13 Jun 2017

Pastor In Ghana Caught Pants Down With Married Woman On Her Matrimonial Bed


“Wonders, they say, will never end indeed. Head pastor and founder of the Apostolic Good News Church International-Apostle Douglas Akwesi Amanoris been caught naked and pants down with Mrs. Mina Adjei, a married woman and a member of his church right on her matrimonial bed at her EMEFS Estate residence at Lashiebi in Accra.
Mrs. Mina Adjei, is the wedded wife of Mr. Thomas Adjei- a Managing Director of an advertising company in Osu- Accra. The couple are married for nine (9) good years and blessed with two wonderful kids- a boy and a girl.
Speaking to the victimised husband upon a tip off by our news desk, Mr. Thomas Adjei, totally broken down in spirit and soul narrated his tragic experience to your Authoritative New Crusading GUIDE news team who followed up on the story.
“My wife and I have been having some marital problems for sometime now base on her recent attachments and relationship with other men, and over her constant nagging and reluctance to pick the kids from school and take care of them in her shop- which is even closer to the school. She had never accepted her fault or explained to me peacefully even when caught red-handed with men in very uncompromising situations at odd times. Due to this, families and counselors advised that we separated for a while due to her violent attitude whenever there is a little problem while the two families put heads together to resolve the issues.
On that fateful morning of Saturday May 7, 2016, at about 6:30am, I had left my hideout to the house to go and pack my belongings from the house, since my wife and I had earlier agreed that our EMEFS Estate rent had expire, and due to some hitches in business for now, we shall rather relocate into a much affordable apartment instead of renewing the rent again” he narrated.
But he said, the woman said she would not oblige to their earlier agreement, but rather claimed she has an uncle who says he would continue with the rent for her to stay in the EMEFS apartment all by herself.
He continued that, he went with a carpenter to help him fix and change some of the locks where necessary before he finally packs out since the woman says she may be staying in the house with her so-called uncle of a benefactor, till the families resolve the issues. He said, upon reaching the house, they started knocking at the main gate for sometime before a sister- in law came out to get the door.
“I greeted and entered the house as the man of the house and walked straight to our master-bedroom to knock on our bedroom door. But as I knocked for long minutes without any response at all, I then decided to push the door to see what was wrong with my wife in there, because her sister had already confirmed that she was inside.
As soon as I pushed the door opened, my wife rushed out to push it back against me! Wow, what is happening here- I wondered at her attitude? This gave me the idea to suspect that something fishy was definitely going on in the room, because of my past suspicion of her with other men in her car, so I decided to force the door open to enter at all cost. I then forced the door back on her, and lo and behold, here was a thick-tall dark man naked on my own matrimonial bed with my wife in my room! How else could a man be traumatized in his life than this?” he lamented.
Describing his woes to the team, Mr. Adjei, underscored that, at the instance, his heart was terrified so much so that he could not move nor scream, so all he found himself doing was to start clapping his hands for them.”
He said, after some seconds, he gathered some courage and decided to take some pictures for evidence.
“But to my amazement, my shameless wife suddenly pounced on me in an attack and tore my clothes to prevent me from taking the pictures, but when she realized she couldn’t stop me, she rather ran to her so-called daddy of a pastor and stared covering his face with the man’s underwears- shouting, ‘Daddy don’t allow him to take ur face!”, he elaborated.
Mr. Adjei, who said he gathered all the courage not to be violent in the act continued that he left the scene quietly when he realized the wife was trying to be violent to cover up her shame and went back to his hideout to avoid any false accusations of assault.
He said, he managed to go to his own church the next day- Sunday May 8, and then reported the case to the Larshibi Vivian Farm police who later arrested the two who were granted bail the next day. The case has since been with the DOVVSU Department of the station for further resolvation.

According to Mr. Adjei however, had been the fact that, the wife is rather shamelessly going round tarnishing his image and rather painting him so black to the world without any shame.

Every effort made by our team to contact the two accused persons (the wife and the pastor) for their sides of the story had proven futile, since all their known lines have been switched off. The only available contact of Mrs. Adjei had also rang countlessly without any response.
Meanwhile, the police has given a confirmation of the case been reported to the Vivian Farm station at Larshibi, but says the case is under investigation and so they would want to hold on to their commits and further details for now. We shall however relentlessly continue to follow up this story to abreast our readers as it unfolds.


Update! See the wife and children of billionaire kidnap kingpin, Evans

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These are photos of the wife and four children (including nanny) of billionaire kidnap kingpin, Chukwudi Dumeme Onwuamadike aka Evans.

Evans who was recently arrested in Lagos, was behind the kidnap attempt on prominent transporter and owner of Young Shall Grow Motors, Chief Vincent Obianodo and many others.

Update! Father of notorious billionaire kidnapper, Evans, lives in poverty

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The father of the recently arrested billionaire kidnapper, Chukwudi "Evans" Dumeme Onwuamadike, said he lives in poverty and had no idea his son had come into wealth acquired illegally. He said the last time he saw his son was in 2008 at which time he advised him to desist from illegal means of acquiring wealth.

Evans' father, Mr. Stephen Onwuamadike, said it was Evans' mother who misled him and that she had been manipulating him since he was three-years-old.
He also said he used to be very wealthy but Evans' mother led to his downfall and she left him with nothing. His current wife and her son also accused Evans' mother of being the person behind Evans' predicament. They painted Evans as a good and loving son who was only under the influence of his mother.

Pleading with the Federal Government to forgive Evans, Mr Stephen Onwuamadike told New Telegraph that he has not been able to sleep since he received the phone call informing him that his son has been apprehended.

He said: “My son is a good boy, but his mother misled him.”

Stephen said Evans' real name is Chukwudumeje. He alleged that Evans is being spiritually manipulated by his ex-wife.

He said:
 “I was devastated when I heard the news through a telephone call; since that call, I had not been able to sleep. I believe in a straight forward and honest life. If I noticed someone is not honest, I run away from the person. When my business was thriving, I did business with white people. I was one of the early millionaires that emerged from this town until things went wrong courtesy of my first wife in 1985. She caused me so many problems and eventually caused my financial ruins. In fact, she brought me down to where I am today. I’m suffering and I can barely put food on my table.”
Stephen who lives in his country home at Akammili, Umudim, Nnewi, Anambra State,  said that he tried his best to raise Evans by sending him to the best schools around.
“My estranged wife kept interfering in his academics. You won’t believe that my son, Chukwudumeje (Evans) has not visited home since 2008. The last time I saw him was 10 years ago. I asked him the sort of business he was into. He said he was into drug trafficking. I advised him to desist because it was an illicit business and the law was against it. I told him plainly that it was better to be involved in a legitimate business and wait for God’s blessings. I did good business and it thrived; I was very successful. I have travelled to so many countries of the world in the course of my business,” Stephen said.
He added:
 “His mother started manipulating him when he was only three years old; look at where it has got him. I don’t even have his phone number. I’m pleading with the Nigerian authorities to have mercy on him and give him a second chance. He was misdirected and misled by his mother. I heard about all the millions, and I said to myself, do I have such manner of rich son and the roof over my house is leaking. I now survive by selling pigs.”
Evans’ stepbrother, Chidolie Onwuamadike, said his brother’s ruin was caused by his mother. He noted that if Evans had followed their father’s advice, he wouldn’t have become a criminal.

Chidolie said:
“As brothers, we don’t even interact at all. I don’t have his number and my heart is pained because he is such a loving, nice guy from the little I know of him.”
A tearful Mrs Etty Onwuamadike, Evans' step mother said:
 “Chukwudumeje is a nice boy when he lived with me. The only gift I gave him years back was the Holy Bible. I don’t want my son to die. I’m still convinced he will serve God.”

Bobrisky Flashes Fake Rolex Wristwatch On Instagram

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 Bobrisky showed off his lolex Rolex wristwatch and dressed it to his haters. He also showed of this bridal inspired hairstyle. Media personality, Daddy Freeze has responded the watch is not real...lol

Shocking! Bola Tinubu Speaks - What June 12 Taught Us

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Image result for images of bola tinubu
Former Lagos governor and All Progressives Congress national stalwart, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, has underscored the importance of the June 12, 1993 election and the agitation that followed its annulment, saying June 12 is the precursor of the democracy we now enjoy in the country.

“Without the uncompromising resistance to military rule engendered by the annulment of the June 12 election, there would most probably be no 4th Republic today and we would still be groaning under the jackboots of military dictatorship,” he said.

In a statement on the occasion of the 24th anniversary of June 12 released by his Media Office on Sunday night in Lagos, Asiwaju Tinubu poured encomiums on the late Chief MKO Abiola. He described him as an embodiment of “the eternal Yoruba adage, which says that death is better with honour than life without dignity”.

He also used the occasion to appraise the two years of the present administration, saying any objective analyst would agree that the Muhammadu Buhari administration had already taken impressive strides to clear the Augean stables it inherited from the past administration. He said critics labeling the administration a failure was not been objective.

In the statement entitled ‘What June 12 Taught Us,’ Asiwaju Tinubu said:

“The blood of those who gave their yesterday and sacrificed even their lives for the democracy and freedom we enjoy today was not shed in vain. The truth is June 12 is the mother of May 29th. Without the uncompromising resistance to military rule engendered by the annulment of the June 12 election, there would most probably be no 4th Republic today and we would still be groaning under the jackboots of military dictatorship.

“The annulment was a bitter pill to swallow especially for the millions of people who expended so much time, energy and material resources to help ensure victory for Chief MKO Abiola.  The late MKO selflessly committed so much of his substantial fortune towards ensuring his victory at the polls. In doing this, he was not motivated by personal, selfish or pecuniary considerations.

“Abiola could have chosen to abandon the mandate in order to rebuild and resuscitate his disrupted business. But he opted for the path of the true ‘Omoluabi’. He refused to sacrifice honour for an ephemeral mess of pottage. He was an embodiment of the eternal Yoruba adage, which says that death is better with honour than life without dignity.

“Looking back, we can say, thank you Chief MKO Abiola for giving your all that we may bask in the glow of democracy today. The annulment was meant to halt the unstoppable and irresistible march to deeper democratic practice in Nigeria. That objective failed woefully. The annulment was a challenge that precipitated a concerted response, which helped to promote the cause of democracy in Nigeria contrary to the will of its anti-democratic perpetrators. That annulled free and fair election taught us, once again, to organize. It tutored us new tactics and strategies of confronting, undermining and ultimately overcoming seemingly impregnable forces and fortresses of dictatorship and oppression.

“It revealed to us the imperative of forging working relationships and diverse networks across ethnic, religious, regional and partisan divides if we were to move forward.

“It is this invaluable experience we gathered in the struggle to enthrone democracy and retrieve our country from the iron grip of dictatorship that emboldens us today to warn those directly or indirectly threatening our democracy through another military intervention to perish the idea. Just as happened in the past, those who stand on the path of truth and higher moral values will always triumph over those whose strength derive from the barrels of the gun.

“Twenty-four years after its annulment, the spirit of June 12 lives on in the hearts and minds of millions of Nigerians. The lessons of that election still speak eloquently to us today despite the utter lack of vision and imagination in governance between 1999 and 2015 that has fuelled the revival of separatist agitations and deepened distrust among the component parts of Nigeria.

“One enduring truth that June 12 demonstrated is that given inspirational, visionary and sincere leadership, Nigerians can rise above divisive primordial sentiments to demonstrate high patriotism and a belief in merit in their voting patterns.

“Thus, Chief MKO Abiola won a pan-Nigerian mandate in that poll garnering considerable votes across the various zones of the country and even beating his opponent in the latter’s Kano State home base. Again, despite having a fellow Muslim, Alhaji Babagana Kingibe, as his running mate, the duo won handsomely even in wholly-Christian dominated parts of the country. All these show that it is really the elite most times that deliberately instigate the politics of distrust, fear, suspicion and divisiveness; they are the ones that all too often exploit our differences to destabilize the polity for their own selfish interests.

“This year’s commemoration of the anniversary of June 12 coincides roughly with two years in office of the All Progressives Congress at the federal level. Some critics particularly of the opposition are already writing off the government as a failure. Well, that is their prerogative and in accordance with their rights in a democratic polity. But the vast majority of Nigerians are neither stupid nor lacking in political sophistication. They are aware of the immense mess inherited by the President Muhammadu Buhari administration.

“Of course, the APC administration has not simply sat back lamenting the crippled economy it inherited from the previous government of Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, which earned unprecedentedly high oil revenues for the most part of its tenure with little or nothing to show for it. Two years into its term, any objective analyst will agree that the APC has already taken impressive strides to clear the Augean stables it inherited from the past administration. Concrete gains are being made in curtailing corruption, reviving and diversifying the economy and strengthening national security even though much harder work still lie ahead admittedly.

“There is no doubt that once the APC Federal Government successfully contains these challenges, and we are gradually turning the corner with light discernible at the end of the tunnel, it can more urgently and firmly begin to address other planks of its manifesto especially the imperative of strengthening the country’s federal practice.

“But even in our darkest moments, let the torch of democracy be our guide to the higher and nobler plains of good governance, strong institutions, reverence for the rule of law and a continually-improving and growing economy. It is only through strengthening the institutions, practices and procedures of democracy that we, like the Americans, foremost exemplars of the democratic ideal, can ceaselessly strive moment by moment, day by day and year by year to continually aspire towards the more perfect union of our dreams”.    

Mother-In-Law Catches Wife Red-Handed With Lover (photo)

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A Colombian wife has reportedly been caught cheating on her husband by her mother-in-law in embarrassing footage that appears to show a secret lover stashed under her bed.

The woman named Mayra was apparently ambushed by members of her husband's family while home alone with the man.

Bizarre footage of the showdown, which cannot be verified, has gone viral in Colombia and has been widely reported by local media.

As the video clip starts, nervous Mayra is seen letting her in-laws into the apartment, asking: 'Why didn't you call me? And why do you want to come in now?'

But the group suddenly push past her and begin searching the property.

As she records the scene on her smartphone, the mother-in-law marches from room to room asking: 'Where do you have him?'

And when she gets to the bedroom, she pushes the bed to one side and Mayra's lover finally emerges with a sheepish grin on his face.

The mother-in-law says 'look at this - you are here' before adding: 'Get out, let him get out.'

But as he climbs free, the mother-in-law begins battering him furiously while Mayra grapples in the background with her sister-in-law.

Then as she bundles the shame-faced couple out of the home, she tells Mayra the marriage with her son is over.

The mother-in-law can be heard shouting: 'My son does not deserve that. Now, you go with him. You should leave the house Mayra.'

Two Men Tattoo 'I'm A Thief' On Teenager's Head For Trying To Steal Bicycle

"I am a thief and a loser." This is what was tattooed in the forehead of a Brazilian teenager who was caught trying to steal a bicycle in a city near Sao Paulo.

The incident was recorded with a cellphone and published on social media, leading authorities to arrest a local tattoo artist and his accomplice.

Both confessed, police said.

Tattoo artist Maycon Wesley Carvalho dos Reis, 27, and bricklayer Ronildo Moreira de Araujo, 29, were charged with torture.

In Brazil, torture is considered a heinous crime, and perpetrators cannot be released on bail.

According to local media, they told authorities their intention was to teach the boy and all thieves a lesson.

A crew from Record TV, a CNN affiliate in Brazil, talked to the 17-year-old and his family but didn't name him. Brazilian law prohibits minors to be identified by the press.

"It was like if my son didn't have a family," the mother told the station. "I think that this is what the people who did this were thinking, that he didn't have anyone and that nothing would happen to them."

Volunteers created an Internet fundraising page to help pay for the tattoo removal.

"The tattoo can be removed, but the scars will remain in my mind," the boy said.

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Two Nigerians and a gang of eight drug dealers jailed for over 30 years in the UK

A gang of eight drug dealers who peddled drugs on a Waltham Forest estate have been jailed for a total of over 30 years.

The gang members including two Nigerians Harry and Collins Olabode, were sentenced at Isleworth Crown Court on Friday, 9 June in relation to various drugs and firearms offences after a protracted investigation by the Metropolitan Police's Trident Central Gangs Unit.

In July 2016 an investigation was launched by the Trident Area and Crime Command, after the officers ascertained that a local gang known as the 'Thatched House Thugs' were dealing Class A drugs on the Avenue Estate, E11 in Waltham Forest.

During the course of the investigation it became apparent that residents were being severely, adversely affected and in one case, the gang had set up their base of operations in the flat of a local occupant against her will.

The operation by Trident Central Gangs Unit led to a number of arrests in October 2016 and ultimately resulted in the following convictions;

[A] Winston Male, 25, of St Albans Avenue, Newham was convicted of Conspiracy to supply Class A drugs and was sentenced to seven years imprisonment.
[B] Christian McKay, 19, of Victoria Road, Waltham Forest was convicted of conspiracy to supply Class A drugs and possession of an imitation firearm with intent to cause fear of violence. He was sentenced to eight years imprisonment.
[C] Collins Olabode, 20, of Arrowsmith Path, Chigwell was convicted of conspiracy to supply Class A drugs and blackmail. He was sentenced to six years imprisonment.
[D] Harry Olabode, 18, of Arrowsmith Path, Chigwell was convicted of conspiracy to supply Class A drugs and false imprisonment. He was sentenced to three years imprisonment.
[E] Musa Streadwick, 18, of Atherton Road, Newham was convicted of false imprisonment and was sentenced to 15 months imprisonment.
[F] Warren Thomas, 21, of Snowberry Close, Waltham Forest was convicted of the supply of Class A drugs and was sentenced to three years imprisonment.

Two 17-year-olds from Newham, London were also each convicted of conspiracy to supply Class A drugs, transferring prohibited articles into court and false imprisonment and were sentenced to four years each.

Detective Sergeant Tom Rogerson, from Trident Area Crime Command, said:
"This investigation shows that the Metropolitan Police Service will actively seek to target those involved in organised criminality and will strive to protect the innocent Londoners who are sometimes caught up in this type of activity. These sentences reflect the severity with which these cases are treated both by the police and by the courts.

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Math Teacher charged with having sex with three students

A North Carolina charter school Math teacher, Erin McAuliffe, 25, was arrested last Thursday for allegedly having sex with three male students: two 17-year-olds and a 16-year-old. The Rocky Mount Preparatory teacher was charged with "three counts of sexual activity with a student and one count of indecent liberties with a minor".
Police officially launched an investigation into McAuliffe on May 5, when school officials reported alleged misconduct. The day before the report from officials, McAuliffe was fired from the charter school over the suspicions.
After detectives conducted numerous interviews with both students and staff members, a warrant for the teacher's arrest was issued, and she was arrested shortly thereafter.

It was then determined by police that McAuliffe's alleged sexual interactions with the three boys took place off school property.
The Rocky Mount Prep job was the first time McAuliffe worked as a teacher full-time, according to her Linkedin profile.
According to her resume, at Rocky Mount, McAuliffe taught math III, advanced functions and pre-calculus. She also offered “after-school tutoring to help struggling students improve their critical thinking and problem-solving skills.”
McAuliffe also worked to “develop alternate enrichment activities and modifications in student programs to increase student understanding.”
The school said Friday she was removed from the school on May 4 and fired on May 8, after school administrators learned about the accusations against her and reported them to police.
“We have been fully cooperative with local law enforcement during the course of their handling of this matter,” a statement from the school to WITN-TV said.
Her sister is also a teacher at Rocky Mount Prep.

McAuliffe is being held at Carteret County Jail on a $20,000 bond; her first court appearance was yesterday, June 12.

McAuliffe was hired at the prep school in August of 2016 and sacked in May 2017.

Source: Daily Mail

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