11 May 2017

Photo of three gang members sentenced to life in prison for brutal murder of Nigerian man, Tobi Animashaun in London

Three gang members have been jailed for the murder of 25-year-old Nigerian man Tobi Animashaun in Charlton, south east London.

Jeremiah Lloyd Johnson, 23, of Walnut Road, E10; Codie Goodensimms, 22, of Fairthorn Road, SE7, Antoin Gray, 22 of Troughton Road, Charlton, were convicted and sentenced to life in prison on Wednesday, 10 May after an eight-week trial at the Old Bailey.

The court heard how on Sunday, 11 September 2016 Tobi (pictured above) went to his place of work, Sanisbury's Supermarkets Distribution Centre in Anchor and Hope Lane, Charlton.

 He had finished work and came out of the depot at around 19:45hrs. Witnesses described how three cars full of young males had parked outside the front gates.
As Tobi walked out he was approached by at least one of the men from the car who started to speak to him. Witnesses heard the conversation was around Tobi working and whether he was still part of 'Road Life'.

The group then attacked Tobi without warning. They were armed with various weapons, which included knives, machetes and a baseball bat.

During the course of the assault Tobi was stabbed a number of time including one wound to his abdomen and another to his heart.

One of the attackers, who was armed with a knife, also threatened the members of the public who were witnessing the horrifying assault. After the attack the gang made off in the three cars.
Officers and London Ambulance Service attended, and Tobi was taken to a south London hospital.
Despite all the efforts of medical staff, Tobi died the following morning, Monday 12 September.

A post-mortem examination on Tuesday, 13 September, at Greenwich Mortuary gave his cause of death as result of the stab wounds to chest and abdomen.

An investigation began by officers from the Homicide and Major Crime Command and it quickly became apparent the motive for the attack was gang related.

Johnson and Goodensimms were part of a gang based on Charlton, southeast London
The victim had been a member of a rival gang from Thamesmead, southeast London, and there was a history of violence between these two rival gangs.
However Tobi had left the gang, started work and began to build a new life for himself.

Witnesses, phone enquiries and forensic evidence recovered at the scene and in the vehicles the gang used, resulted in suspects being identified.

On Friday, 16 September [A] Jeremiah Lloyd Johnson and [B] Codie Goodensimms, were arrested in connection with the investigation.

Both were later charged with Tobi's murder: Johnson being charged on Sunday, 18 September and Goodensimms being charged on 29 November.

On Tuesday, 11 October [D] Antoin Gray was arrested on suspicion of murder. He was subsequently charged with Tobi's murder on Wednesday, 19 October.

Detective Sergeant Steve Keogh of the Met's Homicide and Major Crime Command, said:
"This case is all the more tragic as Tobi was on a new and positive path. He had got a job and was working to make a new life for himself, away from the pernicious influence of gang culture.
"Tobi was the victim of a planned attack that was savage, cowardly and remorseless. These men armed themselves with weapons, waited for Tobi, and then murdered him in front of horrified members of the public, who they also threatened.
"Tobi's family has been left bereft by this wanton act of violence. These men have now been made to face the responsibly for their actions. They will face many years in prison to reflect on their violent actions of that day."
A family impact statement was read at court by Tobi's brother David Animashaun. He said:
"I still remember the day quite vividly. It was a September afternoon when I received a phone call saying my brother had been stabbed and was being rushed to hospital.
"At that stage I had no idea how badly he was injured until I got to the hospital. When I arrived I wasn’t able to see him because he was being taken to surgery.

"After an agonising wait I found out there was nothing they could to save my brother’s life. The next time I saw my brother was in the mortuary, seeing his lifeless body haunts me even now. The image constantly keeps me up at night. I haven’t had a full nights sleep since it happened.
"My mum and dad are keeping it together but I can see the sadness behind their eyes. To lose a child, let alone their first born is something no parent should ever experience. Yet they stay strong for Sarah and I.
"Tobi was a young man; he was only 25-years-old. Tobi was my older brother, my best friend and my hero. He was the most loving, funny and caring person who was taken from us too soon.
"Tobi got into trouble in his youth and went to prison for 6 months. The time he spent in prison seemed to change him for the better. When he came out he got himself a job, was going to college and making plans for his future. My only solace is that I saw this reformed Tobi before he died. Although he had gotten into trouble in his youth this should not have cost him his life.
"Not once throughout this trial have I seen any of the defendants show any remorse or guilt for what they have done. They have taken a vital and beloved member of our family and all our lives will never be the same again."

Face Of Guy Who Killed & Burnt His Girlfriend

The young lady we reported was killed, burnt by her boyfriend is a South African named Karabo Mokoena. I wonder why people carry so much deceit into relationship these days.

Below is a pic of where he 'finished' her...

Man's Manhood Missing In Rivers After Assisting A Lady Lift Her Bag

 As shared by Joshua, a journalist with Nigeria Info in Port Harcourt;
'What could have been a mob action today was averted in Port Harcourt following quick intervention by some residents and Police operatives. Trouble started when a private security guard, attached to a gas plant behind Dominion City Church, Mgbuoba in Obio/Akpor Local Government Area raised alarmed that his manhood was missing after assisting a lady lift her traveling bag at about 6am.
The private security guard was said to have regained his manhood after concerned residents forced her to reverse her alleged action'

Shocking! British Passengers Travelling To US Face Being Banned From Taking Laptops From Today

Donald Trump may ban all laptops from cabins on flights between America and Europe from today sparking panic among travellers.

The US President is expected to mirror a ban already imposed on services from ten Middle Eastern and North African countries.

Sources within the Department of Homeland Security have suggested all passengers flying from Europe to the US could be barred amid fears the batteries inside laptops and large tablets like iPads and kindles can be converted into a bomb powerful enough to bring down a jet.

The news has led to some businessman saying they will cancel trips to the US because they will be unable to work on board.

Parents have said they are 'shuddering at the thought' of having to entertaining their children on transatlantic flights.

US officials would not say when the new ruled could come into force, but the Daily Beast reports an announcement is due on Thursday.(today).

London's Heathrow Airport, where 17 per cent of flights to American originate, has already added an extra layer of security at boarding gates for passengers who originated in the Middle East.

The ban could impact US carriers such as United Airlines, Delta and American Airlines.

The ban was first put in place after a raid on terrorists in Yemen showed that bomb-makers had developed a device which could be inserted into the batteries that would generate enough explosive power to bring down a plane

The U.S. laptop ban has affected direct flights to the United States by Royal Jordanian Airlines, Egypt Air, Turkish Airlines, Saudi Arabian Airlines, Kuwait Airways, Royal Air Maroc, Qatar Airways, Emirates and Etihad Airways.

Nigerian Girl Allegedly Murders Ex-Boyfriend For Proposing To Her Friend

A girl named Boma Mac-Pepple on Facebook has been called out for allegedly murdering her ex-boyfriend, Nathan Okojaja. According to Nathan’s friend who came on Facebook to confirm the murder, Nathan proposed to Boma she declined his proposal, Nathan then went on to propose to Boma’s friend and she accepted. He claims Boma then came on Facebook (well she actually did) and declared Nathan wanted before she eventually murdered him.

The Facebook posts all after the cut.

Sisters Aged 5 & 7 Win UK's Messiest Bedroom Award

They might only be five and seven, Faith and Grace Wilkins have won a national award for having the UK's messiest bedroom . Barely an inch of the floor can be seen among all the clothes, toys and other possessions belonging to the girls.

So proud of the tip they call their room - which their mum refused to tidy and clean - they allowed her to take a photo to be in with the chance of winning.

The UK’s messiest bedroom competition was organised by bed store Time4Sleep who have awarded the sisters a brand new bed. Their chamber of horror was submitted by their mum Kay, 23, from Marsden, Yorkshire.

Kay said “The photo is of my daughters’ bedroom, after I refused to clean it.

"As much as it’s killing me not doing it, I won’t cave in. They need to learn – needless to say it’s not bothering Grace and Faith at all.”

Update! Mercy Aigbe Speaks On Why She Stayed In Her Abusive Marriage

Mercy in an exclusive interview with Broadway Tv has explained why she  stayed in her marriage despite her husband constantly beating her. She also claimed her husband slept with so many people she was close to, including her PAs. The exclusive interview;

About Beating her…

“He beats me consistently.” When probed on why she stayed that long after the consistent beating, Mercy revealed that she did because she wanted a home. “I stayed because I loved him and because everytime he beats me, he begs and gets family and friends to beg me. He promised regularly to change but he never did. When my husband gets angry, he gets physical, not only to me but to anyone. He has done that with my house help who reported him to the Police years ago.

“I stayed because of my children and because a lot of people look up to me. I was a role model of some sort and I really wanted to keep it together. I just wanted a home”. Continue...

Why she wants to leave now…

“It’s not like I wanted to walk away but I just feel like we need help. I spoke to my husband’s brother about it. I told him I was going to pack out for some time while my husband seeks therapy. I just wanted to feel safe, that is why I moved my things out. This last beating was brutal. I actually thought I was going to die”.

I’m Still Coughing blood

The Nollywood actress revealed that her husband broke her orbits which will necessitate a surgery for her to see properly. “I’m still coughing and sneezing blood even after three weeks”, she reveals how severe the injury inflicted upon her is.

My Husband Was Sleeping With a Girl

Aigbe also revealed that the last incident started few days before when she discovered that her husband was sleeping with a lady. A lady she claimed to be her friend whom she was close to. This was a regular attitude from her husband; a man she claims has slept with a lot of people close to her, even her PAs.

He confronted him and it led to a huge argument which was turning violent before she had to keep quiet.

He Kept Beating Me

On the day of the incident, Mercy had informed her husband that she was attending a burial of her colleague. After his hesitance, she explained that it would not be fair on the lady since she had promised to be there and even invited him to come along.

Mercy revealed that it was her refusal to go and pick her husband up while she was still at her designer’s place that brought the fury of the man on her. He was said to have driven there and started to beat her in the presence of everybody.

“Immediately, I opened the door, he kept beating me. I was begging him and asking why he was beating me. He said he would destroy my face such that no make-up would fix it and destroy my career. He was acting like someone who was possessed. I told him “Lanre, mo ma bi mo fun e” (translated as “I have a child for you).
Mercy Aigbe on interview set

I agree that I am a fool

In the exclusive interview, the Nollywood star said she agrees that she was a fool for staying that long even with all the beating and humiliation. “I believed that a wise woman builds her home. That’s why I stayed that long”, she said.

About Cheating

“If he had shown a bit of remorse, maybe things would have been different. He went on saying that I cheated on him several times. I never cheated. That’s why I told him to come out with proof”, she said.

My Husband was in detention for over 7 months

“My husband was in detention for over seven months and I never left him or go anywhere. Why would I want to go now? He says all this is make-up. He is not showing any form of remorse and still sponsoring lies against me.

Wow! Meet the Under-30 Nigerian lady who bags a Ph.D in Nuclear Physics

The brother shared the great news on twitter. According to him, she is less than 30 and is a graduate of the University of Lagos. Massive congrats to her.

Former South African youth leader sentenced to 20 years for murdering girlfriend

Former Johannesburg ANC Youth League leader, Patrick Wisani was on Thursday, May 11 sentenced to 20 years imprisonment by the Johannesburg High Court for the murder of his girlfriend.

Wisani was found guilty in November of the murder of Nosipho Mandleleni‚ whom he beat to death with a sjambok and broomstick in the room they shared in Yeoville‚ Johannesburg‚ in September 2015.
Madleleni died from excessive loss of blood and blunt force trauma.

Testimony given by a forensic pathologist during the 14-month trial explained that Nosipho had died of exsanguination, meaning that she bleed to death as a result of her severe injuries. Judge Ismail had previously commented that Wisani’s attack on Nosipho was so malicious, that he had “beat her like a master would a slave.” 

In April 2017, during aggravation and mitigation of sentencing, prosecutor Faghre Mohamed asked Wisani, who was under cross-examination, whether or not he was remorseful for his violent actions. Wisani, who maintained his innocence, replied that he did not understand what “remorseful meant” adding:
 “The court should apply its mind to my sentence, they need to be reasonably lenient toward me and have mercy.”
When asked what his views on domestic violence were, Wisani said: 
“The ANC taught me from a young age that women should not be abused.”
Close monitoring of case by civil society helped ensure justice. The trial, which endured a number of postponements, was closely monitored by civil society including Sonke Gender Justice, Awethu!, Peace and Justice, Lawyers for Human Rights, People Opposing Women Abuse, and the Inner City Women’s Forum.

He was also convicted on two counts of assault and intimidation after he assaulted Mandleleni's twin sister‚ Siphokazi Mandleleni‚ and her friend‚ Zimbini Mathibe‚ outside a club in Johannesburg on May 22 this year. He threatened Siphokazi not to testify against him. His R3000 bail was revoked for contravening his bail conditions.

Judge Mohamed Ismail sentenced Wisani to 20 years' imprisonment for murder‚ one year for intimidation and another year for assault. The sentences will run concurrently.
"The manner in which the deceased was beaten indicates that he [Wisani] was propelled by anger.
"The deceased's death was not instantaneous. It was a painful and agonising‚ slow death‚" said Ismail.
He found that Wisani had not shown any remorse and was arrogant.
"His behaviour shows disdain towards women. It has no place in our constitutional dispensation."
Ismail said he had considered that Wisani was a first-time offender and he is capable of being rehabilitated.

Directly after sentencing, Nosipho’s twin sister Siphokazi said she would not be able to get closure without knowing her sister’s last words: "I’m not happy with Patrick Wisani’s 20 years sentence. He 
should have rotted in jail for life.”

Nonhlanhla Skosana, Community Education and Mobilisation Manager, Gauteng said: 
We would have wanted a harsher sentence for such a despicable crime, however we hope that the 20 year sentence sends a clear deterrent message that violence against women will not be tolerated, no matter who the perpetrator is and no matter what their connections to police and government officials."

Man commits suicide, leaves note revealing that he killed his wife and buried her in the backyard

A 75-year-old man committed suicide and left behind a note revealing that he was responsible for the death of his 75-year-old wife and that her body will be found where he buried it in the backyard.
Laurence Caulfield shot himself fatally as police came to his home to question him about the whereabout of his wife, Gail Caulfield.
The search by police had begun after a relative alerted them, expressing concerns over the safety of Gail. Earlier on Tuesday, a female relative received a package in the mail from Laurence, containing a letter in which Laurence said his wife had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease, and that he'd been struggling to cope both physically and emotionally. The package also contained the couple's will, life insurance policy, financial information and contact information for their doctors.

Deeply alarmed, the relative called Florida police that same Tuesday so deputies with the Volusia County Sheriff’s department were dispatched to the home right away. When they arrived the couple's home in Deltona, Florida, Laurence informed them that his wife has Alzheimer's and she had gone to Kansas City to be with friends of the family. He said he did not know the contact details when police asked for it but told them his daughter in New Jersey would know. They called her and she said she had no idea her mother was in Kansas City. She later called her father and he informed her that her mother was asleep in their Florida home.

The deputies left but later returned to the Caulfield residence and started banging on the door at about 10:27 p.m. As they did, they heard a gunshot from the back of the house and they rushed to the back only to discover Laurence on the floor with a gunshot wound and a gun by his side. He was pronounced dead at the hospital.  
 In his home, deputies searched and found a note from Laurence Caulfield. In it, he confessed to killing his wife after it was discovered that she had Alzheimer's and buried her in the backyard of their home. A search for Gail's body is now underway at their home.

Tragic! 24 wedding guests killed as party venue collapsed

A wall crashed down at a wedding party during a storm killing at least 24 people including four children, police said Thursday, with one rescuer describing the scene as “horrific”.

Dozens more were injured when the 13-foot (four-metre) high concrete wall collapsed, trapping guests who had taken shelter from violent rain in a tin shack on Wednesday night, Indian police superintendent Anil Tank told AFP.

“We worked through the night,” one rescue worker at the scene in Bharatpur, Rajasthan state, told India TV news network.

“We tried to rescue as many people as possible, the scene was horrific.”

Tank, a senior officer in Bharatpur, said 26 people were injured, 15 of them seriously. Television footage showed anxious relatives standing next to hospital beds.

Police have launched an investigation and detained a wedding hall manager on charges of causing death by negligence.

“We have registered a case and taken one of the managers of the banquet hall into custody,” district magistrate Narendra Kumar Gupta told reporters.

“We will investigate if the hall owners had a valid licence. In case they did not have a licence, appropriate action will be taken against them.”

Gupta also announced compensation of 50,000 rupees ($775) for the family of each person killed.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the incident had pained him “beyond words”.

“My thoughts are with the families of the deceased. I hope the injured recover soon,” he tweeted.

Indian weddings are often grandiose affairs with huge numbers of guests and lavish ceremonies that run for several days.

See The Nigerian Brothers Who Bought $10k Crocodile Shoes, $150k Watches In Canada After Defrauding Institutions, Individuals (Photos)

Toronto police have arrested two men, and are looking for a third, after they allegedly broke up a massive GTA fraud ring.

Police allege the trio used identity theft and fraud to fund a lavish lifestyle that included $10,000 crocodile shoes and $150,000 watches.

But the flashy clothing was just the tip of the iceberg: they allegedly stole $10 million from Canadians, Canadian institutions, and people living abroad.

The investigation began last summer.

In the probe, police allegedly seized “37 fraudulently-obtained credit cards, hundreds of pieces of presumably stolen mail, and a series of notebooks containing the handwritten identity information of approximately 5,000 GTA residents.”

The details in the mail and in those notebooks was the starting point for the investigation, dubbed Project Royal.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the Competition Bureau of Canada, the Ontario Ministry of Government and Consumer Services, the Ontario Ministry of Finance, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, and the U.S. Postal Inspection Service were all involved.

Adedayo Ogundana, 45, also known as Oladipupo Ogund, of Toronto, was arrested on Dec. 13, 2016.

He’s charged with two counts of fraud over $5,000; 10 counts of fraud under $5,000; possession of property obtained by crime over $5,000; and possession of proceeds of crime.

He will appear in court on Thursday.

Adekunle Johnson Omitiran, 37, of Toronto, surrendered to police on April 27. He is charged with fraud over $5,000; four counts of fraud under $5,000; two counts of identity theft; trafficking identity information; possession of credit card obtained by crime; possession of proceeds of crime; possession of proceeds of crime; and fail to comply with probation.

He will appear in court on Friday.

Police believe the Omitiran had ties to people with “legitimate” access to identity information.

Those people, police allege, sold information to Omitiran.

Police are trying to track down those people.

A warrant has been issued for Duro Akintola, 44, also known as Michie Noah, of Toronto.

Emmanuel Salako, 47, of Toronto, also known as Gee Salaq, has been indicted by the United States Postal Inspection Service in Chicago under the name George Salako. He is wanted in the U.S.

Politician Makes History By Breastfeeding Newborn Daughter In Parliament

At just 11 weeks old, tiny Alia Joy is blissfully unaware that she has made political history. The daughter of Australian politician Larissa Waters became the first baby to be breastfed in parliament.

The Australian Greens co-deputy leader returned to the Senate for the first time since giving birth to her second child earlier this year.

The 40-year-old proudly breastfed her youngest daughter during a vote in the chamber on Tuesday.

She later tweeted: "So proud that my daughter Alia is the first baby to be breastfed in the federal Parliament! We need more #women & parents in Parli"

She also shared an image of Australian MP Kirstie Marshall, who was ejected from the Victorian Parliament in 2003 for breastfeeding her 11-day-old daughter, Charlotte.

Meet The Man Who Lost Weight On A Diet Of Grapefruit, Chips & His Own Urine

Dave Murphy says the unusual beverage choice has seen him go from 20st to 12st, cured his asthma and is the key behind his youthful good looks.

Dave also believes that the practice of urine therapy could be a means of solving the world food shortage – and slashing people’s grocery bills.

For the last six years, Dave, 54 from Basildon, Essex has been drinking his own wee - and even bathing in it.

Most days, Dave survives on little else besides one grapefruit and two glasses of his own urine.

His only indulgence is a small portion of chips from his local chippy three times per week.

In fact for thirty days in 2012, Dave subsisted on nothing else but his own urine.

Dave also uses his urine to moisturize his face and wash in. He maintains that wee is the ultimate anti-aging product.

Dave – who has a 25 year-old daughter and 21 year-old son – explains: “After drinking my urine, I feel healthier and fitter than I’ve ever done before and I’ve lost 8 stone in weight.

“Additionally, I don’t need much money to survive anymore. Because of all the wee I drink, I don’t need to eat very much food at all.

Ibrahim Babangida’s Daughter Weds On Friday

General Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida will on Friday in Minna, Niger State give out his last daughter, Halimat, in marriage.

Halimat is the second daughter and last child of the family. She was born by his late wife Maryam.

The groom is Alhaji Auwal Lawal Abdullahi, who holds the traditional title of Sarkin Sudan Gombe. He is a businessman.

5,O00 Nigerians To Be Deported From Mali, Libya Over Various Migration Offences

A total number of 5,000 Nigerians are set to be deported from Mali and Libya, over various migration offences ranging from Human trafficking, smuggling of migrants, and non possession of valid travel documents.

The first batch of 250 Nigerians from Libya will arrive the country today. An additional batch of 250 Nigerians would also be deported from same countries next week .

Director-General of the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons , NAPTIP Julie Okah-Donli, made this disclosure yesterday, during her maiden visit at the agency’s zonal command in Lagos.

She revealed that 5000 Nigerians, mainly victims of human trafficking, were awaiting evacuation back home.