11 Feb 2017

Update! Aisha Buhari Back To Nigeria After Saudi Arabia Trip

Aisha Buhari, wife of the President has returned to Nigeria from the kingdom of Saudi Arabia where she performed Umrah or Lesser Hajj. She arrived the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja today and was received by Toyin Saraki, wife of Senate president, Bukola Saraki, wives of the governors of Kebbi and Kogi States, wives of the service chiefs as well as the former deputy governor of Plateau State, Pauline Tallen.

”I thank God for journey mercies, I prayed for Nigeria and Nigerian leaders and we should not relent in prayers and good deeds,” she said.

Woman poisons her two children over her husband's failure to provide for them last Christmas

32 year old Helen Okwata Azibabeh, pictured above, is currently in a prison in Bayelsa state after she forced her two children, one year old Gloria and two year old son Innocent, to drink Parafox, a popular herbicide used for curbing weeds, just because their father failed to provide Christmas clothing for them last year.

Azibabeh committed the act in Kolo, Ogbia Local Government area, Bayelsa State on December 22nd last year.

 According to The Sun, while the little girl Gloria escaped death by the whiskers, her two year old brother, Innocent, was not so lucky as he died instantly after swallowing the lethal substance.

When interrogated, Azibabeh said the anger she had towards her husband for failing to provide for his family, forced her to commit the crime. She says she regrets her actions.
“I didn’t see any of the Christmas clothes my two children could wear. Early in the morning, I went to the market and bought Parafox, a substance that is used to kill grasses and I gave it to my two children to drink. Gloria was able to survive due to self-medication and hospital treatment, but her brother, Innocent died on the spot after he drank the poison. I ran to my elder sister’s house and confessed to her what I have done to my two children. She assisted me to rescue Gloria by administering some medication, and we later took her to the hospital. Thereafter, she reported me at Kolo Police station and I was arrested. I used to have two children. I killed one by myself, now I am left with only one. I want God to forgive me and intervene in my life. I have learnt my lesson. Nigerians should forgive me,” she said weeping
Confirming the incident, the state commission of police, Amba Asuquo, confirmed the incident and added that the case has been transferred to the homicide section of the State Criminal Investigation Department where the suspect is in detention.

Update! Mexico wall will cost more than the government originally thought but

Building a border wall between the United States and Mexico was one of Donald Trump's focus during the campaign and now he has an update on it.

7-year-old Nigerian Girl Completes 2017 Lagos City Marathon

A 7-year-old confident runner, Damilola Oluwaseyi has finished the Lagos City Marathon in style to the cheers of all.
The Lagos City Marathon might have produced a future champion for Nigeria in the person of 7-year-old Damilola Oluwaseyi who finished the long race in style. The little girl who is by all means a winner ran in the children’s category of the Access Bank Lagos City Marathon to the delight of all.
She was applauded for the fighting spirit and ability to endure which has made her somewhat of a talent to nurture. The young lady began her #RunLagos race from her house at Lekki and finished ahead of many others.
It is all applaud and commendations for the little warrior. It is believed she will be coached to do more exploits for Nigeria in the future.The 2017 Lagos City Marathon was won by Abraham Kiptum with Rodah Tanui and Nigeria’s Babalola Hannah winning the female and wheelchair races respectively.

Armed robber snatches female student's phone at gunpoint, mocks her online

A robber in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, who snatched the mobile phone of a student of the Nnamdi Azikiwe university, took the daring step of uploading his own pictures on his victim’s Facebook account (Gabrilla Uchechi Eberechukwu) on Thursday.

The unidentified suspect, who changed the victim’s profile picture on Facebook to his, even went as far as sharing an update.

"I mind you,” he wrote on Eberechukwu’s wall, an update which then elicited a barrage of abusive comments for his confidence.

One of Eberechukwu’s friends, Ifunanya Joy, commented on the picture, “You stole my friend’s phone. You are a big thief” to which he replied with a laughing emoji.

Joy explained that she had spoken with her friend who explained that the man had taken control of her Facebook account and did not know what to do.

“She doesn’t even know what is going on with her Facebook now,” Joy said.

The thief’s pic has been circulating on the social media with messages for help in locating him.

Prostitute Breaks Her Own Daughter’s Head

Neighbours of 37-year-old Chioma Ochemba, a commercial s*x worker in Ayobo area of Lagos, took away her daughter, a seven-year-old girl as she threatened to kill the girl.

Chioma, an Imo State indigene, shocked her neighbours after she smashed a wood on the girl’s head, inflicting an injury that covered the child in blood, after accusing her of losing a N100 slippers she had bought for her the previous day.

One of her neighbours, Mr. Busari Tajudeen, said he was forced to intervene when Chioma angrily grabbed the girl by the neck and hit her with a piece of wood.

Tajudeen promptly dragged the girl away from her and took the child to the Ayobo Police Division where a policewoman rushed her to the hospital for treatment.

The girl was treated and kept at the station afterwards but her mom was nowhere to be found.

According to Punch, Chioma made no attempt to look for the girl but instead, dressed up that day and went to her overnight prostitution work.

The following day when the police went after the woman, she fought the police inspector who had gone to arrest her, threatening that nobody dared to take her child away from her.

Chioma, who has three children (living with their grandmother in the village) by her first husband and another three (aged seven, five and seven months old) by her second husband, explained that anger pushed her to deal the girl such a deadly blow.

But neighbours said she regularly beat the children brutally.

“Everybody was careful not to intervene in her matters because she is very troublesome. She beats her children brutally all the time. She even beats the six-month-old child she is nursing in a way that shock neighbours. But when she hit the seven-year-old in the head and blood gushed out, I just could not take it anymore. If anything happened, people would ask why we did nothing,” Tajudeen said.

Chioma cried as the station, saying her anger was a result of frustration.

“I am always suffering because of these children. Their father is in jail now. This is his fifth time in the Kirikiri Prison,” she said.

Chioma said that before her husband went to jail, he was an Indian hemp vendor.

She said, “I have not been able to send the children to school since he went to jail eight months ago. At least he was able to send the children to school through the money he was making selling Indian hemp.

“I was angry when I beat my daughter because it is because of the children I am suffering so much. It was after I broke her head that I realised I was too harsh. I did not intend to beat them.”

On Wednesday, officials of the Jeshabel Touch-A-Heart Foundation, along with the police, took Chioma and her children to the children’s department of the Ministry of Women Affairs and Poverty Alleviation of the Lagos State Government.

The children were promptly taken away from Chioma temporarily as she wept and pleaded.

The children have now been sheltered at one of the ministry’s children’s homes in the state pending a decision on what should be done to Chioma.

Armed Cultists Attack Edo Police Station, Free Detainees

Armed men, suspected to be cultists, attacked a police station in Akoko-Edo area of Edo State and freed two of their colleagues in detention.

It was learnt that the attackers gained access to the police station located in Ibillo after disguising as relatives of their colleagues on February 2, 2017.

They were said to have shot sporadically, killing a woman in the process.

The attackers were said to have successfully freed their colleagues and escaped.

Confirming the report, State Commissioner of Police, Haliru Gwandu, said that the freed suspects had been arrested for alleged r*pe.

He said, “Two r*pists were arrested at Ibillo and unknown to the police, the suspects were cultists. Their members went to the police station.

“But the police did not know they were there to rescue their members. There was sporadic shooting and an innocent lady was hit and killed.”

Gwandu, who spoke while briefing journalists on Friday, disclosed that some of the attackers were later arrested on February 8.

More policemen had been deployed in the affected police station to prevent a recurrence.

“Police are still mopping up the area. The area is a border town, we have the influx of misguided elements,” the CP added.

See Lagos Big Girl Caught On Camera Stealing In Boutique In Lagos

Just imagine how an endowed lady went to a boutique pretending she wanted to buy clothes, but her agenda was to steal. Like a pro, she stole the boutique owner's N100,000 and iPhone.

The incident happened at a ladies' boutique in Surulere, Lagos. See more photos below...

Update! I Won’t Return Until Doctors Tell Me To - Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari has said he would only return to Nigeria when his London doctors certify him well enough to do so.

“… I am extending my leave until the doctors are satisfied that certain factors are ruled out,” Mr. Buhari said in a February 5 letter to the President of the Senate, Bukola Saraki, informing the National Assembly of the extension of his vacation. The letter was exclusively obtained by Premium Times today.

Although snippets of the letter were publicised by the presidency and the Senate on February 5 and 6 respectively, this is the first time the entire text and copy of the correspondence would be made available.

The President wrote, “Further to my letter dated 18th January 2017 in which I notified the Distinguished Senate of taking part of my annual leave.

“During my leave, I took the opportunity to have routine check-ups and consult my long standing doctors in London. 

“In the course of the routine examinations, certain test result indicated the need for a course of medications and further appointments have been scheduled for next week.

“I am therefore notifying the Distinguished Senate that I am extending my leave until the doctors are satisfied that certain factors are ruled out. In the circumstances, the vice president will continue to act on my behalf.

“Please accept, Distinguished Senate President, the assurances of my highest consideration.”

” I Have Been His S ex Slave Since I Was 17″ 25 Year Old Girl Opens Up...

A 25-year-old lady has revealed how a man, Mr. Enyeribe Nwokocha, allegedly forced her into pros titution and also made her his s.ex slave since she was 17-year-old.
The lady, who argued that she was strongly under a spell cast on her by Nwokocha, said that aside from compelling her to have s.ex with other men for money, he also forced her to drink his s’emen after having s.ex with her.
According to her, she fell into the clutches of Nwokocha when she was in secondary school and soon lost her senses. She claimed to have jettisoned school and forgot her family.
She said: “He said that if I allowed any man to have s.ex with me without condom, I would die! He said, he alone, had the right to have s.ex with me without condom. He said that any day I divulged what took place between us, I would die.”
The Abia State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Leye Oyebade said: “Nwokocha, who resides at 24 Nkume Street Aba, was arrested on January 20, by policemen attached to Ndiegoro for abducting his victim. Nwokocha, sometimes in 2010, abducted the victim from Awo Idemili in Orsu Local Government Area of Imo State.
The suspect with others at large dispossessed the victim of her belongings and subjected her to pr0stitution in different hotels all over the country.
They collected the proceed for their personal use.” The victim was said to have fallen into the trap of Nwokocha while travelling from Lagos State to Bayelsa State. When she got to Yenagoa, the state capital, it was late. She boarded a taxi, unaware the driver and passengers were abductors.
She became alarmed, when the cab diverted into a bush. Sensing danger, she started screaming for help. It was at that point, that one the passengers, Nwokocha, told her not to be scared, that he would help. He promised that nothing would happen to her.
The victim narrated: “He told me that God sent him to come and use me for a missionary work. He reassured me he came to assist me; he said I shouldn’t cry or be afraid. He also told me that he was led by God to tell me that I had the gift of prophecy, which I should use to serve God. He said I was going to make money.
He said he would keep the money for me and use it to open a church for me. He brought out N1000 from his wallet and made me take an oath that whatever I did with him, would remain a secret between us.”
The lady further narrated: “He told me that any money I got would be kept for me in a special account. He said he was a foreigner, not a Nigerian. I was forced to take an oath with him in that taxi. After the incident, he allowed me to go to my sister’s house that night, but I couldn’t tell my sister what happened because of the oath.
He warned that anytime I divulged the incident to anyone, I would vomit blood and die. I repeated the same pronouncement on him.” According to her, when her sister relocated to Lagos, leaving her to mind her shop, Nwokocha suddenly had unfettered access to her.
He allegedly ordered her to start attending clubs and to have s.ex with men for money. She said that all the money she made having s.ex with men, was handed over to Nwokocha. One day, she complained that she was sick and tired of the clubs, she wanted to quit.
But Nwokocha allegedly started taking her to hotels himself, where he arranged for men to have s.ex with her. She said: “When the clubs became too challenging for me, I told him I couldn’t continue because I might get killed. It entailed going home with some of the men. He started taking me to hotels.
I was in SS2 and only 17 years when all these started. Today, I’m 25 years old. I stopped going to school and forgot that I had parents or relatives. I now know that I was under a spell. In those eight years, he was also having s.ex with me.” She victim insisted that she started gradually coming to her senses and became fed up with everything that was happening to her.
She got up one day and walked straight to the nearest police station, to lodge a complaint against Nwokocha. Police stepped into the human trafficking matter and asked Nwokocha to produce any money the victim had made so far from pr0stitution, he couldn’t. Nwokocha’s version of the story was not coordinated. He said he had known the girl before the taxi incident, and even wanted her to be his girlfriend but she refused.
He said: “She said I was short and dark complexioned. She said she wanted to marry a man that is tall and fair in complexion like her.” Asked if he ever coerced the victim into taking an oath with him, he couldn’t coherently respond.

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Read the story of Kenyan girl sent back from the US over Trump ban

A Kenyan girl was denied entry into the United States just days after courts barred President Donald Trump from deporting immigrants.

The girl identified as Ednah Chepkoton, was held at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport for many hours after getting off a United Airlines flight on Saturday, February 4, 2017

The 25-year-old nursing graduate had been given a five-year multiple entry visa by the US embassy in Nairobi on Friday, January 20, 2017

Narrating to the sad experience to the Star, she said:

'We landed at around 9.30 am but when I was clearing with the customs an immigration officer called me aside and started questioning me. I was so confused and terrified. It was my first trip out of Kenya, she said.

The officer then started checking her luggage and documents. He asked her why she was carrying her academic papers and if she did not plan to return to Kenya.

'I told him I always travel with my papers and that I had a return ticket," she said.

After the interrogations which took four hours, the officer demanded her cell phone

'He asked for the password which I gave to him,' she said, adding she was then asked to leave the office.

'I went back to ask why my case was taking long because my flight was leaving. It was at that juncture that the officer, who was with a woman in uniform, told me he had two questions for me,'

She was asked to choose between being banned from the US for five years and having her visa withdrawn.

Ednah requested the officers to let her call her cousin. They refused.

Caught between a hard rock and a hard place, she chose the cancellation of her multiple entry visa. Her visa now bears a United States Homeland Security stamp withdrawing it.

Ednah was bundled into a return flight to Nairobi at around 6pm, more than eight hours after setting foot in the US.

'I was really looking forward to my one-month stay in the US. We had spent a lot of money on air tickets. It is so sad that after all the vetting at the embassy in Nairobi I was humiliated this much.

Upon returning to Kenya, she, however, called the US embassy and was told to send her denial of entry letter.

Tragic! Company director assasinated in broad day light in Benin (Graphic photos)

The sad story was shared by an eye witness. The man, said to be an Etisalat Director, was assassinated in broad day light while driving in his SUV with his wife & son in Benin City yesterday. The son was also shot but the wife escaped unhurt. Read the full story and see the graphic photos from the scene of the killing after the cut...

Woman Poisons Her Own Private Part To Kill Her Husband

A woman in South Africa is facing a 15-year jail term for allegedly lacing her va-gina with poison with the intention of killing her husband for allegedly cheating on her.

The woman identified as Beatrice, who has been charged with attempted murder, had complained to her friends about her husband's ways and decided to act against him in a diabolic way.

According to Trending Post, Beatrice put a potent liquid rat poison she found online in her private parts with the hope that her husband, Mr. Khumalo, would give her a cunnilingus which would kill him in the process.

After she was arraigned in court, Beatrice reportedly said:
I told him not to sleep around on me, I bet he won’t do it no more. I knew something was wrong when he wouldn't leave the house to come get this va-gina; he knows we always f*ck Thursday.”

The woman suspected her husband was dating a lady identified as Valerie Sithole.

The "dangerous wife" was charged with attempted murder and faces 15yrs in prison on conviction. 

Giving evidence in the case, Mr. Khumalo said he knew something wasn’t right before he went down on his wife because she had been playing a song titled 'Poison' on repeat all day long.

He said his instinct save his life as he refused to go down on her despite her insistence. The man has thus vowed never to eat or drink anything Beatrice gives him as long as they remain married.

Update! Soldiers Who Brutalised Crippled Man Imprisoned With Hard Labour

True to its promise, the Nigerian Army has dealt with 2 soldiers captured on camera maltreating a physically challenged man on the streets of Onitsha, Anambra State, last Tuesday.
The soldiers - Corporal Bature Samuel and Corporal Abdulazeez Usman of 82 Provost Company, have been arrested, summarily tried based on 2 count charges and found guilty.
Consequently, both have been sentenced to reduction in rank; from Corporal to Private Soldiers and 21 days Imprisonment with Hard Labour (IHL) respectively, which includes forfeiture of 21 days pay to the Federal Government of Nigeria.

The Nigerian Army has also reached out to the victim of their unjustifiable assault, Mr. Chijoke Uraku (alias CJ), as widely reported by the media.

We wish to reiterate our avowed determination to ensure that troops conduct themselves in the most orderly and professional manner at all times. Any act of indiscipline would not be tolerated.

You are please requested to disseminate this information to the public through your medium.

Thank you for your kind cooperation.

Brigadier General Sani Kukasheka Usman
Director Army Public Relations

Update! Seun Egbegbe's Dollars "Fraud" Saga Is Over N40million... remanded in prison

Justice Oluremi Oguntoyinbo of Federal High Court Lagos, has ordered a popular Lagos big boy, Oluwaseun Kareem, aka Seun Egbegbe, to be remanded in prison for alleged foreign exchange scam of over N40million and hundreds of thousands of dollars and pound sterling.

Egbegbe will be in the custody of prison authorities pending hearing of his bail application.

Operatives of the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department (SCIID) of Lagos State Police Command, Panti-Yaba, on Friday arraigned Egbegbe before the court on 36 count charge bordering on conspiracy and fraud.

He was arraigned alongside his accomplice, one Oyekan Ayomide.

In the charge filed before the court by SCIID’s Head of Legal department, CSP Effiong Asuquo, the two suspected fraudster were alleged to have between 2016 and February 2, 2017, defrauded the BDC Operators at various places in Lagos to the tune of N40.647million; $29, 800,00 USD; and £4,815 United Kingdom Pounds Sterling.

The offences according to the prosecutor, Mr. Anyigor Innocent, are contrary to sections 8 and 1(1)(a)(B)(3) of Advance Fee Fraud and Other Related Offences Act 2006, and punishable under section 1(1) of the same Act.

Among the BDC operators allegedly defrauded by the defendants include;
Issa Adamu, Mohammed Sanni, Jubril Ado, Hassan Amodu, Bala Mohammed, Sanni Hassan, Abdullahi Mumuni, Suraju Garuba, Mutairu Shuaibu, Sanusi Muhammad, Kabiru Jubril. 
Others are Barowo Abdullahi, Yahu, Abubakar Musa, Abdullahi Babatunde, Nasir Musa, Umaru Haruna, Umaru Sanni, Mohammed Bello, Mohammed Alli, Abdulrazaq Sanni, Tairu Musa, Sulaiman Sheu, Amadu Abda and Dauda Ibrahim.

The defendants pleaded not guilty. Owing to their not guilty plea, the prosecutor, Mr. Anyigor, urged the court to remand them in Prison’s custody pending trial.

But their counsel, A.O Gbadamosi, pleaded with the court to give date for the hearing of his clients’ bail applications. He informed the court that he is yet to file the application.

Justice Oguntoyinbo granted the request of the defence and ordered that the two defendants be remanded in Prison.

Police Arrest ‘Uncle’ For Alleged Rape Of Housemaid

Ten days after Saturday Punch’s report about the alleged rape of a 16-year-old orphan housemaid by her ‘uncle’ and torture by his wife, the police from the Iyana-Iba division, Lagos have apprehended the suspect.

The suspect, Afrobest Chinedu Eze, a trader at the Alaba International Market, Ojo, Lagos, was arrested on Wednesday after several efforts by the police to track him down.

Saturday Punch had reported on January 28 how the victim, 16-year-old Blessing, was brought to the home of the Ezes to work as a housemaid about three months ago.

She was said to have lost her two parents and had been living without care in the village before a relation brought her to Lagos.

Janet (not real name) accused the man she refers to as ‘uncle’ of forcing himself on her at three separate times when his wife was not around.

According to the girl, when Mrs. Eze came back from her travels, she summoned her.

Janet told Saturday Punch that the woman accused her of seducing her husband while she was away and she tortured her as a result.

But Eze had told a Punch correspondent that the girl was simply lying about everything.

The Divisional Police Officer of Iba, Mr. Michael Falade, explained that the suspect had not been transferred to the Department of Criminal Investigation he had not personally heard the verbal allegations of the girl.

On Friday, a Punch correspondent confirmed that Eze had finally been tranferred to the DCI for further investigation.

Executive Director of the Esther Child Rights Foundation, Mrs. Esther Ogwu, who is handling Janet’s case, called on the Lagos State Government to find her a proper home.

“We are concerned that while the case lasts, the girl’s life may become stagnant even though she is already traumatised. That is why we submitted a letter to the Domestic and Sexual Violence Team of the Lagos State Government and the National Human Rights Commission to seek a concerted effort to help the girl,” she said.

Update! EFCC Discovers Diezani’s $37.5m Lagos Mansion

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission has discovered a $37.5m (N11.75bn) luxury high-rise building on Banana Island, Ikoyi, Lagos, allegedly belonging to the embattled former Minister of Petroleum Resources, Diezani Alison-Madueke.

This is just as the EFCC revealed on Friday that it discovered $9.3m and £74,000 belonging to a former Group Managing Director, Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, Mr. Andrew Yakubu. The money was allegedly kept in a bungalow situated in the slums of Kaduna.

The two discoveries were made as part of investigations into a string of fraudulent activities in the NNPC, which cost the nation over $20bn at a time the oil price stood at about $100 per barrel on the average

According to impeccable sources within the EFCC, the building allegedly belonging to Diezani was purchased between 2011 and 2012. It is situated in the same estate where Africa’s richest man, Alhaji Aliko Dangote, resides.

Saturday Punch  learnt that the building comprises 18 flats and six penthouses.

Properties on Banana Island are believed to be among the most expensive in Africa with a plot of land selling between $4m (N1.25bn) and $6m (N1.8bn), according to Forbes Magazine.

A source at the EFCC said, “The aggressive drive by the EFCC to recover all hidden assets of former Minister of Petroleum Resources, Diezani Alison-Madueke, who is under investigation for corruption and money laundering, produced another breakthrough this week with the discovery of a property acquired through shell companies by the former minister at upscale Banana Island in Lagos.

“The property is a 15-storey edifice comprising 18 flats and six penthouses.

“The property was acquired by the former minister between 2011 and 2012 at a total cost of $37.5m from the developers, YF Construction Development and Real Estate.

The property was allegedly acquired in the name of a shell company, Rusimpex Limited under the control of certain Mr. Afamefuna Nwokedi of Stillwaters law firm, in Lagos.”

Last year, the commission seized an $18m mansion in the Asokoro area of Abuja allegedly belonging to the ex-minister.

She has, however, denied all the allegations levelled against her.

Meanwhile, the commission has recovered $9.7m and £74,000 from a former GMD of the NNPC, Mr. Andrew Yakubu.

Ironically, Yakubu, who served as the head of the corporation between 2012 and 2014, is the key witness of the EFCC against the Chairman of Atlantic Energy Brass Development Limited and Atlantic Energy Drilling Concept Limited, Jide Omokore, who is standing trial for an alleged $1.6bn fraud.

The EFCC said in a statement by its spokesman, Mr. Wilson Uwujaren, that the money was found in a safe hidden in a slum in Kaduna State.

The statement read in part, “A special operation conducted by operatives of the EFCC on February 3, 2017 on a building belonging to a former Group Managing Director of the NNPC, Dr. Andrew Yakubu, in Kaduna yielded the recovery of a staggering sum of $9,772,800 and another sum of £74,000 in cash.

“The huge cash was hidden in a fire-proof safe. The surprise raid of the facility was sequel to an intelligence which the commission received about suspected proceeds of crime believed to be hidden in the slums of Sabon Tasha area of Kaduna.

“On arrival at the house, the caretaker of the house, one Bitrus Yakubu, a younger brother to Andrew Yakubu, disclosed that both the house and the safe where the money was found belong to his brother, Andrew Yakubu.

“When the safe was opened it was discovered that it contained the sum of $9,772,800 and another sum of £74,000.

“On February 8, 2017, Andrew Yakubu reported to the commission’s Zonal office in Kano and made statement wherein he admitted ownership of the recovered money, claiming it was gift from unnamed persons. He is currently assisting the investigation.”