15 Jan 2017

Guys ....This is what happens to your penis when you sleep with boxers on

Dr Brian Steixner, Director of the Institute for Men’s Health at Jersey Urology Group in the US, advised men that sleeping in your boxers or briefs could lead to fertility problems.

According to the medic, sleeping in underwear can affect the quality of sperm because men’s crotches become too warm in the night.
He said:

 “Your nether regions need to be just the right temperature in order to optimise sperm production.“More bacteria makes for a higher likelihood that any chafed or irritated skin down there becomes infected.”Dr Steixner explained the quality of sperm can be affected by men's crotches overheating at night.


Legal Business lady Folashade vs Illegal Jobless Basirat Abike war on Facebook

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Runs Girls and their Clients Caught and Disgraced at Night by Police Officers.

Update! Oyo state Gov. Ajimobi's daughter lashes out at protesting LAUTECH students

Oyo State Governor's daughter, Ajibola has described the protesting LAUTECH students as a “Generation of Mannerless Children". The mother of twins said this on Instagram after a video surfaced that showed Governor Abiola Ajimobi talking down on the students went viral.

Hmm... like father, like daughter!

Rich Businessman, Chuks, Shot Dead On His Way Home

Panic has gripped the people of Atta community and its environs in the Ikeduru area of Imo State as gunmen, suspected to be hired assailants, killed an international businessman in area.

Eyewitnesses of the murder said the victim, identified as Chuks Mbaeri, was killed by the fleeing gunmen at the popular Atta Junction in the area, late Friday night.

The late Chuks Mbaeri, who hailed from Mbieri, Mbaitoli area of the state, was on his way home from Owerri, the state capital, when he was double-crossed by the assailants.

Sources told Punch that the victim, who was driving home in his car, was whisked away to Atta Junction, where he was assassinated.

It was learnt that Chuks was an international businessman, who specialised in importation and exportation of goodsHe only came home for the Christmas and New Year celebration.

The Police Public Relations Officer in the state, Andrew Enwerem, confirmed the murder case.

Enwerem said the CP arrived the crime scene following distress calls from members of the public.

He said “One Chuks Mbaeri, from Mbieri, was double-crossed by gunmen at about 18:30 hours and taken to Atta where they killed him. The CP led a team of police men to the scene, following distress calls from the members of the public.”

The police spokesperson said no arrest had been made yet in connection with the assassination. He, however, said the command had commenced an investigation into the matter.


Shocking! Read story of clinic where surgery is done without blood transfusion

Bayo Akinloye, who witnessed two bloodless surgeries in a Lagos clinic, writes on his experience:
“Doctor, can you play some music?” a female patient requested. “I’m nervous. I need music to calm me down.”
“What music do you like?” the doctor said, reaching out for his iPad. “Can you play me Celine Dion?” she asked.

As Dion’s mellifluous voice wafted through the air, serenading the expectant nervous mother so did silence fall on the theatre except for some intermittent muffling of instructions by Dr. T. Igbokwe (not real name) to his assistant and the theatre nurse.

Punch correspondent had arrived at the three-storey hospital, located in one of Lagos’ busiest and densely populated area at 6.00am, two hours ahead of the appointment time. It took another two hours before the first operation, a caesarean section, kicked off.

The young mother-to-be, with a protruding stomach, lay on one of the beds in an enclosed spick and span wide space, located directly opposite the theatre on the last floor. She was roused up and gently led into the theatre by a nurse.

She was then aided to climb unto the operating table and asked to sit on a black rubber-like object. A tray with an array of surgical tools – scalpels, forceps, and retractors – was on a detachable platform on the table.

“She has opted for an elective caesarean section that would require no blood transfusion,” Dr. Igbokwe said as he made the patient bend with her chin touching a pillow placed between her raised knees and face in preparation for anaesthesia.
Commonly referred to as bloodless surgery, the Centre for Bloodless Medicine and Surgery, Johns Hopkins, United States, describes it as any surgical procedure that is performed without a foreign blood transfusion. 
In Africa and other parts of the world, bloodless surgery is synonymous with Jehovah’s Witnesses. They are known for their refusal to accept blood transfusions as part of medical treatment – primarily on religious grounds.

With the patient’s arms secured and placed on extendable parts of the table, Igbokwe, who is a family physician and an anaesthetist, then gave the patient epidural and spinal anaesthesia.

The pregnant woman groaned as the injections were given. It was a regional anaesthesia.

“I gave her both epidural and spinal anaesthesia to reduce any possible pain she may feel after surgery. Epidural anaesthesia usually does not last long; and often times, the anaesthetist is not always there till the end of a surgery,” he said in response to Punch's inquiry.

The woman was about to have her second child; she was delivered of her first baby also through a C-section.

Dressed in theatre gowns, face masks and caps on, Igbokwe along with his assistant and a nurse were ready to deliver the woman of her baby. There was some cleaning of her abdominal region.

Dr. Igbokwe explained that a C-section is a major surgery that can lead to loss of more blood by a woman than in vaginal birth.

Bloodless surgeryThe doctor picked up a surgical knife and made a straight incision in the abdominal area (horizontally across the lower end of the uterus, called a low transverse incision, which aids reduced blood loss and a decreased chance of rupture).

He began to cut open layers of the abdominal skin, the muscle, fascia, peritoneum, uterus and eventually the amniotic sac. As the cutting went on, the doctor would momentarily use a tool connected to electricity to cauterise the patient’s blood vessels.

He called it “cut and burn”; a process meant to ensure that little or no blood is lost during surgery.

A further incision was made in the uterus with a horizontal cut to rupture the amniotic sac (a bag of fluid inside a woman’s womb where the unborn baby develops and grows).

As the cut was made, some fluid spewed out...
With the sac opened, the baby was removed from the womb. The umbilical cord was cut and the placenta was removed.

The sober faces of the medical team lit up as one of them brought out the baby. The baby was quickly taken away by the nurse into an adjacent room in the theatre to be cleaned up.

“Where’s my baby? Why is it not crying?” the new mum asked. In answer, the newborn’s innocent cry reached its mother.

Then the process of stitching up the womb began. It seemed more complicated and took a longer time than opening up the uterus; as the doctor dexterously used a scissors-like instrument to pick up a small, curved silver piece of metal to stitch up the opening, layer after layer.

Dr. Igbokwe has lost count of the number of bloodless surgical procedures he has conducted

“Did you see any blood on the floor?” he asked as he completed the stitching. There was none.

“Like in all surgeries of this kind, the focus is always on minimising the loss of blood. Nobody wants to be exposed to blood. If all patients know that a surgical procedure can be done without the risks associated with blood transfusion, they will opt for bloodless surgery,” he said.

Describing the precautions he took since there was no blood transfusion involved, Igbokwe explained, “We ensured that before she underwent the C-section, her blood level was at optimum level – 10ml and above is standard for a lot of people. Another thing worth mentioning is that in bloodless medicine and surgery, there is what we call permissible anaemia. You can treat a patient even if his blood count is 20. We can over time build up his blood level before surgery (if there is time to do so).

“In some cases, if the patient’s blood count is 48 before surgery, it can drop to 20; that means the patient has lost a lot of blood during surgery. When at 20, there are ways to build up the patient’s blood count. It can be through intravenous iron, erythropoietin (hormone stimulating production and maintenance of red blood cells), among other means.”

In about an hour, the new mum was back in her bed with the newborn placed in a cot beside her.

Her preoperative blood level was 39 per cent while her post-operative blood count was 35 per cent, our correspondent gathered.

Second bloodless surgery
Just after the caesarean section, another patient was wheeled in for a bilateral mastectomy.

Before the second surgery, Igbokwe explained that the bilateral mastectomy (surgery to remove all breast tissue from both breasts as a way to treat or prevent cancer) comes with a higher risk of complication than a unilateral mastectomy.

“The second patient has cancer. She has had a lump removed from one of her breasts which after investigations was said to be benign. But afterwards, she was diagnosed with cancer in one of her breasts. She had undergone chemotherapy (treatment of disease by the use of chemical substances, especially the treatment of cancer). Unfortunately for her, there are lumps in the other breast. Her dilemma is: whether she should investigate whether the lumps are malignant – cancerous – or not.

“What if the investigations say the lump is benign, then she later develops cancer also in the other breast? That is her worry. Initially, she had agreed that the first breast with cancer should be removed. But right now, she and her husband have agreed that both breasts should be removed. So, we are looking at a bilateral mastectomy. This is a complicated surgery, especially with someone who had undergone chemotherapy,” the doctor said.

The woman undergoing the mastectomy was in the theatre when Punch man was invited in.

“She is under general anaesthesia. Her blood count is 35 per cent. The general anaesthesia was augmented with tumescent anaesthesia. Tumescence means deadening the area you want to operate on so that blood loss will be reduced because of suture,” Dr. Igbokwe pointed out as he began to remove the first breast.

Unlike regional anaesthesia, where a patient can be aware of what is going on, general anaesthesia puts a patient to sleep.

After putting the patient under anaesthesia, the doctor began to make an incision around her breast. With care and precision, he removed the breast tissue and other parts of the breast were removed.

The tissue beneath the skin down to the chest wall and around the borders of the chest was also removed.

During the operation, a process called diathermy (a surgical procedure involving the production of heat in the removed breasts by high-frequency electric currents, to cauterise blood vessels so as to prevent excessive bleeding) was used.

According to the doctor, other techniques used in bloodless surgery have to do with carefully cutting through tissues to avoid blood loss and optimisation of haemoglobin to ensure that general blood count is sufficient to carry out an operation.

“The second step is meticulous haemostasis. During the operation itself, there is what is called haemodilution; one has to put a lot of liquid into the body system to dilute the blood of the patient. Sometimes, we can deliberately create a low blood pressure in the patient.
“We can actually block the blood flow temporarily while we are picking out tumours in a patient’s system. A patient can survive without blood flow for more than nine days. So, we take advantage of that. Once we are done, we stitch up everywhere we have opened and then release the blood vessels,” he added.

Blood vs bloodless“I am not sure anyone will gladly accept a blood transfusion if he gets to know what it involves. Scientifically speaking, using blood transfusion is bad medicine. People think they do not have alternatives to blood transfusion. There is what is called plasma expander (agent that boosts plasma volume and used to treat patients who have suffered haemorrhage or shock); erythropoietin. What kills people is not anaemia in cases of acute malaria or typhoid, but circulatory collapse. Blood expires after 35 days. You cannot keep blood forever,” Okoawo explained.

A Spanish anaesthesiologist, Lara Oller, at a bloodless scientific conference in UCTH, had said the older the blood, the more likelihood of transfused patients dying.

Similarly, the Head, Bloodless Surgery Unit of the institution, Dr. Nathaniel Usoro, said medical scientists had yet to prove the efficacy of blood transfusion.

“Blood transfusion leads to delayed recovery evidenced by longer hospital stay, delayed wound healing, wound infection, etc. When complications of blood transfusion occur, recovery is further delayed. Bloodless care leads to quick recovery, certainly far better than transfused patients of the same category of illness in virtually all studies done,” Usoro said.

The UCTH surgeon pointed out that blood transfusion causes up to 400 per cent hypoxia (reduced oxygen in tissue) rather than improving tissue oxygenation.

“Thus, the more critical the patient’s condition, the more harmful blood transfusion can be,” he said.

A former director at Hospital Services in Lagos State Ministry of Health, who spoke on condition of anonymity, however disagreed.

“A medical doctor should not say blood transfusion is harmful without that statement being qualified. A lot of people rely on the expertise opinion of a medical practitioner. I don’t see anything wrong with blood transfusion as long as the blood is properly screened,” he pointed out.

Corroborating the medical practitioner’s view, another expert, Dr. Olabanji Ajiboye noted that in “cold cases” surgeries can be performed without blood transfusion.

“But in situations whereby there is excessive blood loss due to an accident or a woman in C-section is bleeding for days, there is nothing else to do than to give blood transfusion. Or, how do you handle that? You will lose the patient. People in dire need of blood transfusion cannot be denied of it.

“There is nothing wrong with blood transfusion as long as the blood is properly screened. It is not true in most cases that blood transfusion is dangerous and unhealthy,” Dr. Ajiboye stated.

It was the same verdict a medical doctor of 25 years experience, Dr. Olukayode Adegboyega, gave concerning the value of blood transfusion. Adegboyega said acute blood loss requires blood transfusion. “In cases of acute blood loss, like industrial mishap or automobile accident where a patient has lost so much blood, transfusion will become inevitable. There is no time to waste in that situation. Blood carries oxygen and you do not want to deprive vital organs of that,” he said.

In 2015, the NBTS said it had 17 blood transfusion centres across the country. Private blood banks also exist, apart from those in tertiary and secondary health facilities.

Maintaining those facilities however does not come cheap, said Dr. Smith.

According to her, it cost N2,000 (handling fee) to access one unit of screened blood in Nigeria.

She explained that screening is carried out for four blood-borne infections: HIV 1 and 2, hepatitis B, hepatitis C and syphilis.

To keep blood running at any NBTSC, Smith gave an estimate of what is needed, “When the building and infrastructure are in place, the estimated number of units of blood should be multiplied by about N70,000 per unit for a minimum of 10,000 units per centre. The total number of units of blood per population is put at 10 donors per 1,000 people,” she disclosed.

To purchase screening reagents and other consumables, Smith said it would cost at least N100m per quarter.

The NBTS boss added that a blood collection centre would require N6m to maintain yearly, while a screening centre could cost as much as N15m to remain in business.

“These are operational costs which exclude salaries for staff,” she stated.

Speaking on claims that blood transfusion is more expensive, Prof. Ashiru, said:
“When a patient in a surgical procedure is losing blood, the next thing is to give blood (transfusion). As to whether bloodless surgery is more cost-effective than blood transfusion-surgery, for me, what matters is the patient’s life.”

Aisha Buhari's daughter Zahra's sisters-in-law already having issues with them?

A report on the social media is that all is not well. In less than a month after the ‘royal wedding’ of billionaire son, Ahmed Indimi to President Buhari’s daughter, Zahra, the Indimi sisters — Ameena, Yataka, her twin sister, Zahra, aka, Ya’Gumsu, and the estranged wife of Mohammed Babangida, Rahama are said to be up in arms against First Lady Aisha Buhari.

The sisters, who were "barred" by Aisha Buhari from attending Zahra’s wedding in Abuja on December 16, have started casting aspersions on their in-laws subtly on social media...

According to Kemi Ashefon, this pay-Aisha-back-in-her-coin gesture kick-started on December 31, 2016 when Premium Times, an online news portal published a story on the budget.

Written by one Hassan Adebayo, the story entitled, “Presidency’s ‘kitchen equipment’ gets N100m despite N325m spent before” revealed how the Nigeria’s Presidency planned buying new “kitchen and catering equipment” for N100.8 million in 2017, which was contained in a proposal sent to the National Assembly.

One of the sisters, Zahra [aka Ya’Gumsu] who is twin to Ameena, put up the bromide of the publication on her Instagram page and captioned, “What happened to the old kitchen equipment? can they pls give it to me since they are buying new ones.” (sic)

Then, one of her followers, which obviously must be a friend chipped in: “It'll be on a blog by morning o Zahra Indimi begs in law for old kitchen equipment.”

Then another said, “infact if I had a blog I'd put it up myself for ratings.”

Then Ya’Gumsu replied, “pls so let them dash me, 325 mil worth of kitchen equipments, I can open 60 restaurants with that.” (sic)

Moreover, the sisters, including Rahama, the estranged wife of Mohammed Babangida, have been posting pictures and videos of the marriage rites of their brother, Mohammed Indimi and Fatima, a niece of the former Borno State Governor, Ali Modu Sheriff, a culture that didn’t obtain when Ahmed married Zahra. All pictures from Zahra Buhari's wedding emanated from the First Lady media office which made use of Instgram and twitter during the ceremonies.

There was no post on the Abuja wedding on the Indimi sisters' IG accounts!
Obviously, Buhari’s wife seems to have understood the game plan surrounding her daughter’s marriage into the family a little too late as some people have argued and she has since moved in to stabilise the home of her daughter.

Aisha was said to have been put off by the undisciplined attitudes of these ladies, especially during one of the marriage rites known as Lefe. That ceremony witnessed the giving of 30 Louis Vuitton customised boxes as gifts to Zahra Buhari which KALH learned was the reason she pointedly warned Ahmed to keep his elder sisters away from all the activities leading to the wedding ceremony until after he was officially married to Zahra. 

16 yr old virgin emerges winner of 2017 Miss Virginity Beauty Pageant in Lagos ..photo

16-year old Senior Secondary student of Estgbam Montessori School, Mile 12, Lagos has emerged winner of the 2017 Miss Virginity Beauty Pageant held on January 13th, in Surulere Local Government Secretariat in Lagos.

Miss Dolapo Makunjuola was among the 37 contestants that took part in the 9th edition of the pageant organised exclusively for virgins between the ages of 16 years and above. 

Adeyeye Marian, a 22-Year old student emerged the First Runner up while Oladeji Boluwatife, another secondary school student got the position of Second Runner up.
In her remark, Miss Makunjuola thanked the organizers of the pageant, saying that she is glad to identify with the virgins initiatives.
"I am very happy winning this Pageant. I thank everyone who is here and also the organizers, particularly, Princess Adediran Adunni who is the brain behind the success we had here today. Thanks all".
The beauty pageant was put together by the The Virgins, a Non Government Organisation (NGO) with focus on keeping and celebrating virgin girls in Nigeria.
Speaking shortly after the pageant, Founder and National coordinator of The Virgins, Princess Adediran Adunni thanked all the dignitaries present for their support and attendance.
Princess Adediran said that the pageant was supposed to hold on the 16th December, 2016 but was postponed to January because of financial crunch. She pointed out that if they get good sponsors with joint efforts from the public, parents, government, churches and international bodies the pageant would take a better shape.

Ms. Adediran said she had sent text messages for financial assistance to 200 Nigerians asking for N2,000 each. Out of the 50 churches she approached for assistance, only Anthony Okojie, the archbishop of the Catholic Church in Lagos, gave his support.

"Only 20 people responded out of the 200 people I appealed to," she said. "But God assisted me further and a Chief of Staff who I will not mention his name for now sent the sum of N50,000. A female lawyer also sent the sum of N10,000. The actual amount to appreciate virgins is, however, somehow countless."
Speaking further, Adediran advised well placed Nigerians to come out and support the Virgin’s initiative. She also advised young ladies to keep their virginity intact till they get married.

Is The Village Witches And Wizards Story True? Will They Attack Me If..

I use to read up and down about the witches in your village controlling you and attacking you and all that... 

Please I want to know how true it is... Share true stories you know... Am asking because i want to build a house in my village but am scared that they will attack me. by konjinokillme

Re: Is The Village Witches And Wizards Story True? Will They Attack Me If.. by chiefolododo(m): 10:50pm On Jan 11
If you believe that they will attack you Dont build it there. BE IT UNTO YOU ACCORDING TO YA FAITH
Re: Is The Village Witches And Wizards Story True? Will They Attack Me If.. by Pastafarian: 10:52pm On Jan 11
go and build your house, "Village people" are just excuses people make for their failures in life

Barcelona sack club director after he claims Lionel Messi won't be so good without Neymar and Iniesta

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A Barcelona club director has been sacked by the club after he claimed Lionel Messi wouldn't be so good without the help and presence of teammates Iniesta and Neymar, comments that the club claimed didn't agree with the club's own line of thought.

Lionel Messi has 18 months to run down on his current contract with Barcelona and has been linked with a transfer out of the club. Following recent comments by a Barca director that they need to be financially sensible to decide whether to keep Messi or sell him, the club is eager not to do things that'll further increase tensions between Lionel Messi and the club and acted swiftly to relieve the director of his duties.

 Pere Gratac√≥s, a Barca club director, who was head of Sports Institutional Relations with the Royal Spanish Football Federation, made the comments after the Copa del Rey quarter-final draw.

 Gratacos claimed Messi would not be as good without his teammates, despite the Messi's role in the win over Athletic Bilbao , .

"Leo is one of the most important people in the team, but it's not just about him," he said.

"He would not be as good without [Andres] Iniesta, Neymar and company, but Messi is the best."

Th club released a statement saying; "FC Barcelona have dismissed Pere Gratacos as head of institutional sporting relations with the Royal Spanish Football Federation for having publicly expressed a personal opinion that does not match that of the club after the draw for the quarter-finals of the Copa del Rey held today in Madrid," the Catalan club said in a bizzare statement:

"The decision has been taken by Albert Soler, director of professional sports, who will assume these functions directly from now on."

Nollywood actor, Muyiwa Ademola gets a new car from a man of God in Texas ...photo

Nollywood actor and producer, Muyiwa Ademola has just been blessed with a Brand New Toyota Corolla whip all the way in Texas, Houston. According to his latest IG post,
 'ORI' a 14 year old film that keeps bringing me fortune. He is Apostle Tope Onileowo. He said he watched. 'ORI' for the first time about 4 months ago, he wept, started asking about me and God said he should give me some amount (in dollars), he started taking the money around with him because I was still in Naija then.
We met when I got here and he gave me the money. Now he said God directed him to bless me with this car. Indeed God knows our inner thoughts. Please join me in thanking him and praying for his ministry Rock of Prayer Christian Centre in Houston TX. Much love sir'.

Nigeria Customs hand over seized Indian hemp valued at N3m to NDLEA

Nigeria Customs Service, Ogun Area Command has handed over 122 parcels of neatly packaged substance suspected to be Indian hemp to officials of NDLEA. 
The suspected substance were seized along Ayetoro/Imeko axis of the command, valued at N3,050,000.00, weighing 137.8kg.

Man arrested for attempting to sell dog meat in Kenya

Magana Mutethia from Kagwanungu Village in Kenya, was on Friday arrested for slaughtering a dog and attempting to sell to a neighbor who was not aware it was dog meat. Magana who has never been seen with animals in his compound was exposed by the curious neighbor who wanted to know the source of the meat.

According to Nairobi News, he found the dog's carcass with some parts missing, while some other parts had already eaten by him.
Mr Samuel Murera, the neighbor who was to purchase the dog meat said he suspected the meat and insisted on making inquiring where he got it from.
'I suspected the meat and I decided to visit his house where he purported the remaining parts were, I peeped through he window and saw a dog's carcass hanging on a stick. I called villagers who informed the area assistant chief.'
The suspect is currently detained at Meru Police Station.

Toyin Aimakhu's ex, Adeniyi Johnson gets engaged to his new woman ...photo

Actress Toyin Aimakhu's ex-husband, actor Niyi Johnson and his new lady Seyi Edun, who's also an actress, are engaged. Congrats to the couple!

Teenager Uses Machete To Circumcise Himself After Friends Mocked Him And Said He Wouldn't Attract Girls

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A teenager used a machete to circumcise his penis after giving in to peer pressure. The boy performed the gruesome self-surgery after his friends mocked him and said he wouldn't be able to attract girls because he wasn't circumcised.

The teen was rushed to a local hospital after he cut himself with the large blade and spent two days receiving treatment.

A doctor said he doesn't understand why the teen tried to circumcise himself because he could have been visited by a voluntary circumcision team at home.

Dr Nyasha Masuka, medical director of Matabeleland North Province, confirmed the boy tried to cut off the foreskin of his penis after he was mocked by his friends.

Dr George Mature, medical officer for Lupane district, said patients at the hospital were shocked by the boy's "bravery".

He said: "The patients who were admitted with him were wondering how he managed to do it.

"The good thing is that he wounded the outer layer of the foreskin.

 So we had to keep him at the hospital to monitor him as he had used a clinically inappropriate tool so we were worried that it could have caused an infection."

Update! SEC issues fresh warning over MMM

The Nigeria Police Force has said it does not have any directive from the government to arrest operators or participants of the MMM, a Ponzi scheme.

It also explained that it would not go after operators or participants in the scheme because no one had complained about being swindled by the programme.

The police stated this on Saturday just as the Securities and Exchange Commission warned Nigerians against patronising the scheme.

There were reports that the MMM scheme, which was suspended by its operators in December last year, had commenced operations on Friday.
The scheme directed its members to provide ‘help and get help,’ urging them to make use of the cryptocurrency, bitcoin, for their transactions.

The Force Public Relations Officer, Donald Awunah, a Commissioner of Police, told Sunday Punch on Saturday that the police had no plans to go after the operators of the scheme, stressing that there were no complaints against them.

“We are not going after the operators because there is no complaint from anyone that he was swindled by them. No one has complained against them, so we have no reason to go after them. Also, there is no directive from the government to arrest the operators or shut them down,” he explained.

The Corporate Communications Manager, SEC, Naif Abdulsalam, when asked if the commission had made any formal complaint to the security agencies on the activities of the promoters of the scheme, said he would not be able to comment on that.

“I won’t be able to speak on that now,” he said and declined further comment.

He, however, warned Nigerians against patronising the Ponzi scheme, stating that its activities were not regulated by the commission or the Central Bank of Nigeria.

Abdusalam told one of our correspondents during a telephone interview that the commission would continue to enlighten capital market investors.

I regret not going to school because I'll like to have PhD too - Daddy Showkey

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Nigerian musician Daddy Showkey has just revealed on of his biggest regrets in life.
In a recent interview with ThePointNg, Daddy Showkey said not having education is one major thing he regrets.
In his words, 'It is education. When I see musicians who are graduates, I am proud of them. I like to have PhD too.
Though my mother was a teacher, she still gave me the freedom to do what I wanted to do. But given another chance, I would like to take education seriously. I would have finished my secondary and university education before going into music'.
When asked, 'what stops you from going back to school now? He responded saying,
I have so many people depending on me at the moment. Helen Paul and I even talked about it recently and she encouraged me to go back to school. But the truth is that I feel my children will continue from where I stopped'.

Woman who went missing four months ago, found hanging on a tree ...graphic photo

According to facebook user, Jonathan Ugwu who shared the photos, the Igbo woman's remains where found hanging on a tree along Ankpa road, Kogi  state. She is said to have been missing for four months. 
He wrote;
"This Igbo woman got missing since about four months, today she was found like this along Ankpa Rd. Why would one commit suicide? Who takes the blame :society, family or individual"
More photos below...

Zimbabwe Anglican priest threatens to kill wife for denying him conjugal right

Climax Dewa, an Anglican church priest from Zimbabwe, has threatened to kill his wife for denying him conjugal rights and being too disrespectful.

His wife identified as Doris Dewa, had applied for a peace order against him in 2016 after accusing him of physically, emotionally and psychologically abusing her.

According to The Chronicle, the 65-year-old who violated the peace order appeared at the Bulawayo court on Tuesday, January 11, 2017.

During his court appearance , he claimed his wife was disrespectful and that she also denied him his conjugal rights.
'She is disrespectful and has become the man in my house. She no longer treats me as her husband as the case before.'
 After the court hearing, the magistrate advised the couple to seek counselling

President Buhari's Chief of Staff summons Arik MD after finding out Arik Airline passengers have been stranded for 48 hours

President Buhari's Chief of Staff. Abba Kyari this afternoon summoned the MD of Arik Airline in Lagos after finding out the airline's passengers traveling to New York have been stranded for about 48 hours. 

Also summoned by the Chief of staff was the Minister of State for Aviation, Hadi Sirika. The Chief of Staff ordered Arik to provide accommodation for the stranded passengers as well as compensate them.
 Just this morning, a twitter user @FelaAyodele, shared photos of some Arik airline passengers luggage that have been abandoned at the JFK airport in New York for close to three weeks.