20 Jan 2017

Donald Trump sworn in as the 45th president of the USA

Donald Trump has been sworn in as the 45th president of the United States of America. It was done before noon, US time, outside the Capitol Building. His Vice Mike Pence has also been sworn in. 

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President Barack Obama and Michelle greet President-elect DonalD Trump and Melania

President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama are pictured greeting President-elect Donald Trump and his wife Melania at the White House before the start of presidential inaugural festivities for the incoming 45th President of the United States Donald Trump in Washington, Friday, Jan. 20, 2017

Photo credit: AP

Update! Yahya Jammeh Surrenders... Begs To Vacate By 4pm

Out-gone President Yahya Jammeh of The Gambia has asked a shift in deadline of midday to 4pm to vacate office as ECOWAS soldiers close on him. 

Government sources said the request was made when the leaders of Guinea and Mauritania arrived in the capital, Banjul, in a last-ditch diplomatic effort to get him to cede power.

A regional military force that crossed the border in support of his democratically elected successor, Adama Barrow, was awaiting orders on Friday.

Marcel Alain de Souza, chair of the west African union Ecowas, had earlier said troops would force Jammeh out if he refuse to leave the country.

Man spotted butchering a zebra near Nairobi Highway ...photo

Photos of a man butchering a zebra in broad daylight next to Nairobi highway has shocked many. 
Mombasa County Government Watch posted the photos on Facebook yesterday and wrote:
Unconcerned man butchers a zebra in broad daylight on the busy Nairobi-Nakuru Highway. It seems illegal game meat which is unfit for human consumption is finding its way to the butcheries. A man in Naivasha was seen stashing zebra meat in paper bag.
Naivasha is notorious for slaughtering donkeys whose meat is illegally sold to butcheries in as far as Nairobi and Nakuru.
But it seems butchers are now going after donkeys’ cousins in white and black strips; photos of a man cutting a dead zebra into pieces and stashing the meat in a paper bag have gone viral on Facebook.
The man seemingly looked unconcerned as he went by his business while curiosity onlookers plying Nairobi-Nakuru highway watched in shock.
It’s however not clear whether the man was the one who killed the zebra or it had been knocked by a speeding motorist.
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Protesters storm EFCC office in Abuja, demand for Ekiti state governor, Ayo Fayose’s prosecution over $2.1bn Arms Scandal

Some protesters under the aegis of “Patriotic Mothers Without Borders”, on Friday, January 20, 2017 stormed the EFCC Abuja headquarters calling for the “arrest, investigation and prosecution” of Ayo Fayose, governor of Ekiti State, over his alleged involvement in the $2.1 billion arms deal scandal.

Chanting “Fayose must go”, the women numbering about 300 carried various placards and banners with inscriptions like “EFCC Must Prosecute Fayose”, “Corruption is Corruption”, “Fayose is being tormented by the blood of innocent Nigerians slaughtered by Boko Haram”.

Convener of the group, Nnenna Jideofor, accused Fayose of stealing part of funds meant to equip the military in the fight against terrorism.
“The gravity of the crime does not permit that we wait indefinitely for Fayose to leave office; he would have finished spending his share of the loot by then, and he has all the time to destroy evidence.”
While presenting its petition to Umar Mohammed, Deputy Director Operations, Abuja, Jideofor expressed discontent at the ruling of Justice Taiwo Taiwo of the Federal High Court, Ekiti, ordering the EFCC to de-freeze Fayose’s Zenith Bank account, that the agency earlier froze having been linked to the arms deal scandal.
“As mothers, we beg the EFCC to as a matter of urgency, investigate how much Fayose gave lawmakers of Ekiti State House of Assembly who we believe have lost their souls to an overlord,” she added
Responding, Mohammed assured the “mothers with borders” that the agency takes all petitions seriously, and that of the women would be given adequate attention.
“We are not selective in our operations, and every petition received is thoroughly investigated, no matter how highly placed the person is,” he said.
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The Presidency Replies Governor Fayose

The Presidency has said there was no truth in the claim that America’s President, Donald Trump, snubbed President Muhammadu Buhari by not inviting him to his inauguration today.

The Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu, said this in a message posted on his page.

Governor Ayo Fayose had described the non-extension of invitation to Buhari to attend Trump’s inauguration as a signal that he does not enjoy international relevance any more.

But Garba Shehu reacted, saying it was not in the character of the US to invite Heads of State or Presidents to the inauguration of their Presidents.

“Gentlemen, I think we should respond to refute this falsehood. The US does not invite Heads of State or Presidents to the inauguration of their Presidents. Our President could therefore not have been snubbed,” Shehu wrote.

Fayose had claimed that the 10 days vacation announced by the President could be to cover up the embarrassment, after all efforts to secure invitation to the inauguration failed.

Lady Exposed By CCTV After Stealing A Bag In Church

A fake big girl went to church, her agenda is to steal an expensive bag. Some ladies give others a bad name, shame on her!

President Jammeh Gives Conditions To Hand Over Power

The leaders of Guinea and Mauritania arrived Gambia's capital Friday in a last-ditch diplomatic effort to get defeated President Yahya Jammeh to cede power, while a regional military force was awaiting orders to act.

The head of the regional force has said the troops will force Jammeh out if he doesn't step aside.

The West African force, including tanks, moved into Gambia Thursday evening and has met no resistance, said Marcel Alain de Souza, chairman of the West African regional bloc, ECOWAS.

Mauritania has been mentioned as a possible country where Jammeh could go into exile. Conde will offer Jammeh the chance to step down peacefully, said de Souza.

Jammeh "has the choice of going with President Alpha Conde," said de Souza. If that fails, "we will bring him by force or by will. Our troops will advance on Banjul. Until the last minute, we still think there is a solution resulting from a dialogue."

Jammeh started negotiations with ECOWAS on Thursday and agreed to step down but demanded an amnesty for any crimes that he may have committed during his 22 years in power and that he be permitted to stay in Gambia, at his home village of Kanilai, said de Souza.

But de Souza stated that those demands are not acceptable to ECOWAS.

Jammeh's continued presence in Gambia would "create disturbances to public order and terrorist movements," said de Souza. 

ECOWAS wants Barrow to take power in Gambia without any security threats from Jammeh.

Desperate Employee Plan Robbery, R*pe and Murder Of His Mistress & Boss

The Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), Ilorin, Kwara State Police Command, has launched a man-hunt for an employee, who organised the robbery, r*pe and murder of his mistress and master.

The employee, an aide in the house of the deceased, whose identity police are yet to disclose, was said to have disappeared with another gang member after killing Mr. Michael Akhigbe, 65 and his wife, Juliana Akhigbe, 60.

The operation was carried out by the said employee and three others. The police said that the men dumped the bodies of the man and wife inside a well and locked it in order to conceal the crime. Juliana was raped before being killed.

The suspects took the couple’s Toyota Camry car, phones, ATM cards and other valuables. Although the couple’s employee escaped, two among the men that carried out the dreadful act have been arrested.

They have been identified as Adeyemi Aderinkomi and Timothy Ajayi. Aderinkomi and Ajayi, who are presently singing in police custody, said they were promised N200, 000 each to carry out the operation.

The incident happened on December 12, 2016, at Fate area of Ilorin. Aderinkomi and Ajayi, said that the operation lasted nine hours, during which time their partners, now at large, went to a nearby bank gallery with the couple’s Automated Teller Machine (ATM) cards and withdrew money.

It was also during that time that Ajayi pounced on 60-year-old Juliana and raped her. Aderinkomi, son of a high chief in a community at Ibadan, Oyo State, was alleged to have inscribed the title of his father on the car, so that it could pass police check points.

Aderinkomi, a security guard, working a stone throw from where the aged couple lives, said he and Ajayi were recruited by the two fleeing partners, on the excuse that they needed to collect some documents from Michael.

The state commissioner of police, Olusola Amore, said that the masterminds of the crime took the decision to strike because they had information that Michael withdrew a huge sum of money from bank and took it home. Amore added: “The suspects dumped the bodies inside a well to hide their tracks and locked it with a brand new padlock.”

Aderinkomi explained that one of the men that are yet to be arrested is called Soldier.

According to him, it was Soldier that told them that he had some documents he needed to collect from the couple’s apartment. Aderinkomi said: “They promised to give us N200, 000 each. We agreed and told them to alert us whenever they were ready. That night, they called us.

They were the first to enter the house; they met the woman and tied her. Then the man returned at about 7.30 or 8.00pm. He drove into the compound in his car; the two men jumped on him. He was surprised.

He started speaking with them in a language we didn’t understand. He, however, didn’t put up any resistance.

“Later, they ransacked the whole house and took some documents. They collected two ATM cards from the woman; one was for UBA and the other for Union Bank. They went to the bank and collected some money. They gave us N20,000 and asked us to take the car away.” 

The two men also allegedly told Aderinkomi and Ajayi, to take the couple’s television, phones and other belongings and look for buyers.

Aderinkomi further recalled: “We were on the operation until 4.30am. We left the two men there. It was in the morning I heard the couple was killed. I went to Timothy and together we went to meet the two of them. We went to them because we were troubled.

We complained to them about the killing; they assured us that they would handle everything. Honestly, the two of us didn’t know they would kill the couple. Up till now, they have not given us the N200, 000.”

Amore, who described Aderinkomi as a serial criminal, said that the Toyota Camry car, which the suspects took from the couple’s home, was set on fire to cover their tracks.

Aderinkomi, who further confessed to have once led a team of robbers to attack his biological sister, in order to steal her car, said he sustained injuries when he attempted to remove the battery from late Akhigbe’s Toyota Camry car, while it was burning.

New Gambian President, Adama Barrow Has Two Wives

The new Gambian president, Adama Barrow has two wives. Barrow posed with his two wives shortly after he was inaugurated as the President of The Gambia in Dakar, Senegal yesterday. 

He is expected back in The Gambia soon as Yahya Jammeh is forced to leave office.

Meet The Man With The WORLD’S BIGGEST P3NIS & The Photos Are Quite DISTURBING

The man with the world’s biggest penis has turned down the chance of having a reduction - as he prefers fame to s3x. Roberto Esquivel Cabrera, 54, from Saltillo, Mexico, has a p3nis measuring a huge 18.9 inches.

He made headlines worldwide in 2015 after a video went viral showing him weighing his manhood to prove its authenticity.

His half-metre p3nis smashed the record previously believed to have belonged to American actor Jonah Falcon, whose p3nis was 9.5 inches flaccid, and 13.5 inches when erect.

"I am happy with my p3nis, I know nobody has the size I have. I would like to be in the Guinness Book of Records but they don’t recognise this record."

But despite his pride, members of the medical community have urged him to at least consider a penile reduction.

Doctor Jesus David Salazar Gonzalez said: “We have advised him 'Mr Roberto, the best thing for you is that the doctors give a normal shape to your penis so that it doesn’t hurt you, in order to have sexual relationships, in order to have children.'

"But he doesn’t accept it, he’d rather have a p3nis bigger than the rest of the people.

Dr Jesus David Salazar Gonzalez said: "He was obsessed with the p3nis length.

“He began with this enlargement since he was a teenager, wrapping some bands around his p3nis with some weights and trying to stretch it."

The sheer size of Roberto’s p3nis causes him a number of health problems, including frequent urinary tract infections because not all his urine escapes his lengthy foreskin, and he keeps his colossal member wrapped in bandages to escape chaffing.

He is also unable to sleep chest down and has to put his p3nis on its own pillow to escape discomfort during the night.

An active s3x life is also off limits for Roberto as his p3nis has too much girth to have intercourse.

He said: “Some people ask me if I put some condoms on it and the answer is: I cannot. I can never penetrate anyone because it is too thick."

While living in the USA, Roberto did attempt to have s3x twice, but the first woman backed out as soon as she saw his p3nis and the other one had to stop because it was too painful.

Yahya Jammeh surrenders finally

Out-gone President Yahya Jammeh of The Gambia has asked a shift in deadline of midday to 4pm to vacate office as ECOWAS soldiers close on him. 

Government sources said the request was made when the leaders of Guinea and Mauritania arrived in the capital, Banjul, in a last-ditch diplomatic effort to get him to cede power.

 A regional military force that crossed the border in support of his democratically elected successor, Adama Barrow, was awaiting orders on Friday. Marcel Alain de Souza, chair of the west African union Ecowas, said troops would force Jammeh out if he refused to leave the country.

Watch video of woman stashing stolen goods in her pant in South African (Watch)

A video making rounds on social media since Thursday, shows three women shoplifting from a store in Gauteng, South Africa. In the footage posted on a Facebook page, one of the women is seen taking items from the shelves and stashing them in their pants and underwear while the other one put the stolen goods in her handbag.

So far, no arrest has been made in connection with the incident. Watch the video after the cut...

Death toll of Rann air strike incident risen to 90

The death toll of victims of the Nigeria Air Force air strike mishap in an IDP camp in Rann, Borno state has risen to 90. This is according to the latest estimates by Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), an international humanitarian organization.

Update!" I am going nowhere" Yayha Jammeh says in reaction to Adama Barrow's swearing in

Yahya Jammeh has adamantly refused to step down as the president of the Gambia, even after the swearing-in of his successor, Adama Barrow. Gambia's information minister, Sidie Njie, informed BBC that Yahyah Jammeh has no intention of leaving office. Umaru Fofana, a BBC journalist revealed this in a tweet.

 "Just interviewed #Gambia's information minister Sidie Njie. He says President Jammeh is going nowhere. #BBCAfrica." Fofana tweeted.

Yahyeh Jammeh who wielded power for 22 years and enjoyed the support of top officials of The Gambia has been deserted by most, including by The Gambia's army chief, Ousman Badjie, who was seen celebrating Adama's swearing in yesterday. Jammeh's Vice , Isatou Njie Saidy, together with the majority of his cabinet members, has also resigned. In spite of these and of the pressure from ECOWAS and the African Union, Jammeh has remained adamant.

It is also rumored that his wife and children have also deserted him and fled from Banjul, but this has not deterred Jammeh who soon after, to assert his position in the country, went on a sacking spree and sacked the rest of his cabinet following mass resignations.

How a woman and her boyfriend abducted her sister's daughter and sold her for N350,000

The Enugu State Police Command have arrested a woman and her boyfriend for allegedly abducting and selling her elder sister's 4-year-old daughter for N350, 000.

It all started on 15th December, 2016 at about 12:45pm at Inyi in Oji River local Government Area of  Enugu state when it was allegedly reported that one Chinecherem Irechukwu, a 4-year-old years old primary school pupil of Unity Primary school at Inyi in Oji River Local Government Area of Enugu state was said to have been missing without a trace.
The report of the missing Chinecherem on that fateful day threw the entire family especially the mother into a confused state of mind and sorrowful mood.

Following the development, the incident was reported to the Enugu state command of the Nigeria Police Force where it was referred to the Gender/Anti Human Trafficking section of the state criminal intelligence and investigations Department of the Enugu state command headed by SP Udoka Gloria under the watchful eyes of Janeth Agbede, a Deputy Commissioner of Police in charge of the State Criminal Intelligence and Investigations Department Enugu.

In course of the Investigations and following intelligence information gathered, one Chinedu Chukwu, a female who was later discovered to be the immediate younger sister to the mother of the victim Chinecherem was nabbed as she was seriously fingered in the dastardly act based on intelligence information.

 Following the revelation she  made,one Osukwo Chinonso, (M) was also nabbed and further revelations had it that the said Osunkwo  Chinonso is a boy friend to Chinedu Chukwu and that they had on that fateful day allegedly conspired and came in from Anambra state and headed to the school where the little Chinecherem Irechukwu was allegedly tricked and whisked away to Umuahia Abia state precisely Ihe Olokoro,  where the child was allegedly sold to  one Florence Nwokocha at the rate of three hundred and fifty thousand Naira (#350,000).

It was further gathered that the operatives already armed with intelligence information promptly nabbed the said Florence  Nwokocha who also assisted the operatives to recover the abducted/sold Chinecherem Irechukwu on 16/1/17  from a place where she was kept at Faulks road Aba in Abia state awaiting a would-be buyer with a fabulous amount of money to make huge profit. 

Meanwhile, a full-scale investigation is in place as manhunt on the said keeper/harbourer suspect in Aba Abia state is intensified. 

All the suspects are assisting the police operatives in their investigations just as Little Chinecherem Irechukwu has been reunited with her family.

Reacting, the mother of the victim Mrs Irechuwu thanked God and the Nigeria Police Force, Enugu state command on their prompt action and discreet investigations which led to the arrest of all the suspects and rescue of her daughter.

She regretted the immediate younger sister’s action and maintained that she never in life believed that the sister could do such a thing like that to her.

The Commissioner of Police Enugu state command Douglas Agbonleni while reacting to the development, applauded the efforts of the operatives at unmasking the culprits and rescuing the victim and further directed the operatives to go all out and get every person involved in the dastardly act which he described as man’s inhumanity man. 

He also maintained that the command will continue to partner relevant stakeholders and sister Agencies towards ensuring a safe and secure Enugu state.

More photos below...

 Suspects arrested with the rescued baby Chinecherem. From left to right is Ngozi Uwasomba, Osunkwo Chinonso on white singlet, Chinedu Chukwu, Florence Nwokocha with clutches.

Rescued baby Chinecherem Irechukwu with her mother after her rescue

Source: Enugu State Police Command

Photo of two man post photos of them cutting off a dog's ears ...and people are trying to bring them to justice

Some folks in Turkey are mobilizing into action after they saw shocking photos of animal cruelty perpetuated by two Turkish men. The men posted vicious online video and photos of them cutting off a dog’s ears. Internet vigilantes tracked down the men and are now working with law enforcement in Turkey to bring them to justice.

Here is how it is being reported:
According to information published in the media (and confirmed by a local newspaper) the thugs responsible for this monstrosity are Hasan Kuzu (the one on the left) and Neset Yaman (on the right).
The two are most likely involved in dogfights and decided to punish one of their dogs for losing a battle in the most inhuman way possible.
The two proceeded to cut the dog’s ears with a sharp knife, without any anesthesia.
They had a friend record the scene – during the video, which has since been removed, the dog howls in despair, begging for mercy, but the cruel attackers simply move on.
In the end, they pose for photos, each with a piece of dog ear in their hands, seemingly proud of their achievement. A photo of the dog all covered with blood has also been posted online.

See Shocking Reason behind The Boy Caught Exhuming Body From Muslim Burial Ground

A man who was caught exhuming corpses at a Muslim cementary, has said he was instructed to bury some materials at the graves but could not show an angry crowd what he buried.
Below is how a social media user, Mofiinternational Usman, narrated the story on social media;
“He is by name Isiaka Isah, he was caught in a act of digging one of the grave at the Karaworo/Angwan tiv Muslim cementary today morning by our well trained vigilante men in the community.
“If not for our quick intervention he could have been mopped to dead by the angry youths, but during my interrogation with the suspect, he said his intention was not to exhume dead body.
“He further said that he has been having a fearful terrible nightmare in which he do see ghost chasing him, which now led him to consult a native doctor who later instructed him to go and burry some items in a grave so that the ghost will stop chasing him but he was later urge to bring out the oready buried item but he said he is confused, that he couldn’t longer locate were he buried the items.
“He was since been handed over to the D.P.O A division police station lokoja for further investigation.” Another photo below...

FOR 18+!!! See The 7 Types Of Breast And The Best Bra For Every Type

In this educative and informative piece, women are encouraged to learn more about their breasts and how to figure out the best type of bras for comfort.
According Ra’el Cohen, the vice president of design and product development at ThirdLove, a bra company, women have seven different sets of boobs, but do not know.
“During our product design process, we discovered that getting a great fit was about identifying the style that best suits your natural shape,” says Ra’el Cohen told Women’sHealth.
Now, this is time for you to learn about the different types of breasts and how to maintain your own.
1. Asymmetric:

One breast is larger than the other; ranges from minor (barely noticeable) to more pronounced (as pictured).
Look best in: Bras with removable pads, so you can wear a pad (or two) on the smaller side to even out your look.
2. Bell Shape:
Generally heavier breasts; narrower at the top, then drastically fuller toward the bottom.
Look best in: Full-coverage styles. Because the breasts are heavier, they can drag down the shoulders, causing the straps to slip (and reduce support).
3. East West:

A gentle slope from top to bottom, but out to the sides; nipples point in opposite directions.
Look best in: Push-up or T-shirt styles, which flatter your natural shape while comfortably bringing your boobs closer together.
4. Side Set: 
A wide space in between the two breasts; nipples point a little more forward than East West.
Look best in: Balconette styles, which have more fabric above the cups to disguise a larger gap between breasts.

5. Slender:
A little wider at the top, narrower at the bottom; generally skinny without a lot of breast tissue.
Look best in: Plunge styles, with or without push-up material. The plunge helps pull the breasts toward the middle to create a bit of cleavage.

6. Tear Drop:
Similar to Bell Shape but with a much gentler slope; easily identifiable from the side.
Look best in: Plunge styles, with or without push-up material. The deeper neckline and cups create lift, which helps fill in the shallower top of the breasts.

7. Round: 

See 7 Types Of Di ck And The Best S ex Position For Each That Will Make Her Ask For More (+18)

When it comes to great sex, size does matter—but not in the way most of us think, says Darius Paduch, Ph.D., director of Sexual Health and Medicine at Weill Cornell Medical College. A bigger penis in no way guarantees a bigger orgasm for a woman. A more modestly sized guy who knows how to use his penis well can help a woman achieve a better orgasm than a man who has a penis porn stars would envy, Paduch says.
Plus, it’s not just size: Shape is just as important to figure out which sex positions will curl your toes, which may be painful for the woman, and how much manual clitoral stimulation she’ll need. So rather than getting caught up in specific measurements or making comparisons—which are likely to create anxiety that will interfere with bedroom performance and pleasure—maximize what your mama gave you (or your man). There are positions and fun skills that will make sex mind-blowing for you and your partner, no matter how hung or bendy his member is.
One of the reasons women enjoy penetrative sex is the fullness factor, says sex educator Patti Britton, Ph.D., M.P.H. So when a guy has a thin penis, his partner may not be able to feel him against her vaginal walls. And if she’s delivered children vaginally or is heavier, her vaginal walls may have widened or become looser, meaning he won’t feel very stimulated either, Paduch says.
Your action plan: If a guy has a thin penis, it’s best for the woman to keep her thighs close together, says Keesha Ewers, Ph.D., a functional sexologist. This narrows her vaginal canal, creating more friction and intensifying sensations for both partners. Doggy style is a great position, especially if he stimulates her clitoris with his hands at the same time since most women need some form of clitoral stimulation in order to orgasm, Britton says. If he’s on the longer side, Ewers suggests trying the bandolier. The woman lies on her back so he can enter her while on his knees—that way, she can tuck her knees together and place her feet on his chest. This not only tightens the vagina, it also lets her control how far he penetrates, which can prevent him from hitting her cervix and causing pain.
The Italian Salami
Above-average girth and length

He might be the envy of some guys in the locker room, but a guy who’s well-endowed often has to proceed carefully during intercourse. He may fear hurting his partner so much that he avoids penetration altogether, Paduch says. Men tend to thrust harder and deeper when they’re in the heat of the moment, so a bigger guy can hit a woman’s cervix and cause pain, Britton says. On the upside, since a woman’s clit is very close to the vaginal opening, a magnum penis is more likely than smaller members to push up against the clitoris during intercourse and give her that added stimulation, Paduch says.

Your action plan: The key with a big penis is making sure the woman can control the angle, depth, and pace of thrusting, Britton says. Woman on top, with her squatting or kneeling, is going to give her the ability to lower herself down and choose how deep she wants to go. And because the frenulum (underside of the penis head) has the densest nerve endings, more shallow penetration won’t affect his ability to come.
Spooning is also ideal because he can’t enter too far, plus it gives him easy access to fondle her breasts and clitoris, helping increase her arousal (and chances of orgasm) as she adjusts to his size, Ewers says. Whatever positions you prefer, have lube on hand—with a big guy, it’s nonnegotiable, Paduch says.
The Cucumber
Average girth and length; doesn’t vary in girth along the shaft
Talk about getting lucky: Almost every position is a good one for cucumber penises, because most women can easily accommodate average-sized members.

Your action plan: Go ahead, bust out the Kama Sutra and see what you two like best. Also keep in mind that men respond very well to visual stimuli, and the more aroused they are, the firmer and thicker they get, making sex hotter for both partners, Britton says. So any position where he can get a full frontal view of her body is going to do you both good. Britton suggests standing doggy in front of a full-length mirror. He penetrates her from behind, enjoying watching her from many angles at the same time and giving her breasts some love.
The Gherkin
Undersized in girth and length
And let’s not forget oral and manual stimulation. He can use either to elicit her first orgasm so the penetrative sex becomes less important or bring her close to orgasm and then insert his penis for completion. It’s also worth considering a couple’s vibrator that can be worn inside her vagina during intercourse, such as the We-Vibe or Lelo Ida, Britton adds.

Positions and toys aside, an undersized guy might have penile anxiety that leads to some erectile dysfunction, Paduch says . Adrenaline and other stress hormones can decrease blood flow to the penis, making erections less rigid and full, Paduch explains. Sexual enhancement drugs such as Viagra and Cialis can give this guy the best boner he’s capable of achieving, Britton says. While these medications are safe for young, healthy men, be sure to only use them under the supervision of a physician—never recreationally, Paduch adds.

There is a very small percentage of men who do have what’s medically classified as congenital micropenis, which measures less than three inches when erect and is thought to be caused by inadequate testosterone levels during fetal development, explains Geo Espinosa, director of NYU Langone’s Integrative Urology Center. While it may be harder for women to squeeze their vaginal walls against a micropenis and feel penetrative stimulation, it certainly doesn’t mean that sex can’t be o-inducing.
Your action plan: You’ll want to focus on positions that provide the best depth of penetration. Try putting a few pillows under her butt and lifting her legs up and over his shoulders in missionary. Or have her come to all fours on the bed while he stands above her so he can pull her hips onto him—a modified version of the plow.

The Rocket Popsicle
Narrows at the head, any length

This penis is thicker the base and narrows out as you move upward. It’s a totally normal variation as long as the narrowing isn’t drastic, Espinosa says.

Your action plan: For this guy, doggy style can feel fantastic for the woman, even if the guy is longer, because the narrowing at the tip lowers the chances that it’s going to hurt her as he enters, Ewers explains. And since the majority of a man’s sexual sensation is derived from the tip of his penis, specifically the underside called the frenulum, more stimulation or pressure there will increase his pleasure, Britton says. So if the woman squeezes her pelvic floor while he’s inside of her, it will further constrict his penis and give him greater sensation.
The Kielbasa
Short and stout
While a long penis can be arousing for a woman, a thick one is more likely to bring her to orgasm, Espinosa says. The important thing for a thick, shorter guy is choosing positions that give him the leverage to go deep.

Your action plan: Ewers suggests standing downward dog, which works just as it sounds: The woman assumes down dog yoga pose and her guy enters her from behind. To better stimulate her G-spot, missionary with the guy on his knees as he holds her legs upward in a straddle position is great. Spooning also works if you angle your torsos further away from each other so your genitals can make better contact, Ewers says.
The Banana
Curved upward,or downward; any girth and typically a longer length
Men with longer penises may have a natural curve. Typically never more than 10 degrees, these develop during puberty, Paduch explains. (But anything more than a 10-degree curve might be a sign of Peyronie’s disease, which is caused by scar tissue along the penis, usually due to an injury. And if the angle is greater than 25 degrees, Espinosa recommends seeing a urologist. Erections and penetration can be extremely painful for some men with Peyronie’s, and they may need medication or a surgical intervention to correct the curve.)
Your action plan: For an upward curve, any position where partners face each other is going to perfectly align his penis with the natural curvature of the vagina, Paduch says. The pogo stick—where he stands with her legs wrapped around his waist, and he holds her as they bounce up and down—is Ewer’s go-to suggestion for bananas. This will give him more contact with the g-spot, which is located on the top wall of the vagina, about a third of the way in. Many women report that orgasms from G-spot stimulation feel different and more intense than clitoral orgasms. For a downward curve, reverse cowgirl is great for the same G-spot stimulation.