26 Feb 2017

I Can’t Be Ambassador To Any Company” Don Jazzy Explains Why

Mavin Records CEO, Don Jazzy, has revealed he’s outgrown being a brand ambassador at this stage in his career.
The ace producer said on Friday at the launch of Flobyt, in Lagos;
“Brand ambassador? I stopped that a long time ago. We are bigger than those things now. We are more about partnerships,”

83-year-old Benue Man Caught Sucking Private Part of Little Girl…His Reason Will Shock You

In what will come across as a really shocking development, an old man has been caught in the act as he sucked the private part of a little girl.
A report by Daily Post has revealed how an 83-year-old man, Agaba Ada was caught violating a little girl in Benue State. The old man has confessed to defiling minors.
Ada, who hails from Ohimini Local Government Area of the state was caught in the act on Saturday night.
According to Daily Post, a source privy to the incident revealed on Sunday that the suspect had undressed a 5-year-old girl and was ‘feeding on’ her private part when the child’s mother, Blessing Agbo, (the suspect’s neighbour) walked into the scene.
The source said, “The mother raised the alarm and neighbours trooped in. We asked the girl (names withheld) how the incident played out and she insisted it was not the first time.
“The minor said sometimes, the suspect will call her and her peers, make them lay on the bed and suck them one after the other. When he is done, ‘he will turn his eyes into a ‘fore-sight’ mode and tell us never to tell anyone.
“The girl added that sometimes, ‘the suspect will bring his cat and warn us that if we ever disclose it to anyone, the cat will eat us up’.
“But when we asked the man, he cried and said he derives joy in the act and it is the reason he lived this long,” the source added.
Speaking further, the source said the suspect confessed to be a ‘man of the under world’ and that his covenant was to involve in the act and he will be rewarded with long life.
“We called the elders who summoned the suspect. We don’t have any idea what will be done to him but this is devilish. Who knows how many more ills he has done in our village.
“The victim pointed out the other children who the man had also defiled and they confessed one after another”, the source added.
Daily Post spoke with the mother of the victim who said she could not talk as she was still in shock.
Also, an elder in the community, David Ogbole revealed that the matter was being looked into.
He said it was a shameful act and the suspect will be dealt with accordingly but “this is not a police case,” Ogbole added.
Meanwhile, when contacted, the state Police Public Relations Officer, PPRO, ASP Moses Yamu, told reporters that the command was not officially aware of the incident.
He added, “Yesterday? I haven’t got that report officially yet. As soon as we are informed officially, I will get back to you.”

See What He Said After Raping and Imprenanting His 15 Years Old Daughter (photo)

A 41-year-old man, Raymond Anyanwu, has reportedly raped and impregnated his 15 years old daughter, VANGUARD reports.
Anyanwu who committed the offence at Ajao Estate, Isolo said in a statement that frustration led him to commit the act. Anyanwu. He said:
“I started sleeping with my 15-year-old daughter sometime around January, after I lost my job.
“I am a transporter, but I took to alcohol after I lost my job and could not meet up with my responsibilities as the head of the house.”
According to VANGUARD, Anyanwu sleeps with his daughter when his wife has gone to work. However, trouble started after the victim’s aunt suspected that she was pregnant. After carrying out a test at home, they discovered she was pregnant.
The victim, it was learned, revealed that her father was responsible for her pregnancy, and the mother decided to play it down as a family issue after her husband beat her up, warning her not to disclose the incident to anyone.
The Lagos State Ministry of Youth and Social Development later alerted the police and the suspect was arrested last Wednesday. Meanwhile, the victim’s mother had arranged for an abortion, which had been carried out before she was rescued and taken into protective custody by the Lagos State government.
The case, which is currently being investigated at the Gender Unit of Lagos State Police Command, will be charged to Ikeja Magistrate’s Court today.

Lobatan! Wife of Zambiam Taxi driver who worked as maid for Chinese man gives birth to Asian-looking baby

Mr Fabio Phiri, a Taxi driver from Lusaka, Zambia and his wife Priscilla Phiri, a maid at China Engineering and Construction limited welcomed a beautiful baby boy into their family six moths ago.
Despite the fact that the baby obviously looks mixed and that the woman may have been doing more than cleaning and cooking for her former boss, the young couple are very much happy and have thanked God for blessing them with a beautiful baby boy. 
"I love my son , he is a blessing to me , because of him I have been forced to even work hard in life so that I can always provide for him," Mr Phiri said.
"He is a big boy now and is 6 months old , I named him after myself because he looks exactly like I do especially when I was a baby like him , his name is Fabio Ji Wu Phiri, the Ji Wu is a name we gave to him after my wife's former boss mr Ji Wu Young a Chinese engineer who was working at China Engineering and Construction limited , he helped us a lot when my wife was pregnant and has been very supportive to our family and the baby , even after he left Zambia , he still sends money to help us with up keep so the only way we could appreciate him is by giving some of his names to our son " Mr Fabio Phiri added.
On her part, his wife Priscilla said she was grateful to God for giving her a beautiful and healthy baby boy.
"I am very happy for this gift of a beautiful baby boy , I love him so much and I am thankful to God for giving him to me."

Source: Charles Malawo Kambole

Lagos Lady Beaten & Disgraced for Falsely Accusing Innocent Man

The lady pictured above got more than she bargained for after being beaten by angry mob for falsely accusing a man of stealing and subjecting him to severe jungle justice.

Read how an eyewitness, Akin, reported the story:

"This happened this evening (yesterday) at Williams street, Bakery bus stop in Aguda Surulere, Lagos. This woman was beaten and disgraced for laying false allegation against a man that he stole a phone from her.

"Meanwhile this woman was already on okada running with the man's phone while they had started carrying out jungle justice on the man, already in coma, before someone who actually saw what happened stopped her from escaping."

See photo of Abuja pastor reportedly caught red handed having sex with married woman in a hotel

This video of pastor is going round on social media, the unnamed pastor was caught red handed at a hotel in Abuja having sex with his married lover on Friday, February 24th. Shame on him...

Actress Seyi Hunter tells women with cheating husbands, If you leave because of cheating, then you’re the most foolish person alive

In an interview with Vanguard, upcoming actress, Seyi Hunter, says when women find out their men cheat on them, they should buy them condoms instead of walking out of their marriage. According to her, women who walk out of their marriage because of a cheating spouse are the most foolish persons alive.
"It isn’t right for any lady to walk out of her marriage for any reason, except domestic violence is involved. I am not talking about occasional slaps here and there. If he beats you like he’ll beat a thief, my dear sister you need to run for your life because he might kill you one day or disfigure you. But if you leave because of cheating, then you’re the most foolish person alive and you’re not going by the Holy Bible. The Bible says man shall not live by bread alone. You don’t expect him to eat Egusi soup the rest of his life; he has to eat Afang, Ogbono, etc, once in a while. Let’s not forget men are polygamous in nature, it’s been there right from the days of Abraham and it cannot be changed. The way entertainers are ending their marriage is alarming. Is it that Ubi Franklin is a wife beater or Lilian Esoro left because he’s a chronic womanizer?
Same goes for Tonto Dikeh and Churchill. If these ladies left their marriages for the latter, it means this generation is worse than I thought, because we’ve lost it. No patience, understanding or endurance to allow the man test the waters once in a while. I hope they settle their issues, but if they won’t, let them hurry with the divorce, so that single girls can make their moves on these guys. Before the women eat me raw, women are not allowed to cheat. The men are to love us, care for us, support us in everything and provide for us, while we do all these and more for them. Every smart woman will provide her man with condoms and lubrication and pray that the Holy Spirit guides them to use it on their side chicks, so they don’t bring infection home to us"Vanguard quotes her as saying.

Checkout The 4 Ways Exercise Will Keep You Va gina Tighter And Make S ex better

Some women have too much tightness in the pelvic floor muscles, while other women have not enough, or are too weak. Both conditions can get in the way of your s3x life. If you’re too tight, you may experience pain or irritation during s3x; if you’re not tight enough, your pelvic floor muscles won’t contract as powerfully as they could during org@sm.
These exercises below are fantasies for keeping things strong down there.
1. Air Squats
Stand with feet hip-width apart, toes turned out slightly, arms by sides.
Squat, lowering butt as close to the floor as possible, either extending arms forward or bending elbows and clasping hands lightly at chest. If your pelvic floor muscles tend toward the tight side, try to push your tail out and back while lowering down. If they’re weak, tuck your tail forward to stretch the muscles.
2. Downward Dog
Come on to hands and knees with hands directly below shoulders and knees directly below hips. Spread fingers wide and tuck toes under. Inhale and lift knees off the floor, pressing hips and sit bones up toward the ceiling. Keeping knees slightly bent will stretch tight pelvic floor muscles; if your goal is to tone the muscles, straighten knees and focus on pressing heels into the floor to activate the pelvic floor muscles into contraction. Take deep breaths while holding the pose.
3. Clamshell
Lie on side with hips and knees bent at 45 degrees, legs stacked.
Keeping feet in contact with each other, raise upper knee as high as possible without moving the pelvis. Do not allow lower leg to move off the floor. Pause, then return to the starting position. That’s on rep. Repeat on the opposite side. (For an extra challenge, wrap a resistance band around thighs, just above knees.)
4. Bridge
Lie face-up on the floor with knees bent and feet on the floor.
Driving through heels and lifting balls of feet off the floor, raise hips off the floor so body forms as straight line from shoulders to knees. Pause in the up position, then lower back to the starting position.

Man Caught His Wife Pan’ts Down With His Best Man And This Happen Next…

Mr Ademola Odunade, the President of a Mapo Customary Court in Ibadan, has dissolved an 11-year-old marriage between Emmanuel Oyebadejo and his wife Bukola over adult.ery and trouble making. Odunade remarked on Thursday that there was no more need for any settlement since both Emmanuel and Bukola have remarried.
“Therefore, in the interest of peaceful coexistence, the union between Emmanuel and Bukola has ceased to be, henceforth. “Bukola shall take custody of the 10-year-old child produced by the union and Emmanuel shall provide N5,000 as monthly feeding allowance for the upkeep of the child. “In addition, Emmanuel shall be responsible for the child’s welfare and education,” the Arbitrator said.
Earlier in his explanation before the court, Emmanuel said that his wife, Bukola was forni.cating with his long-time friend who stood as his best man on their wedding day
“My lord, soon after Bukola moved into my home, she stopped obeying my instructions and often took me through series of insult, abuses and disrespect. “She started engaging in adult.ery with my long-time friend who stood as best man on our wedding day, an act which I consider as horrible.
“When Bukola became an unrepentant trouble maker, I reported her on a number of occasions to her parents and Bukola’s father did a lot in changing her positively, but her mother was a very bad influence on her. “Then, I handed her over to my best man who I felt could talk to her on my behalf.
“I noticed that they were frequently having meetings, but their meetings were adulte.rous ones, my people told me and I caught them myself. “During that period, I got a job in Lagos and I sometimes travel to Abuja for purpose of business. That friend of mine was still having se xual affairs with her.
“I had stopped having any se xual relationship with Bukola since I got to know that she has become adulte rous. She told me that she was preg.nant and I said that I was not responsible for it. “My lord, we have stopped leaving together for the past six years, but I have been sending N2,500 every two weeks to her for the upkeep of the child. “I will like to have custody of the child,” Emmanuel prayed the court.
However, Bukola who did not oppose the divorce suit was also silent on the allegation that she was adulte rous.
“My lord, Emmanuel is in no way a responsible husband and father. He had abandoned the child and I for more than nine years and the child can’t even recognize him. “He has sent no money to us for care,” Bukola stated.
However, there were contradictory evidences from the witnesses supporting both Emmanuel and Bukola as to whether Emmanuel was responsible or not.
Emmanuel resides at Sango-Ota, Ogun State, while Bukola resides at Odo-Oba area of Ibadan.

Lagos Couple Caught At Early Hours of Today Having S ex at The ATM Machine...

A randy couple were spotted having sex next to a bank of ATM machines in broad daylight.
Witnesses who were trying to withdraw money from the machines in lagos., recorded video of the shocking scene.
The pair didn’t appear to be disturbed by the crowd gathered around them as their romp was filmed and eventually posted on social media, where the video went viral .

NO MORE 2ND CHOICE IN JAMB! See Reasons From Jamb...

Fabian Benjamin, JAMB’s Head of Media and Information, told Premium Times on Saturday that the choice of public universities was restricted to one but candidates can choose as many colleges of education and polytechnics as they want.
The new measure by the board means that candidates may select a public university and a private university, but not two public universities.
Mr. Benjamin said that the Board took the restrictions because candidates hardly get admissions into their second and third choice universities.
He said: “Yes we restricted the choice to one but candidates can choose as many colleges or polytechnics,”
“We discovered it was of no use choosing a university as second choice when in actual sense they can’t even accommodate their first choices,”

LEAVE MY HUSBAND ALONE PROSTITUTES!!! Ghanaian actress, Afia Expose Photo of Lady Who Sent Nu de Photo To her Husband

Ghanaian actress, Afia, shares a photo sent to her husband, says she’s tired of warning all the social media prostitutes.

“See What My Husband (Prince Eke) Did To Me” Muma Gee Filed For Divorce From Husband

Singer Muma Gee, has reportedly filed for divorce from ex,Nollywood actor, Prince Eke.

According to her publicist and close friend Don Saint, more details will be released soon, as Muma Gee now fears for her life following Prince Eke’s interview yesterday where he said the singer should be prepared to rest in peace. Muma Gee, has also reported this to the police.
According to Muma Gee, the photos he posted with her kids was taken after she granted him access to see the kids at Sheraton hotel between the hours of 5pm-7pm yesterday. As soon as he left, he posted the photos on the internet, creating the impression that she actually abandoned her kids while he was just seeing them in months.

Comedian, Okey Bakassi Write Buhari An Open Letter, Read Letter

Image result for images of okey bakassi
Ace comedian, Okey Bakassi took to social media to pen an open letter to the president.
He wrote:
“Dear President, How are you feeling today? Hope the test results are out and the doctors are taking good care of you? Some of us are praying for your quick recovery and safe return. No need to deceive you, Sir…things are getting worse at home since you left. Prof is trying his best but we are not seeing any CHANGE. I don’t know if government officials are not following his instructions because of his size. Sir, you know all your political appointees follow your Presidential “Body Language” but since your “body” is not presently located at home, there’s nothing to follow….so nothing is working.
Sir, we heard you called Trump on the phone. That’s cool. It would be nice if you can speak to us (that voted or didn’t we vote for you) to reassure us ….we are confused oh. I’m also not feeling well too, Sir. I suspect I may be losing my sight…. because anytime I look in my wallet I can’t see anything…can your London doctors help me? Let me allow you go back to rest. I want to report some people to you but that will be in my next letter. Get well soon, your Excellency. Your guy, @okeybakassi “

See The Horrible Reason teenager Gave For Recording Facebook Live Video Having S ex

A 19 year old woman identified as Jennifer Thebe has caused stir after her phone was used in a Facebook live stream in which she is seen having se_x with an unidentified man.
The 19 year old woman has however denied ever giving the green light for her ‘private act’ to be recorded.She however shifted all the blame to her friend, whom she could not name for what she described as ‘security reasons’.
”I think this girl all she is looking for is attention,how can a video be recorded without her consent when her phone was used,before we mention about her password because her Facebook account was doing the livestream,so in short she is looking for fame using wrong channel”,a facebook user who goes by the name Juju Vine was quoted.
Unfortunately her followers and facebook friends were quick to download the rare live footage and screenshots before the owner took it down.Below are the screenshots of Jennifer Thebe and her alleged unidentified boyfriend.

Young Nigerian woman escaping from prostitution in Libya returns home with her baby

The young woman pictured was among 171 stranded Nigerians that returned home from Libya last Tuesday. According to IOM Libya, that posted the photo, she escaped from prostitution in the war-torn country.
The return of the Nigerians was facilitated by the International Organization for Migration (IOM). the returnees consisting of 49 young men, 109 young women, 7 children and 6 infants, had opted for the Assisted Voluntary Return (AVR) scheme of the IOM after being stranded in Libya en-route Europe.

Omg! See what a woman wore to Music Award in South Africa

The woman was spotted at the 16th annual Metro FM Awards held yesterday night Feb. 26th in Durban, South Africa.

Soji Omobanke Finally Returns Home After Months In New York

Nollywood actor, Soji Omobanke is finally back to Nigeria after spending some months in New York. In fact, gist had it that the famous Yoruba actor had relocated to the States before he proved them wrong by returning few weeks ago.

He has started attending events and said to be booked for several movies at the moment.

I Will Die Quickly If I Retire From Music –Obey

If anybody is expecting veteran artiste, Ebenezer Obey, to retire from music, that may not happen as the legend has said such action could lead to his death.

He said, “I must tell you something. If I retire from music, I would die quickly. That is what I feel. I have been diabetic since I was 30 years old. It took the power and ministry of God to keep me alive. It has affected my eyes but I am not blind. As it is, I would say it is the miracle of God. Playing music is a tonic for me. At 75, all I want is whatever pleases God.”

Some people his age may still have gone ahead to remarry moreso as he lost his wife some years ago. But the singer turned evangelist told Saturday Beats that he still misses his wife and doubts if he would ever re-marry.

“I met my wife when I was a struggling musician and her parents told her not to marry me. They warned her not to marry a musician but she told them that she was going to marry me. I met her in her elder brother’s place because he was my friend. When I met her, we greeted and that was how we started.

“When you are a musician and the ladies tell you that you are handsome, you are in trouble. They used to tell me that when I was much younger.

That was a big problem. We thank God I was able to overcome that. Women are part of music and I had my own fair share of that but God helped me to put it under control because He knew He was taking me somewhere.

I want my life to be read. I am not hiding anything. Then, I did not drink neither did I smoke because my mother had warned me against that and it was believed that every musician engaged in such but I had my fair share of women,” he said.

And talking about his 75th birthday coming up in April, Obey said that as part of his birthday celebration, he is going to give back to his community, Idogo, Ogun State that made him who he is today.

“I would kickstart my 75th birthday celebration at Idogo, where I built a police post to give back to the society that made me who I am today. It would be inaugurate. Also, the Idogo Area Progressive Union where I am a pioneer member is making the king and me the chief patrons of the club due to my contribution to the community.

On April 3, at Abeokuta, there will be a church service in the morning at the Olusegun Obasanjo Event Centre. The former president actually paid for the hall. On that day, I also intend to launch the Ebenezer Obey Music Foundation.

The aim of the foundation is to train youngsters in music and it would be affiliated to the Olabisi Onabanjo University. I also want to have endowments in different universities so that I can give scholarships to students. Also my friends are planning something in Lagos before the year runs out,” he said.

Photos From Funeral Of Eric Arubayi

It took place in Abraka, Delta State. See another photo below. May his soul rest in peace.

When Tonto Dikeh & Her Alleged Husband’s Mistress Gave To Charity Same Day

So Tonto Dikeh was at a school yesterday in Warri where she had gone to donate to some students towards her Back To School Project and in just the same spirit, Rosaline Meurer was also at LUTH with her team, where she donated the sum of N500,000 to a 2-year old cancer patient. 

Note, Tonto Dikeh collaborated with an organisation in giving back, while Meurer had the support of Big Church Foundation as an ambassador that she is to them. Well done ladies. They definitely have some things in common. 

Makeup Artist Exposes Nigerian Pastor Who Wants S3xual Relationship With Him

A Nigerian makeup artist David Onyedike a.k.a Dave Sucre has exposed a Nigerian pastor (Pastor Crownrich Marvelous Joy, of Gospel Faith Mission) who has been disturbing him for a s3xual relationship. Dave took to his IG to expose the Pastor’s direct message (DM) to him, asking his church members to come and carry their pastor, lol. 

Goodluck Jonathan Hails Shagari At 92

Former President Goodluck Jonathan has congratulated the nation’s first Executive President, Alhaji Shehu Shagari, who turned 92 today. 

Jonathan, in a felicitations message signed by his Media Adviser, Ikechukwu Eze, on Saturday in Abuja, described Shagari as “a man of honour and unmatched dignity, who left enduring legacy as President”. 

The former president said that in an out of office, Shagari has continued to inspire generations of Nigerians through his patriotism, selflessness, simplicity and unwavering commitment to the peace and unity of Nigeria. 

“You diligently served your nation as a teacher, parliamentarian and President. 

“You have continued to serve her, even in your old age, as an elder statesman and sage who calmly offers his wise counsel on national issues. 

“Your Excellency, in your wisdom you envisioned a great nation and I pray to God to grant you more fruitful years to see Nigeria attain that enviable height we all desire.”

Shocking! Trump Takes First Step Towards Building The Mexican Border Wall

The Department of Homeland Security has announced plans to begin soliciting pitches for a prototype design of President Trump's proposed wall along the Mexican border.

The notice, put out on the department's website Friday, says contractors can submit proposals starting March 6. Submissions for the concept designs will then close on March 10, with selected applicants narrowed down by the 20th. The remaining vendors must then satisfy the full proposal request and offer an estimated price.

Homeland Security said it's possible that multiple winners will be selected. It plans to announce the winning design(s) of the wall, which runs nearly 2,000 miles, in mid-April.

I’m Not Ready To Give Marriage Another Shot- Juliet Ibrahim

Ghanaian actress and mother of one, who was formerly married to a Ghanaian business man in a chat with Sunday Scoop has said she is not ready to give marriage another shot for now. She says she is concentrating on what her former marriage produced- her son and ofcourse her brand too. She says to be successful and have a son you take care of is too much work which she is fine with anyway and marriage has no place in her mind for now.

“It is interesting you ask about wedding bells. I have always said that my focus at this point is my son and business. Creating a balance between  being a successful business woman and a good mother is a lot to handle and that is my focus,” the actress said.

On being chose as a Glo brand ambassador, Juliet said, “I believe the timing is right. For Globacom and Juliet Ibrahim brand, there are values that we can capitalise on by working together. I am grateful to them for buying into what I have been building for a while and giving me an opportunity to represent their brand image in a positive light. I am looking forward to great things to come out of this.”

Actress Sola Sobowale Speaks On What Style Means To Her

In a chat with Tofarati Ige, beautiful charming actress, Sola Sobowale explains what styles means to her and reveals she still wears mini skirt despite her age and what she represents.

What does style mean to you? Wearing something that makes you comfortable and beautiful, that’s all.

What fashion items do you like the most?
They’re several of them;bags, shoes, dresses, jewellery, perfumes, and my hair. Continue...

What can you never be caught wearing?I can never walk naked.

What about miniskirts?I love them so much, and I still wear them.

Maje Ayida slams ex Toke Makinwa and her publishers with N100m lawsuit over her book

Image result for images of toke makinwa and maje
A few weeks after sending a letter of demand asking his estranged wife, Toke Makinwa to retract the words in her tell-all memoir, On Becoming, to stop the sale of the book, copies that haven't been sold should be retrieved and for her to tender an unreserved apology in several national dailies, which Toke, of course, ignored, Maje Ayida has instituted legal action against Toke, asking for N100million in damages over the book he claims contains defamatory words that do not represent his person.

According to The Cable, Maje's lawyers began legal proceedings at Lagos High Court on February 7th. Toke's publishers, Kachifo Limited are also being sued alongside Toke.

In his suit, Maje asked the court to donate any damages awarded him in the case to four charities which he will pick himself.

"I was a housewife for 6 years to keep my marriage' - Muma Gee speaks up on broken marriage

The singer recently opened up about her broken marriage with Prince Eke, saying she gave her all to make the marriage work;
"I got married and became a full time house wife for 6 years. For me to have taken a break (from entertainment) for six years, that's enough to tell anyone I was really dedicated. I gave the marriage all my life, all my time, but if the persons involved are restless a bit, you can't be in control" Watch the video via HipTV after the cut...

Update! Photo of the woman who allegedly stoned her step daughter to death in Benue

Two days ago, LIB shared a story of a little girl who was allegedly stoned to death by her stepmother in Wadata area of Makurdi, Benue State 

Khadija pictured above in Hijab, allegedly conspired with two other people to stone the little girl to death. According to Rariya, Khadija who is married to the deceased's Father, Abdulraheem who is an electrician, sneaked out in the night with the little girl and did not return home with her.

Abdulraheem became worried when he did not see his daughter and asked Khadja who claimed she had no idea where the little girl was. The next morning, the little girl's body was found in an uncompleted building.

After much interrogation, Khadija reportedly confessed to stoning the little girl to death but didn't explain why. She is currently in Police custody and would soon be charged to court.

Daddy Showkey meets James Ibori

'Me and Ibori no bi today' was the caption Daddy Showkey wrote as he shared this photo with the former Delta State governor and ex-convict, James Ibori.

Wow! Check out Nollywood actress, Bukky Wright

She  looks so beautiful in these photos, see more below...

Founder of 'world's cheapest smartphone' firm arrested over fraud allegation

Mohit Goel, the director of Ringing Bells, the Indian firm which claimed to be selling the world’s cheapest smartphone, has been arrested on allegations of fraud.
The Indian Police Service arrested him after one of the phone’s distributors claimed it had not received handsets it had paid for.
The distribution company, Ayam Enterprises, who is accusing Ringing Bells of not fulfilling all of its orders. said it paid 3m rupees ($45K) after Mr Goel persuaded it to distribute the phone. 

Police spokesman, Rahul Srivastava who confirmed the arrest to the BBC, and said that Mr Goel would appear in court on Friday, March 3, 2017.
'A number of similar complaints have been filed against him from other parts of the state. We want to investigate these claims thoroughly.
It's important for us to expose these scams because innocent people end up losing their hard-earned money.' He said

However, Ringing Bells which has been described as a 'ponzi scheme', first started taking money for the phones in February last year and promising delivery by June.

Many customers reportedly got their phones, while some didn't. 

As some point, the demand for the cheap handset, which is sold through its own website, caused the company’s servers to crash.