7 Mar 2017

Angry mother pours hot soup on daughter in Benin

A woman identified as Tricia Oterneghoro, has been arrested for pouring hot soup on her 13 year old daughter, Joyce Emmanuel for sleeping in a neighbour's house.

Narrating what led to the assault, the young girl said that when she wanted to go have her bath the previous night, her mom warned her not to go but she insisted. This made her mother lock the door leaving her outside in the cold.

When she realized her mum wouldn't open the door for her, she decided to go sleep in their neighbour's house. In the morning, her mother stormed into the neighbour's room with a pot of hot soup and poured it on her.

Speaking to ITV on the incident, neighbors described the woman as a wicked person who is fond of maltreating the girl.
One of the neighbours said; A woman with correct sense will not do this to her daughter. I have warned her not to beat the girl again. Her father called yesterday and the girl said she was interested in going to nursing school.”

Another neighbour said they heard the little girl screaming and had to run outside to see what was the problem. "I heard the noise and was forced to run outside, before we came out, we found out that this little girl was screaming, crying and shouting. Even the mother that did this thing didn't even care or act like she is a human being"

Meanwhile, the girl's mother defended her actions saying she had warned neighbours not to allow her daughter sleep in their house. So when she saw her the following morning she got angry and poured her the soup. She also claimed she didn't know what came over her.

Source: ITV

Update! Singer, George Michael died of natural causes with weakened heart and damaged liver- Coroner finally reveals

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Darren Salter, senior coroner for Oxfordshire has finally revealed that legendary singer, George Michael died from a weakened heart and damaged liver, putting hearts of his family members and fans to rest after police earlier claimed his death was “unexplained but not suspicious”. and an earlier post-mortem had come back as “inconclusive” .

George Michael, 53, died in his Oxfordshire home on Christmas day and his lifeless body was found by his boyfriend Fadi Fawaz  with his family planning to carry out an inquest into his death, but with the coroner's revelation his family can now bury him peacefully with his former partner Kenny Goss previously saying he believed the singer's body 'just gave up'.

Darren Salter said: 'Inquiries into the death of George Michael have been concluded and the final post-mortem report received.
'As there is a confirmed natural cause of death, being dilated cardiomyopathy with myocarditis and fatty liver, the investigation is being discontinued and there is no need for an inquest or any further enquiries.'

Michael, had chart-topping hits including Last Christmas, faith and Freedom and won several Brit, Grammy, GLAAD and American Music awards, but has been battling heart and liver issues the last couple of years.

Vets successfully remove over one thousand coins from a turtle's stomach

A team of veterinary surgeons on Monday, March 6th, successfully removed nearly a thousand coins from a turtle's stomach in Thailand, the world's first such surgery.
Five veterinarians at Bangkok's Chulalongkorn University conducted a six-hour surgery on Omsin, Thai for "piggy bank," to remove a total of 915 coins weighing five kilograms from the 59-kilogram female turtle.

"The coins came from many countries, mainly from Asia," Nuntarika Chansoe said in a press briefing following the surgery.
Tossing coins into ponds is believed by many to bring good luck, and, in ponds with turtles, longevity, as the animals can live well over 100 years. Some also believe they are "making merit" for the animals, which is a Buddhist tradition.
Omsin is a 25-year-old green turtle sent from a local turtle pond in Sriracha, a town 120 kilometres south-east of Bangkok, to the Thai navy's Sea Turtle Conservation Centre nearby after the local operator closed down in June.
In February, veterinarians at the Bangkok university asked the navy to send Omsin to its animal hospital for a check-up, after the team found the turtle to be swimming sideways without using her left leg.
"At first I thought the turtle might have been paralysed. But an X-ray and a CT scan revealed a massive chunk of objects," Nuntarika said. 
"It was quite a difficult and challenging task," said Pasakorn Briksawan, one of the surgeons operating on Omsin. 
"After we removed the coins one by one, it became obvious the turtle was breathing much better," Nuntarika added.
Once Omsin recuperates, she will be sent back to the navy before being released back to nature.
Source: DPA International
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Toyin Aimakhu speaks about the recent BBNaija sex scandal

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Actress, Toyin Aimakhu took to her Instagram page to speak on Kemen's BBNaija sex scandal. She urged organizers of Big Brother t o use the incident to creat awareness on serial offenses. She wrote;
I want to urge Big Brother Naija to use #Kemen 's, incident to educate about serial offenses. Our men must learn that no means no. Don't imagine a consent you are not given. Don't claim she's leading you on when you are the one that is on. A lady owns her body, she has the right to it, she has the power to give it or not. Don't force yourself on the next woman. Please parents, let's raise better men who will be protectors of women not aggressor. Let's do more to protect women, they make the world better place.

Update! 'The leaked photos are photoshopped, this is just cheap blackmail' - Apostle Suleman's wife speaks (Video)

Following the sex scandal trailing man of God, Apostle Suleman, his wife of 19 years Mrs Lizzy Johnson Suleman has released a video speaking in defense of her husband. According to her, the leaked photos are fake, saying she knows her husband very well and he has never been an adulterous man. 

According to Dr Lizzy, her marriage is the main target, and her husband's allegations are politically motivated. Watch the video after the cut...

Man supposedly develops breast after a lady he promised marriage charmed him for not fulfilling his promise (photos)

According to Facebook user, Brian, Jonah Dennis, the man picture above alleged developed breast after he was charmed by a lady whom he promised marriage but later didn't fulfill his promise.

But you know in Africa, whatever we don't undersstand, we call juju. That's most likely a medical condition called Gynecomastia. See the uncensored photo after the cut..

Nigerian man who was acquitted twice of abuse and murder charges in the US may get $80k settlement

Clark County, Nevada commissioners are set to award an $80,000 settlement to a Nigerian man who risked losing his parental rights despite being acquitted of abuse and murder charges in the death of a 2-year-old boy, Las Vegas Review Journal reports on March 2nd.

Victor Fakoya, 49, was tried and acquitted twice for the death of Daniel Jaiyesimi, the son of family friends living with Fakoya, his wife and two daughters.
Fakoya was the only adult known to be home with the boy when he became unresponsive on Aug. 8, 2008. The exact cause of the boy’s death was not determined.

Fakoya, who was a political science professor in Nigeria, spent two years in the Clark County jail. His first trial ended in a hung jury, and the second ended with a jury acquitting him of all charges in December 2010.
But Fakoya was not allowed to return to his wife and two daughters because five days after his acquittal the District Attorney’s Office claimed in family court that Fakoya was a danger to his two daughters.

In May 2011 that a family court hearing master allowed Fakoya to move back into his Las Vegas home. First, Fakoya had to plead no contest to not calling 911 in a timely manner.
Fakoya filed a civil rights lawsuit against the county in federal court in late 2012, demanding $10 million in damages for keeping him separated from his family for five months after a jury found him not guilty.
“Victor’s dream of coming to America, furthering his education and providing a better lifestyle for his family has been shattered by the agencies entrusted with preserving the family unit and protecting the community,” his complaint stated.  
"This ordeal has financially destroyed the Fakoya family and left emotional scars that will never fully heal."
The lawsuit alleges that members of Child Protective Services tried to coerce Fakoya into admitting he caused the child's death and that the ordeal has left "emotional scars that will never fully heal."
County commissioners will consider approving the pretrial settlement during the consent agenda portion of their regular meeting on Tuesday morning, March 7th.

See What Happened To The Criminal That specialize In withdrawing Victim Money

A deadly criminal has finally met his waterloo after he was caught by security operatives for armed robbery and kidnapping offences.
It is the end of the road for a criminal who specializes in withdrawing money from the accounts of his victim while holding them hostage.
The suspect who operates with his gang members in Obosi, Anambra state first kidnap his victims, collect their belongings and even take their bank ATM cards to withdraw money while the victim is being held hostage.
He has been arrested by the police for the incident.
The story was shared by Joy Obanye and wrote: “He is one of the guys that tricks people into Obosi, kidnap you, collect your belongings, take your bank ATM card and withdraw all your money while you are on hostage.

Omg! A Rubber boat packed with bodies of African migrants washed up on shore in Libya

Weeks after the Libyan Red Crescent recovered 74 bodies of African migrants that had washed ashore at Zawiya, freelance journalist based in North Africa, Nancy Porsia reports that another rubber boat packed with bodies of EU-bound African migrants washed up on shore near same area. However, it's not clear if the photos are from the first incident.

Update! Buhari's return on hold; doctors refuse to allow powerful men take him by force

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President Muhammadu Buhari's return to Nigeria was put off late last night because his doctors would not certify him healthy enough to return home despite strong pressure from the 'cabal'.

According to SR, presidency sources said the desperation to have him back was so much that the cabal sent to London on Friday the biggest jet in the presidential fleet, a Boeing Business Jet 737, known as "Airforce 001" to bring Buhari home anyhow.

It was learnt that they wanted to ferry him into Abuja before the closure of the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport on Wednesday.

In that connection, the smaller presidential jet which initially flew President Buhari to the UK was returned to Abuja the same day while the bigger jet was sent to London with a fresh crew. 

SR added that the return to Abuja last week of Buhari's powerful nephew, Mammam Daura, as well as one of his daughters, all heightened the political anxiety that President Buhari would return on Sunday evening.

The sources maintained that President Buhari’s doctors refused to give him the clean bill of health that would enable him to return.

In the meantime, media aides to the president have continued to issue statements claiming that President Buhari is making phone calls to world and Nigerian leaders and politicians.

This strategy is aimed at keeping Nigerians believing that the president is fully recovered from his ailments, but sources involved in Buhari's treatment say he is far from recovered, and his return date, and therefore his return to work, remains unclear.

Update! Apostle Suleman Claims The Lady In The Videocam Screenshots Isn’t Stephanie

Shortly after Stephanie released the videocam screenshots of herself and Apostle Suleman, the preacher took to social media to laugh, saying they should have used a picture of a more presentable lady. He however didn’t say if he was the one in the screenshots or not. His tweets after the cut.

Na wa o! See 12yr old girl married off to a man in the Northern part of Nigeria

That girl doesn't look older than 12 and that's the man marrying her sat next to her.The girl obviously looks unhappy and worried. And according to the person who shared the photos online, the girl's parents organized the wedding...the poster said the groom is his Uncle's son! Shameful!

My 92-year-old husband is still trying to make love to me - Mother of 17 says

A Brazillian woman, who during her youthful days, had 17 children for her husband has shared a hilarious story of how the 92-year-old man still want her in bed. Speaking to Humans of New York, known for sharing poignant images with the stories of everyday people on Facebook, the Brazilian mother said:
'My husband is ninety-two and he keeps trying to make love to me. I have to swat him away. I had seventeen kids already. That’s all in the past. Whenever he gets out of the shower, he starts singing this song about a woman with long hair that he wants to kiss. He says the song is about me. I tell him: ‘Nope! Not me.'

One of ‘UK most wanted’ men found behind wardrobe in Bradford

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One of the UK’s 'Most Wanted' was on Saturday arrested and deported to his country. According to West Yorkshire Police, the unnamed Slovakian national, who was being sought in connection with multiple serious sexual offences in his native country, was found in Girlington.

Officers searched three different homes before he was found at a fourth address, hiding behind a wardrobe.
He was arrested and taken to a detention centre before being deported.

Shocking! Lesbian teacher caught molesting a minor

A lesbian teacher of Laerskool Oranje-noord primary school in South Africa was on Friday, March 3 arrested for sexually assaulting a minor girl. Confirming her arrest, police spokesperson Captain Jacques September, disclosed that teacher is facing charges of rape, molestation, indecent sexual assault and serious assault of a minor. 
It was also reported that the Education and Regulation Portfolio Committee of the Northern Cape department issued an immediate suspension to the Laerskool Oranje-noord teacher after it came to light. The teacher whose identity is yet to revealed will appeared at the Upington Magistrate’s Court later Monday.

Photo of 12 women arrested for selling new Naira notes to party goers in Lagos

12 women have been arrested for selling new Naira notes to party goers at an event in Lagos. They were arrested during a raid by officials of CBN and operatives of the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department (SCIID), Panti, Yaba. According to Govt officials, their action contravenes section 21 of the CBN Act, 2007 and is punishable by N50,000 fine, or six months imprisonment or both.
Six women were arrested the week before and another six this past weekend. Those arrested recently include; Fausat Jimoh, Bisoye Oyegbile, Balikis Ajadi, Bisola Amoru, Abidemi Oladejo and Ajoke Suraj.
According to Guardian, Bilikis Ajadi revealed that low patronage of her hair dressing business pushed her into the money trade. Bisoye Oyegbile claimed that N37,500 was collected from her alone, though the police claimed that N35,500 was recovered from all the women combined. She claimed that the law enforcers usually stole some of their money whenever they came after them.  

The Deputy Commissioner of Police in charge of SCIID, Bolaji Salami, said that selling Naira notes is an offense and efforts are being made to bring those guilty to book.

He said:
“We are clamping down on those abusing our currency. It is an offence to sell naira notes at weddings or any gathering. It contravenes the CBN Act. We arrested six suspects the previous weekend and later arrested six others on Friday. 
"We recovered N35,500 from these suspects but N465,000 was recovered from those arrested last week. 
“They would be charged to court as soon as possible. Investigation would reveal how these suspects come about these new currencies. We are going to get to the root of it because the offence is punishable by N50,000 fine, or six months imprisonment or both.  
"No good country would allow its currency to be abused in anyway. That is what we are guiding against. The CBN is out to enforce the law and we would give them the necessary backing.”
An official of the CBN, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said CBN was targeting its workers and Deposit Money Banks (DMB), as those fuelling the illegal trade. According to the official, CBN will clamp down on celebrants in venues where naira merchants are found.
He said:
“We know that these are not the real targets because if they don’t get the mint notes, they won’t be able to sell it. So, our main targets are commercial banks and even our staff who release the money to these vendors. 
“Once these suspects confess and mention their names, we would go after them. We are also going to start arresting Nigerians who organise events and allow those selling naira notes in their venues. Already, we have started arresting people who ‘spray’ money at social events. Sanity must return to our system and our currency must be respected.”

Omg! Man loses eyesight in alleged acid attack over inheritance (Photo)

A 30-year-old Kenyan man from Vio has lost his eyesight after his cousin allegedly poured acid on his face over the family inheritance. Speaking from his hospital bed, the victim identified as Kelvin Wachira, said his cousin and some of his family members were unhappy with a decision made by their family to make him the caretaker of his grandfather’s house.

‘I had gone to my cousin's house to solve the misunderstanding between us. Unfortunately, he decided to pour acid o me,’ he said.
According to him, after the death of his father and grandfather, the family gave him the mandate of looking after the property. Kelvin Wachira, whose sight are damaged, is presently at St. Joseph Shelter of Hope Hospital, where he’s nursing serious body wounds from the acid attack.

However, Police in Vio have launched investigations into the incident and will embark on a manhunt for the suspect once they receive a P3 form from the doctor treating the victim. Source: Nairobi News

Unical professor who allegedly raped his student under investigation by ICPC

Federal High Court sitting in Calabar has ruled that the Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission (ICPC), has the right to investigate a former Dean of the Faculty of Law, University of Calabar, Professor Cyril Osim Ndifon, over allegation of raping one of his students. 
Justice I. E. Ekwo who delivered judgment on Thursday 2nd March, 2017 in a suit brought against ICPC by the Professor of Law, in which he sought to restrain the Commission from investigating the alleged offence of demanding for sexual gratification from a female student of the University, maintained that it was within the purview of ICPC to investigate the case in accordance with the Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Act 2000.

The trial judge while setting aside the police report  upon which he sought to restrain ICPC, having being exonerated by the said report, noted that other issues which are within the competence of ICPC to investigate arose in the case.
He added that the offence of sexual gratification was contrary to Sections 8, 9, and 19 of the Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Act, 2000, which refer to any public officer who receives benefit of any kind in the discharge of his duties or uses his position to confer corrupt advantage upon himself.
It would be recalled that a final year law student had petitioned ICPC alleging that the Professor had sex with her in his office without her consent, after inviting her to the office to rewrite an earlier cancelled test.

In a statement on oath dated November 11, 2015, the student accused,Ndifon, who was the lecturer in-charge of a course, Law of Trust, of raping her when she went to recopy her script torn by him during a class test held that day.

According to the statement, the lecturer had administered a test to the class. Barely 40 minutes after the test commenced, Ndifon was said to have ordered the students to stop writing and submit their scripts. As the invigilators were going round to collect the scripts, Ndifon walked up to her, took her script and tore it in the presence of her classmates.

Shortly after leaving the hall, she met Ndifon again, who asked her to come to his office with the torn script. She said that her friends accompanied her to the office of Ndifon and waited outside the main office.

“While I was in the office, Prof Ndifon instructed me to bring foolscap pa­per and directed me to re-copy my answer to the ques­tions from the torn script in the presence of his secre­tary. As I began to write, he came in and instructed that I move to his private office on the last floor, where it would be more convenient for me to re-copy the test. I complied. Five minutes later, while writing, he came in with a glass of alcoholic wine, locked the door and told me to kiss him with the wine in his mouth, and I refused."
She spoke further: “Ndifon started to fondle me and attempting to forcefully kiss me and introduce the drink into my mouth. I continued to resist until he overpowered me. Thereafter, he dragged me to a chair in his office, put on a condom and tore off the trouser I was wearing and forcefully penetrated me and had sex with me without my consent. His staff probably did not hear all my struggle and shouts for help as the door and windows of his private office were closed and locked."

She explained that the incident happened between 3-5pm. When the Professor was done with his deed, he opened the door and told her to go.

“I stumbled out of his office crying, weak, fright­ened and totally traumatized," she said.

While walking back to the hostel in the company of her course mates, who she claimed had patiently waited for her while she was at the dean’s office re­copying the script, they met a man that took pity on her unstable condition. The man took her to the Air­port Police station where she lodged a report of rape against Ndifon. Similarly, her parents reported the rape to the university, which conducted preliminary investigations and based on the findings, summarily suspended Ndifon.

Shocking! Did you know, that the Swedish Passport is the strongest in the world?

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New research has proven that the Swedish passport is the strongest in the world, as it's capable of getting you into 176 out of the 199 countries in the word without a visa. Nomad Capitalist, a consulting firm that recently ranked passports from 199 different countries confirms that Sweden came out on top, Afghanistan was last and the United States lands on the 35th spot tied with Slovenia. 
Countries' passports were judged by how much benefit they bring in terms of visa-free travel, international taxes, global reputation, the ability to hold dual or multiple citizenship, and personal freedom.

Belgium, Spain, Italy and Ireland rank just below Sweden, with other European nations completing a clean sweep of the top 10.

Not only can Swedes visit 176 countries without a visa, but citizens also enjoy "the ability to easily escape Swedish taxes by moving overseas," according to the index.

Update! Apostle Johnson Suleman's lawyer threatens to sue Sahara Reporters for N1 billion, labels Miss Otobo’s allegations as false

The alleged sex scandal involving Apostle Johnson Suleman of Omega Fire Ministries and one Stephanie Otobo now has a new angle.
Apostle Johnson Suleman's lawyer, Barrister Osa Director, just waded in threatening to sue Sahara Reporters for N1 billion and also labeling Miss Otobo’s allegation as a lie from the pit of hell.
Below is his press statement:

The attention of our Client, Apostle Johnson Suleman has been drawn to the online Publication by Sahara reporters. It is with utter consternation and indignation that our client received the news that one Stephanie Otobo is claiming to be his lover, after he proposed marriage to her in 2015 but later reneged. The Story was based on a purported letter written by Festus Keyamo’s Chambers.
Our Client has not received any letter from the Chambers of Keyamo or any law firm whatsoever. Therefore it is a gross violation of the natural Justice principle of audi alteram partem to embark on a media trial of our client without giving him fair hearing.
However, anytime we get a letter from Keyamo or any law firm, we shall respond appropriately and adequately without the unethical side kick of undue media attention.
For the records, our Client unequivocally denies any amorous relationship with the said Stephanie. Her claims as stated by Keyamo is vexatious, malicious and a wicked concoction from the pit of hell. As it is customary with our Client he has never had anyone-on-one encounter with the said Stephanie.
Although sometimes in 2015, after a crusade in Canada, our Client received a call from a person who introduced herself as Stephanie, and claimed to have been blessed by the spiritual ministration of our Client. Further probings from our Client revealed that Stephanie was a night club stripper. Our Client insisted that she must change her ways, if indeed she wants to receive Christ. But she later complained of no other means of survival and pleaded for assistance to open an Africa Kitchen food Store.
Our Client being a habitual and chronic philanthropist, with a heart for the poor and the underprivileged promised to assist, and he did. After almost a year she later complained of being broke and business was not looking well and asked for financial assistance from our Client, which he obliged. Those were the only two occasions our Clients rendered financial help to her, and withdrew after some unsavoury disclosures by Stephanie and her reluctance to truly mend her ways, and embrace Christ.
It was therefore strange and gut wrenching to hear several years after from Stephanie, who in collaboration with a gang of five ,which include her Canadian based
boyfriend, Wisdom and a top ranking police officer based in Lagos State approach our Client and demanding a ransom payment of N500.milion , otherwise they threaten to provide a tell tale story of romance between our Client and Stephanie to the media and hoodwink the innocent public with the view of ridiculing our Client’s worth and integrity in the public eye.
As a principled man of God, our Client refused to budge to their cheap tantrums of blackmail, knowing full well that you cannot build something on nothing, as an amorous relationship NEVER existed between him and Stephanie.
If true that our Client proposed marriage to Stephanie and conducted a marriage introduction ceremony, we challenged her to provide evidence of the occasion, either photographs or video clips.
Who were the Family members present at the occasion? Where was the ceremony conducted?
We have since contacted the father of Stephanie, one Revered Benson Otobo, who pastors a church in Warri and have businesses in Lagos and Abuja. He described his daughter as ‘wayward and desperate to make money’ He said he was not even aware that Stephanie was in Nigeria and thoroughly denied any marriage introduction ceremony, saying that Apostle Suleman never came to his house, or family home to introduce himself as suitor to his daughter.
He emphatically disassociated himself from whatever blackmailing scheme the daughter is engaged in, ‘I want to clearly state that I am not a part of her gang of blackmailers or a party to her desperate money making scheme’
Stephanie and her gang has since been arrested by the Nigeria Police as they were also recorded on tape disclosing their links with the dreaded terrorist gang, Boko Haram. They threatened to unleash Boko Harem and kill Apostle Suleman. As agents of terrorism, the Police is investigating the depth of their involvement in the several terrorist attacks in the country.
That is beside the charges of blackmail and attempt to extort money from Apostle Suleman.
We have our Clients instruction to demand a retraction of the story from sahara reporters and publication of an apology letter seven days from today. We are also demanding one billion naira compensation as damages.
Our Client will never and shall never succumb to blackmailers and their antics, no matter how highly placed.
Osa Director Esq

Omg! Man accidentally slices his neck with a saw while renovating his home

Suswan Ladee, 54, has been killed after he accidentally sliced through his own neck with an angle grinder saw as he fixed his house in Samut Prakan province, Thailand on the 28th of February.
The husband and father-of-one was reportedly standing on scaffolding to change wooden beams infested with termites when he reached up above him, but as he did, he slipped and dropped the saw he was working with and it fell directly to his neck, slicing through his throat, and down his chest.
Speaking on the tragic incident, Suswan's wife, Nong, 52, said;
“My husband was working with four other people, working all together to fix that house and get rid of the termites. I’d just gone into the kitchen to prepare lunch for everyone then heard the problem. The saw had hit him then he fell down from the scaffolding.”
Deputy Inspector Police Captain Weerapol Soodsaikaew, from Prapradaeng police station, said:
“Rescuers arrived at the house and found Mr. Ladee at the front of the house with a large cut in his neck down to his chest. Mr Ladee’s wife was with him and she was crying. We are speaking with her and the other people working on the home to investigate what happened.”