20 Jun 2017

See the female armed robber caught with her gang leader (graphic photo)

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An armed robber identified simply as wee wee was shot dead after being nabbed during operation. According to reports, the Police arrested the only female robber among the six man gang as four other gang members fled.

The female criminal was identified by the Imo State commissioner of police, Chris Ezike, as Comfort Okon, 28 years from Akwa Ibom state.

The incident happened at the 7up depot in Orlu, Imo state.

According to the CP , one AK 47 rifle , a motorcycle and the sum of N193,980 were recovered from the gunmen.

Residents raised the alarm which led to an immediate response by the police. In an attempt to overpower the policemen, the hoodlums engaged them in a shootout . While one of them died , the only female robber among the gang was arrested while the other four are still at large . See more graphic photos below...

See The Man Who Dangled Baby From Tall Building For Facebook 'Likes

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A court in Algeria has sentenced a man to two years in prison for dangling a baby out of a window in order to attract "likes" on Facebook.

The man posted a picture of himself holding the baby out of a window in a high-rise building with the caption: "1,000 likes or I will drop him."

It prompted other social media users to demand his arrest for child abuse. He was charged with endangering the baby's safety following his arrest on Sunday, police said.

The child was dangled out of the 15th-floor window of an apartment block in the capital, Algiers.

The man, who is a relative of the child, denied he put his life at risk, saying the image had been altered by social media users, Algeria's privately owned Ennahar TV reported.

"The picture was taken in a balcony with protective barriers. These were removed," he was quoted as saying.

The child's father urged the court to forgive the man, saying he had just been playing a game.

However, the judge ruled against him, saying the picture was clear and the child's life was in danger.

Update! How Notorious Kidnapper, Evans was caught by Kyari, IRT boss

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Kyari, IRT boss says I took okada to Magodo GRA to stop his escape.  The Head of the Intelligence Response Team, Assistant Commissioner of Police Abba Kyari, has disclosed that he had to take a ride on a commercial motorcycle, popularly known as okada, to enable him move faster to the Magodo GRA Phase II residence of notorious kidnap kingpin, Chukwudi Onuamadike, aka Evans, to effect his arrest.

Kyari told our correspondent on the phone that to avoid any delay due to the usual chaotic traffic situation on Lagos roads, he had to quickly jump on a commercial motorcycle from his Ikeja GRA location to Magodo GRA Phase II to arrest Evans, who he had earlier been informed by his men already deployed in the area, was making frantic preparations to leave his mansion very soon.

He added that in the early hours of Sunday, “At about 1.30am, Evans and some of his gang members went out to a club around Ikeja and returned at 5.10am. So, we were very sure Sunday would be our day. So, I decided to go and cleanup myself and have a little rest before I returned to Magodo. I was still resting when my guys called that the target was set; that it appeared he wanted to go out. So, I had to take Okada from where I was, to meet up.

“You won’t believe this, but it’s the truth. Do you know that when my surveillance team alerted me of the suspect’s presence at his Magodo mansion, I had no other option than to take Okada from where I was at Ikeja GRA to Magodo?”


Kyari said though it might sound funny, policemen sometimes must do “unconventional things” to get at their targets or what they actually wanted.

“I was approaching former tollgate, when I got another call that he might drive out any moment. So, I instructed my guys to give him warning shots; that was to announce our presence, and that kept him indoors until I got there and directed the affairs,” he said.

The IRT boss stated that he and his team had been on Evans’ trail for close to 10 years until the kidnap kingpin met his waterloo last Sunday.

“We have been following him, through intelligence gathering and surveillance, but we have always lost him. He is a very intelligent criminal with a very sound IQ, I must tell you,” he said.

Kyari further disclosed that he and his team mounted a surveillance on Evans five days before last Sunday, when he was finally arrested.

“When we tracked him to Lagos, I was in Abuja. The moment I was sure he was in Lagos, we moved down to Lagos on Monday of that week. We came by road and slept at a police station close to Evans’ residence and started our surveillance on him,” he said.


Nigerian woman caught shaving her beard on the train

This weird video circulating online shows a woman shaving her face on a train. She doesn't even mind that she is being recorded. It is unknown where the clip was shot. See more photos below...

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Shocking! "I married my sister because you cant control love"

A man who lives in Los Angeles in California with his wife, who also happens to be his sister, has taken to Twitter to explain why he tied the knot with her. Sharing a photo of him cradling his sister/wife's baby bump, he said love cannot be controlled and as such he chose the one he loved even though they are blood relatives.

"I married my sister because you can't control love Im sure some of you have thought about marrying ur sister/brother so you can relate," Garvin wrote. 
Gavin is proud of his choice and his Twitter account info shows that. It reads: “R.I.P GMA stay golden yes I’m the guy who married his sister f**k off.'

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Nigerian Man Caught With His Neighbour's Wife In A Hotel

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A video footage which has gone viral online shows how a married man was stripped unclad and totally disgraced after he was caught in a hotel with his neighbour's wife in Delta state. The husband of the woman in question and his 'goons' stormed the hotel room to catch the man 'in the act'. They resorted to humiliating the man as they forced him to remove his clothes and pose for the camera.

The married man revealed that it was the woman (his neigbour's wife) who invited him to the hotel as he begged for mercy. The pleas fell on deaf ears - with his 'captors' beating him and also forcing him to call his sister to tell her what happened.

Some online users have been left enraged by this as the woman who was nabbed with the married man was nowhere to be found in the video. Only the man was disgraced despite two people being involved in the act...

Mother Of Finsbury Park 'Terrorist' Says She Wont Defend Him

The mother of the Finsbury Park suspect last night said she was 'not going to defend' her son and revealed she screamed in horror when she saw him on television.

Christine Osborne, 72, said that she had not seen her 47-year-old son Darren in one month and described him as being a 'complex' person.

Her son, from Cardiff, South Wales, was arrested on suspicion of murder and terror offences. She described the incident in Finsbury Park, North London, on Monday morning as being an 'atrocity' and spoke about her son's mental health issues.

Mrs Osborne insisted that her son had no problems with Muslims and added he had no links with far-Right groups and added he was not a racist.

She said: 'I'm not going to defend him, but he's my son and it's a terrible, terrible shock.

'It's not just robbing a bank, it's an atrocity. And at this moment in time, I can't cope with it, I can't. I don't want to say anything more.

'He is disturbed, and has been on medication. He's unemployed at the moment. He's got problems, but he's also got a wife and four kids, and we can't talk to his partner Sarah, she's somewhere safe.'

With her grandson Ellis, 26, who is mixed-race, next to her, she added: 'Darren would stand up and die for Ellis.'

'He's never spoken to me about terror attacks or talked about "bloody Muslims" - never in a million years and that's the truth.

'As a mum my heart goes out to everyone in Finsbury Park.'

It is alleged that Osborne - who was not known to police and MI5 - hired an £80-a-day van from South Wales before driving to the Muslim Welfare House in north London.

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How I Paid ‘Notorious Kidnapper’, Evans, Extra $200k After Initial $1m Ransom - Victim

Alleged notorious kidnap kingpin, Chukwudi Onwuamadike (popularly known as Evans), collected an extra $200,000 from one of his victims after claiming part of the $1 million ransom was “old money,” Premium Times can report.

The victim, who requested not to be named because he did not want publicity, said he paid a total of $1.2 million to Evans and not $1 million as being reported.

“He collected 1.2 (million dollars) from me, not 1 million he’s writing,” the victim, who was among the several people kidnapped by Evans in the FESTAC area, told Premium Times in an exclusive interview.

“Because when he released me, there was an agreement between me and him, the day he was releasing me, he said the money my wife gave him, that like 200,000 was old money, that they did not collect it from her, and that the money must be complete. I told him let him release me let me to go and look for the money,” he agreed.

“After one month, he started calling me, he now told me about my son and where my daughter is working and that if I don’t give him the money he’ll come after me. Rather than go through that trauma again, I sent that money to him at Queen’s Suite ( a hotel in Awka, Anambra State).”

Evans, 36, was arrested on June 10 at his posh Magodo home in Lagos, marking an end to a manhunt by law enforcement agencies that lasted about five years.

The police said the suspect, who hails from Nnewi in Anambra State, was the leader of a highly organised kidnap-for-ransom syndicate who terrorised Nigerians in Lagos and other parts of Nigeria.

He was first declared wanted in August 2013, after he allegedly masterminded the attempted kidnap of Vincent Obianodo, the owner of Young Shall Grow Motors, in Festac Town.

One police officer and three kidnappers died in the failed attempt.

The police linked Evans to the kidnap of at least 12 people in Lagos over the past four years, collecting ransoms running into billions of naira.

Last weekend, the suspect’s wife, Uchenna Onwuamadike, pleaded with Nigerian authorities to spare her husband’s life.

The victim who spoke to Premium Times, said he paid the extra $200,000 to Evans through his wife, who travelled to Anambra State to make the payment.

“He told my wife to lodge at Queen’s Suites, Awka. Even while going there people will tell you…. if you ask ‘Where is the road to Queen’s Suites?’ They will tell you ‘Ah! You’re going to kidnappers’ hotel.’ I wonder why Anambra State government has not brought that hotel down because almost all the people he kidnapped from Festac, one way or the other, he will tell him to go to Queen’s Suites. He doesn’t come to Queen Suite, they don’t pay the money in Queen Suite but he will make sure you sleep in Queen Suite as a must.

“In the night he will now call you inside the bush, within Ihembosi and Ozubulu, and collect the money. After collecting the money, he will tell you you must go back to Queen Suite, if you don’t go back there, he will shoot you.

“He forces people to go back there and sleep. What is his connection with Queen Suite? I also asked him that question yesterday because we met him, all the people he kidnapped. Abba Kyari arranged a meeting, brought him out and we asked him questions at State Command, GRA.

“I gave him 200,000 when I came out. Yesterday when I told him he could not deny it, because I told him how it happened, as I narrated to you.”

‘We are not aware’

When contacted by Premium Times, the management of Queen’s Suites, Awka, said they were not aware of Evans’ activities.

“Definitely, I never knew of Evans anyway,” said Emeka Nwachukwu, the hotel manager.

“Secondly, I never know if he has any ransom that they normally come to pay here. If there is anybody that is coming here to lodge, it’s just for the person’s safety, I am here for the safety of anybody.

“Whoever that came to my hotel to lodge only came for the safety, I never knew of Evans the kidnapper.”

On Sunday, Evans led the police to some of the houses where he kept his victims pending when he collects their ransom – at Jakande Estate, Ejigbo; and New Igando. The team were unable to visit the third location, reportedly at Gowon Estate, Egbeda.

“From what I saw (in the news) yesterday, of the detention camp, it does seem that it was Jakande Estate they kept me,” the kidnap victim told Premium Times

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Update! Nollywood actress, Uche Jombo reacts to rumours of maritals issues

Actress Uche Jombo Rodriguez has reacted to rumours that she is having marital issues. Earlier this morning, some websites reported that all may not be well in Rodriguez family after Uche Jombo removed her husband's name from her Instagram page. She took to her Instagram page to react it stating that she is taking her family off social media. She wrote;
"Good morning ujlovers. ... Been on it for a while through my posts but officially taking my family off social media..please respect that! Thanks for understanding..stop with the evil insinuations.

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Update! Notorious Kidnapper, 'Evans' wife has not visited her family home since she got married

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The elder brother of the wife of notorious billionaire kidnapper "Evans" has revealed that since his sister got married to the kidnap kingpin, she has not visited her village at Awo Oraifite in Ekwusigo, Anambra State.

Mr. Chukwuemeka Okoye, while speaking to Vanguard, said his sister, Mrs. Uchenna Precious Onwuamadike, got married to Mr. Chidumeme Onwuamadike aka Evans in 2006 and since then they have not set eyes on her. Even when their father died in 2014, he said she did not return home.

Her husband, Evans, also did not attend the burial of his father-in-law. Uchenna is the youngest of 13 Children in the Okoye family and got married quite early to the kidnap kingpin then moved away with him, after which she ceased communicating with all her older siblings and parents.

Chukwuemeka, who is a farmer and a daily paid job man at Oraifite market said he never communicated with his sister on the phone and had no idea she even had children at all, let alone five of them. He also said he will not be able to identify his brother-in-law Evans if they meet. He said that their family have lived in poverty for years and their mother is diabetic, yet Uchenna and her husband never cared to help them.

He said: “Our father was very sick when Uchenna got married and he was bedridden for eight years before he died in 2014. It was her father-in-law that came for the burial. Once she got married, nobody heard from her again and sometimes we heard that she was living abroad. My elder brother who is living abroad once told me that he communicated with her and there was no way I could know their present predicament because I do not watch television, neither do I have a mobile phone that can be used for browsing.”

Uchenna’s cousin, a Reverend of the Anglican Church, spoke to the paper on condition of anonymity. He disclosed they did not know much about Uchenna because she was not communicating with the family, adding that he only knew about their present situation from the internet.

Nigerian Single Mom Dresses As A Man For Father’s Day

Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh went too far on Friday when she stormed her son’s school dressed up as a man for father’s day, celebration.  Just as father’s day was celebrated on Sunday, a single mom, who bears Ebere Amalaha on facebook took to the platform to share photos of herself dressed like a man with the caption;

"Happy Father's Day to all the single mum out there God bless us".

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Nollywood actress , Uche Jumbo removes her married name on Instagram

The actress no longer bears her husband’s name and has officially removed it off her Instagram page. Uche shortly after her wedding included his name on her social media platforms, but it seems all that is gone now. She now simply has her father’s name- Jombo as her only other name on her Instagram page. We just hope everything is okay.

That however didn’t stop the actress from wishing the father of her son a happy father’s day.

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Ajimobi To Install CCTV Cameras In Ibadan

The Oyo State government has promised to install close circuit television (CCTV) cameras in strategic locations across the state, Governor Abiola Ajimobi said yesterday.

The move, the governor said, would place Oyo among the league of states and communities under the “safe city project”.

Ajimobi spoke in Ibadan, the state capital, when he hosted the United States (U.S) Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr. Stuart Symington.

Addressing the ambassador and his entourage, Ajimobi said the state, hitherto known for violence and brigandage, changed its course when his administration came in in 2011.

According to him, CCTV cameras will be installed at strategic locations known to be red spots or crisis-prone for close monitoring of the state.

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Man hangs himself after stabbing his wife to death

According to 'The Gambia Today', the man was found hanging from a tree after allegedly beating and stabbing his wife to death in the early hours of Monday.

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