14 May 2017

Update! Body of missing 3-year-old girl found in shallow grave in South Africa (photos)

The body of three-year-old Courtney Pieters was found in a shallow grave yesterday, 10 days after she went missing in Epping, Cape Town.

Pieters went missing on Thursday, May 4 and was last seen playing in a street near her home in Elsies River in Pluto Street, Salberau.

Dozens of community members, family and safety groups had joined the police in the search operation for the missing girl. 

Just few days ago, her distraught mother Juanita Pieters had pleaded for her safe return. She told reporters that she had been unable to cope with daily life, not knowing where her daughter was.
"Just bring her back to me because I can't go without her" she cried. "Yesterday I felt like ...go throw me under a car because I miss her too much.

It was a heartbreaking scene in Pluto Street yesterday where dozens of residents had gathered outside the child's home to show support. Inside, the girl's siblings sobbed uncontrollably while her parents were in an upstairs bedroom in a state of shock. 

Forensic tests are needed to confirm that it is the missing girl's body, but her family members have identified her clothes. 

Police spokesperson FC Van Wyk says an investigation is ongoing and no arrest have been made. He urged people with information about the case to contact their nearest police station. 

Meanwhile, a wreath laying ceremony was held earlier today at the site where little Courtney's body was found.

Source: EWN

Female Lecturer Dies Two Days After Giving Birth

Family and friends have been thrown into mourning following the death of a young Nigerian lecturer, Mrs Omolara Adetola nee Adeniran, who gave birth on Saturday, May 6th and passed away on Monday, May 8.

Late Omolara was until her death a Mass Communication lecturer at one of Nigeria’s universities. May her soul rest in peace.

Madam threatened to throw away my corpse if I die

Fifteen-year-old Linda Agidi from Odu Local Government Area, Benue State, says she can no longer endure the alleged assaults she is going through in the hands of her boss, Mrs. Toyin Adeyemi.
The housemaid, who dropped out of school when she was in primary five, lives with the boss on Alade-Dada Close, Sanni Balogun, in the Abule-Egba area of Lagos State.

Nollywood Actress, Regina Chukwu Speaks On Husband’s Death

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Regina Chukwu who hails from Enugu State in a fresh interview revealed life since she lost her hubby...

Losing your husband at a young age, how has the journey being like for you so far?

It hasn’t been easy. I started career about 13 years ago and my kids were still very young at that time. But today, my daughter is 16 and my son is 14, I am grateful to God.

But not that they are grown up, it gives me more time to be able to pursue my dream to the level I want to take it to. Not that I have attained that dream, because I am yet to receive some awards that I want my name on, but so far, it has been great.

It is not that I don’t worry about their welfare, but I have my mom and my siblings to fall back on their wellbeing, wherever I am not around.

So how is it like being a single mother?

I don’t like being referred to as a single parent. The fact that I lost my husband does not make me a single parent.  I just want to take God, for the way they have turned out to be. I am my daughter’s best friend.

You have also maintained a good look, what is the secret?

The fact that you have to watch what you eat is painful. I don’t do gym, because the money get wasted, that is because I don’t have time to go there.

How true is the talk that it is expensive to be a star?

I don’t agree to that; it is how you want to portray yourself to the world. I don’t go out of my way to satisfy people or make them believe I live an expensive life. The fact that you are a star does not make you different for other people.

That is my belief. Whatever I don’t have, I am satisfied. I don’t go ‘borrow-posing’ and claiming to be what I am not.  Whatever I want to do in life, I consider my kids first; that is because they are old enough to read, see and hear what goes around. When I wanted to pursue this career, my mother called me and told me her stand. Pointing out some things like her stand in Christianity, and told me to always put the future in the picture first before taking any decision. What she meant was that anything I do now will still come around to either affect my future or stand as a breakthrough for me.

Is it because of your kids that you have decided not to remarry?

Actually, it is because of them that I decided not to remarry then. Like I said earlier, I won’t call myself a single parent, because I am Igbo; the fact that you have lost your husband does not mean that you are still not married to that family.

So as it is traditionally I am still married to my husband family; I am still their wife and if they want to do any family function, I am considered and called upon. I still belong to the community wives meeting. When my husband passed away, I was called and asked if I wanted to remarry. The condition was for me to leave their children and go ahead. But I looked at my kids and they were still very young and I decided to stay. My children have been asking if I won’t remarry; they want a baby sister or brother. But I don’t know what God has in plan for me. I am open to whatever God is says will happen to me.

Are you saying you are free now from your late husband’s family?
If I decide to remarry now, it means whoever I want to get married to will pay my bride price and my parents will then go back to my late husband’s family to return the bride price they paid on me. It is tradition telling them this lady is no longer your wife. But when it is not done, I still remain their wife. I still paid my mother-in-law a visit last year.

Fuji star, Alao Malaika and his band boys hospitalized after terrible car crash

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Yesterday, fuji Music Star, Alao Malaika survived a terrible accident on Ikorodu road. He was on his way to perform at an event around Festac when his white Highlander SUV got hit by a truck whose driver lost control.

The car got damaged beyond repair and the singer sustained injuries and took a heavy hit to the chest.

Yemi Oladehinde who drove the Highlander SUV sustained minor injuries while the other occupants of the car; Azeez Aziko, Segun Emo, Alhaji Saheed Sanni all had injuries as well. The truck driver was immediately handed over to the Police at Onipanu Police Station while Malaika is currently at the hospital receiving treatment.

Animals: Nigerian boys turns to thug in Ireland

Thuggery animals, these guys needs to be deported back to Nigeria.
Noisy neighbours

Stop disgracing us in diaspora by fighting on the street

Lobatan! This Beautiful Lady Wants To Remain A Virgin Till Marriage

Adrienna Wembi is 26 and she told Sun Online that she'll sleep with only one man; her husband.

Her words: “I’m only going to have s*xual inter-course with one guy, the guy I will marry. I made that decision when I was 18 and I have kept to it.”

“I was in a relationship in high school and because I wasn’t willing to go past a certain point, we broke up – I wasn’t willing to go to the next step to s*xual inter-course.

“But if I was to lose my virginity when I was 14, how many guys would I have slept with?

“When you find the right person that is your soulmate, then you can go ahead. Otherwise, you’ll end up having s*x with everyone and I don’t think that’s right.”

Lagos Businesswoman - Help me beg government, I won’t try to commit suicide again

A Lagos textile dealer, Mrs. Taiwo Momoh, who recently attempted suicide in the Lagoon, has appealed to the government to forgive and stop her prosecution.

But she lamented her treatment in the hands of the police after she was rescued from jumping off the Third Mainland Bridge.

Mrs. Momoh said she was put in a cell at the Lagos State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department, Yaba, for 4 days, which further depressed her as neighbours started ridiculing her.

This is just as the Lagos State Office of the Public Defender said the government would give the 58-year-old medical assistance with a view to making her get over her suicidal thoughts.

Momoh had put off her shoes and was about taking a dive into the Lagoon late March, when she was rescued and handed over to officials of the Rapid Response Squad.

After she was taken to the office of the state Commissioner of Police, Fatai Owoseni, she lamented that she became suicidal after a bureau de change operator defrauded her of N18.7m.

She had said her Swiss textile creditor had been on her neck, adding that her situation became compounded after her shop was burgled.

During a visit to her Ajah residence on Thursday, Mrs. Momoh pleaded with the government to drop the charges against her, which she said had subjected her to shame and ridicule.

Speaking with Punch, she said, “I don’t know how I got to the Third Mainland Bridge. What is strange is that even if I am driving, I don’t take the bridge as it scares me. So for me to want to jump into it is strange, I believe it is a spiritual attack.

“All I can remember was that I left home alone. I got down from a cab. The driver didn’t try to stop me. I didn’t know where I was. I was disoriented, until I got to Alausa (RRS office) that I regained consciousness. I was in the CP’s office, who treated me well and even came to visit me the next day when I arrived home.

“What was painful to me was that the police locked me up at the SCIID for four days after I was arrested. I slept on the floor; they collected my phone. I had to wear the same dress for four days. They didn’t give me food. It was on Monday that I was able to call my son, who then contacted a friend of mine. I was taken to Ebute Meta Magistrate’s Court, where I was asked to enter a plea. How can I do that in my state of depression? I begged them to forgive me and let me go home.

“When I got back, I was still disturbed as I became conscious of people staring at me. Because of that, I didn’t go out for a while. Please just help me to beg the government not to prosecute me, I have suffered enough. I am scared.

“I never want to collect loan for business again in my life. It is a shameful thing, one should be satisfied with what one has.”

The Director of OPD, Mrs. Olubukola Salami, who consoled Momoh, said the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Health, and the agency were planning to secure medical treatment for her in line with the provisions of the Criminal Code of Lagos State.

It was learnt that Lagos State government was considering dropping the charges against her.

“The Attorney General is considering withdrawing the case,” a source said.

I’ll Pay Any Ransom For My Missing Grandson- 84-Year-Old Grandma

Fifteen-year-old Imole Oke, an only child, was two years old when he lost his father to diabetes, and was put in care of his distraught grandmother, Racheal, 84.

For Racheal, after a period of unhappiness and gloom, it was refreshing to see her late son in Oke, her grandson. Holding and caring for him had lightened the gloom, until about three weeks ago, when that changed.

On Monday, April 24, 2017, Oke was sent to buy petrol at a fuel station close to the Okes’ residence in Mile 12 area of Lagos but has not come home till date. Truly, Racheal has lived the agony of losing someone she cherished with all of her heart, but doubts that she can survive any more loss.

Since the incident, family members have been worried about Racheal’s health and eating habit and assurances that they were doing all they could to find Oke have not helped. “I cannot eat; I cannot bathe. How can I eat when my grandson is still missing?” Racheal asked.

Although Racheal retired many years ago as a trader and lives in a drab building in a rundown part of Lagos, she was desperate to have her grandson back, even if it means paying a huge ransom.

“When my son died, I consoled myself that he left a son behind, his only child. And now, we cannot find him and don’t know what happened to him. I see my late son in the boy, so I am devastated by the incident. His loss is a huge blow and my only prayer is that I see him alive again.

“If he was kidnapped and his abductors want ransom, I will give it to them. They should ask for anything they want, I will give it to them as long as they can return my grandson to me. I will pay any amount they want to collect,” she said with a note of desperation.

His mother, Ebunola, lives with her mother in Ikorodu and only visits her son at his paternal grandmother’s house in Mile 12 when she wants to see him.

She expressed sadness over the incident in a telephone conversation with Saturday Punch.

“He is a gentle boy and wouldn’t hurt a fly. We have looked everywhere for him but there has been no luck and nobody has contacted the family to demand for ransom. We are confused and don’t know where to go to again,” she said.

Oke’s case has been reported by the family at Ketu Divisional Police Headquarters, where the police promised to work with other stations to find him.

His uncle, Felix Oke, who said it has been hard for the family since his nephew was missing, however, added that they lacked the courage to search for Oke at nearby morgues and hospitals.

“The family lacks the courage to go to the hospital or the mortuary to look for him to see if there is any chance that he may be there. No, we are not going to do that. And I know that if he were to be in a hospital, he would have called our mobile telephone numbers because he knows them by heart,” he said.

According to Felix, the family has resorted to prayers as it had no idea of where else to go.

He said, “Apart from reporting the case to the police, we have announced it on a radio station. It was not the first time he had gone to buy fuel there so initially, when he did not return on time, they thought he had lost the money that was given to him and was afraid to come home.

“So they went to the station to ask for him but the attendants there said they attended to many boys of his age group and could not identify him. There was no account of any incident along the route to the fuel station, so we were perplexed.

“We went to our second family house in Ketu to see if he had gone there but there was no sign of him.

 So we started calling everyone we know to check if they saw him, but still, there was nothing. He left home around 7.15 am on that day. And that was not the first time that he was sent to buy fuel or anything.


Teacher Arrested For Sexual Assault On Student

A Broward County middle school teacher is behind bars after she was arrested for allegedly having sex with a student.

Authorities took 33-year-old Pamela Stigger into custody Thursday in Tamarac, charging her with two counts of sexual assault on a minor between the ages of 12 and 18 along with one count of lewd and lascivious activity on a minor.

According to the arrest report from the Broward Sheriff's Office, Stigger was found just after 2 a.m. in her car with the 15-year-old boy near Northwest 70th Avenue and 58th Street. The report said Stigger and the teen had sex in the back seat shortly before they were spotted by a deputy.

Stigger denied having sexual contact with the teen and blamed him, saying he was "attempting to seduce her" when deputies approached the car, the report said.

"The defendant said she was only trying to mentor him while they were both occupying the back seat of her vehicle," the report said.

BSO officials say the teen was a former student of Stigger when he attended Forest Glen Middle School in Coral Springs. The arrest report said she was the teen's 8th grade drama teacher and had some sort of custodial relationship with the teen.

At this point, investigators do not believe there are other victims.

At Stigger's court appearance bail was set at $37,500 for all three charges. Stigger is also ordered to wear an ankle monitor and not to have any contact with the victim.

See more photos from the wedding of ex-president Olusegun Obasanjo's son, Olujuwon to Temitope Adebutu

The church wedding of Olujuwon, son of former president Obasanjo and Temitope, daughter of billionaire businessman, Chief Kessington Adebutu, aka Baba Ijebu took place in Lagos earlier today. Guests at the wedding included royal fathers, past and present National Assembly members, captains of industries, members of the diplomatic corps and a host of others. 

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See female robber arrested trying to rob a bank with gun and knife strapped to her body

She was arrested while trying to rob a bank in Kenya. A knife and gun were found strapped on her when police arrested her.

Mercy Aigbe and daughter spotted wearing matching outfits despite ongoing marriage crisis

Despite her domestic violence and infidelity allegations, she isn't letting it affect her life.The actress stepped out rocking matching stripped outfits with her daughter, Michelle, on Saturday. See another photo below...

Video: Beautiful Queen Angel Ajibike clocks 40

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Humble Ajibike Olaribigbe, beautiful, well cultured and a good wife and a mother clocks 40yrs in the UK. The party was attended by the dignitaries all over the world

Her husband quoted- I love my wife and nothing can seperate us
 Esabod is wishing her Happy Birthday. 

May your birthday be full of happy...Image result for birthday wishes