3 May 2017

Omg! Father and his step-son take turns to rape his 12-year-old daughter while her step-mother holds her legs open

A 12-year-old has recounted a very shocking tale of how she was constantly sexually abused by her father and his mistress' son. What's even more startling about her revelation is the fact that the mistress was aware of the abuse and even played a part.

The girl's ordeal began in May 2016 when her father took her away from the home in Isheri where she lived with both of her parents and got her resettled in the home where her father's mistress lived with her son in Ilogbo area of Lagos. The father did all this without the knowledge of his wife, the girl's mother. During her stay there. she was made to quit school and begin selling oil bean seed (ugba) with her father's mistress at the Alaba International Market during the day and returning to the house in Ilogbo at night. It was on one of those nights that her father's mistress' son raped her in the presence of her father and his mother. She contracted several sexually transmitted diseases during the period.

Narrating the incident, the victim, whose name will not be given for the purpose of privacy, said: 

"One of my father’s mistress’ son, Kenneth, crept to where I slept on the floor one night and started touching my private parts. I woke up and rushed to inform my father, who was sleeping on the bed with his mistress. But he drove me back, saying I should allow him do whatever he wanted to do with me. My father came to where I was sleeping and, with the assistance of his mistress, parted my legs and instructed his stepson to have sex with me," Vanguard reports her saying.

"The next day, after everyone had gone out, my father called me inside, locked the door and had sex with me. He warned me not to tell anyone about what happened, threatening to kill me if I did. Since then, my father and his stepson had taken turns to rape me. At times, when I went to sell ugba at Alaba, his stepson would take me to an uncompleted building, where he would place some cartoons on the ground and rape me."

Meanwhile, back at home, her mother was already looking for her and even involved the police but the father claimed not to be aware of her whereabout. 7 months later, after the police and certain relatives intervened, he brought his daughter back home to his wife in December 2016. 

"I had gone to the market to buy foodstuff one day,  only to return and discovered that my daughter was missing. When my husband came back, I asked him about her whereabouts, he denied knowing where she was, saying I should look for her. Even when the matter of our missing child was reported to the police, he denied knowing where she was until December, when he said he took her to learn a trade at a relative’s. It took the intervention of the police and some relatives before he brought her back last December."

When the victim eventually returned home, her mother noticed something unusual in the way she walked so she inquired from her what had happened while she was away. The girl refused to open up but after her mother involved her teacher who takes her extramural classes, she revealed to them that she had been raped by her dad and his mistress' son. The victim's mother said this will not be the first time such will happen. According to her, she caught her husband with his manhood inside her daughter's mouth when she was only 9-months-old. When she was six years old there was a repeat of the sexual abuse. She said she confronted her husband after her daughter opened up to her but he mercilessly and drove her and her daughter away. Since then, they've been living with a relative.

Following the revelation, the victim's father, a commercial bus driver whose name was given simply as Adimawu, was reported to the police. He was arrested last week Wednesday and during interrogation, he denied the allegations of sexual abuse and said that he took his daughter away from home to ensure her safety because his wife had a mental problem. He told the policemen at the Human Right Desk, Ikotun Police Division, that he never assaulted his daughter sexually. His wife disputed the mental illness claims and said she was simply suffering emotional and psychological trauma after her daughter went missing. She alleged that her husband's action was a ploy to chase her and her daughter away from the home they both built so that he could move his mistress and her son in.

Police sources hinted that the suspect earlier admitted that his stepson raped his daughter but later denied it. It was also disclosed that the case will be transferred to the command headquarters, Ikeja. Sir Barth Ozoana, who reported the sexual abuse to the police, will serve as the lawyer for the victim. He said he would assist his client and mother legally until justice prevailed.

Nigerian Embassy In The U.S. Shutdown Over Nonpayment Of 5 Months Salaries

Workers at the Nigerian Embassy in Washington have been on a sit-in, paralysing activities at the mission in the United States. The workers said they have not been paid salaries for the past five months, forcing them to embark on the strike.

Although some departments of the embassy are said to still be functional, they threatened to report the embassy to the U.S. Labour Department.

According to Channels, there were no official functions at the embassy on Tuesday, as the workers only gathered at the lunch room in the basement.

The embassy in Washington and the consulate in New York are said to be currently cash strapped, with staff and local workers not being paid for months.

A source close to the Presidency said there has been a lot of mismanagement of resources in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, causing a lack of concern for staff welfare and difficulty in the missions being able to carry out their functions.

Obasanjo’s Wife Warns - My Son’s Wedding Will Cause Plane Crashes, Strange Deaths

The wife of former president, Olusegun Obasanjo, has raised an alarm over what she said would be the consequences of their son’s forthcoming wedding to the daughter of the owner of Premier Lotto, Kessington Adebutu.

Taiwo Obasanjo, in a letter to The Methodist Church of Nigeria, said the dates chosen for the wedding of Abraham Obasanjo to Tope Adebutu – May 11 and 13 – would precipitate untold misery for the country.

“The two dates were chosen and compelled by Satan for them to lure unsuspecting numerous souls to a banquet of death, that will result in strange holocaust in our nation,” Mrs. Obasanjo said.

“After the wedding, you will be hearing and seeing incidents of plane crashes, fire incidents, multiple road accidents, tankers and trailer killing people, cancers, diseases of kidney, liver, prostrate, eyes issues and diverse health problem causing strange death in people and the economy situation will worsen.”

Mrs. Obasanjo’s letter comes weeks after her suit at the Ikeja Division of the Lagos High Court was dismissed for lack of jurisdiction.

In the suit, the wife of the former president said she had received various warnings and prophecies that her son should not be involved in an elaborate wedding ceremony before his 34th birthday.

She prayed the court to move the wedding date to June 1, the day her son would turn 34.

But the judge dismissed the suit on the condition that the jurisdiction of a family court only covers children under 18 years.

In her latest letter, addressed to the head of the Methodist Church in Nigeria, Mrs. Obasanjo said repeated pleas to her prospective sister, daughter, and father-in-law; her husband; and her brother, Kenny Martins to shift the wedding date fell on deaf ears.

“I am not against the wedding, all I am relentlessly pleading is for a shift in the date and they turned against me, even on the 11th and 13th of May they are planning to assassinate me or keep me in police custody from 10th – 14th May 2017, when they would have completed the devilish wedding ceremony.

“Sir, is this a wedding ceremony or a clever, premeditated, devilishly calculated scheme to sacrifice thousands of souls as they come to the feast of death, ostensibly announced as wedding ceremony?

“I am alive and healthy and I am not mad, God used me to convince my son to change his mind to marry this lady called Tope Adebutu, now they want to kill me by all means possible.”

Mrs. Obasanjo also said she would stage a peaceful, public protest on the days of the wedding, and had already informed the police.

“This protest is to bring out people to praise the Almighty God very loud with songs and drummers to sing and dance like King David, as they hold the demonic ceremony. We will not insult or abuse anyone.

“Please, I want the whole world to know that I am not mad and I am not against my son’s wedding but the whole truth will be revealed by the Almighty God who sees in secret all that is hidden, for the power of the Almighty God is supreme.

“Reminder will be sent out to let people know that as many as are free, can join me in praising the Almighty God publicly when then wedding day draws near.”

Premium Times

See more proposal photos of Banky W and Adesua

InBankyW proposed to Adesua Etomi in February this year, we are delighted for them.

Wow! Banky W and Adesua Etomi from the movie 'The Wedding Party' are already engaged

 The musician, Banky W shared this post on Instagram...read below
Dear Susu
We crossed paths 2 or 3 times since 2012, but I wasn't paying enough attention. Destiny was staring me right in the face and I was too caught up in my own hustle and paper chase, to know it. In June 2015 however, God brought you my way again, and this time, I really SAW you. I was smitten by your grace, aura, and beauty.
So smitten infact, that even though I didn't get to say a word to you that day (because you were seated far across the room), I immediately called my best friend @captdemuren and told him I'd found my next girlfriend. LOL. He laughed.

I asked one or two people about you.. your manager Isioma, who I'd worked with previously, and then I did some research myself. Googled you, stalked your instagram.. the whole 9 yards, and the more I found out, the more you seemed like a breath of fresh air. 

Now, I personally don't like being "hooked up", so I decided to approach you myself by sliding into your DM a few days later. Introduced myself, made some silly attempts to make you laugh, told you I planned to become your biggest fan, and asked if we could be friends. Thank God you laughed at my silly jokes, and thank God you graciously agreed to become my friend. At the time, I was COMPLETELY lying about only wanting to be friends, by the way.. but I figured it was a safe place to start. 

Since that DM, I've spoken to you pretty much every single day for almost 2 years. Sometimes, in the morning, at night and in between. We clicked instantly, and you quickly became one of my favourite people on earth, and one of my closest friends. It got to the point where my day wouldn't quite feel right without speaking to you. I needed your friendship. I needed, and still need, the bond we share. It completes me. 

I knew pretty early in the process that I wanted to spend forever with you. Prayed about it fervently. But it took you FOREVER (okay fine.. maybe a year and a half or so) to see things my way. But I kinda knew all along.. I was just waiting for you to catch up. 

In that time, I got engaged to you in my "Made For You" music video... and then by coincidence, we both got cast to get married in "The Wedding Party" movie.. but all the while we were the very best of friends. I guess, in our case, real life will now imitate art.

I'm not sure what the future will bring, but I'm completely sure that I am ready to face it with you by my side. I pray that God continues to build me into the kind of man that you deserve. I love you Susu.. I feel safe and at peace with you. You mean the world to me. Thank you for agreeing to be my lover and best friend. Thank you for agreeing to be my wife. 

PS: The timing of this may make some people think this is promo for another video, or a movie. It isn't. 
Ironically, everyone who has seen us together in art, or in life, always insists that we have amazing chemistry. I guess you can say we have been hiding in plain sight. I fell in love with an Actress. Now my life is a movie.

In February of 2017, I asked Adesua Tolulope Oluwaseun Etomi to be my wife. She said Yes.

"I Was S*xually Abused As A Child" - TY Bello

Image result for images of ty bello
Popular Nigerian singer and photographer, Toyin Sokefun-Bello [aka TY Bello], has opened up on how she was s*xually abused while she was growing up.

While speaking on Accelerate TV series, ‘King Women’ TY Bello revealed that she was molested as a child and that it had a negative effect on her during her formative years. She said;

“I was sexually abused as a child and because of this, I felt like there was something ugly about me that made me encounter this. This was not the abuser’s fault, this was me. I used to see other girls as flowers and I saw myself as dirty cement, hard and ugly. I never felt beautiful, everything was wrong with me, I was hairy and it was a problem. 
“I always attributed everything that was about me to be the reason someone took advantage of me. I thought there was something wrong with me because if the others girls were like me perhaps they would be dirty like me but they were flowers. 
“When a friend told me about salvation, she told me old things would be passed away and all things will become new. It was as if God could wash away that stench and I would become a girl because I didn’t feel like a girl.”

She said she was relieved when she found out that she wasn't the only one that experienced such.

“I was shocked when I grew up and found that one out every three or four girls in my secondary school had suffered the same thing and I could tell them the same thing… that old thing can pass away.

“It was a relief to find that I was not the only one and a shock that nobody talks about it. That’s why salvation worked, I had a daddy and I was going to be a flower.”

Update! Buhari's Wife Opens Up On His Health

President Muhammadu Buhari’s wife, Aisha, has broken her silence on her husband’s health, amid growing concerns about the president’s fitness. She said the president’s health was not as “bad as it’s being perceived”. The first lady made her comments on Twitter last night.

Mr President's health is improving, so we heard.

Groom caught on his wedding day for paying 200 fake guests to attend his wedding

A man in northern China landed in police custody on his wedding day for inviting and paying 200 fake guests from his side as family and friends.

According to local media in Shaanxi province, the family of the wife realized the truth during conversations with people from the groom's side who said they were 'just friends' and not making clear how they knew him.
The groom identified as Mr. Wang was exposed when the ceremony started without any trace of his parents.

In an interview with regional TV station Shaanxi TV, the fake 'guests' said they were paid 80 yuan ($12) by the groom for the day to pose as family and friends. While some said they are normally taxi drivers and students, and one man revealed a conversation he had with the groom on social media platform WeChat, negotiating a price for him to be there.

The bride also revealed that had been together for three years, but didn't notice anything wrong at first as they had completely different circles of friends.

The motives behind the groom's stunt remain unknown but police are currently investigating.

Update! Man rescued by Tonto Dikeh identified, narrates his story

Earlier on Tuesday, Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh, who's presently in Abuja, took to Instagram to reveal how she rescued a man thrown out of a speeding tricycle in Abuja and quickly rushed him to a hospital. She revealed that she would share photos of the man when he recovers and gives her permission.

Fortunately, the man has recovered and has narrated why he was thrown out of the Keke.  According to him, his name is Richard Okolie and he was coming from his sponsor's house where he went to collect money for JAMB form, but didn't succeed. 
On his way back home, the people inside the Keke he boarded beat him up, took his phone and sprayed something on his face before throwing him out. Read what Tonto Dikeh wrote below.. 
This is our John Doe his name is Richard Okpelibie,he is from anambara state.23 of age..
His story in his own words:
I was going to look for a Senior friend who promised to assist me with the purchase of my Jamb form. On getting there he was out of Town.I decided to go back home(which Is dutse Alhaji),I Boarded a kekenapep with 1female in front and 3males including myself and the driver.Around Gudu district Abuja the men started hustling me,torn my clothes to search for money.Took my little broken down phone.Punched me and They sprayed something in my face and kicked me out of the moving keke.I Cldnt breathe as a result of my history with asthma as the spray ignited a seizure,having no inhaler cos am poor I collapsed.
Mr Richard who has been discharged from the hospital with all bills paid and medications(inhalers etc),He has no complications.No fractures,Etc.
We took mr Richard to a good restaurant for a great dinner and bought him afew new clothes.He was given Pocket money and put in a secured Uber ride home.This story is to motivate you that even if we live in a horrible world there is stil a little bit of good out there.Dont let the harshness of the world take AWAY your humanity..Do wait for the government to create change,Its all put our hands on deck and be the CHANGE WE DESIRE..I SERVE A LIVING GOD @t_d_foundation #Radicalforjesus

Update! Mercy Aigbe-Gentry shares cryptic message, photo with her husband, then deletes both posts

Actress Mercy Aigbe-Gentry is believed to have just gone through a terrible case of domestic violence, yet she is not letting that keep her down as she's already started sharing beautiful photos of her already-healed face. It also seems she is intent on using her experience to teach others, as can be seen from the photo she just shared. 
The actress posted a popular photo with a meaningful message that talks about toxic people and how they try to control those around them. It ends with an advise for the victims to stay above it all and trust that the truth will prevail.
However, after the cryptic message, she shared a photo with her husband, but then deleted both posts.

Nollywood actress, Eniola Badmus dismisses rumors of an alleged feud with Funke Akindeke

Actress, Eniola Badmus has again dismissed rumours that she and Funke Akindele are in a longtime rivalry with each other in a new message. This alleged feud allegations came up again after Funke was noticeably absent at the burial party of Eniola's father, which held in Lagos recently.

See the suspected Nigerian and Ghanaian drug peddlers caught with 10 grams of cocaine

Suspected Nigerian and Ghanaian drug peddlers Sunday Anya Uka and Nana Mensah were arrested late last month during a cocaine bust at St Marks Road near Cubbon Park, Bangalore, India.
Anti-narcotic squads raiding drug peddlers are now adapting and redrawing their strategy to overpower the sturdy and agile Africans who often prove too much to handle for the police personnel, as the biggest challenge is to subdue them and take them into custody.

According to Bengalore Mirror, the suspected peddlers often resort to crude forms of resistance – like biting and kicking – to thwart the cops’ attempts to arrest them; the latter are now adapting and redrawing their strategy to overpower these drug peddlers.
Now, they have planned to beef up their teams by roping in friends and informants in standby teams to jump in and ‘assist’ the policemen if the suspect proves to be too much to handle.
“We have these additional men, civilians, with us kept on standby to assist us in subduing them. Often it is very difficult as unlike in regular cases, we require five to six people to subdue one Nigerian drug peddler. We have two officers holding their legs, one holding him at his hips while another one puts a choke hold from behind. It is very difficult,” said an officer who has been on frequent drug raids.
While a Nigerian suspected of drug peddling is subdued, one personnel handcuffs him; another chains up his legs before he is taken into the police vehicle. It is during this process the cops require help from their ‘friends’.
The officials also claimed that often the first few minutes of the operation are very crucial as they could throw away the narcotic pouches if out in the open, or flush them down the toilet if they are cornered at their residences.
"We do not include random people but often friends and also informants, people whom we interact with on a regular basis. Usually we have at least 10 to 15 cops in our raid party but if there are multiple suspects to be arrest then we need this secondary layer of protection,” said a Central Crime Branch (CCB) source.
The tactic, according to sources, proved to be successful during the raid in which Nana Mensah and Sunday Anya Uka were arrested with 10 grams of cocaine.
The cops also managed to take the suspects to their residence on Bannerghatta road from where they claimed to have seized an additional 35 grams of cocaine. One of them tried to flee from the spot and it was the timely intervention of the ‘additional forces’ that helped the cops nab him.

Source: Bengalore Mirror

Update! Mercy Aigbe has filed restraining order against her husband, Lanre Gentry (documents)

Image result for images of mercy aigbe and husband
Actress Mercy Aigbe has filed a restraining order against her husband, Lanre Gentry. Gentry is restrained from going anywhere within a one-mile radius of the actress and her two children. See the restraining order after the cut...