8 May 2017

See The Nigerian Lady Who's A Prostitute In Dubai And Jumped To Her Death During Police Raid

A young lady who left Nigeria to Dubai doing "runs", has reportedly lost her life after she jumped from a four-storey building to avoid being arrested by the UAE police.

According to a Nigerian who lives and work in Dubai who sent the story to Pulse, the lady who was only known as Sophia, is said to be from Edo State and with other ladies, had been selling herself for money in that country.

Below is the story as sent by another Nigerian...

"To who it may concern, I am a Nigerian living and working in Dubai. I have to share this story on Pulse in case anyone knows this lady. There is this lady called Sophia but no one knows her real name or her surname.

She works as a prostitute here in Dubai and does not have any papers. She lived in Al-Baraha area in Deira, Dubai. No one knows her details though she told people she is from Edo State but we do not know her real hometown or her family members.

She and other ladies are into prostitution and they live together. One day, the police went to the apartment to arrest them and instead of waiting for the police, Sophia jumped through the window from the 4th floor and died instantly.

Her remains have been deposited at the mortuary. So if anyone you can do something to make her family and friends knows about this, we will appreciate it."

Lobatan! Watch video of a Nigerian bride refusing to kiss her groom at the wedding ceremony

A video has surfaced of a Nigerian bride vehemently objecting to being kissed by her groom. In the footage, the bride can be seen looking glum while the wedding guests encouraged them to kiss. At some point, the best man had to spray some money on her yet she refused and started to cry as the husband held her and tried to kiss her.

The groom eventually kissed her forcefully while she cried and pushed him away. According to comments on social media, the bride is from Abia state. See the video below...

Update! Mercy Aigbe drops her husband's surname on her Instagram profile

Mercy Aigbe has dropped her husband, Lanre's surname - 'Gentry' from her profile on Instagram after allegations of domestic violence and infidelity in their marriage. The actress who went by "mercyaigbegentry" on Instagram is now "realmercyaigbe".

Update! Mercy Aigbe - My Husband Is Now Threatening To Kill Me

Mercy Aigbe has taken to her IG again to call out her husband. They were supposed to be in court this morning, but Mr Lanre Gentry didn’t show up, saying he was on admission. Mercy then took to IG to say, people have been asking her not to talk because of their child, but her husband has been threatening to kill her, and at this point she must voice out. Oh Lord! See her unedited words below… 

"Why will a man who claims to love you, beat you to the extent of breaking your skull?.........wat was my crime? @asiwajulanregentry you have to tell the world what my crime was?...... Now you are on the run!....... trying to connive with the police so I won't get justice!!!!!!!...... lanre youcan run but you can't hide, you can tell all the LIES in this world but trust me at the end of it all the TRUTH will prevail and I will get Justice....... People keep saying I shouldn't talk and that I should think of our child.......... but you keep threatening to kill me, why I don't know!!!!!!!!!!!..... Now that you are conniving with the police I don't feel safe and I have to cry out!...........
We were supposed to be in court this morning and you lied that you are on Admission and can't be in court!
@asiwajulanregentry you on admission? God you can never stop LYING........then again I ask you why are you afraid to come to court?

Her doctor also confirmed she has head injury here... See below

Pakistan International Airlines suspends pilot for sleeping in business class, leaving trainee in charge of the jet

Captain Amir Akhtar Hashmi, a senior pilot with Dreamliner Pakistan International Airlines has been suspended after photos of him sleeping on board a plane emerged on social media.

According to Mirror, Hashmi allegedly slept for two-and-a-half-hours in a business class seat on board the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight from Islamabad to London on April 26.
A passenger on flight PK-785 filed a complaint with the airline along with the snap of the dozing captain.

Hashmi should have been in control of the 305-seater Boeing 777 plane during the eight-hour flight to Heathrow but he was reported to have placed a pilot trainee in charge of the jet.

However, an investigation has been launched into the incident following the complaints to Pakistan International Airlines.

See what Nollywood actress, Tayo Sobola did to her hand

She captioned the photo: MMM... another money making monday

He’s a Pastor But He Has S ex With Me and Asks Other Girls for Na ked Photos on Facebook

Image result for images of worried women
A woman who has been hurt deeply by the actions of a pastor to whom she has been engaged, has opened up about her experience.
The woman shared her story on break_or_makeup, telling stunned readers about her sad experience.
According to her, she got introduced to a young pastor by another pastor’s wife and they began going out after a while.
She revealed that despite protesting, the pastor kept having s*x with her many times, always claiming that “everything sins” and that he’s not left out.
The pastor, according to her, refused to show her his phone password as well as his Facebook and other social media accounts.
However, one day she stumbled upon the man’s Facebook and found out that he has been asking another woman for her n*ked photos.
This, obviously, left her really devastated.

See The Shocking Place Pastor T.B Joshua Get Healing Power From

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Popular Nigerian prophet TB Joshua has finally revealed the true source of his healing power after being asked by an Isreali journalist.
Prophet T.B. Joshua, founder of Synagogue Church of All Nation has revealed the source of his healing power.
According to DailyPost, the man of God made the revelation in a documentary currently airing on national Israeli television, Reshet TV following news that he is about to relocate to Isreal.
Prophet Joshua had declared his intention to leave Nigeria and relocate his ministry to the nation of Israel, which is believed to be the birthplace of Jesus Christ.
He told his congregation that he had just returned from the ‘Holy Land’ where he held meetings with three prominent Israeli mayors of Jerusalem, Tiberias and the Jordan Valley.
Meanwhile, Reshet TV has aired an 11-minute feature on Joshua in Hebrew, detailing his recent visits to Israel and meetings with government dignitaries.
According to the video’s introduction aired on the Israeli Channel 2, “the man responsible for 60% of the tourism in Nigeria announced that he is moving to Israel.”
He is often seen in the company of Rabbi Yehuda Meshi-Zahav, the Founder of Israel’s award-winning rescue agency, ZAKA, who recently presented Joshua with an award in honour of his extensive humanitarian efforts.
“How did you get your power,” an Israeli journalist questioned Joshua in an interview, intrigued by the clips of ‘deliverance from demonic possession’ he viewed on Emmanuel TV.
“From my Father, Jesus, who was born in this land. I am an inheritance of His grace,” Joshua answered with a smile.

Shameless Tourists Caught Having S ex at the Back Of a Moving Vehicle

A randy couple have landed in serious trouble after they were filmed having s ex at the back of a moving car by a shocked motorist.
Policemen in Thailand have arrested two tourists after they were caught having s ex in the back of a rickshaw.
According to Dailymail, shocked motorist Sornchai Uadsree spotted the copulating couple in the vehicle near Patong Beach on the holiday island of Phuket, Thailand.
He was driving behind them and filmed the pair romping – oblivious to other road users who could see them.
Footage shows the man sat against the side of the vehicle while the woman, who appears to be wearing a short skirt, is perched on his lap – leaning backwards with her arms on the seats behind her.
Her legs are in the air touching the roof of the Songthaew – the name for a four-wheeled tuk tuk – as she rocks back and fourth.
The vehicle then turns left at a junction and disappears down the road.
Footage of the incident sparked outrage from locals who complained the popular resort had gone downhill and that such a scandal ‘wouldn’t have happened a few years ago’. Police in Thailand said they were reviewing the footage from yesterday evening. A spokesman at the Karon Beach station on the holiday island said: ‘The clip is on social media but we did not know about it.
‘We will look at the clip and if there are complaints and we think the people have committed a crime we will investigate and find them.’

See What Happened To A Nigeria Girl After Father Battered Her For Watching TV At Neighbor House

Some well-meaning Nigerians recently contributed and bought a new Television and also rented a new apartment for the little girl, Esther Shogunle, whose father battered last week for going to their neighbor’s house to watch TV in Ibadan. 

Being a child, Esther longed to watch TV but her parents did not have a functional one. She went into her neighbors house to watch TV and was beaten mercilessly by her enraged father after he got back.

39yrs Old Macron Wins France Presidential Election

A sensational candidate, Emmanuel Macron, will be the youngest President in French history.

See Bishop Oyedepo getting more anointing from US top evangelist

The founder of Winners Chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo has been empowered for the next spiritual journey by popular US televangelist, Kenneth Copeland.

Widely respected Kenneth Copeland was seen laying hands on Oyedepo. In the video, his and his wife, Faith Oyedepo, were called out in front of the congregants during a service. 

They stood in front of Copeland who later blessed them for the 'next anointing' at the 36th year anniversary service of the church.

This happened at the close of the international ministers conference held on May 5, 2017.

Confession Of A Pastor - I Kidnap Only Ladies Who Are Rich

A suspected kidnapper, Saliu Tola, has told interrogators that he was specialised in abducting rich ladies for ransom. Tola, a former soldier, was arrested in Asaba, Delta State by the police for his alleged involvement in a series of abductions.
He said: “My victims have always been females. I have never gone for my kind. I kidnap valuable girls, ladies and women and this has never failed us. I resigned as a soldier to concentrate on kidnapping.”

The 53-year-old suspect was one of the more than 173 others arrested for armed robbery, cultism and kidnapping.

They were said to have been terrorising towns and villages in Delta state. Saliu, who hails from Adamawa, voluntarily resigned from the Nigerian Army to raise a four-man gang of kidnappers. 

Although he refused to name his victims, the suspect said he had participated in the kidnapping of three female victims and realised huge sums of money from the abductions. Saliu, however, said his gang had not killed any of its victims.

He said: “We did not kill any victim and no victim had died in our hands. We make money from the game (abduction) and set them free thereafter.” 

Nemesis caught up with Saliu after he arranged with the family of a lady to collect N1m at the popular Gabbs Supermarket on Okpanam Road in Asaba, when detectives swooped on him.

The state Commissioner of Police, Zanna Ibrahim, supported by his Police PRO, DSP Andrew Aniamaka, and the team of detectives, said the suspect had been a notorious kidnapper because of his military experience.

The commissioner said he was on the verge of beating the intelligence of his men on the day he was arrested “but his tactical withdrawal failed him and here we are today”. 

CP Ibrahim said the suspect and his gang members, now at large, usually trail their victims to places of interest, including eateries, supermarkets, relaxation centres and schools, pounced on them and ferry them away in their waiting car. The police chief said Saliu and other suspects would soon be charged to court at the completion of investigations.

Pastor Suleiman - Stephanie Otobo Must Still Show The Evidences She Claims She Has Against Me

The General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministries Worldwide, Apostle Johnson Suleman, on Sunday, advised his Canada-based accuser, Stephanie Otobo, to confess her sins for the allegations levelled against him before claiming to have repented.

The cleric also demanded to see, among other things, “the explosive incontrovertible evidence” she had boasted about; the travel documents “she promised to reveal and the nude pictures she claimed to have in her possession.”

While urging the public to take her claim of being ‘born again’ with a pinch of salt, the cleric said Otobo must provide answers to some salient questions over allegations that he had amorous relationship with her before she could be believed.

Suleman in a statement by his Communications Manager, Phrank Shaibu, expressed doubts about Otobo’s new claim of being born again, coming on the heels of the fresh suit instituted by her against him in Canada.

He stated, “A girl, who lied that she had her marriage introduction in the Apostle’s office, should be honest enough to do her damage control in the office of the court where she filed her suit by providing supporting proof rather than this suspicious ‘handing it over to the Lord’ when the time came for her to have her day in court.

“Apostle Johnson Suleman has refused to be blackmailed and his refusal has frustrated his accuser and her sponsors who now hope that this issue will die a natural death but you cannot play with the Lord’s servant and now go to Him without first confessing.”

The cleric pointed out that repentance must come before her accuser could claim to be born again.
Suleman added, “After besmirching the reputation of a man that she has never physically met,

Stephanie Otobo, who filed a suit for $5m against Apostle Johnson Suleman in a Canadian court in abuse of court process, now claims she is born again and wants to put the whole saga behind her and forget the matter and withdraw the case?

“Her father called her a liar. Her mother called her a liar. Her best friend said she was a blackmailer and when given the chance to prove them all wrong, she suddenly becomes born again? No! We refuse to accept that. He who comes to equity must come with clean hands. He who comes to the Lord must come with contrition.”

See Davido's Girlfriend's Baby Shower In Atlanta

He already announced he is expecting a second child with Atlanta based girlfriend, Amanda. Over the weekend a lavish baby shower was held for her, and he proudly displayed pictures on social media. 

See more photos after the cut.

See 91 year old Queen Elizabeth II photographed driving a green Jaguar after Church services

91-year-old Monarch, Queen Elizabeth II was seen behind the wheel of her green Jaguar, while driving home from a Sunday morning service at the Royal Chapel of All Saints in Windsor Park. The Queen is the only person in the UK permitted to drive without a licence. A security guard however accompanied her. See another photo below...

Omg! Watch how Nigerians tried to obstruct Malaysia Police from arresting suspects

Police has arrested eight suspects believed to be Nigerians for using criminal force to obstruct police from carrying out their duty while trying to arrest three suspects believed to have been involved in a cheating case, forcing the police to fire warning shots, in Desa Aman Puri, Kepong, Malaysia on Saturday, May 6.

In the 6pm incident, a police team from the Sentul Police Headquarters raided the apartment to detain two Nigerian men and a woman from Kenya over a cheating case.
Gombak district police chief ACP Ali Ahmad said suddenly a group of Nigerians came and tried to prevent the police from arresting the three suspects.
“They threw bottles and boxes at the police and tried to intimidate the police. Police had no choice but to fire several warning shots into the air as the situation was getting tense and uncontrollable," he said.
Ali said all eight Nigerian men, aged between 25 and 32, were arrested shortly afterwards at the scene of the incident and along with the three suspects taken to the Sentul police station for further investigation.
Watch video from the incident below:

Shocking! See the Nun arrested for helping priests sexually abuse dozens of deaf children at Argentinian Catholic school

A Roman Catholic nun from Japan, Kosaka Kumiko, 42, has been arrested and charged on suspicion of helping priests sexually abuse children at a school for youths with hearing disabilities in Argentina. Kumiko reportedly helped the priests with anal and vaginal rapes, fondling and oral sex, allegedly committed in bathrooms, dormitories, garden and a basement at the school in Lujan de Cuyo.

The children said the two Roman Catholic priests continuously raped them beside the image of the Virgin Mary.

The case against Kumiko began after a former student accused her of making her wear a diaper to cover up a hemorrhage. This was after she was raped by priest Horacio Corbacho.

At least 24 students from the Provolo Institute have come forward to accuse Corbacho, another priest named Nicola Corradi and three other men.

Kumiko, who's presently in custody at a local women's prison while detectives investigate the alleged crimes. however denied any wrongdoing during an eight-hour court hearing, maintaining her innocence.
 Police arrested the five accused men last November, finding a slew of pornographic magazines and about $34,000 in Corradi’s room. If found guilty, they face up to 50 years in prison. Corradi had earlier been accused in Italy of abusing students at the Provolo Institute in Verona, a school for the deaf where hundreds of children are believed to have been sexually assaulted over the years by two dozen priests and religious brothers.

Three school employees were also arrested. Investigators are looking into more than 30 testimonies against the priests and teaching staff.

RIP: Pastor Ajidara is Dead

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Another Veteran Nollywood Actor, Adeshina Adesanya is dead.

The thespian, known for his role as "Pastor Ajidara" in the movie "Abela Pupa" died as a result of kidney failure.