10 Feb 2017


A Nigerian couple base in Dublin have been calling out each other on social media for a while now. 
First the wife, Nikky Sulid aka Esabod released a video on facebook explaining how bad she’s been treated by her husband, Muyiwa Akingbade. Nikky went on to share evidence (watch here)  that Muyiwa has since been deported, but Muyiwa in a new statement denies being deported showing photos of himself flying business class back to Nigeria.Read Muyiwa’s statement after the cut…

See What Happened To A Man Accused Of Killing People Diabolically In Imo State

Umuelemai Isiala Mbano became a home for angry but mob-free-minded individuals across communities as the cover of an evil doer was blown.
As gathered by my handle, from yesterday the 8th of February 2017, when a rumor filtered in that a popular vulcanizer named EKEZIE, who hails from Umuezeala in Ezime Mbano LGA of Imo State, and has for the past 20years and above enjoyed ‘monopolic’ vulcanizing in an area covered of about a kilometer within each of the four cardinal points in the city he lives in as a tenant and Inlaw was accused of holding the people in the area down and killing many of them diabolically for years.
The Accuser Mr. Chinwendu who is also a Barber/hairstylist at MkpachaUkwu Mbeke in Mbeke community of Isiala Mbano not quite a distant from the area laid a strong accusation against Mr. Ekezie and equally backed it with about 2million Naira as a penalty if he fails to prove his accusations beyond reasonable doubt.
The Accuser in a strong voice claimed that he took Mr. Ekezie where the charms were prepared years ago on the agreement that he is taking Mr. Ekezie to the deity for protective powers, but the story changed when they got to the shrine and to his dismay, he found out that Mr. Ekezie came for a different mission all together and now he cannot hold the secrete back anymore as it is downed on him that so many people has died already as a result of that silly but costly mistake and more are going to die just soon.
This morning, the Traditional Rulers, the Chiefs, traditional heads, the communities and observers gathered to hear and see for themselves and the accused was summoned, he denied every bit of the accusation leveled against him by the Hairstylist.
The Accuser strongly and confidently told the people that he is willing to prove his case beyond reasonable doubt, and an arrangement was immediately made to move him (the accused) in company of some youths and traditional heads to the shrine in Ebonyi State for confirmation, and behold, they got to Ebonyi State and it was confirmed that this Mr. Ekezie pictured naked here (if you look na you sabi) had written so many names cut across men and women in different businesses and crafts within the area and immediately he confessed, pleading with the people not to expose him at home.
According to eyewitnesses, over 50 chains locked with keys and nailed to the mighty Tree in Ebonyi State were uncovered with each placed with a name. So many of them dead already.
They forced him to unlock the keys in other to set the captives free which he did and made an open confession that nothing can be done about the dead ones.
(We know idiot!)
On getting home at about 5:26pm in the evening, the crowd were already waiting in anxiety and anticipation, on break of the news, he was almost mobbed before his slight escape into the bush and he was later apprehended by the youths while trying to make his way to the police station; he was stripped naked, cajoled around the area and later handed over to the police.
ONE OF HIS FRIVOLOUS REASONS FOR THE KILLINGS…When asked why he killed a certain man who was very peaceful and popular in the area (Late Mr. Ochiriozuo) he gave reasons that he has been eyeing Ochiriozuo wife’s big butt. (Ukwu nwanyi Luwe) for long time and when he made it known to the woman that he wants to devour the Ukwu (in the voice Chewetalu Agu), the woman asked him to go and bathe-up first. (That’s how he killed this man years ago to take over the Ukwu which never happened till date)
Honestly, It baffles me how wicked and devilish people can be. How could this man who is a mere vulcanizer wish to kill every man around him in a city he lives in as a tenant?
Umuelemai Junction is an old city which is supposed to have had rapid developments by now owing to the kind of businesses that has sprung up in the area over the years but many of them struggle in vein to see the light of the day. It is pathetic.
Indeed, everything under the surface of earth has an expiring date when God intervenes. Whomever the son of God sets free he is free indeed!

I Was Asked To Kill My Own Son – Kogi Governor's Wife

Wife of Kogi State governor and Founder of Hayat Foundation, Mrs. Amina Bello, has suggested that government should enforce the provision of wheelchairs for physically challenged children and “shut down any school which discriminates against them.”

She told journalists in Abuja how close friends and some family members mocked her for having a son who has cerebral palsy.

Mrs. Bello said she was advised to inject her son with a lethal substance to end his life.

She said, “Schools which discriminate against children who are living with physical and developmental challenges should be shut down. Before you set up a school, it must be accessible to these children with special needs. You must have special teachers or therapists in every class and of course you should be certified fit to open a school for special needs children.

“There is also the stigma which starts from your immediate environment. People will be whispering when a child with special needs or his parents are around. This has made a lot of parents to live in depression. This is the reason why some parents choose to live in denial and lock up such children. I was advised to inject my son with harmful substance and some people advised me to take him to the village.”

The foundation, she said, will establish an institute that will focus on severe cases of cerebral palsy and open a training centre for behavioural and occupational therapists.

Buhari's Time Is Up, I Saw The Revelation – Pastor Olabayo

The founder and primate of the Evangelical Church of Yahweh Worldwide, Theophilus Olabayo, has said that time has come for a new president to emerge in Nigeria.

“God has allowed Buhari to start the foundation. We need to be prayerful. There is too much blood in the country. He, himself… you know he said that he did not know that the problem was this much, that it was as bad as this before he took over. He has done well. He’s an elderly man, over 70.

“God is going to show people that He loves Nigeria; He’s going to teach people sense. The judgment of God is coming, there will be total cleansing.

“He’s not the messiah. Let’s continue to pray for him. I did not say he is going to die, I never said so. But let’s continue to wait for him.”

In a latest phone interview with Premium Times on Thursday night, Pastor Olabayo said “a man of destiny is going to take over in another dimension.”

God told me that the president has done well but his time is up, Aso Rock is vacant, nobody is there. And God told me that he will raise up a man who loves Nigeria to take over.”

“It’s not going to be business as usual, God is taking over this country, what happened in America is going to happen in Nigeria. New Nigeria will be born. Most of those people who stole our wealth, God told me that they will be exposed wherever they are.

“What God revealed to me is that enemies of this country, enemies that are always putting wrong people there to punish us… God said he has put a lion there, on the seat of the leader of this country, nobody is sitting there.

“And anybody that doesn’t love this country, that they want to go all out to fix people there, God will consume them.”

Mr. Olabayo’s prophecy comes one week after he called for a three-day national fasting and prayer to avert an impending “darkness” hovering over Nigeria.

Face of Evil Man Who Slept With A Lady for Years, Used Her to Make Money

The heart of man...hmmm! An 'evil' man who cast a spell on a lady and made her have s*x with him and even other men for money, and also forced her to drink his semen after having intercourse, has been apprehended.

A 25yrs old lady revealed how the man, Enyeribe Nwokocha, allegedly forced her into prosti-tution and also made her his s*x slave since she was 17-year-old. Just imagine!

The lady, who argued that she was strongly under a spell cast on her by Nwokocha, said that aside from compelling her to have s*x with other men for money, he also forced her to drink his semen after having s*x with her.

She revealed that she fell into the clutches of Nwokocha when she was in secondary school and soon lost her senses, adding that she jettisoned school and forgot her family.

She said: “He said that if I allowed any man to have s*x with me without condom, I would die! He said, he alone, had the right to have s*x with me without condom. He said that any day I divulged what took place between us, I would die.”

The Abia State Commissioner of Police, Leye Oyebade said: “Nwokocha, who resides at 24 Nkume Street Aba, was arrested on January 20, by policemen attached to Ndiegoro for abducting his victim. Nwokocha, sometimes in 2010, abducted the victim from Awo Idemili in Orsu Local Government Area of Imo State.

"The suspect with others at large dispossessed the victim of her belongings and subjected her to prostitution in different hotels all over the country. They collected the proceed for their personal use.”

The lady was said to have fallen into the trap of Nwokocha while travelling from Lagos State to Bayelsa State. When she got to Yenagoa, the state capital, it was late. She boarded a taxi, unaware the driver and passengers were abductors.

She became alarmed, when the cab diverted into a bush. Sensing danger, she started screaming for help. It was at that point, that one the passengers, Nwokocha, told her not to be scared, that he would help. He promised that nothing would happen to her.

The victim narrated: “He told me that God sent him to come and use me for a missionary work. He reassured me he came to assist me; he said I shouldn’t cry or be afraid. He also told me that he was led to tell me that I had the gift of prophecy, which I should use to serve God. He said I was going to make money.

"He said he would keep the money for me and use it to open a church for me. He brought out N1000 from his wallet and made me take an oath that whatever I did with him, would remain a secret between us.

“He told me that any money I got would be kept for me in a special account. He said he was a foreigner, not a Nigerian. I was forced to take an oath with him in that taxi. After the incident, he allowed me to go to my sister’s house that night, but I couldn’t tell my sister what happened because of the oath.

"He warned that anytime I divulged the incident to anyone, I would vomit blood and die. I repeated the same pronouncement on him.”

According to her, when her sister relocated to Lagos, leaving her to mind her shop, Nwokocha suddenly had unfettered access to her. He allegedly ordered her to start attending clubs and to have s*x with men for money. She said that all the money she made having s*x with men, was handed over to Nwokocha.

One day, she complained that she was sick and tired of the clubs and wanted to quit. But Nwokocha allegedly started taking her to hotels himself, where he arranged for men to have s*x with her.

She said: “When the clubs became too challenging for me, I told him I couldn’t continue because I might get killed. It entailed going home with some of the men. He started taking me to hotels.

"I was in SS2 and only 17 years when all these started. Today, I’m 25 years old. I stopped going to school and forgot that I had parents or relatives. I now know that I was under a spell. In those eight years, he was also having s*x with me.”

The lady said she started gradually coming to her senses and became fed up with everything that was happening to her. She got up one day and walked straight to the nearest police station, to lodge a complaint against Nwokocha.

Police intervened and asked Nwokocha to produce money she had made so far from prostitution, he couldn’t. Nwokocha’s version of the story was not coordinated. He claimed he had known the girl before the taxi incident, and even wanted her to be his girlfriend but she refused.

He said: “She said I was short and dark complexioned. She said she wanted to marry a man that is tall and fair in complexion like her.” 

Asked if he ever coerced the victim into taking an oath with him, he couldn’t coherently respond.

Police said the man is under investigation.

Beautiful Medical Doctor Dies After Her Return To Nigeria ...photo

It was a sad tale to tell as tears flowed uncontrollably in the oil rich city of Warri, Delta State, during the burial of a fresh 24-year-old medical doctor, Nancy Appih, on Monday, Feb 6.

Nancy was said to have returned home to Delta State, Nigeria, few months ago after graduating from school. She fell ill and, unfortunately, she died.

Bank Manager Impregnates Mother & Daughter In Delta

 A bank manager in one of the new generation banks in Asaba, Delta State has allegedly impregnated a woman and her daughter after their relationship which started as customers.

Reports said that the man was on Tuesday bathed by his wife in Benin, Edo state with soap washing water and allegedly smashed his car’s windscreen when she got wind of the shocking news and had attempt to know the true story from the husband, when the trouble started.

According to Leadership, the manager hails from Edo State and was transferred to Asaba to head the Bank Branch. But sources said trouble started two weeks after his resumption in office when the woman, a big business woman at the popular Ogbeogonogo market during financial transaction at the bank and interaction with the manager, received discovered "kind-hearted services", a situation that made her asked for his GSM number and they became friends.

The bank manager resumed Asaba branch of his office without his wife moving with him and since had been living like a bachelor in an apartment he rented around Infant Jesus area.

Sources say the woman-customer, barely three weeks of her relationship with the Bank manager, turned herself into housewife for him, as she often cook and spend time in his apartment.

Family sources said the woman’s husband is sick after he survived a strange illness.

The woman was said to have introduced her daughter, a final year student of Delta state university, to the man during which she became an errand girl and allegedly find her way into the heart of the rich banker who in most of her visits on behalf of the mother, allegedly spoils her with money.

Insider said that the daughter, who's 22, suddenly “assumed” the hottest spot in the Banker's heart who believes the daughter does the “job” better than the mother.

Investigation revealed that while their relationship lasted, the banker got a shocker from the mother, a 48 year old woman, that she was pregnant and the following week, the daughter reportedly “stamped” the banker with the same news.

Leadership reports that the revelation of their pregnancies had created tension in the family of the housewife and her property had been thrown out by the husband’s relations in Asaba, who described the act as an abomination.

One of the family members, Ogbueshi John Ikwunebo said “we as family members have asked the mother and the daughter to pack out of our brother’s house, it is a taboo and they cannot live there again”.

The housewife a native of Ogbeokaze Quarters in Asaba, had allegedly been “sleeping around” after the husband was reportedly hit with strange illness, while the daughter an under graduate of DELSU allegedly lives same lifestyle like the mother.

A Nigerian -USA Based Fake Pastor Was Caught In 3-Way Love Triangle (LOBATAN)

The Houston Texas preacher who declared Facebook use a sin has shown his true colours: Pastor Dammy Paul admitted that he and his wife a three-way relationship with a young male church assistant.

Update! Crippled man who was assaulted by soldiers pictured with Army Commanders at a press conference in Onitsha

The physically challenged man, Chijioke Raphael Uraku, who was brutalized by soldiers a few days ago was present at the press conference held at 302 Artillery Regiment/14 Field Engineer Regiment in Onitsha, Anambra State today.

Also present is the new 302 Commander, Col. Idongesit Uko Akpan and the Deputy Director Public Relations (82 DIV) Col. Sagi Musa. Mr. Uraku, from Ebonyi State wore military camouflage to the press conference. More photos after the cut...

Tiwa Savage Explains To CNN’s ‘African Voices’ What Made Her Return To Nigeria

This week ‘African Voices’ meets one of Nigeria’s biggest stars, Tiwa Savage, whose vocal talents have taken her from humble roots in a church choir to singing in Los Angeles with some of the industry’s biggest stars. 

The programme reports from Lagos, where ‘African Voices’ discovers what made Savage return to Nigeria and build her career at home.

‘African Voices’ learns that finding success at home was an uphill climb, as Savage explains: “When I first moved to Nigeria, I got a lot of people discouraging me about being a female artist, and a lot of people didn't want to invest money or time because they didn't think I was lucrative…. Female artists are huge in other parts of the world. It shouldn't be different in Africa."

Savage’s musical career began at 16 years old, when she was singing backing vocals for the late pop star George Michael.

‘African Voices’ learns that this not only allowed Savage to move to Los Angeles in the United States, but also collaborate with other notable musicians such as Akon, Kat Deluna and Fantasia.

Savage explains to the programme what made her decide to return to Lagos: “I worked with a lot of people, and they would be interested by my name… ‘Where’s that from?’ I’d say it’s Nigerian, West African, and they’d say, ‘You’re African?’ and fascinated that I was straight from the Motherland… This was a lightbulb moment. These people were interested in Africa, and here I was running from it.”

Having now returned to Nigeria as a recognised star, Savage explains how life in Lagos has changed since leaving at a young age: “It's overwhelming, as well. My family is from here… It's a great feeling, but sometimes you really just want to run, get something and go back home.”

‘African Voices’ accompanies Savage to several personal landmarks around the city, including Maven Studios, where she is currently recording, as well as the City Mission Methodist Church, where Savage had her first audition as a singer.

Reflecting on what she has learnt on her journey and the decision to build a career in Nigeria, Savage tells ‘African Voices’ what advice she would give her past self: “Believe in Africa. Believe in yourself, and believe in Africa.”

Also in this week’s ‘African Voices’, the programme travels to South Africa to meet meets world-renowned singer Thandiswa Mazwai and reports from Zambia, where it meets rising freestyle star, Fungai Chileshe.

Buhari’s Doctors, Aides In Tug Of War Over His Possible Return Tomorrow

Presidency sources have said that President Muhammadu Buhari plans to return to Nigeria on Saturday after his test results came in “fine.” However, Mr. Buhari’s return remains uncertain as his team of doctors in the United Kingdom has

N800 million university fraud: You have a case to answer, court tells ex-minister

Former Minister of Works Adeseye Ogunlewe [Photo Credit: Daily Post]
An Abeokuta High Court on Friday ruled that a former Minister of Works and Housing, Adeseye Ogunlewe, has a case to answer over alleged misappropriation of N800 million at Federal University of Agriculture, FUNAAB, Abeokuta, when he was pro-chancellor of the institution.

Photo of Benin Fraudster Jailed For 2 Years

A Federal High Court, sitting in Benin-City, Edo State on Thursday convicted and sentenced to two years imprisonment to a fraudster, one Osagie Aghedo Bliss (alias Julbert Stefan, Nesta Gilbert, Isak Krister and Fredrick Cruso) for conspiracy and obtaining by false pretense.

Bliss was first arraigned by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, on 29 January, 2013 on a three-count charge bordering on conspiracy, possession of fraudulent documents containing false pretenses and obtaining by false pretense.

Bliss, upon his arraignment, pleaded not guilty to the charges.

After diligent prosecution by the EFCC, Justice P. I. Ajoku found Bliss guilty on count one of the
charge and consequently convicted and sentenced him to two years imprisonment without an option of fine.

Fraudster Osagie Aghedo was discharged and acquitted on count two and three of the charge.

Bliss was arrested with nineteen others suspected to be involved in internet fraud at No. 56 Siloko Road, Benin City, Edo State on 19 November, 2012 by the men of Joint Task Force, JTF, 4 Brigade, Nigerian Army following intelligence reports on their suspected involvement in internet scams.

Laptop computers and phones were recovered from them at the point of arrest and they were handed over to EFCC, for further investigation and possible prosecution.

Meanwhile, the nineteen other fraudsters arrested with him, have been charged separately.

Count one of the charge read: , “that you Osagie Aghedo Bliss (alias Julbert Stefan, Nesta Gilbert, Isak Krister and Frederick Cruso) and Danice Osagie now at large on or about the 19th day of November, 201 in Benin City, Edo State within the jurisdiction of this Honorable court did conspire to commit felony to wit: obtaining money by false pretence and thereby committed an offence contrary to Section 8(a) of the Advance Fee Fraud and Other Fraud Related Offences Act, 2006 and Punishable under Section 1 (3) of the same Act”.

Aretha Franklin Makes Painful Shocking Confession

Aretha Franklin
Aretha Franklin is retiring from what she knows best, singing. At 74, she has done so much after . 60 years of a very successful career. This news comes as a surprise to many people, especially because the singer is already recording her last album.

Nigerian student arrested for duping married woman in Sri Lanka on Facebook

 A 22-year-old Nigerian National, who had befriended a married woman in Sri Lanka over Facebook and later lured her into giving him Rs 4.3 million, was apprehended in Malabe.

 It was gathered that the suspect identified as Benson David seduced the 38-year-old woman and won her heart over Facebook by allegedly promised to give her valuable presents after showing her photos of gold jewellery and other valuables.

The suspect had then informed the gullible woman that in order to release the parcels containing these valuables, a customs duty amounting to Rs4,360, 000 needed to be deposited to three accounts. 
The woman had readily agreed and deposited the money to Benson David, who  is a student at a reputed private institute of higher studies. The complainant woman is a mother of one and her husband is employed abroad. Her husband had been remitting about Rs 100,000 every month to her while he was abroad.

At the time of the arrest the suspect had a total of Rs1.8 million in his bank account. He was produced before the Passara Magistrate yesterday, Thursday, February 9th and was remanded until the 22 on the orders of Magistrate Rasanjana Jayasekera.

Secrets Revealed on Why Lola Idije was Abandoned for Madam Saje

Madam Saje
There have been a lot of character changes in Nollywood especially in the Yoruba movie sector. Some actresses and actors who were once the most sought after in movies are gradually being replaced like Lola Idije.

Chika Ike Source of Wealth Revealed

Chika Ike
Sultry Nollywood actress cum UN Ambassador, Chika Ike is a woman that is multi-talented. Whenever she is not on set, or when she is not doing her TV presentation, there are other things that catch her attention that she loves to do.
Chika who is an actress, producer, director, TV presenter, owner of Fancy Nancy Collections is also an Estate developer.

Wife seeks divorce because husband refuses to ejaculate inside her

A 36-year-old seamstress, Sherifat Adetunji, on Friday pleaded at a Lagos Island Customary Court that her marriage should be dissolved on ground that her husband was longer ejaculating inside her during sex.
The mother of two said that her 10-year-old marriage was blissful until five years ago when things started changing.

Nigerian man caught at India Airport with 90 capsules of cocaine in his stomach ...photo

A Nigerian man with 90 capsules of cocaine in his stomach was arrested at the the Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGIA) Delhi, India, by Narcotics Control Bureau sleuths, on Monday, February 6th. The man, identified as Okonkwo M Tony, was apprehended after he landed at the airport from Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa.

He was admitted to a hospital by the sleuths of the Delhi Zonal unit of the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB). 

Officials said he has ejected 90 cocaine-filled capsules weighing 1.3kg in two days. They said Tony had initially misled the sleuths saying he had come to India for business purpose while carrying a tourist visa. 

He was admitted to a hospital and after medical intervention, he ejected the drug-filled capsules. He told investigators that he had swallowed these at a guest house in Lagos and then reached Addis Ababa via Lome (Togo). He was apprehended as soon as he landed here from the Ethiopian capital,” an official said.

The officials claimed Tony was supposed to hand over the drug capsules to another Nigerian national here, whom the agency has been trailing.

Tony has been arrested under provisions of the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act.

This is the fourth case of seizure of cocaine by the NCB in Delhi in the last one month.
They said the method of smuggling after swallowing the drug is not easy to detect as it is hard to identify any concealment inside the body

Update! Photo of Seun Egbegbe in handcuffs in court today

Nollywood movie producer, Seun Egbegbe and his accomplice were arraigned before an Ogudu magistrate court today on a 36 counts of Advance Fee Fraud. 

He was arrested on February 2nd when he alongside his accomplice tried to dupe a Bureau de change operator of N10 million at the Gbagada general hospital. Continue to see more photos of him in court today...

Don’t shun PDP elders if you wish to succeed – Lagos chapter tells Fayose

The Lagos State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has expressed satisfaction and support for the emergence of Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose, as chairman of the PDP Governors’ forum.‎

Omg! See the $9.7m found in the Kaduna home of former NNPC boss, Andrew Yakubu

EFCC has released photos of the recovered vault containing $9.7 million found in the Kaduna home of former Group Managing Director of NNPC, Andrew Yakubu.

According to a statement released this afternoon, the antigraft agency said a special operation conducted by its operatives on 3rd February, 2017 on a building belonging to the former NNPC boss in Kaduna, yielded the recovery of a staggering sum of $9,772,800 and another sum of £74,000 cash.

The huge cash was hidden in a fire proof safe. The surprise raid of the facility was sequel to an intelligence report which the commission received about suspected proceeds of crime believed to be hidden in the slums of Sabon Tasha area of Kaduna.

On arrival at the facility, the caretaker of the house, one Bitrus Yakubu, a younger brother to Andrew Yakubu, disclosed that both the house and the safe where the money was found belong to his brother, Andrew Yakubu.

When the safe was opened it was discovered that it contained the sum of $9,772,800 (Nine Million, Seven Hundred and Seventy Two Thousand, Eight Hundred United States Dollars) and another sum of £74,000 (Seventy Four Thousand Pound Sterling).

On February 8, 2017, Andrew Yakubu reported to the Commission’s Zonal office in Kano and made statements wherein he admitted ownership of the recovered money, claiming it was gift from unnamed persons. He is currently assisting the investigation.

Tragic! Man drowns while escaping cultists who forcefully initiate Estate residents in Lagos

A 20-year-old laborer identified as Sunday has drowned while trying to escape being initiated by cultists in Lake View estate, Amuwo Odofin, Lagos.

The cultist gang known as Icelander Confraternity have reportedly been terrorizing the neighborhood for a while, grabbing young men and forcing them into getting initiated into the cult. Young men who refuse to be initiated are reportedly told to leave the estate or face death.

On one of such nights, on Sunday, the cultists reportedly stormed the estate and grabbed some young men, leading them to the waterside. The deceased and his friend, Alabi, were one of those taken. At the scene, a member of the gang called Tunde intimidated the victims with a gun, threatening to shoot them if they refused to get initiated. Sunday was adamant and he was pushed by one of the members of the gang, causing him to jump into the river where he drowned. Alabi took advantage of the commotion caused by the death of his friend to escape and he returned to the estate to alert them of what transpired and they, in turn, alerted the police.

When the police from the Festac division arrived, the bloated body of Sunday which was found floating on the water surface was retrieved but his family refused to hand him over for an autopsy and revealed they intend to bury him by the river.

The police have combed the entire neighborhood for the gang members who fled the scene immediately after the initiation backfired, but so far, none of them have been found.

Residents narrated their ordeal in the hands of the cultists who have been terrorizing them, revealing that most families have had to send their sons away from the neighborhood to save them from initiation. The cult group reportedly parade themselves as members of the OPC.

According to Vanguard, Sunday and Alabi became targets for the gang after two of their friends gave in and joined. This led the gang to begin targeting the others in Sunday's circle.

A resident Spoke on the events leading up to the attack and the attack itself, saying;

“Few days before Sunday’s demise, they (cultists) came to where Sunday and his friends were and ordered them to stand up and follow them. They obeyed but someone intervened on their behalf and they were allowed to go. But when they came back on Monday, there was no body to intervene for them. They took Sunday and Alabi straight to the waterside where they started beating them.

“We were told that when Sunday jumped into the river, the cultists were still hauling stones at him, instead of helping him out. They watched him drown. But for Alabi’s decision to escape, he would have been shot dead because he said Tunde asked them to say their last prayer since they refused to voluntarily join Icelander.” 

Lobatan! Zimbabwean banks run out of cash, impose $50 withdrawal limit

Image result for images of mugabe
Some Banks in Zimbabwe have announced a $50 withdrawal limit per day as cash shortage deepens in the country.

The country has been battling with cash shortages since 2016, with authorities blaming the externalization of foreign currency, hoarding and other illicit financial outflows.

According to Zim News, banks such as CABS, ZB, National Building Society and Standard Chartered had reverted to giving $50 per day in either bond notes or United States dollars while some had run out of cash, forcing depositors to spend hours in queues. 

While Met Bank is said to be the only bank giving $300 weekly withdrawals to customers.

A CABS official who confirmed the $50 withdrawal limit said they did not have enough money hence they were forced to implement limits on withdrawals to ensure that they remain in business.

RIP: Pathetic Story Of Old-Time Socialite, Danku; -How He Fell On Bad Times

RIP Danku Baba Imole.

What a sad day!
In the 90s, Femi Lekuti, widely known as Danku baba Imole was a hot item on the social scene. He was the toast of top Yoruba musisians, especially K1 De Ultimate who sang a hot number that still remains a popular anthem till today for him back then. Danku rocked the scene till early 2000s. The one time big-spender is ow tasting the other side of life, as things have gone bad for him. The case of the old-time socialite has become pathetic as he is now on the sick bed, battling stroke.

Update! Nnamdi Kanu's wife says, he is obsessed with Biafra that he would gladly sacrifice me and our children

In an exclusive interview with ThisDay, Mrs Uchechi Nnamdi Kanu, wife of the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu, who is presently being tried for alleged treasonable felony among other charges, says her husband is so obsessed with the Biafran struggle to the point that he would gladly sacrifice her, their children and other family members,  if it is what it would take to actualize the struggle. Read excerpts of the interview below:
It’s a year since your husband was detained by the federal government, how has your family been fairing without him?
My husband’s absence is being felt in the family as would any family without the head, but we are holding up alright under the circumstance we find ourselves.

Under this circumstance, would you advise him to dump the struggle and return to you, if you had the opportunity?
No. I will not advise my husband to jettison the struggle come what may. Anybody advising him to jettison the struggle, he will despise. That is his personality. To him, freedom from oppression is the holy grail. All he thinks about is Biafra and he would always say that he can only be regarded as a complete man when he’s able to rise up in the morning as a free man with Biafran flag flying on top of our house. That is what he always told me.

Okay, your husband’s insistence on the struggle makes him come across as a stubborn man. Can you tell us about him, how he lived in the house and the fond memories you have of him?
My husband is indomitably obstinate when it comes to fighting a good cause – he abhors oppression. My husband is a kind-hearted and very intelligent man, whose witticism can crack your ribs for a very long time. When he is at home, you will know. He is a man that is obsessed with Biafra to the point of insanity and many times he has said publicly that he would gladly sacrifice me, the children and the wider family, if that is what it would take for Biafra to be free. That is the type of man Nigeria is facing, and that is the kind of man my husband is.

How did you meet him, and what has marrying him been like?
I met my husband in my hometown but that will be a story for another time.

Why not now?
It won’t be now. I can only tell you that being married to my husband has been ethereal even though as with every marriage it has its ups and downs. This period especially, encapsulates this feeling more than any other period. I feel down because he is not here with us but at the time I feel elated because he is fighting a noble cause – the contradictions of life.

When you first met him, did he come across to you as a freedom fighter?
Not at first, because he probably didn’t want to frighten me with it. As it turned out he kept it very close to his chest. You wouldn’t think he is because he is a softly-spoken gentleman and sometimes very reserved. The one thing that stood out from day one was that he abhors injustice against all peoples and was always complaining about how poor people were treated anytime he visited home from the UK.
He would complain about everything that is wrong with the society from poor electricity supply to inadequate housing, bad roads, check points, general poverty and every other social problem plaguing the people. It never occurred to me at the time that he would regard the liberation of Biafra as that all-encompassing solution to effect those improvements in our lives that he talked endlessly about.

What do you tell your kids about their father, do they know what he is passing through?
I tell them “daddy is home making sure our people are set free so we can all go home to Biafra and live because England is not our home”. Though our children are born in England, they are not English or British. They know they are Biafran and that is their identity and Biafra is our home and their father is making sure that it’s as good a place as England, so they and all kids in Biafraland can have all the things that children have where we are now in England when we finally move back to where we come from.

What is your advice to teeming supporters of your husband?
I advise them to continue to stand up for what they believe in which is freedom because it doesn’t come cheap at all. Every advanced society in the world including the great United States of America, France, Russia, Israel and even United Kingdom – all went through a phase in their history when they rose up against oppression and tyranny in order to give a better life to their children and those unborn.
So, what IPOB is doing now will echo throughout history. The sacrifice and effort now can never be in vain. We must remain unwavering and steadfast in the pursuit of our freedom which is life’s most vital purpose. As my husband will say, “We must be without fear before our enemies”, not to be deterred and perturbed by the oppressions we face today because that is exactly what we are seeking to be free from.
Have you visited your husband since his detention?
No, I have not because as you know, I am nursing the latest addition to the family. As soon as he is strong enough to be left with a minder, then I shall be on my way to see my husband. Though I hope he will be out before then.

Talking about coming to Nigeria, we learnt you and other leaders of IPOB were declared wanted sometime in the past, has that subsided?
I don’t know about that. The world knows that Nigeria is presently a very uncivilised place with all the goings-on in their courts – arbitrary arrests, needless harassment, unconstitutional legal rulings in their court of law, disobedience to court orders, absence of the rule of law and a rogue law enforcement apparatus – anything is possible but we are not perturbed by that. The liberation of Biafra is a just cause. What Nigeria is doing is barbaric, but normal for a Third World country in Africa. That is exactly what we are fighting to get away from.

Do you know how this whole struggle started on his part?
This struggle started on his part in 1996 way before anybody heard anything about Biafra. In 200sed with the 9, when a measure of success was being recorded with global awareness, Uwazuruike showcased his treachery, incompetence and fraudulent mind towards the struggle and effectively set it back by 3 years.

How did Uwazuruike do this?
I will explain it to you as we proceed.

At this point, what are your demands from the Nigerian government for your husband and the struggle?
My demand is for the Nigerian government to release my husband and other IPOB detainees as they have no case against them. Nigeria is presently situated in the right context of the word “democratic ignorance”, which prompts me once again to call the government of Major-General Buhari a democratic dictatorship, not a government of the people, by the people and for the people.
We Biafrans have the uncontested right to self-determination; the Nigerian government and their terrorised judiciary, who are afraid of honest interpretation of the law, should stop interfering in this case because all they end up doing is foolishly showcasing their unintelligent criminal cheating minds before the whole civilised world. As for the struggle, the Nigeria government and her agents should allow us Biafrans to hold a referendum (with reference to Scotland/UK). If we lose, we will stop agitating for Biafra.

What is your view on Biafra, and do you think his insistence on getting Biafra is right, in view of the fact that many have lost their lives through this?
Let me tell you, Biafra is my hope. I see Biafra as a new beginning, a place where systems are well structured, where there is civility, law and order because as it is, all I see is barbarism in Nigeria. My husband is right for insisting on freedom for all of us Biafrans and beyond because without it, life is meaningless. My family is in England today, a very beautiful country, because the likes of Oliver Cromwell fought and many died that the House of Commons may be established to speak for the common man. Without justice, equity and fairness, Africa will remain backward.

From your end, what moves have you and other leaders of IPOB made to ensure the release of Kanu, seeing that all hopes of his being released by any Nigerian court has been dashed?
There have been moves made and still on. We are not going to relent. Securing the release of my husband is not all, Biafra must be released too from the death grip of Nigeria and we won’t stop until we achieve both.

He is a man that is obsessed with Biafra to the point of insanity and many times he has said publicly that he would gladly sacrifice me, the children and the wider family, if that is what it would take for Biafra to be free. That is the type of man Nigeria is facing, and that is the kind of man my husband is"