14 Mar 2017

Check out Nollywood actor, Pete Edochie's 70th birthday celebration in Enugu

Veteran actor, Pete Edochie, who turned 70 on March 7th celebrated his birthday with family and friends over the weekend in Enugu State. See more photos after the cut.

Couple Caught Having S ex Under a Bridge in Broad Daylight

Two randy individuals threw caution to the wind and began having s*x in broad daylight while sheltering from a heavy downpour at a bridge.
A shameless woman caught under a bridge having s*x with an unknown man has apologized but said she is “a regular female with regular needs”.
The woman said had met the friend and the pair got carried away for ten minutes as they sheltered from the rain, according to Sun UK.
The randy duo were caught on camera by Lara Shoemark, 19, a mum-of-two, from her living room window while she was hanging up her washing.
Lara from Bridgwater, Somerset, says the couple were sheltering from the pouring rain last month when they started kissing under the bridge.
The woman in the pictures, who is not named, said: “I never meant for anyone to feel offended. We don’t usually act like this but we were overcome in the moment.
“I’m just your regular female with regular needs.
“I was with my ‘friend’ who I hadn’t seen for a few months, but we’d been texting all week before this happened.
“We’d only been out to buy a few things from the shop and have a walk, but all the tension of the messages and him just being there with me, led me to just losing our senses for a short while.
“OK, it was very naughty but it seemed pretty safe just to fool about for a few minutes.
“We did sort each other out in private with the door closed when we got home, though, I can confirm that.
“I couldn’t believe it when we saw it online; I nearly died. I’ve not been back that way since, I’m too nervous.
“The thrill of getting caught, I have recently learnt, can be unbelievably arousing, even for the shy. But, I never meant for anyone to feel offended.”
Lara, who took photos of the pair, says it was the third time she had seen couples in similar situations outside her house.

Not again?! EFCC Intercepts N49million Cash At Kaduna Airport

The person moving the money escaped because he could not give details as to how he got the money. The huge cash has been lodged at the CBN by the EFCC. See another photo below...

 EFCC is investigating to trace the person who escaped at the Kaduna Airport. 

Over 7,000 flights have been canceled and thousands of schools have closed in the US due to strong winter storm

The severe weather condition that led to the postponement of the meeting between German Chancellor, Angela Merkel and US President Donald Trump is no joke.
So far, nearly 7,700 US flights have been canceled and thousands of schools have closed. Winter storm warnings and watches have been hoisted over a region stretching from Ohio and West Virginia into Maine.
Local and state authorities warned residents to be prepared and to avoid unnecessary travel as winds in some coastal areas could hit 50 mph to 60 mph, reducing visibility to zero.
At the moment, snow is falling in Washington DC up through Philadelphia, and New York City.
About 18 million people are under a blizzard warning and millions more are under a winter storm warning. States of emergency have been declared in Maryland, Virginia, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, while Boston, Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York City school districts will be closed along with many government offices.

Update! Stephanie Otobo drags Apostle Suleman to police

Read the petition below...

Miss. Stephanie Otobo,
Lekki, Lagos. 
Monday, March 13, 2017 
The Commissioner of Police, 
The Nigeria Police Force, Lagos State Police Command, Ikeja, Lagos State. 
Dear Sir, 

Sir, my name is Miss Stephanie Otobo, and I wish to bring a formal complaint to you against one Apostle Johnson Suleman as follows:
That sometime in June 2015, Apostle Suleman Johnson and I started an amorous relationship in far away Canada. The relationship was nurtured by Apostle Suleman who inundated me with cash gifts and pleasure trips all over Europe.
In particular, I was invited by Apostle Suleman to join him for his crusade that was held in 2015 at Napoli, Italy, the full expenses for the trip was paid for by the gentleman. While in Napoli, Apostle Suleman would preach and do “miracle” in the day time and take the much needed rest in my bosom at night.
Napoli was our love nest for three (3) good days and after the crusade Apostle Suleman left Napoli and I also returned to Canada.
Shortly after the Napoli experience, I discovered that I was pregnant for Apostle Suleman. I called my lover to inform him of the pregnancy but Apostle Suleman was not particularly excited about the news rather he requested that I should come to Nigeria.
Based on Apostle Suleman’s instruction I left Canada for Nigeria to meet Apostle Suleman. It is important to note that despite the amorous relationship, I saw Apostle Suleman like a father figure who takes care of me and to whom I was extremely obedient to.
I arrived Nigeria on the 25th of August, 2015 and clandestine arrangement was made for the two (2) of us to meet and consequently, I met Apostle Suleman at Definite Destiny Hotel, beside Airport Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos State. It was at the hotel that I was given a concoction to drink by Apostle Suleman who told me that the concoction was for my spiritual fortification. But in less than ten (10) minutes after drinking the concoction, I started vomiting blood and passing out blood. Apostle Suleman then gave me pills to stop the blood though the blood did not stop immediately but the pain subsided and the pregnancy was gone.
I was devastated by the development and Apostle Suleman gave me cash gifts in three (3) different currencies, to wit; Euro, Dollars and Naira to console and compensate me for the loss of the pregnancy. I could not come to terms with the facts that the man that claimed to love me and promised to marry me, could procure abortion for me without my consent which could have lead to my death.
Unfortunately Apostle Suleman did not stop at procuring abortion for me without my consent but also in a desperate bid to keep the amorous relationship between him and I a secret not known to his teeming followers, Apostle Suleman invented various devices to bully and threaten my life.
It is against this backdrop that I urge you to use your good offices to call for a thorough and dispassionate investigation into the above allegations. I plead with you, in the course of your investigation, to confirm the exchange of all our text messages from the networks, forensic analysis of all the nude pictures we both sent to ourselves (and whether they are, indeed, photo-shopped or authentic), our international passports to confirm the dates and times of our travels, investigation concerning the hotels we slept together both in and out of Nigeria and bank accounts to confirms the transfers of funds. 
Thank you.
Yours faithfully,

Omg! Abubakar Shekau releases new video showing his members executing some men believed to be govt spies

The Abubakar Shekau faction of Boko Haram sect have released a new video showing the gruesome murder of three men believed to be spies of the Nigeria's Directorate of Military. The sect members allege that the men were sent to spy on them and feed the govt with information about their activities.

In the 7-minutes video, the sect members who spoke in Hausa and Arabic, maintained they still hold some territories in Nigeria. They also showed off their high-grade military weapons which includes an anti-aircraft missiles.

Omg! Watch graphic video of male circumcision being carried out in a country in Africa (video)

This graphic video circulating online shows how a certain tribe in a country in Africa performs circumcision on boys to mark their passage from boyhood to manhood. In the disturbing video, the priest who performs the procedure can be seen hacking at the foreskin of the penis with an object until it comes off, while the boys scream in pain.

With the way it's done, it's very easy for the boy's penis to be mistakenly removed together with the foreskin. This is, however, rare in the tribe, especially because there is a law that states that any priest who mistakenly cuts off a child's penis is immediately put to death, no exceptions. 

Find the excruciating video below.

Lobatan! Meet the Congolese prostitute who uses plastic bag as condom to have sex (photos)

A fearless prostitute from Goma in the Democratic Republic of Congo has found an unusual way to protect herself from sexually transmitted disease when having sex with her customers. 

The hooker, identified as Daniella Kasekwa says she uses a plastic bag as her contraceptive.

Kemi Olunloyo arrested by police in Ibadan

Kemi Olunloyo has taken to social media to alert people that she has been picked up by the Police. According to her tweet, she was picked up at her home in Ibadan this morning. Wondering the offence she was arrested for again this time. She needs help clearly

Update! Apostle Suleman Speaks On Stephanie Not Being His Specs

Pastor Suleman while addressing a congregation says every sex drama you hear about him now still boils down to the speech he made about killing of Christians must stop. 

He says they are only trying to get back at him by acting a movie and if at all they even want to act a movie, can’t they get a better person? He questioned. Watch the video...

Nigeria Customs impounds 40ft container of fish worth N22m for false declaration

The Apapa Command of Nigeria Customs Service has impounded a forty foot container laden with Tilapia Fish from Turkey.

Addressing newsmen in Lagos, Customs Area Controller of the Command, Jibrin Musa disclosed that the importer declared apples as the content of the container before scanning proved it to be 2700 cartons of prohibited frozen fish.

Jibrin told journalists that aside the offence of false declaration, the import also contravened the law as it failed the requirement for license and quota expected for importers of allowable fish species into Nigeria.

He said '' As part of our collective resolve to ensure strict compliance with government import prohibition rule, we recently uncovered an attempt to smuggle tilapia fish into the country. In a bid to evade detection and arrest, the importer made a false declaration that that the 1x40ft container was laden with apples''

''Upon scanning, we discovered this to be untrue as the container contained 2700 cartons of tilapia frozen fish from Turkey,the aforementioned fish species is under restriction.More so,importers of allowable species of fish are expected to obtain license and permit and necessary quota before such importation into the country.

'' Consequent upon this false declaration, Nigeria Customs Service Apapa hereby declare this container with number DFOU6122880 seized while investigation is ongoing to bring all the accomplices to book. The duty paid value (DPV) is about N22,193,384.00 ''

Jibrin who paraded a suspect before newsmen, said investigations are ongoing on the seizure while adding that his command has opened communication with relevant agencies like National Agency for Food Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) and Nigeria Agricultural Quarantine Service (NAQS) on the seizure.

While answering reporters questions, the Controller ruled out the possibility of destroying the seized fish as he added that the command will await further directive from its headquarters on how to dispose of it.

He also warned perpetrators of unlawful import and export practices in Apapa to desist from it as the long arms of the law will always bring them to book.

Nigerian man dies in accident in India

Nigerian man identified as Ifeanyi Madu alias Nwa Jesus, died in an accident on Monday morning, March 13th, after the bike on which he was riding skidded on Kothanur Avalahalli Road, in Bengaluru, India. However, the African community has described the death as "murder" and is questioning the police version of event.

The Central Crime Branch said that Madu died after he fell from the bike when they were chasing him and his friend for peddling drugs.

The African community, contesting the police version, said that some of its members saw Madu with plainclothes police officers near a supermarket in the area around 10pm. In a letter to the Nigerian high commission in New Delhi, they have sought its intervention so that the case is handed over to an independent agency like the Criminal Investigation Department (CID)
"We have a lot of suspicion in this case that convinces us that the Nigerian national was murdered and the police are making it appear as if it was an accident," Nigerian Community President, Igwe Elvis Ohachosim wrote in a letter to the Nigerian Embassy in New Delhi.  
"According to our information, the deceased was seen in the evening of March 12, 2017 with policemen pulling him here and there. Thereafter they didnt know where they took him." the letter reads.
K N Yashavanth Kumar, inspector, women and narcotic cell of the Central Crime Branch (CCB) said in his complaint that his team was on Kothanur Avalahalli Road expecting to make an arrest after an exchange of drugs for money when the accident occurred. A senior officer said the team had left the office around 7.30pm and was waiting at the spot.
An official statement quoting Kumar's complaint said:
"The team was waiting by the road. Around 12.10am (Monday), two persons riding a scooter passed and returned, making a U-turn; suddenly the rider tried speeding with the intention of running away."
Police said the rider lost control, and the pillion rider was tossed from the bike. The rider left him behind and escaped. Yashvanth's complaint said his team took the victim to Bowring and Lady Curzon hospital in Shivajinagar, and the doctor declared him as "dead on arrival."
A 24-year-old Nigerian who was with Madu when the police picked up the later said his his friend "was alive when he was caught by those men."
"Around 10pm on Sunday, a group of men in civil clothes who were wielding canes followed them on bikes. Madu stopped the bike near Green Supermarket to allow them to go. I stopped the bike thinking that the men on bikes coming behind would pass by us. But they stopped their bikes and surrounded us. A few of them claimed that they were police and caught Madu. I managed to escape. I fell down while running.
The youth, who injured his right knee, said the bike belonged to him. Both had just come from Mysuru on Sunday morning. According to him, Madu lived in Tiruppur in Tamil Nadu from where he would bring clothes and footwear and sell them to his community members in the city.

Later, representatives of 11 African nations were called to the hospital in a bid to identify the deceased. They were shocked to see blood still oozing out from Madu's head in the back. There were no other noticeable injuries on the body.
"It is clearly does not look like an accident," said Elvis, pointing out that there were no scratches on his body other than the fresh wound behind his back.
Based on information provided by the Nigerian community, police have contacted the Foreigner Regional Registration Office and are awaiting confirmation of the man's identity. Police said they do not have any conclusive evidence at present to link Madu with any kind of criminal activity, including drug dealing.
The community's legal adviser Bosco Kaweesi said:
"The nature of the injuries do not point to an accident. We want an impartial investigation into the matter. This murder comes close on the heels of the murder of a Ugandan woman in February, who the police conveniently called a prostitute and her death has not been investigated properly."

Police maintain that the death was caused by an accident and that they never had Madu in custody. Police have seized the vehicle involved in the accident but had not traced its owner or the rider. They have found a mobile phone, which they think belonged to Madu. Police commissioner Praveen Sood said:
"We are checking those details. We don't know if it is a stolen vehicle. We cannot say anything now."

Omg! Ex-Beauty Queen Escapes Death As G-Wagon Catches Fire On Eko Bridge (Photos)

Yesterday Maryam Elisha, the CEO of Rikaoto by ME was lucky to be alive when her Mercedes Benz G-Wagon caught fire on Eko Bridge, Lagos. 
The ex-beauty queen was driving on the Bridge when other road users called her attention to a fire coming out of the vehicle. She tried to stop it but the brakes failed and finally stopped when it began to slow down. 
She put it on park, tried to jump out but the doors refused to open until people forced it opened. The car however burnt beyond repairs but she is thankful she escaped with no injuries.

Zambian woman stabs husband to death with the heel of her shoe

Ines Malata, 32, of Kampongwe in Kapiri Mposhi district, Central Province, Zambia, has been arrested for the death of her husband Oliva Kalangwe, 34, whom she allegedly stabbed with the pointed heel of her shoe.
Police spokesperson, Esther Mwaata Katongo revealed that the deceased was first assaulted by his wife on the February 26, 2017 and he reported the matter to the police.
He sustained deep injuries on the head and forehead after being hit by his wife so the police issued him a police medical report form but he did not get back to the police. He, however, got worse three days later and was rushed by relatives to a hospital in Kapiri mposhi where he eventually died from the wounds inflicted by his wife.

"His condition later became serious on 1st March, 2017 at 19:00 hours and relatives rushed him to hospital in Kapiri mposhi where he was hospitalised. He later died on 09th March, 2017 at 20:00 hours,” Katongo said. 
Following his death, Katongo said that family members tried to conceal the truth by burying the deceased immediately. However, police got wind of the plan. Ines Malata has now been arrested and is currently in police custody.

Update! Apostle Suleman warns church members over sex scandals - 'Nobody is permitted to issue a statement or comment on the matter'

Apostle Johnson Suleman, has barred members of his church from making public comments on his alleged sexual scandals.
In a statement issued by the Directorate of Media, the church warns all members of the church to desist from making public comments in the ongoing sex scandal.
'It has become imperative that we advise all Omega Children and Christians Worldwide to put an end to the ongoing media war that we have engaged in,' the church said in the statement seen by PREMIUM TIMES.
'Every wise person would know that this is not a battle of humans but one between the Kingdom of God and that of darkness.
'Therefore, nobody is permitted further to issue a statement or comment on the matter. All Facebook Live Videos on the issue should also stop forthwith. It is advised that we spend our time concentrating on more relevant issues that bothers on the Kingdom.
'We are well aware were all these are coming from and we will deal with it spiritually,' the statement read.
The statement came just as a second lady, who identified herself as Queen Esther, came forward on Sunday to speak about an alleged sexual relationship with Apostle Suleman.

Lobatan! Namibian president Hage Geingob increases his salary despite financial crisis

Namibian president Hage Geingob last week approved salary increases of 6% for himself and fellow politicians, effective from this month. In 2015, the Public Office-Bearers Remuneration and Benefits Commission (POBC) recommended the increases in salary for politicians but Geingob did not approve them because of the economic situation.
On Friday, the Presidency gazetted the salary increases, detailing how much the politicians will earn.

According to the gazette, the President will now earn N$1,7 million per year. ( N$600 000 monthly). His vice president, Nickey Iyambo will pocket N$1,5 million per year, an addition of about N$400 000 from the previous N$1,1 million package.

Namibia's 27 ministers will cost the state over N$30 million per year, with four of the presidential advisers among others.

Ironically, a worker who earns N$1 000 per month will have to work for 1700 months (140 years) to earn the President's N$1,7 million gross for one year.

Ooni of Ife and wife meet British royalty, Prince Charles and wife Camilla

Ooni of Ife, His Imperial Majesty Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi Ojaja II and his wife, Olori Wuraola, met with british royalty, Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, at the Commonwealth day reception in London Mondayevening. The Ooni and his wife are currently in the UK on a 10-day tour to promote the yoruba culture. More photos after the cut...

US lawmaker wants men fined $100 for masturbating

 A female politician in Texas has filed a bill that would see men who masturbate and ejaculate outside of a woman's vagina get $100 fine. The bill, called 'A Man’s Right to Know,' was submitted in by Jessica Farrar, a Democratic member of the Texas House of Representatives, last week.
According to her, the bill is to protect unborn children everywhere. Which is why it wants all 'emissions outside of a woman's vagina, or created outside of a health or medical facility' to carry a $100 fine.'
If a man made such an emission it would 'be considered an act against an unborn child. The bill also contains provisions that would also put restrictions on vasectomies, Viagra prescriptions and colonoscopies among many others.

The bill made an exception to masturbation if it's done in a sanctioned session at a hospital or clinic.

"It's poisonous for Fanta & Sprite to be taken with Vitamin C" - Court orders NAFDAC to inform consumers

Image result for images of coca cola logo
A Lagos High Court has ordered the National Agency For Food, Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) to immediately direct the manufacturers of soft drinks; Fanta and Sprite (Nigeria Bottling Company PLC) to include a written warning that the content of the bottles cannot be taken with Vitamin C.

This was the result from a suit filed against the NBC and NAFDAC by Lagos businessman, Dr Emmanuel Fijabi Adebo and his company, Fijabi Adebo Holdings Limited.

His lawyer alleged that sometime in March, 2007, his client's company purchased large quantities of Coca-Cola, Fanta Orange, Sprite, Fanta Lemon, Fanta Pineapple and Soda Water from NBC for export to the UK for retail purposes and supply to their customers. When the packages arrived there, fundamental health related matters were raised on the contents and composition of the Fanta and Sprite products by the UK Health Authorities, specifically the Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council’s Trading Standard Department of Environment and Economy Directorate.

The findings from the United Kingdom were corroborated by the Coca-Cola European Union and products were found to have excessive levels of “Sunset Yellow and Benzoic Acid “which are unsafe for human consumption. Due to the irregularities and harmful content of the soft drinks which can cause cancer to the consumer, the claimants could not sell the Fanta and Sprite products resulting in appreciable losses, as they were certified unsuitable for consumption and were seized and destroyed by the United Kingdom health authorities

Adebo's Lawyer urged the court to declare that the Nigeria Bottling Company was negligent and breached the duty of care owed to their valued customers and consumers in the production of contaminated Fanta and Sprite soft drinks with excessive “benzoic acid and sunset” addictive. They also urged the court to direct NAFDAC to conduct and carry out routine laboratory tests of all the soft drinks and allied products of the company to ensure and guarantee the safety of the consumable products, produced from the Nigeria Bottling Company factory.

Although the Nigeria Bottling Company contended that the claimants claims are speculative, frivolous and vexatious and should be dismissed with substantial costs, NAFDAC did not file any defence.

In a judgment delivered by Justice Adedayo Oyebanji declared that NAFDAC has failed Nigerians by its certification as satisfactory for human consumption, products which in the UK failed sample test for human consumption and which became poisonous in the presence of  Vitamin C. He therefore ordered:

”That NAFDAC shall forthwith mandate Nigeria Bottling Company to, within 90 days hereof, include on all the bottles of Fanta and Sprite soft drinks manufactured by the company, a written warning that the content of the said bottles of Fanta and Sprite soft drinks cannot be taken with Vitamin C as same becomes poisonous if taken with Vitamin C.

”In consideration of the fact that this case was filed in 2008 and that it has been in court for 9 years, costs of N2 million is awarded against NAFDAC. Interest shall be paid on the costs awarded at the rate of 10% per annum until liquidation of the said sum.”
Source: pmnewsnigeria

Supplier of expired cosmetics caught in a two four-storey buildings filled with expired products in Lagos

The Standard Organisation of Nigeria, SON, has discovered a supplier of cosmetics who postdates the expiry date of products to sell to unsuspecting consumers. Joseph Udeh, an importer and the owner of Jouf Nigeria Limited, Kirikiri Road, Apapa, Lagos owns two four-storey buildings which he's converted to a warehouse for his goods consisting of assorted wines, cosmetic facial wipes, Sure deodorant and a number of other deodorants, creams, oils and lotions, sanitary pads, Pampers and Huggies baby diapers, detergents like Ariel, Sunlight and more.

The products occupied every nook and cranny of the building, including beneath the stairs. Most of the products found stored in the building dated as far back as 2004, but rather than do the right thing and destroy them, Joseph and his workers change the expiry date on the products to a later date and supply them to his customers. He owns shops at Balogun market in Trade Fair Complex from where he supplies to major stores within Trade Fair and across Nigeria. 

When quizzed by SON, Joseph claimed that he had invited NAFDAC a number of times to come and destroy the products but the agency never shows up in time and when they do, they only destroy a few and leave the rest. NAFDAC denied his claims, calling them lies and wondered why he had to change the dates on the products if indeed he was waiting for them to get destroyed.

Mr. Bede Obayi, the Head, Inspectorate and Compliance SON, speaking on behalf of Mr. Osita Aboloma, the Director-General, SON, said that the culprit will face the wrath of the law. He promised that further investigations will be carried out and the expired goods already in the market will be recalled from the retailers at the expense of Mr. Joseph Udeh. He lamented the effect the expired products would have on consumers, especially babies for whom a number of the products were made.