21 Mar 2017

UK Bans Laptops And Tablets On Flights From Six Middle East Countries

Britain has banned large electronic devices on flights from a number of Middle Eastern countries, less than 24 hours after the US said it made a similar decision based on intelligence suggesting terror groups could blow up commercial airliners with explosives hidden in consumer items.

A government spokesperson said the UK arrangements were agreed after Theresa May met with aviation security experts on Tuesday morning, and would impact major airlines providing flights from the affected countries, including British Airways, EasyJet and Thomas Cook. With dozens of flights arriving from these countries each day, around 150,000 passengers per month could face disruption.

Downing Street said officials have been "in close touch" with their US counterparts during the decision to implement the ban.

 The decision follows the receipt of specific intelligence reports, according to security sources.

And while the countries affected all have Muslim-majority populations, sources stressed that the rule change was entirely intelligence-led.

Omg! Jealous boyfriend Live streams video of him murdering his girlfriend (graphic video)

This could be the most horrific video you will see today. The shocking video which is being circulated online shows a Brazilian man killing his girlfriend. According to reports, the man suspected his girlfriend cheated on him and was giving his money to her lover, so he killed her in the most brutal way.

The video began, showing a young woman who appeared to be pleading and explaining in a foreign language while a man's voice can be heard in the background. Soon, the man comes within view and shot the woman in the chest and head several times, then after she was dead he kept on firing until he was out of bullets. He then proceeded to hit her continuously in the face with his gun while blood spurted everywhere.

He showed no sign of remorse after he was done, instead he zoomed close to her face and other parts of her body where he wreaked havoc. Other male voices can also be heard in the background and according to reports, all the men are still on the loose. 

See the horrendous video below...

Update! Police recovers more body parts as man caught with a woman's decapitated head and hands takes them to his slaughtering ground (Graphic Photos)

Suspected ritualist, Toafeek Hassan, took policemen to his slaughtering ground where he killed an unidentified woman, whom he claimed was seeking 'spiritual cleansing.'
At the slaughtering ground, they discovered other dismembered parts of her body.
Hassan, a 60-year-old landlord was on Sunday caught with the woman's decapitated head and hands at Ikoga Community in Badagry area of Lagos on Sunday.
Warning!! The photos below are extremely graphic.

Omg! Pastor Chris Okafor Heals Lady With Maggots In Her Private Part

The General Overseer of the Liberation City Church, Dr. Chris Okafor, came under a strange anointing during Sunday service at the church headquarters in Ojodu-Berger, on March 19, 2017, when he suddenly prophesied that there was a woman in the congregation who had maggots consistently pouring out of her womanhood, to the extent she wears Pampers around to keep the maggots from falling off in public.

He reiterated that again when no one showed up, the pastor said “don’t be ashamed” repeatedly, then the woman showed up.

While prophesying to the woman, the man of God accurately exposed the name of a retired police officer who was behind her predicament. According to the man of God, the victim had gone to the said police officer who was supposedly a family friend to seek financial help. The retired officer invited her over to his house. When she got there, he offered her a drugged drink. She took the drink and slept off immediately. Then the officer had a strange s*x with her. 

When she woke up, she didn’t realize what had happened, but two weeks later, she started seeing maggots come out of her womanhood in their numbers. She couldn’t stay more than five minutes at any given time without maggots pouring out of her. Out of shame of being embarrassed in the public she started wearing pampers which is obviously for kids, but it ensured the maggots didn’t drop out of her body whenever she was out in the public.

The man of God sent two women to confirm the presence of the maggots and report back. Within minutes, they returned and reported that they had seen the maggots and that they were still alive.

The man of God later explained that the retired police officer had actually used the victim for ritual and that each time the maggots came out of her, that her years on earth were reduced, and the police officer’s years multiplied, and strange money is made to go to the retired officer. Angrily, the man of God prayed fervently for her and declared that for his wickedness, the police officer whose name he mentioned repeatedly would be the one now having maggots come out of his own manhood as he declared “back to sender!”

He said this will be proved by the woman’s miraculous healing at the spot. The woman was prayed for and asked to stay back and wait for some minutes to see if the maggots were still there. Lo and behold, several minutes later, the maggots were gone! The woman, Gladys who couldn’t contain her joy stormed the pew screaming and crying, interrupting the man of God who was at the time ministering to someone else. The church was thrown into an ecstatic frenzy.

The man of God later advised women in particular to be careful who they seek help from and keep relationship with, saying “we live in a very wicked world. This is why God allowed people like me to be born. I hate oppression with passion. I just like to see people free. I don’t care what your status and background is, as long as you’re in bondage, you’re the reason I'm born."

Update! Police Recover Body, But Mother Says ‘Not My Son’

The mother of Dr. Allwell Orji, who jumped to his death on Third Mainland Bridge, has gone to see the body of a man who was recovered by Marine policemen believed to be that of the doctor. On getting there, the mother however told the police the body recovered was not that of her son. What a sad incident. May his soul rest in peace.

Update! Why Allwell Orji Committed Suicide

A doctor by the name Essien Attah has taken it upon himself to explain why a young doctor on Sunday, 19th of March, 2016 committed suicide by jumping into the lagoon from 3rd mainland bridge.  He took to his Facebook page to give a fresh insight about the incident. He wrote;


Dr Orji Allwell was my junior and also a graduate of College of Medicine University of Lagos. Indeed I left the great citadel of learning just when he was learning the rudiments of the profession hence our paths never crossed but if they had, I would have embraced him like a brother and share ward round tales of how we survived the likes of Professor Bode and Professor Odum.

But Dr Orji is dead. I heard he jumped off Third Mainland Bridge in an apparent suicide. What could have pushed the young man to take his own life? What level of frustration can kill the joy of life in an intelligent young man?

Indeed the dark-side of Medicine in Nigeria has once again reared its ugly head. A profession that is in the final death throes of extinction has claimed another victim.

Indeed many see Doctors as being on top of the food chain hence they carry a heavy burden. Numerous relatives feast on their finances like hungry vultures who keep on coming back for more carion. They can never take no for answer for it is said Doctors always have money as if they work in Nigerian Mint.

Besides the retinue of dependents, there is the drop in job satisfaction. The recalcitrant nature of Government has left many doctors on half pay, irregular pay or no pay at all. How can a man with a retinue of dependents and a gamut of hungry mouths to feed survive when his small stipend is irregular and subject to political manipulations?

And the frustration only mounts when you see your colleagues who travelled overseas faring far better despite your waning patriotic zeal that Nigeria will be better.

This is only the beginning of frustration to harbour such justified thoughts.

Then there is the poor state of affairs in the health sector. Incessant strikes and decaying infrastructure have reduced Doctors in Nigeria to a basal level of indignation and anger. It is now easier to squeeze water from stone than ensure the best possible care for patients. The most basic of life saving measures like Oxygen and Blood transfusion services are fast becoming a luxury and it is only a man of stone who will not feel depressed at the loss of a patient whose life could have been saved. Doctors see the poverty and the helplessness of the common man every day. And when you care for another human being, their problems become your problem as well hence you share in their laughter, sorrow or frustrations.

This is the lot of a Nigerian Doctor.

But the worst culprit of them all are fellow Doctors. How many colleagues called Dr Oji and asked how he was doing? How many went out of their way to show him love through his time of difficulty? A Doctor is not super human. He is flesh and blood. We all need each other. Instead professional rivalry amidst the spectre of consolidating respect and loyalty breeds a medical mileu that is akin to a rat race or the dog eat dog phenomenon in a bid to survive shark infested waters of economic recession and financial stability .

The younger colleagues bemoan the vindictive tendencies of their seniors who train amidst abuse and subjugation. Meanwhile the seniors are angered at the dwindling spectre of respect in the profession. Hence a tense atomosphere of unequally yoked colleagues is the bane of the medical profession in Nigeria that stokes the embers of sadness, hoplessness and depression.

Dr Oji took it to the extreme but many more Doctors are ill motivated and dissatisfied with the system. Those who can, have left while others are in the process of leaving. These are indeed the lucky majority for Nigeria has twice the number of Nigerian Trained Doctors overseas than the number at home.

And the trend is worsening as even more are jetting out as their future in Nigeria appears ever so bleak.

It is time for Doctors to close ranks. Care for one another. Respect your seniors. And seniors stop belittling the younger colleagues. End the rivalry that sees parents eating their young and vice versa.

It takes nothing to be kind to one another. Kindness and love is all Dr Oji needed but on his day of need we were all found wanting.

Many a colleague are going through a lot but because of the burden of society, they feel ashamed to speak out. Hence the onus is on us Doctors to seek them out and nurture them back to sound mental and physical health. Thats what it means to be your brother's keeper.

Patients should also learn to appreciate their doctor. This is the sole joy of a Doctor that no one can take from them. Their service to humanity shouldn't only be rewarded in heaven but a simple thank you can go a long way to making a doctor's day. These are the worst of times to be sick in Nigeria and its also the worst of times for health personnel.

I know so many who are without a job and are struggling to survive. Even those with a job are living from hand to mouth.

Don't mind the facade of Dr Oji's beautiful Nissan SUV, the man had issues and just a calming word could have averted this tragedy.

Say something nice to someone today. It might make the difference between life and death. Show love to someone today. That may give them a reason to keep on living.

Life is too short to spend it unhappy. Put a smile on someone's face today. Dr Oji is no more and the Doctor Died, oh what a day of sorrow for many have tried but have failed to overcome the sorrow of today. Be an overcomer today. Make yourself happy but its even better when you make someone else happy. It is well....and the Doctor died, oh what a pity for a life lost prematurely to the sands of time.

Update! 'I'm a very authentic graduate of Ahmadu Bello University' - Senator Dino Melaye (video)

Sahara Reporters yesterday alleged that Dino Melaye did not graduate from the Ahmadu Bello University where went to school for his first degree. The Senator immediately debunked the allegation on twitter, saying their supposed proof were fake documents.

During the Senate Plenary this afternoon, Melaye made sure to declare his educational status while introducing himself. He said: "Dino Melaye, Kogi West, very authentic graduate of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria." 

Watch the video after the cut. Start at 7:20

Nollywood Actress, Bose Alao accuses fellow actress, Bidemi Kosoko of sleeping with her husband

A Nollywood actress, Bose Alao omotoyosi is being called out on Instagram for sharing her chat with someone who accused fellow actress, Bidemi kosoko of sleeping with her husband. See the screenshots and some of the comments below..

4-year-old boy accidentally hangs himself while shopping with his grandmother

This past weekend, 4-year-old Ryu Pena was at a store in Mankato, Minnesota, when he accidentally hung himself in the store's dressing room.
Police say Ryu slipped away from his grandmother, who was shopping at the store, and went into an empty changing room.
He apparently closed the door, climbed on a bench and got the hoodie he was wearing caught on a coat hook.
Commander Jeremy Clifton with Mankato Public Safety said 
"We believe that he got himself caught up on a coat hook within that dressing room area and couldn't free himself from it,"
Ryu's little feet couldn't reach the floor, so he hung there and suffocated while his grandmother and others frantically looked for him. By the time he was found, it was too late. 
His family has set up a GoFundMe page to help raise money for his funeral.

Lady Exposes Married Man Who Stalk Him On Social Media

An aggrieved lady has warned men asking her out, to back off if they’re married, or see her take the gist to their wives and to social media. The lady @Toninotiger went shared a chat he had with her ex, who she claimed she found out to be married after 8 months of dating.
She also disclosed that he told his wife. The chat she shared revealed that she asked the
man, if he was married before they began to date.
Here’s the chat;

Notorious Bank Fraudster Who Has Been On The Run Finally Arrested

Men of the Rapid Response Squad (RRS) of the Lagos Police Command have arrested the ring leader and architect of several bank frauds in the state. 

The fraudster identified as Ajisafe Olugbenga, 47, who hails from Osun State was alleged to be the mastermind of several bank frauds in Lagos.

Ajisafe, an ex-banker popularly known as Harrison among his gang, was arrested yesterday after being mentioned as the initiator of SIMs swap deal at a network provider’s outlet in Surulere, Lagos and Abeokuta, Ogun State.

Ajisafe had, before his arrest, been on the run over his involvement in a N2 million fraud in one of the old generation banks in Lagos sometime in April 2016.

The suspect, who is regarded as the chief player in bank frauds, was alleged to have a vast network with insiders in banks. He was also alleged to have exploited his vast network with insiders in banks to procure bank details of high networth customers and then use such information to perpetrate the fraud.

According to sources, the gang blocks or swaps SIMs of bank customer they want to strike, so that they would not receive the transaction alert, as money are withdrawn from their accounts in tranches.

Ajisafe latest offence was the recruitment of three suspects through which some SIM cards belonging to a particular network (name withheld) were being swapped and used for bank fraud.

Two of the suspects recruited by Ajisafe, Shamsudeen Olalekan and Nicholas Egbele, were arrested a few days before Ajisafe was picked up yesterday.

Also arrested with them was a staff of a popular network provider in an outlet in Abeokuta, who was assisting the gang in SIM swap, while another collaborator is on the run.

Update! Man who was caught with a woman's decapitated head and hands

Yesterday, we broke the tragic story of a man who was caught with a woman's decapitated head and hands at Ikoga Community in Badagry area of Lagos on Sunday. The alleged murderer has been identified as Toafeek Hassan, a 60-year-old landlord.

It was learned that he was on his way to hand over the fresh body parts to a cleric when he was caught with a female head, two wrists in a sack, Vanguard reports.

While confessing before police arrived the scene, Hassan disclosed that it was his second time of killing clients for the unnamed cleric for ritual purpose.
'She was not my direct client. A herbalist, Baba Ronke, brought her to me on Sunday. One Alfa from Sango-Otta took her to him.' he said He continues confessing that, 'The Alfa from Otta uses human beings for rituals. He deceived the woman to Badagry, saying he was bringing her to a senior colleague, who would perform some cleansing by the river side on her. 'Immediately they dropped the woman by the riverside they left, with a promise to wait for her at the bus stop. While she was waiting, I came and did my part of the job,' he said
Asked how he killed her, Hassan did not state clearly how he committed the act. He only replied that
'I began by asking her where she came from; she said she was from Ojodu Berger. I felt pity for her, but I could not help the situation. I was on my way to deliver the needed parts to the Alfa at Sango-Otta when I was arrested. This is my second time of working for Baba Ronke and Alfa,' he added.
However, his accomplices are believed to have fled when news of Hassan’s arrest went round. When Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, Olarinde Cole-Famous, was contacted he confirmed the incident, saying they have started investigating the gruesome act.

"I Am Not Dead"; Man Whose Alleged Death Escalated The Ile-Ife Crisis (photos)

One of the alleged reasons the Hausa-Yoruba clash in Ile-Ife, Osun state, degenerated into a big issue was the reported killing of a vulcaniser in the community by some Hausa men. 

The man identified as Mukaila, works just beside the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) park close to the filling station in the community, and was said to have been killed before the crisis escalated. But the said man is alive.

During a visit by NAIJ's team to the community on Saturday, March 18, some aggrieved Hausa residents practically dragged them to the vulcaniser's spot beside the road and were almost conducting the interview on his behalf. 

They had a chat with the man to find out what happened.

When questioned, Mukaila said there was never a time he was at risk of being lynched by Hausas.

As a matter of fact, he said he had fled his place of work since the same day the crisis escalated and only returned on Friday, March 17.

"I was hearing reports from different quarters that I was dead and that the Hausas killed me during the crisis. I thank God that I am alive. I was not even attacked by anybody during the crisis. I only left because I work close to the place where the incident was really tough," he said.

Young Nigerian Lady Impregnated By Her Uncle Dies After Abortion In Delta

This young lady, Justina Erube, according to report by Sapele Oghenek, died after she was impregnated by her uncle. The said uncle, Satur Erube aka Satur Busher, a former Chairman of Amukpe Motor park, impregnated Justina, the only surviving child of his late elder brother.

After the death of his brother, he picked his late brother's daughter from Lagos whom he promised to train in school...

She was 4yrs old then. He trained her in secondary school after which she entered Otefe (university). According to report, he was so jealous that he can kill anybody who comes near the young lady, people didn't know that he was having s*xual relationship with her. 

After impregnating her, she did abortion. Complications of abortion set in and she became ill. At a point, villagers started to inquire the cause of her sickness but she refused to tell anyone. 

Sapele Oghenek gathered that she refused to divulge the secret because her uncle threatened to kill her if she did. Unfortunately she died on March 18. He organised his church members to take the corpse to her village. Youths from the community pursue the church members. According to them, Sacur should bring the corpse home himself.

After serious interrogation, Sacur revealed that he impregnated the girl. He revealed the details of what transpired. The corpse has been rejected by the family. Satur has deposited the corpse at Eferakeya mortuary.

He also allegedly sold the 2 houses left by the lady's father, his brother, one in Lagos and the other in vilage. 

Update! Doctor Who Jumped Inside Lagoon Was Unmarried

Image result for images of houses in nigeria
Odunukan Street, Abule Ijesha, Yaba, Lagos State, was enveloped in distress on Monday, following the death of a resident, Dr Allwell Orji, who jumped into the lagoon on the Third Mainland Bridge.

Residents approached by a Punch correspondent, who visited the area on Monday, directed him to the doctor’s family house.

The family members, however, declined comments on the circumstances surrounding the incident, saying they were in mourning.

Punch Metro had reported that Orji, a medical doctor, was being driven in his Sport Utility Vehicle en route to Lagos Island at about 4pm on Sunday.

He was said to have told his driver to stop after allegedly receiving a call.

The unmarried doctor disembarked from the car, headed for the railings at the edge of the bridge and jumped into the lagoon.

Asked what could have informed Orji’s decision, a resident, who did not give her name, said, “I don’t know the cause. All I know is that doctor was friendly and nice to everybody.

“He was single and was living with his mother. You can meet his family members. They are in the best position to explain what might lead to the incident.”

A middle-aged man, who addressed journalists on behalf of the Orjis outside the family’s residence, stated that they did not want to speak on the suicide.

He said the family members were already inundated by the media and wanted to be excused from making comments.

The man, who did not identify himself, said, “We are mourning and we don’t want to see any journalist around. We want you to respect the family. We lost a young man; we don’t have any cause to be happy.”

However, a Punchcorrespondent overhead a distressed woman, saying the driver should have informed the doctor’s mother before they went out on Sunday.

“After he jumped into the lagoon, he (the driver), didn’t call to tell us what happened,” she added.

Meanwhile, Punch Metro, who also visited the scene of the incident around 1pm, observed that LASEMA officials and a team of marine policemen were still searching for Orji’s body.

The LASEMA General Manager, Mr. Adesina Tiamiyu, stated that fishermen around the area had been informed to alert emergency agencies if they found the body in any part of the lagoon.

He said, “The body has yet to be recovered. The marine police and the local divers are still searching the lagoon.”

Update! Kemi Olunloyo Speaks From Prison, Says 'Don’t Meet Me At The Airport If I'm Released'

Kemi Olunloyo who is being detained after policemen stormed her house last week Tuesday in Oyo State and whisked her to Port Harcourt for publishing an untrue story about Pastor David Ibiyeomie, has said she is fine and her fan shouldn’t come to welcome her at the airport when she is released. Kemi is due to be at a Port Harcourt court on Thursday where her bail application will be heard. She wrote;

Dear fans and friends, i am in good spirits, i go for a bail hearing this 23rd March. If I'm released, do not come to the airport to meet me. To all media and journalism students don't give up! #journalismisnotacrime you cannot intimidate us! Thank you Nigeria. VN for Kemi Olunloyo HNN Media Relations

Update! Stephanie Otobo Charged With Blackmail

Stephanie Otobo, the 23 year-old lady who claimed that Apostle Johnson Suleman had a romantic affair with her, was docked on Monday in Lagos.

She was docked at a Tinubu Chief Magistrates’ Court, and accused of conspiracy, blackmail, threat to life and an intent to steal.

She was charged along with a 43 year-old, man identified as Wisdom Godstime.

The prosecutor, M. A Animashaun, informed the court that the defendants and others at large committed the alleged offence on February 14, 2017, at about 10:30am, at Police College, Ikeja Lagos.


See Zambian Minister kneel down before President Edgar Chagwa Lungu (photo)

Minister of Livestock and Fisheries, Michael Katambo (left) is pictured kneeling before President Edga Chagwa Lungu (right) during a discussion after attending Mass at Mary Immaculate in Lusaka on Sunday, March 19th. 

Photo credit: Zambia Reports

Photo of two suspected homosexuals caught at a hotel in Ghana

Two suspected homosexuals were on Sunday caught in the act at a guest house (name withheld) in Keneshie, Ghana. The suspects, an 18-year-old Senior High School student and his partner 28 were caught by the receptionist of the hotel, Ghanaweb reported. According to her, the duo arrived at the hotel on Sunday claiming they were traveling to Takoradi in the Western region on a business trip but needed a place to pass the night and continue the following day.
The receptionist attended to them and went to get them water they had requested it but on her return, she knocked at the door but no one responded. She said she only heard some moaning and groaning that was coming from the room. When she opened the door which was not locked she saw the 28-year-old mounting the teenager from behind and screamed. Her screams attracted other staff of the guest house, who all rushed into the room to catch a glimpse of what was happening.

Keneshie police were immediately notified and came to arrest the suspects who are currently being investigated.

Nigerian couple sentenced for sneaking Nigerian woman into the U.S to become their 'slave'

A Nigerian-born couple in Pennsylvania, U.S. has been sentenced to federal prison for sneaking a Nigerian woman into the country so she could essentially become what a federal judge called a slave." According to The Express-Times in Easton, John and Godever Ibechem were sentenced on Thursday, March 16th to each serve nine months in federal prison.
The couple acknowledged they plotted to smuggle the woman in to care for their two young boys and failed to pay her minimum wage. She was paid about $20 every other week to provide around-the-clock care. The woman was 54 when she posed as John Ibechem's mother, who was actually dead, and she used the mother's passport to enter the U.S. unlawfully. 
"I felt trapped. I thought I was going to die," the woman, who did not appear, said in a letter read on Thursday in federal court.

Prosecutors say she was swindled out of about $205,000 in wages, though the attorney for the Ibechems says they also sent money to her family in Nigeria. 
"The nanny essentially became a slave," District Court Judge Edward Smith said.

However, John Ibechem said he wouldn't treat anyone like an indentured servant.

"That's not my nature. That's not in my family's nature." he said.

The Ibechems agreed to pay the nanny $50,000 as part a plea deal. Speaking to Express-Times, the couple's lawyer, Defense attorney Gilbert Scutti said: "I 'm not going to say it was all roses when she was here, but were are not talking about physical abuse, sexual abuse or deprivation of liberty'.

Update! Mother of medical doctor who committed suicide by jumping into Lagos Lagoon refuses to believe he is dead

24 hours after he jumped off 3rd mainland bridge and into the Lagoon, mother of 35 year old medical doctor, Allwell Orji, Chinyere Orji has refused to believe that her son is dead. A relative of the deceased who spoke to newsmen at the family's home at Abujle-Ijesha in Yaba, Lagos state yesterday, said Mrs Orji who is a retired banker, has refused to believe that her son who is the first of three children, is dead. She is still hoping that he would be rescued.

"You people don’t know what we have been through since yesterday. Please, respect our grief. This is not a case of a grandfather that died and we want to celebrate it. This whole issue has been difficult for us. The mother is up there, not talking to anyone. Not even us who are very close relatives. People have been around her since yesterday so that she doesn’t do anything drastic. She has yet to accept that he could be dead. She doesn’t even accept people’s sympathies and condolences. As a Christian, she’s believing God that a miracle could happen and that her son won’t die. She believes he’s just missing and would return alive”he said
Meanwhile efforts to recover his body from the lagoon yesterday proved abortive as men of the Lagos State Emergency Mangement Authority are still searching the lagoon for his remain. LASEMA’s General Manager, Adesina Tiamiyu who was at the scene this afternoon, told newsmen that he is not aware of any suicide note said to have been dropped by the deceased.
“We are still searching for the body. We have expanded the search to go further than the point it happened. We have told local men around to watch out for any floating body and we have engaged local divers to look around for us. Patrol boats are in the water going round. We would continue to search for him. The family is traumatised at this point and unwilling to speak on the issue. I want us to respect their wishes please. We have established contact with the family and expressed government’s sincere wishes to them. We would also go back at a time they feel better because we would like to know what happen so that Lagosians and Nigerians can learn a lesson or two from it. It’s an unfortunate situation. But what do we do? The driver is with the police. The police would be more involved in the investigation. If we are able to pick one or two things, we would pass it across. I am not aware of any suicide note. His phone and car are with the police.”