4 Jan 2017

Photo of convicted Nigerian man who escapes from Indian prison hours before his deportation

A 35-year-old Nigerian convict, who has completed his 3-year term escaped from the Anti-Narcotics Cell’s custody, on Monday, January 2, just hours before his deportation.

John Okoro, who was arrested in 2014 in a narcotic case was released from prison on December 31, and brought to the Azad Maidan lock up in preparation for his deportation to Nigeria.

 He had asked for permission to step out of the detention room on the first floor of the agency around 2 am, saying he wanted to use the toilet, and then jumped from the balcony. He crashed through the asbestos roof and fled on foot.

The constable guarding him also leaped from the balcony in a desperate attempt to nab him, but ended up injured. He is recovering at the Nagpada police hospital. An alert has been issued for Okoro.

"Around 2 am, Okoro told the constable on guard that he wanted to visit the washroom. He was being taken there when he jumped from the balcony. He landed on the asbestos roof, which immediately gave away," a police officer said. "He ran in the directions of Mahapalika Marg."

Another officer said a manhunt had been launched and the Anti-Narcotics Cell had asked informers to be on the lookout. Okoro was wearing a blue shirt, blue jeans and slippers.

Fresh charges stemming from his daring escape have been registered at the Azad Maidan police again.

Source: Mumbai Mirror

Two South African women who got married to each other last year want to have babies ...photo

South African couple Anele Mkuzo and Seipati Magape, who got married in a ceremony held at the Victorian Manor in Gauteng Province, on May 8, has opened up about how they met on Instagram, eventually fell in love and their plans to have "a football team of kids"..

In an exclusive interview on December, 2016, with This Is Africa website, Anele Mkuzo (the ‘wife’) a senior Programme Coordinator at the University of Pretoria’s Gordon Institute of Business Science recounted how they met.

"We met on Instagram when we started following each other because we had mutual friends." Anele said.
"When Seipati approached me she basically commented on one of my pics whilst enquiring why she wasn’t invited for lunch. I told her if she works near where I work she could come through anytime. When Seipati asked me to lunch, I told myself to live a little. What’s the worst that can happen? I didn’t have too many expectations but I didn’t mind having lunch with the hotness that she is. Seipati admitted after we got engaged that she was actually looking for more of a fling because I was sexy. Our wedding day, (8 May 2016) was our two-year anniversary. Seipati proposed after three months of us dating and we decided to push back our wedding date for a bit so we could settle into our relationship and engagement.

"On our first date I said to Seipati, if after this lunch you don’t see a future for us please don’t call me again. After the proposal I knew Seipati was serious about us having a future together. We met each other and so much was going on in our lives but we managed to be there for each other and take care of one another. I can’t pin point a moment but there was a point where we both were like “I’m happy here, my heart is taken care of and this is home".

The Proposal
"After we ate she took my hand and told me how much she loves me and wants to spend the rest of her life with me. Seipati cooked dinner at home one night when I got back from work. We’d spoken about marriage but I don’t think you ever expect someone popping the big question. After we ate she took my hand and told me how much she loves me and wants to spend the rest of her life with me. I cried. I am so glad she didn’t propose in public because I cried like a baby.
"Something important in a relationship is understanding the importance of communication and that we have different ‘love languages’ in a relationship. We’ve learnt that we’re still two individuals, who express emotions, values and certain things differently.
"We’ve learnt to express how we feel at the time in a respectful manner and we don’t walk away without resolving our issues. We also try by all means to be patient with one another which is easier said than done. We remind each other every day is that we love each other and are building towards the same goal which is a happy life together, forever.
The wedding
"It was stressful having to juggle work, school and planning a wedding. Also due to the fact that we were also paying our own fees, wedding costs weren’t helping matters, but in the end we pulled it all off. We had family and friends that weren’t very supportive of our union. The reaction by some was to ask why did we not simply continue living together because if we got married what would people say? It’s been an emotional journey and it hurt at times to have people you love, love you conditionally.
"It took us time to get to a point where we say you know what it’s okay, we are not doing this for anybody else but us. We knew we wanted this, we love each other and even if it’s just the two of us on the day, we will still be the happiest couple because we are entering into a marriage together. You can’t change how people feel, but you can work on how you react to them.
"Our wedding was held at the Victorian Manor, Cullinan. The theme was black and white with a touch of royal blue. We had 60 guests. One of our best decisions was hiring a wedding planner (Bradlee Holcomb). This helped us focus and start the process such as looking for venues, figuring out a theme and budget etc. My gown was bought and delivered last year December (2015) so that wasn’t too stressful. My second outfit and both of Seipati’s suits were made by Lerato owner of Ethnik Republik.
The future
"Hopefully complete our studies and graduate next year (2017), buy our home and babies…Lots and lots of babies, Seipati will kill me because she’s not sold on this football team of kids.
Source: This Is Africa

Photo of Female Banker who absconds with customers' N65million

A 33-year-old outsourced worker of Stanbic Bank (pictured above) has been declared wanted by the Police for allegedly defrauding scores of customers of the bank.

She works in the Ghana branch of the bank. The police in Ghana have launched a manhunt for her over the fraud said to be over GH¢900,000.

It was gathered that the suspect identified as Martha Amakye, who is said to be an outsourced worker from a recruitment agency, absconded after the Financial Crime Control Unit of the bank found out she was involved in some fraudulent transactions.

Amakye, a personal solution consultant or sales officer at the Tema Community One branch of Stanbic Bank, is said to have collected various sums of money from customers of the bank between 2015 and 2016 on the pretext of investing it in fixed deposits.

After that, she promised the customers interest rate of between 18 and 20 per cent per month, all this she did without the consent of the management of the bank. The victims and many other customers were lured with the promise of high interest rate on their investment.

Preliminary investigations conducted by the Commercial Crime Unit of the Criminal Investigations Department of the Ghana Police Service and the Financial Crime Control Unit of the bank, according to the sources, had revealed that most of the victims paid their funds meant for the investment to Amakye in the banking hall, while others gave the money to her outside the bank.

After collecting the money, Amakye is said to have issued the victims with copies of suspected fake deposit slips.

At a point, the sources said, she allegedly paid what she claimed to be interest accrued from the fixed deposit investment to some of the initial investors but retained the principal amounts, with the explanation that the amount would be reinvested.

Subsequently, more customers from other branches trooped to the Tema Community One branch of the bank on hearing about the juicy package.

The sources said the bank had so far received a number of complaints from victims whose money had been collected by Amakye.

Amakye’s pictures have been posted on Stanbic Bank’s Facebook timeline, with a message that urged anyone with information on her whereabouts to call the police.

Customers have also been encouraged to always make payments directly to tellers and demand receipts or stamped payment slips for all payments.

Police parade suspected kidnappers of former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bagudu Hirse ...photo

The police today paraded five suspects, including a woman, in connection with the kidnap of a former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Amb. Bagudu Hirse. The former Minister was abducted in Kaduna on November 20th last year while paying a visit to a relative.
More photos after the cut.

Shocking! See photo of 19 Nigerian ATM robbers arrested in Sharjah, UAE

Gangs of 19 Nigerian robbers, who targeted ATM vehicles and fled with Dh1.8 million, have been arrested, according to the Sharjah Police.

The suspects were arrested from several apartments occupied by 30 to 40 people of the same nationalities.

According to Khaleej Times, the Nigerian robbers had come to the country on visit visas specifically to commit the robberies. They assaulted security guards accompanying the vehicles to carry out the robberies.

Addressing a Press conference, Colonel Rashid bin Bayat, director of police operations department, said the robbers committed four daring and violent robberies targeting money transportation vehicles that were delivering cash to ATMs.

The first robbery was committed at the ATM of the Dubai Commercial Bank on King Abdul Aziz Road, where the robbers assaulted security guards and fled with Dh340,000. After two days, the gang struck again, this time at an ATM near Saferr Mall in Al Nahda area, where they fled with Dh700,000. They then attacked a cash tramsportation vehicle in Al Muweilah area, making off with Dh710,000. A fourth attack at an ATM on Shaikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road was foiled by the police.

According to the police, the suspects transferred a part of the robbed money to Nigeria. The police have recovered the rest and restored it to their owners.
Col. Al Bayat said that the gang members entered the country on visit visas and carried out the robberies after assaulting security guards. the gangs were busted in a short period of time after the robberies were reported. 

The suspects were identified and arrested based on CCTV footages obtained from the banks and money exchange offices, said the police.

Nigeria Customs Service arraigns two Chinese Nationals in court for smuggling prohibited items.. photo

The Nigeria Customs Service, Federal Operations Unit, Zone ‘A’ Ikeja, Lagos on December 29th last year, arraigned two Chinese smugglers, Mr. Shu Xiang Quan and Mr. Wu Sheng He, both pictured above, and One Nigerian Mr. Ugochukwu Frank, before Hon. Justice Mohammed Hassan of the Federal High Court, Ikoyi Lagos State on a four (4) counts charge of storing and exporting prohibited items.

The three suspects are being remanded in Ikoyi Prison for trial as the case was adjourned to January 5th and 23rd, 2017 respectively.

Read Pro Joshua Iginla released 73 Shocking prophecies ( must read)

Prophecies are signposts and roadmaps on the journey of destiny. They provide comfort and give assurance from the mind of God concerning the future.
They stabilize us in the midst of the storms of life. When others are concerned and fear grips their hearts, a person with prophetic insight is not moved because he has understanding of the times.

However, you don't just receive prophecies and go to bed. You have to war with them to bring them to pass or avert them when it's negative. God reveals to redeem. 

You have to hold God at His word and call them to manifestation. Thus, this 72 prophetic insight for 2017 by the Set Man of Champions Royal Assembly, Bro Joshua Iginla for individuals and nations is meant to guide them into what's at stake and take appropriate precautions where necessary. 

1 In 2017, I see more pressure on his excellency, Mr president to sack the incubent CBN Governor. It will take divine Grace for him to remain in that office.

2. Senator Saraki. The Senate president should not think that the trials are over. I see more storm and trials that will take a new turn from his enemies and political distractor. They will scheme  for his removal. He should be very careful  because I see much betrayal of promise. They might backstab him. I see promises made in the secret to him that will not be kept. He should pray that the people in his camp should not see the storm overwhelming him, thus leaving him in the storm.

3 The hardship and poverty in Nigeria will increase. Mr president will do all he can in his power to reshuffle some of his cabinet in order to rescue issues but because his administration has more enemies than friends, they will frustrate all his efforts. However,  I see a light at the end of the tunnel but it will not free us from this hardship. Rather , it will increase, it will be strong but I have good news for you, those who know their God will be exempted.

4 I see a part in this country that the military will move swiftly to rescue because of the crisis that will come out of there. it will be like a tail of crocodile slapping the water. It is between 2018 - 2019 that this crisis will blow but in 2017, we will see a symptom of it splashing  the water. Sensitive crisis from one part of the nation that needs the current administration to be sensitive and pray about it.

5 I see the issue  of flood resuming. I see heavy down pour. I see some of the corruption that has been there over 2 years ago to curb such flood will be exposed because  this will affect a lot of buildings.

6 Rivers, Akwa-Ibom, Benue, Kaduna, Adamawa and Plateau should pray against serious attack like herdsmen, terrorism,  radical extremist and religious attacks which will increase but God will give us Victory.

7. The dollar exchange rate will rise up above 600. It will go up.

8 - His Excellency, Mr President should pray for his health, I see him traveling out for an unscheduled health checkup. But this time, it will be more serious. He should pray for his health, God will keep him. 

9 There will be serious attempt to frustrate the Vice President . This attempt will be so strong. There are some cabals  that will want him out of the seat. This attempt would not just be by political measures but an attempt through striking of his life as well. He should pray and be careful but the Lord will keep him.

10 The Churches in Nigeria will go through serious  persecution. Some major ministries will receive serious court judgement that will be unfavourable but God will keep such ministries. There will be strong persecution. Lets Pray to God to keep the church in Nigeria. God spoke to me and said this is the time Nigeria should be ever united as it has been in the history of the country because what is ahead of us, one cannot fight. It will take measures of too many people connecting with heart and  mind to fight.

11 The current government will prevail so much over the issue of Boko Haram but it will not die. Rather, it will take a new dimension. It will worsen but at the tail end between 2017 - 2018, most especially 2018, that's when we will get the victory better on the issue of Boko haram.

13 I see another monster that will be created before the end of this regime meant to distract the incumbent President and his crew. Just as Boko haram was a distraction to the previous Government. I see another distraction that is coming. It will be stronger than what we heard about. That's why we should continue to pray not to continue going from one circle of battle to the other.

13 The agitation of Biafra will take another turn. Pray so that this time it should not be bloody. We should pray for Kanu Nnamdi, the biafra leader, because  I see an health challenge and I see bitterness and agitation from thissame region he is coming from. And I pray the current admistration is very sensitive over the case of Nnamdi Kanu because what I see is not too good. May the Lord keep Nigeria. Will he come out? Yes! How will he come out? I can't really tell. I see it as something divine. I don't see legal issue as a means of removing him from there.

14 I keep repeating this prophecy for the past three years and I'm still repeating it. There is a great man of God whose candle light has finished. There's nothing we can do about it. This is an home calling to glory and I keep saying this. God said I should re-echo it. This is an important but sensitive minister in the body of Christ.  His candle light has gone down but is living by Extra grace. I still see this same prophecy in 2017. I pray God will show mercy and grace on him.

15 We should pray against another terrorist attack in Abuja. God will avert it!

 16 A former president and great man should pray to cross this year 2017 to the next year.

17 The clamour for his Excellency, Mr president, to come back in 2019 will be very high. Buhari should be very careful. There's a lot of judases  around him. They are only digging his grave for him unknowingly. He should be very careful.

18 I see a shake in the Government. I see new ministers coming in.

19 The governor of Rivers state will suffer a lot of political persecution but it will not stop what God is about to do.
20 The Lord spoke to me and said what Amaechi was to the ex-president is what Ayo Fayose will become to President Buhari in this regime. The same persecution that Amaechi gave the previous Government is the same persecution Fayose will give Buhari. He should not be underestimated because I see him making a move that may result in revolution.

21 Rivers and  Ekiti state Governors  should be very careful. There will be attempt even over their lives. I don't  know by which party but that's what I saw. 

22 I see a governor that will narrowly escape death. God will keep him. Infact, he will have to go to the house of God thanksgiving.
23 APC has served its purpose. In 2017, the party will begin to see major Cracks and before 2019 there's a powerful party that will merge out and will form strong alliance in 2017. It will become solid in 2018. APC has served it's purpose. It's like a piece of paper thrown away after being used. APC has served its purpose. A new party that will take Nigeria to the next level will rise up and I don't know how but I see this party consisting of members of the ruling party and opposition party fusing together causing what I call unwanted diffusion that will lead to a future catastrophe but before it, there is going to be calm on the nerves of Nigerians. Even the new party that will come in is like joining petrol and Kerosine together and mixing it up with water.

24 I'm sorry to say this but it is what I Saw. Nigeria will continue to have old faces ruling this country. They will keep circulating powers among themselves. The faces we will be seeing won't be really new. They will keep changing from one regime to another till 2031.

25. In 2031, I see a face rising up that will take Nigeria to where we ought to be. He is a true David we should look up to. A strong, vibrant, intelligent leader and a bridge maker. By this time, 3 major political fathers who caused change in this generation would have gone to glory.

26. God said there are some cabals  he's going to call to glory before the true David emerge.

27. I saw a mighty hand sweeping Nigeria. What I saw was a golden fork sweeping but it took time to gather the dirt. It took sometime that is the space of time I saw in my vision

28. In 2035, there will be a strong female politician that will rise. She will become very strong, fearless, confrontational and she will be a running mate. That's a vice president position. 

29. Between 2039 - 2051, Nigeria will have a female President that will turn the country in another dimension.

30. The tension in 2019 will be worse than 2015 election. We must pray against military intervention, please let's pray as it can be averted.

31. We must pray against cancellation of results after election in 2019.

32. I see the seat of an African leader empty because of death.
33. Some politicians are agitating to rule forever. As long as they are on the seat, there's nothing anyone can do about it. Hear what God said about them. He said ' Is it not the living that will rule? The dead body can't rule.

34. I see thick dark cloud over sokoto.  Please pray for sokoto state in 2017.

35. Pray for the aviation industry. I saw thick dark cloud on one of the airlines. I pray and I cancel such aircraft crash in Jesus name.

36. There will be some cabal in the ruling party that will move the motion to remove the National chairman of the ruling party. They will pass vote of no confidence against him. They will cry and criticise him more. It will be very strong just as it happened in PDP , It will happen in APC. I see the seat of the national ruling party leader shaking before the next election.

37. Buhari will do his best to move Nigeria forward but all his best will be thwarted by the enemies of Nigeria. It is not about Buhari, it is about some cabals who are enemies of Nigeria. Though we have angels sitting at the helms of affairs, if this cabal don't die, Nigeria will remain in a cage.

38. There will be mass loss of Job most especially in the banking industry. There will be lot of retrenchment.

39. The budget of 2017 will suffer a lot of strong set back in terms of implementation. It is like the spirit will be willing but the flesh will be weak

40 I see a particular deputy governor taking over from a governor. I can't tell the circumstances that led to this, we should pray.

41 I see a strong terrorist attack in form of chemical weapon against a country in Europe and especially the attack will be carried out on a school. I see children dying helplessly. I pray God will deliver and avert it in Jesus name.

42. There will be strong assassination attack against the pope but God will deliver him. The pope will try to bring peace between so many nations that lack peace and he will make major achievements mostly in his peace agenda.

 43 America : I see the new president approaching the helm  of affair with radical apporach. The American-China relationship will go sour. It will go bitter, cold and that will so much affect a lot of things in some areas in America. So many dirty deals of the past regime will be exposed by the current regime.

44. There will be attempt to attack the incoming president of America but God will preserve him.

45 I see some American political elite that will maintain political division and this will affect the performance of the new president. They will not share some of his views and as a result of that, the division will be so strong that it will be evident.

46. The conflict between the USA and China will erupt and it will slow the wheel of progress for both Nations.

47. There will be an alliance between the USA and Russia and the discussion which will not go down with some political elite and that's why I said it will slow the wheel of Progress

48. The new style of the new American president will weaken the attack of terrorist in some other parts of the world. It will be so strong and the signal will be so strong and there will be major breakththrough than the Obama's regime

49.INDIA : I see a serious escalating conflict between China and India over the nothern border of Kashmir.

50. There will be a great revival in the Nation of India and 6 major prophets will rise up in India that will cause major changes in terms of Christian revival in the nation of India. Christianity in India will soon be a wide fire catching all over and it will be accepted and move forward than ever before.

51. I see the government of India having a strong alliance with 3 powerful Nations in 2017. I see it so very strong.

52. I see a train accident that will be averted but some people will still die. The hazard will not be as intended by the enemies.

53. The political environment in India will be tensed and  I see the ruling party holding to power.

CHINA : 54. The economy will be very strong, viable, and it will  overtake others economically .

55 China will become a strong threat to world powers  mostly of the number one one world powers.

56. Between 2018 and 2021, China will be at the top of the chart because of what God showed me.

57. There are some super powers we have now that are very strong but will lose the position. Its not as a result of failure but because there's a shift taking place in th realm of the spirit.

58. China should pray against plane crash. I avert it in Jesus Name.

GHANA : 59. Alot of past leaders will go to Jail and the new president will be celebrated for just 6 months and after that he will become unpopular.

60. Ghana will soon experience  the same challenge like Nigeria. What is happening in Nigeria will be duplicated in Ghana. The new president will do well but his enemies will be more than his intention. I pray for God's speedy intervention.

FRANCE : 61.  There will be relative peace from the first quarter  of the year but I still see a co-ordinated attack that will still come inside the Nation's capital. I cancel it now!

62. In france the election will be tough and strong because of some internal rancour. They should pray to sustain their position, because  I see the opposition party pushing the ruling party from the helm of affair.

GAMBIA : 63. There will be strong revolution that will take place. I see strong military intervention . God says they should pray against bloodshed.

64 There will be a lot of political dramas. It will cause  lot of lives. It will be one that has never be seen. It will become news everywhere.

ZAMBIA : 65. The economy will still be struggling to pickup. The president will do all his best to drag it up and I see it having a steady balance in 2018.

66 : One of the serving ministers should pray to cross to 2018 because I see an attack over his life. God will preserve you in Jesus name.

67. A lot of people from the opposition party will form alliance and collapse themselve into the ruling party and will try to give the incumbent President support.
68. The president should pray over his health. It will be a major challenge througout his regime but God will still keep him. There's is no grace for him to come back after this regime because I see lot of judas and funny people that will advise him to return back. He shouldn't adhere because there is no grace. Have said it before, Zambia president please watch.

CAMEROUN : 69. The government should watch over the border because  I see the influx of boko haram entering into the country. They should pray  so that Cameroun should not be at the receiving end of what we are chasing from Nigeria.

70. The crisis between The English and French speaking parts will worsen but God will bring peace.
71 The president of Cameroun should pray for his health. I see him going overseas for an health treatment. I pray God keeps him.

RUSSIA : 72. The Nation of Russia will have good relationship with USA. Between 2017 - 2018, there will be a relationship Crack between the Russian president and USA president. It will grow sour and become strong. It will become the battle of Ego. It will be like a Lion and Tiger battle.

73 Russia will wax stronger despite any kind of sanctions.

Unidentified 17yr old boy's body found floating in Argungu river (graphic photos)

Authorities in Argungu Local government in Kebbi state are currently searching for the relatives of an unidentified 17 year old boy whose body was found floating in the Argungu river two days ago. He had reportedly gone to the river to swim but sadly got drowned.

Anyone with useful information about his relatives should call 08169693066. See full photos of his corpse after the cut.

See 26-year-old corp member to contest for chairman of a local government ...photo

26-year-old Muhammad Usman, from Hadejia in Jigawa state who is currently serving as a corp member in Kano state, recently released a campaign poster indicating his intention to run for the position of the chairman of his local government area, Hadejia.

The young man, who had his primary and secondary school education in Hadejia, before proceeding to Ecole Superieure Sainte Felicite in Benin Republic, where he got a degree in Human Resources, is one of the youngest Nigerians to contest for elections.

This is coming in the wake of the Not Too Young To Run Campaign; a campaign aimed at enabling citizens as young as 25 years to run for elective positions in the country. Good luck to him.

Omg! Man beaten up after returning lost phone to owner, who accused him of stealing ...photo

Walter Masuku said that he picked up a phone in a tavern last Sunday night, waited two days for the owner to claim it and when that didn't happen, he decided to insert his sim card and use it.

According to the 37-year-old man from Winterveld, Tshwane, South Africa, when the owner came and asked for it, being 'the good man he is', he gave the cellphone back.

But that turned out to be a bad mistake, because he was beaten to a pulp by the owner, who accused him of stealing it. The attack lasted for 30 minutes. Narrating his ordeal to Daily Sun SA, Walter said one of his friends borrowed the phone.
"My friend used the phone and gave it back to me. I left it in my room and went for the car wash to wash my car." He said there a man approached him and demanded he give him the cellphone because it belonged to him. "I told him it was at my house and as soon as I finished washing my car, I would go and get it for him."
Later, they went to get it but the man wanted his sim card, which Walter had misplaced.
"He started swearing at me, calling me names and when I tried to tell him I could buy him a new sim card to replace the one I had lost, he started beating me with fists and klaps and kicked me all over my body." Walter said his friend sold him out. He said what upset him was that when he opened a case, the police weren’t co-operative and he felt justice was not going to be done. When Daily Sun contacted Loate police spokesman Captain Samuel Sebola, he called him in and confirmed that a case of assault had been opened. "There is no way the police can refuse to open a case for someone. When our members went to see the suspect, he was not home but the matter is receiving attention."

Missing 300L BSU student's decomposed body found in Lokoja ...photo

The decomposing body of Grace Ene Onaivi, an Edo-born 300 level student of Benue State University was found few days ago in Lokoja, Kogi State, after her family declared her missing on December 24th. May her soul rest in peace, Amen. Continue to see more photos.

'Naomi Oloyan Meta' vows to steal someone’s husband if she doesn’t get hers this year ..photo

A Nigerian woman who goes by the name Joyce Uzondu on Facebook has gained sudden popularity after she made a New Year post where she vowed to get married this year at all cost, even if it means taking another’s husband. 

In the post, which she has since taken down, she wrote;
 ‘2017 – If I no see husband eeeh... I go thief person own!...’
 Lol. Ladies, guard your husbands well oh. Ladies are not smiling. 

Lagos state Police arrests fake 'soldier' who stole motorcycles across states in Nigeria ...photo

Operatives of Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) of the Lagos State Police Command have arrested a suspected fake soldier allegedly involved in stealing motorcycles 'okada' across the states in Nigeria. 

The suspect, Benjamin Okon, (pictured) who has been parading himself as a military personnel, was arrested by the policemen on Sunday, January 1st 2017, after receiving a tip-off from members of the public. 
''The suspect was fond of intimidating members of the public under the pretence that he is a Military personnel. His hostile attitude made people not to associate with him, however, when we suspected his moves, we summoned courage to report to the police,” the source revealed.
The suspect, who has now made a confessional statement during investigation at the police Command, said that he usually goes to neighbouring states to snatch motorcycles and that has an accomplice who received the stolen items from him to sell them to prospective buyers. 
“I am an expert at snatching motorcycles from unsuspecting members of the public. I had stolen countless of Okada, which my accomplice had helped me to sell. I do travel far and wide across the country to perpetrate this crime. I robbed and sold looted items to him, and he subsequently sell them to some other persons. Once I bring the bikes to him, he will pay me off and I will move on to steal another one,” the suspect revealed.
Lagos state PPRO, SP Dolapo Badmus, has confirmed the incident. According to her, the suspect would be charged to court upon completion of investigation and efforts are in top gear to apprehend others who have connection with the crime.

Photo of Notorious cult leader 'Jungle Boy' and his gang members shot dead by soldiers in Rivers State

A notorious cult leader in Omoku, Onelga, Rivers State, identified as "Jungle boy" and his gang members, who had been terrorizing residents were killed today during fierce gun battle with soldiers.
Photo credit: Oby Ndukwe

Read heartbreaking story of a lady whose boyfriend of 7 years left her for a divorcee mother of two

Image result for images of a worried woman
The story of a lady whose boyfriend left her after seven years to get married to a divorced lady with two children has gone viral on Facebook. It's not clear who first shared the story but it is quite heartbreaking. Read the story below..
"For seven years he was my only boyfriend.I moved in with him after 1and half years of our relationship. On the third year I hinted marriage subject. He ignored it. I abandoned the subject and continued to be good to him. Yes I was good to him, in everyway.
One Sunday evening, (is it evening or afternoon?) whatever you call that time of the day, we were watching Our Perfect Wedding and it was a chance for me to start the subject again. He then started to caugh, I gave him amanzi and the coughing stopped. I told myself that today he will speak to me about this. And indeed he responded. Babe, I just got a new job which pays more money for me to can be able to afford lobola and other stuff.
I smiled. There was hope...
7 years into the relationship, and 13 months in his new job.....i am still hoping.
You should see his 6 roomed house. I cleaned it, did washing and ironing, I cook, baked for him, I even bought the most beautiful curtains and bedding in all 3 bedrooms. You should see the pots I use....i bought them at Queens with my bonus last year. And every time he hosts his friends at home for their usual social codesa gatherings, I use the best dishes and glasses. He loves it when they tell him he has done well for himself.

I think I have collected about a hundred and seventy eight CDs that I have been buying for him as presents over the past seven years. There is also a Lee Oscar CD there. He uses 3 ply toilet paper. 
Okay...i went to his office after he asked me to pass by one day because I left my job early and when I got there at reception, the receptionist (Michelle) called his office and told him "there is a lady at reception by the name of Phindi for you."

Let me cut a long story short and say to you that today as I'm seated here (Sat 24 Dec 2016) Thabiso is getting married to the receptionist (Michelle) in Witbank.

I am back home. 
And you know what? My mother's home was neglected all these years by me. The curtains in this house are torn and worn out. Bedding is embarrassing I can't even open the bedroom door. Old and burnt Hart pots and no decent glass to have my Schweppes Granadilla. I use lebekere. Thabiso told me it is over and he fell in love le Michelle on the 6th week at his new job and he wants to bring her to his home, I should therefore make way for her. He paid lobola while I was still cleaning his house and cooking his favorite meal braaipap and cooked short ribs. 
All my things are still at his house and I did not fetch them because I kept hoping that he will one day call me and tell me that he did a mistake and he wants me to come back. It is now 9 months since I left and he hasn't called. I passed by his house one day in my friend's car and she was washing my curtains.
Michelle the receptionist was washing my curtains.
She has 2 kids. I have none.
She has him, I don't.
I'm shattered. But tomorrow I'm going to buy curtains for my mother at Marabastad. They are nice and affordable.
Will add 6 glasses, 4 cups and a kettle. There is no kettle at home.
Thabiso has my 3 piece Russell Hobbs set and my Woolworth towels
.....and Michelle has the ring
But I cooked for him"