5 Jan 2017

19 year old Nigerian footballer, Ademola Lukman, signs new contract with Everton

Big congrats to him.

Four teenagers aged 13 and 14 year old arrested for allegedly gang raping a schoolgirl

Three 13-year-olds and a 14-year-old teenager from Cumbria were arrested by police on Wednesday night over rape allegations of a schoolgirl in Cloffocks, Workington.
Before the arrests were made, temporary Detective Superintendent Doug Marshall said to the Sun UK: “The investigation is at an early stage.
“We are currently wanting to speak to four boys believed to be of a similar age to the victim who were in that area last night. We have specialist officers supporting the victim at this time and we are urging anyone who was in the area around the time of the incident who may have seen anything suspicious to come forward.” 
The offence is alleged to have occurred on a grassed area near Cloffocks car park in Workington at some time between 7pm and 7.20pm on Tuesday, 3 January, 2016. 
‘Anyone with information about this incident who has yet to come forward is urged to call 101 quoting incident number 176 of 3 January 2016 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.’
Source: Sun UK

I Have Failed Many Times

Hakeem Effect
It is always true of this saying that the gift of a man make the way for him and makes him stand before kings, Hakeem Effect is one of the person that this saying can be attributed to.

Singer Jodie Adds Fuel to Her Rumoured Marriage Crash

Singer Jodie
Following the rumours making the rounds that celebrity couple, Kuchi Kuchi singer, Jodie and actor, David Nnaji marriage is facing some crisis, the singer added more fuel to the rumour by posting a crptic message on her social media page.

Lobatan! Two ladies refers to same man, Daniel as their boyfriend in a birthday message on social media ...photo

So this drama happened on social media. A guy named Daniel Wright turned a year older yesterday and his girlfriends took to social media to wish him a happy birthday. One of the ladies, Constance Stephen shared her own birthday message on Facebook while the other lady, Sandy_soft shared hers on Instagram.

However, Sandy Soft has since deleted the message but not before it went viral. Further investigations shows that, Constance Stephen could be the 'original' girlfriend as Daniel had earlier wished her a happy birthday and referred to her as his girl in May, 2016

Four women arraigned in court for operating a baby factory in Maiduguri ..photo

A woman identified as Ngozi Nwokocha, pictured above, alongside three other women, were today arraigned before the Borno state High court, for operating a baby factory in the Galadima area of Maiduguri, the Borno state capital.

According to twitter user @Dan-Borno who shared her photo online, the woman and her accomplices, allegedly sold the babies for N100,000 each. They harbored young pregnant women in a house at Galadima and when the vulnerable women give birth, they sell off the babies.

All the accused pleaded not guilty to the crime. The presiding judge, Justice Fadawu Umaru adjourned the case to January 9, 2017 and directed that they be remanded in prison.

Watch footage of how 4-year-old drowned while his mother is busy texting close by...video

A sad video showing the moment a four-year-old boy struggled to stay afloat while his mother was texting with her back to him has been shared on Twitter, to make guardians aware of the dangers involved in leaving children unguarded in pools.

In the video, the boy can be seen a few feet from his mother thrashing about in the water while his mother was busy on her phone, unaware of what was going on behind her. After a while, the mother walked away, while the boy slowly drowned in the presence of other equally oblivious swimmers. 

See the sad video after the cut...

Check out Legendary musician, Sir Shina Peters and wife, Sammie ...photo

They have been together for over 20 years and counting...wow!

'I had a third breast implant so I can turn off men' says Naomi JP

Image result for 3 breast lady

American Jasmine Tridevil, 21, claims she had plastic surgery to create a third breast and now hopes to have her own MTV reality show

An American woman has claimed to have had a third breast surgically added to her chest.
The 21-year-old, who calls herself Jasmine Tridevil, wants to be a reality star.

Abike Girl With The Biggest Head In The World

How Buhari's Chief Of Staff Abba Kyari, Aisha Buhari, Others Bleed Nigeria High Commission In London

Image result for Buhari'Abba Kyari, the increasingly controversial Chief of Staff to President Muhammadu Buhari, is at the center of another unwholesome saga that is likely to reinforce further the view that the Buhari administration’s anti-corruption stance is a ruse. This time, an investigation by SaharaReporters found that Mr. Kyari has been fiddling with the finances of the Nigeria High Commission, London, where the country’s resources are being dubiously deployed for questionable or illicit purposes. Also involved in the costly finacial mess are Adah Simon Ogah, Nigeria’s acting High Commissioner, and Omolayo Akinfala, a special assistant to Aisha Buhari, the president’s wife.

Queen Elizabeth 'nearly shot' by Buckingham Palace guard while on a late night walk ...photo

Image result for images of queen elizabeth

It is one of the perks of being a member of the archaic hereditary UK monarchy that you have armed guards watching over you at all hours.
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But that apparently almost backfired for the Queen when she decided to take a late-night walk around the palace grounds and came close to being shot.
From time to time her majesty is said to struggle to sleep. During a spell of insomnia, the 90-year-old will occasionally put on her coat and go for a short stroll, an ex-guardsman told The Times.
Late one night, he said he was patrolling inside the perimeter of the Palace walls when he spotted a figure in the darkness.
Thinking that he had caught a potentially dangerous intruder, sneaking into the Royal residence at 3am, he shouted: “Who’s that?”
But to his surprise, it was actually the Queen.
“Bloody hell, Your Majesty, I nearly shot you,” he is reported to have said, on impulse. 
Perhaps realising this wasn't the tone to be used when addressing the Queen, he told The Times he expected a telling off. But the Queen reportedly took responsibility for putting him in such an awkward position.
“That’s quite all right,” she replied. “Next time I’ll ring through beforehand so you don’t have to shoot me.”
It is believed the encounter happened at the Queen’s normal weekday residence, Buckingham Palace.
In 2013, Prince Andrew was also mistaken for an intruder and confronted by armed police as he walked in the vast gardens.
Police said no weapons were drawn but issued an apology to the prince, despite the palace having been subject to several real security breaches in recent years.
In August, a 22-year-old man was arrested just after 4am after climbing over a security fence. He was spotted by officers monitoring CCTV.
In May, Denis Hennessy, 41, climbed over barbed wire and roamed the palace grounds for  about 10 minutes while The Queen, Prince Philip, and Prince Andrew were in residence.
When he was found by officers he repeatedly asked them: “Is Ma’am in?”
Before that, in 2013, a man scaled the perimeter fence and was found at around 10pm actually inside the building, in one of the State Rooms. None of the royals were home at the time.
The news of the near-shooting comes at a time when the British public is particularly tuned into the Queen’s wellbeing. The elderly woman was not seen for a fortnight over the Christmas period due to poor health.
She missed a New Year's Day church service at Sandringham because of a lingering heavy cold, and just a week before that she and her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, were forced to delay their journey from Buckingham Palace to their Norfolk estate after she fell ill.

Autistic man Kolade Baba Olosanyin left toothless after dentist pulls ALL his teeth instead of just three in bizarre dental mix-up

Image result for toothless man went to dentistAn autistic man from Indianapolis has been left without any teeth after a dental screw-up.
Christopher Crist, 21, had all 32 of his teeth pulled out despite only going in for a routine operation to extract three, reports WTVR.

Adult only: World’s First Most Beautiful Vagina Contest, Winners’ Reward Will Leave You Speechless (18+)

Back in June, Auto-Blow sex toys announced their competition to find the world’s most beautiful vagina. Women submitted photos of their vaginas so the webs could vote for and rank them.
The three winners of the competition were promised thousands of dollars in cash and the opportunity to have a mold made of their vulvas.

OMG: WITNESS REPORT: How ‘One Million Boys’ are terrorizing Ibadan residents.

Unchallenged by elders in the community and without fear of law enforcement agents, they conduct their menacing activities in the open and residents are well-aware of their sophistication with dangerous objects. ?Sikiru Akinola writes about the deadly activities of young boys who are not up to 100 but are popularly called “one million boys”.

Kudeti, one of the most popular communities in Ibadan, Oyo state, houses the Cathedral Church of Saint David. Many successful Nigerians have lived in that community. The house of Adelabu Adegoke ‘Penkelemesi’, the late populist politician, is a stone’s throw from Adebipon Street, where ‘One Million Boys’, a notorious group, has recently turned to a ‘cathedral of violence’. Anytime they strike, the innocent residents and those who are unlucky to be at the right place at the wrong time always count their losses.

Fayose is a Goat clown – Segun Oni

Segun Oni
Former Ekiti State Governor, Segun Oni, has described Governor Ayo Fayose as a clown.
He accused Fayose of raising false alarm over allegations that he (Oni) is part of an alleged plot to compromise judiciary to sack him from office.

Woman docked for inflicting injury on neighbour’s WeeWee Rod

Image result for Woman docked for inflicting injury on neighbour’s genitalsA Surulere Chief Magistrates’ Court on Thursday granted N100,000 bail to a woman, Bukky Babalola, who allegedly inflicted injury on her neighbour’s genital organ over N100.00 debt.
The Chief Magistrate, Mrs Ipaye Nwachukwu, also granted the accused two sureties in like sum.

God told me not to serve in Buhari’s government for the first 2 years, says Pastor Tunde Bakare

Tunde Bakare, pastor of the Latter Rain Assembly, says God instructed him not to serve in the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari in its first two years.
Bakare, who was Buhari’s running mate in the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) during the 2011 presidential election, said many of his church members were mounting pressure on him to join the current administration.

Abike Jagaban awoke from coma to discover doctors had AMPUTATED her leg after she 'died' for 5 minutes

Image result for a black lady with uneven legs amputatedWoman who awoke from coma to discover doctors had AMPUTATED her leg after she 'died' for 5 minutes

  • Ivy Daniels, 27, went into cardiac arrest due to a diabetic low in January
  • Her boyfriend attempted to perform CPR while on the phone to paramedics
  • Medics discovered a blood clot in her leg after it began to turn black
  • She has now learnt to love her prosthetic leg and prefers it to her real one

A woman who died for five minutes told of how she woke from a coma to discover doctors had amputated her leg.

31-year-old man who was shot by police 6years ago and left paralysed, cries out over non-compensation

A 31-year-old Ghanaian man is lamenting over an unfulfilled compensation package after he was left paralysed for life by a police stray bullet in 2011.

Stephen Arthur who was shot by an angry police constable whom he failed to give some requested amount of money, has been paralysed from the waist down and has since been on admission at the Cantonment Police Hospital.
According to Ghana Web News, Doctors at the Hospital say as he has urinary incontinence, fecal incontinence, erectile dysfunction and has his muscle power reduced, subjecting him to be permanently dependent for the rest of his life with no hope of regaining lost functions in his muscles, kidney, and anal.

Despite his hospital bills been taken care of by the police with a monthly allowance of GHC500, which was last given to him in November 2016, The Attorney-General's Department has failed to pay compensation to him after it was agreed to an out-of-court settlement in February 2013.

Speaking in an interview with Joy News on yesterday, the neglected orphan said:

‘For now, my condition is bad, I am not feeling happy. I am passing through a lot because I can't move now. The wheelchair I sit to move around is broken down’.

He said his family members have stopped visiting him after learning his condition might not get any better. ‘I am here alone,’ he let out tears, adding, but for the courtesies of some nurses he would not get some things.

Mr Arthur said he has been told the Inspector General of Police (IGP), John Kudalor is yet to sign his compensation package. "I want him to do that for me.’

Asked what he would do with the package if approved, he said he would ‘start a new life, ‘I am tired of lying in bed.’

Motorists search for man raping their cars in Czech Republic (video)

'Objectophilia' is a bizzarre sexual obsession. Its a situation where Individuals are attracted to inanimate objects.

Some motorists in Czech Republic are on the lookout for a man who has been caught on camera having sex with their 'cars'.  
CCTV footage released shows the man getting intimate with a parked vehicle, 'Blue skoda'. The man approaches the vehicle in an enclosed car park in the city of Pilsen and insets his erect penis into the petrol cap. After apparently satisfying himself, he then walks away as if nothing happened.

Local media has branded the man a "car rapist" amid reports that it's not the first time he has targeted parked cars. The owner of the car that was 'raped'  said he felt aggrieved about the incident.
"This pervert also 'raped' my neighbour's Mazda but my Octavia turns him on more. He goes there like it’s a brothel, " he reportedly exclaimed.

Omg! Young woman and her fiancé doused with acid by vindictive ex two months to their wedding ..photo

Sa Sokha had dreams of being an Apsara dancer, and her March wedding was all planned out. But the 18-year-old now wonders if that future is possible after a cruel acid attack left half of her face badly burned. 

On Monday, January 2, she and her fiancé, Welder Kea Samnang, 22, fell prey to a vindictive attack, allegedly carried out by Samnang’s former lover, Pach Chansereiroth, 25. 

Heng Chakrya, a plastic surgeon at Preah Kossamak Hospital, said Sokha sustained severe acid burns to the right side of her face and injuries to her back and chest. Samnag was being treated for serious injuries to his head, back and chest. 

Today on her hospital bed, she lies flat in “Hello Kitty” pajamas, her face is swathed in white bandages with small gaps for her mouth and eyes. 

'It is still painful,” she said, quietly. She hasn’t had anything to eat since the attack on Monday.
 "I cannot speak much or it will hurt my mouth."
Sokha’s desire for a career in traditional dancing, with its emphasis on grace and beauty, has dwindled to only half-hopes. 
"I am so scared that my face won’t be the same," she said.
Out of earshot, her mother, Thhy Satum, weeps and says she is trying to remain strong for her daughter and protect her from keyboard warriors on Facebook who have claimed she was not a victim and somehow deserved the attack. 
"Now I am comforting my daughter in order for her not to feel depressed and hopeless," she said. “The doctor told us she could probably not be the same, as the cheek and face are very difficult to repair. We don’t tell her about this.”
In just two months, Satum, who lives in the provinces while her daughter lives with an aunt in Phnom Penh, was hoping to be celebrating with her daughter on her wedding day – she has already paid for the music, the food, the clothing and the decorations. 
"Now I’m not sure if we can do it or not. We will wait and see," Satum said.

Back in the shared hospital room, Samnang says he made it clear to Chansereiroth that their relationship was over once he became engaged to Sokha in the middle of last year.
 "I just can’t believe that someone would have such bad intentions to do this to us."
He explained Chansereiroth had approached him on Monday and, claiming she was feeling unwell, asked for him to give her a lift home on his moto. Once they were driving away, she allegedly doused them in sulfuric acid. 
“I hope the police will punish her as much as she made us suffer,” Samnang said.
Chansereiroth has been arrested and questioned by police and is expected to be sent to court today, Sen Sok district police chief Mok Hong said. 
“We accused the suspect of intentional violence with aggravating circumstances,” he said. “We have enough evidence for her crime; we have the victim and witness statements, and her confession.”
The court will ultimately decide on the charges, but Chansereiroth could face up to 10 years in prison. 
Preah Kossamak Hospital plastic surgeon Say Bonvath said the couple would be in hospital for at least four weeks.
“They are emotionally haunted, they are suffering from lack of blood and they are dehydrated,” he said.
The depth of the burn on Samang’s back means skin from his thigh would need to be grafted over the wound, while Sokha’s face will be forever scarred. 

Though the pair have received no government assistance or help from NGOs, Sokha’s school community has so far banded together to donate 1 million riel ($247). Vin Lay Chour, acting director at the public Secondary School of Fine Arts, said the teachers and students stood behind Sokha in the wake of the violent attack. 
"Our school has a stance to fully support her until she finishes her study if she is not too seriously disabled,” she said. “We fully support her not to give up her career in art if her passion is still strong."

Source: Phnom Pen Post

Woman fakes son’s kidnap to extort N5m from husband

Image result for images of worried  women

A mother of two kids has been arrested by the Department of State Security Service for allegedly kidnapping her own son and demanding a ransom of N5 million from her husband.

Security and family sources confirmed that the woman identified as Baraka, connived with one Rukayya and another accomplice who called the husband, pretending to be the kidnapper, and demanded the N5 million ransom.

Police Public Relations Officer, Asp Bitrus Noam, confirmed the incident, saying the case was with the Department of State Security Service.

A source close to the family confided in Daily Trust that the woman’s husband was left in a state of confusion and reported the case to SSS after negotiating with the fake abductor to pay N2m.

“He alerted the SSS after repeated calls and text massages discussing the said ransom.

“Investigation by the SSS operatives led to the arrest of the mother who confessed to have stage-managed her son’s kidnap,” he said, revealing that the accused wife had earlier asked the husband to buy her a new car which he declined.

Daily Trust found that the 10-year-old son was returned home safely after the kidnap plan failed.

He said that the husband, Yusuf, who was shocked by the wife’s attitude, has now divorced her.

See Nigerian market where women sell Pythons as meat ..photo

This is actually a market in the Southern part of Nigeria where Pythons are sold openly...omg!

Dublin woman, Ajoke (Adan) bites & swallows her lover’s wife’s ear during fight ...graphic photo

A woman has been arrested by the police for biting off the ear lobe of her lover’s wife, identified as Grace Washeko and swallowing a piece of the ear during a fight.

The Star reports that the unnamed woman from the Voi area of Kenya, attacked her rival during a fight over the man on Tuesday, January 3, 2017, and in the process, bit off Washeko’s ear.
The victim, a mother of one, who is now in a hospital, narrated that the woman who is her husband’s mistress visited her at her workplace and engaged her in a fight over her husband, bit off her ear lobe and swallowed it.

While speaking on the incident, Washeko said:
"She laughed at me saying she had taken my husband away. I got angry and we began fighting. She bit my ear and swallowed the piece.

"I don't know what is wrong with my husband because whenever he comes back, he complains that he is s*xually starved and hungry. He acts very abnormally.

"His parents have asked him to end the relationship with the 40-year old woman but my 27-year old husband has refused to heed their call," she said.

The injured wife said she has reported the incident to police and waiting for them to get into action.

Nigerian Lady, Christine Izuakor, breaks PhD record in America...photo

In spite of much doubt and discouragement, Christine Izuakor humbly earned the right to be called Dr. Izuakor on December 16th 2016.

She graduated with a PhD in Security Engineering and became the youngest and first ever African American at her university to do so.

Same 2016, Christine became the Vice President and co-founder of Gen Trend at United Airlines. She was published in numerous international journals, and traveled to 19 cities across 10 countries - all while working a full-time job on the cyber security team of a Fortune 100 company, in which she recently received a promotion. A case of beauty and brains.
Her words; “I started my PhD program at age 23 and at the time was told I was too young, too naive and too inexperienced to contribute anything to my industry. But, I stood by my dream and turned doubt into motivation. To anyone who has been taught that it’s unrealistic to dream, I assure you that it’s indeed okay to dream big. With hard work and dedication, we can defy all odds and shatter ceilings. Dare to dream, and be brave enough to execute.”

Fayose Raises Alarm; APC plotting to remove me from office

Ekiti State Governor Ayo Fayose has raised the alarm that the All Progressives Congress (APC) is planning to remove him from office him before the expiration of his tenure in October 2018.

The governor complained to the Acting Chief Justice of Nigeria, Justice Walter Onnoghen, that APC was planning to compromise the Judiciary and muzzle democracy to oust him from office.

Fayose said the essence of the plot was to silence him as the voice of the opposition, following his “refusal” to decamp to the APC.

Vowing to intensify his criticism of the Muhammadu Buhari administration, he said: “I refused to be silenced. I will never be silenced.”

The governor told reporters in Lagos that APC chieftains were making moves to manipulate and compromise some judges to remove him through the back door.

He said this followed their failure to displace him through the ballot box, the election petitions tribunal, the Appeal and Supreme courts.

Fayose listed the arrowheads of the alleged plot as former governor Segun Oni and the Minister of Solid Minerals, Kayode Fayemi.

He added: “The duo had boasted that ‘there is no going back on the latest plans to subvert the will of the people of Ekiti freely given, wrest the governance of Ekiti from me at all costs before the expiration of my tenure in October 2018 through orchestrated but dubious legal process. They will thereby render nugatory the sacred mandate given to me when I won in all the 16 local governments while the then incumbent Governor Kayode Fayemi recorded zero.”

The governor accused Oni and Fayemi, who he called governorship aspirants, of having the blessing of the Presidency.

Fayose said: “A concocted fresh suit is being rehashed. It is to be filed against me any moment from now on the same old allegation that have been trashed all the way from the tribunal to the Supreme Court. But, this time, the plotters plan to procure the service of a compromised or malleable judge to get self-serving Jankara and kangaroo judgment with the intention of having the Supreme Court reverse itself on the June 2014 Ekiti election.”

The governor said Oni and Fayemi also boasted that they had assurances from some judges on the proposed suit, which would be hinged on the report of “a useless, senseless and orchestrated military report not known to the electoral law”.

Describing himself as a leader at the receiving end of judicial irresponsibility in the past, the governor urged the Acting Chief Justice to “take note of judicial pronouncements by courts of concurrent jurisdiction and scathing remarks of appellate courts on how a judge had been used in the past by anti-democratic forces to endanger democracy and engage in deleterious miscarriage of justice”.

He said the Judiciary should not succumb to devious plots to undermine its independence and integrity while undermining its good name and hard-earned reputation.

Fayose urged the acting Chief Justice of Nigeria to ensure judges are not enlisted into the “diabolical act” allegedly designed to harass and intimidate him as an opposition leader.

He vowed to remain an opposition voice, adding that a democracy without a virile opposition is a prelude to dictatorship.

6,330 HIV Patients registered in Libya in 2016- WHO

Image result for hiv related images
The World Health Organisation, WHO, said that 6,330 HIV patients registered in Libya in 2016. The UN Health Agency said in a statement that 10 people also died in the out-gone year as a result of inability to access anti-retroviral (ARV) drugs.

“Last year, there were 6,330 registered HIV patients in Libya; 10 people aged 18 or 19, died due to lack of ARV drugs.

“Many other patients have been forced to scale back on their drug regimens, meaning that many are now in the advanced stages of the disease and that they face increasingly high mortality rates.”

The global health body said just a few weeks ago, it began distributing much-needed ARV drugs to patients living with HIV in Libya, following the country’s collapse in medical services and inability to provide life-saving drugs.

“After the start of the country’s civil war in 2011, rates of HIV have continued to rise.

“A recent WHO analysis of the country’s health system indicates a general collapse in medical services, including a lack of drug availability.

“Severe shortages of ARV drugs are threatening the lives of those with HIV and have even led to public protests demanding that the Ministry of Health take immediate action to resolve the problem.’’

It said following the pressure on the ministry, it subsequently reached out to WHO for support in drug procurement and distribution.

According to it, so far, WHO has provided three months of drugs to some 450 patients?

“The agency is working closely with the Ministry to develop and implement surveillance and health system assessment mechanisms, particularly those regarding blood safety,’’ WHO said.

WHO said the initiative was intended to reinstate the HIV-related infrastructure that was halted at the start of the war in 2011.

“For years, cultural barriers and stigmatisation have impeded effective HIV prevention programmes.

“The WHO is advocating for universal access to HIV treatment and care by focusing on planning, surveillance, and delivery of healthcare services to HIV patients in order to undermine some of these barriers.

“In order to meet its goals, the WHO is requesting 1.2 million dollars from donors, which would allow the agency to guarantee a supply of ARV drugs throughout 2017.”


One of Patient’s Jonathan’s Abuja home raided

Some unidentified security operatives, today, invaded one of the homes of the Ex-First Lady, Patience Jonathan and carted away some valuables.

The security operatives were today seen driving away in two white Hilux vans and a white bus after the raid at the Abuja home. The reason for the raid was not fully available as at press time but speculations indicate it could not be unconnected with alleged embezzlement of public funds while the former First Lady was in office.

 However, lawyer to the Ex-first lady, Barrister Charles Ogboli, when contacted by some newsmen, confirmed the incidence, saying: “Actually, it wasn’t the EFCC that invaded the property of Dame Jonathan today, we have had issues of invasion last year by officials of NDLEA, EFCC.”

“When I met with the officers who invaded the residence today, one of them who was on uniform said they are from a special unit acting on a directive from the Inspector General of Police, while another one who was on mufti claimed that he his from the Attorney General of the Federation (AGF)”

“They said they wanted to search the property and told me to bear a witness to their operations, but i insisted I wasn’t entering the premise, they broke the door, went in and took about three cheque books and six company seals.”