9 Mar 2017

Update! President Buhari expected back in Nigeria tomorrow March 10th

Senior Special Adviser to President Buhari on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina, says President Buhari is expected back to Nigeria tomorrow  March 10th.

Update! Apostle Suleman's Alleged Lover Released From Prison

Apostle Suleman’s alleged lover, Stephanie Otobo has been released from prison. She was released from Kirikiri female prison this evening, while the man arrested alongside with her was also freed from the Ikoyi prison. 

Stephanie who spoke to e-nigeriang.com shortly after her release however dropped another bombshell. She said the reason why the Apostle wanted her at all cost was because his wife was too religious and starves him of sex.  Another photo of her as she left prison below...

Photos of President Buhari in London today

President Buhari receved the Most Revd and Rt Hon Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury, at the Abuja House in London this afternoon...

Update! Actress Tonto Dikeh Opens Up On The 6 Incidents That Allegedly Crashed Her Marriage

Nollywood actress, Tonto Dike’s marriage to Dr. Churchill Olakunle Oladunni came to a sudden end last month.
Since then, the actress has been lamenting, sharing photos and videos of abuses she allegedly suffered in the hands of her estranged husband.
She has also made several allegations which portrayed her husband as a ”woman beater, a liar and fraud.”
As Nigerians keep sympathizing with the controversial actress, here are six things
gathered from her revelations as the real causes of the crash of her 17-month-old marriage.
1. Churchill allegedly abandoned Tonto and her son because of Rosaline.
Tonto said, “I am aware of her. I am aware that she is sleeping with my husband. I am aware that my husband is taking care of her. I am also aware that she is the reason that my husband abandoned his son and me for close to two months just before the Big Foundation thing we did in December” disclosed Tonto Dikeh in the interview.
“I am aware that’s the reason he abandoned his family because he took her on a trip. No she is not my husband’s sister. My husband is not her brother. She does not know me. Like I said I have not seen her before. I have never even spoken to my husband about her before but I do know their story. And I do know that they are in love.”
2. She was accused of pushing her mother-in-law down who it was alleged, caught her smoking.
And on this she said, “That is a lie from the devil. I am close to my mother-in-law. My mother-in-law has never ever seen me smoke. There are times when I am really, really sick. ‘Mum if you are watching you know this is true.
“There are times you have even offered me panadol. There are so many times you have offered me drugs that would have made my body better but I didn’t take because I knew I was Bosom -feeding’.”
“Every time my mother-in-law came to me and I was sick ‘I would tell her no mum I don’t want to take Panadol’, as little as Panadol, as little as Alabakun, as little as anything that would make me get my strength back. I would tell her I don’t want to take it. I didn’t know what it would do to my child,”
she further said.
“My mother-in-law has never ever, and I am saying this with God put in this, that she has never ever caught me smoking. I did not push my my mother-in-law down.”
3. She was accused of taking hard drugs but she reportedly keeps a file of monthly drug tests and letters she writes to her son.
According to her, “Someone coming out to associate me with drugs as a mother. That hurts me so much because no one sees how good of a mother I am.
“Nobody knows the sacrifices I have made for my son. I have a file at home, I do a drug test almost every month and I write a letter to my son and I put it (breaks down in tears)
“I write a letter to my son every month on his birthday and I tell him how much he has changed my life, how much I am a better person because he is in my life.
“I tell him how much I have stopped so many things for him. That really destroyed me. It really broke me into a million pieces. That’s the worst thing I have heard.”
4. She alleged her husband has other children besides Andre.
Tonto said, “My son is not the first child my husband has. And that was one of the major concerns in my marriage, in the early part of it because he lied to me about not having a child.
“He even lied to me about not being married. I did not know he was married until the day they posted the picture of the wedding. He didn’t tell me he had a child. He always lied about it. I don’t know how I found out but I did find out.
“Recently two women have contacted me that they have children for my husband but I cannot verify it.
“One of them said her child is 9 months old. The other said her child is 2 years but I cannot verify it just like I can’t verify the gay claims on him.
“I have no knowledge about it. I don’t know if it is true or not true. I don’t know anything about it.”
5. Her husband infected her with STDs.
She said,
“There are some things I will not like to re-discuss. I did post something about the STD. I am not taking back my words because it is not a lie but I will not promote it”
in reference to her claim that her husband gave her STDs.
“I will not go ahead and embarrass my husband in that manner even if I have. I will like that to just end,”
she further said.
6. She said her husband constantly abused her, showing proofs.
She said, “The domestic violence is real. It’s real. How I lived to suffer it and go through it over and over again, I do not understand.
“A lot of people have blamed me. A lot of people have said a lot of things. I have read a lot of things.
“I stayed back in my marriage not because of my child but because I believe you cannot be abused or you cannot leave a child where there is abuse and you claim you are doing it for your child.
“No. I stayed because I was doing it for myself. I stayed because I loved my husband with all of my heart.
“I stayed because he had begged me to stay a couple of times. I stayed because I didn’t just want to give up. I didn’t want to give up on the marriage just like that. People change.
“Anytime something like this happens, my husband comes up with a pastor who is always in the house the next day or two days later who is begging, who is doing stuff. Yes but we have never had a real counseling.
“He would never accept that he is doing it. That’s the point. That’s the worst. And I keep asking him that if you are so ashamed of what you do to me then why you did it.
“My husband has humiliated me so much with this. And for anybody to tell me that I am lying against my husband that even hurts me more.”

I Won’t Share My Husband’s Manhood With Any Woman – Childless Wife

A 37-year- old lady, Ngozi Ezenwagu, who sent her husband to prison for marrying a 2nd wife has said that she was not ready to share her husband, including his manhood, with any woman because she was unable to have a child for him yet.

Her husband, a 50-year- old Adolphus Ezenwagu was arrested and charged before a Lagos court after he had altercation with Ngozi for marrying second wife after 13 years of childlessness.

Adolphus was remanded in the prison custody following Ngozi’s report to the police that she was assaulted by Adolphus because of his second wife.

The incident happened at 12 Musibau Saidi Street in Egan area of Lagos where they have a house.

The embattled Ngozi said her hubby went to their village in Anambra and married the second wife against her wish and brought her to Lagos to live with them in the same house.

According to her, the husband was fond of leaving her in the night to sleep with the second wife in the other room under the disguise that he wanted to get the new wife pregnant.

“Painfully, I used to be alone all night since December he brought her to Lagos,” Ngozi lamented.

Adolphus had earlier told PM Express that he married Ngozi 13 years ago and they were unable to have a child.

He said he had taken her to several hospitals and churches with all efforts proved abortive. He said the idea of getting a second wife was a joint move by him and Ngozi.

“I told her to bring a woman of her choice for me, but the kind of women she brought was not my taste. This made me travel to her home town and married the second wife who I brought to Lagos.”

He said since the second wife came in, he has not known peace in the house as Ngozi on a number of occasions went on rampage, damaging valuables in the house.

On the day he wanted to stop this action, she contacted her family and claimed he assaulted her.

The matter was reported at Igando Police Division where Adolphus was arrested and charged to court with one count charge of assault.

At the Ejigbo Magistrate’s court where he was arraigned, he pleaded not guilty.

The presiding Magistrate, Mrs J.O.E Adeyemi granted him bail in the sum of N50,000 with two sureties in like sum.

The husband was remanded in prison custody pending when he will perfect his bail condition.

The matter was adjourned till 10 April, 2017.

Tragic! Young Nigerian man commits suicide in Malaysia by jumping from 31st storey building

A Malaysia-based Nigerian man jumped from the 31st floor of his apartment building in suspected suicide.

According to Swiss-based Nigerian Facebook user, Uzodimma, who announced the sad news yesterday, the victim simply identified as Chimaobi popularly known as Paco jelapa na malaysia from Ideato South, local government area of Imo State, suddenly screamed, threw his phone and laptop from the window and jumped.

Nigerian man handcuffed and locked in a cell for four days at US airport shares his story

On Monday March 6th, Senior Special Assistant to President Buhari on Diaspora matters, Abike Dabiri-Erewa, released a statement advising Nigerians who do not have any important thing to do in the US not to travel there as she has received reports of some Nigerians being denied entry by some US Immigration officers.

Her advise was later countered by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Geoffrey Onyeama who at a press briefing in Abuja, said there was no truth in reports that some Nigerians are being denied entry into the US due to the new US immigration policy...

A Nigerian man, Femi Olaniyi, has come out to share a story of how he was denied entry into the US, locked upin a cell for four days and then flown back to Nigeria in February. Olaniyi who spoke with Punch said he obtained his visa from the US Consulate in Lagos on December 23rd last year and planned to go on holiday with his wife to the US but she couldn't make it due to official engagements.

According to him, he had planned to spend some days in California and visit a family in Indianapolis. He said he had made hotel reservations of about $300 cash and also had $3,000 on his visa gold. Olaniyi said he departed Lagos on a Turkish Airline on February 21st and on getting to the Los Angeles Airport, an immigration officer pulled him out and inquired from him his reason for visiting the US. He said while he was giving an explanation, the officer pulled out his phone and travel documents and then captured his biometric data.
“He demanded my phone which I gave to him. He went inside an office with the telephone and documents and later checked my luggage. He asked about my family which I told him. He later said he wanted my biometrics. He then asked me to sign some documents, but as I attempted to read them, he got angry and he handcuffed me and locked me in a cold cell, but after some minutes, I banged on the door and told him that the cell was too cold for me, so he moved me to another cell. I was in that cell for four days before he released me and sent me back to Nigeria. I arrived on February 21st and was locked in the cell and released on February 25th, when I was placed on a plane back to Nigeria. Up till now, I don’t know the offence I committed that warranted my being treated like a criminal. I have travelled to other countries and have never experienced this kind of treatment. I told them to charge me to court but they said no, that I was not entitled to court hearing. They revoked my visa and banned me from visiting the US for five years. This was written on my passport, for an offence I know nothing about. My visa was to expire next year".
The father of three stated that Abike Dabiri-Erewa's claim that some Nigerians are being denied entry into the US is true
‘What Abike (Dabiri-Erewa) said is true, I am a living witness. This incident cost me close to a million naira and we are not even talking of the damage done to my reputation through the revocation of my visa and the five-year ban on me. If I take my passport to any embassy, they would think l committed a terrible offence. They detained and treated me like a criminal. The Federal Government should address this issue. It is very unfortunate”he said
Another Nigerian man Popoola Olayemi, a banker, whose wife was due to give birth in the US, also shared on how his visa with that of his wife and two children were cancelled in Abu Dhabi. They had planned to take a connecting flight to New York from Abu Dhabi but they were denied permission and flown back to Lagos. Popoola says that the immigration officials initially said the $8,000 he had on him was not sufficient for him and his family. After convincing them that he had friends who could raise money for him if the need arose, Olayemi explained that the officials asked him to go back home and return to the US after his wife might have had her baby.
“The officer appeared to dial a number on his telephone, though I am not sure he talked to anyone, he said we didn’t make a hotel reservation but I showed him the hotel confirmation code. I showed them the printout, but he said he had called the hotel and they said there was no reservation. He then insisted that I should re-book my hotel accommodation but there was no telephone service at the airport. I couldn’t make phone calls. My children were crying. Nobody attended to us. We were kept there for over two hours. He harassed me and then gave my wife a form to fill. Later, they showed me a form, containing passengers they cleared, saying some declared $15,000 and others $20,000. He said this was a lesson for me and that next time I’m visiting the US, I should fly directly to New York and not stop over. He later gave me a questionnaire to fill, but the form has only one answer to every question, so you can’t tick ‘no’ to any question even if the answer is no. So, I was forced to tick ‘yes’ to all the questions: that I did not go with enough money; that I did not make hotel reservation, and so on. My passport was seized and that of my wife. After some hours, they handed us over to Etihad Airline crew and we were asked to sit down somewhere. Nobody attended to us for about an hour or two. The children were shivering and they had to sleep on a blanket on the floor. I later met their overall boss, who gave us tickets for lunch and dinner, they didn’t even tell us they were taking us back to Nigeria. It was when I got to Lagos that I saw that my visa had been cancelled. The immigration officer was telling my wife to go home and have her baby and that she should come to the US after having her baby.”
According to Popoola, one of the immigration officers was a US citizen of Nigerian parentage. “They are US border protection agents. One of them is a black American with an Igbo name, Ogbonnaya,” he stated, adding that another Nigerian was also denied entry to the US “on account of his luggage.”

Reacting to the statement by the Federal Government that no Nigerian was denied entry to the US, Popoola who spoke angrily, said
“I’m sorry to say, but the man (foreign affairs minister) didn’t know what he was saying. He ought to investigate first before addressing a press conference. They just wanted to sweep the issue under the carpet, but this is not fair or right".

See how this Nigerian fan celebrated Barcelona's historic win against PSG (photos)

Hausa Facebook page Zuma Times posted these photos of a Barcelona fan showing him swimming inside gutter in celebration of the club's historic 6-1 win against Paris Saint-Germain last night...

See the two police officers sentenced to death over Apo six killings

A federal High Court in Abuja today sentenced two police officers, Emmanuel Baba and Ezekiel Achenege, to death for their roles in the killing of six Apo spare parts dealers in 2005. 

The officers were found guilty of killing the traders who according to them, they thought were armed robbers.  More photos below...

“You Have Nothing To Offer Except Your Va gina” Nigeria Lady Blast Virgins That brag

Nigerian facebook user, Ifediba Oluchi Anne shared her opinion on virginity and why she can’t be friends with a virgin who brags.According to her, they have nothing to offer except their tight private parts..

Married Woman Pours Hot Water on Neighbour's Manhood for Refusing to Sleep With Her

The things we see these days. This young man almost lost his "manhood" after a woman allegedly threw boiling water at him.

When his friend came to visit him on the faithful day, he had no idea he was an angel who would save his Johnson Thomas from an adulterous woman.

Last Thursday, Mr. Lopes Hobjana was attacked by a woman who lives in same compound as him.

The 25-year-old man from Ekurhuleni said he believed God had sent an angel to protect him.

“This woman had beef with me because I refused to sleep with her. She thought I was going to tell her husband and she started swearing at me,” he said.

He added, “I have not been eating at the main house and I kept it to myself as she asked me to, but she’s always restless.”

According to Daily Sun, Lopes said he knew that his relationship with the woman had turned sour.

“I stay in my room but she sometimes knocks on the door just to swear at me. I don’t fight back as I have always respected her.

“On Thursday, my friend came to visit me and her husband asked us to help other tenants carry a bed into their room. Out of nowhere, the woman came out of the house with a bucket of boiling water and threw it at me, but luckily my friend pulled me away.

The water hit my thighs and she started shouting at me that she wanted to burn my manhood! I am grateful to God that I’m alive. But I want her to go to jail.”

Eden Park police spokeswoman Captain Buyisile Mvelase said a case of assault has been opened against the married woman.

US Embassy Releases Statement On Nigerian Travel To US

American Embassy in Nigeria via their official website released a statement telling Nigerians who are willing to travel to the US with valid visas to go ahead and make the trip:

The U.S. Embassy in Abuja wishes to clarify that there is no reason for Nigerians with valid visas to postpone or cancel their travel to the United States. Nigeria is not named in the Executive Order on Immigration issued on March 6, and there is no prohibition against Nigerian lawful permanent residents or persons with a valid visa or other U.S. government authorization from entering the United States.

Watch VP Osinbajo Sing Praises To God On His 6oth

Wow...he is clearly a simple and God fearing man. Watch video below...

Tourist Couple Arrested In Dubai For Sex Before Marriage After Police Discover Woman Is Pregnant

A tourist couple visiting Dubai have allegedly been arrested for having sex before marriage after a doctor informed police the woman was pregnant .Iryna Nohai, 27, and Emlyn Culverwell, 29, were enjoying their sunny break when Iryna started experiencing stomach cramps.

Emlyn, originally from South Africa, took his Ukranian fiancé to a local hospital where a doctor examined her before discovering she was pregnant. As Iryna lay in her hospital bed, the doctor is said to have notified the authorities she was pregnant and the couple were unmarried.

The case was apparently handed to police who arrested the couple for having sex before marriage, which is listed as a criminal offence in the United Arab Emirates.

Emlyn's mother Linda said both sides of the family have been desperately searching for answers as to what happens next.

Still in the very early stages of pregnancy, Linda said she is worried Iryna's cramps could have been a sign of miscarriage .

She described the situation as "hell", adding: "I can imagine the hell she is going through.

"The only thing they did wrong was fall in love - it makes no sense."

The couple's families are attempting to send messages of love and find out how they are.

Linda added: "All the Department of International Relations is prepared to say is that we have 'to be patient', but there are three lives at stake here.

What Osinbajo Said On His 60th Birthday

The acting President clocked 60 yesterday. When asked in a brief interview with State House correspondents how he feels about been 60, he said. It is really a work of grace. Hear him;

“Frankly speaking, there is no difference between today and yesterday. It is really a work of grace.

“It is worth thanking God that one is 60 and one is in good health and that one is able to serve one’s country. I am happy and fulfilled. I am thankful to God.”

Update! We performed special rituals to secure Vampire's rescue from Owerri High Court - Herbalist

The Inspector General of Police's Intelligence Response Team (IRT) last Sunday, arrested the most trusted herbalist of the late deadly kidnap kingpin, Henry Chibueze, popularly known as Vampire.

The notorious kidnapper in South East and South South axis, was killed in a shootout with the police last week Thursday, at Omu Awa forest, in Ikwerre, Rivers State.

According to police sources at the Force Headquarters in Abuja, the 55-year-old ‘medicine man’, Iweajuo Gad, was arrested in his shrine at Asoeme Town in Aba, Abia State.

According to the source, “in continuation of the operations in mopping up Vampire’s gang members in the Southeast, IRT operatives arrested one Iweajuo Gad from Asoeme Town in Aba, Abia South Local Council. The suspect is the number one herbalist of Vampire and many other groups of armed robbers and kidnappers.

One of Vampire’s gang members already arrested led detectives to the shrine where the herbalist was arrested. The suspect confessed to have given many bullet repelling charms and ‘disappearance charms’ to Vampire and his group.

"He further confessed to interrogators that he led three herbalists to perform special rituals to secure Vampire’s rescue from the High Court in Owerri. He told detectives that the names of seven prison service officers were brought to him by Vampire’s brother to perfect the rituals that would disorganise and destabilise the officers during the rescue.  They were given N200,000 for the ritual and one week after the successful rescue, Vampire sent N500,000 to him."

Update! See the reaction of Nigerians to Tonto Dikeh's 'Tell All' interview on her marriage crash

Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh is a trending topic on Nigerian social media because of her tell all interview where she opened up on how she endured domestic violence, cheating and more read here. Read some comments after the cut...

Watch video of Bread seller, Olajumoke make up transformation

Model, Olajumoke stuns in new video as she gets ready for a photoshoot. Her English diction has improved as well. Check her out after the cut...