8 Feb 2017

Shocking! Secondary School Student Makes Me Masturbate With Photos They Send To Me…Teacher Cries Out

I am a male teacher aged 21 years at one of the boarding girls secondary schools in Southern Province. I was deployed last year in 2016 under a replacement exercise. The trouble I have is that my pupils like seating half naked in class when i am teaching. I have been advising them to stop doing that but they failed to change.
My HOD in Mathematics told me; school girls are just like that.But the fun thing is that as a teacher/cameraman, school girls come to me to have half naked photos and as a businessman, I have no option but to photography them the way they want.
And when I am going through their photos before handing them over to them, i am forced to masturbate because of the attractive thighs they expose. They are really seducing me. Sometimes when I am on duty and tries to supervise them to their dormitories, some undress, triggering my sexual feelings.
Now, following the Kasama Girls saga and Nakonde Headteacher sexual abuse, I am fearing to lose my employment as well. Please Advise, what can I do in order not to be tempted by these sexy school girls who are deliberately seducing me? I am the youngest male teachers at school.
I was planning to get a transfer to St Marks Boys Secondary School but I am still weighing the situation. The school girls of nowadays are behaving like South Africans.
I need your quick advice, otherwise i can make a mistake here just like my colleagues at Kasama Girls Boarding School. I have nothing to hide, some school girls are very beautiful and extremely attractive sexually.
Problem shared is problem solved, thanks in advance.

Queen Elizabeth II urged by UK republicans to retire following sapphire jubilee

Queen Elizabeth II has been urged by the republicans to step down as the head of state as she marks her sapphire jubilee as queen. The monarch celebrated her 65th year on the throne on the 6th of February making her the longest serving British monarch in UKs history.

Having celebrated her 90th birthday last year and suffered a heavy cold over Christmas that led to her being absent from church, the republicans have begun to raise questions as to how long she can continue in her role.

Speaking on this, Graham Smith, Republic's CEO, speaking to Independent, said it would not be surprising that someone at her age would be unable to perform her duties optimally and so the reasonable thing will be for her to step down.

"it's very reasonable to expect her to step down and retire and then let the people decide who was going to replace her [but] it would completely go against everybody's understanding of her view of the role. She takes the notion she has some kind of divine right quite seriously," Smith said.

"It's been reported throughout her reign that she's opposed to abdication."

It is expected that her son, Prince Charles, will ascend the throne when/if Queen Elizabeth II retires, however, the republicans are beginning to clamor for a head of state that gets chosen by the people, not one who inherits it.

Smith said, "But obviously it needs to be up to the people to choose someone. You can imagine any number of people being chosen. People who have got experience in public life, whether it be academia, or law, or politics."

"There would be plenty of people that could do an intelligent and sober job of being head of state, and who can maintain their impartiality and independence from the prime minister," He added.

Update! Nigerian man rescued in the Mediterranean Sea claims his two children were killed in Boko Haram attack

42-year-old Anyasoda was one of the migrants rescued by MOAS from an EU-bound rubber boat in the Mediterranean Sea. He claimed that two of his children were killed in Boko Haram attack. He has probably never been to North-east Nigeria but hey! what do I know...

"I have 6 children. Back in Nigeria, I was working in the mining business. Then Boko Haram came and razed the whole area. I lost my job, I lost everything. Two of my children died in one of their attacks. Jobless, I couldn’t provide my family with food or an education, or even medical treatment. Leaving was my last, desperate, alternative. I fled through the desert with a friend of mine and many others. Some of them died of dehydration on the way. We were given no water by the smugglers. I’ve seen too much dying; I can't take any more. Enough is enough. I only want to give my children a better future, a better life than mine: they deserve it. I will work to earn money to send to them. I want to go to Germany. God is leading my way."

Omg! Woman stabs husband and tries to pull out his intestines after four-hours sex session

35-year-old Dalya Saeed is accused of stabbing her ex-husband, Bilal Miah Mohammed, 31, with a carving knife and trying to pull out his intestines.

According to Bilal's account of the incident, he was attacked by his ex-wife at about 10 p.m. on October 19, 2015, after going to her flat in Moseley, Birmingham.

The pair who are separated discussed custody of their daughter which ended in an argument, but soon enough they were both in bed having sex for four hours. Minutes after they were done, she allegedly pulled out a knife and stabbed him twice with it. Before he could recover she had ripped a little part of his intestine and flung it on the carpet. She tried pulling out his entire intestine but he claims he fought her off, pushed his entrails back into his body and ran out of the house.
Saeed allegedly caught up with her ex-husband on the street and hit him with a wooden bat and a meat cleaver. He was later discovered by 3 a.m. after neighbors heard his scream and called the police. Bilal, a taxi driver, suffered 30 separate wounds and spent ten days in the hospital, where he had two operations, but made a full recovery.
"Suddenly in the blink of an eye, and I didn’t see the knife, she stabbed me twice in the belly. I can only assume the knife came from either under the bed or the pocket of her dressing gown," Bilal told the jury on Monday at Birmingham Crown Court. 
"My intestines were out, everything was out and she was grabbing hold of them, trying to pull them. She broke one of them and threw it onto the floor but I managed to put the rest of them back in my belly."
Saeed who told police, following her arrest, that she attacked Bilal in self-defense after he raped her denied charges of attempted murder and wounding with intent.
Bilal, who has remarried, admitted that he had been physically and verbally abusive towards her during their two-year Islamic marriage. The trial is still ongoing.
22-year-old youth worker, Theo, is being treated in hospital for a deep anal tear after he was raped by a police officer with a police baton while other police officers watched in Aulnay-sous-Bois, France.

Theo who has had surgery and now has to pass out waste using a colostomy bag revealed that he was stopped by the officers who went on to throw racist insults at him while they beat him. Along the line, one of the officers drove his baton into Theo's anal opening causing him to fall face down.

 "I had no strength left. It was as if my body had left myself. I thought I was going to die," Theo said.
Afterward, they told him to sit down, but he was too weak to comply and they teargassed him and hit him on the head to make him comply. Eventually, he was handcuffed and put into the police car where he was spat on, insulted and beaten on his private parts. It was only when he got to the station that one of the officers saw his injury and arranged for him to be taken to the hospital.
There is a CCTV footage in circulation that allegedly shows four officers as they attack him, one of them forcing his baton into Theo's anus after they stopped him in the street during an identity check. As at Monday, bloodstains were still visible where the alleged attack happened.
The police officer has denied this and argued that Theo’s injury was an accident, in which his tracksuit bottoms fell down and the baton penetrated him. A lawyer for the officer also said that ‘the blow had been carried out in a totally involuntary manner, without his being aware of any injury.’
One officer was charged with aggravated rape and three others were charged with aggravated assault. All have been suspended from their positions and face trial.
Meanwhile, there have been riots every night since the alleged rape, with the police station vandalized and hundreds of people joining marches calling for justice.
More photos and the video below.

9 Boko Haram Commanders fleeing from Borno State captured by Civilian JTF in Cameroon....photo

Nigerian Facebook user Waziri Shettima posted photos of 9 Boko Haram Commanders, (all Nigerians), who were captured by Civilian Joint Task Force in Cameroun while fleeing from the Nigerian Army in Borno State. His post below:

New year new achievements the sign that bako haram it's coming to an end this is what one of my boy in cemeroon send to me where is people's of bama banki town borno and nigeria at large u have to celebrate for the glory we get from Allah. Allahamdullah.!!!!!!!!
Salam Oga Ga munyi Babban Kamu minawao camp Cameroon. Mun Kama Manyan manyan Commondojin. Na BOKO HARAM.Su 12. Ga Sunayensu >>>>>>>

 1.Mala Abba Shuwaye Bama.
2.BAANA Ya izaye Bama.
3.Ali Omaga Bama.
4.Bashir Bagio nguro SOYE.
5.Zamfara Adam Bama.
6.Bakari Bakda Banki.
7.ALH. Chaura Banki.
8.ALH. BUKAR Bama.
9.Abuwar Ba moduye Tasha Bulltuwa Bama.
Sune wanda mun Kamos

More photos below...

Kogi state university lecturer accused of brutalizing his girlfriend who is also a student of the school

According to twitter user, Bamidele who shared the story, the lecturer, Mr Edward, is having an affair with the student. He allegedly beat her up after he couldn't reach her when she left his place to go for a church meeting. Read what he wrote and see more photos after the cut..

Watch video of Soldiers assault crippled man for wearing camouflage in Anambra

According to Facebook user, Ifeanyichukwu Emmanuel who shared the video, the soldiers flogged and brutalized the crippled man for wearing a camouflage. The incident occurred yesterday at New market road, Onitsha. Watch the video after the cut.

Omg! Watch How These Lagos Women strip Naked This Early Morning Fighting Over A man (video)

The Fat Lady Was Caught Red Handed With The Attacking Lady Husband But what Happened next will shock You.

Nigerian woman recounts her domestic violence experience...omg!

In a blogpost entitled: It Happened to Me, Eseosa recounts her experience with domestic violence and how she finally picked up the courage to walk away. Read below: 
"It was NE who summarized my thoughts in a few words. I didn’t even know that it was what I’d been thinking, but the minute he said it, it hit straight home.
"In 2016, I don’t know what is going on, if it’s more publicity or more women speaking out but our men are cowardly and weak and they are seriously misbehaving”. I agreed. But it was while lying down and watching TV with Aize Lee sitting on my head (he loves to sit on my head; he probably thinks it’s his personal stool. Lol) did it occur to me that this was a man stating the obvious. Not making excuses, not justifying what cannot be justified and standing with them in confused solidarity. Men like these are not many, I tell you. I should know, it’s the first topic of discussion with male folks these days.

When my marriage collapsed, that was when I realized that most women were suffering in silence. It was amazing how confident women became to share marital issues with me. It was strange. Now they can tell you the shocking truths about their marriage. Previously, when I complained, they’d tell me that all men were the same. I strongly disagreed; still do. Mind you, I did not say men were perfect but they were not all the same. There are good men and they are bad men. Wrong is wrong and right is right, simple! Then they would utter some vague words and unsolicited advice, majoring bordering on ‘bearing it’ and praying about it and telling you to work on yourself. I have little patience for that these days.  I usually just shut it down firmly. I don’t have time for nonsense. No more. I took it for 2 years. But no more. Hug me instead if you have nothing useful to say.

The last time I took such utterances lightly was at Iponri Police station where I had gone to lay a complaint and ask for the arrest of Imoh. I remember the woman. Leaning lazily over the counter, she had this air of ‘I don’t care’ and threw condescending sideway looks at me while I complained to another officer behind the counter. I punctuated each complaint with tears. Imoh would have been shocked to see me cry. I never let him see me cry; I never gave him that satisfaction. I remained stoic through it all, defiant. I would break down and weep in the bathroom when he was done hitting me but never in front of him. It was not deliberate or a conscious action, I guess the essence of who I was refused to bow down to him or allow him break me. How he had hated that stoicism and dry eyes. Maybe I should have cried. Maybe that was my offence but I digress.

After a particularly lengthy pause in which I sobbed while my friend held my uncharacteristically quiet baby, she suddenly said, “My dear, better go back and beg your husband. Tell him to forgive you and forget. You are too young for divorce o. You don’t know what you are saying. Go back and beg my friend. All you young girls sef!” I looked at Omos and she looked at me. I asked “Am I also not too young to die?” “Na you know that one. Go and beg him. You will not die”. I was shocked. I was stunned. I was speechless. Me, a hyper, talkactive person just could not remember any sound. “Ehn? What? This is the reason men beat their wives! Is that what you’re telling me? You, a Police officer? How can you tell me that? For what?” I walked out of the station, shaking with anger and called the DPO.

Hmmmmm! Imoh had been right. He had said “if you like, go to the Police. I will deny everything. Is it not money? Is it not money that the Police want? Bring them. Go and call the police. All my friends beat their wives; it’s not a big deal. The wives know not to do stuff that will get them a beating. It is not a new thing. Stupid woman”. If the Police ask you to go beg an abusive man, then what help is there really? A police woman for that matter! Even as I write, I am still surprised. What was I expecting though? Compassion or sympathy? Did I expect them to swoop to the house and arrest him? Did I expect them to hug me and ask if I was okay? Should they have asked to see my bruises and injuries; old and new? What exactly did I expect them to do? In all honesty, I don’t know. I have never been beaten before now so I don’t know what I should have expected. I don’t know what I expected them to do but I sure did not expect them to ask me to go beg a man who had just beaten me till I passed out and continued hitting me as I laid on the floor, still and unmoving. A man who after I was revived by a friend brought a wire and wanted to flog me? The police asked me to go and beg him.

So yes! There’s a lot more publicity, thank God. There are a lot more women speaking out. A lot more people are involving themselves in issues like this, helping the woman and giving her a voice. In some cases, helping her find justice. For these, I am truly grateful. I am aware that a lot of women have died. I could have died actually. He told me he wanted to kill me; repeatedly and at different times! He’s squeezed my neck so hard I couldn’t breathe and had bruises round my neck. I thought I would when he shattered the glass window upstairs with my head and blood poured all over me and Aize Lee whom I was carrying. He was just 4 months old then. He’d gotten angry that he’d been punching my head and that ‘it refused to break’. This my head! My head happily blocked and covered my precious infant son when it realised that some punches were falling on him too. Remembering Aize’s screams and the blood all over him still brings tears to my eyes, even as I write this. Oh, my golden, precious boy, I am so sorry! But die, I did not. God knew the suffering that a motherless child passes through; I know because I am one. He loves Aize Lee and I too much for that to happen.

I am aware that a lot of women are suffering same, not exactly sure who to contact or what to do. I didn’t either. You are not supposed to talk about these things. You are expected to stay silent; don’t let people know your business or what goes on in your home. You are expected to pray. A lot.  A lot of women who chose to exit these bondages and have found life to be hard and unyielding. Some being asked, “na me say make your husband dey beat you?’ A lot, begging for sustenance for themselves and their children (in cases where the children were not taken away from them). Too many! Sadly, too many!

It happened to me! I married a monster and I thought he was a man


12,000 Nigerians Likely To Be Deported From Germany

More than 12,000 Nigerian asylum seekers in Germany may likely be deported from the European nation next year, a German official said on Tuesday, according to The Nation newspaper.

The country’s Global Head of programme, Migration and Development, Dr. Ralf Sanftenberg, said the Nigerians will be denied asylum status by German government.

Sanftenberg spoke when he visited the Special Assistant to the President on Foreign Affairs and Diaspora, Mrs. Abike Dabiri-Erewa.

Sanftenberg, who is the leader of delegation from the German Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development, was on a site assessment mission for Nigerians who are voluntarily returning to the country.

He said,” We have over 37,000 Nigerians in Germany and more than 12,000 of them are asylum seekers.

“There is a little chance for their applications to be moved and they may be forced to come back to Nigeria next year.”

He said 99 per cent of them were likely to be denied asylum status because Nigeria is not among war countries.

Sanftenberg, however, said if the asylum seekers are willing to return to Nigeria voluntarily they would not be forced back or deported but would be assisted through a support programme organised by Germany.

Mother Of Triplets Begs Fleeing Husband To Come Back Home

Thirty Five-year-old Mrs. Isi Udekwe has pleaded with her husband, Matthew Udekwe, who reportedly fled home in April 2016 after she was delivered of triplets, to return, saying the children needs his love.

It was gathered that Udekwe, who hails from Enugu State, abandoned his family home on Eke Street, off St. Saviour Road in Ikpoba-Okha Local Government Area of Edo State when he discovered that his wife had given birth to a second set of twins.

The mother of the triplets, who are now nine months old, told Southern City that her husband had earlier informed her that he would not be able to cater for the family if she had multiple births, a warning she said she took for a joke.

The 35-year-old Mrs. Udekwe said she was shocked when the father of the children failed to show up when she announced their birth.

She said the situation did not get better even after visiting her husband’s stepmother, who claimed the burden was too much for her to bear.

The fleeing husband could not be reached for comments as calls put across to his telephone number indicated that it was switched off.

Isi said, “When I went for the scanning and was told that I had triplets, he said if I gave birth to triplets, he would not be around because he would not be able to take care of them. I thought it was a joke.

“The day I gave birth to them, I called him and told him. He congratulated me. But since then, I have not seen him.”

The nursing mother, who was a food vendor, lamented that things had been difficult for her.

Ise explained that she had sometimes resorted to begging for alms in some markets to enable her to provide for her five children.

In a letter addressed to the Deputy Governor and dated February 7, 2017, she appealed for the assistance of the Edo State Government, adding that she would not like to give her children out for adoption or let them die of starvation.

 Isi added, “Wherever he is, I want him to come back so that we can take care of the children together. I pray God to protect him because I know that if he had money, he would not have run away.”


Update! Nollywood Producer Seun Egbegbe To Appear In Court Today

The Lagos State Police Command has confirmed that Nollywood filmmaker, Seun Egbegbe, will appear in court today for one-count charge of theft of nine iPhones.

The Police Public Relations Officer, Dolapo Badmus, confirmed that the film producer is still in detention since he was arrested for the forex scam at Gbagada General Hospital last week and will be made available to appear in court for his previous case of alleged theft at Computer Village, Ikeja, in November of last year.

According to Badmus, “he is still in our custody. 
The police will produce him in the court tomorrow (today), concerning the earlier case.

“We have many people coming up with evidence that he has done the same thing to them in the past and that is what informed our decision to still hold on and we are doing a lot of investigation.

 “He will still be in detention till we conclude our investigations; we have sought the court consent on that.”

Egbegbe was arraigned before Magistrate Aje Afunwa on a one-count charge of stealing in November and granted a bail in the sum of N1 million and two sureties in like sum by the presiding magistrate, who adjourned the matter to today for hearing.


Update! "They gave us N200 each to buy food" - 18-year-old suicide bomber intercepted in Maiduguri

The female suicide bomber, who was intercepted by men of Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps, NSCDC, on Tuesday in Maiduguri, admitted to had been given N200 to embark on the mission, adding that she was abducted two years ago and later married a Boko Haram commander named 'Amir'

The suicide bombers tried to attack motorists at the NNPC Mega Station along Damboa Road. One was shot dead while the other was arrested.

Speaking to Daily Nigerian in Borno, the 18-year-old identified as Amina claims was abducted two years ago by Boko Haram in Madagali, Adamawa, and taken to Sambisa forest.

“They gave us N200 each which they said we should use to buy food for ourselves," she said.
"It took us three days to come to Maiduguri on a motorcycle. We were directed by the sect members to detonate our explosives anywhere we saw any form of gathering. They said if we press the button, the bomb would explode and we will automatically go to heaven. I was scared, so I told them that I could not detonate any explosive. So, they said if Zainab detonated her own, it would serve the purpose. On our way to Maiduguri, we encountered the military and they were shooting. I was very scared and the people that brought us ran away.

"I am from Imam Shekau’s faction of Boko Haram, even though I have never seen Shekau. But I hear about him in Gobarawa," Amina added.

She said that her father, mother and younger brother, Umar, were all killed when they tried to escape from the Boko Haram enclave where they were held hostage.

"We came from Gobarawa along Damboa, Madagali and Algarno axis, a community where a lot of us were held hostage and married off by the sect members. I also am married to a Boko Haram Commander known as “Amir”.

The NSCDC Commandant in Borno, Abdullahi Ibrahim, said the command had handed over the suspect to the Garrison Commander, 7 Division of the Nigerian Army, Maiduguri, “for proper investigation”.

The theater commander, Operation Lafiya Dole, Maiduguri, Lucky Irabor, confirmed that the suspect was in custody of the Army, and that she would undergo investigation.
"We are going to profile her as she would give us the lead to get to other insurgents," he said.

Neighbors arrest woman for pouring hot water on her husband in Kenya (Photos)

Residents of Gikomba Estate in Kaptembwa, Nakuru County in Kenya, on Monday, arrested a 38-year-old woman, who scalded her husband with water following an argument. She detained the husband despite the fact that he sustained serious burns on his stomach.

Narrating his ordeal after he was rescued, Ezekiel Ingutu who has been married to the suspect, Jackline Muchela for 15 years, with four children said: 
"She had stepped out and when she came in, one of the children told her that i had fed on omena meant for dinner and she immediately poured hot water on my stomach. The water was meant for Ugali" 
In her defence, Muchela blamed her husband for failing on his responsibilities of providing for his family and always coming home drunk.The neighbours also said the couple had been having disagreements in the past two years, with some of the quarrels reported to the police.
The area assistant chief together with elders took the 42-year-old man to Nairobi Women Hospital where he is currently receiving treatment.

Source: Nairobi News

See 88-year old Olubadan of Ibadanland, HRH, Saliu Ambali Adetunji and his wives ...photo

Love is in the air for  88-year old Olubadan of Ibadanland, HRH, Saliu Ambali Adetunji and his two oloris all the way in London! 

Woman tortures little niece with very hot stone in Kogi State

A woman tortured her little niece for allegedly sneaking out to attend school. According to Kerry Haruna, who published the photos on Facebook, the woman put a stone in fire and placed it on the child's legs, leaving her with severe burns. Read the post below:

"Look at this woman, take a good look at her face, zoom the picture properly and digest her face. Have you done that? Good. That is the face of pure evil, Crude and Unrefined wickedness.
This is Mrs Rebecca Omacho. She is the Executive Secretary, Kogi State Scholarship Board. Living with Mrs Rebecca is her little niece favor whom she stopped from going to school. Favor had to sneak out to attend school, and when she got back, The evil Rebecca acted out her crude wickedness.
She put a stone on the fire, and allowed to get hot very, she removed it with a napkin and placed it on little Favor's leg, resulting in severe burns to her leg.
 Surprisingly, this wicked woman was begging that photos of her shouldn't be made public as it will affect her career, she only has one year to retire from the civil service. Of course, her plea was rejected by the authorities of the ministry of women affairs and Social Development. 
The case has since been reported to the police for further investigation...
This is pure evil, how can a woman ever nurture such idea towards any human being, let alone a child. Nawa o

Tanzanian President to security forces: "Target drug traffickers. Even if my wife is involved, arrest her"

Tanzanian President John Magufuli on Monday told security forces in the country to crack down on the drug trade and said no one should be spared, even if the are top politicians, their relatives or even his wife.
His new drive against drugs follows growing concerns tat East Africa is being used by traffickers. While most Europe-bound Afghan heroin still goes through Iran and the Balkans, a spate of record-size hauls near Kenya and Tanzania has raised fears East Africa is seen as an easier route because of porous borders and weak maritime surveillance.

"In this war against narcotics, no one is too prominent to be arrested even if they are politicians, security officers, cabinet ministers or the child of a prominent person,"  Magufuli told the heads of the defence and security forces at the presidential State House. 
"Even if my wife, Janeth, is involved, she should be arrested." he added.
Tanzanians have long complained that top officials or those with government connections have often been spared prosecution for corruption and other crimes.

Magufuli has sought to show even those in high office will be held accountable for criminal activity or poor performance. While praising the police chief for suspending 12 junior officers last week on suspicion of drugs trafficking, he however said the campaign must target the financiers and dealers, citing the case of one unnamed drugs trader whose case was taking too long to go through the courts.
"I know some leaders tried to defend him. But we must now start to jail these big drug dealers, instead of just dealing with the little people," the president said.

Source: Citizen Digital

Omg! 8 year-old boy accidentally shoots sister dead with his mother's boyfriend's gun

An eight year-old boy has shot his five year-old sister to death after they were left home alone with their mother's boyfriend's gun. The mother left them to go to the store when the little boy picked up the gun and fired a single shot at his sister, Serenity Allen, who died instantly.

The police has arrested their mother's boyfriend, Maurice Mobley, 34, after he turned himself in.

Maurice who already has a criminal record as a sex offender has being charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

New study says consumption of Ponmo, Assorted Meat Increases risk of Cancer

Image result for images of ponmo
New studies have shown that colorectal cancer is a major cause of mortality throughout the world and it accounts for over nine per cent of all cancer incidences. It is the third most common cancer worldwide and the fourth most common cause of death affecting men and women almost equally. Giving the warning in Lagos, the  Chief Medical Personnel, Niola Cancer Care Foundation, Dr. Adedapo Osinowo said fatty meals should be consumed in moderation for the good health of all.

“All fatty meals should be eaten in moderation but if you eat these assorted meats every day, I am sad for you. You can eat them but not every day. Abodi is the rectum and shaki is the stomach' he said.
He continued to say, Ponmo is a risk factor for cancer too.
“These parts are risk factors for cancer because of the way they are prepared, they tend to produce harmful substances that can cause cancer. Their preparation is responsible for this. What is important is to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables to increase antioxidants in the body.”
Furthermore, Osinowo warned against the consumption of smoked fish, saying the problem is the toxic substance produced by the smoke. He listed other risk factors for colon cancer to include; increase in age, family history, diets lacking fruits and vegetables, obesity, alcohol, sedimentary life style among others. Expressing worry that colon cancer is a silent disease, he advised that people should stay away from alcohol consumption and smoking.
“Smoking is associated to all cancers and disease".

Lady narrates how she was brutalized alongside her boyfriend by the police because they were young and had a car

A twitter user, Kiki Mordi has narrated how the police barged into her home and accused her and her boyfriend of being cultists just because they own a BMW. According to her, after the searched her home and found no evidence proving they were cultist, they dragged them to the station and demanded for 200,000 to kill the case. Read the rest of her tweets below...