28 May 2017

Omg! See the premature baby dumped at a female hostel polytechnic

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Students of the Akanu Ibiam Federal Polytechnic in Ebonyi state, yesterday woke up to find the body of a premature baby dumped inside a gutter behind one of the female hostels.

Only last week, a female student of the University of Maiduguri in Borno state, killed her baby and attempted to flush the corpse down the toilet. See graphic photos of the premature baby below...

Lanre Teriba - I Have Paid For My Mistakes

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Popular gospel artiste, Lanre Teriba aka Atorise, says he has atoned for his past sins and is now more serious with his relationship with God.

Atorise had been the butt of jokes and scandals as many felt that he lived an immoral life despite being a gospel singer.

In a chat with Sunday Scoop, he said, “We are all humans and there is no one that is above mistakes. He without sin should cast the first stone. There were some acts I engaged in which I regret and feel sorry for. But there is nothing I can do about it as I cannot go back in time to change the past. I have apologised to God and my loved ones and they have forgiven me.”

Responding to allegations that he is promiscuous, he said, “I had a child out of wedlock and I have apologised to my wife about it and she has forgiven me a long time ago. I don’t know why people cannot just forget about the past and move on. Even people who do worse things behind closed doors would come out in public to castigate me. Let the people who have seen me taking women to hotels come out and tell the world. Like I said earlier, there are some things I did before which I am not proud of but that’s all in the past now. As long as the people close to me understand me, people can keep saying what they like.”

Speaking on how he comes about his songs, he said, “My songs are a product of the Holy Spirit’s inspiration. I am nothing but a vessel that is being used to pass messages to people. Sometimes, I like being in quiet environments so I can hear clearly from God. I thank God that I’ve been able to impact lives through my music. A lot of times, people come to me and tell me how my songs changed their lives, especially when they were facing tough times. I still have a lot I am working on and you would be hearing from me in due course.”

Update! Moji Olaiya did not die of poisoning - Burial committee explains

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Moji Olaiya'a family through the burial committee have denied reports that the late actress died of poisoning. Read the full statement below...
The attention of the Burial Committee of Late Moji Olaiya has been drawn to the rumour spreading around that the autopsy carried out on the deceased stated that the late thespian died of poison. It is a total fallacy.
The family through this committee wish to vehemently state as follows:
i. Late Moji Olaiya DID NOT die of poison and the rumour mongers should provide the autopsy report they are quoting from.
ii. The younger brother of the deceased Femi Olaiya who travelled from UK to Canada and top Nigerian promoter in Canada Mr Yinka Farinde monitored and recieved the details of the autopsy and nothing of poison is in the original autopsy documents with the family.
iii. Whoever is spreading the rumours is evil and have no respect for the dead. Karma like kinetic energy will locate and find such detractors, using the vulnerability and anonymousity of social media as a channel to perpetrate their motive.
iv. That we know BREAKING NEWS doesnt wait for no one but it makes more sense for the media and blogger to verify vividly the source of a news item and have documetary evidence or fact in sight before going to press.
v. The family finds the rumour disturbing and see it as a deliberate attempt to frustrate the befitting burial they are putting in place for their beloved one.
vi. The accused women were of help to the deceased in terms of accommodation and so on during her lifetime in the same Canada and one of them has been taking care of the 2-months old child the deceased left behind as we speak. Any envious intentions against their persons should not degenerate to the level of spreading falsehood such as murder against. It is bizarre and appalling.
vii. The committee humbly again ask for total respect for the dead, family and women whose pictures had gone viral. Thank you for usual understanding and co-operation in this regards.

Yomi Fabiyi

See the 14-year-old maid caught attempting to kill her employer with rat poison

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A man narrowly escaped death by poisoning when his 14-year-old maid, who was angry that he scolded her the night before, mixed rat poison with his meal.

63-year-old Nasiru Akinlosotu, a former medicine store operator, had scolded Mary Akinnifesi the night before because she spilled water in the living room. 
The next day, her madam, while leaving for work, asked her to prepare beans for dinner and serve the husband. The wife, Sikirat, is a primary school teacher who owns a shop where she goes to each day after school. Because of that, she returns home late and Mary mostly handles dinner. 

That night, Mary, who was still harboring the grudge or the night before, prepared the beans as instructed then when going to serve her master, she added rat poison. As fate will have it, as Akinsolotu lifted the spoon with food in it to eat, he noticed an unusual smell and asked Mary what she put in it. She said it was only spices that were added but as soon as Akinsolotu put the food in his mouth he spat it out. He raised an alarm and neighbors joined him to interrogate the girl and she allegedly confessed to adding rat poison to the food. She had lived with the couple for two years and had never displayed such behavior.

Speaking to Vanguard, Akinsolotu narrated the incident and described his survival as an act of God.

He said:
“I had even put a spoon of the beans in my mouth and about to swallow it when I discovered  offensive odour and  unpleasant taste from the food. I immediately vomited the beans and called Mary to ask why the beans was smelling in such a manner and the taste  was awful but she claimed she added spice”.
He said her explanation was not convincing so he raised the alarm and invited neighbours.
“It was in the course of interrogation by neighbours that the housemaid confessed that she crushed  the medicine meant for rat that was bought few days ago by my wife and poured it into my own share of the food. She later stated that she decided to add the poison into my food in retaliation for the correction which I made  when she committed an offense in the house. After the confession, I contacted my wife by phone and narrated the incident to her. Upon her arrival in the house, she decided to report the matter at Yaba Divisional Police Station in Ondo town for further investigation into the matter”.
Akinsolotu said he and his family have decided to drop the charges against Mary because she is a relative and they only reported to the police so people can be aware of the activities of some maids.
“Since God has delivered me from death, why should I fight again?  I have left everything to God”.

Update!! See the CCTV footage of Manchester bomber before the incident

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British police on Saturday morning, released CCTV images showing suicide bomber Salman Abedi on the night he attacked Manchester Arena killing 22 people, injuring several others. The photos released by police show attacker Abedi on the night of the bombing, wearing sneakers, jeans, a dark jacket and a baseball cap. The straps of a knapsack are visible on his shoulders.
Greater Manchester Police chief Ian Hopkins and Neil Basu, the national coordinator of counterterrorism policing, urged people to contact police if they had information about Abedi's movements between May 18 and Monday night.
"In the past five days, we have gathered significant information about Abedi, his associates, his finances, the places he had been, how the device was built and the wider conspiracy," they said in a statement. 
"Our priorities are to understand the run-up to this terrible event and to understand if more people were involved in planning this attack."
The UK threat level has been reduced from critical to severe and soldiers deployed to support the police will be gradually withdrawn from Monday night. Prime Minister Theresa May made the announcement after leading a meeting of the government's emergency committee Cobra on Saturday morning.

There was increased security at Wembley for the FA Cup Final, Hampden Park for the Scottish Cup Final and Twickenham for the Aviva Premiership Rugby Final.

Nigerian mother of a 17yr old girl cries out as 25 yrs old man impregnates her daughter

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A 25 year old jobless man has impregnated a 17 yera old girl in Rivers state. Facebook user, Chika David Oparaodu, who shared the story, says the little girl is the daughter of a fish seller who is unable to cater for a baby and her daughter. Read what she wrote after the cut...

"I know I don't usually do this but this case is very important to me because it involves life. I came back home from workout and met my mum with our fresh fish customer crying I panicked and asked them what happened and my mum told me that the lady's daughter is pregnant. Hmmmm. I gave the lady some time to put herself together and asked her what happened. 
She said her 17 year old daughter is pregnant for a man of about 25 years old she got angry and sent the girl out of her house because she's poor and has nothing and no one to help her , in her words " the day i no sell fish we no dey see food chop even the man wey give her belle sef one day him no even bring groundnut make she chop, naim make me pursue her for house I no fit take care of her and the pickin, na just this morning somebody bring her come house dey beg me I no know wetin I go do" I asked her if she has registered the girl for antenatal and her response was " we no get money to chop talk of to go hospital".  
I want to appeal to my friends to please help this little girl. Yes she has made a mistake but let us not watch her die in the process. The mum said the mam responsible for the pregnancy admitted he got her pregnant but he has nothing doing. Violet is 5 months pregnant she needs medical attention. Her mum's phone is bad but she promised to bring a number for me to reach her I will post the number here when she brings it to me so you guys can reach out to them. Save a life today please I am begging everybody. Please save a life.  PS: I spoke with the mum before making this post".

Arsenal defeat Chelsea 2-1 to win the FA Cup (photos)

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A 4th minute goal from Alexis Sanchez and a  79th minute goal from Aaron Ramsey sandwiched  inbetween a Diego Costa effort in the 76th minute ensured Arsenal football club of England beat Chelsea 2-1 to win the FA Cup on Saturday night, officially becoming the most successful football club in English FA cup history.  

Nigeria's Victor Moses was red carded in the second half- which meant Antonio Conte's side played majority of the second half with ten men. Despite Arsenal's inability to qualify for the UEFA Champions League,the FA cup victory on Saturday night means Arsenal's executive board might hand Arsene Wenger a new contract.

Victory to Arsenal

Omg! 20yr old girl sets boyfriend's house ablaze (Photo)

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Priscilla Berfi, a 20-year-old Ghanaian girl has rendered her boyfriend homeless after she recently set his house at Deduako in the Oforikrom Constituency of the Ashanti Region ablaze for allegedly cheating on her.
Pulse Ghana reports that there were no casualties recorded but the fire destroyed several properties.
Narrating the shocking incident, the boyfriend, Kofi Adusei said he had ceased taking care of Priscilla, who is pregnant due to her bad attitude and lack of respect towards him.

He said Priscilla visited him on the night of the incident but they had a misunderstanding so he decided not to spend the night in the same room with her.

According to him, he left the room and went to sleep in another where a second girlfriend was waiting for him.
'While relaxing in the other room, I perceived smoke and so I thought she had taken some of my clothing out to burn them. I really wasn’t bothered, but later I heard shouts and calls that my room is on fire, we rushed to see the room in flames with Priscilla nowhere to be found,' he said.
After the incident, Kofi however, reported the issue to the police and the suspect has since been arrested by Kwame Nkrumah of Science and Technology (KNUST) District Police Command to help with further investigations.