23 Jan 2017

Cameroonian Helicopter Going to Fight Boko Haram Crashed In Lagos Water

A Cameroonian helicopter on a mission to fighting Boko Haran terrorists have crashed.
The military helicopter was said to have crashed on the country’s border with Nigeria killing the commander of the troops Jacob Kodji.
A Cameroonian newspaper reports that Kodji died on Sunday, January 22, after the helicopter crashed near Bogo, a village in Cameroon.
It was gathered that the aircraft was on an inspection mission with the top military official.
Voice of America also said that Kodji was coordinating the fight against Boko Haram insurgency between Cameroonian and Nigerian border.
Meanwhile in Nigeria, a Nigerian air force fighter jet mistakenly dropped bombs on an internally displaced persons camp in Rann, a community in Borno state.
Although the Nigerian military has raised a panel of investigation on the attack, international aid officials – who were also victim of the airstrike – and some community leaders have said that the death toll from the attack has continued to rise.

Nigerians Be Warned... avoid Libya; death penalty awaits

Nigerian government has advised migrants to avoid Libya where penalty for illegal migration attracts the death penalty. The office of the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Foreign Affairs and Diaspora made the appeal on Sunday.

Mrs. Abike Dabiri-Erewa, the SSA to the President, is appalled that in spite of the mistreatment and killings of blacks, Nigerian migrants still go to or through Libya.

“I hereby appeal again to Nigerian migrants to avoid Libya as penalty for illegal migration to Libya, when caught, is usually a death sentence.’’

She referred to a trending video, which though had not been authenticated, showing pictures purported killing of black immigrants in Libya.

"While the authenticity of the pictures and tapes in question cannot be verified, it is a known fact that Libya has been executing alleged black illegal immigrants for years.

“As the Chairman Committee on Diaspora in the House of Reps in the Seventh Assembly, we intervened in the case of 24 Nigerians about to be killed in Libya.

“The Committee, in collaboration with SERAP, an NGO, petitioned the UN, AU, ECOWAS, and Ghadaffi yielded to pressure and released them.’’

Two months ago, she said the NEMA in collaboration with the Nigerian Embassy in Libya, evacuated over 2000 Nigerians from Libya.

Nigerians, she warned, should avoid Libya.

Update! Tonto Dikeh Releases Tests Result To Debunk Rumours That She Was On Drugs While She Breastfed Her Son

The actress has gone an extra mile to debunk reports that one of the reasons her marriage packed up was because her husband caught her smoking/was on drugs while she breastfed their son. The actress has now released a test result she got today which proved otherwise.

Donald Trump says he'll spend his first week focusing heavily on jobs and security

Hope it all goes well....hmm!

Tragic! Photo of Ghanaian woman and her three children who perished in fire outbreak in Finland

A Ghanaian woman, Nana Ago Prah, and her three children ages 3, 7 and 8 were killed in a house fire which occurred at their home in Helsinki, Finland on Dec 9th. The victims were believed to have died from suffocation resulting from a fire which started from the sauna in their sixth-floor apartment.

A neighbour who noticed the fire early in the morning before 3 a.m. called the police and they arrived the scene eleven minutes later and quickly extinguished the fire.

Sadly, resuscitation attempts to save the lives of Nana and her children failed. The husband of Nana and father of her children, John Owusu, a board member of the Ghana Union Finland, was at work at the time of the incident hence was able to escape death.

Nana and her children will be buried on the 4th of February 2017 in Helsinki Finland.

Lobatan! Customs intercepts car smuggled under bundles of firewood ...photo

Some 'smart' smugglers were busted by men of the Nigerian Customs Service while intelligently smuggling a car within firewood across the land border.

Officers of the Nigerian customs service intercepted the truck attempting to smuggle a Saloon car within bundles of firewood. More photos below:

Also, reports have it that, firewood is now being imported from neighbouring countries through the land border with negative effects on the Nigerian economy.

Omg! Beautiful Lady Almost R*ped In Her Room... stabs the r*pist

Over the weekend, a young lady was almost rapped in her apartment, but the suspect did not succeed because she was so brave and fought him off.

The lady, identified as Lizha Lee Mbuto, took to her page to share this shocking story:

“So the Lord helped me today…Almost got rapped at myplace..So i managed to fight and stab the bastard??…The Lord I trust”. 

She was taken to Frere Hospital Casualty in Ghana for treatment where she said she was feeling broken. Her apartment was torn apart during the fight and blood was split all over the floor.

The suspect broke into her apartment through the front door. Lizha was able to fight him off with the help of her neighbor. Her neighbor heard the noise coming from Lee’s apartment and she intervened immediately. The neighbor was also injured. 

The suspect was taken to the hospital for treatment. He got arrested in the hospital. He was found bleeding helplessly from the stabbings he got

Fayose Starts Early Assignment As PDP Governors’ Forum Chairman

The Ekiti State Governor has started out early soon as he was bestowed with the position. Already he has visited former Ogun State Governor, Otunba Gbenga Daniel ‘talking’ him back to the party. He visited Mr Daniel at home in Lagos. More photos below…

Kano Pillars Loses Its Former Captain

A former Captain of Kano Pillars, Ali Muhammad Dino has died.  A statement by the Vice President, Northwest zone, Sport Writers Association of Nigeria (SWAN), Ado Salisu said that the former Keeper Trainer died after a protracted illness. He will likely be buried today according to Islamic rite.

'The true state of President Buhari's health' - Femi Adesina speaks

Special Assistant to President Buhari on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina, was a guest on Channels TV last night where he gave a true picture of President Buhari's health.
"The true state of President Buhari's health is that the president is not ill. I have been in touch with the president and the people around him today(yesterday) just as I was also yesterday. The President is not ill, the president is fine.
Don't forget that the statement we issued said he was going on holiday and that during the holiday, he will do medical checkups. The sequence is very important. Holiday first, Medical checkup second. Nigerians want to turn the sequence. He is 74. Even if he is not 74, you need to check your health. The President is not ill. The President is Hale"he said 

Asked Why President Buhari has always sought medical attention oversees instead of in Nigeria, Adesina said "You have what is called medical history where you consult people who are used to you and your constitution and your health, they have your medical history. Before he became President, he has been using these people. It serves to reason that the same people should continue to attend to him".

On whether President Buhari ever uses the medical facility in Aso Rock, Adesina said "I can't say.  because when the President is at home, I have never seen him fall sick but he has a personal physician who attends to him. I will not be able to say categorically whether he uses the Aso Rock facility or not". 

Adesina said President Buhari knows that Nigerians are going through tough times.

"I'm gonna split your head. You f***ing n***er" Bat-wielding white man rails at Nigerian Catholic priest in Brooklyn

Parishioners at a Brooklyn Roman Catholic church are still reeling from shock after an alleged racial-hate attack on a priest who had just arrived from Nigeria. Police say a bat-wielding white man identified as Joseph Mattarelliano attacked Rev. Uriroghene Okrokoto of the Good Shepherd Roman Catholic Church in Marine Park.
"Go back to the projects! Or your neighborhood in Flatbush where you came from, Otherwise I’m gonna split your head,"" railed Mattarelliano, 25, according to police sources.
"What are you doing in my neighborhood? Did you make money?” Mattarelliano, asked the priest. "Leave this f—ing neighborhood, you f—ing n—er."

Sources reportedly Okrokoto answered, “If you have a problem with me, you should call the police.”

Mattarelliano sped off in his SUV — but Okrokoto got the license-plate number.

Okrokoto was not wearing clerical garb when the man approached him on Jan. 13 at 3:45 a.m. at Avenue T and Ford Street. Mattarelliano surrendered Friday at the 61st Precinct station house. He was charged with weapon possession and menacing as a hate crime.

Janet Subrizi, a lifelong member of the church who works in its office, said Okrokoto was ordained in June and goes by ­“Father Melchizedek.” Subrizi said she and another parishioner drove him around the neighborhood when he was first assigned to Good Shepherd, showing him where to catch the subway and local buses.

"Knowing him, I think he would pray for the person and not hold any kind of fear or any kind of hurt in his heart against that man," Subrizi said. A spokesman said the Brooklyn Diocese was happy to hear there’s been an arrest.

Source: New York Post

France's most wanted terrorist & Chief headhunter for Islamic State, Kevin G, hands himself over to the Police

One of France's most-wanted terrorist, who was a former choir boy, has turned himself over to the police. 24-year-old Kevin G, who was a Chief headhunter for Islamic State, handed himself over, claiming that he has been reformed.

Kevin converted to Islam a decade ago and is believed to have been in charge of getting young French people to sign up to terrorism in Syria and Iraq. He spent four years in Syria before leaving with his four French wives and their six children for Turkey last year. His wives were arrested and sent back to France.

Backlisted by the United Nations back in 2014 as a wanted terrorist, Kevin has now been charged with financing terrorism and recruiting jihadis for both al-Qaeda and Islamic State. He claims to have turned his back on terrorism and walked away from ISIS because he feared being killed.

Although his case is being handled by the Paris prosecutor, officials must now determine whether he has genuinely reformed or whether it was a deliberate ploy to return to Europe as part of a sleeper cell.

Residents apprehend Kidnappers in Okodi community, Bayelsa

Men alleged to be kidnappers were caught in Okodi community of Ogbia Local government in Bayelsa state. According to online reports, they were spotted in a bushy area by a palm cutter, who ran into the community to raise alert. Action was immediately taken to get them arrested by a Joint Task Force team.

The leader of the gang, Mr Labester, who's reportedly an ex militant, is from Okigbene community in Southern Ijaw LGA. 

More photos after the cut...

Nigerian Textile dealer nabbed with $1.4m Meth at Abuja Airport

Operatives of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport (NAIA), Abuja, have arrested a 47-year-old textile dealer with 4.4kg of methamphetamine, bound for Cambodia.

The suspect, Mr. Ifeka Charles Obi, according to a statement signed by Mr. Mitchell Ofoyeju, NDLEA spokesman, concealed the drug, estimated to have a street value of $1.4 million, in food items, adding that the seizure was the first made this year by the agency at the NAIA.

Primary investigations by the NDLEA revealed that drug cartels are exploring new market and the drug costs $325, 000 per kilogram at its intended destination. Mr. Ofoyeju, however, assured that the agency had developed an adequate counter-strategy to the tricks of the cartels.

The suspect hails from Oba in Idemili South Local Government of Anambra State and was allegedly handed the drug in Lagos, but elected to travel through Abuja because the airport is perceived to have less stringent scrutiny. The suspect’s travel expenses were taken care of by his sponsors, who promised to pay him  N1 million upon successful delivery of the drug.

NDLEA Commander at the airport, Mr. Hamisu Lawan, said that the drug was detected during the outward screening of passengers on an Ethiopian Airlines flight.

“"he 40 parcels of suspected whitish substance found on the suspect, Ifeka Charles Obi, 47 years old tested positive for methamphetamine with a total weight of 4.4kgs. The drug was hidden in foodstuff, but we were able to detect it and the suspect also apprehended," Mr. Lawan said. 
The suspect was said to have confessed to the crime, saying he was pushed into the illicit trade because his business collapsed. 

He further revealed that it was the first time he was engaging in such dastardly act. "This is my first time of smuggling drugs, and I agreed to do it so as to get money for my textile business. They promised to pay me N1 million with all-expenses paid trip to Cambodia. The drug was carefully hidden in foodstuffs. Still it was detected. I accept everything as my fate," he said.
Chief Executive of the NDLEA, Colonel Muhammad Mustapha Abdallah (retd.), expressed confidence in the agency's capacity to curtail drug peddlers and called on stakeholders to remain steadfast in their approach. He assured that more drug cartels would be dismantled in the course of the year.

Americans have started counting down to the end of Donald Trump's tenure as president

Donald Trump was inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States of America on 20th January, 2017 and some people have already started a count down till the end of his 4 years tenure

New Gambian president promises to hand over power peacefully at the end of his tenure

The Gambia's president, Adama Barrow, has promised that he will hand over peacefully to his successor when his tenure as president elapses.
While speaking to the Nigerian Television Authority, NTA, on Sunday night, Barrow recognised the contribution of African and world leaders to ensure that Justice and the will of the people prevailed in Gambia.
Barrow, who had to leave his country for a while and was inaugurated as president in Senegal due to his predecessor's refusal to peacefully step down has promised that his successor will not experience the same thing he did. He also pledged to put laws in place to ensure the smooth transfer of power and also presidential term limits to prevent any one person from holding on to power indefinitely.
"This time the democratic principle will be reinstated. And we will improve on them. We will put in place laws that nobody will stay long. Laws like term limit.“ 
Every president will know that; ‘look I am president but at this time I will leave power.’ You will behave yourself and try to work for the country so that you will leave a good legacy,” Mr. Barrow said.
Barrow spoke on the Exile of Yahya Jammeh to Equatorial Guinea, revealing that Jammeh was allowed to leave so as to ensure his safety.
He said:
 “We don’t want him to stay in the Gambia, because we cannot guarantee his security. The security situation in the Gambia is fragile. It’s a very difficult situation. And if you allow a former President to stay in your country, you have to guarantee his security. 
"If you cannot guarantee his security, it will be impossible for us to keep him. That is why our stand is; let him leave to a foreign land. In the future he might come back if things settle down.”

Woman gang raped and her attack was live streamed on Facebook by her attackers

As though being raped is not humiliating enough, a woman was broadcast live on Facebook as she was being gang raped by several armed men.

The rape occurred in a flat in the town of Uppsala, north of Stockholm, on Saturday night. The entire assault, from the moment when the woman was stripped until police intervened hours later, was recorded by a webcam and streamed live on Facebook. 

Witnesses who watched the live assault thought it was a sick joke at first until police arrived and switched off the webcam.
One of the witnesses, Josefine Lundgren, 21, who watched the video alerted the police. She later described the encounter to Sweden's Expressen newspaper, saying; "He pulled her clothes off and lay on top of her."
"The first thing you think is 'how can you do such a thing to a girl?' And how can you do it live? It is totally sick." Another witness who saw the video and did not act because he thought it was a joke said.
Three people have been arrested in relation to the crime, the apartment is being tested by forensic scientists and the woman is believed to be recuperating in the hospital.

Zimbabwean woman stabs husband over alleged extramarital affair

A 37-year-old Zimbabwean woman appeared before Bulawayo magistrate court for attempted murder of her husband of ten years over an infidelity row.
Mr Mpotu, 48, is currently battling for life at the United Bulawayo Hospitals after he was allegedly stabbed by Svori. 

Mr Nkathazo Dlodlo, who is representing the state said on Wednesday, January, 18th, Svori stabbed her husband after she suspected he was having an extramarital affair.
"On January 18, this year at around 9PM, the complainant and accused person had a misunderstanding as the accused suspected that the complainant was having extramarital affair," said Dlodlo.

Svori then stabbed Mr Mpotu with a kitchen knife on the chest and on the lower side of the armpit. Neighbours heard screams and rushed to the scene to assist. A police report was made by neighbour, Mr Callmore Shumba, leading to Svori's arrest.
The victim was rushed to the hospital where he is currently admitted. Svori was not asked to plead and was remanded in custody till February 3 while the court is awaiting a medical report on her husband's condition.

Source: Chronicle

Helicopter carrying four soldiers including a General crashes in Northern Cameroon

A Cameroonian Army General, Jacob Kodji pictured above, three other soldiers and two crew members, were killed on Sunday January 22nd after a helicopter they were flying in while on their way for an operation against Boko Haram members, crashed in the Bogo region in the far north of the country.

"We lost four men, including the general" named as Jacob Kodji, as well as a colonel. They were on a mission in Waza Park as part of an operation to battle Boko Haram," a Cameroonian Senior military officer says Gen Kodji was the leader of Emergence 4, the name given to one of the operations launched by Cameroon against Boko Haram. He is the first Cameroonian general to die in the battle against Boko Haram.

ECOWAS Soldiers Disarm Gambia’s Army, Take Over Military Barracks in the Country

Troops from West African have finally overpowered Gambia’s military and taken over the army barracks as they prepare for President Adama Barrow.
The ECOWAS Military Intervention in The Gambia (ECOMIG) have taken over some military barracks and disarming soldiers.
The troops have been reported to have seized the military barracks in the border town of Farafenni as part of strengthening security across the country.
APA quoted reliable sources Sunday that ECOMIG forces have been disarming soldiers as part of their operational mandate ordered by the regional bloc to resolve the political crisis in the country.
According to the sources the mopping up operation is being carried out mainly by Senegalese troops under ECOMIG.
They entered the town early on Sunday morning, occupied the military barracks, ordered Gambian soldiers there to lay down their arms before proceeding to dismantle its defensive fortifications.
Sources in the southern parts of the country also claimed that ECOMIG forces have also entered former President Yahya Jammeh’s home village of Kanilai to take over what’s left of its military installation which reportedly came under heavy shelling from invading Ecowas troops on Thursday.
Some Gambians have also taken to social media confirming the sighting of ECOMIG troops in other parts of the country including the coastal village of Kartong bordering Senegal’s southern region of Casamance.
Other sources spoke of similar ECOMIG troop movements in the northern town of Esau.
The movement of ECOMIG troops is necessitated to neutralize deployments by asection of the Gambian military on the orders of former President Yahya Jammeh to resist intervention by the regional grouping aimed at forcibly removing him from power after losing last month’s election to opposition rival Adama Barrow.
Jammeh flew into exile late on Saturday, ending a protracted political crisis caused by his dramatic U-turn despite initially conceding the election to Barrow.
The head of the Ecowas Commission, Marcel de Souza, said the mopping up operation will clear the way for Barrow’s eventual return to Banjul from Dakar.
Senegal where he has been taking temporary refuge since last week as the political crisis came to a head with the deployment of regional troops to oust Jammeh following the expiry of a deadline for him to step down.
According to de Souza the ECOMIG troops are also mandated to search, find and neutralize secret weapons depots Jammeh had built over the years.
“We will look for hidden weapons and mercenaries will be arrested to create a true situation of tranquillity, secure the return of populations who fear reprisals and to ensure that the country regain its national unity” he added.

See The Pre-wedding Photo That Got Everyone Talking On Social Media

As they say love is a beautiful thing, its irrespective of age, size and all...

See What Two Lagos Girls Were Spotted Doing In Public ...photo

The young girls decided to have fun with themselves and pose for the camera in the course of doing that. This has got them trending online with different internet users reacting differently to their public display of affection. Na wa o...

Katsina Varsity Bans Christian Groups, Okays Muslim Society

The authorities of the Umar Musa Yar’Adua University, Katsina, Katsina State, have outlawed any other religious or tribal associations on the institution’s campus besides the Muslim Students Society of Nigeria.

The institution’s acting Dean of Students’ Affairs, Dr. Sulaiman Kankara, conveyed the new directive to all students’ clubs and associations that were operating on its campus in an internal memorandum dated January 17, 2017.

A copy of the memo, obtained by one of our correspondents, was captioned, “Re: Registration of Students Clubs/Associations.”

Sulaiman said the new directive was part of the resolutions of the institution’s management at its 59th meeting, which held on January 10, 2017.

The memo read in part, “The Muslim Students Society of Nigeria is the only religious association allowed to operate in the university.

“All tribal and local government associations are prohibited by the university. Duly registered departmental associations should be allowed to operate, but they should observe item (I) above.”

However, sources within the university told The Punch that that the new directive was unlikely to elicit any reaction from the students when the institution resumes its new academic session on January 30, 2017.

“The university has never hidden its posture to be an Islamic institution despite the fact that it is a public institution,” one of the sources said.

The state government had last week approved the construction of a new mosque for Fridays’ Jumat service at the state-owned Hassan Usman Polytechnic at the cost of N64m.

The state Commissioner for Women Affairs, Dr. Baddiya Mashi, in her contribution at a press briefing at the end of the state executive council meeting, made the disclosure.

But a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Mr. Norrison Quakers, who is a pastor at the Redeemed Christian Church of God, described the directive by the UMYU authorities as unconstitutional and one that could fuel crisis in the country.

Quakers, who argued that the directive was a specific affront to Section 10 of Nigeria’s constitution, called on the Attorney General of the Federation, Mr. Abubakar Malami (SAN), to immediately, as the country’s chief law officer, take issues with the UMYU.

Quakers said, “By virtue of Section 10 of the Nigerian constitution, we have what is called a secular society, meaning that the state has no official religion. No component state of the federating unit is allowed to promote any particular religion or place any particular religion above another.

“What the university authorities have done, in this case, is to promote a particular religion or prefer one religion above the others and that is actually calling for chaos and unrest.

“My position is that the decision of the university authorities is one one-sided, and what this has clearly shown is that this particular administration seems to be promoting ethnicity and religion and that, we must avoid.

“The constitution of Nigeria is very clear concerning our unity. My position is that all right-thinking Nigerians must rise up to condemn this directive; it is not something that should be condoned, it is not something that is acceptable. The Attorney General of the Federation should take it up; that policy is an infraction on the constitution and the Attorney General of the Federation is the Chief Law Officer of the country.”

Also, a Lagos-based lawyer, Mr. Wahab Shittu, who is a Muslim, said the directive by the university authorities had no foundation in the country’s constitution, stressing that it should be challenged immediately.

Shittu said, “Clearly, it is a violation of the constitutional provision, permitting freedom of association. There is no fundamental right that can derogate from that on grounds of public safety. The fundamental rights of the students to freely associate and express their views have been violated directly by that directive. By virtues of the constitution, which is the supreme law of the land, there is nothing to suggest that the directive can be accommodated in any of the exceptions or derogation from the fundamental rights as contained in the constitution. The directive is constitutional, null and void; it is ultra vires and it should be challenged.”

Buhari Pictured Enjoying His Vacation In UK ...photo

A Senior Special Assistant to the President, Bashir Ahmaad tweeted the photo yesterday evening. He wrote;

Ahmad tweeted: ”MBuhari on a phone call with @ProfOsinbajo while watching Sunday Politics on Channels TV this evening”

Do You Know The Plane That Flew Jammeh Out Of Gambia Belongs To OUR OWN tinubu?

According to Vanguard Newspaper, indications have emerged that a plane belonging to the National Leader of All Progressives Congress ,APC, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu was used to fly ex-Gambian President, Mr. Yahaya Jammeh out of the country.

Vanguard learnt that the gesture was in furtherance of the reconciliatory efforts of the Economic Community of West African States, ECOWAS, in the country where Jammeh’s refusal to relinquish power led to political crisis.

It was learnt that upon being contacted for the use of the aircraft, Tinubu, who was in Conakry at that time, agreed on condition that it should only be used for the purpose in order to restore peace and democracy in the country.

The VP-CBT Falcon jet, which had been with Guinean President, Alpa Conde for days, was stationed in Banjul to ferry Jammeh out of the country after 22 years in power.

Vanguard further gathered that Tinubu is a personal friend of President Conde. Conde and Mauritania’s President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz had spent much of Friday in Banjul persuading Jammeh to leave power.

A BBC report on Saturday at 10.30 pm said  the plane had taken off for Guinea with Jammeh, his family and President Conde on board. The former Gambian leader was flown to Conakry where he would temporarily stay before leaving for Equatorial Guinea where he would live in exile.

West African leaders did not agree to immunity for  Jammeh during negotiations that convinced Gambia’s longtime ruler to flee into exile, Senegal’s foreign minister said on Sunday.

Jammeh, who is accused of serious rights violations, led his country for 22 years but refused to accept defeat in a December election. He flew out of the capital Banjul late on Saturday as a regional military force was poised to remove him.  

Suspect caught vandalizing cars in Lagos six weeks after his release from Kirikiri Prison

33 year old suspect, Olawasegun Oladimeji, who was arrested by operatives of Rapid Response Squad (RRS) of the Lagos State Police Command for vandalising Toyota cars in Victoria Island, has confessed that a spare part dealer in Ladipo International Market was the one who gave him the specifications of cars to vandalise.
The suspect, a barber by profession, was arrested in Lekki last week by the RRS officials, barely six weeks after he regained freedom from Kirikiri Prison, Lagos.

The suspect, according to report had just vandalised some vehicles around Lekki before he was apprehended by the RRS's patrol team.

Found in his possession were several body parts of Toyota Corolla and mobile phones, which he stole from the garage guards, who were sleeping when he broke in.

He disclosed that he was released from prison in November, 2016 after he was convicted for three months for removing Toyota body parts in another garage in Apapa, in July, 2016.

According to him:
"Oga Dona (auto parts dealer) has my number. He would call to give me the type of vehicle body parts that are on high demand in the market. He would tell me to get them for him.... I have been working for him now for 8 years. I steal different vehicle body parts, particularly, Toyota products.... I remove Toyota Corolla brain box, headlight, rear light, buttons, etc.... Since I came back from prison in November, 2016, I have stolen brain-boxes of 47 cars. My targets are Toyota products.”
He continued:
“Whenever I am going on operation, he is the ones that gives me transport money. Most times, he tells me the specifications of the car he wants me to operate on.... I live in Marwa, Victoria Island. I had surveyed the company earlier in the day. And I knew those cars belonged to that company.... At about 4:00 a.m after operation, I had removed all I need to remove. The security sighted me and raised alarm. They were chasing me.... Unfortunately for me, RRS officers were patroling. They sighted me, pursued me with their vehicle and arrested me."
Oladimeji added;
“I gained by breaking one of the small side glasses at the back seat. After I might have gotten all those parts, I would call Oga Dona who would tell me where to meet any of his boys for the collection of the parts.... Chidozie Onyema (32) and Ananyor Chukwu (33) were the guys Oga Dona usually send to me to collect those things on his behalf.... At times, I take it to them in Boundary in Ajegunle and most times in Toyota Bus Stop, Oshodi. I sell Toyota Corolla brain box for N30,000; N25,000 or N20,000. The least of the parts is N2,000.”
In his confessional statement, Ananyor Chuwku said,
“Our boss, Oga Dona, usually gives me N30, 000 to N35, 000 to give Segun and collect the goods in his hand.... He asked me to wait for him at Toyota bus stop or any other place to collect the stolen car parts from Segun.... At times, he gives me N1, 000 or N500 after the deal. Occasionally, he tells me nothing ‘dey on top’. Segun has been supplying  stolen spare parts to him for up to 8 years. We are just hustlers.... Chigozie has another oga that he supplied stolen spare parts to.”
Confirming the incident, the State's Police Public Relations Officer, Superintendent of Police, Dolapo Badmus, said that the Command will not rest on its oars in nipping in the bud criminal activities in the state.

The suspects have been transferred to the State Criminal Investigation Department (SCID), Yaba for further investigation.