14 Jun 2017

Esabod responds to Bukky Jesse on her birthday

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Happy birthday to this beautiful, elegant, fashion slayer and humble hearted woman, Oluwabukola Jesse. We wish you many more blessed years with all your heart desires come true. Keep being yourself and keep the haters hating because you're on top and you remain there.  

You will continue to excel in all areas of your life, no weapon fashioned against you shall prosper. We love you today and always, love from all Omo Ewe. God's blessings upon you eternally Yeye Mesho...

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See the Pastor's wife who allegedly commits suicide in Ondo state after saying she was going to the mountain to pray

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The body of the wife of a pastor was found hanging in an uncompleted flat in their compound in the Aule area of Akure, Ondo state. The husband of the deceased is now working with police in the state to help investigate the death of his wife.

Opeyemi Babatola was found by her husband, Pastor Adeolu Babatola. She had told him on Friday that she was going to the mountain to pray, however, on Monday, Pastor Babatola noticed a strong odour and flies coming from a room in the building, so he opened the room only to find his wife hanging.

He had not suspected anything when she did not return for three days because it was not her first time of leaving for days to go and pray.

It was gathered from a Police source that the 52-year-old mother of three hanged herself in an uncompleted flat in her residence located in Aule area of Akure metropolis on Friday, Vanguard reports. A family member, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the woman might have killed herself because of one of her children was in police custody for a crime, and the hearing was scheduled for this week.

The source said: “She told her child and her husband that she wanted to go to a mountain to pray. So since Friday her husband was thinking she was at the prayer mountain praying for the family because that was not her first time of doing so. On Monday morning, the husband went to the back of the other apartment in the house and discovered that there were many houseflies on the window and decided to open it only to discover the dangling body of his wife and he raised alarm.”

The police were informed by the husband of the deceased of what had happened but they could not untie the woman until traditionalists arrived and performed some sort of ritual before they were able to bring her down.

Police spokesman, Femi Joseph, confirmed the incident and said that the husband of the deceased is police custody undergoing interrogation.

Woman caught smuggling cocaine in wheel chair at JFK Airport

A woman was on Sunday caught at JFK Airport attempting to smuggle 27 pounds of cocaine in the cushion of her motorised wheelchair.
Yoncela Stanley arrived at the JFK Airport from St. Lucia with the cocaine said to be worth about $468,000 tucked under and behind her in the wheelchair.

She was discovered after a drug-sniffing K9 sniffed out the drug and alerted Customs and Border Protection Officers. Taking a closer look, it was noticed that cushion of the wheelchair seat looked unusual so they checked and found 6 bricks and 2 clear bags of coke. 
Stanley, 33, has now been arrested for importation of a controlled substance.

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Nigerian woman and her Irish-born child maybe deported from Ireland

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A Nigerian woman, who hid from the authorities for almost five years after deportation orders had been issued, could face deportation along with her Irish-born child after the High Court on Monday, November 28th, lifted an injunction preventing the State from sending them out of the country.

Billionaire Kidnapper, Evans confesses - Mum knows I'm into crime

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More details have emerged as billionaire kidnapper, Evans has begged for forgiveness,promising to be a good Christian if he is freed. The father of five who is known for not negotiating his ransom also said he had already relocated his wife and children from Ghana to Canada.

He also said though his mother was aware of his life of crime,she was never in support.

He said
My mum has never been to my house. She knows I'm into crime but never supports me.
It all started in the year 2000 when I fled my home town in Opi, Nsukka Local Government of Enugu State to Lagos after stabbing my fiancee when she decided not to marry me

‘I started in Anambra state during the tenure of Peter Obi as the governor of the state when a hunch man introduced me to kidnapping’,

We were later forced to leave Anambra state and moved to Edo later Lagos. I had boys
‘I had boys from Warri, Delta state who worked for me. The first job I got in Lagos was at Johnbulls Ikoyi as a driver to the CEO. One day we were going to his office and my boss said that he wanted to visit a friend. The moment he stepped into his friend’s house, I took the sum of N350,000 he had in the car and ran away to Ghana’ he continued.

I later returned to Nigeria after few months and avoided Ikoyi where my ex-boss office is situated. I then got a new job as a driver in the fashion I did before. I also stole N600,000 and eloped to Ghana again.

I returned to Lagos in 2000 and used my old method to secure another job as a driver at the home of the first family I kidnapped their daughter. When I realised that they are very rich and loved their daughter deeply. I took the girl to Ghana from where I demanded a ransom of only N20m but the girl’s father paid N22m instead. I then freed the girl in Ghana/

Once I got this money, I ventured into an extravagant lifestyle and bought a house in Ghana. Then, I bought over five exotic cars and a truck. I began to show prominently in social functions where people hailed the way I was spending money.

I spent over N2m on orphanages and local primary schools in Ghana. The Deputy Nigeria Ambassador to Ghana and other prominent Nigerians were also in attendance at the handing over ceremony of my donations.

Early this year, I was arrested along with my wife, in Lagos. We were brought to the court but we later regained our freedom due to the power of my money and connections.
I have to admit, I have done wrong and I have caused pains to several families but I want to live and pay for my evil crimes.

I heard several stories about SARS and their operations but I never thought that I would one day be brought here for reckoning.

“I am just asking for another chance, I am sorry for my action, I will become a Christian, if only I have another chance. I cannot remember the number of people I have kidnapped so far. I took part in high profile kidnappings in Edo State where I got N10million as my share.

Toke Makinwa advises Women to stop fighting over men

Media personality, Toke Makinwa has an important piece of advice for ladies who fight over men. She shared the quote above via Instagram minutes ago and wrote; "Straight up 100%. Leave the battling and arguing for the boardroom ladies, leave his ass, build you an empire and become a Boss!"

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Update! Billionaire Kidnapper, Evans names his victims and amounts taken

The notorious kidnapper arrested at the weekend, along with six members of his gang in Lagos, by police operatives from the intelligence teams has named some of his victims.

Chukwudidumeme Onuamadike, alias Evans, told detectives that though he could not remember the number of people he kidnapped or the amount of money he collected as ransom, he was, however, able to mention a few.

In Edo and Lagos states, he remembered kidnapping Mr. Mbarikatta William Uboma at Festac Town on June 16, 2012, where the sum of N20 million was collected as ransom before he was released.

A police classified document containing Evan’s confessional statement revealed that Mr. Paul Cole from Ohafia in Abia State was also kidnapped by the gang on August 23, 2012, at Festac Town where N20m was also paid.

Mr. Mohammed Jamal, a Lebanese, who was kidnapped on August 19, 2012, at Ajah, paid N17m at Ojo area of Lagos to regain his freedom.

Evan’s gang also kidnapped Mr. Kingsley Nwokenta on September 19, 2012, after he left Lebanon Bar in Festac Town and he had to pay N15m in addition to his black Toyota Venza car that he forfeited to the gang before he regained his freedom; just as the gang also claimed responsibility for the kidnap of Mr. Anthony Ozoanidobi on October 10, 2012, along Marwa Road in Satellite Town where N15m was paid before he was taken to Apple junction, Amuwo-Odofin in Lagos and released.

Evans further stated that his gang also kidnapped Mr. Leo Abraham in Lagos on August 20, 2012, and dumped him at Badagry Road in Lagos after he paid N15m.

However, Ojukwu Cosmas, who sells Toyota parts at Aspanda Trade Fair, who was kidnapped on January 21, 2016, at Festac Town was not too lucky as he had to pay $1m to secure his release.

James Uduji who was kidnapped by the gang at Seventh Avenue, Festac Town late last year paid $1.2m after being held for six weeks before he was released, while Chief Raymond Okoye Odu-Na–Ichida who was kidnapped in 2015 also paid $1m to regain his freedom after two months in captivity.

Uche Okoroafor, a trader at Alaba International Market, Lagos, was kidnapped by the gang in 2015 and held captive for three months before he was released after paying $1m, just as Elias Ukachukwu, who was kidnapped by the gang in November, 2015 also paid $1m for his release.

Francis Umeh, a spare parts dealer at Aspanda, was kidnapped in July 2016, at Raji Rasaki Estate and released after paying $1m to secure his release.

The gang, however, recorded a fatal loss when in 2013, in its attempt to kidnap Chief Vincent Obianudo, the owner of Young Shall Grow Motors, met with stiff resistance from the policemen attached to the chief. The police opened fire and killed two members of the gang.

Though the gang also killed a policeman and some of its members escaped, Chief Obianudo, who sustained bullet wounds during the attack, survived after several surgeries.

The last known victim of the gang in Lagos before it was smashed is Mr. Donatus Dunu, a pharmacist and importer of drugs, who was kidnapped on February 14, 2017, in Elupeju area of Lagos. The sum of N150m was paid by the victim’s family to secure his release, but Evans collected the money and refused to release the victim, insisting that an additional N300m must be paid.

The gang regretted that Dunu escaped from Evans’ detention camp in Igando on May 12, 2017, without paying the additional ransom.

In Edo State, the gang kidnapped Mr. Ohunyon Ernest in November 2011 and he had to pay N85m, just as Mr. Dan Odiete who was also kidnapped by the gang in Benin City in 2013, paid N100m to regain his freedom.

The owner of Uyi Technical who was kidnapped by Evan’s gang in Benin City in 2013 paid N100m before he was released, while Tom, kidnapped in Benin in 2012, paid N100m to the gang.

The owner of Kings Paint was also kidnapped in Benin City in 2010 by the same gang and had to pay N40m to regain his freedom even as Mr. Randeki, who was kidnapped by the gang in 2010 paid N30m for his release.

Evans, who was nabbed by a combined team of police officers and men from the Intelligence Response Team (IRT) and the Technical Intelligence Unit (TIU) at his private residence in Magodo, Lagos, on June 10, was described by the police as a very intelligent suspect.

Other members of the gang that were also arrested at different locations include Felix Chinemerem, 36, from Arochukwu in Ohafia Local Government Area of Abia State, and Nwosu Chikodi Chukwuma, aka Sudo, 42, and is said to have over 20 years experience in armed robbery and about eight years experience in kidnapping.

Other arrested members of the gang are Uchechukwu Amadi from Anambra State who the police described as the head of Evans’ detention camp, a female, Ogechi Amadi, said to be the woman that rented the house and cooks for the kidnappers and their victims in the camp.

The rest are Suoyo Paul, aka Nwana, 42, a native of Bayelsa State, and is said to be the one supplying the gang with rifles and ammunition, while Ikenna Emeka, 28, from Anambra State, said he participated in four kidnappings in Festac Town with Evans before Evans sacked him from the gang for stealing an expensive wrist watch and a ring from a victim without informing him.

By Shehu Abubakar

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Update! Billionaire Kidnapper Evans Father Opens Up - says wife misled him

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Following the arrest of his son Chukwudi “Evans” Dumeme Onwuamadike, the father of the arrested billionaire kidnapper, Mr. Stephen Onwuamadike, who revealed how poor he was to newsmen because of a bad wife he married (Evans mother) disclosed what transpired between him and his son the last time he saw him.

According to him, the last time he saw his son was in 2008 and he warned him to desist from illegal means of acquiring wealth. He further stated that it was Evans’ mother who misled him and this has been on since he was a little boy.

In a chat with New Telegraph, Evan’s dad said he used to be very wealthy but Evans’ mother led to his downfall and she left him with nothing. His current wife and their son also accused Evans’ mother of being the person behind Evans’ predicament. They painted Evans as a good and loving son who landed in the mess of get rich quick through the negative influence of his mother.

His father said: “I was devastated when I heard the news through a telephone call; since that call, I had not been able to sleep. I believe in a straight forward and honest life. If I noticed someone is not honest, I run away from the person.

When my business was thriving, I did business with white people. I was one of the early millionaires that emerged from this town until things went wrong courtesy of my first wife (Evans mother) in 1985.

She caused me so many problems and eventually caused my financial ruins. In fact, she brought me down to where I am today. I’m suffering and I can barely put food on my table.”

Stephen who lives in his home at Akammili, Umudim, Nnewi, Anambra State, said that he tried his best to raise Evans by sending him to the best schools around.

“My estranged wife kept interfering in his academics. You won’t believe that my son, Chukwudumeje (Evans) has not visited home since 2008. The last time I saw him was 10 years ago. I asked him the sort of business he was into.

He said he was into drug trafficking. I advised him to desist because it was an illicit business and the law was against it. I told him plainly that it was better to be involved in a legitimate business and wait for God’s blessings. I did good business and it thrived; I was very successful. I have travelled to so many countries of the world in the course of my business,” Stephen said.

He added: “His mother started manipulating him when he was only three years old; look at where it has got him. I don’t even have his phone number. I’m pleading with the Nigerian authorities to have mercy on him and give him a second chance.

He was misdirected and misled by his mother. I heard about all the millions, and I said to myself, do I have such manner of rich son and the roof over my house is leaking. I now survive by selling pigs.”

Police sources have confirmed that Evans also confessed that his mother his aware of all the bad things he was doing for money.

Hired Killer Caught While Trying To Strangle Woman To Death In Lagos

A hired killer sent all the way from Sapele, Delta State to assassinate a woman in Jakande area of Lagos got nabbed in the act yesterday.

According to reports, the man entered the woman's boutique and strangled her with a rope but was stopped by residents who heard the woman screaming. 
He was beaten by a mob who almost lynched him to death before the Police arrived the scene to rescue him. The woman was immediately taken to the hospital​.

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Update! Police Deny Inserting Broomsticks Into Evans Penis

The police have denied reports that officers who arrested the “most wanted” kidnap kingpin last Saturday stuck broomsticks up his penis to spiritually disarm him.

“The report is not true. It is unfounded. Nigerians should disregard it,” police spokesperson, Jimoh Moshood, said.

Chukwudidumeme Onuamadike, a 36-year-old native of Anambra State, was arrested at his residence in Magodo Phase II, Lagos, around noon Saturday, bringing relief to law enforcement authorities who trailed him for years.

Mr. Moshood told Premium Times Mr. Onuamadike’s arrest was a major success and a moral booster in the war against incessant kidnapping, which has become a lucrative enterprise for hardened criminals in recent years.

“Millions of Nigerians in different parts of the country who dreaded this suspect will now be able to sleep with their two eyes closed,” Mr. Moshood said.

As part of its reporting of the development, The Guardian said security operatives who participated in the high-profile operation inserted broomsticks into Mr. Onuamadike’s penis.

“A ritual where a broom was inserted into his private organ was then performed as a sort of spiritual disarming before he was handcuffed,” the paper reported Sunday morning without quoting any officials or witnesses.

Denying the claims of gruesome torture in a chat with Premium Times, the police said it was highly unlikely that any adult male with broomsticks in his organ would still be able to stand upright.

“If they insert broomsticks into a man’s penis, would he even be able to walk?” Mr. Moshood said.

“No one should be casting aspersion on the police, especially when officers are making high-profile arrests in an effort to ensure peace and security.”

“He was paraded before the media and he expressed himself with ease,” Mr. Moshood said.

“Nobody can stand with such a torture.”

“We don’t violate citizens’ fundamental rights, no matter the gravity of their crimes.”

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Omg! See the 70 yr old man who allegedly raped a Primary 4 Pupil

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A 70-year-old man identified as Sunday Nwokoro, has been accused of raping a 12-year-old primary four pupil of Agbor Model Primary School,Agbor. According to Facebook user, Christian Onwugbolu, the accused was apprehended after he paid a visit to the parents of the victim. While narrating how his daughter's abuser was arrested, father of the victim Friday Egbineka said:
"Mr Sunday Nwokoro lives near my house at Umudein  Street, Agbor. My children usually visit his house to watch film. Unfortunately, I did not know he was sleeping with my third child, a primary four pupil at Agbor Model Primary School, Agbor. Before now my other children reported to me that their sister keeps late nights. I did not know about this on time because i am a security man in one of the private secondary schools in Agbor. My job keeps me outside all the time, hence I was not able to monitor my children activities effectively. I lost their mother late last year and my own mother recently.  Mr Nwokoro came to sympathize with me over my loss when my daughter told me that he was the man sleeping with her. Prior to this time, my daughter was having symptoms of sickness and we had earlier treated her medically. Immediately, she told us how Mr Nwokoro forced her to be sleeping with him. We approached him but he denied the allegation. He later admitted after members of Agbor Gha Ihun were invited.I want justice to prevail."
The rape victim said:
"I went with my friends to watch film in his house (Mr Nwokoro) house where he dragged me into his room and promised to give me #100,anytime i sleep with him.While in his room he overpowered me and fingered me severally. He disvirgined me. I reported him to my father when he visited our house yesterday."
Mr Nwokoro, a native of Agbor, said the devil pushed him into it and begged that justice be tempered with mercy.

Nigerian man caught with fresh human skull (photos)

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Men of the Lagos state Police Command have arrested a 45-year-old man, Lucien Tosume suspected to be a ritualist, for possessing a human skull. Tosume was arrested on June 4 2017 following an intelligence report in Iraye village, Sagamu local government area of Ogun state.

According to ASP Olarinde Famous-Cole, Lagos Police Public Relations Officer, the suspect who specializes in the sale of human skull, was accosted by police officers who disguised as buyers. 

Upon negotiation, the suspect agreed to sell a skull for N150,000, but the officers convinced him to sell it for N81,000 which he agreed to.

The suspect was arrested immediately the money was paid to him.
Tosume who confessed to the crime said he sells fresh skulls for up to for N1 million

Famous-Cole added that investigations are however ongoing to ascertain where he gets the human parts from.

The command’s PPRO ASP Olarinde Famous-Cole further disclosed that the suspect will be transferred to the State Criminal Investigation Department, Panti, for further investigation as he advised members of the public, parents, and guardians to be watchful of their environment and keep eye on children and know their whereabouts at all time.

Nigerian man, Gbenga Ajibade, declared wanted for fraud offences by UK Police

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The Metropolitan Police made this known Tuesday, on its Service Contact Centre Twitter handle, asking for useful information that will lead to his arrest. They tweeted:

The suspect has links to Kent and Birmingham.

Two Nigerian women convicted in the UK of scamming 7 men out of over £100k in online dating fraud

Two Nigerian women have been convicted of being part of a romance fraud which tricked seven men into handing over more than £100,000.
Grace Akintaro, 24, of Pettacre Close, SE28 pleaded guilty to seven counts of fraud by false representation at Woolwich Crown Court on Monday, 12 June.
At the same hearing, Victoria Nwogu, 22, of Piedmont Road, SE18 pleaded guilty to a charge of acquiring criminal property (money laundering). The women will both be sentenced at the same court on Tuesday, 20 June.

Officers from the Met's Fraud and Linked Crime Online (FALCON) began an investigation in December 2014 following a referral from Action Fraud.
Four men, living in different areas of the UK, had contacted Action Fraud to report the fact they were victims of a romance fraud scam.
A further three victims were later identified as a result of the Met's investigation.
The men had all been using the Match dating website and believed they had struck up a relationship with a woman called Amanda Jenson.
After being asked if they could cover her travel costs to meet up, the men agreed to pay money directly into her bank account.
Various different excuses were then given to each man to explain why Amanda could not see them on the set date.
However, she would ask for more money and promise to meet up another time. None of the men ended up meeting Amanda, despite transferring thousands of pounds to her bank account.
Akintaro admitted she spoke to at least two of the victims on the phone pretending to be Amanda Jenson.
As well as travel costs, the men were also asked for other short term loans to pay for rent or other costs and would be given different bank account details they were told belonged to her mother or landlord.
Fake documents were used to provide evidence that Amanda Jenson was due to receive an inheritance from a relative and would then be able to pay the money back.
Met detectives carried out analysis of the bank statements related to the account numbers the
men had been asked to pay money in to and uncovered links to Akintaro and Nwogu.
One of the victims identified by Met officers had been tricked into handing over a total of more than £46,000.
Another victim of the fraud sent money from his wife's death in service insurance policy from her employer.
Others have lost proportions of their pension and another took out an equity release on his house.
In one case, a victim was told to go to a London airport to meet Amanda Jenson.
Whilst he was standing outside the arrivals lounge, he was sent pictures of himself from the phone number he had used to communicate with her.
The man was told Amanda Jenson could see him waiting but had been held up by customs officials and needed more money before she could be released. He refused to pay and went home.
All the men ceased contact with Amanda after it became apparent they would never meet her and were unlikely ever to receive their money back.
Most of the bank accounts involved in the fraud had an address of Pettacre Close, Woolwich, where Akintaro lived.
In total, Akintaro received £104,962.88 into accounts she directly controlled.
Analysis of Akintaro's mobile phone revealed a photo of Amanda Jenson used in the fraudulent profiles sent to the victims.
A car, which is owned and used by Grace Akintaro, was directly bought with funds from one of the victims. In total, Nwogu received £3,490 into accounts she directly controlled.
The money was sent to Akintaro and Nwogu during a period between August 2014 and December 2015.
The police investigation revealed no evidence of Amanda Jenson's existence, other than as a fake dating profile. The picture used on Match is believed to be of a woman who is entirely unaware of the fraud.
Akintaro was charged on 26 October 2016. Nwogu was charged the following day.
Detective Constable Mark Cresswell, of the Met's Fraud and Linked Crime Online (FALCON) unit, said:
"We managed to identify seven victims of this fraud but I suspect there are many more who have not contacted police. Romance fraud is often an under-reported crime as victims can be left feeling embarrassed about the sum of money they have handed over to someone they have never met. One of the victims we identified in this case said he had not reported it to police because he thought he felt he had been a 'foolish old man'.
"I would like to appeal to anyone who believes they have been a victim of this crime to contact their local police force or Action Fraud. We will investigate these allegations and, as these prosecutions show, we will ensure that the perpetrators are unable to commit similar offences against anyone else.
"The majority of accounts on dating websites are genuine people looking for romance, but fraudsters also use them by setting up fake profiles and building up what feels like a loving relationship with people they contact. When using online dating websites you should never send money or give away your bank details to someone you have not met, no matter how plausible their story may seem."
A Match spokesperson said:
"We are appalled by these crimes and welcome the convictions in this case. Sadly, there is a tiny minority of people who set out to harm others and while this is not confined to dating sites or even the internet, those who do should be brought to justice.
"Our member's safety is our highest priority and we regularly advise our community to be vigilant, to report any suspicious activity and follow the safety recommendations available online and through the app. We fully support the Metropolitan Police Service's investigation and the industry-wide initiatives that organisations like the Online Dating Association are taking on the issue."

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Breaking news! Fire destroys 24-story apartment block in West London

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Another tragedy in London, a huge fire has engulfed a 24-story apartment block in West London. London Fire Brigade confirms that 200 firefighters and 40 fire trucks have been deployed to tackle the blaze as rescue workers try to evacuate the building located in Lancaster West Estate in North Kensington.

In a statement posted on Twitter, London police say two people are currently being treated for smoke inhalation and they're waiting updates on further injuries.