25 May 2017

He R*ped Me; He Said If I Didn’t Sleep With Him He Won't Bring Me To Europe

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Mary, 18, from Benin City in Nigeria, cries on a dormitory bed in the safe house where she now lives, on the outskirts of Taormina in Sicily.

The safe house, run by the Penelope Association, provides shelter for women and girls who were trafficked for s*xual purposes.

Mary left home at the age of 17 to work in Italy, to escape a life with no prospects but was tricked by traffickers into prostitution.

She was r*ped by a trafficker during her journey and, on reaching Italy, confessed to the authorities that knew she was going to be used in the s*x trade, giving them the opportunity to remove her from the prostitution ring.

“There is no hope in Nigeria,” Mary said, “I suffered a lot there, I don’t have anyone to help me. I couldn’t go to school. My father is dead to me, I have no siblings, so I had to work as a house girl looking after a woman’s babies and cleaning her house. I was so frustrated and didn’t know what to do, and my friend said I should go to Europe. I don’t have anyone to rely on in Nigeria, and I decided to go.

“Though my country is sweet and I love it, I suffered too much. There was no future there for me. A woman said she would help me and send me to Europe and she introduced me to a man, his name is Ben, who she said could help me. Ben said he knew people who had restaurants to put me to work in. For the moment, he said he would pay my expenses.

“The next day, the man called me to his house.” Mary says. “There were lots of boys and girls there. He said to all of us, if we made it to Europe, we all had to each pay €25,000. Some people said no, but I said that was okay.”

“Then he took us to a place they do juju.”

“We had to swear to an old woman – a sorcerer – that we wouldn’t run.” Mary explains.

“So, on March 17, I left for Libya. That place is very, very bad. They treated us so bad – everything Ben, the man who took us, said – that we would be treated well, and that we would be safe – was all wrong. It was a lie.

When we were there, we were trapped first in Gharyan. For three months we were there, and a lot of the girls were r*ped.” Mary remembers: “That man, Ben, took two of us girls one night. He gave the other girl to an Arab man, and he said to me if I didn’t sleep with him, he would give me to Arab [sic] and not bring me to Europe. He r*ped me.

“I didn’t have a phone, so I couldn’t reach anyone in Nigeria. There was no way out. One day, Brigette, a woman that was a connection woman that worked with the man, took me to Tripoli for a month. She wouldn’t let me or the other girls out of the house because she said we would run.

“From there we were taken to Sabratha, though everyone calls it ‘Seaside’, because that’s where they push the girls to Italy on the sea.” Mary said: “We were there for months, and that place is so very bad and dangerous. I was begging for them to feed us. All these Arabs, the Libyan men, they come and if they see a boy, they make him work for them. If they see a girl, they r*pe her. I wanted to get away but I couldn’t – I had no money, no phone. I didn’t even know where I was to escape.”

“I had to stay until they called me to go on the boat. We went to sea and on August 11, 2016, we were rescued by [the] Italian coast guard. I was friends with a girl who had been deported and was making the journey for a second time, and she told me we were going to be used as prostitutes, and that I should not talk to the madams and that I had to stay inside the camp the Italians would put us in.

“I was thinking, ‘I’m not going to work with my body, I don’t want to sell it. Since I was a little girl, I hated prostitution.” Mary said.

“When we arrived at shore [sic], a white woman, Gilda, who was a lawyer, talked to me. I told her I owed a man named Ben money, and I was taken from the camp and put into a safe house.

“Now the people who paid for my trip are saying to my mother it’s time for money,” Mary said softly. “They say I have run away, and that they paid for my trip and I owe them. They say that if I don’t pay, they will put a curse on me to make me be deported.”

“Two weeks ago, they came to my mother’s place and handcuffed her. They took her to a house and threatened her. They said they would do something very bad to her if I don’t send money.” Mary says, her voice breaking.

“So now when she calls me I don’t know what to say, so I have to shut my phone off. I’m so sad, under so much pressure, and I’m so tired. I don’t know what to do.”

“I’m waiting for my documents, and then I can work, and everyone says I have to be patient. And my mother has to be patient, but it’s hard.” she said. “I can’t go stand on the side of the road in the name of money,” she says, her voice rising, “I have a future. Standing there, selling myself would destroy my life. My dignity. Everything. I would prefer to beg than do that.”

“What would I tell my children?” she asks. “How could I look in the eyes of a good man? Who would marry a prostitute?”

“What I’m passing through right now is so big, so serious, I see myself as a grown up,” she continues, “I missed ever being a child.

“I have been inside here for so long,” she says crying. “Always inside. I’m so very lonely. The other girls play with me sometimes, but not with heart. Everyone here has short tempers, they all have their own problems, and fights happen easily. I don’t want to get hurt again, so I stay in my room. I use my phone, I sleep a lot and sometimes I cry in there. I don’t have any friends. I have no one.

“I just want to be happy, I just want to be free.” she continues, struggling to talk while sobbing, “I want it to be over, even just for one day. I need a peaceful place, and to feel the beautiful world. Sometimes I feel like giving up. I feel abandoned, and rejected. I try to be strong, but sometimes I lose that, and I can’t sleep or eat.

“I don’t know when I will go to the [asylum] commission to do my interview, but I don’t know anything. Everyone says wait, wait, wait. I just feel more confused though. I feel like no one is working on my case, it’s like they don’t think I exist. We get food every day, and that’s all. I can only pray that something changes.

“Even in Nigeria, I thought my life would be better, but I’m still in a prison.” Mary says, “I feel like I’m going to be in one place forever. This room. I’ve been abandoned here. I can’t talk to the girls here. I can’t tell them what’s inside of me, and it makes me feel so old. I’m so confused. I can’t focus. I just want to be free.

“I have to believe it’s just a matter of time. One day I will have my documents, I will have an education, I will have work,” she says. “My dream is to become a lawyer, to be able to help people. I want to give justice to the girls that [sic] have to use their bodies for work.”

According to Daily Trust, girls and young women are trafficked to Italy under the promise of work as cleaners or maids. However, after making the perilous trip, they are forced into prostitution in illegal brothels, or on the side of the road.

17-month-old boy found drinking milk from his mother's dead body in India

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Police in Damoh district, Madhya Pradesh, India, were called to reports of a dead body near train tracks. According to a witness present there, a woman was seen lying on the ground near the railway track and a child next to her was crying and drinking milk from her breast. The 7-month old was unaware that his mother was dead.

Officer Nand Ram, the head constable of the Government Railway Police, said: 

'The toddler was crying for his mother and on receiving no response from her; he held her and started drinking milk from her.  We were shocked to see it, it was very sad. The woman was lying dead while the child was sitting next to her. This was something we have never seen before. It was quite emotional for us all."

The body was taken away for a post-mortem and an investigation is underway to determine the cause of her death. It is however believed to be an accident as she was bleeding from her nose and ears. The boy was taken to a nearby hospital for a check-up and a physical examination conducted on him revealed that he was suffering from a cold.

The local Child Welfare Committee was also informed and arrangements were made to take the boy to an orphanage until his family were tracked down.

EFCC Goes After Patience Jonathan’s Assets

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The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) is set to apply for the final forfeiture of choice properties allegedly owned by former First Lady Patience Jonathan.

The commission has been having difficulty in getting the original titles of the assets. They include Aridolf Resort, Wellness and Spa and eight others.

The anti-graft commission may ask the court to compel the agencies with the titles in Bayelsa and Rivers states to release them.

The assets in Bayelsa are two marble duplexes at Otioko GRA by Isaac Boro Expressway; a Glass House on Sani Abacha Expressway; Akemfa Etie Plaza by AP filling Station, Melford Okilo Road; and Aridolf Resort, Wellness and Spa on Sani Abacha Expressway.

Others in Port Harcourt are former Customs Service Officers Mess; two duplexes at 2/3, Bauchi Street; landed property with blocks at Ambowei Street; 3 Luxury apartments of four-bedroom each at Ambowei Street; and Grand View Hotel on Airport Road.

The EFCC might consider non-conviction options to recover suspicious assets allegedly traced to the ex-First Lady, it was learnt.

A source, who spoke with The Nation in confidence, said: “Investigations into the assets traced to the ex-First Lady have been completed. What is left is retrieving the land titles of these suspicious assets. But some land registries are not cooperating with us.

”We cannot allow these assets to continue to deteriorate. Very soon, we will apply for the final forfeiture of the affected assets – in line with our mandate. We will apply to the court for the final forfeiture of the assets to give room for those who owned the properties to come forward. We want to put the assets into public use like we have done in some cases of those implicated in the $2.1billion arms deals.

Responding to a question, the source said: “ Acting on orders from above, some officers in the Ministry of Lands in Rivers State have been blocking EFCC’s access to vital documents.

“If they continue, we will take action against such officers for obstructing this agency from doing its work.

“We have made them to realise that by virtue of Section 7 of the EFCC Act , these officers are expected to cooperate with us.”

Another source said: “Part of the deal was that any loot or suspicious asset traced to the former first family might be mutually discussed and quietly returned.

“But the deal went awry when the ex-First Lady approached the court to seek the enforcement of her fundamental human rights and to challenge the freezing of her accounts.”

Moji Olaiya's death certificate was issued in Canada yesterday - Yomi Fabiyi shares more details on her burial plans

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Yomi Fabiyi, the publicity secretary of late Moji Olaiya's burial committee has shared more details about her burial and return of her body to Nigeria.

According to the actor, Moji Olaiya's birth certificate was issued yesterday and  the government of Canada has also released her body to her brother a friend of the industry Mr Yinka Farinde for burial. 

Read his full statement after the cut....

Whoever posted a wrong picture and invariably tagged Late Moji Olaiya's name to it is just being mischevious. 
We promised to keep friends and family up to speed as event unfolds. We are well aware that friends, fans and family are agog and wish to pay their last respect.

To those reminding us about religious sentiments, we wish to state that after her demise, it took up to 3-4days before the AUTOPSY was finally concluded and body released by the government of Canada to the brother of the deceased and a friend of the industry Mr Yinka Farinde for burial. Body now with relevant funeral home.

The death certificate was issued yesterday and processing the entire necessary documentations for her smooth journey to Nigeria with the daughter had began in earnest. Two people from Canada had volunteered to escort the body and child to Nigeria and we are eternally grateful. 
We do not wish to speculate. In few days we shall pass information regarding the exact arrival date and other burial plans. And we appeal against distracting comments, as the committee is trying as much as possible to avoid joining issues with any one publicly and we will not like when left with no other option than to respond. We ask for respect for all parties. 

The committee will like to thank all members of the public especially her fans for your kind understanding and emotion extended to her family and friends at this trying period. 
Kind regards

Yomi Fabiyi
Publicity Secretary

Nigerian man and his older white lover celebrate their 6th year wedding anniversary

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Love is such a beautiful thing. The Nigerian shared a photo from their wedding to celebrate their 6th anniversary and his wife Brenda responded in the comment section "My dream come true love!!"she wrote. See another photo below...

Omg! UNIMAID student caught to have killed her baby and trying to flush it down the toilet

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This sad incident happened at the University of Maiduguru in Borno state yesterday May 24th. A female student who just gave birth to a baby girl, reportedly killed the baby and was trying to force the baby through the toilet when she was apprehended. Facebook user, Enyigwe Supreme Peter, who shared the photos wrote;

"Some ladies are heartless..crazy, stupid. In fact I don't know any word suitable to describe this lady. Sometimes I wonder why some girls don't have the fear of God in their life.. The picture below is a true life story of what just happened at Murtala female Hostel at the University of Maiduguri today. As a lady gave birth to a female child..killed the child by herself and was coercing the child into the female hostel toilet..My question is... If this lady was treated in this manner will she be alive today?? Who will marry such a heartless woman as a wife?".

Lobatan! Pigeon caught in Kuwait after it was caught smuggling 200 ecstasy pills

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Authorities in Kuwait recently caught a bird (pictured) with a backpack full of ecstasy tablets strapped to its back. Sent by traffickers, the bird had reportedly began its smuggling route in Iraq and was tracked by authorities on its way to Kuwait. 

The bird was caught and once the backpack was opened up, close to 200 small, white pills can be seen spilling out... see another photo below

Omg! Bobrisky looks like a woman in new photos

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Bobrisky is taking his beauty looks to another level now...he looks like a woman in this photo though. See more photos below...

Update! Father, Brother Of Manchester Attacker Arrested In Libya

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The father of suspected Manchester terror attack 'suicide bomber' Salman Abedi has been whisked away by Masked men during a TV interview.

Ramadan Abedi was reportedly detained while recording television interviews in Libya, according to ITV News. It was later confirmed he was arrested in the Libyan capital Tripoli by counter-terrorism force according to a spokesman.

The counter-terrorism force detained Ramadan Abedi outside his home in the Tripoli suburb of Ayn Zara on Wednesday afternoon. An eyewitness said he was handcuffed by armed men who drove him away in two unmarked vehicles.

The development also came just hours after Hashem's father broke his silence this afternoon to insist his other son, Salman, was innocent.

I don’t understand how he’d have become involved in an attack that led to the killing of children.

“Every father knows his son and his thoughts, my son does not have extremist thoughts.”

The younger brother of Salman Abedi was also arrested during a separate raid in Libya on suspicion of Islamic State links today.

Update! Mercy Aigbe Absent, As Husband Appears In Court With Family Members In Domestic Violence Case

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Image result for images of lanre gentry
The trial of Gentry Olanrewaju, the estranged husband of Nollywood star actress, Mercy Aigbe at an Ikeja Chief Magistrate Court, Ogba, was today stalled owing to the absence of his wife.

Although Gentry was in court today, accompanied by some associates, Mercy Aigbe was reportedly said to have travelled out of the country.

Officials of the Lagos State Domestic Sexual Violence Response Team (DSVRT) and Gentry met with the trial Chief Magistrate Folakemi Davies-Abegunde behind closed door in her chamber and agreed on June 7 for the estranged couple to appear before the court.

Gentry, dressed in a navy blue coloured buba and sokoto with a matching sandal sat at the back of the court room in-between family members and associates.

When he stepped out of the court into the lobby, same family members and associates stepped out with him and ensured that nobody come close to him.

Chief Magistrate Court Folakemi Davies-Abegunde had fixed Wednesday for Gentry to show cause why he should not be “restrained permanently” from coming close to his wife, Mercy Aigbe.

Mercy Aigbe, on the other hand, is expected to tender before the court, through her counsel, Adeola Falade, the medical report of the alleged domestic violence meted on her by her estranged husband.

A social worker with the Lagos State Domestic abd Sexual Violence Response Team (DSVRT),
Adeola Falade had on April 28 approached the court, on behalf of Mercy Aigbe, to ask for restraining order against Gentry over alleged violence against his wife.

In their application, Falade alleged that Gentry had gone to his wife’s tailor’s place “to attack and beat her mercilessly “.

To prove the case, Falade had tendered five photographs and copies of the medical scanned report of the applicant.

The Nation

Shocking! Black Man Who Lost Penis In Botched Circumcision Gets White Replacement

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A black man who has had the world’s third successful penis transplant operation is to have his new organ tattooed,  because the donor was white.

The 40-year-old man is only the third patient to undergo the procedure on April 21 at Tygerberg Hospital, Cape Town in South Africa.

He lost his organ after a botched traditional circumcision.
Now he will be able to have sex and urinate standing up within the next six months –- something he would be doing for the first time in 17 years since the accident.

Lead surgeon, Prof. Andre van der Merwe said: “The patient is black, and the donor was white. We have very few donors for this transplant procedure. But that is the only issue left.

“He is certainly one of the happiest patients we have seen in our ward. The penis is working well, he can get erections already.

“The patient is expected to regain all urinary and reproductive functions of the organ within six months of the transplant.

“The man had been in relationships before, but whenever the question of sex arose, he bailed out. That will no longer be a problem.”

Team member, Dr. Alexander Zuhlke, explained that the tattooing could be applied in the case of penis transplants – just like it is for nipples after a mastectomy, for instance.

“But it should be performed by a tattooist specialising in medical tattooing and will require multiple visits,” Zuhlke said.


Update! Young Man Whose Photo Went Viral Yesterday For Committing Suicide Was A Nairabet Agent, Full Details

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An agent of NairaBet, a sports betting platform, has ended his life over his inability to pay a customer who allegedly won a N600,000 bet.

Punch Metro learnt that residents of Obadeyi Ajala woke up on Wednesday to find the deceased dangling from a rope in an uncompleted shop at Ajala bus stop, on the Lagos-Abeokuta Expressway.

The incident was said to have drawn a crowd to the area and a girlfriend of the deceased, who reportedly worked in a filling station in the area, was alerted.

The lady reportedly passed out on sighting the body, but was revived by the sympathisers at the scene.

A resident, Monday Gabriel, told a Punch correspondent on the telephone that the lady gave an account of what could have prompted him to commit suicide.

He said, “I was going to my workplace around 8am when I saw people around three uncompleted shops in Ajala bus stop. On getting there, I saw the corpse of a young man in one of the shops dangling from a rope.

“As we wondered what could have made him to kill himself, a lady, who later identified herself as his girlfriend, arrived at the scene and fainted on sighting the corpse. We poured water on her.

“When she regained consciousness, she told us that the man sent her a text message yesterday (Tuesday), saying he wanted to commit suicide. She said she called his line, but he didn’t pick his calls.

“According to the girlfriend, the late man had a NairaBet shop. One of the customers won N600,000, but he has not paid him.”

Gabriel added that two persons later came and took the lady away from the scene on a motorcycle.

Another eyewitness, Olanrewaju Adebiyi, said policemen from the Ijaiye division came to remove the corpse.

He said, “I learnt he ran a NairaBet shop. If it is true that he was owing a customer N600,000, he must have received the money from the NairaBet management and used it for something else. I also play NairaBet and whenever I win, the agent I patronise pays me the moment the company credits his account.

“The company doesn’t owe the agents, but some of them play smart at times when customers win big money.”

An official of NairaBet Contact Centre, who gave her name only as Chidika, told Punch correspondent on the telephone that the firm always paid for any won ticket, adding that it was not aware of the incident.

She said, “We always pay for any won ticket. An agent has his own personal business. He/she is just a partner with NairaBet in which we share commission on a monthly or weekly basis. So, it depends on the understanding he had with the customer or the issue on the ground before he committed suicide.”

Nigerian woman arrested in Liberia after she gashed 9-year-old boy's buttocks and put pepper in the wound

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A 35-year-old Nigerian woman, Charity Wilson has been charged with aggravated assault by the women and children protection section of the Liberia National Police.

Wilson was arrested on Friday, May 19, by the Women and Children Protection section (WACPS) for allegedly assaulting the victim named Jerome Chea.
According to the accused, she gave the boy $180 to buy beans from the market.
“Three days ago I sent the boy to buy me beans, I gave him LD$180.00 to go and get me pepper from the market. I waited for him that whole day but I didn’t see him. Yesterday, I told his elder sister about it because it is not his first time this has happened. Sometimes when he does it, I wouldn’t accept him back, but people would beg me then I will forgive him”, Wilson said.
She narrated that to her surprise the boy denied receiving the money he has been accused of stealing after his sister confronted him. He told his sister in my presence:
 "She didn’t give him any money. I beat him with the rattan and I took the blade just because I was angry I cut him on his butt but I never expected it to go that way," she stated.
The victim told investigators that he was on his way to his biological mother’s house but was told by his sister that he was called by his mom (Wilson).

Jerome Chea said he saw the accused at her shop after, where she beat him with a rattan and used a new blade from her shop to deeply cut his butt, back and hands.
“When I went home, she started beating me, from there she took the new razor blade from the pack, then she chop, chop (cut) me and put pepper in the sore,” he lamented.
Chea said the accused sent him to buy beans, but he lost the money and was afraid to return home because he was always beaten by the accused.
“She beat me on the porch and carried me inside her shop and gashed me. There were plenty people there, a Fula woman, Nigerian and Aunty Precious and other people,"  he told investigators.
 The victim is currently covered in stitches from his back to the bottom of his left buttock. The accused is expected to be sent to court shortly but the crime is billable, and a bond could be filed for her release pending indictment for prosecution.
Source: FrontPageAfrica

Update! Late Moji Olaiya's body arrives in Nigeria

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Moji Olaiya's body has touched Nigeria for the final burial. Thanks to a national leader Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, God rest her beautiful soul.