1 Jun 2017

Nigerian doctor suspended from practicing in the UK for making love advances towards a patient

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A Nigerian doctor and father-of-two has been suspended from practicing in Britain for 12 months after he was found guilty of misconduct. 40-year-old Chris Uzoh got a patient's number from her medical records and began to send her texts and flowers but this did not go down well with the patient. 

He began texting the patient only 30 minutes after her appointment with him ended.

 This started in March last year and continued until May. She warned him to stop pestering her yet he refused so she reported him to his colleagues at the Murdishaw Health Centre in Runcorn.

His very first text to her, only minutes after her appointment, read: "Sorry for this text message but I saw you and liked you and thought we could go on a date in the future."

Another of his messages to her, read: "I am single and looking for a serious relationship and not intending to mess about."

In another instance, he left her a voice mail saying he wanted to hear her voice before he went to work.

"I’ve been feeling like a schoolboy meeting a girl he fancied for the first time. I haven’t felt this way in a while," Dr. Uzoh sent the patient in another message.

He went from sending her texts to sending cards and flowers at her home. Accompanying the flower was a message that read:

"I wonder how else I would have met you if not this way. My heart is pure, I care, I hope it would be possible to make you mine someday."

The patient became bothered after she got the message and worried that he knew her address so she warned him to stop. In a text to him, the patient wrote:

“As flattered as I was at the time, it all got too much too quickly. I feel you went too far with getting my address without my permission and it scared me a little and the thought of someone getting it so easily when I have put my trust in doctors is unnerving. Thank you for the flowers; but I would appreciate it if you didn’t do that again.”

When the patient told the doctor that he was bothering her and she wanted him to stop, he sent her another message, saying: "I was trying to be romantic – I did not mean to be creepy. I was excited about you."

He went on to try to sell himself to her in another text by listing all his achievements.

He wrote: "How is it possible that a good looking guy who is a doctor, who has a job with huge earning potential, who was the best graduating doctor in his medical school, who started out as a urological surgeon with several well-cited scientific publications, who thinks you beautiful and special, who wants you – and you wouldn’t give him a chance? I’ve been in a Toronto and I couldn’t stop thinking about you."

The patient sent another message, warning him firmly. She wrote: “You’re being too full on — I’ve only met you once and I was your patient!”

Dr. Uzoh was eventually reported to the General Medical Council after the patient reported to his colleagues. At the hearing, the woman told the panel:

“I was really shocked to get that initial message from him because I trusted him as a doctor. If I got that message now, there is no way I would respond. I was in a difficult position, particularly at that point; so, seeing him taking an interest was a nice thing. The next morning, I woke up and there was a further text message and voicemail message. I remember I was doing my makeup and getting ready for work and I saw that he was calling but I didn’t want to pick up. He left a message saying: ‘Hi, I just wanted to hear your voice before I start my day’.

“Everyday I looked at my phone, there was something from him, whether it be a text message, missed call or a voicemail message. As soon as I knew the flowers had been sent, I knew that they would be from Dr. Uzoh — there weren’t many people who knew my address at the time. I felt sick because I live on my own and nobody knew my address apart from my family and I was scared because he had got my records, so what was to say he wouldn’t turn up at my door. That feeling lasted several months. It wasn’t long after that I text him to tell him not to contact me; but then, five months later, he contacted me again."

Uzoh was not at the hearing, but he filed a written submission claiming his intentions towards the woman were ‘noble.’

He wrote: “My intention was not to prey on the patient or the patient’s vulnerability. I have always been professional toward my patients and never had any issues with NHS England or the GMC. I regret my actions and I apologise for all the stress this may have caused the patient.”

Uzoh was banned from practicing for a while and has now left the UK to Toronto where he now works.

VIDEO: A couple, Two Others Caught Stealing Aboard Arik Air

Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...A couple and his accomplices were caught on an Arik Air flight on Friday for stealing from passengers on board.
A member of the crew said they had always experienced such issue, which had made them to be on the lookout for culprits.

WANTED: Suspected Nigerian Thief Caught & Beaten In Lagos

Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...A Nigerian man accused of being part of a robbery gang that assaulted and terrorized citizens in Lagos. Herdayphemmy Tony  was caught and violently beaten.

 He was allegedly caught on Monday 15 August 2016 after a failed robbery attempt. 

He was granted a bail and since absconded to UK

Daughter Sleeps With Dad, Just To Stop Him From Marrying Woman

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A daughter had sex with her father because she didn't like the woman he was engaged to, a court heard.

The 26-year-old daughter and her father, 58, had sexual intercourse on two occasions in 2009.

A psychological report revealed that the daughter, who has not been identified, was "deprived of her mother's love" and the sexual encounters stemmed from "misplaced love, infatuation and devotion to her father".

The district court in Hong Kong heard that the pair's intimate relationship began when the daughter was 19-years-old.

The young woman's horrified brother, then in secondary school, found footage of the intercourse and told the police, the court heard. He did not realise that it was consensual.

The woman's lawyer said in mitigation: "This case is highly unusual. She offered to have sex, hoping that he would change his mind."

She also said her client once tried to tell the prosecutors to hold her fully responsible so that her father could walk free.

"That shows the extent of devotion and infatuation the defendant had for her father.“It serves no purpose to society to lock her up and punish her," she said.

The pair both pleaded guilty to two counts of incest.

Judge Timothy Caswell sought a probation officer’s report to study the possibility of a non-custodial sentence for the woman, but refused to do the same for her father.

They will both be sentenced on June 12.

Seun Egbegbe's baby is christened while he's in prison

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Movie producer, Seun Egbegbe's daughter who was born few weeks ago was christened yesterday and the mom shared some photos on Instagram. 

Her post also suggested that she may have already gotten married to Seun Egbegbe who is currently in prison following his inability to meet his bail condition after he was arrested for defrauding some Bureau De Change operatives at Gbagada in Lagos on 24th of February

She wrote; "It's double blessing in our household bless God 4 life has we christen my baby girl, n ma hubby bday God bless dem both (Amen)"

Fani Kayode wears his wife's lipstick as punishment for being late for dinner (photo)

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"A dash of Madame's lipstick on my lips for the rest of the evening! That is the cruel and unjust punishment that was meted out to me by her simply for being late for dinner. We men go through hell! We are being subjected to the worst atrocities and the most profoundly gross violation of our human rights! And don't you dare laugh!!! I may have to write about this in my next essay."

Watch video of Nigerian lady being thrown out of a Turkish flight for allegedly assaulting an air hostess

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A Nigerian lady was reportedly kicked off a Turkish airline plane from Istanbul to Abuja, after she allegedly assaulted one of the airline's hostess on Tuesday May 30th.

Facebook user, Anastasya Vorobyova, shared a video from the aircraft online and according to reports, the Nigerian lady got into trouble after knocking away a cup of water the hostess gave her from the hostess' hand.

She was angry at the hostess who had initially refused to give her water before the plane took off. The hostess had argued that they do not give passengers water until the flight has taken off. Other Nigerians on the plane stood up in defense of the woman.

She was however still sent out of the plane. Watch a clip from the incident after the cut...

Cult group, Badoo, kills family of five in Ikorodu (graphic photos)

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Members of the notorious cult group, Badoo, have struck again. This time, the killed a family of five including a pregnant woman at Itamaga behind radio in the Ikorodu area of Lagos state. The recent attack was carried out in the wee hours of Sunday May 28th.

According to reports, the cult members killed the pregnant woman, opened up her womb and went away with her fetus. They have been responsible for the killing of families in the area within the last two months. They are known for using a grounding stone to attack their victims. See very graphic photos from the scene after the cut...


Pregnant Nigerian Woman Sets Herself And Husband On Fire Because He Cheated

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A pregnant woman on Saturday, May 26, allegedly set her husband and herself ablaze over alleged infidelity at their Sabon Gari residence in Kano, five weeks after their wedding.
It was gathered that the woman accused her husband of infidelity after she overhead a phone conversation between him and an unidentified woman. She snatched the phone with him and threatened to do something bad.
Later same night, she poured fuel on an already burning gas cooker which exploded and engulfed her and the husband.
The woman died at the scene of the incident while the husband suffered severe burns.
He was rushed to Fortress Hospital at Sarki Yaki and later to another undisclosed hospital where he died yesterday. The remains of the couple had been deposited at an undisclosed mortuary.
The couple are from Awka, Anambra State.
Spokesperson for the Kano State Police Command, DSP Musa Majiyawho confirmed the incident, said detectives from the command has commenced an investigation.

Davido's brother introduces alcohol to 2yr old Imade

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In what seemed like an expensive joke, Davido’s brother introduced a glass containing alcohol to Imade. He then shared the post on social media with the innocent girl completely taken by the foreign content in the glass.
Imade was picked up from school by her uncle who is Davido’s brother. As they got home, he thought a brilliant idea of a practical joke was “introducing” alcohol known as Hennessy to the 2-year-old.
Imade sits quietly as she’s being introduced to alcohol by Davido’s brother
He shared the post on Snapchat, captioning it “Trying to introduce her to Henessy
Some fans who saw the post immediately reacted saying: “Imagine this little girl being introduced to alcohol and wild life at this early age.”
“Una go come dey complain say she carry belle at 17.”
“Blue ivy whose parents are one of the most popular on the planet is not handled this way.”
“I guess this is what happens when your father is a fück boy and your mother is a Hoe”

Two S3x Workers Caught For Stabbing Customer To Death

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The Ogun Police Command has arrested two commercial sex workers for allegedly stabbing a middle aged man, Adeyinka Olayinka to death in Ifo area of the state.

Abimbola Oyeyemi, the State’s Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), made the disclosure on Wednesday in a statement made available to newsmen in Abeokuta.

Oyeyemi said the incident happened on Tuesday at KS Hotel in Ifo Local Government Area.

He said the victim, who was supervising construction work on his site, decided to pass the night in the hotel when the incident occurred.

He said that the suspects, Kudirat Raji, also known as Angela and Esther Basiru were sex workers at the Hotel where the victim was stabbed to death with broken bottles.

He said that preliminary investigation revealed that the victim contracted Kudirat Raji to pass the night with him on an agreed amount.

According to the PPRO, the deceased reneged on the agreement which led to heated argument between them.

“While the argument was going on, Basiru who is a friend to Angela broke a bottle and injured the deceased.

“Angela used the broken part of the bottle to stab the deceased in the armpit thereby cutting one of his nerves, consequent upon which he bled to death,’’ he said.

Oyeyemi said the manager of the hotel alerted the Police and the Divisional Police Officer (DPO), Ifo Division; CSP Anthony Haruna led his men to the scene and arrested the two suspects.

He said that the Commissioner of Police, Ahmed Iliyasu, had ordered that the case be transferred to Homicide section, Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department for investigation and prosecution of the suspects.

See The 7 Major Causes Of Break-Ups Of Today’s Relationships

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Here is a list of the major causes of break-ups in our world today...

1. Cheating: This probably deserves the front position on the list. Most relationships are caused by the infidelity of one of the partners. The infidelity may be sexual or emotional cheating. In emotional cheating, your partner gets so tied up emotionally with the opposite sex till it seems they should be in a relationship with that person and not you. It can manifest through frequent calls, chats, outings, etc. Ultimately, when the partner finds out, trust is torn to shreds. There may be begging, and forgiveness but the trust is gone. Most times, it is only a matter of time before someone calls it quit. 

2. Abuse: What is the point of being in a relationship where you should find happiness, yet you are getting abused every day? Abuse is not restricted to physical aggression; it can also be verbal. And both are equally dangerous. Physical abuse can leave you deformed or even make you lose your life. Verbal abuse on the other hand tears down your confidence, self-esteem, and peace till you become weary of life. By observation, women are mostly subject to physical abuse while men are more prone to verbal abuse. Either way, people are starting to muster the courage to leave abusive relationships for good.

3. Indifference: This is one of the worst causes of break-ups. What happens here is one partner struggles to make things work while the other partner just watches on. The partner is not necessarily asking for a break-up or seeking to build the relationship. You can call it a lack of devotion or commitment to the relationship. No matter how hard you try to make such a relationship work, one day you will get tired. No matter how hard you stretch to keep the relationship, one day you will snap. The reason is that your partner’s indifference will eventually lead you to a state of frustration where you just let go everything.

4. Exploitation: When most relationships start, it begins with love as an emotion. The feeling is indescribable. At this point, you can climb mountains for your partner. Soon, the feelings would die down, and reality would set in. The feeling dies down because it is erratic. This is where you are presented with facts about that person. Once you decide to love that person irrespective of what you notice, you have entered the real phase of love. The sad thing is that: by the time most people get past the initial feelings, they realize that though they loved their partner, that partner was merely taking advantage of them. What they termed making sacrifices for love was actually exploitation. Exploitation could be in the form of sex, money, fame, power, material possessions, etc. And once this is discovered, the relationship crashes.

5. Dead feelings: Many people today dump a relationship when they cease to experience the sweet feelings they felt at the beginning. They think a relationship must always thrill them and stir their excitement. They often forget that relationship may be fun, but it is work. Real work. It may come with its excitement, but it also comes with responsibilities which are necessary to sustain it. Their challenge is that they only want the excitement and not the responsibilities. As soon as they sense the feeling is gone, they quit the relationship too.

6. Ego: This is a rapid destroyer of relationships. When someone insists they are always right and want always to have their way, it is a bad omen. Refusing to apologize or refusing to yield to the opinion of your partner shows that feelings and views do not matter to you. Someone people can bear long and hope that their partner would change. Others have a low tolerance for such egocentric fellows and prefer just to end the relationship.

7. Unsettled issues: As you probably know, no relationship is perfect. The reason is that both partners have flaws and can make mistakes. Truth is: you will get hurt in a relationship. It may be through the words or actions of your partner. But it takes wisdom to settle the score and allow it to heal. Sadly, most relationships today have wounds that are left unattended to. When one partner gets hurt and hides it rather than allow it to heal, the wound festers. It doesn’t go away; it just gets worse with time. One day, such a partner would just decide they’ve had enough already and call it quit. It is better to settle issues quickly rather than ignore them and pretend they don’t exist.

So, there they are! Our past experiences cease to hurt us once we learn from them. Knowing the above can help you spot a red flag in a relationship and know how to handle it when the need arises.

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Internet fraudster, Moka Chukwuemeka Pascal, convicted for $7k internet fraud

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Justice A.M. Nicol-clay of the Lagos State High Court sitting in Igbosere, today convicted an Internet fraudster, Moka Chukwuemeka Pascal, for a $7,016 fraud.
The accused was arraigned on an amended one-count charge bordering on obtaining money under false pretense to the tune of $7,016.00.
Pascal had approached an Australian national, Russel Stanley Loach, demanding the sum of $7,016.00 to enable him secure the release of his (Loach) girlfriend from some kidnappers’ captivity.
The victim allegedly paid the money into the account of the suspect’s accomplice, who is now at large. The accused pleaded guilty to the charge when it was read to him. In view of his plea, the prosecution counsel, M. S. Usman, told the court that the accused had entered a plea bargain agreement with the Commission.
The prosecution counsel also urged the court to adopt as its judgment the terms of the plea bargain agreement with the accused.
The prosecution counsel tendered some documents, including the petition, statement of defendant, EFCC’s letter to Access Bank Plc as well as the response from the bank, which were all admitted as exhibits by the court.
The prosecution counsel further told the court that the accused had paid the sum of $7,016.00 in restitution to the victim.

In response, counsel to the accused, Olaide Adedapo, urged the court to temper justice with mercy. Consequently, Justice Nicol-clay convicted the accused of the charge.

Justice Nicol-clay adjourned the case tillJune 6, 2017 for sentencing and ordered the accused to be remanded in the EFCC custody.