13 Mar 2017

Update! Apostle Suleman Bought Daniella Okeke's House, Sahara Reporters Insists

Saharareporters has confirmed from multiple sources that the house in front of which curvy Nollywood actress Daniella Okeke last year showcased on Instagram a Mercedes-Benz GL450 was, like the car, purchased for her by the controversial pastor.

After buying it for N40m, the controversial ‘Man of God’ then spruced it up with N120million before handing it over to Ms. Okeke, who is one of the women romantically linked with him. 

The property, which has two duplexes, is located on Alabi Street, off Okey Okeke Drive in Arowojobe Estate in the Mende-Maryland area of Lagos.  It was initially owned by fashion designer Adedayo David Eweje, who owns fashion company “David Wej.”

Saharareporters reached out to Mr. Eweje who admitted selling the duplex before 2013 but claimed he didn’t know to whom the house was sold or who the present occupant is.  He said the transaction was handled by his lawyers, who are also in possession of the paperwork.  Our sources, however, insisted Mr. Eweje was definitely aware that the front duplex was purchased by Apostle Suleman, as they did meet several times before the deal was completed.

Our reporters visited the house yesterday but attempt to speak with the occupants were unfruitful as no one answered the door.  When we attempted to get back in there early today, security at the entrance of the estate had been beefed up significantly, obviously to ward off media interest in the area. Security men stationed at the gate of the Arowojobe Estate location of the house said the only way to gain access is to get the occupant to fetch you from the gate. 

SaharaReporters revealed yesterday that the Mercedes-Benz car displayed by the actress was registered to Apostle Suleman.  Shortly after we revealed that a Lagos State Motor Vehicle Registry had inadvertently revealed that Suleman registered the vehicle, the state-owned website curiously tried to scrub Apostle Suleman’s name off the website as the owner, but the original story was retrieved through a web archive search, which clearly maintained the ownership record of the car.

Following the latest revelations in the public domain, Apostle Suleman has declared that he is taking the battle of his exposed infidelity to a “spiritual” realm.

In a statement through Phrank Shuaibu, his spokesperson, the pastor asked members of his church to desist from engaging in a media war.  This ceasefire is in stark difference to a fiery message he gave last Friday asking his followers to unfriend anyone on Facebook who might have a negative opinion about him.  At that time, he also urged his church management to remove from its employment anyone caught sharing on social media any stories about his sex scandals.

Saharareporters learnt that Apostle Suleman left Nigeria last night for Washington DC where he is billed to address a crusade for three days.  

The Suleman sex scandal became public two weeks ago when he colluded with some federal police officers to arrest a Canadian-based musician, Stephanie Otobo, with whom he had a romantic relationship.  As soon as Saharareporters broke this story, the police hurriedly filed terrorism and blackmail charges against Ms. Otobo, entangling her in a protracted legal imbroglio that stalled her bail from prison for three days. 

When she regained freedom, Ms. Otobo took the time to explain in detail her sexual encounters with Apostle Suleman, detailing how the controversial pastor funded her lifestyle, including flying her to the United States, Europe, and Nigeria for sex, and promised to marry her.

Nigerian man who specializes in stealing valuables at conferences and seminars in Lagos caught by police

The operatives of Rapid Response Squad (RRS) of the Lagos State Police Command have arrested a man who specialised in stealing laptops and properties of participants at conferences and seminars in Lagos State. Ikemefuna Aje, 47, was arrested on Wednesday after he gate-crashed into a seminar organised for internet brand managers at a hotel in GRA, Ikeja, Lagos. 
He made away with 5 MacBooks, one HP computer and some assorted personal effects of the workshop participants. Captured in the CCTV camera around the venue of the event, he was seen driving into the venue, before heading straight into the seminar hall precisely when the participants were having lunch in another room.

The suspect, who was corporately dressed, wore the tag of seminar participants before making away with the items. He later took them to Computer Village, Ikeja, and sold 5 Mac Books, one HP computer to one Saliu Ibraheem for over N1.1m. He successfully did this as he had several scouts who furnish him with information.

RRS operatives succeeded in tracing the suspect to 5, Tony Street, Ejigbo, Lagos where he was hosting about 34 other church members in a house-fellowship.

Recovered from his house after the arrest were a 4 Runner Toyota car, with the registration No. KRD 701 DC, driven into the venue by the suspect, a master key, Zinox laptop, several computer bags, computer and tablet accessories as well as seminar materials and a sum of N700, 000:00. After initially denying the crime, he confessed when he was shown copy of the CCTV footages before leading the operatives to Computer Village to arrest the buyer.

According to the buyer of the stolen items at Computer Village, Saliu Ibraheem, Ikemefuna brought 5 Mac Books and one HP to his shop  caliming that he bought them in South Africa. "I bought the 5 Mac Books and a HP laptop computer for N1, 110,000 and I resold it immediately for N1, 250,000:00. The money was transferred into my account immediately."

The RRS operatives have now recovered all the laptops stolen by the suspect at the seminar. The suspect has been transferred to the SCID, Panti, Yaba for further investigation and prosecution.

Lobatan! Traditional priest lands in hospital with gunshot wounds in order to prove his spiritual powers.

A Ghanaian traditional priest identified as Desmond aka Nana Tolofasito who claimed to be powerful asked someone to shoot him with a gun in order to prove his spiritual powers. He is currently receiving treatment at Sunyani Hospital in Sekyedumase Newtown, Ghana... lol

Omg! R apist's P enis Cut Off By Angry Youths In Niger (graphic photo)

An alleged rapist's penis was cut off by angry youths earlier on in Niger. It is unknown if he wasn't killed in the end.  See the graphic photo of the penis chopped off below...

Nigerian Female Banker Sends N*de Photos Of Herself To Her Boss To Get Promotion

Female Banker Sends N*de Photos Of Herself To Her Boss To Get Promotion - Photos
A Female Banker, Joy O Reuben who works in one of the bank in Ikeja Lagos (Name of the Bank withheld) secretly sent her n*de photo to her bank manager in other for her to get promotion fast, but unfortunately it got leaked...big shame! 

Wow! Former Prostitute Repents And Weds In Church (Photo)

Mrs Joy Francis (real name withheld), an Enugu born orphan and one of the OPM Diobu converted s*x worker has again joined the league of married women in OPM. Taking her marital vow at the GRA branch of OPM church, the bride expressed her joy over what God used His servant to accomplish in her life.

Speaking about her life's experience, she said;

'I got involved in prosti-tution after the death of my mother in 2012. I am an orphan, my father died in 2007, I came from a polygamous home and could not continue my education after dropping out in my secondary school. As my last option, I took the choice of engaging in a full time prosti-tution to help myself. Consequently, I was admitted into a brothel in Diobu where certain rituals are made through shaving of hair from all the sensitive part of your body to be deposited with the owner of the brothel. I could not find any pleasure in the business as several ugly incidents kept occuring in the brothel..."

Speaking further, the bride said... 'As I was believing God for a saviour to meet me was when Daddy OPM visited our brothel... He promised to give us house, set up businesses for us, change our lives and also to sponsor the traditional and white wedding of any of us who truly accept Christ and repent from our dirty ways, a rare opportunity I have been looking for...

'Today, those promises were made possible in my life, I am now wedded to a husband of my choice, the church has graciously provided another accommodation for us, set up business for me and God has changed my life for better'.

While praying to God to continue to bless Daddy OPM and the members of the church who through their tithes and offerings made her life worth living, she vowed to serve God all her life. She vowed never to return to her dirty life anymore.

Photo of Nigerian Man Jailed For 20 Years In South Africa

The High Court in Johannesburg has sentenced a man convicted of sexually exploiting a 15-year-old girl and forcing her into prostitution to an effective 20 years in prison.

Two weeks ago Eke Ogochukwu was found guilty of four charges relating to human trafficking. The teenager escaped in August 2015 and received help from a nearby church in Rosettenville. Judge Majake Mabesele says what the accused did was cruel.

“Clearly what happened to her was cruel, inhuman and degrading and was a violation of the right to human dignity, which is enshrined in our Constitution.” Ogochukwu, known to the girl only as Johnny, sexually abused her.

The court heard that he would drug her, force her to perform sexual acts with other men and take the money she made through prostitution. The young girl was given R50 a day for food and a further R100 for every man she was forced to sleep with.

The judge says Ogochukwu took advantage of the teenager as she was homeless after running away from her Vereeniging home in 2015 following a fight with her mother.

Nigerian man sentenced to 3 years in prison for brutally beating another Nigerian over money

The Phnom Penh Municipal Court, Cambodia on Friday, March 10th, sentenced a 30-year-old Nigerian national Idegwu Chibueze to three years in prison for brutally beating another Nigerian man last year after an argument over an outstanding debt.

According to the presiding judge, Top Chhunheng, the suspect, Chibueze, and the 34-year-old victim, Ukpa Joseph, were friends prior to the incident.

“The court sentenced him to three years in prison,” he said, adding that Mr. Chibueze was charged with “intentional violence with aggravating circumstances” under article 218 of the Criminal Code.  
At about 10:30pm on October 30, 2016, Mr. Chibueze and the victim argued about a $500 loan Mr. Joseph had not paid back, said Kong Sopheak, a penal police officer in Por Senchey district.
The violence happened at a rented apartment in Borei Phiphop Thmei in Sen Sok district’s Chom Chao commune.  

According to Mr. Sopheak, Mr. Chibueze took a piece of steel and struck Mr. Joseph repeatedly until the victim sustained a broken right collarbone. He was later sent by his friends to Preah Kossamak Hospital for treatment.
  “He got angry at the victim over an outstanding debt. He then took a piece of steel and beat the victim many times, causing him to get very seriously wounded,” he said.

Mr. Chibueze was arrested by district police in accordance with the victim’s complaint the following morning. 

See some interesting photos from the incident last year, below... 

I Slept With A Movie Director Before Getting Roles - Actress Tracy Boakye (video)

The thorny issue of movie actresses sleeping with their male counterparts in the movie making industry before getting roles to play in movies keeps cropping up every now and then but with the entire industry players almost always denying such claims. (Watch the full video below)
Hardly would any popular actress own up and concede that she once slept with a movie director, an executive producer, or a director of photography before she was given a role to play in one or two movies to become the famous personality we all enjoy to see on our screens. But one such bold Ghanaian actress-cum-movie producer, Tracy Boakye, who now has so many “haters” to deal with after publicly declaring her unflinching support for former president John Mahama and the National Democratic Congress (NDC) during the 2016 general elections, has opened up to share her experience with the rest of the world.
In an exclusive video interview with Dave Hammer on his youtube channel, Dave Hammer TV, the C.E.O of Shakira Movie Productions and ex-girlfriend of gospel musician Ernest Opoku has admitted that she once had that experience but hers was a little bit different from the others. “Well, I won’t lie about having dated a movie director before. As for me, I always say the truth and not lie. “I have dated a movie director before. And I’ll always admit that having dated one ‘benefited’ me a lot.
“However, mine wasn’t like the usual “let-me-bonk-you-before-I-give-you-a-role-to-play” kind of thing. “It was dating just like the usual boy-girlfriend relationship. “It was a mutual understanding between the two of us. We both loved each other, and the two of us ‘benefited’ from the affair. “There were even times that he never cast me in movies he produced himself which I agreed to because I couldn’t fit in. He was only being professional, and that is how I also am.
“So as for me, the issue about “let-me-bonk-you-before-I-give-you-a-role-to-play’”sort of thing has never happened to me. “But truth is, I have dated a movie director before,” said Tracy Boakye. The mother of one who claims she doesn’t fancy marriage like the others do also added that she doesn’t depend on men to survive at all. “The man I am currently dating — who’s not the father of my child — has no right to tell me to stop acting.
“I don’t depend on men. No! I have never depended on men ever since I started dating as a teenager.” Some of the movies Tracey Boakye has starred in include: ‘Selina’; ‘Odo’; ‘Ntafuo Wuo’; ‘Oh Vera’; ‘Ama Saman’, amongst others.

Pastor Who Sleep With Church Members With JUJU Caught And Tied Down (video)

A shocking incident has taken place at a church in Benin after angry members descended on an unnamed pastor of Run for Your Life Ministry, near Ogbe Primary school area of Benin City, Edo state and beat him to a pulp before tying him to a chair for allegedly using charms to sleep with female church members.
He is also accused of using charms for his miracles.
The pastor was reportedly caught pants down sleeping with another man’s wife.The pastor was disgraced and beaten to a pulp with his trouser torn. His hands were bound as he was locked in a gate. People came from different places to look at the man of God.

Cristiano Ronaldo Is Expecting Twins Via Surrogate

Cristiano Ronaldo will soon be dad to two more boys, it’s been claimed. The football star, 32, is believed to have used an American surrogate who is due ‘very soon’.

A source claimed: “Cristiano and his family can’t wait to meet the new members of their clan.

“He likes to keep a tight lid on his private life but has told loved ones and close friends the baby boys are due to arrive very soon.”

The source added to The Sun: “He feels the time is right for his boy to have brothers to grow up with. His mum Dolores will be there to lend a helping hand like she has been with little Cristiano.”

Update! NAF Confirms Death Of Shomzy, Says Kalu Is Alive And Has Been Arrested

The Nigerian Air Force has confirmed the arrest of an air force man, Kalu B.A, for allegedly shooting dead his girlfriend, Solape Oladipupo, in Markudi, Benue State.

The incident happened on Saturday at the NAF Tactical Air Command, Makurdi, Benue State.

It was learnt that the lady, popularly referred to as Shomzy, was allegedly shot dead by Kalu after he accused her of having a romantic affair with other men.

Punch correspondent gathered that the two air force officers had had an affair for some months, after they met at a military parade.

It was learnt that Oladipupo, who hailed from Badagry, Lagos State, was on Saturday allegedly shot dead by Kalu after the latter accused her of dating other men.

After the killing, it was speculated that Kalu also shot himself because of his post on his Facebook page, which read, “My last night as an airman. Ask about me later and hear my story, you will be surprised.”

It was, however, learnt that Kalu had been arrested and in military detention.

The NAF Director of Public Relations and Information, Group Captain Ayodele Famuyiwa, said investigations were ongoing into the matter to ascertain the motives of the suspect.

He said, “An airman and an airwoman were involved. They had a love relationship which resulted in the shooting. We do not yet know what transpired between them.

“She was initially rushed to NAF hospital, but when it was beyond their control, she was transferred to the state hospital where she died. The body has been recovered to our base now.

“The boy (Kalu) has been arrested. He did not die. The post on the social media is mere speculation. He is alive and in custody. Investigations are ongoing into the incident. We will unravel the circumstances that led to the incident.”

Real Madrid break 52yr record as they become the first team to score in 48 consecutive games

Real Madrid came from behind to beat Real Betis 2-1 at home thanks to goals from C. Ronaldo and the ever reliable Sergio Ramos. In the process, the reigning European champions became the first team ever to score in 48 consecutive games.

The record was previously held by Portuguese club, Benfica when they managed 47 consecutive goal-scoring games between December 1963 and January 1965.

The last time Madrid failed to register a goal was back in April last year in the first leg of their Champions League semi-final against Manchester City at the Etihad.

Madrid has notched up 34 wins, 11 draws and just three defeats since that clash in Manchester.

Nollywood actress, Kemi Afolabi & her colleagues attacked by thugs at a movie location in Ikorodu (photos/video)

Actress, Kemi Afolabi and her colleague, movie director, Ijaduade Azeez were harassed by area boys demanding for a settlement at their movie location in Ikorodu, Lagos. While Azeez shared photos of the injuries he sustained, he posted a video of Kemi Afolabi physically holding one of the thugs down, via his Instagram page. His caption read:

  "This crazy area boys won't kill us the actors one day...this is happening right now on our movie set at Ikorodu. Please this has to stop help us oooo.#saynotoactorsabuse. They injured me the director, Kemi Afolabi, the producer, camera man and some of the crew...please we need Nigerians to stand up for us."
 Watch the video below... 

Nigerian Boy Kills Himself Because Of His Girlfriend

It is sad to see a young man take his own life because of a woman.  He left a suicide note before taking his life.  See the note below...

Below is photo of the lady he killed himself for... 

Lagos State To Buy 5,000 Air-Conditioned Buses To Replace Danfo

Image result for images of buses in nigeria
The Lagos Sate Governor, Akinwunmi Ambode, at the weekend said that the proposed Bus Reform Initiative aimed at giving Lagosians an integrated public transportation system would kick start this year with a sinking fund of N30 billion.

Governor Ambode, who spoke to journalists, said his administration had identified the challenges Lagosians go through on a daily basis commuting via public transportation, saying the reform was aimed at providing a viable alternative.

He said the Bus Reform Initiative is a three-year plan aimed at introducing over 5000 air-conditioned buses to replace the yellow commercial buses, popularly called Danfo, which according to him, was no longer befitting for the State’s mega city status.

“We decided that the best thing is to allow the yellow buses go and so the Bus Reform Initiative itself is a three-year plan of 2017 to 2019 in which it intends to bring in new buses of 5,000 units in the three-year plan.

“The bigger size buses will take 70 people and then the medium range buses will take 30 people. We believe that the middle range buses will be supplied up to 70 per cent of the total volume which will amount to about 3,600 units and then the longer range in that direction,” he said.

Speaking on how the government intends to fund the initiative, the governor said that his administration would launch a public transportation infrastructure bond of N100 billion that would span between seven and 10 years, revealing that the government already has a sinking fund which it intends to put into the bond.

“You are aware that the Federal Government paid the refund of the Paris Club Loan last December and this is a money belonging to the State Governments due to the refund and so Lagos State decided not to touch its share of the Paris Club refund. Right now, we have a sinking fund of N14.5 billion that is already put in place to drive this public transportation bond.

“We refused to touch our money and we believe that the second batch of the refund should be paid next month and eventually that will be N29billion that we will have. I will add another N1billion to it making it N30billion to kick start this initiative.

“By the time we have N30billion as sinking fund to drive the bus initiative against the bond of N100 billion that we want to put into the market, there will be that credibility and credence that the bond will drive itself and that is the whole idea,” Mr. Ambode said.

He said aside the bond, his administration also intends to give out franchise to interested stakeholders in multiple of 50 buses each, 100 buses, 200 buses and above, explaining that what is required is a down payment of 25 per cent of the buses.

“So, these are bankable projects as we have a sinking fund and so our exposure as a government is just technically 75 per cent. So, from the kind of machinery we want to use to run the buses, there are no cash takings, everything is automated and obviously, whoever has a franchise, whoever drives, they have the recourse to take part of the money while part of the intake also goes to the repayment of the facility and so it is a comprehensive template,” the Governor said.

He, however, said that the State Government expects the Danfo drivers, who would be absorbed into the new initiative to adapt accordingly, saying that the transport unions would be expected to take ownership to ensure sustainability.

“This is just a paradigm shift where Danfo drivers move from being addressed as Danfo drivers but as professional drivers. So, we will buy back the Danfos from them and it becomes the seed money to become eventual owners of those buses in the years the facility is spread.

“It is something we have been working on in the last one year and we don’t come out to say we are going to do anything without working properly on it. It is process and now we are at the advocacy process.

“We intend to start to go to the bus parks and all that to educate people and the integral part of these buses is what you see us trying to provide bus terminals, Laybys, bus stops. They are coming in pieces but they will become a complete cup of delivering this particularly product when we put them together,” he explained.

Ooni Of Ife Declares 3 Days Fasting & Prayers

The Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi, has declared fasting and prayers for three days to restore peace and harmony to Ile-Ife.

Oba Ogunwusi made the declaration through his Deputy, Oba Idowu Adediwura, the Obalufe of Ife kingdom, on Sunday in Ile-Ife.

Adediwura said that the monarch, who travelled to London on Saturday, sent him to deliver the message. According to him, the fasting and prayers will hold from Monday, March 13 to Wednesday, March 15.

The Ooni, who said he believed that “with God, all things are possible”, noted that “one tree cannot make a forest” and urged his subjects to eschew violence.

He also appealed to all indigenes and non-indigenes in Ile-Ife to cooperate with him to restore peace to the land.

“Ife is the cradle of Yoruba, Niger Deltans, Urobos and other tribes that live in Ile-Ife and in the diaspora; we are all Nigerians and should not forget our origin,” Adediwura quoted the Ooni as saying.

Nigerian man caught withdrawing N1m from victim’s account

A suspected fraudster identified as Eze Udo has been arrested by the men of the Umuahia Central Police Station in Abia State for allegedly withdrawing the sum of N1,049,545 (one million, forty-nine thousand, and five hundred and forty-five naira) from his victim’s account.

A police source hinted that the manhunt for the suspect started following a complaint by the victim, Mr. Oka Monday, whom the suspect stole his ATM card and withdrew the money from his account.

According to the source, the victim who hails from Amachara Umuopara, a satellite town near the capital city, Umuahia, was making attempts to withdraw some money from an Automated Teller Machine attached to a commercial bank in Umuahia, when the suspect offered to assist him due network failure.
It was learnt that after attempts to withdraw the money failed, the suspect having memorised the victim’s secret pin number, advised him to follow him (the suspect) to a nearby bank where the transaction might be easier.

It was gathered that the victim, in the complaint made to the police, stated that to his amazement, the suspect suddenly absconded with his ATM card on their way to the second bank and thereafter he got a text messages indicating that money had been withdrawn from his account.

The police source added that security operatives started the search for the suspect following intelligence gathered, which paid off when the suspect was arrested.

He pointed out that during a search in the suspect’s house, 13 different ATM cards belonging to different victims were recovered.

The state Commissioner of Police, Mr. Adeleye Oyebade, has confirmed the arrest of the suspect, adding that he has confessed to the crime and was assisting the police in their investigation.

He warned members of the public to keep all the details pertaining to their bank accounts and transitions secret from strangers.

He said, “We want members of the public to disregard any text message or email requesting their account details for the upgrade of their bank accounts. The case of allowing a totally stranger to offering to help anybody do a transaction should not be accepted at all.

“We shall continue to partner commercial banks in the state to ensure the safety of their staff and customers. We will welcome any information that will help our officers to do their job effectively well.”

Shocking! Malaysian LG chairman caught with 150 designer handbags, cash, luxury cars after arrest

Malaysian anti graft agency seized 150 designer handbags and cash from state Housing and Local Government Committee chairman Datuk Abd Latif Bandi's house. The seizure was made in a raid conducted immediately after Abd Latif's arrest at 10.50am on Thursday, March 9th, by Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) officers. 

The handbags included luxury brands such as Chanel, Prada, Gucci, Salvatore Ferragamo and Louis Vuitton.
Also seized were luxury cars including a Toyota Vellfire, RM41,000 in cash,among other items. He appeared in court last Friday.

In a statement, MACC gave an assurance that its investigations would be conducted in a transparent manner.