The issue of giant rats eating humans is not new in the neighbourhood. An elderly woman named Nomathemba Joyi, had her face eaten by giant rats while she was asleep at her home.

Update! Watch video of houseboy who murdered his female boss at her home in Parkview shared a dance video on IG same day he killed her

This guy goes by the name @william_smith1059 on IG and on Tuesday December 20th, he posted a video of himself dancing, same day he allegedly killed his boss, Dayo Adeleke .He was arrested within an hour of the murder. He's in Panti police station right now.

People need to be careful about domestic staff. Dayo, just 33 years old, who friends say was an amazing girl, helped the houseboy who was a refugee and living in a church. She gave him accommodation and a job and this is what she got.  

See the video after the cut...

17 year old girl admits - "I don't know the father of my child because of the number of men I have slept with"

A 17 year old girl identified as Goodness Akpan, revealed that she has no idea who the father of her child is because of the countless number of men she has slept with. She made this confession on Monday, at the Lagos State Police Command in Ikeja where she was paraded alongside other suspected sex workers.

According to Goodness, who was a student of Comprehensive Secondary School in Akwa Ibom State, she was brought to Lagos by her sister when she got pregnant and couldn't figure out who the father was.

She denied being a sex worker saying she was enticed into having sex and she liked it which made her unable to control herself. She revealed she had slept with countless men and as such, had no idea who the father of her child was.
“If I tell you that I know the father of the baby, I am lying because I slept with many men and they were countless before I discovered that I was pregnant" She told PM Express.
The few men she told she was pregnant, denied being the father. She had to confess to her sister when she became confused and wanted to terminate the pregnancy. Her sister brought her to Lagos and convinced her to keep the pregnancy.

Goodness on her arrival to Lagos, was taken to a church where she stayed until she gave birth to her child. She was later arrested by the police on the suspicion of being a victim of Human trafficking as it was gathered she and the founder of the church allegedly planned to sell her new born baby. 

The pastor and founder of the church, Divine Yard of God Ministry, Iyana Ota area, Pastor Pemi Udoh, denied making any plans to sell the child saying she only assisted Goodness and her sister Angela to deliver the baby. She said she was surprised when the police came and arrested her 

Source: PM Express

Gov. Fayose signs Ekiti 2017 Budget into Law

Ekiti State Governor, Ayo Fayose has assented the 2017 appropriation bill. Fayose signed the bill on Wednesday at a brief session at the Government House, Ado-Ekiti with the Speaker and Ekiti State House of Assembly members in attendance.

Governor Fayose who described the budget as "Budget of Consolidation" said his administration will do its best in collaboration with the legislature to ensure implementation of the budget and ensure service delivery in the interest of the Ekiti people.

He said, "Ekiti is one of the first states to pass the 2017 budget in Nigeria, we'll go as far as we can to ensure this budget of Consolidation is implemented, we will ensure service delivery and do our best in 2017, it is the budget of the people and we will make sure they are part of it.

"This budget will be made available to everybody, we'll make sure enough copies are printed and made available to the public, it will be available online. We'll want to be seen as an open government in which people can participate, where transparency and due process can be our watchword."

ISIS parents kiss their young daughters goodbye, then the 7-year-old girl walks into a Damascus station and detonates herself

Disturbing footage has surfaced online showing Jihadi parents lecturing two children named Islam and Fatima, aged 7 and 9, embracing them, kissing them goodbye, before the kids walk into a police station where their body-worn explosives are detonated, killing themselves while wounding three police officers in Damascus, Syria.
 The Jihadist holds the girls and brainwashed them while they sit behind a black and white flag, then both young girls shout 'Allahu Akbar'. Then on December 16, one of the girl was pictured strolling to a Damascus police station where she blew herself up.

In one video, a man behind the camera asks the woman why she is sending her daughters to jihad without considering their young age. She replies that 'no one is young when it comes to jihad as every Muslim is supposed to participate in jihad.'
The man then prays for Allah to accept the sacrifice the woman is making
In another video, the man, believed to be the father asks one of the girls what she is 'going to do today' before she replies that she is going to bomb Damascus.

More photos and the videos below...

Update! Gang who beheaded DSP Alkali in Rivers State arrested by police ...photo

The police have arrested a member of gang that killed Deputy Superintendent of Police, Mohammed Alkali and his orderly in Omoku area of Rivers State.
The suspect, Christian Chukwuemela Ekikeme, 22, was apprehended by the operatives of the Inspector-General of Police Response Team (IRT)at about 6pm on Saturday, December 17th in Omoku when he came out to visit his girlfriend.

Late Alkali and his driver, Sergeant Peter Uchi were ambushed during the December 10 federal legislative rerun election in the state. Ekiekeme, also known as Prince Okoroma, an indigene of Okposi village, near Omoku confessed to the beheading of the DSP, adding that his head and body were thrown into a river.
He also confessed that he and nine members of his gang members because they felt they were against their party.

See former drug peddler who graduates from university at age 67 ...photo

Former drug dealer and ex-convict, David Norman, has graduated from Columbia University at 67 as the oldest student in his class. This great feat by the ex-convict who has faced many arrests and had two prison stints proves that it is never too late to start again.
Norman had a rough start in life. 

At age 15 he was already using heroin and before long was making money on the streets selling dope and for thirty-five years he was addicted to the substances he sold.

He was first sent to prison in 1967. Decades later, he was sent to a correctional facility where he spent six years for manslaughter after stabbing a man in a street fight. It was those six years that changed his life. While there, David turned his love for money into books and began learning and also teaching other inmates.

He got out in year 2000, a changed man and got a job as an outreach worker in a hospital where he helped substance abusers. This job led to him working and schooling in Columbia University.

He plans to write a book which he will give the title, ‘You don’t have to wait as long as I did'

Graphic photo of man set ablaze in Benue State for allegedly stealing motorcycle

An unidentified man was set ablaze last night beside Agro Mills, North Bank Makurdi, Benue State. 
The man reportedly stole a motorcycle that belonged to a motorcyclist popularly known as 'Okada'. More graphic photos below...

Yaya Toure says he is open to signing a new contract with Manchester City

Image result for images of yaya toure

It all marks a remarkable turn around for a player who found himself frozen out of the team earlier in the season following a public falling out between his coach, Pep Guardiola and agent, Dmitri Seluk. All parties involved patched things up and the Ivorian was restored to the first team.
His return has coincided with a nice run of form for City who have won every of the five matches he has started. With things going so well, the player says he is willing to commit his future to the club after his contract runs out at the end of the season.
He said:
'When I signed for City, I came to this club to make history.'
'I want this club to be bigger than Manchester United. I know it's going to be a lot of work, but that's my dream. 'I want to make something very important. I already won two Premier League titles and I want more than that, another new story. 'I have been lucky to play at big clubs – Barcelona and Olympiakos. Those teams were always used to being champions. But City, it was something different, and I am happy now. 'I think I've always been a key figure. To be honest, I belong on the field.' 

Watch video of Ibori's release from prison...video

The former Governor of Delta state was released from a UK prison on Tuesday night after completing his jail term. 
He is pictured in new photos with his friends and associates. See more photos and a video of him celebrating his release after the cut..

Photo of Nigerian female student studying in Ghana who goes missing while on her way back to Nigeria

Hafsat Oshilalu, a law undergraduate at Zenith University College in Ghana, has been missing for three days now. According to family sources, Hafsat was on her way back to Nigeria for the Christmas holiday when she went missing. She was traveling back by road.

Her phones have been switched off and no one has been able to reach her. Anyone with useful information should contact her family members on 08058121208,07038750175, 07039654671 or the nearest police station.

Tragic! Cook stabs soon-to-be bride to death at her home in Parkview, Lagos ...photo

Beautiful Dayo Adeleke, pictured above, was stabbed to death by her Cameroonian cook at her home in Parkview estate Lagos. 

According to a former member of the Presidential Advisory Committee On National Conference, Tony Ipriye Uranta, who shared the sad story online, the sad incident happened on Tuesday night December 20th.

Another lady in the know who shared the story online, said the cook stabbed her because she refused his request for an increase in salary. The deceased was set to get married next year.