23 Feb 2017

British-born Nigerian woman rocks traditional attire to visit the Queen of England

Elizabeth Nneka Anionwu, a celebrated British-born nurse, looked beautiful in a Nigerian traditional attire as she received an Insignia from the Queen of England at Burkingham palace today. 

Anionwu was born by an Irish mother and a Nigerian father. She has lived all her life in London and has had an excellent career as a Nurse.

She met her father for the first time when she was 25 and has since embraced the Nigerian culture. She is most times seen in Nigerian attires. She looks beautiful.

Man Brag On Media After Buying This Big fish With Wife

This lovely lively couple couldn’t contain their excitement after getting this massive fish for themselves while on a road trip. 

According to the delighted man who shared the photos on his social media page, he and his wife are known for doing big things, eating big and also spending big because money is not a problem….

You Will Not Believe What Jim Iyke Greatest Gift In Life is...

Nigerian actor, Jim Iyke who is the only boy in a family of 8 children, recently gushed over his younger sister whom he said is one of God’s greatest gifts to him.
The dashing role interpreter shared a photo of himself and captioned it; ‘#KNACKERED.
God will be God. He chose this path for me not man. There will be days the will to get out of bed and take that last extra step to consummate a pursuit will utterly fail u. He plants a tree in your life to remind u who u are. Where you’ve been. What you stand for. Where you’re going. This is such a day. My tree is my baby sis Chi. Thank u Nnem. Youre one of his greatest gifts in my life. I hear the roar in my core already. We are a Royal Priesthood. The Lord created a King! #CEOISSUES #IALWAYSWIN #NOSECONDGUESSING #Gladysboi #LingDayDrama #Harvpapa #DubaiChronicles..’

The New Internet Fraud Where Men Lure Women In Bed & Spiritually Take Their Destinies To Become Rich

Online scam which is the use of Internet services or software with Internet access to defraud victims and or otherwise take advantage of them, has been taken to a whole new level with spiritual means to get rich quick.
An ardent reader and follower, Ngozi Okoye (@Ngokoye), tagged us in an interesting story shared online by a Twitter user identified a King (@Khay_Gold) where the young man took to the social networking platform to reveal how young Nigerian men have upgraded the popular internet fraud, Yahoo Yahoo or 419.
According to King, his friends who are rich and flamboyant, invited him to one of Nigeria’s popular cities and introduced him to ‘Yahoo Plus Plus’ – a new internet fraud where men lure women in bed, and after having s*x with them, they spiritually take their destinies and become more richer and wealthy.
Below is how a Reporters compiled the shocking revelation from Twitter
“I just feel like sharing this….. If any man have an ear, let him hear. Revelation 13:9. “Too many times people make excuses for being wit som1 cos they are comfortable with who they’re with; or cos they’re tired of being single. I can vouch for it that soul ties are real.
“Dating & physical ties are much more than matter of the heart. They are matter of d soul & spirit. “Last year December, I travelled to ……. met with some of my very old friends. Yea, they are looking real good, expensive cars, nice outfits, spending anyhow.
“Funny thing… they told me to meet them in one of the most expensive hotels. So we could talk better about life and all that. We were all happy to see each other. Sat down, we started gisting and one of them said…you can order for whatever you want.
“Food, wine, anything, & ti oba je omo germo lofe, won wa ni bi” owo okin shey problem” I actually didn’t understand the omo germo part.
“After a while, I decided to leave, we exchanged contacts. One was my very close friend when in school. So I fixed another date with him.
“I was like, khay…you are lazy, your friends are big boys and you are here still hustling. I was a little bit down. Thank God for God. I’ll like to tell you this, comparing yourself to others will only prevent you from happiness. Just work hard and trust God.
“I was so curious about what these guys do for a living. I don’t have to be quiet, who knows, a great deal might come out. I said to myself….a better job offer or business. Well, I met with that my friend a day to Christmas I think…..
“I started asking him questions….life in general, family, what they all do for a living.We were close in schl, so I was very free with him. And then silence came….hmm, khay, what do you do in abuja, omo mummy ni e, o le lemi nkan ti an se( u’re mums pet, u can’t do wht they do)
“I was so scared. This kinda thing almost put me into trouble wen in schl. Sometimes If they tell u what they do, they might lure u into it. Well, to cut it short, he told me these guys are into yahoo plus plus plus. Can’t even remember how many plus. *Deepsigh*
“Now…this is why I’m tweeting this. Not only for the ladies, guys too should be very careful these days PLEASE. He said their own plus isn’t laptop. D logic is simple.They sleep wit girls to take their star/fortune & leave dem struggling all their lives.
“This is too deep. Too spiritual. Too bad. In a country, where you’re still struggling even with your stars intact. *Deepsigh*
“No wonder the Bible says in Jeremiah 17:9 that the heart is deceitful above all things, AND DESPERATELY WICKED: who can know it? See, let me tell you this…the safest place to be is in God’s hand. Honor God, obey His commandments.
This is only for your good
“To make the matter worse, he said….as a guy if you sleep with such lady, they’ll get your destiny too. So it goes like that. That’s how their money generates. Khay, ma sho ra o ( khay be careful) he kept on repeating that. Well, after that I talked to him abt God.
“Ladies be careful of men you let into your heart and enter your body. Sex is not only physical exchange, it is also a spiritual exchange. Sexual soul ties bind you to a man, men his type and the dark spirits that follow him.
“If u adopt a sexually promiscuous lifestyle & connect with people sexually outside of marriage, u’re not only disrespecting d will of God….you are spiritually and physically opening yoursef to spirits that mean you no good.
“Flee from sexual immorality. In many places, scriptures teaches that fornication is a MORTAL SIN. It may seem hard holding on to your body, but trust me, it’s even harder getting off a soul tie.
“There are many ways to show love WITHOUT having sex. Don’t be deceived. I pray for many more years of this celebration in good health, happiness and joy. May the Lord bless us all.”

Video Of The Richest Yahoo Boy In Nigeria And Watch How he was Apprehended After Duping A Woman Of 300,000 Pounds

Who is the richest Yahoo boy in Nigeria?
Why people prefer to become a Yahoo Boy rather than to take an honest job?
Well, they prefer to do that for several reasons:
Quick money. Why should people bother about an honest job with almost no guarantee for a good life? Moreover, it`s not an easy way to get some money.
Lifestyle. People just like to be scumbags and lure out money with using fraud schemes.
Respect. People prefer to earn respect through the fraud schemes. Moreover, people respect guys with a large sum of money, and nobody cares about how this money earned.
You need a computer and a stable internet connection. If you have the Internet then you can get half of the case done. People provided thousands of fraud schemes in the Dark Net. You can even become an apprentice of one of the richest yahoo boy.
Start some practicing. One of the best ways is so called freestyle. Try to create a private account on one of the dating websites and lure out some money from rich people.
Constant learning is a key for the success of any Yahoo boy. They should learn how to send fake messages and study new technics to lure out the money.
No morality needed. The richest Yahoo boy in Nigeria to become should know how to beg, cry or ask for help online.
Master of deception. A Yahoo boy should lie about everything.
Fishing technique is required.
No legal job is required. If a man is about to become a Yahoo boy, then he should understand that no legal job is open to him because of lack of money and time.
Who is the Richest Yahoo boy in Nigeria? It`s time to find out!
More than 300 000 pounds were taken out from women by an American general serving in Afghanistan. It was a multi-million-dollar scam provided by a citizen of Nigeria. The fraudster used real images of American soldiers serving in Afghanistan. He managed to convince women that he had a desire to marry them and live in the United Kingdom, but he needed help.
He posed as General James Raul or General James Krulak to his victims. He persuaded these women that he had a treasure of $8.5 million as his retirement fund. He needed only few hundred thousand pounds to take this money from the fund. Few women fall victim to this fraud.
The man who managed to create this fantastic potentially multi-million Yahoo boy scheme was Robinson Agbonifoayetan – 32 years old. Now he is expecting his prison sentence.
The richest Yahoo Boy in Nigeria – Robinson Agbonifoayetan
What is fascinating about his case is that he managed to earn more than 300 000 pounds in just six months of the fraud. It makes him not only one of the richest yahoo boys in Nigeria but also one of the fastest to reach this sum of money.
Scotland Yard detectives who investigated this fraud, informs that 300 000 pounds are the confirmed sum of money that Robinson Agbonifoayetan managed to lure out. Still, some women who also fall victims to this fraud just did not ask police for help. This man could potentially get few millions of pounds in a year or two if he had not been stopped.

Update! FG Files Fresh Corruption Charges Against Saraki

The Federal Government has filed fresh charges against the Senate President Dr. Bukola Saraki, who is standing trial before the Code of Conduct Tribunal for alleged corruption.

The Federal Government who had at the last sitting increased the charges to 17, told the court that it has filed a further amendment bringing the charges against Saraki to 18.

The Senate President pleaded not guilty to all the charges.

In the new charges, the Senate President is accused of making false declaration, when he declared that he purchased a property at number 15A Macdonald Street Ikoyi, Lagos through his company Carlisle Properties Limited in 2003, but the said property was actually sold to G and C Real Estates Properties and Investment Company limited for 12million Naira.

Saraki is also accused of making false declaration that he acquired the properties through sales of agricultural commodities, when it was purchased using a loan from a commercial bank.

Cameroon Forcibly Repatriates Over 500 Nigerians

The Cameroonian Government has forcibly repatriated at least 517 Nigerians back to our country. The deportees include 313 asylum seekers who fled Boko Haram insurgency in the Northeast.

The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) said efforts are ongoing to get details surrounding the action by Cameroon and the condition of the affected Nigerians.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) is reported to be very concerned about the action of Cameroon against Nigerians.

The commission has called on the Cameroonian Government to respect international conventions and offer asylum, as against the forced repatriations.

The UNHCR is planning to sign an agreement with Cameroon and Nigeria in March, for the voluntary return of 85,000 Nigerian refugees.

Tragic! 24-year-old 300L IMSU student killed by suspected cultist

A yet to be identified suspected cult member shot and killed a 300 level Education Economic student of the Imo State University, Chidi Opara.

It was gathered that around 10pm on Wednesday night, February 22, the alleged cultist confronted the 24-year-old student around Bishop Court Area (IMSU backgate) and attempted to snatch his phone. When the deceased resisted, the alleged cultist reportedly pulled out his gun and shot Chidi to death. His corpse has been deposited in the mortuary.

 Photo credit@ GistGate

Young man caught after he stole a duck in Delta State

The young man allegedly stole a duck at Power Line along Ugbebriko Road, Sapele in Delta State.

He managed to escape but was later traced to his house where he was found sleeping. The stolen duck was found hidden under his bed. He was beaten and paraded around the community.

Woman reportedly stones her little stepdaughter to death in Benue State

Facebook user, Bem Achir Gube, reports that the little girl lying lifeless on the pile of bricks was allegedly killed by her step mother at Wadata area of Makurdi, Benue State.

The woman has been arrested and is currently under detention at the police state headquarters. It was gathered the said woman conspired with two others now at large to stone the little girl to death.  See the sad photo after the cut.

Pastor tied up his 13-year-old daughter overnight after he accused her of 'demonic activities'

The 13 year old girl was tied up overnight by her father, who is a pastor in Voinjama, Liberia, after he alleged that she is involved in demonic activities.

Meanwhile, the pastor's wife claimed that the girl was in the habit of stealing meat from their food.

Omg! Thief stripped, beaten and intestine ripped out by a mob in Liberia (Graphic photos)

A thief in Liberia was a victim of jungle justice after he was caught by an angry mob. He was stripped naked, beaten up and his intestines ripped out. According to the Facebook user, David Lagree who shared the photos, this happened at SKD Boulevard, Liberia. Very graphic photos after the cut.

Meet The Edo Lady Who Added Weed To 3 Years Old Boy Food, Her Reasons And What happened To Him will shock you

Jennifer Belle who is the lady that boasted on Facebook about a dreadful act committed on a small boy by adding Marijuana to his food, has opened up on the viral video.
An Edo state-based Nigerian Facebook user identified as Jennifer Belle Aise, took to the social networking site few hours ago and boasted to her online friends how she put Indian Hemp a.k.a Weed or Marijuana in a child’s food because he refused to greet her in the morning.
She young pretty lady shared the video of the little boy who seemed drowsy after he might have probably consumed the drugged food and wrote: “He didn’t greet me this morning So I decided to add some weed on his beans. Am I a wicked aunt??“
Just as we expected, the post which she has since deleted, went viral on social media and was trailed with mixed reactions and criticisms. She has now taken to her Facebook to react on the viral news saying she was joking and that its was all a prank.
She wrote; “I know my attention has been drawn to an online news circulating about my last video I posted yesterday.
“I want to state clearly that it was a total joke which I deeply regret. I just wanted to be funny n make a joke out of the little boy while he was dozing.
“The truth is that I have never touch or smoke weed in my entire life not to talk of drugging my little boy with weed. I repeat IT WAS A JOKE but a stupid one.
“I regret my action or post and I take responsibility fr the backlash such mistake will never happen again. After eaten his food he started feeling dizzy and he was really funny so I decided to take a video of him.
“Believe me he is my little brother and I can do such stupid act, I heart him soo much. Hope you all believe after reading this that it was a joke. #GODBLESSYOUALL#.”

20yrs Old Girl Cries out, I Urinate On Myself And The Guy Each time A Guy Romance Me

A very young Nigerian lady has shared the story of her weird sexual experience with her lovers on the Instagram page of flamboyant relationship consultant, Joro Olumofin.
Popular Lagos-based Psychologist and Relationship therapist, Joro Olumofin, has taken to his Instagram page to share the story of a 20-year-old who said she urinates on herself during foreplay, saying that her friends are doing all sorts of blowjobs and styles, adding that why can’t she progress in life from kissing stage.

Popular Pastor Perform Hilarious Miracle By Enlarging Member Pe nis

A famous African man of God has done the unbelievable as he allegedly performed p*nis enlargement miracle at his church to the shock of many.
The founder of Shammah Miracle Embassy International in Lusaka, Zambia, Prophet Anointed Benard popularly called Commander 1 has allegedly performed a ‘penis enlargement’ miracle on a 35-year-old man who had a micro-penis.
The Prophet shared the baffling news on his Facebook page. He revealed that the miracle took place inside his office in the church.
“The man that visited my office today got shocked. Hear this! Anything you want God to do for you that’s what he will do for you. This man walked into my office and said commander 1 am 35 years old, my penis is like of a child , my first wife left me I don’t want my second wife to go.
I want your God to enlarge my PENIS. I have tried everything but to no avail, immediately i prayed for him and instantly his penis grew 2 times bigger.” Prophet Anointed Benard posted on Facebook.

Omg! 4 year old girl's leg amputated in Kaduna hospital due to wrong diagnosis

4-year old Rukayya, who fell sick and was taken to a Hospital in Zaria, Kaduna, allegedly lost her leg due to wrong diagnosis by doctors in the hospital. 

Journalist, Fejiro Oliver shared the story on Facebook. See a graphic photo of the amputated leg and the full story after the cut...

Omg! Okada rider beheads 12 year old schoolboy in Ekiti

The Oyo state police command have arrested a motorcycle rider, Tosin Oluwatosin, pictured above, who was found with a human head at Ifaki-Ekiti in Ekiti state. According to reports, Tosin had picked up the boy with his motorcycle and was to drop him off at home. 

He however made a detour, took him to a house where the boy was beheaded. The police is currently on the trail of his accomplices.  See the graphic photo after the cut.

Beautiful Lady Runs Mad In Broad Daylight, Strips Herself

This is quite unfortunate, I wonder who or what would have done this to such a beautiful lady as it's obvious that the thing just started, she still look fresh and talking some sense.

Some good men around had to hold her and cover her with a 'wrapper'...

Viral photo of a woman breastfeeding a puppy

This photo went viral after it was shared on twitter by @1voryy. Narrating what prompted the unusual breastfeeding, he wrote: 
"So my dog died and she had just had pups. So they were hungry and my aunt decided to do this to try and help them."

'Happiness is a choice' - actress, Tonto Dikeh (video)

Tonto Dikeh stated this in a caption of a video she just shared via Instagram. In it, she's seen dancing happily by a swimming pool. Watch the video after the cut.

See photo of Tonto Dikeh breastfeeding her son, Andre that surfaced online

A photo of Tonto Dikeh breastfeeding her son Andre has surfaced online. This is coming after she was accused of smoking marijuana which made her unable to breastfeed and take care of her son. Obviously not true...

See how this father risked his son's life for a $20 bet

A certain Scott Clark from Georgia put his son's life at risk when he dared the little boy named Asher to sneak up on a bull and get on its back for $20. Video footage shows the intrepid Asher sneaking up to the ball and jumping on its back, the bull frightened by the sudden move bucks wildly and sends Asher flying through the air. 
Clark says in the footage:
"He's trying to sneak up on that steer over there and jump on its back. I told him I'd give him $20. A little girl's voice, thought to be that of the boy's sister, says: "That's not safe."
The boy's mother agrees, but no one makes an effort to stop the child.

The boy climbs onto the huge animal and is immediately thrown off its back as the bull jumps up in fright. posted the footage on Facebook , alongside the caption:
"You have to watch this!! Asher snuck up on a 1300# [lb] steer and jumped on his back!!! 
"I only wish I had videoed the last 3 seconds, he hung on for a few more seconds!! Just so everyone knows, this is his pet steer he hand feeds every day. And Asher is perfectly fine....And he's says he a tough ole cowboy!!"
Scott later edited the post, adding:
 "Just so everyone knows, I didn't actually think he would be able to sneak up on him, and if he did I didn't think he would jump on him!"

He then posted a picture of Asher in the same field later in the day, proudly holding up his $20 note.

Watch the video below..