16 Jun 2017

Wife of politician allegedly caught cheating in Delta (video)

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In the video shared on Facebook by Okon Edwin, a politician's wife was caught with another man in Delta state. In the video, the woman's husband came with some security operatives to arrest the woman where she was with her lover. 

Her lover claimed that he didn't know she was married, and that she informed him that she is divorced. According to the woman, she has been having the issues with her husband for close to two years.



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More revelations have continued to emanate on the lifestyle of billionaire kidnap kingpin, Chukwudi Dumeme Onuamadike, also known as Evans, who was finally arrested by the Inspector General of Police Intelligence Response Team (IRT), on Saturday, June 10, 2017.
According to insiders, the unassuming Evans who dropped out of school in Junior Secondary School Two [JSS 2], had a taste for the flashy lifestyle that would shame many graduates who pride themselves in being up to date with good things of life.

It was gathered from police investigators that Evans who made billions of Naira from his kidnapping spree, bought a house in the highbrow Magodo Phase II GRA in the Shangisha area of Lagos State for a whopping N130 million and spent another N40 million to furnish the house with all the latest designs in interior decorations, including an inbuilt Jacuzzi.
The tiles and other fittings were all imported while the chairs were specially made for him by one of the best furniture makers in the country.

He also bought another house in the same Magodo GRA for a whopping N150 million and renovated it to the tune of N60 million, spending another N50 million to furnish it including a reflective gate with CCTV cameras with which he monitored the people coming in.

During a search of the houses by the police, a gold ring worth $75,000, was found on him while a wrist watch worth $170, 000, three phones he bought $6, 000 and other expensive accessories were found on him.
The phones are said to have tracking devices which made it possible for Evans to track the movements of the police and also monitor their conversations anytime they were closing in on him.

A lover of state of the art cars, Evans reportedly spent fortunes on vehicles like Range Rover Sport, BMWs, Cherokee Jeeps, Prado Jeeps, Sports Cras and two expensive Power Bikes.

Outside Nigeria, Evans built two duplexes in Accra, Ghana, spending millions of dollars on the properties and the furnishings to make sure he and his family lived like royalties.

It was also gathered that four days to his arrest, Evans had perfected plans to escape from the country and the first move was sending his wife and five children to Ghana with the hope of joining them later.

He was said to have sent N20 million to his wife in Ghana through a Bureau de Change which was delivered to her in Ghanaian currency, Cedi

Update! See the full interview of kidnap kingpin Evans (video)


Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...Billionaire Kidnapper, Chukwudubem Onwuamadike, popularly known as Evans was last week arrested by the Lagos state police command.

Since his arrest, the man, believed to be the richest kidnap kingpin in Nigeria, has been making so many revelations.

Here is a full interview with the wealthy kidnapper, who is now cooling his feet in the custody of the State police command as posted by Channel TV.

Evans has also revealed how two of his gang members were shot dead while attempting to kidnap the owner of The Young Shall Grow Motors, Vincent Obianudo, in August 2013 at Festac, Lagos.

Ques. Where did you start kidnapping?
Ans. I started in Anambra then I came to Lagos.
Ques. How many jobs did you do in Anambra?
Ans. The truth of the matter is that I did not do anything in Anambra. Anambra can check the record of it. In Edo state it was like about three times.
Ques. Who did you kidnap in Edo State?
Ans. I don’t know their names. I know about (not very clear). I know the people that do the thing. That time, they said they did not collect N100 million, that what they collected was N50 million.

Ques. When did you move to Lagos?
Ans. I moved to Lagos in 2013.
Ques. Who did you kidnap in Festac, Lagos?
Ans. I don’t normally know names. But when I see someone that I know I will, you understand. Because sometimes something will happen, you will not know the name of the person.
Ques. How did you identify a rich individual?
Ans. Anybody that is rich, you will know that he is rich. I have people that give me information. I don’t know where they are right now.
Ques. How did you meet your boys?
Ans. Each time I want to go for operation I will call them on the phone like let’s meet in so and so place before we start going for the operation.

Ques. Where did you get the military uniform you use for your operations?
Ans. I no get army uniform.
Ques. How many of you normally go for an operation?

Ans. Three or four.
Ques. How did you get your victims away?
Ans. We would carry the man put inside motor and go.
Ques. How did you get into a victim’s House?
It is maybe along the road.
Ques. So you wait for your victims to come out?
Ans. Yes.
Ques. What is the most expensive ransom you have collected?
Ans. The highest money we have collected is from somebody living in Festac, $1 million.
Ques. Why did you keep your victims for months and where?
Ans. Just because they are wasting time. Because when you are wasting time you have to wait for the money to be complete. We have people that are feeding them.
Ques. Where did you keep your victims?
Ans. Just one. It is around Igando area. It is a rented apartment.

Ques. What are names of the boys that watched over the victims?
Ans. The name of the boy is Uche. They are two. I can’t remember the name of the second person. He is an Igbo boy. He is from Aguleri. His name has escaped me but I will remember.
Ques. Are they armed?
Ans. No.
Ques. How much do you pay him and how long have they been working for you?
Ans. The boy is a new person but Uche is the old person.
Ques. How much do you pay Uche before this boy joined him?
Ans. N2 million.
Ques. Every month?
Ans. Every operation. Sometimes above that.
Ques. Your second in command, how much do you give him?
Ans. It depends on the money we make.
Ques. Who goes to collect the ransom?
Ans. I can make the call but they can go and collect it. When they bring the money we have to share it. All of us.
Ques. How many of you?
Ans. Like six.
Ques. You have boys in each state?
Ans. Yes. It is those people I have in Lagos. I don’t have boys in Edo and Anambra.
Ques. If you want to go and kidnap in Edo, what do you do?
Ans. It is by phone call. That was that time we made phone calls then we gather together.
Ques. Where do you meet?
Ans. We can meet along the road and ask them to pick you up.
Ques. Tell us about your family. Your mom, your sisters, do they know what you do?
Ans. As for my mom, my mom don’t know what I do like that. I normally see her once in a while. But as a human being she knows not that she is in support.
Ques. What of your sister is she in Lagos? Does she know what you do?
Ans. My sister, No.
Ques. How much did you buy the house?
Ans. I bought it for N130 million.
Ques. From whom? From an individual or a company? When did you buy it?
Ans. From an individual. I bought it last year. I was living somewhere around here.
Ques. How many houses do you have in Magodo?
Ans. It’s two houses.
Ques. How many houses do you have in Ghana?
Ans. I have two. I built it myself. It is N15 million each. It is a duplex. I don’t have house in Canada.
Ques. How do you feel about killing people?
Ans. It is not me that killed. I don’t kill.
Ques. Do your boys kill?
Ans. I will not know. If somebody dies there I don’t know.
Ques. How about the Young Shall Grow incident?
Ans. That day I was driving.
Ques. You drove your boys? How many of you were there that day?
Ans. Five.
Ques. How many of them died that day?
Ans. Two.
Ques. What happened to them?
Ans. They got shot.
Ques. In the Young Shall Grow Operation, who fired gun?
Ans. I was driving. It was Uche and Hunchman and Nnamdi.
Ques. How do you sustain this injury? (Camera zooms to a huge scar on Evans’ shoulder)
Ans. It was when I was doing drug business in South Africa. That was where I got the bullet wound. Somebody shot me.

Ques. How many countries have you worked?
Ans. Only South Africa and Ghana.
Ques. When you get your ransom, where do you spend it?
Ans. I spend it in Nigeria. I have not travelled since 2007.
Ques. What message do you have for your children?
Ans. I don’t have any message for them. I believe God will take control. My advice is that anybody that is doing kidnapping should quit.


Lobatan! Nigerian athlete, Blessing Okagbare loses her wig during long jump in Oslo

Nigerian track and field athlete, Blessing Okagbare-Ighoteguonor did well for her first effort at the Oslo Diamond League on Thursday, June 15.

The long jumper got a respectable 6.21 meters score but suffered embarrassment when her wig fell off as she was making her way down the runway. After her mark was measured, the 28-year-old Olympic silver medalist calmly picked up the hairpiece and slipped it back in place.  See more photos ...

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Update! Billionaire Kidnapper, Evans reportedly sent N20m to his wife 4 days before his arrest and $75,000 gold ring discovered

Police detectives have recovered a $75,000 ring in the Magodo mansion of recently arrested notorious Kidnap kingpin, Chukwudubem Onwuamadike aka Evans. According to Vanguard, the ring was discovered after carrying out another thorough search in the mansion located at Magodo phase 2, Lagos.

Documents inside the house also revealed that just 4 days before his arrest, Evans sent N20m to his wife in Ghana through a Bureau de Change, which was delivered to her in Ghanaian currency, Cedi.

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Lagos State Notorious Land Grabbing Kingpin Has Been Caught

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Efforts by the Lagos State Government to curb the activities of land grabbers popularly known as Omo onile received a massive boost on Thursday as the Special Task Force on Land Grabbing set by Governor Akinwunmi Ambode arrested one Kamorudeen Lamina, alias Sir K Oluwo, described as a notorious Omo onile kingpin, who has allegedly been terrorising the people of the state, especially residents of Ikorodu.

The Omo Onile Kingpin, who was arrested on Thursday, fell into the waiting hands of the taskforce when he was tricked out of hiding in a well-orchestrated operation carried out in the Alausa area of the state.

The Chairman of the Lagos State Special Taskforce on Land Grabbing, Jide Bakare, said his office received tons of petitions written by innocent residents deprived of their legitimate investment in landed property by the unscrupulous gang allegedly led by Mr. Lamina, said to have been a torn in the flesh of his victims.

Mr. Bakare, in a statement, said that the arrest of Sir K Oluwo by his team was a clear indication of the commitment of the Ambode-led administration to ensure that the lives and property of residents across the state was secured and protected under the law.

He said the state government had made its zero tolerance stance against land grabbing offences very clear, just as he assured that every legitimate investment made in the state would be protected by government.

Mr. Bakare further assured residents that information given by them against the nefarious activities of land grabbers will be treated with utmost confidence, a statement by Kayode Oyekanmi, assistant director of public affairs at the Lagos State Ministry of Justice, said.

According to him, the state government will immediately begin the prosecution of the arrested Omo Onile Kingpin, to serve as deterrent to others that no one is above the law in Lagos State.

While warning those in the act to steer clear of Lagos, Mr. Bakare also said the task force would intensify efforts to make the state unbearable for their nefarious activities.

Recall that earlier this year, at the commissioning of the new office of the Special Taskforce on Land Grabbing, the State Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, Adeniji Kazeem, promised to go after any godfather aiding and abetting the criminal activities of the Omo Oniles in the state, saying “no matter who you are and your status, we will come after you and prosecute you”.

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Update! I Have Slept With Over 1000 Men, Cross-Dresser Confesses

A man who impersonated as a female prostitute popularly known by the name Jennifer Kpaakpa in Makurdi on Thurdsay confessed to have slept with over 1000 men in the past five years.

Kpaakpa's real identity was discovered by the Police during a raid involving a case of N2,500 theft at a brothel along the railway bye pass at High level area of Makurdi metropolis.

The 19-year-old who hailed from Kastina-Ala Local Government Area of the state told Daily Trust in an interview that her classmate in Secondary School initiated her to the mermaid world five years ago.

"For the past five years, I have operated like a woman. At night, I would stand on the road as a prostitute and men would pick me up at an agreed price. Usually, the female organ would manifest during my operations but at day time, I will remain in my normal masculine state and so far, I have slept with over 1000 men," the suspect said.

State Commissioner of Police, Bashir Makama, who paraded the suspected impersonator alongside others for various crime at the Command headquarters yesterday in Makurdi said the raid was conducted at the said brothel by police operatives following a report of theft.

"Upon search, one Jenifer kpaakpa dressed as a female was discovered to be a man whose real name is Ushahemba Yaapera. The DPO (woman) who conducted the body search on all suspects because they were females in the process discovered the unsual.

Makama said the matter is being investigated and that scientific test would be conducted on the suspect before he would be charged to court for unnatural offence.

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Lobatan! Nigerian man beats up his wife for denying him early morning sex

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A man allegedly beat up his wife for denying him early morning sex. According to lawyer and human right activist, Emeka Ugwuonye, the woman refused to have sex with her husband because she had a conference to attend early that morning. Her husband woke up and found her dressed. He beat her up and forcefully had sex with her. Mr Ugwuonye wrote;

"She just refused early morning sex because she has to attend a conference early this morning. No argument. Nothing! He woke up and found her dressed. Before you knew It, punches began to rain on the woman. Now, she can't attend the conference. The man still took it by force after leaving some lumps on her face.

Update! Rich Kidnapper Evans Caught Through His Girlfriend (Details)

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His mother who allegedly ruined his life with her manipulative ways has gone into hiding.

Nnewi monarch says "We don’t know him".

When Vanguard visited Nnewi, the industrial city of Anambra state, Evans’ arrest was the topic on everyone’s lips. Most of them, particularly traders, described his action as an embarrassment to the city, describing their indigenes as hard-working.

At his palace, the Obi of Umudim, Chief Okafor, stated; “I was told that he hardly came home. It is only the Akamili kindred where he comes from that will be able to give a little account of the young man. It is unfortunate that many people in this village do not know him because he does not have any investment in Nnewi like an average Nnewi man, neither does he own any house here.”

More facts emerge about the arrest 
More facts emerged, yesterday, about the circumstances that led to the location of the residence of the kidnap kingpin leading to his arrest, last Saturday. Sources attributed it to an informant residing in Magodo and intelligence reports that revealed identities of his three girlfriends.

It was gathered that after the Inspector-General of police deployed his Intelligence Response Team to track the notorious kingpin, they made huge progress from the documents recovered from his hideout in Igando, Lagos after the miraculous disappearance of his last victim.

The documents reportedly aided them in identifying occupants of that apartment and opened an avalanche of information leading to Evans movement. That was how they discovered that he lives at Magodo area of Lagos State, while other members were also residing in Lagos, Rivers, Abuja, Edo and Anambara States.

N30m IGP reward as a boost 
A source who spoke with Vanguard disclosed that the leader of IGP’s team, Abba Kyari, who was tracking their locations had planned to round-up all the suspects, in one swoop, but his plans failed as Evans was always changing locations, making it difficult to get his exact location.

The source who spoke with Vanguard on the condition of anonymity disclosed that, while Kyari was searching for Evans, and has also mobilized some residents of Magodo Estate, giving them clear descriptions of Evans, his vehicles and the name of his security man, IGP, Ibrahim Idris, also announced a bounty of N30million on information that could lead to the arrest of Evans.

This led to the rounding up of three women believed to be Evans girlfriends, and they were identified as Amaka, Ijeoma and Ngozi. The operatives were said to have discovered that Evans was very close to Amaka and he rented an apartment for her in Okota area of Lagos State. Sources explained that Evans was fond of sleeping in Amaka’s house on a regular basis and they decided to use Amaka to lure him.

His plan to evade arrest 
It was further gathered that fearing that Amaka may have been picked by the police, he avoided her as much as he could. However, one of the police informants in Magodo made a breakthrough as the IRT were banking on Amaka, and he called and informed the police that he has located Evans apartment. He also disclosed that Evans has not been seen around his house for a long time and he was believed to have moved out of his house.

Our source revealed that, Evans was highly elusive at this time and he was quite aware that the police were closing in on him and he moved away from his home and relocated to a hotel in Agidigingbi area of Ikeja adding that he also moved his wife and children to Ghana and was trying to dispose some of his properties at the time he was arrested.

The final straw 
On the day he was arrested, according to sources, he was said to be unaware that operatives had located his apartment in Magodo, when he contacted Ama ka on Saturday morning. 

“He was said to have called her on the phone around 4:15am, without knowing that some policemen were with her and asked her to wait outside her compound to meet him. She reportedly joined him later at the spot and as soon as she got into the car, he attacked her, threatening to kill her for not informing him about the police presence in her house.

Evans was said to have gotten angry and drove away with her in his Grand Cherokee SUV and they had an accident at Iyana-Ipaja area where he abandoned the vehicle, seized Amaka’s phone and asked her to go home. It was from there that he picked a cab to his residence at Magodo to pick some few things towards travelling out of the country. After then, we swooped on him and arrested him inside his bedroom.”

Update! Faces of some of those missing at the London fire

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Dozens of people are missing and feared dead after a blaze ripped through the Grenfell Tower block in London. Anxious friends and family have since taken to social media to appeal for help in finding their loved ones.
Those still missing include, Top row from left: Zainab Dean and her son Jermiah, Sheila Smith, Tony Disson, Jessica Urbano, Nadia Choucair, Yasin El-Wahabi, Nurhuda El-Wahabi, and Mo Tuccu.

Top row, right: Steve Power, Mary Mendy, Khadija Saye, Ali Yawar, Rania Ibrham, Hamid Kani, Saber Neda and Hesham Rahman.

Notorious Nigerian Drug Baron Arrested in South Korea for Smuggling Hard Drugs Worth Over N500million


Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...A Nigerian drug baron has been arrested in South Korea with illicit drug worth about N500 million.
South Korean Police said Wednesday they have arrested a 46 year-old Nigerian for smuggling large amounts of methamphetamines, also called meth, into the country through international mail from China.

The Nigerian yet to be identified is being detained by the Gyeongnam Provincial Police Agency in Seoul.
Yonhap, the Korean news agency said the Nigerian, twice last week, and via post, attempted to smuggle into the country 605 grams of meth, worth some N556,753,500 (US$1.77 million). The drug was hidden in women’s cosmetic products.
Each parcel was delivered via international express mail.
The volume of meth he tried to sneak into Korea is large enough for about 20,000 people, the police said.
The suspect, who lives in Pyeongtaek, south of Seoul, and has a blue-collar job, received the mail from China through Cambodia.
The police received intelligence about possible drug smuggling earlier and impounded the drugs at customs located at Incheon International Airport, it added.
The police said they are investigating whether the suspect had any accomplices.
It appears a Nigerian drug smuggling ring is very active in Asia, especially in India where many Nigerians have been arrested.

Update! MC Oluomo, Kokozaria, Talo settles their fight

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The Executives of the National Union of Road Transport Workers, NURTW, MC Oluomo, Koko, Talo has settled their rift following the crisis in Oshodi, Lagos which saw chieftain and politician Aro Rasaq Bello (Hamburger) gunned down by unknown gunmen in Shogunle Oshodi during a political rally in the area last month.

The leader of the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW), Alhaji Musiliu Akinsanya popularly known as Mc Oluomo had earlier debunked rumours that he was behind the gruesome murder of another member of the union, Rasaq Bello, popularly called Hamburger. See more photos below...

70 Ghanaians Deported From US In Handcuffs?

Over 70 Ghanaian immigrants were deported from the United States yesterday for visa-related offences including staying illegally, over staying their permits.

The all-male deportees arrived at Accra’s Kotoka International Airport in handcuffs before they were handed over to local authorities, different Ghanaian websites says.

According to local news portal 3news.com, security and disaster management services welcomed the deportees and assisted them to get to their destinations.

They were reported to have been given 100 Ghana Cedis ($23) each after clearance as some of them had no luggages nor means to contact their families.

This is the second mass deportation of Ghanaians from the United States in recent times.

Last year, the United States deported 108 Ghanaian immigrants for reasons including drug-related offences, staying illegally, over staying their permits and other crimes.

They were returned to the Kotoka International Airport in November.

The deportees refused to disembark from the plane in protest of alleged inhumane treatment including shackling before and during the journey.

It took the intervention of Ghanaian security and immigration officials to convince them to disembark after over an hour.

Foreign Affairs Minister Shirley Ayorkor Botchway had said in January that Ghanaians without proper documentations abroad should reconsider their decision and return home.

Member of Parliament and former deputy education minister Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa condemned the ill treatment of deportees who are shackled or handcuffed.

“I want to stress that we all have to condemn the way these deportees have been treated. Inasmuch as we all concede that the deportees have questions to answer, it is important that these deportees’ rights are respected,” he told Class FM today.

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See the naming ceremony of Yoruba actor, Kunle Afod's newborn son

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Nollywood Actor and Director, Kunle Afod and his wife of 12 years, Desola, recently welcomed their fourth child, a boy. The family had a naming ceremony for their new child. See more photos from their family shoot on that day, after the cut...

Meet the 43-year-old South African man with 4 wives who wants other men to be polygamous (Photos)

Musa Mseleku, who's a businessman from Port Shepstone in KwaZulu-Natal, says he is happily married to four wives and wants other young men to join him in the polygamy club.
The 43-year-old and his wives Busisiwe MaCele, Nokukhanya MaYeni, Thobile Mseleku, Mbali MaNgwabe and their 10 children are currently being featured in a reality show called 'Uthando Nes’thembu', which means 'Love and Polygamy'.
The reality show gives Musa and beautiful wives the platform to showcase how being in a polygamy union has been working for them so far.
Speaking to Daily Sun, he said his four wives are happy to be married to him.

He said although some people have criticised him, he wanted to change people’s perceptions of polygamy.
“I want to show men that you can be in a polygamous relationship and also be considerate.
“My wives impose restrictions on me. I have to be home an hour earlier than them so I can prepare to spend time with all of them,” he said.
One of his wives, Thobile said:
“I knew what I was getting into and didn’t have a problem with it. I also come from a polygamous family.”
She said the other wives are like sisters to her and they all rely on each other for advice and help.

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Indian man jailed for 15 years for raping a 13 year old girl in London

The Southwark Crown Court in England has found 37-year old Indian, Brijeshkumar Barot guilty for  the rape and sexual assault of a child under the age of 13 and consequently jailed him for 15 years on Wednesday June 14, 2017.
According to the UK Metropolitan Police, the victim who was 12 at the time of the offence was raped and sexually assaulted by Barot at his address in Harrow between December 2014 and February 2015.  He was a friend of the victim's family, who had been entrusted with looking after her for short periods of time. 

Barot was arrested after the girl and her family reported the abuse to police he was arrested in July 2015.  As part of the investigation, Barot's phone was seized and on examination extreme pornographic material was discovered. He was subsequently charged with these offences, along with the rape and sexual assault of the girl.  

He pleaded guilty in January of this year to possession of extreme pornographic material relating to animals. On Monday, May 8, he pleaded guilty to possession of indecent images of children.  Detective Constable Janine Stevenson of the Sexual Offences, Exploitation and Child Abuse Command said:
"Barot is a predatory sex offender who manipulated his time with a child to carry out a horrific reign of abuse. I cannot speak highly enough of the victim and her family who have shown immense bravery in coming to police and supporting this prosecution. I would also like to thank the network of professionals who are on hand to support victims and their families through such ordeals." 

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Kemi Olunloyo - How Linda Ikeji donated N100,000 to me while I was in prison

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Kemi Olunloyo has revealed that blogger, Linda Ikeji donated 100,000 to her while she was in prison.
Olunloyo had in the past cursed and mocked Linda Ikeji at every opportunity.
But in a video posted on Instagram, Olunloyo apologized and thanked the blogger for her generosity.
She also added that she :

“will forever remember her  ffor what she has done.”
Nigerians had donated towards her release while she was in prison.
She wrote, “SPECIAL THANKS to @officiallindaikeji #LindaIkeji who secretly donated to my legal expense travel fund. Today I found out she was the very FIRST DONOR on May 16th N100,000. Thank you Linda. We women in Nigeria should now collectively form a powerful force showing the world that girl power belongs here. .
Cheers to you Linda!!
I appreciate all your donations Nigeria. However big or small. Lets get @hnnafrica back on track. A GoFundMe appeal has been set up as well but still has technical issues. My losses were so huge and I have settled my advertisers leaving me with nothing for my back and forth to PH for my ongoing trial. Everything liquidated!”