China wants to start paying families to have more than one child

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The Chinese government is currently considering giving families financial incentives to have a second child in a bid to reach higher birth rate targets. 

This marks a dramatic turn around from more than four decades of the country's one-child policy when there were harsh penalties for having more than one, including fines and forced abortions.
Wang Peian, the vice-minister of the National Health and Family Planning Commission (NHFPC), said the commission is considering "birth rewards and subsidies" for second children. Wang made the announcement on Saturday during a meeting of the China Social Welfare Academy, a Chinese NGO that works closely with the government.

According to China Daily, the announcement was in part prompted by a survey the NHFPC carried out in 2015, showing that 60% of families polled were reluctant to have a second child because of financial constraints.

Married Man Died In A Hotel room After Taking S ex Enhancement Drug To Impress New Girlfriend

A married father-of-three has died in a Nigerian hotel room from ‘the stress of consistent hardness’ after taking a sex drug to impress his girlfriend.
The man, in his 30s, was found dead in a hotel room in Delta state.
Reports in Nigeria state the dad, named Samson, had purchased an over-the-counter drug called Manpower, which purportedly has similar effects to Viagra.
The man died as a result of ‘the stress of the consistent hardness’ according to a source
The man died as a result of ‘the stress of the consistent hardness’ according to a source
A source told news website Punch: ‘After having intercourse for a long time, he could not ejaculate and must have died from the stress of the consistent hardness.
‘He was overpowered by the drug and it was the first time he took such a drug.’
He had earlier been in a beer parlour boasting of his plans, after spending three months wooing the woman.

Lady Who Called Tonto Dikeh's Husband, Churchill, A 'Scammer' Arrested By Police

The young lady who runs Nigerian Women Diary, real name Adeola Olonilua, was arrested by Big Church Group for defamatory reports about Churchill Olakunle's company. She was arrested at 3pm at Tantalizers in Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.

Read some of the words she used to describe Tonto Dikeh's husband:

Nigerian Singer, Banky W Escapes Death In House Fire Incident

The R&B singer took to Instagram to share the testimony and we are so happy he isn;t even down about the incident at all. Here's how he narrated the near death experience.

•  So there's good news and bad news. The good news is... I'm thanking God that I'm alive to give the bad news as a testimony.  Bad news is...

I was laying awake in bed at about 6am , and I just started smelling smoke. Stood up to shut off my tv and ac and realized it was coming from outside my door. Opened it to see the whole stairway was filled with huge gusts of black smoke/soot, and a fire was burning stuff downstairs. The smoke was so much I couldn't get down past it to see the source of the flames. Rushed back into my room and climbed down from the 2nd floor balcony with my dog... and then got help from the amazing workers and neighbours who helped me put out the flames. 

Turns out the ac in the living room had caught fire.. I know a lot of ppl have been trying to call and I appreciate it. Maybe the fire burnt some of the network in the house because I can't receive calls LOL 😂, but instead of calling to say sorry pls just maybe say a prayer and thank God with me.

Thank God I was awake to smell the smoke. Thank God we caught it early enough and the damage wasn't so bad.. it basically burnt some of the stuff that was around it. So awards, portraits, and some small electronics. But thank God, Duke and I are alive and well. We only had to form James Bond and climb down from the top floor balcony LOL 😂😁 Thank God for my neighbors and the amazing workers in and around the compound for helping us escape via the balcony, helping put out the fire, and helping with the aftermath/cleaning.

Thank God for life. And I'm not even upset.. I'm just grateful for life and health and for the grace and mercy of God on my life. I figure I'm about to have the best year ever so the devil tried to throw a tantrum. But not today Satan. Not today, not ever. Now sit back and watch me be great. By God's grace. Amen. God bless you all.

#TheBankStatements #weMove #NoweaponFormedAgainstMeShallProsper #aretheymadddt #theyMustBeMaddt

See how flamboyant Zimbabwean pastor surprised his wife in Dubai

Beverly Angel got a beautiful surprise from her husband and leader of Spirit Embassy, Prophet Uebert Angel on arriving Dubai. She posted photos of Limousines lined up in front of a hotel and and a driver welcoming her with flowers. The blonde pixie hair-loving beauty captioned the photos thus: 
Many want to help you spend it but no one wants to help you create it. #CreateAbusiness #paydayeveryday #takenotesdonthate #burjalarab #dubai #SurprisedByHubby 😍😍

Tragic! Nigerian man dies onboard a plane while traveling to Malaysia

Nigerian man identified as Oguadinma Somto, pictured above, died on the plane while returning to Malaysia some days ago. According to his friend/Facebook user, Princess Bonita Bolingo, Somto left Nigeria healthy but suddenly died on the plane he boarded back to Malaysia where he resides. 

Omg! Woman starts to masturbate inside a bus in front of horrified passengers (video)

A woman...probably mentally disturbed because no person in their right senses will do this, pulled down her pants in a Philadelphia public bus this past weekend and started touching her private parts in front of horrified passengers who filmed some of it and shared online. Watch it here

Two police officers made a sextape in a police car (video)

Two police officers for the police force in Rosario, Argentina, are facing disciplinary action after a sextape they made inside their patrol car while on duty was leaked online. In the video, the female officer is seen giving a blow job to the male police officer and at a point, she paused as they heard the call to head to a crime scene, but continued. Watch the video here

See the hotel in Spain where customers pay £100 an hour to have sex with dolls

A Barcelona-based hotel named Lumi Dolls which bills itself as the first in Europe to offer clients the chance to have sex with a doll has opened its doors. As part of a special opening offer, clients pay £70 for an hour of sex which will go up to £100 after the opening promotion. Customers can choose from four dolls with female features and the club promises each one is washed and disinfected with anti-bacterial soap before it is re-used but customers are advised to 'still use a condom'. Each of the dolls, which cost £4,300 and weighs 40 kilograms, are made from silicone. Describing itself as 'the first sex dolls agency',

 Lumi Dolls website says:
 'They are totally realistic dolls, both in the movement of their joints and in the touch, that will allow you to fulfill your fantasies without any limit. These Sex Dolls will make the experience more pleasurable, exciting and erotic.' The venture has been such a hit that sessions are already booked up days in advance. Similar dolls have met with huge success in Japan and Malaysia.
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Meet the man who has slept with over 1000 cars

Yes, you read that right... Edward Smith, now in his 60s is a self-described Mechaphile (a person who eels sexually attracted to machines) who has held intense sexual feelings for automobiles since he was 14. 

He lost his virginity to a Volkswagen Beetle and has gone ahead to sleep with hundreds of other cars.
"I feel a tremendous sense of calm when I am with her,. No matter how I tell people they are blown away. 'What's he do just stick it up the tail pipe?' That's all they can think of and the sexual satisfaction it's not like that. It's so much more. It's about making a connection with this car's spiritual energy. I've been with Vanilla (a volkswagen Beetle) for 30 years now. I still get the temptation to pull over the side of the road if I see a really cute car parked. But I don't want to break my promise to Vanilla to remain faithful to her" he said
In the past, he's had flings with a 1973 Opel GT named “Cinnamon,” and an 1993 Ford Ranger by the name of “Splash”.

Watch the video below...

See The Woman Who Stole Toyin Aimakhu's Ex' Heart Right Now...

She is the woman who stole Niyi Jihnson's heart after he got separated from his ex-wife, Toyin Aimakhu. At first they denied the relationship, but now, they have made it opened, especially on the lady;s part. Her name is Seyi Edun and she is also an actress. More photos below...

Omg! See The Terrible Act Kidnapper Commit Just To Have Spiritual power

Christopher Ohiememe, a 21-year old suspected armed robber, has revealed that he derives s*xual satisfaction r*ping married and under aged women as it gives him spiritual strength.
According to PM NEWS, the Edo State-born man who is an undergraduate of University of Benin, was arrested alongside three other suspects by a team of operatives of the Lagos State Anti-Robbery Squad led by CSP Umar Paiko in Lagos, said it was part of what he was told while joining a secret cult that it will give him strength to commit all sorts of criminal act.
Speaking further, the suspect revealed that he was initiated into the secret cult by his late father at a tender age when he was in secondary school so that he will not be intimidated by his friends.
“I was involved in so many criminal activities in the south east and south west including high level kidnappings across Nigeria,” he confessed.
Ohiememe regretted his action and begged for forgiveness. He was arrested after a tipoff by one of his gang members arrested by SARS during a separate operation in Ajah area informed the police about him.
The operatives later arrested them at Okokomaiko area and they were then taken to SARS in Ikeja. The matter is still under investigation.

Update On Lecturer IG Yusuf's Sex Saga With Female Student

The scandal between Grace, a female student of IBB university and a lecturer IG Yusuf is not 'straight' and more details are coming in. It looks like the said Grace lady is an olodo who wanted to pass at all cost, and she saw IG Yusuf as a stumbling block.

She and her boyfriend allegedly kidnapped the lecturer on the road around 10pm and took him to her house. That explains why no other person in the neighbourhood was involved in "disgracing" the lecturer, it was just a coded operation between Grace and her guy.

A source said IG Yusuf (real names Dr. Abayya) is not even a lectuer of IBB university, he just came on sabbatical from ABU Zaria, so it's not possible for him to have been failing Grace for 4 years, as claimed by her and her boyfriend.

Here are some questions asked by another source:
1. From the picture that was releases, the lecturer doesn't look like he was beaten, trust me Nigerians would have beaten him black and blue students for that matter, if the allegations against him were true.

2. Why let him go if he really did it? Handing him over to the police would have been the best way to "teach him a lesson". 

3. How come people in the hood where not involved, it's only the so called boyfriend and the girl that was involved in the whole incident.

4. When I saw the picture the first day the first thing that came to my mind is why is the lecturer not looking ashamed or guilty, he doesn't look sober, all I saw was a man that was just looking straight at the camera. 

Couple Arrested While Having S*x In Open Room In Lagos

A 35-year old homeless man Ifeanyi Nwaogo who took his wife, Esther to an empty room in a house to make love has been arrested and taken to court for burglary.

The incident happened at 18 Joe Ayinka Street in Ejigbo where a tenant just vacated from a room apartment and the vagrant couple forced themselves into the apartment..

The landlord of the house caught them in the act and reported to the police that they burgled his house and forcefully entered there.

The police at Ejigbo division arrested Ifeanyi and his wife, Esther and took them to the station.

Ifeanyi, who hails from Okwelle in Imo State, narrated that he had accommodation problem due to the challenges he was facing as a result of dwindling in his music career.

He said since that last year when their accommodation challenges started till last week, he and his wife had not had any sexual contact which had been a burden to both of them.

He said when they could not bear the sexual pressure any longer, he forced the door open and took his wife there to have round of s*x before the landlord caught them and raised alarm.

He said they did not remove anything in the house neither did they damage the property and had been pleading with the landlord but he refused.

The police alleged that the couple have committed a criminal offence by forcefully entering the place and therefore liable to the offence.

The couple including their only child was brought to the court on Monday to be arraigned before the presiding Magistrate’s Mrs J.O.E Adeyemi.

However, the prosecutor, Inspector Kenneth Oriafor had been presented with their case file for an arraignment and for the couple to be taken to prison.

"How Mercy Johnson and I Settle Our Marriage Disputes" - Husband

6 years into their marriage, Prince Okojie and Mercy Johnson are waxing strong despite the marital crisis that has hit most stable celebrity marriages before now. 
Prince Okojie, who spoke to news telegraph, disclosed that before their marriage, he had known Mercy Johnson for 3 years. He also disclosed that though they don't quarrel often, but when they do, they learn from it and move to the next level.
Read what he said below:
“Prior to our marriage, I’d known my wife for three years; we actually met in 2008. We started living together in 2009 and we got married in 2011. It’s been God all the way, there’s no miracle or anything much, it’s just been God.

“With marriage break-ups and celebrity dramas, I think it depends on what one wants. For me, when I met my wife, I knew she was the one for me. The love, the affection and the tender care are all present, and although we might have some misunderstanding but when we sleep over it, we move on. My wife is my best friend, I hold her in high esteem and as a result of this, we don’t quarrel often. When we do, we learn from it and move to the next level.

“I have a very big house, my wife has a very big room and so do I, but she has never spent the night in her room for one day. Sometimes when I tease her and say ‘go to your room’, she tells me ‘this is our room not your room’ and so most times we are always together. I have never experienced anything like this, my marriage to her is so sweet and I’m enjoying it to the fullest. Like I said, I won’t give the kudos to man but to God Almighty who has kept us in happiness, in peace and in harmony.”

The Edo prince also disclosed he avoids watching his wife's movies, so his emotions won't flare up seeing her do what the script says.

Update! Buhari's Health Challenges Revealed?

Factions Around President Buhari Jostle For Control Of His Medical Story, Spin Different Stories

According SR, reliable sources at the Nigerian Presidency disclose that President Muhammadu Buhari, who has been in the UK since January 19, is receiving “intense treatment” for a renewed flare-up of prostate issues. 

He had [first] undergone surgical treatment for prostate cancer soon after losing the 2011 presidential election to former President Goodluck Jonathan.

In addition to his UK doctors, President Buhari has been under the care of two Nigerian physicians, Dr. Suhayb Sanusi Rafindadi, who is his Chief Personal Physician, and Dr. Ugorji Ogbonna, who had a medical practice for many years in Kano before relocating to the UK. Even though he is from the southeast of Nigeria, Dr. Ogbonna is very close to numerous powerful northern politicians, and one of his sons converted to Islam, according to a source. While Dr. Rafindadi accompanied the president on his medical trips abroad and Dr. Ogbonna often liaise with Mr. Buhari’s physicians in the UK to arrange for his treatments.

Our sources indicated that Mr. Buhari’s original surgical treatment for prostate cancer had been declared successful. However, when a nagging ear infection forced President Buhari to visit his longtime physician in the UK last year, the prognosis led the president to seek two separate medical opinions, in France and later Germany. Doctors in both countries reportedly told him it was urgent to see his doctors in the UK. Subsequently, Mr. Buhari, who was visiting France for a conference, moved from Paris to London, declaring that he needed a vacation.

Mr. Buhari’s UK doctors advised that he needed to stay put in London for another surgery, but the president bowed to pressure from members of his inner circle and decided to make a premature return to Abuja out of political expediency. However, before President Buhari left London, his doctors there removed polyps from his nostrils in a surgical procedure to ease his breathing.

In 2016, President Buhari made trips to the UK in February and June to consult his UK doctors on a variety of health issues, including his ear infection, said our sources.

SaharaReporters learned that President Buhari currently receives intense treatment for a prostate-related ailment. The treatment at a point severely affected his voice and appetite. He has progressively lost weight and has had to be force-fed on occasion on the orders of his doctors. One source said Mr. Buhari’s treatments had been compounded by his age, which his UK doctors believe to be more than 80 rather than his official “age” of 74 years old.

Information gleaned from our sources indicated an attempt to obfuscate the precise nature of Mr. Buhari’s illness, signaling efforts by competing factions around the president to keep the Nigerian public uninformed. According to our sources, four different versions of President Buhari's condition were being circulated. One version, traced to his wife, Aisha Buhari, is that the president has “internal organ” issues.

Our sources disclosed that a cabal led by President Buhari's cousin, Mamman Daura, reportedly sent Mrs. Aisha Buhari away from the UK, asking her to make a temporary visit to Saudi Arabia. To justify Aisha Buhari’s exit from London, Mr. Daura reportedly claimed that the president’s condition appeared to worsen each time his wife was around him. He reportedly told Mrs. Buhari that part of her husband's illness was a result of “a spiritual attack,” and asked her to proceed to Saudi Arabia to pray for him. From Saudi Arabia, Mrs. Buhari returned to Nigeria about two weeks ago. One source claimed that she had not returned to London ever since.

Our sources said Mr. Daura often handled the daily briefing of select Presidency officials about the president's health. According to them, the president’s cousin continues to claim that Mr. Buhari was only exhausted and needed adequate rest before returning to Nigeria ready to take over the mantle of leadership once again.

Speaking anonymously with SaharaReporters, two close aides claimed that President Buhari was dogged by “severe stomach upsets” that have refused to go away. One of them said Mr. Buhari suffered from a recurring bacteria infection “that is being flushed out daily.

Abike Dabiri Storms The Airport To Receive Victims Of Trafficking

The SSA to the President on Foreign Relations & Diaspora, Abike Dabiri was very late last night at the international airport to receive 41 girls who are victims of trafficking, from Mali. She said the girls who were trafficked there had shown interest of returning home, so the Government stepped in.

Obanikoro’s Wife Loses Abuja Mansion To FG, Appeals

A Federal Capital Territory High Court, sitting in Jabi, Abuja, has ordered that Alhaja Moroophat Obanikoro, the wife of a former Minister of State for Defence, Senator Musiliu Obanikoro, should forfeit her property pending the outcome of investigations into her husband and children.

The court also rejected a prayer asking the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission to pay her the sum of N200m for violating her fundamental human rights.

Obanikoro’s wife has, however, headed for the Appeal Court to challenge the court judgment.

As part of investigations into the $2.1bn arms scam, involving the Office of the National Security Adviser, the EFCC had traced the transfer of about N4.7bn to the Diamond Bank account of Sylvan McNamara, a company allegedly owned by Obanikoro’s two sons – Gbolahan and Babajide.

Out of the N4.7bn, Obanikoro allegedly gave N3.880bn to Ayodele Fayose and Senator Iyiola Omisore in July 2014, when they were the Peoples Democratic Party governorship candidates in Ekiti and Osun states respectively.

Part of the money allegedly given to Fayose was said to have been converted to $5.377m and handed to him at Spotless Hotel, Ado-Ekiti, in the presence of the then Ekiti State PDP Secretary, Tope Aluko, and other party stalwarts.

Obanikoro allegedly kept over N600m to himself.

The EFCC subsequently seized a house in the Ikoyi area of Lagos State allegedly belonging to Obanikoro’s sons – Gbolahan and Babajide – and a property located at 44 Mamman Kotangora Crescent, Katampke Extension, Abuja, belonging to their mother.

However, Obanikoro’s wife argued that she bought the property over seven years before the alleged arms scam took place.

She said the EFCC had no right to punish her for any crime allegedly committed by her husband and urged the court to award her N200m.

Obanikoro’s wife demanded “an order setting aside the sealing of the property; an order directing the EFCC to tender an unreserved public apology for the unlawful and unconditional invasion of the aforesaid property and the sum of N200,000,000 as general damages for the unlawful and unconstitutional invasion of the property.”

In an affidavit, deposed to by one Jackson Edet, the EFCC claimed that Obanikoro’s wife could not claim to be ignorant of her husband’s alleged crime.

The commission said Moroophat’s husband and her sons collected over N600m from the ONSA for a non-existent contract.

The EFCC argued that investigation had shown that, “the property belongs to Musiliu Obanikoro and he paid for the statutory charges for the property.”

The commission added, “That a lawyer, Tejumola Adeboye, who volunteered a statement to the commission, stated that he managed the said property and remits the rent to MON Integrated Services (a company allegedly owned by Obanikoro, which is also under probe).”

In his ruling, the Justice Y. Halilu said he could not stop the EFCC from doing its work, adding that all Nigerians must unite in the fight against corruption.

He added, “I shall refuse the application because it is most unmeritorious and specially packaged to deceive this court. God forbid.”


Nigerian Blogger, Founder Of Gistpost.Com Passes Away

A Nigerian Blogger Lilian Nwobu, who blogs at Gistpost.com has passed away. She died on Sunday of after battling cancer of the blood. 

She is survived by her husband and daughter, Xenia who is 2 years old. May her soul rest in peace.

Nollywood actress, Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde shares sexy bathroom photo

The Nollywood star and mother of four, who recently celebrated her 39th birthday, posted the photo on Instagram.

Shocking! Male Boko Haram suicide bomber disguised as a female killed in Borno

A male suicide bomber who dressed as a woman was killed in Borno Monday by members of the state Civilian-Joint Task Force (CJTF). The photos of the suicide bomber was shared by the CJTF lead, Muazu Alhaji Misiya. 
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Wife assassinates husband over affair with young woman

A teacher has admitted to hiring gunmen to shoot her cheating husband, an ex border ranger in the Thung Song area of Nakorn Sri Thammara, Thailand. Wichai Seedarort, 61, had just taken his wife, Rawwadee Seedarot, 55, to school last Friday morning, February 24th, on a motorcycle and was on his way home when he was shot three times in the back, reported Thairath.
Two men had followed him from the school on another bike. The gunman then coolly got off the bike and fired one more shot to finish him off. The hitmen are believed to be locals and are being hunted. Thung Song police said a massive investigation was mounted after the assassination and they soon had a warrant issued for the arrest of the victim's wife.

After an intense interrogation she broke down in tears and admitted that she had hired an intermediary to contact two gunmen to kill her husband.

Wichai was a former border ranger attached to the Sri Nakharin Camp 42 in the southern province. The wife said that she had paid 17,000 baht up front and was due to pay the rest on completion of the crime. But she was arrested before she could pay.

She said she asked 39 year old Arundech (Dech) Janprung to arrange the hit. He has also been arrested but denies involvement. Raewadee said she ordered the hit after confronting her husband many times over an affair with a young woman. She said that she was constantly beaten by him in relation to the affair that he would not end. She could not tolerate his behavior so decided to have him shot.
Thung Song police said that Dech was likely to change his story when cops arrest the hired gunmen who they believe are locals in Thung Song. They expect an arrest shortly. "We solved the crime in just one day," said a spokesman at Thung Song station.

The local district chief said that the teacher wife had been suspended from her duties as the investigation continues. Both her and the alleged organizer of the hit have been detained.

Kenyan man narrates how spirit of two women forcefully undress and sexually abuse him

A 35-year-old Kenyan man from Kangemi has made a shocking revelation after opening up about his struggles with spirits who sexually abuse him. Eliud Njoroge, has not had sex for the past five years because of the strange occurrences that have also cost him a wife.
Sharing his predicament with The Nairobian, he claimed that spirits of two women pays him visit at night to force him to have oral sex, something that has tormented him for years.

The women allegedly strip him naked and suck his penis for 45 minutes. Once they are done, they vanish, leaving him weak, tired and very thirsty.

'The problem started around 2012. That particular night, I heard footsteps and a girl crying outside my house. It was so real.  I went out to see what was happening. I saw two women who upon seeing me, vanished,' he said.

'Days later, my wife traveled upcountry and the two women appeared again. This time, they came to my bed, forcefully undressed me and started sucking my penis.  I was in a lot of pain and didn’t comprehend what was going on. I remember waking up very tired and weak,' he added.

He also stated that whenever he sleeps naked, that is when they come to attack him.
'I realised that whenever I slept naked, that is when they attacked me. I am a tormented man. I’ve never had sex for five years because of them,' he said.
Njoroge is now seeking help from a city preacher with hope that he will exorcise the spirits that visit him at least three times in a week.

Photo of woman arrested for aborting her 6-month-old baby

A 22-year-old Malawian woman from Mbawela village in Thyolo, has been arrested for aborting her 6-month-old baby and burying it at her place of work. The suspect identified as Fyness Maseya reportedly committed the act on Sunday, February 12, 2017. 
Confirming the horrendous act to Nyasa Time,  Kanengo Police PRO, Salome Chibwana said: 'The suspect Fyness Maseya, a guard at Mtupanyama Holdings, was six months pregnant and she decided to have an abortion.
'After successfully committing the act at her house in Ngomani, she put the baby in a black plastic bag and buried it at her workplace in area 28,' she said.
Upon noticing that she was no longer pregnant, her friends started asking questions and that was when it was revealed that she aborted and buried the baby at her workplace.

The matter was reported to her boss who on Tuesday, February 21, 2017,  alerted the police who went and exhumed the body together with a medical officer from area 25 health center.

The accused woman who has been charged for murder and concealing of a baby will soon appear in court.

Man collapses after caning for breaking Islamic law in Indonesia

A 27-year-old Indonesian man collapsed while being publicly caned for standing with a woman who is not his wife in contravention of strict Islamic laws. Herizal bin Yunus, who was one of eight people publicly punished on Monday for breaking the province's Islamic regulations, fainted after being caned eight times in front of a crowd in Aceh.
Officials carried him off stage after he collapsed during the punishment outside a mosque in the provincial capital Banda Aceh.

But after he was examined by a doctor, the officials were told he was in good health, and he was taken back up on stage to be flogged another 14 times.

Herizal had been sentenced to be caned a total of 22 times for breaking the Islamic laws that forbid people in Aceh from spending time with members of the opposite sex who are not their husband or wife.

6.158kg of heroin abandoned at Lagos Airport, NDLEA arrests 2 Nigerian suspected drug traffickers

Officials of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) discovered 6.158kg of heroin abandoned at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport (MMIA) Lagos. The anti-narcotics agency also arrested two suspected drug traffickers at the airport while attempting to smuggle 2.035kg of cocaine concealed in cassava flour to Nairobi, Kenya and 2.485kg of cannabis to Qatar. The abandoned consignment which originated from Pakistan was left unclaimed on the conveyor belt at the arrival hall during the inward screening of passengers on Etihad Airways flight. NDLEA commander at the airport, Ahmadu Garba said that the abandoned heroin was hidden inside a bag of clothes.

“Officers detected 6.158kg of heroin hidden amidst clothes in the abandoned luggage. Oluwasheto Abiodun, a 39-year-old electrician was found in possession of 2.035kg of cocaine while Ibe Divine, 33-year-old welder was caught with 2.485kg of cannabis. Both cases are currently under investigation,” he stated.
Oluwasheto, from Ondo State told officials that he was asked to send the drugs to Nairobi by his childhood friend.
"I am an electrician based in Lagos. My childhood friend asked me to buy perfumes, sunglasses and shirts for him. After I bought the items, he then called that somebody will give me cassava flour to add and send to Nairobi, Kenya. 
"However, during the search operation at the airport, two parcels of cocaine weighing 2.035 was hidden inside the flour. This was what led to my arrest. I was only given the sum of three hundred thousand Naira (N300,000) to buy the items, but my action has led me to detention".
On his part, the second suspect, Ibe Divine who is a welder and married father of two from Imo State said in his statement that he wanted to sell the cannabis in Qatar for a high profit.
“I am a welder but I have been working in Qatar as a labourer. I bought the cannabis for fifteen thousand Naira (N15,000) in Nigeria with the intention of making a very high profit from it in Doha. In all l had ten parcels of cannabis hidden inside jeans trousers in my luggage. During the search of my luggage, I was arrested after the drug was detected” he stated.
Chairman/Chief Executive of the NDLEA, Col. Muhammad Mustapha Abdallah (retd.) in his response assured members of the public that the Agency will continue to improve its screening capability in drug detection, arrest and prosecution of drug barons.
“The NDLEA will continue to wax stronger in counter narcotic operations. We have equally organised a manhunt for the importers of the abandoned heroin and they shall soon be exposed” Abdallah assured.
The NDLEA boss also called for the support of members of the public with useful information on the activities of drug barons in their communities. The suspects will soon be charged to court. 

Source: The Nation