6 Feb 2017

Nigerians call out Mercy Aigbe, accuse her of arriving to protest venue hours later just for photos

Mercy Aigbe
Does it really matter whether she was there in time or nah?
Nollywood star, Mercy Aigbe who was spotted at the almost-empty National Stadium earlier today holding up a placard and calling for justice and better government, has been accused by several social media users of being nothing but a busybody who just wanted to show off and feel among.

Dreaded Vigilante Group On The Trail Of Popular Spare Part Seller Chuks Ibude For Homosexuality

In Nigeria today, homosexuality has become a criminal offence that is punishable under the law as gays and lesbians in the country risk being jailed for 14 years if the unholy act is discovered by the law.
 Since the signing of this new law by the Nigerian parliament, not a few people have been arrested while some are still living in the shadow of their act believing the long arm of the law will overlook them, not to talk about those who have gone to the great beyond courtesy of jungle justice meted out to them by people who vehemently oppose the act.

One of the people who have for some time escaped from being killed or being arraign is one Ibude Chuks who has disappeared into thin air for some time now.

LOBATAN!!! Odunlade Adekola's Beautiful 2nd Wife Is Pregnant; Shows Off Her Baby Bump In New Photos

Star actress, Ajao Eniola is pregnant for her sugardaddy on new movie set. The actress is better known with Odunlade Adekola on movie set as she's either his wife or sister whenever they act together. 
See photos of the pregnant Ajao Eniola below:

Veteran Actor, Jide Kosoko Has Finally Remarried; See Photo Of Himself & His Beautiful New Wife

Of course they look like couple! This surely gat you right? LOL! Veteran actress, Lola Idije shared the photo on her IG page

I have no Twitter account and I wasn't deported, says Ibori

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Read the press statement below...
Chief James Onanefe Ibori wishes to inform the general public that he has no Twitter Account at all. In a press statement signed by Chief Ibori’s Media Assistant, Tony Eluemunor, the former Governor of Delta State explained that reports reached him Sundayafternoon that a Twitter handle in his name (@ChiefIbori), with his picture too, has been trending on the internet. 
His media office immediately reached out to some journalists such as to warn Nigerians not to fall victim to the fraudster who created that Twitter Account for whatever reason. We can only suspect that a confidence trickster must have created that account to lure incredulous Nigerians into a 419 trap. 

Please, Chief Ibori would like the general public to disregard that account and to stop assessing the Twitter handle over matters or discussions affecting him as he neither nor those working for him created that Twitter handle or has ever commented on it.  The Twitter administrators have been advised to shut down the account and whenever Ibori sees the need to create a Twitter account, the public would be so advised. 

 Second, Ibori wishes to correct the impression created by some news reports that he was deported from the UK. He said: “Even though I had wanted to publicise my return to Nigeria so that wrong meanings would not be read into the public interest I knew my presence in Nigeria would elicit, and also  because I never wanted any crowd that would gather because of me to disturb a single Nigerian in the course of their duties, all my efforts to keep the trip secret failed. The airline that brought me into Nigeria is public knowledge. So, too, my disembarkation Airport. 

So, it would be easy to verify that I was not deported because the deporting country’s officials would always hand over deportees to Nigerian Immigration officials and documents would also be exchanged. Those who have chosen to report lies, and claim that I was deported know that no document exists anywhere in the world to back up those malicious claims.

Most of all, a record of documented letters between Ibori’s solicitors and the British Home off exist which proves beyond all reasonable doubts that Ibori was granted leave to exit Britain “voluntarily”, and he announced, as was reported by both the Reuters and the BBC, and several Nigerian news outlets that he would return to Nigeria in a matter of days. He did not announce the exact day so as to avoid the situation that would result in crowd control challenges for the security services.  

Moreover, last week Tuesday, 31st January Ibori confirmed in his last court appearance in Britain that he will appeal his conviction because the trial was riddled with corruption and other reasons.

The court could not fix a date for confiscation hearing in deference to Ibori’s impending appeal, and so adjourned hearing till 17th March; so the confiscation hearing will not start till after the appeal against Ibori’s conviction. This remains one of Ibori’s greatest victories since the London case started. 

Ibori's Counsel requested for the adjournment in the hope that the appeal would have been filed before 17th March, thereby putting the confiscation hearing on hold.

Signed: Tony Eluemunor
Ibori’s Media Assistant.

Lagos State plans to remove Yellow Buses (Danfo) from Lagos roads

Today, Lagos State Governor, Akinwunmi Ambode revealed that plans are in motion to remove yellow buses popularly known as Danfo from Lagos roads for a more efficient, well-structured and world class mass transportation system that would facilitate ease of movement within the city.

Speaking at the 14th Annual Lecture of the Centre for Values in Leadership (CVL) held at Muson Centre in Onikan with the theme: “Living Well Together, Tomorrow: The Challenge Of Africa’s Future Cities,” Governor Ambode admitted that the present connectivity mode in Lagos was not acceptable and befitting for a mega city, and as such a well-structured transportation mode would soon be put in place to address the challenge.

“When I wake up in the morning and see all these yellow buses and see Okada and all kinds of tricycles and then we claim we are a mega city, that is not true and we must first acknowledge that that is a faulty connectivity that we are running. Having accepted that, we have to look for the solution and that is why we want to banish yellow buses this year. We must address the issue of connectivity that makes people to move around with ease and that is where we are going' he said. He continued to say, “For instance, people going from Ikorodu to CMS have started leaving their cars at home because the buses are very convenient and so why can’t we do that for other places? Yes, we don’t have the money to do that but we can go to the capital market and then improve on the technology of collection of fares and that will encourage investors and then the city will change.

Rwanda Fires 200 Police Officers Accused Of Corruption

Rwanda's government has dismissed 200 police officers implicated in corruption as the East African country strives to maintain its reputation as largely free of petty graft.

Rwanda is sub-Saharan Africa's third least corrupt country in Transparency International's latest survey.

The ranking shows the Rwandan government's will to fight corruption, said Marie-Immaculée Ingabire, the head of Transparency International in Rwanda.

The dismissal of the police officers was approved by a Cabinet meeting last Friday chaired by President Paul Kagame, whose government has been hailed by donor countries for punishing corrupt officials.

Rwanda depends on foreign aid to finance a sizable part of its national budget.

Rwanda police spokesman Theos Badege said Monday there would be "no mercy" upon corrupt officers in the police.

"It is a national policy to ensure zero tolerance to graft," Badege said, adding that accountability and integrity are among the core values expected of police officers while on duty.

Nollywood actor, Ibrahim Chatta shows off his new born son ...photo

The actor shared the beautiful photo on his Instagram page. 

Watch video of Nigerian man show off $1m in cash on Instagram

Dubai-based Nigerian man Ismaila Mustapha posted a video of him with $m in cash.The camera then pans away to show the bills stacked next to each other on a table. He captioned it "Owonikoko. 1m Dollars, No Be Child's Play'' 

Watch the video after the cut...

Taxi driver plows into President Barrow's supporters and football fans in Gambia, injuring at least 30 people

A taxi driver drove straight into coalition supporters celebrating Barrow's victory and some football fans in Kombo Kitty, on Saturday, leaving at least 30 people seriously injured. 

Gambian authorities have indicted the 30-year-old driver of the Mercedes Benz taxi, identified as Alpha Jallow of Brikama Nyambai was charged with ‘reckless driving causing injury,’ according to Police Spokesperson, Foday Conteh. 
He was arrested at the scene after suffering a beating in the hands of bystanders. Jallow was driving beyond the speed limit Westbound from Brikama towards Gunjur when another vehicle crossed the road. He lost control in his attempt to avoid the incoming vehicle and plunged into the crowd of people celebrating the election victory of President Adama Barrow.
Authorities say the majority of the people that were wounded are coalition supporters but several people who joined them after winning a soccer game were also injured.

Four people have been discharged from the hospital after they received treatment for minor injuries. More than two dozen others remain in critical condition and transferred to the teaching hospital in Banjul. No deaths were reported.
More photos below...

Tragic! AIT presenter, Senami Ohiomokhare loses her young son

The power couple of the African Independent Television (AIT) Emmanuel Ohiomokhare and Senami Aminah Ohiomokhare have lost their first child.
Jephthah Airenkhue died on February 4th, 2017. He was age 15. The devastated father confirmed the news in a short post published on Facebook yesterday.

"Yes, it's true. My first son Jephthah Aireankhue Ohiomokhare reached heaven on February 4, 2017. He was 15"
 Senami, reporter, newscaster, producer and one of the trio presenters of Kakaaki joined AIT in June, 2001. She was also the presenter on 'our time', show business and Entertainment News.
Their colleague, Lara Wise confirmed the sad news on Facebook yesterday, February 5th. Her post below:
"Heavy.... Too heavy..  The heaviest caskets are those carrying children. Our hearts are heavy as we come to terms with the rude reality that, yes, you have transited to be with The Jesus you so glowing just spoke about, loved and served well. 
Jephthah Aireankhue Ohiomokhare, son to my two friends and colleagues, Senami and Imevhbore Emmanuel Ohiomokhare, son to all of us who knew him, was a phenomenonal kid.
Strong and fervent in spirit and strong in character. A Bible school teacher, an A student and a pride to us all.

Always stifling a smile each time I pinched his biceps. 

Our last dance together, Jeff - Jeff was at grandpa's burial and I apologised that I had not fulfilled my promise of getting you a T shirt, the only souvenir you wanted when next I travel.
It is painful, Jeff, that after everything, you still left.
But we are consoled by this fact... You slept in the Lord and He took you to Himself, innocent, guiless, holy and pure.... Now, you behold Him face to face... Hallelujah.
Rest, my boy!

Rest, our adorable dude and 7-star General... And you were only fifteen!!!!
We will miss you, Jeff - Jeff.
Sincere condolences to my aburo, Senami Aminah Ohiomokhare and Emmanuel Ohiomokhare...
You guys will be fine... You will be very fine. 

 God who allowed this to happen yesterday, will ensure you are fine everyday as He holds your hand and wall you through this senseless, confusing maze.. 
More photos below...

Update! Over 500 people turned up for the 2hr 30minutes protest in Lagos

Today, February 6, 2017 the much anticipated pro-Nigerian protest held in Lagos and Abuja. In Lagos, the protest kicked off at about 10am from National Stadium and protesters marched to the National Theater. At about 12:30pm, the protest had wrapped up.

A few Celebrities including Charly Boy, Seyi Law, Yomi Fabiyi Sahara Reporters publisher, Omoyele Sowore and others were all in attendance and few speeches were made.

Police officers were also on ground to ensure it was a peaceful protest with the Lagos State Police commissioner and Police PRO in attendance.

Rugby legend Joost van der Westhuizen passes away after long battle with motor neurone disease

South African Rugby legend Joost van der Westhuizen, widely regarded as one of rugby union's best-ever scrum-halves, has passed away today at the age of 45 after his long fought battle with a motor neurone disease.
Joost was rushed to the hospital on Saturday in very critical condition and despite efforts by the medical team to stabilize him, he died today.

He played over 80 games for his country between 1999- 2003.
Mark Alexander, president of SA Rugby, in tribute to Van der Westhuizen said;
  'Joost will be remembered as one of the greatest Springboks – not only of his generation, but of all time,'  
'He also became an inspiration and hero to many fellow sufferers of this terrible disease as well as to those unaffected. We all marvelled at his bravery, his fortitude and his uncomplaining acceptance of this terrible burden. 
'He could do things no one else could and it was his unpredictability as a scrum-half that dazzled opponents and gave his supporters so much reason to cheer,' 
'Joost epitomised what it meant to represent South Africa on the rugby field and always showed a remarkable fighting spirit throughout his career, but also in recent years during his illness
May his soul rest in peace!!

"He woke me up, tied my legs, hands with my veil" Woman whose husband cut off her ears recounts her ordeal

23-year-old Afghan woman is still hospitalised after her husband cut off her ears during an attack in the remote district of Balkh province, bordering Uzbekistan.

Zarina told AFP last Thursday that she could not explain why her husband attacked her in the middle of the night Tuesday, January 31.

"He woke up at three in the morning, he tied my legs, my hands with my veil … I was begging him to stop but he didn’t listen to me." said Zarina, whose mutilated ears were bandaged and her face swollen.
The husband punched his young wife several times then grabbed a sharp knife and sliced both her ears before disappearing.

Zarina bled all night, until a neighbour found her in the morning and rushed her to relatives, who took her to hospital in Mazar-i-Sharif, capital of Balkh province.

"She arrived at the ICU at 9.30, both of her ears were cut. She was in shock … imagine how much blood she lost,” said hospital chief Dr Shafir Shayek.

Zarina said she did not know why her husband attacked her, saying she had always obeyed him, even when he refused to let her visit her mother "because he said I might meet boys". 
"He was very rude, very harsh, when he became angry he started beating everyone — his dad, his mum, he didn’t care," she said.
Zarina and her husband were betrothed when she was 13, though they did not marry for another seven years. Hospital officials said he was known for drug use, though they did not specify which drug.
"The man was still on the run, but we opened an investigation to stop him," said Balkh governor’s spokesman Sher Jan Durrani.
Zarina said she is seeking private donations to fund a trip abroad for treatment. If she cannot raise the money, she said, “I implore Afghan officials” for help. 

Balkh women’s rights activist Fahima Rahimi said the attack was “only the latest” example of “disgusting violence” and against Afghan women. 
"Afghan officials should bring the perpetrator of this crime to justice so that it be a lesson for others," she said.
But, she added, many such criminals are freed after bribes to police or prosecutors, and so activists had “lost faith and trust in our government”.

Omg! Nigerian woman bitten on the eye by her abusive husband

Another case of domestic violence has been brought to the attention of the public and what makes this one a bit unusual is that the woman's husband bit her on her eye. 

Who bites a woman on her eye? Exactly the question Blessing Timidi Digha who shared the story on Facebook asked.

Mrs.Ayeyemi has been a victim of domestic violence for a long while and she has been enduring for the sake of the children. Her husband beats her regularly that at some point the police had to be called in and he was made to sign an undertaking never to lay hands on her again.

But one thing about these abusers is that they rarely ever stop. This time the husband took it further and after beating her as usual, he bit her eye, almost costing her her sight. He also threatened to bathe her with acid. The erring husband is now on the run due to the undertaking he previously signed and the consequences of that. It is believed that he is still in Akure though.

Another reason why Mrs. Ayeyemi stayed with her abuser was because her family members kept advising her to stay and make it work. Her father was the only one who ever supported her, but he is dead now. Following this latest abuse, the victim has decided never to go back and has put plans in motion to move out with her children.

See screenshots of the post detailing the abuse below.


After close to 30 years of waiting for Mr. Right, Nigerian woman,Sarah, marries, for the first time, at the age of 60
Well this is according to instagram user bridesnmoreikeja

Update! Protesters including Sahara Reporters publisher, Sowore, begin march from National Stadium to National Theater (photos)

Sahara Reporters publisher, Omoyele Sowore, joined other protesters at the National Stadium Lagos to march towards the National Theater Iganmu. 

The police is at both venues to ensure that law and order is maintained. See more photos after the cut...

Shocking! Italian authorities begin raids and deportation of undocumented Nigerian nationals

A document circulated by the Ministry of the Interior to the Questure (Police Headquarters) has announced a new wave of raids and arrests from January 26th to February 18th against undocumented Nigerian men and women.
Those arrested (the document speaks of 100 people) will be likely detained in the detentions centres (C.I.E.) of Roma, Torino, Brindisi and Caltanisetta. 
According to Refugee Radio Network, every third or fourth Thursday of the month there are already direct flights deporting people back to Nigeria, but it is also possible that during this month the deportations will increase.
"We invite everybody to spread the word and to be particularly careful around train stations and in places where the police is most present, like markets and work places" says RRN.