18 Jan 2017

Nollywood actress, Omoni Oboli & Crew Attacked By Area Boys On Movie Set ...video

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Nollywood actress Omoni Oboli shared footage of an alteration between members of her crew and some area boys in Lagos who disrupted her movie shoot. She wrote:
"#CurrentSituation I am totally fed up! Shooting in Lagos State is such a difficult experience. I've been settling area boys everyday yet they still fight us. The other day, they broke a bottle to stab my crew and seized my van key. You have to settle different factions. I'm a tax paying citizen of Lagos State. As filmmakers, we pay taxes even on a loss. Na beg we dey beg o Governor Akinwunmi Ambode help us. We are fed up!!! So many people are getting paid on this set. We are bringing commerce and boosting the economy. Pls help!!! My money is not for area boys! They think it's their birthright! It's indeed very sad! #ASaferLagosForWork #WeNeedHelp"
See the video she shared from the scene below:

Update! 'It's irritating to the ears' - Rosaline Meure, lady alleged to be sleeping with Tonto Dikeh's hubby speaks

'It's irritating to the ears, it's just like saying 'are you sleeping with your brother'. like I've said before and I say again, he's like a mentor to me. He's someone I look up to, I like his person, he has a good heart, there's no one that wouldn't want to be identified with someone that has a good heart'.

These were the words of Rosaline Meure, the Nollywood actress alleged to be sleeping with Tonto Dikeh's hubby which led to the widespread news of a crisis in Tonto's 17month old marriage.

Rosaline who is also said to be Tonto Dikeh's hubby's personal assisatnt granted the interview to Hiptv earlier today.

Check out more photos of Rosaline below...

Omg! Landlord Hangs Tenants Dog On Ceiling ...photo

This happened somewhere in Lagos. Maybe recession is affecting the owner of the dog and as such the dog has been terrorizing the landlord's kitchen.This is pure wickednedd and barbaric.

I Found Out My Mum Is Cheating On My Father, Young Man Opens Up

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A young man shared his story on Break or Makeup, revealing his mum's reckless acts. He said it's so bad that his mum even talks to his dad anyhow with abusive words right in his presence.

Read his story below:

Update! Teenager Abducted As Baby Actually Found Out The Truth TWO YEARS Ago

A teenager abducted as a baby found out the truth two years ago when she needed her birth certificate for a job, a friend has claimed.

Kamiyah Mobley was snatched from her mother just eight hours after she was born by a woman posing as a nurse.

She has been raised her whole life as Alexis Manigo until police arrested Gloria Williams and charged her with kidnapping.

Police have suggested Manigo, now aged 18, had 'an inclination' about her past before the dramatic events of last week.

Now friend Arika Williams has said the truth may have come to light as long as two years ago when Manigo got a job at a restaurant and needed her birth certificate.

"Lexy didn’t have that so she asked Miss Gloria for it and Miss Gloria kept brushing it off."

"Lexy kept being hard on her mother, like ‘Momma, where is my stuff? I want to get this job.’ Then Miss Gloria just broke down and told her this is why right here, you can’t do this. I kidnapped you.

"She was upset about it,” Arika added.

"She even stayed home from school the next day."

Police in Jacksonville, Florida, where Williams was arrested say they are not sure exactly what Manigo knew and when.

Manigo's father has said she is full of mixed emotions after being reunited with her biological family.
Shanara Mobley and Craig Aiken could not contain their elation during the “beautiful” reunion with Kamiyah Mobley.

Craig said: “It was the best day of my life... We are so happy. I hope the world is rejoicing with us.”
The trio were together for 45 minutes at a US police station.
Kamiyah and her real parents posed for a series of touching photos in which Shanara appeared close to tears. 

Craig, 41, said they did not discuss the abduction during the meeting behind closed doors, instead concentrating on getting to know the daughter they feared was lost for ever.
The dad said: “We laughed, we chatted, we didn’t allow any negative thoughts.

“We didn’t talk about the kidnapping. It’s going to be hard for her to turn this into a positive.

“She’s got very mixed emotions about the woman who raised her.

“But we are going to be there for her, this is just the start of a wonderful future.”

He added: “First meeting was beautiful, it was wonderful, couldn’t went no better... she was glad to meet us.

Update! "They killed my son over a church revelation" Biological mother of slain 7-year-old child abuse victim speaks out

The biological mother of 7-year-old Joshua Zikeme who was tortured to death at Akaba, Bayelsa, by his father and stepmother has spoken out about the death of her son.

29-year-old Erueke John revealed to Vanguard that her son was tortured after a mushroom church in Yenagoa alleged that he was a wizard.

This led to him being tied to a stake and chunks of his flesh were sliced off in an attempt to exorcise him, thereby leading to his death. 

She said that though her son was stubborn, that did not make him a wizard.
"They killed my son in cold blood. I was told the suspects used sharp objects to slice all parts of his body in an attempt to exorcise him. 
"I left the father’s house while I was pregnant with the boy, because he was beating me and was also into illegal sales of hard drugs. 
"If he had come alone to seek the child’s custody, I would have objected because he is too violent. But the step-mother pleaded and I agreed. Many people, including the aunty in school, warned me but I allowed them take the child. And they have killed him for me.”
Joshua Zikeme was brought dead to the Federal Medical Centre, FMC, Yenagoa, his body covered in bruises. This led the hospital management to alert the police who then arrested the couple. The boy's father, Idiesy Zikeme, and his step-mother, Eunice Zikeme have been transferred to the homicide section of the Bayelsa state Police Command for further interrogation.
Mrs. Julianna Isaac, the proprietress of Dominion Success Academy where Joshua, a Nursery 3 student, schooled before his death, spoke to vanguard, revealing her shock.
“We are shocked at the death of the boy. That a child showed signs of stubbornness does not make him a wizard and be killed in cold blood. We know him and we even missed him during the last exams.” Mrs. Isaac said.

Update! Tonto Dikeh's husband shares photo of himself & Tonto Dikeh at Charity event

Tonto Dikeh's hubby, Oladunni Churchill, took to his Instagram account this afternoon to share a photo of himself and Tonto Dikeh at a charity event.

The pair are believed to be going through marital issues following Tonto's removal of his name from hers on social media last week. Maybe they have settled? Though the photo is not a recent one, it was taken some months back Churchill's company's charity work, but posting is sending out a message. He captioned the photo 'Rise to the challenge with confidence. #bigchurchfoundation'

Update! Nigerian Air Force releases statement on the Rann accidental air strike as death toll rises to 70

The Nigerian Air Force (NAF) is saddened by yesterday's accidental air strike by its fighter jet at Rann in Kala Balge area of Borno State in which some innocent lives were lost.

Death toll in the botched air strike has risen to 70, according to the International Committee of Red Cross, coordinating the rescue efforts with the United Nations, MSF, the Nigerian Army and Air Force. 

"While available information is sketchy, the Theatre Commander OPERATION LAFIYA DOLE is taking appropriate steps to avail us with details of the incident," the statement by Nigerian Air Force reads.

"The loss occasioned by this unfortunate incident is deeply regretted. The NAF commiserates with those affected and their families and would update the public as soon as detailed facts emerge from the investigation."

Omg! Man's face shattered after e-cigarette exploded in his mouth

This is what they call from frying pan to fire. E-cigarettes are meant to help people quit smoking, but apparently, it also has its own danger which seems greater compared to the danger of tobacco cigarettes.

Andrew Hall from Idaho US lost seven teeth, suffered facial burns, and had bits of plastic stuck into his face after the e-cigarette he was smoking exploded in his mouth.

His face was not the only thing damaged in the explosion. Images Hall shared on Facebook show a broken sink, soot-stained walls and blood splattered tiles, all resulting from the explosion.

Hall shared his experience via his Facebook account to warn fellow vapers of the dangers of vaping.

He wrote:
 "I’ve been vaping for about a year now and assure you I did not do anything I wasn’t supposed to – but it exploded in my face. I’ve lost at least 7 teeth, second degree burns to face and neck and have been pulling chunks of plastic, teeth and foreign objects from mouth, throat and lips. 
"I was lucky and they’re was a huge amount of damage to the room in my house I was in as well.  I know vapes help people quit smoking cigarettes and that’s amazing. I just want to bring to light this is possible that they can explode without warning. 
"I would have said 'no way that’s possible' until now."
He is currently in the intensive care unit of a hospital where he is being treated for his injuries.
More photos below...

Wow! Nigerian man born with face tumour now a 4th year medical student in the US ...photo

A Nigerian University of Toledo medical student has overcome more than just a serious medical condition, thanks to the kindness of strangers.

Victor Chukwueke who is headed down a path to help others, says he was treated as an outcast in Nigeria because of a condition causing large tumors to grow on his face.

"I was ostracized," he said. "I was afraid to go out in public."
Chukwueke's parents sought medical help, but there was nothing the doctors in Nigeria could do for him. So his parents asked missionary nuns for help, and at 15 years old, they brought him to Michigan.

He underwent nine surgeries, done pro-bono by a Michigan doctor, and from there, Chukwueke realized he wanted to do the same for others. He's now months away from becoming a doctor.
But something major had to happen for him to go to medical school.

"I couldn't start medical school, because I'm not a U.S. citizen," said Chukwueke.
So Chukwueke worked with Michigan Senator Carl Levin on a private bill, granting him permanent residency. Private bills are rare to pass Congress. In fact, it hadn't happened in two years, but on the last day of the legislative session, Congress passed the bill. President Obama signed it into law in 2012.
"Tears of joy," said Chukwueke. "And now I say, 'Now, I can go to medical school."
Now, Chukwueke awaits residency match day on March 17 to see if and where he will get his training. From there, Chukwueke plans to use the skills he learned to help others in Nigeria.
"I experienced firsthand how a lack of medical care can affect life," he said.
Chukwueke considers his tumor a blessing in disguise, because he wouldn't be where he is today without it.

See more photos below: 

Source: WTOL.com

Update! Sahara Reporter's Omoyele Sowore has been barred from leaving Nigeria

There seems to be a new update in the recent feud between New York based publiser of Sahara Reporters, Omoyele Sowore and journalist, Lekan Fatodu.

A new press release from the law firm representing Fatodu says Sowore has been barred from leaving the country until further notice. Read the statement after the cut...

The press release reads:

We are Solicitors to LEKAN FATODU, a UK-based journalist and PR consultant and we issue this statement as his Solicitors. 
It can be recalled that Fatodu Lekan (Our Client) filed a petition to CP Lagos state, Mr. Fatai Owoseni on 10th January 2017 against OMOLEYE SOWORE of Sahara Reporters over criminal defamation, threat to life, Assault , Blackmail etc. The Police you may recall acted on the petition resulting in Sowore being arrested and brought to AREA F COMMAND Ikeja. Sowore brought Dr. Abayomi to the State Criminal Investigation Department (SCID) in Panti to plead on his behalf.
After much persuasion, the respectable lawyer was able to open a window for mediation and offered reconciliation meeting in his office in Lagos for January 17 2017. . Mr. Fatodu objected in the first place, but in order for it not to appear as if he was hell-bent on fomenting trouble, he accepted peaceful resolution on the grounds that the defamatory publication by Sahara Reporters would be withdrawn, and an unreserved apology tendered. It was agreed that cyber exchanges should be suspended till Tuesday when a meeting was fixed, but not up to three hours after leaving Panti, Sowore started saying different things on social media. Mr. Sowore violated the terms of the temporary truce reached by both parties.
However while Our Client and our Law Firm represented by Julie Ifeonu ESQ honoured the meeting, Sowore Omoleye failed to show up for reasons best known to him. As if to prove that he only wanted to buy time, Mr. Sowore said he was no longer interested in the dialogue. Mr. Fatodu respected Dr. Abayomi that was why he accepted to discuss in the first place.
We are sure that Dr. Abayomi must have been shocked over the attitude of Omoleye Sowore.
Omoyele Sowore of Sahara Reporters has been advised not to flee Nigeria in order to escape the long arm of the law. Since Mr. Sowore has decided to pull out of the civil discussion facilitated by Dr. Tunji Abayomi, he should be prepared to face the legal process ahead as instructed by Our Client. Sowore is counseled to rather assemble a team of lawyers that will defend him in court.

Although, he has consistently denied soliciting money, the evidences against Mr. Sowore are too weighty Our Client insists. Our Client has given Sowore the room to apologise for his falsehood, but he willingly decided to throw his food to the dog. The next option is to meet in court to face CRIMINAL DEFAMATION, THREAT TO LIFE, ASSAULT from the Police and LIBEL from our Law Firm.
There is no more room for talks, talk is cheap. Let the laws of the land take its course.

Omg! Watch disturbing footage shows elderly woman abusing infant in South Africa

A 68-year-old woman believed to be a child carer, was caught on cellphone footage, putting her hand over a struggling infant’s face until the baby went limp.

The South African Police followed up on the information after the video surfaced online and located the woman in Diepsloot. The woman has been arrested and charged with child abuse and will appear in court soon. Watch the video after the cut...

Watch video of South African pastor 'heal' woman's 'vagina pimples' with his shoe

Just when we thought we have seen it all...from South African pastors forcing members to eat snakes, spraying insecticide, drink Dettol all in the name of healing, another Man of God has added a new twist. 

A video uploaded on the Facebook page of Pastor Zendile Andries November of Victorious Faith Ministries, South Africa, shows the pastor asking one of his female congregants whether she has “pimples” on her vagina. 
When she said ‘yes’‚ a man removes November’s shoe and the pastor is seen handing it to the woman to place between her thighs. She then suddenly falls to the floor with the shoe between her thighs.

Another female member is then shown saying that she went to the bathroom with the woman and that she is now healed and will finally be able to sleep with her husband.
The woman is crying and there are cheers all round as the pastor tells her to rush home - meaning home to her husband as she is healed.

Watch the video below...

Source: Times.co.za

Shocking! EFCC seizes N948m aircraft allegedly belonging to ex-governor Ali Modu Sheriff

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has impounded a N948million aircraft allegedly belonging to former Borno State governor and PDP factional chairman, Ali Modu Sheriff.
According to The Nation, the aircraft was seized on Monday at the Maiduguri International Airport along with two other private jets under surveillance at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport in Abuja.
The grounding of the three aircraft is part of the ongoing investigation which traced some looted funds by some former political office holders to the purchase of private jets.
It was learnt that a Dornier aircraft 328 linked with the former governor had been earlier impounded, but it resumed operations without EFCC’s clearance.
The plane is marked N805PG and 5NBMH. It allegedly belongs to Skybird Air. Detectives have interrogated the suspected beneficial owner of the jet, Mr. Samuel Ayodele, the Managing Director of Skybird.
A “beneficial owner” is a legal term where specific property rights (“use and title”) in equity belong to a person even though the legal title of the property belongs to another person.
 "We impounded the Dornier 328 on Monday following suspicion in the manner in which it was acquired," said an EFCC source. 
"Our detectives are working on clues that the aircraft belongs to a former governor of Borno State but it is being used by a front. We are already looking into relevant records; we want to establish who actually owns it. We are tracking how and when the aircraft was bought, where it was purchased, the mode of payment and the sources of funds. This is definitely an international transaction; it is easier to trace the inflows and outflows from any account." 
"There are also some petitions containing allegations against the former governor concerning the aircraft and some public funds. If the aircraft cannot be identified with the ex-governor, the EFCC will release it to the beneficial owner."
Ayodele is said to have told detectives that the aircraft was originally with the defunct IRS Airlines, which bought it with a loan of about N948million from a bank.
The source quoted Ayodele as saying: “I bought the liability from the bank and took over the aircraft because IRS was not able to pay back the loan.
“It is a clean business. Since I graduated from school, I have been working in the aviation sector.”
 “The movement of the jets is presently restricted until the conclusion of our ongoing probe. All relevant agencies in the aviation industry are collaborating with us on these two jets. We are working on information made available to EFCC that they were bought with looted funds,” a source said.
On the identities of the owners of the jets, the source said they would not be disclosed until the EFCC has made substantial progress in their investigation.

Photo credit: Liberty Badmus

Murderer cries out in Court - 'I don’t know why the Police stopped giving me food'

Daniel Asiedu, one of the two persons being tried for the murder of a Ghanaian member of Parliament says he is being starved in the police cell and has been subjected to survive on leftovers.
Asiedu and his accomplice, Vincent Bosso were arrested for stabbing JB Danquah Adu to death at his Shiashie residence in Accra on Tuesday, February 9, 2016.

The culprits who were armed had gone to the house of the deceased where Asiedu entered the bedroom of the deceased through the window while he was asleep and began to search the room until noise woke up the deceased who held him. 
Asiedu resisted and stabbed the deceased on the right chest above the breast which led to his death. 
Appearing at an Accra court on Tuesday, when Judge Stephen Owusu asked if he had any challenges at the prison cell, he said:
''The Police Service have stopped giving me food and I depend on leftovers. Since December 30, last year till date the Police have not been giving me food and they have also asked my family members not to bring me food in cells.  
My Lord, I feed on leftovers and when I collect them I pray over it and eat, I don’t know why the Police have stopped giving me food. Now if the Police give me food again, I will not eat it.'
When asked why, Asiedu said he would like to talk to his counsel in private. 
Superintendent of Police, Mr. Francis Baah said he had also spoken to the Defence Counsel, Mr. Augustines Obuor who complained about the feeding of his client. 
According to Mr. Baah, the problem was a result of miscommunication with the Criminal Investigation Department kitchen and the driver who transports food to the accused. However, the prosecutor said he had informed his superiors who would be addressing the issue.
The court told prosecution to continue to feed the accused person adding 'if he rejects the food then you would have done your part'. 
The court adjourned the matter to January 31, awaiting the advice from the Attorney General

WEIRDO: How my husband slept with my two junior sisters that lived with us.

Kindly post this for me, i need your reader’s advise on how my husband slept with my two junior sisters that lived with us.
I have been married for 10+ years and thought I was happily married till some weeks ago. From the fourth year into my marriage my mom advised us to take on 2 female relatives. One was 22 and the other 13 at that time. In 2010, we noticed that the older of the girls had become so close to my husband to the point that anyone could easily conclude they were intimate. She became rude to me but got closer to my husband and he never saw anything wrong with her attitude. He would take her to school (UNILAG) and pick her up regularly. He would gladly buy the exact items for her and myself whenever he traveled. Several times he gave her large sums without my consent or knowledge but thankfully it all came out through her mom.

Update! Tonto Dikeh re-edits her Instagram bio,see what she added

After removing her hubby’s name,wife, yummy mummy from her bio .Tonto Dikeh has re-edited it, adding only yummy mummy. We guess she is really passing a message across.

Nollywood actress, Eniola Badmus replies twitter user who accused her of 'famzing' Bobriskky

Eniola Badmus reminded a twitter user who accused her of  'famzing' Bobrisky  on snap chat, that she has been in the entertainment industry years before Bobrisky became popular.

See Nigerian Policeman pictured sitting on his gun while riding a motorcycle ..photo

This was shared by a eyewitness, Friday Nwagwu, on twitter ‏@fridayfilmboy1. Pictured is a policeman supposedly sitting directly on his gun as he waits in traffic. The caption read: "@PoliceNG Please how important is a police officers gun. He's seating on his gun while in traffic!"

Omg! Mother burns little daughter's hand in horrific attempt to stop her from sucking finger

Enemuo Nneka, who posted the photos on Facebook didn't disclose when or where the incident happened. She wrote.

"What a mother did to her daughter all because she wants to stop her from sucking her finger
,is that not madness of d highest order?people shud pls desist from listening to advice of frienemies dat pretends to be friends,hearts of man d bible said is desperately wicked,u dont know if she harbors ill-feelings for u yet pretends to be a gud friend,it was her friend DAT adviced her to do such now see d result"

Nigeria Central Bank bars banks from virtual currency transactions

The Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, has issued a statement barring banks in the country from doing any transaction using Bitcoin or any other kind of virtual currency. A virtual currency or virtual money is a type of unregulated, digital money, which is issued and usually controlled by its developers, and used and accepted among the members of a specific virtual community.