22 Feb 2017

Teen Mom Explains Why She Dumped Her 4-Month Old Baby

The Lagos State Task Force says its men have rescued a four- month-old baby boy put in a bag and dumped under the bridge in Oshodi area of the state.

The Chairman of the outfit, SP Olayinka Egbeyemi, told newsmen in Ikeja that the enforcement team of the Task Force rescued the baby while on duty in the area.

Egbeyemi said that the 18-year-old mother of the baby was arrested by an official of the force when she was running away after dumping the baby.

He said that during an investigation, the mother confessed that she dumped the baby because she could no longer take care of him.

“We have briefed the Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Mr Fatai Owoseni, about the incident and he has directed that the baby and his mother be immediately transferred to Social Welfare Department of the Lagos State Ministry of Youth and Social Development,’’ Egbeyemi said.

The mother told newsmen that she decided to dump the baby when none of her family members was ready to accommodate and help her.

“My mother sent me out because I could not identify the man who impregnated me. I had sex with different men,” she said.

According to her, she dropped out of school in JSS II, due to poverty.


Teenager found not guilty of murdering 16-year-old Nigerian rapper, Leoandro Osemeke in London

A 15-year-old boy has been cleared of murdering a Nigerian rapper who was stabbed to death at a teenage party. 
The defendant, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was yesterday, found not guilty of killing 16-year-old Showkey, real name Leoandro Osemeke, on August 5, 2016.

The pair were among some 200 youngsters who descended on the home of a 16-year-old girl in Peckham, south London. Within 25 seconds of arriving, Showkey was stabbed twice in the chest, with one wound penetrating his heart.
At the time of his death, Showkey was to be a witness in the trial of three other teenagers who were later convicted of stabbing his friend, another aspiring rapper Myron Yarde, four months before. Myron, 17, was backed up against a wall in New Cross, south London, and stabbed five times in the legs on the evening of April 3 last year.
The trial into Showkey's death had heard how the invite to the party in Peckham" went viral" and the party soon became noisy and spilled out into Colgrove Road, prompting complaints from neighbours to police.
Prosecutor Lisa Wilding QC said Showkey was seen "smiling and joking" as he arrived at the house with his brother and two friends. But as he went inside, Showkey was stabbed more than once with a "Rambo-style" knife, she said.
Emergency services performed heart surgery on Showkey at the scene but he was pronounced dead an hour later. Ms Wilding had told jurors the issue was whether the defendant acted to defend himself with "reasonable force".
Following the earlier trial into the death of Showkey's friend Mdot, Old Bailey judge Nicholas Cooke QC called for an end to "the evil" of knife crime.

Source: Evening Standard.

See How man Lost 7 Million To Fire In Lagos, His Story Will make You Cry

A man who has been left inconsolable after a raving fire reduced his life savings to ashes, has cried out in horror.
A father of six identified as Mr. Simeon Ibike, is at the moment in serious pain. He lost goods worth over N7 million to the Oko-Baba Sawmill fire that occurred in the Ebute-Meta area of Lagos on Sunday evening, The Sun News reports.
The man revealed that the world had crumbled on him. According to him, he had a big container, which he used in selling assorted building materials. His shop was described as one of the biggest in the area. But all became ashes in less than three hours.
According to The Sun News, Ibike, who looked shattered, said all his family members, including his four children in the university, depended on the business for survival. He lamented that he could not salvage a single item from his container.
He said he had gone to church on that fateful Sunday to pray to God and thereafter proceeded to a town hall meeting with his kinsmen, without any premonition that he would soon become impoverished by one single disaster.
He narrated that by the time he rushed to the scene, after a neighbour alerted him through a telephone call, it was rather too late. His shop was already in uncontrollable flames.
He confessed that he couldn’t help, as tears welled up in his eyes and rolled down his cheeks. Daily Sun learnt that the man wanted to jump into the fire but was rescued by sympathisers.
Ibike was also a victim of a fire incident at the same area two years ago.
“It is painful that everything I have laboured for in the past 20 years is gone finally. The one that happened in 2015, I was able to rescue some of the goods. But I couldn’t rescue anything, not even a single pin this time around. It was a family business. I don’t know what to do next because I don’t have any money or goods somewhere else to continue the business,” he lamented.
It was gathered that no fewer than 200 makeshift houses and shops were razed by the inferno, with thousands of people rendered homeless. The fire extended to a nearby mechanic workshop on Osholake Street and partly damaged two Sport Utility Vehicles.
According to an eyewitness, efforts made by the different emergency management teams that stormed the place almost immediately helped in curtailing the spread of the fire. No lives were lost in the incident.
The uncontrolled fire was blamed on the fact that the houses were made of planks and other materials, which made the environment easily inflammable. It was gathered that this was about the sixth time the area was being gutted by fire.
The fire was said to have started about 5.30pm when electricity was restored to the area. The fire affected parts of Kadara, Coal and Sholake Streets.
An eyewitness, Tunde Akin, told Daily Sun that there was a spark from some electricity cables followed by thick smoke on Kadara Street. He said the fire spread quickly, defying the residents’ efforts to put it out. The intensity of the inferno was not unconnected with the harmattan, it was gathered.
He said: “I’m not a lazy man and I’m still young. If anybody or the government can help me financially to start all over again, I won’t mind. I already have the customers, who come to patronise me within and outside Ebute-Metta.”
Also affected is Mr. Tunde Olawale, who told the reporter that he had lived in the area since 1992 and had unfortunately witnessed five fire outbreaks. He works as a guard at the local government secretariat.
“I have spent 25 years here. I gave birth to all my five children inside this hut. At the moment, my wife and three of our children are living with me. I was not at home when the fire started, but my wife and the children were able to pack some of our property before the fire spread to our end.
“I pay N1, 500 monthly for the little space that I occupy. There are many landlords here. They collect the money per year and it is based on how large the space the tenant occupies is. Some pay N2, 000 while others pay N2, 500. It is the tenant that will build the place by himself to his or her taste.”
Mr. Gbolahan Tajudeen, who owns a mechanic workshop in which two vehicles were affected, expressed gratitude to God that the SUVs were not completely burnt.
He was also grateful that some youths were around and swiftly helped him push the vehicles away to a safer place.
“If not for the youths, the two vehicles would have been completely gone. If the owners come, I believe they will understand, knowing that the fire didn’t start from my shop,” he told the reporter.
A mosque built in the middle of the settlement was also razed. All that was left standing at the worship centre was a megaphone hung to a pole.
Daily Sun reports that people from all tribes and religions cohabited in this forsaken slum in Lagos Mainland Local Government Area of Lagos State. Some people from Togo and Benin Republic, who could not afford to rent a more decent apartment, also stayed in the area.
Also lamenting was a 60-year-old man, Sule Mustapha, who said all that he was left with were the native clothes he wore at the time the fire broke out.
“Everything I had got burnt. It is some people that gave me money to buy food. I don’t have anywhere to sleep today or tomorrow. I could not rent a house outside here because of agent and agreement fees. But here, I only paid N1, 500 to the owner of the land and built a small place, and my wife and I moved in five years ago,” Mustapha said.
Opposite the scene was the Oke-Odo Junior Secondary School, facing Osholake Street, but the government-owned school was not affected by the fire.
One of the victims, who didn’t want his name mentioned, said the emergency teams didn’t arrive the scene on time, even though residents had placed distress calls to them immediately the fire started.
But the spokesperson for National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), Ibrahim Farinloye told the reporter on the telephone that different response teams got to the scene and succeeded in putting out the fire from spreading to nearby buildings. He said though a lot of damage was done before his team arrived, further havoc was averted.
Farinloye revealed that 57 incidents occurred in the last four days in Ogun and Lagos, claiming five lives and property worth millions of naira. He advised Nigerians to embrace safety consciousness all through the dry season.

Single Mother Writes Open Letter To #BBNaija's Bisola

Looks like some Naija single mothers are concerned about Bisola's affair with TTT, a married man.

A member of Nigerian Single Mother's Association (Funny Group), Funmi Akinyode has written a letter to Big Brother Naija Housemate, Bisola for giving a married man and father of two, Thin Tall Tony (TTT) a mouth action (BJ) live on TV.

Read the letter to Bisola below:
Dear Bisola, we the association of single parent are disappointed with your act on national TV few days ago.. I followed you because of your presence on social media. Anytime I go through your page whenever am tired from work or bored, I can't help but laugh and still praise you... 
When I now found out that you are a single mother and doing well for yourself with over 100,000 thousands loyal followers I said to myself, Funmi, when will you get here?. 
After what you did, I wonder what you do on a good day when no one is watching. While you were giving someone a head on national TV, weren't you thinking of throat cancer?Don't you love the daughter you hustling for that much how she will feel when she grows up? (Even the so-called married man doesn't even know if you have epileptic diseases and he left his private part to a total stranger..)after 10years when your princess is all grown up, someone somewhere will bring this act of yours, and she will never forgive you for this stupid act. 
Bisola, once you are a mother or father, your life, and what you do doesn't belong to you 100percent.. again. You must live a good legacy for your children to follow. What will you tell little princess if she comes home and tells you she gave someone she just met at a party a BJ when she grows up? 
Bisola, I dunno know how you were brought up but your life can be better, and you can make it better than your parent. 
Dear Bisola, the deed has been done. When you get out of big brother Nigeria, just go to GOD and ask him for forgiveness he's ever faithful and merciful. He will cleanse all sins and make your part straight again.. Just keep doing what you good at.. Make us laugh again.. GOD loves you and am still a loyal fan.

My Wife’s ‘Masturbation’ Has Affected My First Daughter – Husband

Image result for images of a worried man
A 44-year-old businessman, Ekpolador Ebi, told an FCT High Court, Kubwa, that he would no longer tolerate his wife’s masturbation.

Ebi made this known when he testified in his divorce petition against his wife, Gloria Onajero, in Abuja on Wednesday. He urged the court to end the marriage, which had produced two children because of his wife’s unfaithful and intolerable character.

The petitioner questioned the paternity of his children, when he found out his wife’s extra-marital affair with one Richard. He also noted that his wife’s “ugly character” has had a negative impact on their children.

“She masturbates on a regular basis. I have warned her severally but she wouldn’t stop. Now it has affected my first daughter. “I caught her on three occasions; I spoke to the mother about it and she promised that it would be resolved but it did not.

“Now, I noticed since we separated, that the children have developed confidence issues in school. “My first daughter has also developed anger issues; she slams the door at you when you try to scold her. All these never used to be,” he testified.

Ebi also told the court that he ran away from his home because his wife and her mother frustrated all his good intentions. According to him, his wife also beats the children with so much force and without mercy and when he tried to caution her, her mother supports her.

The petitioner urged the court to, aside dissolving the marriage; help him recover his property from his wife. “My wife came into this marriage with nothing, but when she left, she went away with everything I had.  She took all the original documents of my property, including our marriage certificate.

“I want everything back, including my first daughters’ international passport which has a five-year-visa on it. “I also want this court to order her to stop calling me at odd hours. She calls me around 1 a.m, 2 a.m or 3 a.m for no good reason,” he said.

Mr Festus Ukpe, Counsel to the respondent, applied to the court to grant them two dates of adjournment to enable him and his client prepare their defence. The presiding judge, Justice Bello Kawu, adjourned the matter till March 21 and  March 30.

Wow! Italy's oldest nun shares tips for long life on her 110th birthday

The oldest living Italian nun celebrated her 110th birthday on Monday, February 20th. Sister Candida Bellotti, who has lived through two world wars, ten popes and 57 prime ministers, shared some tips for anyone hoping for anyone to live an equally long life. 
She was born in Verona, and first became a nun in 1931, joining the order Ministre degli infermi di San Camillo and working as a nurse in hospitals and care homes across the country.

In 2000, at the age of 93, the nun moved to the motherhouse of the convent, where she takes an active part in community life and is known for her lively and joyful attitude.
She celebrated the milestone of reaching 110 with other members of the order and the Bishop of Lucca, Italo Castellani, while Pope Francis sent his birthday wishes.

The pontiff "participated spiritually in the shared joy of the happy anniversary, sending deep congratulations and heartfelt wishes," a blessing sent from the Vatican said. Sister Candida met the pope in 2014 on her 107th birthday, when she joined in a mass at Rome.
But what are her secrets to longevity?
"Take things as they come," she told journalists gathered at the convent for the cake-cutting ceremony.  
"Love, love, and keep on loving - with joy!" added Sister Candida, and offered a particular piece of advice to the younger generation. "Have faith in the future, and put in as much work as you can to make your wishes come true."
The nun explained that her own wishes had been fulfilled by carrying out the work of the convent.
"Throughout my life, I have always thought to myself: Where God puts me, that is the right place for me," she explained.
Watch video from the celebration below: 


See Gov Fayose eating at Amala joint in Abuja

Ekiti state governor Ayo Fayose doing justice to Amala with gbegiri, ewedu and ogufe (goat meat) at the popular Iya Oyo Amala Joint, Wuye, Abuja yesterday. 

Another photo after the cut.

"I threw my 4 year old daughter's corpse into a canal because I had no money to bury her"- Father tells court

A 49 year old father of nine, Adekunle Adewusi, told the Magistrate Court in Ebutte Meta, Lagos, that he disposed the corpse of his 4 year old daughter, Rachael, in a canal close to his home at Folorunsho Kuku Street, Opebi, Ikeja because he could not afford to pay mortuary bill and also because he couldn't buy a land to bury her in.

According to police prosecutor, Kehinde Omisakin, who arraigned the suspect before the court, Adekunle and his wife who is currently at large, carried out the unjust act on February 9th.

While testifying in court, Mr Adewusi said his daughter had returned home to inform them that while she was playing, she fell after one of her friends pushed her on the ground. They took her to a Pharmacist who advised that they take her to the hospital. Lack of money forced them to take her home. Her condition detoriorated and she died later in the night.

“I wasn’t aware she fell. She was telling me and the mother that the place where she goes to play, a girl called her by her name Rachael, pushed her into the canal and she hit her stomach on a sharp object. We carried her to a nurse who advised us to take her to a General hospital but because there was no money I bought her blood tonic syrup. She is my sixth child and we don’t have any picture of her. When she died there was no money to take her to the mortuary and there was no money to buy land and bury her. So that’s why my wife and I decided to put her corpse into a sack bag and kept her body beside the canal where we lived. Which we later throw her inside the canal at Monkey Village Opebi, Ikeja Lagos.” According to the police prosecutor, Adewusi's offence contravened sections 411 and 165 (a) (b) of the Criminal Law of Lagos State, 2015. The Magistrate, T.A Elias, thereafter ordered he be remanded at the State Criminal Investigation Department, Panti. The case has been adjourned till February 27th.

"I want justice" Mother of 7-year-old girl raped and strangled to death by man after she refused his sexual advances

The mother of Ruth Ankomah, who was defiled and strangled to death by a mason in Ghana, is calling for justice following another adjournment of trial last week.
Ruth, a seven-year-old class one pupil of Meshach Academy, in Ashaiman, was strangled to death by Lucas Agboyie after raping her on April 19, 2015.
During proceedings in Court on Thursday, February 16th, 2017, Mrs Ankomah complained about the numerous adjournment of the case as she has been travelling from Ashiaman to Accra on every court hearing.
"Anytime I come the matter is adjourned . I don't know what is going on. It's affecting my finances.
Prosecution Chief Inspector Simon Apiorsornu told the District Court that the Police vehicle to transport the accused from the Nsawan Medium Prison to court had developed some mechanical fault.
Chief Inspector Apiorsornu also said the Police Administration was still waiting for the bill of indictment from the Attorney General’s Office and prayed for a new date.

The Court obliged prosecution’s prayer but cautioned that if the accused person was not brought to court on the new date, prosecution would have to pay for the complainant’s transportation.

Mr Agboyie is being held for murder’s plea had been preserved by the court. The accused, who he accused person lives 200 meters away from the deceased’s house, has been in lawful custody since then.

On April 19, 2015, the deceased’s mother prepared porridge and gave her GH₵ 20.00 to go and purchase bread at a nearby shop for breakfast. Having waited for a long time without Ruth’s return; she became alarmed and started searching for her in the area, but to no avail.

Later, an informant told the victim’s mother that he saw the accused person pulling the victim into his metal container. The search team marched to the container but the accused was nowhere to be found.

However, they found the naked body of the victim lying in a supine position on an old student mattress with blood oozing from her nostrils and mouth. The search team nabbed Agboyie during the search and he confessed to killing the girl after having sex with her.

The Prosecution said the accused, during the interrogation, said he wanted to have sex with the victim but she screamed, hence he strangled her after, which he had sex with her.

The Police, during their visit to the scene, saw bruises on the neck of the deceased, with her vagina swollen, while her pant, sandals and dress were lying beside her.

Omg! Photo of 8-year-old girl badly beaten by her guardian

According to a Facebook post published by Kriz Jeremiah said the 8-year-old girl identified simply as Babygirl was mercilessly beaten by her guardian on Monday night in Monrovia, Liberia.
''She was brought to Monrovia by her grand mother to live with a lady named Quena to attend school. This child is always doing domestic work from morning till night for this lady,
sadly for this child last night, she was badly beaten by Quena for using a neighbor's cooking bucket to fetch water and she is threatening to do even more to this child. I am calling on the Women and Children protection unit of the LNP to come to the rescue of this child. Please call this number if you want to help save this child's future. 00231888387804 This insident took place in the Bardnesville Kebbah community around the Duja Technical college. 

Update! Whistleblower leads EFCC to recover 17 vehicles from ex-Comptroller General of Customs, Abdullahi Dikko

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, has recovered seventeen exotic vehicles in a warehouse of the former Comptroller General of Customs, Abdullahi Dikko Inde located at Nnamdi Azikwe Street, Kaduna.

The recovery was sequel to an intelligence the commission received that stolen money and properties suspected to proceeds of crime were being stored in the warehouse. 
Upon receipt of the intelligence, a team of operatives from the Kano Zonal Office were deployed to carry out the investigation.

On arrival at the location, two individuals who were discovered to be the custodians of the property, Dantala Mohammed and Ahmed Balarabe were presented with a search warrant. Upon executing the search warrant, a total of seventeen amongst them brand new cars, shuttle busses and SUVs were discovered.

Consequently, the vehicles and the two individuals who are now also suspects in the investigation were conveyed to the Commission’s zonal offices in Kaduna and Kano respectively for further investigation which revealed that the warehouse in question actually belongs to the former customs boss.  

Investigation is still ongoing and the two suspects arrested are in custody.
The 17 vehicles are:
i. Black colour BMW 525i series, 2010 model with chassis number WBAFR7108BC262936.
ii. ASH colour Hyundai Velester, 2012 model with chassis number KMHTC6AD4CU056038.
iii. Dark Blue BMW 325i, 2003 model with chassis number WBAEV31090KL48386.
iv. Black colour Land Cruiser Prado Jeep, 2014 model with chassis number JTEBU3FJ50K082080.
v. Black colour Mercedes G wagon, 2013 model with chassis number WDB4632361X207661.
vi. Black colour BMW 335i series, 2012 model with chassis number WBA3A91040F268895.
vii. Silver colour Peugeot 406, 2002 model with chassis number VF3BBRFNR81519018.
viii. Black colour Land Cruiser Prado Jeep, 2014 model with chassis number JTEBU3FJ10K082352.
ix. Yellow colour Toyota FJ Jeep, 2007 model with chassis number JTEZU11F68K001301.
x. Black Toyota Avensis, 2013 model with chassis number SBIBL76L20E037245.
xi. Dark ash colour KIA Cadenza, 2011 model with chassis number KNALN414BC5093288.
xii. Silver colour Porsche Cayene, 2009 model with chassis number WPIZZZ9PZ9LA12738.
xiii. Golden colour Honda Accord, 2013 model with chassis number IHGCR2634DA620609.
xiv. White colour Nissan Urban Bus, 2006 model JNITF4E25Z0715833.
xv. White colour Nissan Urban Bus, 1996 model with chassis number JTFJXO29P605023996.
xvi. White Toyota Hiace Bus, 2010 model with chassis number JTGJXO2P4B5020268.
xvii. White Nissan Bus, 2009 model with chassis number JNITA4E250011697

More photos below...

Male Nurse Caught Trying To Rape Female Patient, What Happened Next Will shock You

A male nurse has caused a serious stir after he was caught in the act forcing himself on a sick woman who was brought to hospital. A male nurse in a popular Zimbabwean hospital has been reportedly caught r*ping a patient in a cubicle and then escaping after a fellow worker tipped the police.According to H Metro, Taurai Mazarura, 32, is said to have walked into Parirenyatwa group of hospitals ward A1 where the 17-year-old patient was admitted and closed cubicles curtains, before r*ping her.
Another nurse on duty walked in on Taurai while he was having s*x with the patient before he (Taurai) jumped off the patient and ran away. On his return, sources say he saw the police and internal security conducting investigations and made his escape.
The hospital’s chief executive officer, Thomas Zigora confirmed the unfortunate incident to h-metro saying the matter was now being handled by the police after it was reported.
“A report has been received of a male nurse who is alleged to have raped a female patient in the early hours of February 19 in a cubicle in ward A1. The matter was immediately reported to the police who are in the process of conducting investigations,” he said.
“He has been at the hospital for less than four months after he completed training sometime back meaning he had been jobless for more than two years. Word has it that he constantly injected himself with drugs, I understand he was now an addict,” said the source.
The hospital’s CEO, Zigora said that the hospital was also carrying out its own internal investigations to establish the circumstances surrounding the incident, with a view to avoid possible recurrence of similar incidences.
“The hospital will take stern disciplinary action on the nurse, in the meantime the patient is receiving appropriate medical care and counselling. A comprehensive statement will be issued once investigations have been completed. The behaviour by the nurse is highly reprehensible and is not something expected from a health professional.”

Naira Will Rise Within 3-6 Months- Ajimobi

Oyo State Governor Abiola Ajimobi has predicted that the value of the Naira will rise in the next three to six months, saying things are getting better.

He spoke at a special prayer organised by the state for the nation and President Muhammadu Buhari at the Lekan Salami Stadium, Adamasingba, Ibadan.

As early as 9am, thousands of Muslims, and Christians gathered at the stadium for the inter-faith prayer tagged: “Prayer for the nation”. Security personnel were strategically positioned to maintain peace and orderliness.

To begin the event, Muslim and Christian bands engaged in praises and worship to “charge” the atmosphere.

Ajimobi said emerging economic indicators have shown that things are getting better in the country.

“Nigeria produce two million barrel per day and the price of oil has increased tremendously. I know for sure, the way things are going, within the next three to six months, things will begin to get better, but we need to work. Let’s join hands and make the country better,” he said

The Nation

Stop referring to Nigeria as "Naija"- National Orientation Agency appeals to Nigerians

The National Orientation Agency NOA has appealed to Nigerians to desist from referring to Nigeria as "Naija. Director General of the agency, Garba Abari, made the appeal when he spoke at a news conference in Abuja yesterday. According to him, it is becoming worrisome that some Nigerians are changing the original name of Nigeria.

“We try in all our advocacy visits to insist that Nigeria must be referred to as Nigeria and not Naija. So, our schools have a role to play in this. The media itself has also got a very fundamental role to play because it is the media that helps in the propagation of this kind of misnomer. All of us, as individuals, as corporate organisations, as media, whether broadcast, print or online, must wake up to the reality. That the more we use these misnomers referring to our country, the fallout of it is that, a significant percentage of our younger ones will not even remember that Nigeria is the original name of our country. I want to appeal to all Nigerians, young and old to always refer to our country as Nigeria"he said

Watch the shocking thing this man did to his girlfriend as a marriage proposal...

Watch the video after the cut to see what I mean and tell us what you think...I personally think it was too much...

Young girls with children rescued during brothel raids, drug busts in South Africa

Police on Tuesday conducted raids at Kempton Park, South Africa, to get rid of illegal activities. During the raid on brothels, EMPD rescued some young girls with children. A15-year-old girl, who spoke to reporters said she was tricked into coming to Johannesburg then forced into prostitution. Drugs and syringes were also discovered. More photos after the cut.

Lobatan! In India, you can divorce your wife instantly by simply saying 'talaq' three times!

Image result for images of indian women
Triple talaq, as it is commonly called, is an ancient and controversial Islamic practice where a man divorces a woman by saying the word talaq, the Arabic word for divorce, three times. Sometimes, it's even delivered by phone or text message. 

In theory, it should take three months to take effect. In practice, it is often instantaneous; the woman forced out of the house with barely a moment's notice.

 India, home to the second largest Muslim population in the world, is among the few that do not ban the practice. Other countries with majority Muslim populations like Pakistan and Indonesia have outlawed the practice for years.

This story came to light recently when Farha, a 30-year old woman from the northern Indian city of Jaipur, became a single mother of three young children.  

Farha's husband instantly divorced her last year by saying "talaq, talaq, talaq" in a fit of anger after their 10-year-old daughter had asked him for five rupees (seven cents) to buy some firecrackers for a holiday celebration.

The nation's highest legal advisory body, the Law Commission of India, put out a survey to Indian citizens in October 2016, asking about various ways to reform family laws and specifically whether or not to ban talaq. 

India's Supreme Court plans to constitute a 5-judge bench to rule on the issue of whether talaq and other practices are unconstitutional. It has asked all of the involved parties to submit their evidence in support of their petitions by March 30.