27 May 2017

Cherubim and Seraphim Church Prophetess Caught with Human Head, Buffalo Horns and Charms in Oyo State

Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...Policemen in Oyo State have caught a Cherubim and Seraphim Church prophetsss Bisi with human heads, buffalo and charms. 

The Oyo State Police Command on Friday paraded a 55-year-old pastor for alleged unlawful possession of a human head, buffalo horn as well as gun powder and charms.

D'banj shares first photo of his newborn son, Daniel

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Dban'j shared the first glimpse of himself smiling while looking at his son at the hospital on his social media... see another photo below

8 Things A Man loves in a Woman

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Most women don’t know what would keep their man; they think it’s only about sex and beauty. Some things are way more important than that. There are a million special things a man can love in a woman, but I bring you 8 very important things that a guy would cherish in a lady.
There is nothing like an ever smiling lady; nothing would melt the heart of a man more than a woman who’s generous in her smiling. These smiles are like diamonds, they make the beauty of a woman sparkle. A lady that smiles often is thought by many as one with a good heart.
Some ladies are blessed with this gift, yes I call it a gift because it’s rare; most women are more into complaining than listening to their man (and those complaints could drive men nuts). Alcohol is a man’s best friend when his lady is one that complains too much. Bars and pubs are places a man go to share his thoughts with himself or probably friends. But when he has a lady that has a good heart to listen to him, he’d be home with her rather than in a bar. Men always have issues to overcome and they would cherish a woman who would always be there to listen.
Gone are those days when men value women that depend on them for everything, definitely not the modern man. The modern man loves a woman who can pay one or two bills, have a little financial capability not the one that’s always asking; the type that would ask for everything from A-Z. Show him you too can come up with some goods and he’d value you even more.
This is something that’s lacking in many relationships these days, some women are more like lions waiting for the slightest moment to roar and pounce on its victim. Truth is, a respectful woman would win a man’s heart with ease. A woman who wants respect from her man should be ready to give him respect too. But beware, respect doesn’t mean ignorance; like I said in should I go back to my ex, any man who hits you doesn’t value you.
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Every guy loves a lady that can be a good company; some ladies are a total bore, besides sex there is nothing fun about them anymore. If a man doesn’t want to be with you after sex, it means you make for bad company. Try to create that special rapport with your man so when he’s not with you, he’d miss every bit of you.
These days, it’s hard to see an original lady; most of them fake everything about them. Faking your real identity would only keep a man for the short-term. Once he’s had enough, he’s out. There is nothing like an original woman, she’s real and a joy to be with. When a lady is original, a guy would give so many weird reasons why he likes her; that’s because she’s unique. You may hear statements like ‘’I just like the way she talks’’. Be original.
Some might say ‘’we are in the 21st century, this doesn’t matter’’ but the truth is there is nothing like a good home-made meal and when it’s  prepared by you, your man would even love you more. One funny fact about men is that they don’t joke with their tummy, if you give them good food, they would appreciate you real good. Let’s take a stroll to the university settings, ever wondered why the ladies that cook really tasty meals have so many male friends. The answer is simple; be a GOOD COOK.
Generally, in life setting, anyone that’s thankful for everything no matter how little is loved by many. Most ladies these days have their eyes on big things that they don’t appreciate the little their man does for them. Every man, I repeat, every man would love and cherish a lady that appreciates everything he does for her no matter how little. If you do this, you’d take a massive part of his heart.

Update! Drama Continues Between Moji Olaiya’s Burial Committee And A Particular Actor

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So Foluke Daramola’s husband, Kayode Salako who has really been pushing and being part of raising money for Moji Olaiya’s corpse to be flown home has now come out to throw a major shade at an actor. In his write up titled ‘WHO OWNS THE NOISE’, Mr Salako called the person a NOISE MAKER, read what he wrote below...


" Any intelligent and mentally reasonable person should know that, the person who started what they call the controversial 'noise' is that person, who started promoting it and shouting about it that someone else did it before it went viral, when, in the actual fact, that person in the news did not even identify with it, let alone accept to ever know the victim or ever gave the impression of going to do anything about it. So, the person who started the noise is that person who first diseminated the fake and false news. And that can never be Olukayode Salako.

All I ever did was do messages on my private time lines to help draw the necessary attention of interested concerns, within my own personal capacity, to the course. And that is not my own definition of noise, but normal advocacy to help achieve the set goal." I write almost everyday on my walls, and I am obliged to contribute to this one as well. It is what I am involved in. It is what I must do. Moji was part of us! So, no regrets!

The person who diseminated the fake news is the owner of the noise! That is where the noise started from. There was no such noise about it, until a reknown blogger gave out the fake news on his platform.

I don't make a noise. I advocate for good courses, most times to achieve the right purposes!
I told my wife, go and push for it. Your friend's remains must not be thrown away in Canada. You guys are influential enough. You can organise yourselves urgently to raise the funds to achieve it.
Meanwhile, I will join you in the advocacy to attract the interest of the right concerns to the course. And that is what I have done.
And that cannot be a definition of noise!

- Olukayode Salako is the National Coordinator, Change Agent of Nigeria Network (CANN).

Pastor’s Wife Brings Thugs to Church to Beat Up Pastor

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It was an embarrassing scene at a local church in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Wednesday, when the wife of the founder and pastor of the church openly informed worshippers that her husband was not just living an adulterous life but had impregnated a female member of the church.
The pastor’s wife, Idongesit Ese, was prevented from entering the auditorium of Kairos Rhema Embassy. But she defiantly stood at the church premises to tell her story.
“I want every man and woman who has conscience in this church to ask my husband why he is doing this to me, why would he be sleeping with a young girl who came to seek counseling and prayers from him,” Mrs. Ese said with teary eyes to a handful of churchgoers who gathered around her.
“I caught my husband in a hotel having sex with Evelyn Etim, a member of our church. As I speak to you, Evelyn has given birth to a baby boy and she is living in Eket with my husband.”
Ms. Etim, accused of having an affair with the pastor, could not be reached.
Nsikanabasi Ese, the pastor of Kairos, may have had a hint of the wife’s intention, it seemed. As soon as the wife stepped out of the car and walked up to the front of the church, a dozen of young men said to be hired thugs accosted her and told her that she did not have the pastor’s permission to attend the church service.
The incident occurred around 12 noon at Bassey Esau Street, off Aka Itiam, where the church is located.
Witnesses told PREMIUM TIMES that they saw one of the thugs slap the pastor’s wife.
Mr. Ese is the same pastor who, some weeks ago, knocked down a customs officer on a highway in Akwa Ibom while trying to evade duties check, as reported by this newspaper.
Journalists who went to cover Wednesday’s incident in Mr. Nsikanabasi’s church, were violently attacked by the thugs, despite the fact that they were driving in a bus that had the name and logo of the Nigeria Union of Journalists, NUJ, on it. One journalist had his shirt torn. Another was beaten with a club.
The situation became a bit calm when policemen arrived.
The pastor’s wife, Mrs. Ese, now being more relaxed, brought out photos from her handbag and showed them around to buttress her points. She showed people a photo of herself with a bloodied face.
“That’s when my husband, so called man of God, beat me and hit me with his car and ran away with Evelyn Etim when I caught them in the hotel,” she explained.
She also displayed a photo of a young woman whom she said was that of the alleged intruder, Evelyn Etim.
“I want members of the church to know why I haven’t been attending programmes in the church,” Mrs. Ese said. “Many people have been calling my telephone line to inform me that my husband lied to the congregation that I traveled out of the country.
“This is the moment of truth. Let the people know what has been going on in my marriage and in the church…. I believed and trusted this man with my whole life. I am still asking myself one question, is this the same man who once woke me up late in the night, stood stark naked before me, poured anointing all on his head and swore that God should destroy him and his ministry the day he sleeps with any woman other than his wife!”
Mrs. Ese said she was pregnant for the pastor but that the baby died mysteriously in her womb two days to delivery some three years ago.
The programme that was going on in Kairos on the day of the incident was a “special emergency deliverance service” with the theme “One of Us Is in Trouble”.
PREMIUM TIMES gathered that Mr. Ese sneaked out of the pulpit through the backdoor to an unknown destination when the commotion outside became intense. The congregation became uneasy, but the guest minister, Rufus Willie, senior pastor, Living Fire Ministries, Eket, who was delivering the sermon persuaded them to remain calm.
“God should be feared. When this programme was fixed and a theme was given for it, nobody knew what would happen today ….. Truly, one of us is in trouble,” a woman who was in the congregation quoted Mr. Willie as saying during the service.
Mr. Ese did not respond to requests from reporters for comment on the issue.
An assistant pastor of the Church, Timaro Christo, told a reporter that he was going to make available to journalists a telephone contact of the church spokesperson. But he did not as at the time of filing this report.
According to some persons who claimed to have spoken with Mr. Ese, the pastor was accusing the wife of having lied to him about her age and her level of education.
The pastor has filed for divorce in a customary court in the state, PREMIUM TIMES learned.
A clergyman, identified as Moses, who stood in as Mr. Ese’s father during his traditional marriage, told PREMIUM TIMES that he was disappointed with what was happening in the pastor’s five-year-old marriage.
“He (Mr. Ese) didn’t give me any vital reason why he should divorce the wife, he just said the woman is harsh, the woman is this. I said to him, ‘have you reported to me since I came and signed as a father to you (during the marriage ceremony), have you brought the woman to say this is what the woman did?’
“I told him since you’ve never brought the woman to tell me this is what she has done wrong, I am not in support of your divorce,” Mr. Moses said.
“I don’t believe that Nsikanabasi is called by God…. I have told him and his mother not to come to my house anymore,” he said.

Please Release Me To Attend My Wedding... arrested oil thief suspect begs

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A suspected oil thief, Ikechukwu Onyenze, who is currently in the custody of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps, Rivers State Command, has begged to be released so that he can attend his traditional wedding.

Onyenze, who spoke with newsmen in Port Harcourt, lamented that his absence at his marriage ceremony would negatively affect his person.

He added that he would appreciate a temporary freedom by the civil defence.

The suspect, who is a 35-year-old heavy duty vehicle mechanic from Abia State, told The Punch on Friday that the marriage ceremony was to hold on Saturday (today).

Denying that he was into oil theft, Onyenze said he was inside a petrol tanker before being arrested because the driver called him to come and carry out some repairs on the vehicle.

“It was a friend of mine who was driving the tanker. He called me that he had problem with the Civil Defence. He also said the vehicle was having break problem. So, it was when I came to help him that I was arrested. That’s how I know about this truck.

“As of the time of arrest, we were inside the truck, including the driver of the truck. I am a heavy duty mechanic. During the time of the arrest, the driver and the two conductors escaped.

“I am about to marry. My traditional marriage is on Saturday; this coming Saturday. My shop is at Obigbo; by Health Centre in Iriebe. If they (NSCDC) can permit me to go and be part of my marriage ceremony, I will be happy.

“I have left everything in the hand of God; He knows the best. I feel so bad that I will not be able to be present at my marriage ceremony. My advice to people is to avoid this kind of situation,” Onyenze said.

Speaking on the arrest of the suspect, the Rivers State Commandant of the NSCDC, Mohammed Haruna, described him as a notorious oil bunkerer, who once escaped from operatives of the corps.

Haruna also dismissed Onyenze’s plea to be freed so that he (suspect) would be able to attend his traditional marriage ceremony as a ploy to whip up sympathy.

The man had been arrested before and he escaped. He is a notorious oil bunkerer. We were able to arrest him again. He escaped and went back to the crime of oil theft, but we have got hold of him. This time around, he will face the law.

On his claim about marriage, it is false. We have not been able to verify his claim. He is just trying to whip up sympathy. Even the address he gave as a place he operates a shop is false. Our investigation is still ongoing and he would be charged to court at the end of investigation,” the state NSCDC commandant said.

Update! Manchester bomber, Salma Abedi May Have Used Taxpayer-Funded Loans To Pay For His Terror Plot

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The Manchester suicide bomber may have used taxpayer-funded loans to pay for his terror plot.

Police believe Salman Abedi paid for his travel to Libya, rent on three houses and even the bomb materials with student loans, given to him although he had dropped out of his degree.

The bomber's funds are a 'theme' in the investigation as officers probe how easily jihadists can manipulate the welfare and student loans system in Britain.

Abedi enrolled in a Business Administration degree in 2015 at Salford University and was given £7,000.

He was given another loan of £7,000 the next year, though he had already dropped out.

According to the Telegraph, one former detective said the university and student loan system is an easy way to finance activities.

Abedi did not have a job, but managed to pay for flights to Libya, where he received bomb-making training, and rented three apartments in Manchester, paying for one with cash.

He also withdrew £250 in cash three days before the attack and transferred £2,500 to his brother Hashim. 

Salford University declined to tell the Telegraph if the Student Loans Company had been told he dropped out.

Burundi Forces Unwed Couples To Marry By Year-End

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Unmarried couples have until the end of the year to legalise their relationships, the Burundi government revealed,  as part of an effort to reform morals in the country.

The order follows the launch of a campaign this month by President Pierre Nkurunziza “to moralise society” in the tiny nation which for two years has been in the grip of sometimes violent political upheaval.

Interior ministry spokesman Terence Ntahiraja stated that the country was facing a population explosion which he blamed on “illegal marriages”, polygamy, bigamy and “hundreds of schoolgirls getting pregnant”.

He said church and state-sanctioned weddings were the solution and were a patriotic duty.

Nkurunziza said Burundians should show their love for each other — and their country — by getting married.

The government has since been pressuring unwed couples across the country to tie the knot.

The governor of the southeastern province of Rutana has ordered that “persons living in common-law unions” should be put on a special list by 22 June, while the governor of the northwestern Bubanza province has demanded unspecified “sanctions” against aisle-dodgers.

Funke Akindele Calls Out Air France Over Loss Of Bag

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The actress took to twitter to call out the airline saying she lost her bag in Paris to them.She says they however promised she will get it in 24 hours, but it’s two days on, and she hasn’t gotten the bag back. She however concluded that the airline seem not to care. Two more tweets below…

See burial photos of late actor, Olumide Bakare

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The remains of late Nollywood actor Olumide Bakare was laid to rest Friday in Ibadan. The actor died last month after a case of Kidney and respiratory disorders.  

Present at the ceremony include actors likeamong others. Family and colleagues of the deceased present at the funeral include  Akin Lewis, Jide Kosoko, Ayo Mogaji, Toyin Adegbola and others. God rest his soul.

Update! Life imprisonment for the two Nigerians arrested with drugs in their stomach

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The two Nigerian men arrested in Cambodia with 1.27 kilograms of cocaine were sentenced on Wednesday, May 24th, to life imprisonment and an approximately $10,000 fine. See previous report here:
Y Rin, a spokesman for the municipal court, said that the sentence for the two men – Okafor Ifeanyi Anthony, 42, and Adibe Paschal, 33 – was based on Article 40 of the Anti-Drug Law.

"Based on the law, the court allows them to appeal the conviction," he said.
Okafor and Adibe were arrested in May 2016 for allegedly smuggling 1.27 kilograms in their stomachs from Nigeria to Vietnam via Dubai and then to Cambodia, where they were arrested. 
Authorities suspected that they were bound for Pattaya in Thailand.

Paschal denied knowledge of the drugs and had claimed that he had only gotten to know Anthony at the airport, which the latter corroborated. 

Source: PhnomPenPost

Two Nigerian men caught in India for cheating

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The Central Crime Branch (CCB) police this week arrested a Nigerian national for cheating an industrialist from Tamil Nadu.
The suspect, Antony Anderson, 42, is a resident of Selvaraj Layout, Virgo Nagar, Shigehalli, KR Puram. The police recovered two passports, 10 mobile phones, one tablet and a laptop from him.

According to the police, along with Prince Sisokpreal and Jems Adams, Anderson collected Rs 48 lakh from the victim promising to deliver some products, but absconded after collecting the money. The suspect was overstaying in the city. His visa and passports had expired. The police are searching for two other suspects in the case.

In another case, the police arrested Nwabuze Chukwujekwu, a resident of Selva Raj Layout. 

On a tip-off, the police picked him up near Shigehalli bus stand. Chukwujekwu was staying in the city despite the expiry of his visa and passport.

Cherubim & Seraphim Prophetess Caught Doing This Shocking Thing in Her Room

Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...A prophetess and founder of a white garment, Adura migba Cherubim and Seraphim Church, in Ota, who has been involved with various crimes has been arrested and paraded by the Police. 

The Ogun State Police Command have paraded some suspects recently arrested.
Among the suspects was a 54-year-old woman, Idowu Olupinla, the founder of a white garment, Adura Migba Cherubim and Seraphim Church, Ijoko, Ota.