30 Dec 2016

Photo of 72 year old man apprehended with female human skull in Osun

This 72 year old, Idris Ajao, has been arrested by the Osun State police command for being in possession of a female human skull. Ajao who claims to be bricklayer, was arrested today while transporting the human part to Iwo.

When interrogated, he said a herbalist by the name Tajudeen Jawesola, had asked him to exhume skulls from graves in a cemetery in return for N10,000.

He was caught while exhuming one of the corpse buried in the cemetery. He blamed his act on the devil, saying it was a "big mistake"
“It was Jawesola that asked me to get the human skull for him. Everybody knows Jawesola to be a herbalist and he wanted to use the human skull to do his work. He said he would give me N10, 000. I should not have listened to him. It is a mistake”he said

US governance reports $4.2b missing in NNPC under Buhari

A new report said despite President Muhammadu Buhari’s attempt at ensuring transparency in the oil sector, the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, still withholds Billions in oil revenues from the government account.

The report by the Natural Resource Governance Institute, titled “NNPC still holds blank check” said that within the first six months of the Buhari administration, the NNPC withheld over $4.2 billion (about N824.7 billion) out of a total of $6.3 billion (N1.24 trillion) revenues realised from crude oil sales in the second half of 2015. 

The withheld revenues represented about 66 percent of the total revenue – $1.4 billion earnings from Nigeria’s regular crude oil exports for the period; $3.4 billion from domestic crude oil sales, and $1.5 billion from oil sold from the corporation’s upstream subsidiary, the Nigerian Petroleum Development Company, NPDC oil fields.

The report said only $2.1bn (about N413.7 billion) was transferred to the Federation Account.

The group said the unremitted revenues for the six months was about 14 per cent more than the amount withheld by the corporation under the Goodluck Jonathan administration in the first half of 2015, and about 12 per cent higher than the share withheld in 2013 and 2014.

The report said the figure of unremitted oil revenues in 2015 contrasted sharply with 2005 figures, which showed the NNPC remitted about 68 per cent of its total oil sale earnings to the Federation Account and kept only 32 per cent that year.

According to TNG, The report said while part of the withheld funds was used for servicing Nigeria’s share of the joint venture operating obligations, the NNPC did not fully explain what the other retained revenues from domestic crude and NPDC oil sales were used for.

In general, the report said despite the on-going reforms in the oil sector, the NNPC under the present administration was still retaining a major share of oil sale earnings and spending at will.

Some of the reforms by the Buhari government, the report noted, have cut the number of passive, well connected middlemen that pocketed billions of oil revenues, while the administration has cancelled costly, unbalanced NNPC swap contracts as well as seek more efficient replacements.

The report lamented that recent announcements on NNPC reforms and the latest drafts of the Petroleum Industry Bill, PIB, by the Ministry of Petroleum Resources, failed to adequately address how NNPC and the government would share future oil revenues
“Until government establishes a clear, legally enforceable rule governing which revenues NNPC can keep and how they can be spent, oil sector corruption and waste could return to their prior devastating levels once the president (Buhari) leaves, or prices rise,” the report noted.

While encouraging government to push ahead with its reform plans for the oil sector, NRGI stressed the need for NNPC to adopt new financial controls and transparency measures for its subsidiaries, especially bordering on the several billion revenues retained each year from NPDC operations and its oil trading and marketing subsidiaries.

The Institute also called for the immediate replacement of the 445,000 barrels per day crude oil allocation for domestic refining with a fit-for-purpose mechanism for supplies to the country’s four refineries.

“The government should move to curb the corporation’s discretionary, unaccountable use of much-needed public funds. Until the government instates clear rules for NNPC financing, both the controversies and the underlying revenue leakages will persist,” the report said.

Describing the NPDC as one of the Nigerian petroleum sector’s “great black boxes”, the report said some of the oil from the company’s fields went to its strategic alliance partners, two of which were paid in oil for purportedly shouldering the company’s financial obligations.

From the production of an average of 30,000 barrels per day of Okono grade crude during the period, the reportsaid some of the oil from the company’s fields went to its strategic alliance partners, two of which were paid in oil for purportedly shouldering the company’s financial obligations.

From the production of an average of 30,000 barrels per day of Okono grade crude during the period, the report said NNPC retained all earnings ( about $12.3 billion over the past decade) from the offshore Oil Mining Lease (OML) 119 owned wholly by NPDC.

Kaduna Government employs cripples as street sweepers ...photo

The photo was shared on social media.

Nigeria’s population rises to 193.4 million according to NBS forecast

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The population of Nigeria which was at 140,431,790 during the last population census in 2006 has been estimated to currently be at 193,392,517. This is according to the National Population Commission (NPC) and the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS).

According to the forecast released by NBS, Kano is the city with the highest population of 13,076,892  people, followed by Lagos with 9,113,605 people. This report contradicts that given by the Lagos State Government and the United Nations which places the population of Lagos at 22 million people.

Kaduna is estimated to be the third most populated state with 8,252,366 people, followed by Oyo state which has a population estimate of 7,840,864. Katsina has a population of 7,831,319 people, having been displaced by Oyo state to the fifth position.

The NBS population analysis also estimated that  98,630,184 males and 94,762,333 females make up our entire population, with children between the ages of 0 - 4 making up the larger percentage of the nations entire population, followed by those from 5 – 9 years. The population of the people making up the working population (15 – 64 years) is estimated to be at 106,257,431 people.

Despite the crises in the North, the population estimate indicates that there was an increase in the population in the North, with Bauchi being the state with the highest population in the North-East zone at a population of 4,653,066 while Benue leads the population of the North-Central with 5,742,815 inhabitants.

In the South-East zone, Anambra state has the highest population of 5,527,809 inhabitants. Rivers State leads the South-South region with 5,198,716 inhabitants. With a population of 2,277,961 people, Bayelsa is the least populated state in Nigeria.

The NPC will commence preparation for the 2018 national census in 2017.

Read five top predictions of the Nigerian music industry for 2017

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It is that time of the year. Prophecies, aka, predictions, flail wildly round the airwaves. Pastors tell us that God revealed to them that some people would die in 2017 and some people would live, there would be road accidents, some people would fly out of the country and some people would not and if the sun does not shine on some days rain would fall. Well, we are neither that prolific nor that divinely inspired. We only guessed five things are more likely to happen than not.

It is that time of the year. Prophecies, aka, predictions, flail wildly round the airwaves. Pastors tell us that God revealed to them that some people would die in 2017 and some people would live, there would be road accidents, some people would fly out of the country and some people would not and if the sun does not shine on some days rain would fall.
Well, we are neither that prolific nor that divinely inspired. We only guessed five things are more likely to happen than not.
Here they are, in no particular order or rank:
  1. Mr Eazi would pick a fight with Tekno.
Mr Eazi ain’t no killer, so you can push him. Since he won the highly coveted Next Rated category award at The Headies Mr Eazi has left industry watchers no doubt that he still hasn’t said his mind about Tekno, who got dropped from the nomination or flipped it off, depending on whose side you’re on. In tweet after tweet and instagram post after instagram post he had made it obvious that he would not shy away from the topic if anything or anybody cared to prod him about it. It would be interesting how this plays out next year between Mr Eazi and big cassava reputation Tekno, since they both share the same mini skirt and pointed breasts fan base.
  1. Tiwa Savage and Teebillz would reunite, for their super cute son Jam Jam
A lot of people, including us – we must confess – have been praying silently that God should inject his ultimate will for marriage back into the lives of Tiwa Savage and her estranged husband,  Teebillz. People like us have been asking our heavenly father to do it, if not for the two hot tempered and yam head boo and bae, then for their super cutie son Jam Jam, who absolutely does not deserve to grow up between two separated parents. Well, never despise the power of prayer. We can now categorically say that that dream, which a few months back seemed so highly unlikely, is now looking more like it would happen definitely. All thanks and praises, raise your hands somebody. Come on now!
  1. The Supreme Mavin Crew and Iyanya would explode our airwaves
Physics tells us that the heat lost by the fire equals the heat gained by the kettle, so no long story. This particular prediction is actually based on solid science. In Iyanya what Triple MG lost equals what the Mavin Crew gained. The result is going to be spectacular. We can’t wait!
  1.  2Baba would quit active music for family
2Baba, aka, Tuface Idibia, would quit active music to focus more on his family. Don’t ask us how we know. We know. It’s a prediction, remember. After following the trend of 2Baba’s music action and performance trail in 2016 the probability is strong that he may tone it down a little bit to cater more for his kids next year, even do school runs, why not. Queen Annie’s royal duties are in no way threatened. And to be frank 2Baba does not need to lift a finger again to earn anything anymore. Cool, isn’t it?
  1. Harrysong would do a collabo song with 5 Star Music crew
We all know how fast and how peacefully Nigerian music entertainment beef dies. Just when you sit back and relax to watch them slaughter and murder each other off, like Biggie and Tupac did, they all line up, snap selfies and tell us that it is God. Olamide and Don jazzy did it so why not Harrysong and Emoney? Oluwa ni joo. We love it! Peace is better than war, after all. So watch out for Harrysong and the 5 Star Music crew collabo song in 2017. Kcee may even let Harrysong write the song, who cares. It’s beef they are squashing here, isn’t it!

So sad! More photos from the funeral of murdered bride-to-be, Dayo Adeleke

A friend of Dayo Enioluwa Adeleye, who was murdered by her Cameroonian steward posted these beautiful photos of the deceased used on the burial programme along with a touching tribute. 

Dayo was laid to rest yesterday, Thursday, December 29th, at The Vaults and Gardens after a service of songs and funeral service at Guiding Light Assembly, Parkview Estate, Ikoyi Lagos. See photos from the funeral and the tribute after the cut..

"As I woke up and came out of my room this morning, thoughts of Dayo continue to flood my mind, just has it has continually since I got to hear of her passing.
Shortly after, my brother Olawale Adeniyi who is on holiday also came out of his room. As we spoke about this tragic loss, we asked that God should comfort the family. 
I said to my brother that I saw a beautiful photo of her online and I would love to have that photo. I said to him that it would be nice for her family to remember her as she was in that picture.
She looked truly happy. I said to my brother that I bet she is laughing like that in heaven and looking at us all gloomy eyed and sad, saying if only we know how much more of a better place she is now. I just love that picture.
Soon after I arrived in church, sat down and schemed through the programme, I noticed that it was that very picture that was at the back of the programme. I felt so much peace, for the first time since her passing, I felt so much peace and it was captioned perfectly " I HAVE COMPLETED MY RACE". My mind got to work again. I thought of Dayo and how similar our lives are/were. She lived life to the max and had fun whilst she was at it. Reading through her tributes, I see she did her own thing and ran her OWN race.
She passed on at the age of 33 just like Jesus. He also ran HIS race. He completed His race in that time.
This race of life is NOT about the duration as much as we would love to all live till we are really old. It's not for the fastest, swiftest, richest, smartest etc.
We all have our own UNIQUE race to run and how we complete that race irrespective of time is how successful we truly are. I am at peace and comforted knowing Dayo, you rest continually with the Lord.
When I walked from the church shortly after 7pm after the Candle Light vigil yesterday, I turned back as I became fearful and paranoid. I had to ask my husband to come and pick me up. I am not one who is usually fearful.
This is exactly what the enemy wants, for us to doubt the love of God, to question the Unquestionable and to rob us of our peace. TBC. Continue to rest in peace."

Update! Read the emotional tribute written by late Dayo Adeleke's fiance ...photo

Temidayo Adeleke whose life was cut short after her Cameroonian house boy stabbed her to death following an argument over payment of salary was buried yesterday. 

Her fiance, Toluwanimi Osinowo whom she was supposed to marry by February, 2017 penned down an emotional tribute to her.

 Read it after the cut..

Dayo, you were amazing. I loved you deeply. I miss you. I felt at home wherever you were. It didn’t matter where, as long as you were there, I felt at home – I was happy. I needed you so much that when we fought (usually my fault), everything paused. The Bible says a man must leave father and mother and cleave to his wife. We had done the leaving, but the cleaving was not to be.
"Baby, you were a better person than me – an answer to a specific prayer. Being with you made me a better man. You were truly a Proverbs 31 woman. A treasure found by an undeserving man. I told you that you were an angel from God to me, and I thank God for sending you into my life. You were the biggest earthly expression of God’s grace(His undeserved, unearned and unmerited favour) in my life.
"I don’t pretend to understand why this happened. But I trust that Our God, Our Yahweh Elohim, who rules in the affairs of men let this happen for His reason. Dayo is with her Abba, my Abba, our Abba.”

Update! Soon-to-wed woman killed by steward in Lagos buried

It was an emotion-packed atmosphere yesterday as late Temidayo Adeleke, who was stabbed to death by her Cameroonian house help, was laid to rest at The Vaults and Gardens, Ikoyi, Lagos.

Prior to the burial, a funeral service attended by families and friends of the deceased was held at Guiding Light Assembly on Parkview Estate, where the victim lived.

Recalled that Joel Ludguo approached the 32-year-old lady around 10.30pm on Tuesday, December 20, 2016, and asked for advance payment of N15,000 out of his N27,000 salary.

Adeleke, whose marriage was slated for early 2017, was said to have pleaded with him to be patient, saying she did not have naira notes on her. But he refused.

Her entreaty fell on deaf ears as Ludguo left the boss’ living room in anger only to return minutes later with a knife and stabbed her in the chest.

The police had said the 22-year-old cleaner was desperate to send the money to his girlfriend in Cameroon, adding that the suspect would be duly prosecuted.

A mammoth crowd flooded The Vaults and Gardens on Thursday during the burial of the victim as tears streamed down the faces of many sympathisers.

The family members of the deceased were distraught to speak to journalists, but friends described Adeleke as a kind-hearted and passionate woman, who lived a virtuous life.

Serena Williams confirms engagement to Reddit Co-Founder, Alexis

Tennis superstar Serena Williams confirmed on Thursday that she is engaged to Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, breaking the news with a poem on her verified Reddit account.

Williams, 35, and Ohanian, 33, did not reveal a wedding date in the postings, listed under the Reddit tag ‘iSaidYes’.
Serena posted on her account: “I came home A little late, Someone had a bag packed for me, And a carriage awaited, Destination: Rome, To escort me to my very own “charming” Back to where our stars first collided, And now it was full circle At the same table we first met by chance, This time he made it not by chance But by choice, Down on one knee He said 4 words And r/isaidyes.”

A reply from his verified account said: “And you made me the happiest man on the planet.”

The WTA Tour, which Williams has dominated for much of her career, posted a photo of Williams and Ohanian on Twitter with a message of congratulations.

Williams won this year’s Wimbledon crown, the 71st singles title of her career, to match Steffi Graf with an Open Era-record 22 Grand Slam singles titles, two shy of Margaret Court’s all-time record.

She later completed 186 consecutive weeks as world number one.

Finland jails Police Chief 10 years for drug smuggling

A Finnish court has sentenced the former head of Helsinki's anti-drugs police to 10 years in prison for drug-smuggling and other offences.

Jari Aarnio was found to have helped a gang to import nearly 800kg (1,764lb) of hashish from the Netherlands and sell it in Finland in 2011-2012.

Aarnio, 59, was found guilty of five drug crimes and 17 other offences.

These included trying to frame an innocent man for being in charge of the drug ring.

An accomplice of the former senior policeman, described as a top local criminal, was also sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Aarnio spent 30 years in the anti-drugs force and was arrested in 2013.

He denied all the charges against him, claiming his actions were all legal and undertaken in a policing capacity.

His legal team said Aarnio plans to appeal the district court's sentence in the Helsinki Court of Appeal.

In a separate case in September, Aarnio was sentenced to three years in jail for fraud.

Crime rates are relatively low in Finland compared with most other European countries.

It ranks as the second least-corrupt country, after Denmark, in the global index compiled by Transparency International.

Naira is ranked one of the worst Global Currencies in 2016

The Naira is one of the world’s four worst performing currencies in 2016, according to a report by Bloomberg LP.

The naira was said to have lost 36.68 per cent of its spot returns for the year, while the Egyptian pound, Suriname dollar and Venezuela bolivar’s currency spot returns dropped by 58.84 per cent, 46.68 per cent and 37 per cent, respectively, for the period.

The Nigerian equity market fared worst in the year, according to the report, as the nation’s economy is set to contract in 2016 for the first time in more than 20 years as capital controls deter foreigners from investing and militants are blowing up pipelines.

The five best performing currencies of the world are the Russian ruble, Brazilian real, the palladium, the Iceland krona, and silver, which appreciated by 21.31 per cent, 20.96 per cent, 20.08 per cent, 14.42 per cent and 14.41 per cent, respectively, in terms of spot returns.

Two Africa currencies, the Zambian kwacha and South African rand, emerged as the sixth and seventh best performing currencies of the world. The kwacha and rand appreciated by 11.96 per cent and 11 per cent respectively.

Teacher dies with four children on Christmas day

Image result for images of building on fire

The people of Ozizza in Afikpo area of Ebonyi State are still in a state of shock following the “mysterious death” of a teacher and her four children during Christmas. The oldest child was aged six while the last was six months old.

The woman whose name was given as Mrs Faith Ejim- Egwu, was said to have been recently posted to the Unity Secondary School in the area. She was said to be boiling something on the Christmas eve at about 7.30 pm when she took out her last child to bathe her while the other three children were already asleep.

But at a point, she was said to have noticed that the fire on the stove was low and went inside the kitchen of her two- room apartment with the child she was bathing to ascertain the problem.

According to police sources, it was in the process of ascertaining the problem that the stove exploded and fire engulfed the whole kitchen.

It was also gathered that the woman tried to open the kitchen and escape with her child but the door could not open as the jam lock” had stiffened.

Outsiders who noticed the inferno could also not open the kitchen as the fire spread to the whole house and burnt the three children who were sleeping in their room beyond recognition. When the kitchen door was eventually forced open, both the mother of the children and the little child had become unconscious but the sympathisers took her to a nearby hospital which was unable to treat them .

They were rushed to a second hospital where she managed to say few words before dying on the Christmas day. Her six month- old child died three hours after her mother even as her husband who rushed home from his own location collapsed on arrival but was later revived.

A neighbour, who gave his name as Emma Anyim confirmed the story and attributed “the strange deaths” to spiritual attack.

Shocking! Barack Obama expels 35 Russian diplomats from the US, gives them 72 hours to leave the country

US President Obama on Thursday, accused Russia of hacking and interfering with the US presidential election on orders from President Vladimir Putin. Even though he had previously said, on several occasions, that he didn't think the election was rigged in any way. He ordered 35 Russian intelligence operatives to leave the country as part of sanctions ordered for what he said where the country's attempts to 'interfere with democratic governance' and harassment of U.S. diplomatic officials in Russia.

In a statement he released while announcing the sanctions against Russia, he launched a scathing attack on Putin's Kremlin. He all but named Ptuin in his statement as the brain behind the hacking. The said the hacking was 'ordered at the highest level'. The 35 diplomats were given 72 hours to leave the US with their families. So they have till Sunday to leave.

Other sanctions include revealing in public exactly what technical information the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI hold on Russian hacking capabilities.

Obama also shut down two Russian compounds, one in New York and one in Maryland, which he said had been used for intelligence-related purposes.

And he introduced financial sanctions on the two Russian spy agencies, the GRU and the FSB, four named GRU officers, and three companies said to have provided 'material support' for the GRU's hacking.

Russia responded to President Obama’s sanctions by reportedly closing the Anglo-American School of Moscow, a facility for the children of American, British, and Canadian diplomats.

Dmitry Peskov, a Putin spokesman, told reporters on a conference call that Moscow doubted the effectiveness of the measures, since Obama will leave office in just three weeks.

He said:
'Such steps of the U.S. administration that has three weeks left to work are aimed at two things: to further harm Russian-American ties, which are at a low point as it is, as well as, obviously, deal a blow on the foreign policy plans of the incoming administration of the president-elect,'. 
However, senior administration officials said that they expect the sanctions to stick after Donald Trump takes over. 
The official said:
'These are executive actions, so if a future president decided that he wanted to allow in a large tranche of intelligence agents, presumably a future president could invite that action. We think it would be inadvisable,'. 'Hypothetically you could reverse those sanctions, but it wouldn't make a lot of sense.' Michael McFaul, the former U.S. ambassador to Russia, said Obama's measures were 'appropriate and better late than never.'

Source: CNN, Daily Mail, NY Post

Photo of truck driver missing with truck and trailer load of drinks

A truck driver, Okwudili Okonkwo with Lomic Investments has allegedly disappeared with a Man-Diesel truck and trailer load of drinks. 

The owners of the company are trying to locate him. Anyone with useful info should kindly contact 08037103694. More photos after the cut...

Shocking! Baby who disappeared 35 years ago with mother found alive ...photo

Denise Beaudin
Thirty-five years ago, 23-year-old Denise Beaudin went missing with her boyfriend 37-year-old Robert Evans and her little daughter, Dawn. Beaudin's family visited her home in Goffstown, New Hampshire, some days after Thanksgiving in 1981 to find her gone and she hasn’t been seen since then. 35 years after, the New Hampshire Department of Justice have been able to track down Evans and Denise’s daughter who now has kids of her own.

When Denise, her daughter and boyfriend all disappeared, Denise was not reported as a missing person because her family thought they were fleeing from financial difficulties.

However, Denise is yet to be found, but it is believed Evans will have information about what happened to her.
Denise's child, Dawn, who now goes by a different name and lives in a different state, was able to reunite with her mother’s family briefly before Christmas.

Source: The Sun

Omg! Sports journalist killed in front of her son by member of the Bahrain royal family ...photo

28-year-old, Eman Salehi, was shot dead in front of her 6-year-old son by a military man believed to be a member of Bahrain's Sunni royal family. Salehi, who is a sports journalist for Bahrain's state run television was out with her son that night when her car was stopped in Bahrain city of Riffa, an area that is popular with military and with members of the ruling Al Khalifa family.

She was shot in the head by a man who then turned himself in to authorities and his reason is still unknown.
The identity of the killer has not been revealed to the public, allegedly due to his royal ties. However, activists identified the man as a member of the Al Khalifa royal family and have expressed concern that justice may not be served due to the killer's royal connections and also since the case is being investigated by the military tribunal and is conducted behind closed doors.

Shocking! Rice labeled as plastic by Customs was actually contaminated by microorganism- NAFDAC

Image result for images of bags of rice

Authorities of the National Agency For Food and Drug Administration NAFDAC, yesterday addressed a joint press conference with officials of the Nigeria Customs Service NCS, where the final result on tests carried out on the "Plastic Rice" seized by some Customs officers in Lagos(read here), was released. According to the acting Director General of NAFDAC, Yetunde Oni, the bags of rice seized were not plastic rice but rice contaminated by microorganisms. Read the joint press statement released by NAFDAC below...

Following the report of the seizure of the "suspected fake rice", by men of Nigeria Customs Service, the Agency swung into action by sending team of inspectors to the office of the Customs Area Comptroller, Federal Operations Ikeja, Lagos to draw samples from the seized consignment for Laboratory analysis. The product, branded as “Best Tomato” was in 25kg pack size, without NAFDAC number, no batch number, no date markings and no details of the manufacturer. The preliminary result of the analysis was conveyed to the Honorable Minister for Health, Prof Isaac F. Adewole and was made public on 22nd December, 2016 whilst awaiting the comprehensive result. I hereby this day the 29th December 2016 present the full Laboratory report as follows:
1. Floating - Negative
2. Sedimentation - Positive
3. Cooking - Normal
4. Odour - Normal
5. Colour - Off-white grains
6. Moisture - 13% (within specification)
7. Pre-ashing - Normal
8. Ash - 0.6% (within specification)
9. Lead and Cadmium - Not detected
10. Aerobic mesophillic count - 2.8x105cfu (above maximum limits)
11. Mould - 5.1x103cfu- (within specification)
12. Coli form - 7.5x103cfu (above maximum limits)
13. E-coli - <3cfu (within specification)
14. Packaging - Does not conform to NAFDAC pre-
packaging Food labeling regulations 2005
Based on the above Laboratory result, the product is not plastic but rice contaminated with microorganisms above permissible limit, hence the seized rice consignment is UNSATISFACTORY and therefore unwholesome for human consumption. The consignment upon handover by the Nigeria Customs Service shall be destroyed.
I wish to thank the Comptroller General of the Nigeria Customs Service and his men for the timely interception of this unwholesome rice. NAFDAC in collaboration with Nigerian Customs Service will continue to intensify vigilance and surveillance activities at all entry ports and boarders.
May I use this medium to appeal to the General Public to report any suspicious case(s) about all NAFDAC regulated products to any of the NAFDAC offices across the Nation for prompt regulatory action. I appeal for continued support and cooperation of all Nigerian to team up with NAFDAC in our concerted effort to deliver on our mandate of safeguarding the health of the Nation.
For enquiries, please contact the following:
Thank you.