3 Jun 2017

‘Pregnant Woman’ Caught With 3kg Of Cocaine

A young woman in Brazil probably thought she’d come up with a foolproof way of smuggling drugs when she masqueraded as a mum-to-be.

Police wouldn’t search a pregnant woman, right? Wrong.

A footage shows, this 24-year-old brunette created an elaborate fake bump, which was stuck to her stomach with lengths of tape and then covered with clothes.

Inside the “belly” was 3kg of cocaine.

But cops were too smart to fall for that one and soon sussed her out.

Military police reportedly boarded a bus on the Marechal Rondon highway near Birigui on Wednesday as part of a routine inspection and removed the woman before making her remove the smuggling device.

In the video an armed officer can be seen helping her cut the sticky tape as she struggles to detach the “bump”.

She eventually removes the whole lot and hands it to the policeman.

A large package can be seen on the inside of the tape.

A man travelling with her was reportedly also arrested.

It is not clear what punishment, if any, the pair received.

This is not the first time a woman has tried smuggling drugs by pretending to be pregnant.

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Musiliu Obanikoro's loses his mum

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Alhaja Wasilat Obanikoro, the aged mother of Senator Musiliu Obanikoro has died. She died in the early hours of Saturday June 3, 2017 in Lagos and she will be buried according to Islamic rites later this afternoon.

Boy kills his best friend for liking a Facebook photo of his girlfriend

15-year-old Alex Pititto is facing life in jail for shooting to death his best friend in Italy. Alex (pictured left ) fatally shot 19-year-old Francesco Prestia (pictured right) because he liked a photo of his girlfriend on Facebook, this, he interpreted as a sign of disrespect. 

Alex is the son of 'Ndrangheta mafia boss Salvatore Pititto, known as 'El Tio', or the Uncle. He had long suspected his friend of having feelings for his girlfriend so when he saw the Facebook like, he called his friend to a meeting in a remote field and gunned him down. Francesco was left dead in an olive field in Mileto, Italy, with three bullets in his chest.

Alex later turned himself in to police and led them to the olive grove where he had left his friend's body.

Before the fallout which led to him killing his friend, Alex had been so close to Francesco and recently shared a photo of them with another friend on Facebook, with the caption:
“Friendship is something in the mouth of everybody, but in the heart of not too many people."

The deceased's family have gone on Facebook to pay tribute to their son. One message on Facebook from his family read:
 "You were so perfect that angels wanted you with them. We miss you a lot. Travel well, prince."
Pititto's family is one of the lynchpins of Italian organised crime. His father, Salvatore, 49, his mother, Maria Antonia Messiano, his brother and his cousin were arrested in January in a police anti mafia operation called Stammer.

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Married man apologises on social media to wife for cheating

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A man by the name Bren Mwaura has left tongues wagging after he took to Facebook to apologise for cheating on his wife. The poor guy even mentioned the name of the lady he had an affair with and promised to never stray again.

The post read;

"Dear wife am very sorry for ever cheating on you, it will never happen again, it is the bad company that I have been keeping.
Forgive me my love."  See post below...


Update! Hamburger Laid To Rest, As Wife, Children Fly In From Dublin

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The slain chairman of the Motorcycle Owners Association of Lagos State, Aro Rasaq Bello, popularly known as Hamburger has been buried today.

His wife and children flew in Wednesday night to be part of his burial. His family lives in Dubin, Ireland, but had to come and pay their last respect to him.

That's late Hamburger with his wife and the first photo and his burial photo (right) today.

The 49-year-old transport union chief was shot dead on Monday.

Nigerian Singer, Dammy Krane Allegedly Arrested In US For Grand Theft, Other Crimes

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According to a mug shot with the name Johnson Hunga Oyindamola which has the face of Nigerian singer Dammy Krane (above) has now being charged for grand theft, credit card fraud and identity theft. Dammy Krane has not been in the country for a while, which has now left many confused.
Why would he do that though?!

My Experience As Waiter Made Me A Good Thief- Suspect

For the last three years, 38-year-old Augustine Joseph and his accomplice, 49-year-old George Ijie, had targeted event centres in Lagos, in a stealing spree, which the police put a stop to recently.

Saturday Punch learnt that the duo had at different times hit event centres in the state pretending to be ushers, journalists or guests.

Joseph in his statement to the police explained that his life of crime started in 2013 after he lost his job with a construction company and tried to find another job without success.

The father of two explained that he worked in a hotel in Ajao Estate after he arrived Lagos in 2009. According to him, his work as a waiter in the hotel would later prove useful.

He said, “Based on the experience I had as a waiter while working in the hotel, I started attending conferences and would pretend to be one of the waiters at the event. I used the opportunity stealing mobile phones from guests at events.

“I was also stealing expensive wines used to decorate high tables of such events and selling them off. When I noticed that many organisers of events easily became suspicious of me, I switched to pretending to be a journalist.

“I operated alone but I noticed that there were many thieves who operated like me. When I got to some events, and the organisers announced to guests to secure their belongings because of thieves, I would leave to avoid getting caught.”

According to him, he usually approached some unwitting guests who use their phones to take photographs and offered to help them take the snapshots. But once their faces were turned, he disappeared with their phones.

According to him, he also adopted the approach of moving about event centres with mobile phone chargers.

He said, “I would ask guests if they wanted to charge their phones. And since they would think I work at the centre, they hand over their phones and I run away with them.”

However, Joseph and his friend, Ijie, were nabbed by the Inspector-General of Police Special Intelligence Response Team after stealing the mobile phone of a journalist on Victoria Island, Lagos.

A source stated that when the journalist reported the theft of her phone to the police, investigation showed that Joseph was captured by one of the CCTV cameras of the venue.

The mobile phone was tracked and traced to the Computer Village in Ikeja where Joseph sold it.  The buyer was arrested and subsequently led IRT operatives to Joseph’s hideout.

Shortly after, he confessed to working with Ijie, whom he described as one of his buyers and a specialist in stealing video
cameras and laptops from event centres also.

Joseph said, “I can’t count the number of phones I have stolen.  I get information about these conferences on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

“When I stole the phone of the journalist, I spent N25,000 to repair the Samsung S6, and sold it for N35,000.”

Ijie, 49, who is also a Delta State indigene, told the police, “People are careless.  They leave their laptops and mobile phones carelessly on the table at events. People like that are the ones we target.

“I have a registered company known as Systems X Limited where I repair laptops.  I was arrested because I was dealing with Austin, whom I met through one Aliyu three years ago.    I have bought a stolen laptop from Austin.  I have also stolen laptops and cameras at press conferences and seminars across Lagos.  I have stolen over 40 laptops since I started doing this.”

It was learnt that Ijie had previously been nabbed for stealing a laptop belonging to one Moruf Aregbesola, at an event centre in Lagos.

Like Joseph, he was also caught through a CCTV footage, which showed him leaving the scene with the laptop.

“Three laptops were eventually recovered from me at the time and I was charged to court but I was granted bail and when I came out, I stopped doing the business. Two weeks ago, I received a call from Austin who is a member of our syndicate and he told me that he had a laptop to sell, I was arrested when I came to take the laptop from him.”

The police said the suspects would be charged to court after necessary investigations.

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Teju Babyface reveals his struggles as a comedian

Image result for images of teju babyface 

Teju Babyface has admitted stand-up comedy was a struggle for him for so many years. He said, getting on stage was always a struggle and the audience didn’t help matters as well. Here’s his words to Saturday Beats

“It was always a struggle to be a comedian. You may not have seen the struggle but every time I got on stage, it was a constant struggle. I had to prove myself to the audience constantly at every performance. It was a constant struggle and there were times I had been called on stage and the applause at the best of time would be polite, at the worst of times it would be non-existent. If you think about it, I really did not look like a comedian. It was as if the audience did not believe I could make them laugh; so I always had to prove myself. There was a time that it did not matter because I really enjoyed doing it. But after a certain time, your inner man would call out to you and things like discontent would start to set in.”

He told Saturday Beats that his conviction was further fuelled when he realised that he could never be the number one stand-up comedian in the industry. Babyface however emphasised that he would always remain a comedian.

“It occurred to me that I was never going to be the number one stand-up comedian. I would never forget that day. It occurred to me several times in my stand-up comedy career but there was a certain day I had a lucid moment after a particular performance. As I got off the stage, it occurred to me that I was not called to be a career stand-up comedian. It was just a stage through which I had to pass. I am not saying I am not a comedian because I will always be one but I am no longer a stand-up comedian. I like to use the example of Steve Harvey in the US. He did his last stand-up comedy show in Las Vegas in 2012 but he hosts the Steve Harvey show on television and radio, he has a children’s show and he is also an author.  He is a business magnate but he would always be a comedian. You cannot watch him and not laugh and it is the same thing with me. Either it is the Teju Babyface show or you are reading my book or listening to me speak; you will always laugh but I would not stand on stage like I used to do to tell jokes,” the comedian said.

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Update! Over 5,000 people sign petition to rescind the Mandela award and U.S visa given to Nigerian physiotherapist who abused a child with cerebral palsy

Over 5,000 people have signed the petition to rescind the Mandela award and U.S visa given to the physiotherapist who was caught on CCTV abusing a little girl with cerebral palsy.  More information have been released online and the lady has been identified as Antonia Bisola Abayomi-ojo. The incident happened in June 2016.

She was arrested by the police in Nigeria and sanctioned by the board of physical therapists. However, she left the country in November 2016 after receiving the Mandela award to further her studies in Physiotherapy and enable her work with children in the U.S.

A lot of people have called for her to be brought back to Nigeria and made to face the full wrath of the law.

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Update! 'Area Boys' in Oshodi cry out saying Mc Oluomo and Koko Zaria want to kill them after Hambuger's burial

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After the burial of NURTW chieftain and politician Aro Rasaq Bello, AKA Hamburger in Oshodi, 'Area Boys' in the area took to the streets angrily to call out executives of the association, Mc Oluomo, Koko Zaria and other saying they want to kill them.
In this video, Adedigba Adepegba a.k.a Taloskibo spoke on behalf of his gang that 'we were 15, Mc Oluomo has killed 9, and they've said I'm the next on the list, please I don't want to die'. He went on to call on the state Governor, Ambode and APC National Leader, Bola Tinubu to all intervene on the matter before it gets out of hand.