Pastor and his wife arrested for sexually assaulting a minor

A pastor, 47 year old James S. Jackson and his wife , Valerie Jackson have been arrested and put in jail on sex-related charges after a teenager revealed to investigators with the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office that she had had years of “sexual sessions” with the couple.
The teenager who is now 15 and whose name has not been revealed because of the sensitivity of the case and her age, told detectives with the Child Protection Team that James Jackson first started abusing her sexually when she was only 11 years old. She said he groomed her by showing her movies which turned sexual.
She said James Jackson then started to expose himself to her and that during one session, he made her perform oral sex on him while teaching her how to put on a condom. She also said Jackson performed oral sex on her when she was only 12 years old.
Authorities said the girl’s older sister also went through the same thing with Jackson which started when she was 17. She said she had Jackson’s daily “sessions” of baths and sexual intercourse until Nov. 2013 when she turned 22.
According to the probable cause affidavits filed against both suspects, both girls said Jackson’s wife, Valerie Jackson, knew of the sexual assaults and that on one occasion, she taught the girls how to get Jackson aroused.
According to police reports Jackson works at Positive Habitat for Aspiring Teens. An organization which helps teenagers transition to adults in a positive environment.
James Jackson, has been arrested and is facing sexual battery on a 12-year-old under 18, battery over 18 causing a person under 18 to have contact with body fluid, possession of photographs of the sexual performance of a child, and selling or distributing obscene material to a minor.

Suspected kidnapper caught with Human head in Bauchi

Security agents in Bauchi state have arrested suspected kidnapper, Abdullah Dalhatu pictured above, for kidnapping and cutting the body parts of his victims for ritual. 

According to reports, the man led a team of security men to a forest where he buried the head of one of his victims, a 60 year old man.

Top UK Surgeon Rapes Mother Of Patient He Treated, Tells Her You Owe Me For Making Your Child Well

One of Britain's top heart surgeons raped a woman in his office after telling her 'you owe me' for helping her sick child, a court heard.

The alleged victim told how 53-year-old Mohamed Amrani was still in his scrubs as he forced his tongue in her mouth and kissed her neck and ears.

She told jurors how the consultant surgeon then stripped her naked and said 'I'm going to f*** you,' then sexually assaulted her.

The alleged victim, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, is one of four women he is said to have attacked during a campaign of 'sexual bullying' at the hospital between 2001 and 2014.

When she begged him 'please don't do that', Amrani turned her around and said he was going to have sex with her from behind, the Old Bailey heard.

He then sat her down on the sofa in his office at Harefield Hospital in Hillingdon, west London and forced her to perform a sex act, jurors were told.

She said she felt she was left 'very, very shaken' after the attack and felt she could not report the incident because of Amrani's position at the hospital, where his wife Clare worked part-time.

Amrani was finally reported to police in 2015 - by which time he had allegedly patted the bottom of a fifth victim at the Cromwell private hospital in Kensington, west London, in June 2014.

Prosecutors claim he carried out the assaults over 13 years and believed his position as one of Britain’s leading surgeons meant his victims would never dare to complain.

He denies all the attacks and any sexual contact with the women, and claims they have invented the accusations against him.

Today, Amrani's third alleged victim described him as 'an absolutely brilliant surgeon' who had helped when her child fell ill.
'He started saying: "You owe me for the help I gave you. Remember, you owe me",' she told jurors.

'He said it in a jovial, jolly way and I just never thought anything.'

The woman described how she was walking to Amrani's office on September 4 2013.

'Then he said to me, "you owe me, you owe me, you owe me", delivered in a very jovial way. I didn't think anything of it,' she explained.

She sat on a sofa in Amrani's office, while he took a seat at his computer.

'He came off the computer and came over to me while I was on the sofa. He leaned over and started kissing me,' the woman said.

He then stood up and flicked the lock on the office door, the court heard.

'Then he came back over and started kissing me again. I didn't move at all. I was completely still, completely frozen,' the alleged victim continued.

'He was trying to push his tongue inside my mouth. He then started kissing my neck and ears. It was a horrible sensation.

'Then he pulled me up off the sofa so I was in a standing position.'

She said: 'I remember that he smelled of coffee,' adding: 'Every time I go into a room that smells of coffee it brings it all back.'

The woman said she did not fight Amrani off as he undressed her before sexually assaulted her.

Describing the ordeal, she added: 'He then turned me back around and pushed me down on the sofa when he was stood right in front of me.'

Jurors were told how Amrani forced her to perform oral sex on him before his phone rang.

He answered 'hello', tied up his operating theatre 'scrubs' and left the room, the court heard.

The alleged victim added: 'I just thought to myself at that time, "there's no way I can report this".

On Tuesday, another victim told the court that she was attacked in 2002, when Amrani allegedly ‘reached out’ to grab her breasts. She said she had not made a formal complaint because ‘the surgeons are all powerful’, and she feared she would not be taken seriously.

It is also alleged that Amrani had grabbed another woman’s breasts in a hospital corridor in 2014.

She also did not make a formal complaint, the court heard, but he later said to her 'you do realise I will f**** you sooner or later', and she subsequently told the police.

The fifth victim also alleged she had been patted on the bottom by Amrani at the Cromwell private hospital on 7 June 2014. She tried to slap him across the face but he ducked, jurors heard.

Amrani, from Harrow, northwest London, denies one count of rape, one count of assault by penetration, six counts of indecent assault and three counts of sexual assault.

The trial continues.

Ex-South Korean president Park Geun-hye arrested in corruption probe (Photos)

Former South Korean president, Park Geun -hye has been arrested over a high-profile corruption scandal that has already seen her ousted from office and prompted early elections.

A court approved her arrest before dawn on Friday, on charges of bribery, abuse of authority, coercion and leaking government secrets. The 65-year-old was immediately driven to a detention centre in the south of Seoul after the Court approval.

She is accused of allowing her close friend Choi Soon-sil to extort money from companies, including Samsung, in return for political favours.

However, Ms.Park who was removed from office earlier this months denied the claims.

Park Geun -hye, the third former president of South Korea to be arrested over criminal allegations, could be held for up to 20 days before being formally charged. If convicted she could face more than 10 years in prison.

Omg! Watch live streamed video showing a woman fall to her death (graphic video)

There's a shocking video that's making the rounds online that shows a woman falling off of a building in Saudi Arabia. But nobody can say for sure if it's suicide or murder. The woman is said to be an African Migrant working as a maid. The people who shared the video claim it was suicide but if you watch the video, you will see her screaming. Below is the translation of what was said in the video
The women hanging on the window is a servant, and she is asking her employer which is from Arabian gulf. The Ethiopian servant is begging her emplyer “catch me catch me.”
But the employer laughs it off lik eit’s a joke She is heard saying,” what are you doing you are crazy” with a laugh in her voice." Watch the graphic video HERE

Shocking! Kenyan millionaire weds two friends same weekend

According to the story trending online, Kenyan millionaire, Javan Bidogo got married to two friends, Elvas and Asha same weekend in different lavish occasions.

A Facebook user, Maybelline Boma who shared the news said that the man found the two ladies attractive and decided to marry them both.
He first got married to Elvas on Saturday the 25th of March at Golden Jubilee Towers while he married Asha the next day at Serena Hotel In Dar es Salaam. 
"oh oh !! Kenyan Millionaire Javan Bidogo Wed's Two Friends Same Weekend
Mr Javan Bidogo is a man who doesn't believe in loosing anything no matter how small. And with that mentality he finds these two beautiful friends attractive and is not ready to let go any one of them. 
Mr Javan decided to spice it up a little by getting married to these friends same weekend. He got married to the first Elvas on Saturday the 25th of March, and the second Asha on the 26th of March.

Both at different expensive location's and strictly by invitation.Asha Juma wed Javan at the Serena Hotel In Dar es Salaam while Elvas Kulengwa said her vows at the Golden Jubilee Tower in Dar es Salaam.Asha's colour code was maroon, gold and blue while Elvas's was maroon, gold and white." The facebook user wrote.

More photos below...

Photo of 23 Nigerians deported from the UK

Some 23 Nigerians were this morning deported from the United Kingdom for committing immigration-related offences in the country. 

The deported Nigerians arrived the Murtala Muhammed International Airport (MMlA) Lagos at about 6.a.m today March 31st. The deportees were brought back in a chartered aircraft.

Nigerians reportedly attempted to break out of a Cambodian Immigration facility and leaves one dead

Unconfirmed reports just coming said there was a riot at an immigration holding facility in Phnom Penh, Cambodia yesterday evening after some Nigerians attempted to break out.

According to a local mediaa Dutch man being held at the facility said ten Nigerians had attempted an escape yesterday evening. One man was killed and may be one of the Nigerians, it was suggested. 
The Nigerians have since been taken to Prey Sar prison, the source added. Details later....

Nigerian lady shares photos of Nigerians who died while trying to cross the mediterranean sea

 A facebook user, Mercy Alex, who is based in Italy shared photos of some Nigerians who lost their lives on March 20th, 2017 on the mediterranean sea while trying to get to Europe. She wrote; 
"After risking their lives no one live to tell the story, with tears in my eyes I pray may their soul rest in peace a Amen"

Check out more beautiful photos from the 56th birthday bash of Esther Toks Aboderin (Esabod)

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It was a memorable day for the Esabod fans, friends and family to celebrate with our CEO of Herbs & Roots Church of Christ, Esther aboderin who celebrated her 56th birthday party in style and poise. Check out more photos below...

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