24 Jun 2017


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Why do haters hate me?

Criticism is self-hate turned outward. I believe hate is often a sign of weakness, envy and fear. Haters hate on you because you’re doing what they cannot, will not or are too afraid to attempt.
Haters are a natural part of the growth of your business. When you’re new there will be critics, when you’re good there will be haters, and when you’re excellent they will turn into admirers. The question is: Are you willing to be attacked and criticized as a person to grow your brand?

Mental illness or witchcraft? Naked witch caught while trying to steal 3 month old baby (pics)

Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...We have heard of and seen pictures alleged witches dropping like stones from the sky after being ‘arrested’ by higher powers. While some argue these incidences are either faked of the alleged witches are mental patients, others insist it is very real.

Banana 7 unimaginable health benefits of this fruit

Banana is also known to contain protease inhibitors that help eliminate stomach bacteria which can cause stomach ulcers.

Banana is one of nature’s sweetest foods- packed with a lot of surprising health benefits.

For most people, banana is only known for its great source of potassium. What is unknown is that banana can actually help combat depression, make you smarter, cure hangovers, relieve morning sickness, protect against kidney cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, and blindness.
In addition, eating bananas could help lower blood pressure and reduce the risks of cancer and asthma as well,
Unarguably, these might seem too much to be true; but it is actually what it.
Here are some of the unimaginable health benefits of banana

1. Potassium

Although a lot of people know that bananas are very rich in potassium, they still cannot tell the importance of potassium to the human body.
 Potassium, as a mineral, helps maintain fluid levels in the body and regulates the movement of nutrients and waste products in and out of cells.
It also helps in the contracting of muscles as well as the responding of nerve cells. It keeps the heart beating regularly and can reduce the effect of sodium on blood pressure.

Studies have also shown that potassium may reduce the risk of kidney stones.

2. Source of energy

Professional athletes will tell you that when it comes to dishing out energy, banana is king.
Two bananas, before a strenuous workout is enough to pack energy punch and sustain your blood sugar. Another interesting quality of banana is that it protects against muscle cramps during workouts and night time leg cramps as well.

3. Cures and protect against ulcer

Regular consumption of banana may help protect against stomach ulcers, because over time bananas thicken the protective mucus barrier in the stomach, which prevents damage from hydrochloric acid.
Banana is also known to contain protease inhibitors that help eliminate stomach bacteria which can cause stomach ulcers.
 (Tomi's colour)

4. Treats hangover   

If you were told that banana can actually get rid of the morning inconvenience that comes after the night groove, would you believe?
Well, you should; because a couple of bananas blended with ice, berries and coconut milk or cow’s milk makes a really good hangover recovery drink.
In as much as the better solution is not to drink so much the night before, it is advisable to have some bananas and coconut milk around to help you with the morning trouble just in case.

5. Combat depression

As funny as this may sound, it is actually true. Bananas help overcome depression due to high levels of tryptophan, which is converted into serotonin -- the happy-mood brain neurotransmitter.
Eating banana also improves your mood and helps reduce PMS symptoms, which regulates blood sugar and produces stress-relieving relaxation.

6. Fights cancer

According to a recent Japanese animal research, bananas that are fully ripe (with dark spots) have been observed to produce a compound called TNF–a.

Irish teacher killed in horror car crash in Thailand 'while having sex

An Irishman teacher who was killed in a horror car crash in Thailand was reportedly having sex with a Thai woman at the back seat when the driver lost control, Authorities believe.

The Ex-pat English teacher John Malone, 39, was said to be travelling in a speeding black Suzuki when it lost control and hit a concrete post on Wednesday morning at 1am, Daily Mail reported
Horrific CCTV shows the car spinning several times as the glass smashes before it comes to a stop further down the road in Chiang Rai, Thailand.

Rescuers who arrived at the scene first found John half-naked while a naked Thai woman who survived the crash was in the back passenger seat and both didn't had their seat belts on.

The driver and another female front seat passenger who was recused are in a serious condition and are being treated at Kasemrad Sriburin General Hospital.

The volunteer rescue foundation Siam Ruam which attended the crash said authorities were now investigating.

A spokesman said today : 'One foreign man died in the crash. The staff helped to bring out the bodies and give first aid.
The number plate of the crashed black Suzuki 795
'This was a black Suziki Swift and it was speeding. We think the man was having sex in the the car.
'There were three Thai people and one foreign man. Two of them were women. 
'They were injured and the driver was unconscious but only the man died.
'How it happened exactly we do not know yet. From the scene we know that the two passengers did not have clothes on. The man had a small t-shirt.
'We don't know how the driver crashed. We have not been able to investigate with him yet.'

The rescue foundation said that all three of the other people involved in the crash were Thai and that John, originally from County Longford, was the only foreigner. 

Mr. Malone was a teacher at The Learning Center in Chiang Rai, a small city in northern Thailand on the border with Laos and Myanmar.

The company posted a tribute online. They said: 'We have lost today one of our beloved teachers, John Malone.

'John was at the heart of TLC team, helping in every way with his usual smile and happy attitude. You will always be in our hearts. RIP John.'

A spokesperson for the Department of Foreign Affairs in Ireland confirmed that they are aware of the incident and are 'providing consular assistance'.

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Kidnapper Evans reveals how he beat the security operatives in Nigeria


When Saturday Vanguard inquired from Evans on how he was able to evade arrest during his reign, he said he knew the dangers associated with kidnapping. Evans revealed that he maintained multiple identities, adding that he ensured there were no pictures of him in circulation.

He said: ‘’I beat security operatives over the years because my system is a sensor that detects problems. I don’t use charms of any kind but I developed the ability to detect danger since my early days as an armed robber. That was why I was able to know that the Police were close to me even when they haven’t informed me. I don’t snap pictures. In fact, I don’t have any picture. Nobody on earth had my picture before now. Even those who are very close to me don’t have my picture.

I don’t snap pictures

‘’My mother doesn’t have my pictures. My wife and siblings don’t have them as well. My pictures are not in my house and that made it difficult for security agents to apprehend me because they don’t know how I look like. Another issue you may have to take into consideration is the fact that I have numerous names for different people. My wife knows me as Somtochukwu, while all my girlfriends knew me as Mike. My neighbors at Gowon Estate knew me as George.

‘’I was also known as Sunny in Benin while in Portharcourt, I was known as Richard. These are the reasons it was difficult for policemen to track and arrest me. No one has my pictures and the names I bear in Lagos weren’t the names I had in other states. Ifeanyi (calling our reporter’s name), I would have been worse than this if I had proper education. With education, I could have done worse things and be elusive. But thank God it’s over and I have been stopped.

Update! See photo of Notorious Kidnapper, Evans' father

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In the village of Inyaba in Akamili area of Nnewi town, Anambra State, the arrest of kidnap kingpin, Chukwudi Dumeme Onwuamadike aka Evans has brought shame to his family and kinsmen. His father, Stephen Onwuamadike, who relocated to the community after his business empire collapsed in 1985 after he was defrauded, battles poverty. The fair-complexioned Onwuamadike told The Nation that since he suffered a reversal of fortune about 32 years ago, he had gone through the pains and agony of suffering without any form of help from anywhere.

The only thing sustaining him for now, he disclosed, is a small poultry business in his compound. Narrating his son’s upbringing to The Nation in his residence tucked behind Immanuel Anglican Church, Evans’ father said he was the youngest millionaire in Nnewi before his business misfortune. He said people like Innocent Chukwuma (Innoson group) were using their pick-up vans to pick goods from his warehouse located inside his compound, where he was storing motor-spare parts back in the days. “I used to go to Japan, Singapore, Germany, London, Korea among other countries to import generating sets and motorcycle spare parts. I found myself in this condition in 1985 when I was duped by 419ners(fraudsters) from Aba in Port Harcourt.

“I built this house in 1984; by that time, this my son Chukwudi (aka – Evans) was only three years old. I took them to many places to give them the good things of life. The problem of that boy started with his mother in 1986 when I started having problems with her and she was junketing from pillar to post. “Chukwudi my son was enrolled in good schools from nursery to secondary.

I put him in Merchant of Light Boys High school in Oba Before then, he had gone through Summit Nursery School to Nnamdi Azikiwe University Primary School in Awka. I removed him from those schools when I noticed that the mother was visiting him because I did not want her to infect him with bad spirit” He said his wife Chinwe, 50, left his house in 1986 leaving her four children behind, with his mother, Margret Onwuamadike, 78. He explained further that Evans’ mother later came back to his house two years later.
He said that when his son left Oba Boys Secondary school (Merchant of Light) after two years, he did all he could to persuade him to further his studies to no avail. He said: “My son (Evans) insisted that he would trade in spare parts and I made arrangement with Cosmas Maduka, through his elder brother, to take him to Lagos, but the boy later rejected the plan, not knowing that he was being negatively teleguided. “But in 1998, I left Nnewi for Lagos and I was living at Ikotun and started worshipping at T.B Joshua’s church, Synagogue, and when the boy came to me, I gave him money to go back to Nnewi after he found his way to Lagos where he said he had started learning a trade “So, in 2005 again, he called me that he wanted to marry and I asked him how manage, because I was aware that he was not doing anything tangible, but he told me not to bother, that he needed my presence, which I obliged him.

“Chukwudi Onwuamadike who is being paraded as a kidnapper is my first son; there are other 10 of my children; eight boys and three girls, they were to be 12 but one died. “After his marriage in 2005, he moved back to Lagos with the wife and since 11 years, my brother, I will tell you that I don’t know his whereabouts. “The only person who can tell you in and out of his movement, his connections and his dealings is his mother (Chinwe) because they are always discussing on phone and he does not call me.

“Anytime he wanted to call me, he would hide his phone number or any time his mother would be around, he would instruct his mother to give me her phone for me to answer. “I met him in 2006 when I went for prayers at TB Joshua’s church (in Lagos). the last time I set my eyes on him was in 2012 during the birthday party of Prophet T.B Joshua in Lagos and I asked him what he was doing, he told me he was dealing in drugs. “My son was a nice young man before he came under strange influences.”

However, he said if Evans was released, he would be the happiest father. According to him, “he is still my son, blood is thicker than water. Since I was told about this incident on Monday by some people, I have not been sleeping and I have refused to allow my old mother to know about it because she would die immediately;” Stephen Onwumadike narrated. Also speaking with The Nation, the Obi of Akamili, 81- year-old Edwin Oduonye, who could not stomach what he called the insult brought on them by their son, slumped on his seat and started crying like a baby. It took the reporter some minutes to calm him down, but he managed to clean his eyes and told The Nation that the boy was nice when he was growing up.

The old man popularly known as (Nnanyelugo), said his late wife was the younger sister to the wife of the late Onwuamadike. “He was a good boy when he was a child, but I believe that he derailed when he started mixing with bad groups. “This is painful because the boy in question is from my domain and Nnewi at large. Our people are not known for something like this; they are hardworking people. “I have never seen such a thing before, only God can adjudicate on an issue like this.

The present condition has not only put his family in confusion but the entire Nnewi clan. Whether dead or alive, he has brought shame to our people,” Oduonye said. Also, 38-year-old Ezenwa Oduonye, who resides in Guinea, told The Nation that the arrest of Evans was a shocking news to them. He said when he knew Chukwudi (aka- Evans), he was learning spare parts in Lagos, adding that they had never communicated on phone or seen each other in the last nine years. Another community leader in the village Chinaedum Obanye told The Nation that what the man did in Lagos was a taboo in Nnewi kingdom. He said the people of Nnewi were not known for things like kidnapping or armed robbery, adding: “Whatever you sow, you shall reap”.

Olakunle Churchill Releases Official Press Statement On Leaked Chat Between Tonto And His Mum


Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...Tonto Dikeh’s estranged husband, Oladunni Churchill through his reps has just revealed he’s annulling his marriage with the actress.
Gistmania reached out to the businessman yesterday, Wednesday, June 21, 2017, after a leaked chat between Churchill’s mum and Tonto surfaced.
Oladunni Churchill
His reps say, “all traditional necessities regarding his traditional marriage, including payment of the bride price, were met.
Mr. Churchill has stated officially that he has all intentions of annulling his marriage to his wife.”
This comes after Tonto Dikeh accused her mother-in-law of witchcraft. The actress who revealed she paid for her own bride price also revealed she has watched Churchill touch his mother inappropriately.
In the chat an obviously angry Tonto Dikeh says,
“I have watched you bring in dirty charms and fetish item into my home. I have watched your son touch you inappropriately. I have witnessed darkness with you all and I just wonder what kind of woman you are.
Leave me alone Mama Kunle, leave me alone I beg of you. Am done with your family, all I need is my safety and that of my child.”

Updates! Evans - courts grants three suspects bail

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 A disturbing dramatic interplay is rearing its ugly head over the ongoing investigation into allegations of kidnapping and armed robbery against Chukwudem Onwamadike a.k.a Evans, and other suspects who were recently, rounded up by the police in Lagos.

This is also as sources disclosed that the dreaded kidnap kingpin, Evans, has not been opening up well to interrogators about his accomplices although he was said to have mentioned one name. Though details of the disclosure were still sketchy as at press time, sources said investigators were discreet over the case but were seriously looking into his allegations with a view to establishing its veracity and effecting arrest.

The drama started after three of the suspects who were earlier detained before the suspected kingpin, Evans, was arrested, were granted bail by a Yaba Magistrate court. The trio, Kingsley Egbeonu, Emeka Egbuligha and Tochukwu Nwosu, all staff of Maydon Pharmacy in Ilupeju, whose owner, Chief Dona Dunu, escaped from Evans’ kidnappers den at Igando, were accused of masterminding the kidnap of their boss. They were subsequently arrested after their boss escaped and narrated his sordid experiences while in captivity.

Chief Dunu who parted with a huge ransom of N150m, reportedly alleged that while in the den of his abductors, he heard the voice one of the Pharmacist under his employ, discussing with the kidnappers. He further alleged that his abductors, while negotiating for ransom, revealed vital information about his company known only to his workers and that he also overheard them discussing how to remove goods from his warehouse not knowing that he would survive to disclose their identities.

Based on these allegations, police investigators swung into action and arrested three of his staff, remanding them in their custody with court order. It was gathered that after the arrest of the celebrated kidnap kingpin, Evans and his subsequent parade at the command headquarters, Ikeja, an identification parade was carried out and both Evans and other members of his gang said they did not know the three staff of the pharmaceutical company. Furthermore, a search at the warehouse of the company showed that nothing was tampered with contrary to earlier claims by the victim that he overheard one of the suspects discussing with his abductors how to part with his goods in the warehouse.

Saturday Vanguard learned that after this, their lawyers went to a Yaba Magistrate court to vacate police detention order placed on their heads. Meanwhile, while the accused workers were jubilating over their freedom, their estranged boss was gnashing his teeth, lamenting that police not only failed to provide him with security after he escaped from kidnapper’s den but also did not do a good job following which those he suspected as key accomplices in the kidnap saga have been freed. This, according to sources close to him, has endangered his life the more and his family is accusing the police of negligence.

“Our brother not only narrated how he heard the voice of one of his workers while in captivity but also gave vivid details of how his abductors were reeling out details of his company activities before collecting a huge ransom. All we are saying is that police abysmally failed to live up to billing in the court and even while investigating the suspected members of his staff.

We strongly believe that one of the members of Evan’s gang who was arrested with his wife is related to one of the suspected workers, and the fact that they denied knowing him does not mean that he should be freed. If not, how did they get information about the 40 cars he gave to his dedicated staff sometime ago. How did they know about his warehouse? These are related issues that should make police investigate them properly,” the family source stated.

On their part, police sources said Chief Dunu has not been showing up since he escaped from the den of the kidnappers. “As soon as he got his freedom, he disappeared without giving police his contact. We managed to get him to make statements later and after that, we did not see him again.

Just imagine, almost all the victims have been coming forward, not only to commend police for the arrest of their tormentor, but to also make useful statements that could assist us carry out successful investigations into the criminal activities of the gang and their leader but Chief Dunu remains incommunicado. What do you expect us to do? Go and arrest and force him to aid our investigations or what?

Meantime, Saturday Vanguard learned that lawyers to the released staff of his company are threatening to go to court to redeem the image of their clients which they said had been so much bruised and battered by their arrest over the kidnap case.

One of the lawyers was overheard saying that the case was adjoined for next month to enable police conclude their investigations and if eventually they are exonerated, which we are sure will happen, they will seek redress in court against the Chief for defamation of character and wrongful detention by the police.

Similarly, Saturday Vanguard gathered from reliable police sources that Evans might be flown to Force Headquarters, Abuja to meet with the police hierarchy for thorough interrogation over his criminal activities.

Already, efforts were been made to prepare him for the meeting which sources said could include meeting with the Inspector-General of Police, Ibrahim Idris. Detectives attached to the Intelligence Response Team, IRT, of the IGP’s special squad are still taking the kidnap kingpin to places in Lagos and environs with a view to identifying all the houses he used as cells during his escapades.

In another development, Saturday Vanguard learned also that the suspected kingpin has been making frantic efforts to meet with our reporter who interviewed his wife who spke from Ghana, on phone. Sources said he has been appealing to policemen guarding him to “please, in the name of God, beg Emma Nnadozie of Vanguard to come and see me let’s discuss something about my wife he spoke with on phone.”

 By Emma Nnadozie, Crime Editor

Omg! Husband's penis cut off by wife for cheating (graphic photos)

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According to the story, the Chinese woman caught her husband cheating, and before he slept on the night of the incident, she put sleeping pills in his food and when he dozed off, she took a knife and cut off his private parts. The man woke up from the immense pain and called police after realizing what had happened to him. The woman is currently in court on assault charges. See the graphic photos herehere and here

Update! How my girlfriend Amaka caused my downfall

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 The shock of my life
…Denies man, woman who claimed he kidnapped them
…I don’t collect N20m or N10m, he tells them
…I would have been worse if I was well educated
…Why he threatened a victim after collecting $1m ransom


When you think Evans had narrated nearly all his escapades, more sensational and suspenseful narratives would emerge, producing new angles to the most intriguing criminal case in Nigeria’s recent history.

Frankly, only the Lawrence Anini case of the 1980s could rival the Evans episode given that like the former, the latter was also the king of the underworld. Interestingly, the same kind of tragic flaw ended their respective episodes given that women were key to their downfall. At an exclusive encounter with SaturdayVanguard, during the week, Evans pondered on the events leading to his arrest and concluded that visiting his girlfriend, Amaka was the weakness that led to his fall.

An unassuming Evans, whose expression was a mixture of sobriety and impenitence, summarized the pre-arrest events thus: “I f***ked up.”

At the latest meeting with Evans at the Lagos State Police Command Headquarters, Ikeja, where he is being detained, the Nnewi-born kidnap kingpin made fresh revelations amid regrets about not leaving the country with his family.

I failed to follow my instincts

He told Saturday Vanguard that he knew the Police had identified the area he was living, a discovery he made on May 23, 2017, when the officer-incharge-of the IRT, Abba Kyari, visited Magodo Estate and held a meeting with the Divisional Police Officer and some residents of Magodo Estate.

Evans revealed that one of the residents, who was part of that meeting alerted him to the Police presence in the area. The person, he said, informed him, who the Police were looking for and how they planned to carry out their operation.

Evans said he quickly moved his family out of Magodo and relocated to a hotel in Ikeja. He said his failure to follow his instincts and leave the country immediately, having known that his girlfriends, sister and gang members had been arrested, gave him out.

How my problems started

Narrating the new angles to his story, the Junior Secondary School dropout said: “My problem started on Friday, May 12, 2017, when one of my captives, Mr. Donatus Dunu, a Pharmacist, who I abducted at Ilupeju area of Lagos escaped.

I got a call from one of my boys looking after my victims at my den at 6: am that Mr. Dunu escaped from that den at 4:30 am. They looked for him without success. At that time, I knew trouble had come. The next news I heard was that the Police had visited the place and my AK47 rifles, pistols and over 40 loaded magazines were recovered by the Police.

‘’ I was worried and I called my gang members wanting to know what actually transpired. They all blamed Uche, who was in charge of the den. I told them that I was going to deal with him. At that time, my mind started racing and I was trying to think of what to do because I knew that the Police would come after me with force.

I read a story in Vanguard

“ Five days later, I read a story in Vanguard Newspaper that the IGP had deployed, Abba Kyari and his men to Lagos State, to track my boys and 1 and they have also visited the den, where Mr. Dunu escaped from. That was about the same time they placed a bounty of N30million for information that could lead to my arrest.

Some of my men, who got news started panicking, but I assured them that I was on top of the situation and that the police would not get me. My Second-in-Command, Felix called me and expressed fears, but I assured him that the Police can’t arrest me and I was also making preparations to kidnap one other person.

I then informed him that I would commit suicide rather than allow the Police to arrest me. When Suoyo, who lives in Beyelsa State, called me and expressed fears, I also assured him that nothing was going to happen. I told him I was making plans for another operation and needed him to go into the creeks and buy a new set of arms and ammunition for me.”

The shock of my life
“But in the afternoon of May 23, 2017, I got the shock of my life when a call from a man living in our estate informed me that Abba Kyari and his men, held a meeting with the estate security and the local police. He said they had information that the man kidnapping businessmen in Festac Town and Amuwo Odofin, receiving $1million as ransom from his victims was residing in Magodo Estate.

The man also informed me that the estate and the Police have agreed to shut one of the gates leading into the estate to enable them to track me down through the vehicle I was using.

He also told me that some of Abba Kyari’s men would disguise as LAWMA officials cleaning the streets and some of them would operate as PHCN staff to enable them to have access to people’s home within the state. The man, who gave me this information didn’t know that I was the one who the Police were looking for. I quickly moved my family out of the house and we relocated to a hotel in Agidingbi, Ikeja, where we started planning on how to relocate to Ghana.

I buy my cars from Beger Motors

“While at the hotel, my mind wasn’t at rest, I didn’t know where the Police would be launching attacks from. I was on hyper-alert and I started thinking of how to make sure the Police didn’t get me.

I quickly sold my Lexus SUVs because from the information I gathered from the man who called me, I learnt the Police were looking for a man, who drives a black and silver coloured Lexus SUVs. Then I got someone to move my mother out of Nnewi because I believed the Police may go after her and would want to use her to lure me.

While I was making these plans, news came in that my Second-in-Command, Felix had been arrested by the Police. Someone from Berger Motors on Oshodi Apapa Expressway where we normally buy our vehicles called and informed me that the Police operatives picked him up at their park.

I trusted Felix so much because he wouldn’t divulge any information about me to the Police. He had told me on countless occasions, that no matter the amount of torture he receives from the Police that he would not divulge any information about our activities.

My girlfriend, Ijeoma

‘’ While I was still contemplating on what to do next, I received another call from one of my girlfriends, Ijeoma, who I was so fond of. She said she wanted to see me. Immediately, I had this feeling that the Police had arrested her.

I told her that she could not see me because I knew she was with the Police, then I dropped the call. I was very worried and needed to hasten our journey out of Nigeria. I planned to travel with my entire family to Canada but the Canadian Embassy refused to grant me a visa.

So we decided to move to Ghana where I have three houses so we could apply for Canadian visa from Ghana. Two days later, Ijeoma’s twin sister who lives in the east called and informed me that her sister called from the Police station that she was arrested because of me and the Police wanted her to bring the sum of N200,000 as a bribe for her bail. I told her the Police were only deceiving her because the matter at hand was beyond N200,000 bribe.

My instructionto my boys
‘’I asked her to look for a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, SAN, who could stand for her. I also told her to look for someone who knows the Inspector General of Police, so they can take her case to him. I told her that with such pressure the Police will release her because she didn’t commit any offence that would warrant her arrest.

A few days after that, the Police swooped on my younger sister, Nzube and her husband and they took them to the Police station. I didn’t know how they did it, but I called their numbers for two days and they were switched off.

It was then that I suspected that they have been arrested. Immediately I called my mother in Bayelsa State and told her that the people chasing me had apprehended my sister and her husband. Luckily my sister has never been to my house in Magodo Estate, it would be difficult for her to lead the Police to my place. I became confused. I didn’t know what to do.

For me, I knew I was secured because I know how security agents track their targets but I was scared of my boys some of whom didn’t know how to secure themselves. I sent messages to some of my boys alerting them that security operatives were clamping down on us and they should all be careful. I asked them to stop sleeping in their houses and I also gave them tips on how to stay secured.

My girlfriend, Amaka

‘’One week before my arrest, one of my girlfriends, Amaka, who lives in Okota called me and demanded money. I asked her what she needed money for and she said there was no food in her house, adding that her children were hungry. I was surprised and suspected something must be wrong because I gave her N25, 000 for feeding two days before she made that call. I asked her about the money I gave her earlier, she said she had spent it. From that point, I suspected something was wrong.

Then I switched off the phone she was calling me with. I had one special phone. Whenever the phone is switched off I will receive messages from her asking why my phone was switched off and she would be begging me to come and see her. At one point I called her mother and told her that I was suspecting that something was wrong with Amaka.

I asked her to visit her house to confirm. Her mother sent someone there and after spending about two hours with her, I was informed that she was alright but she only needed money and they gave her N3000. That confirmed something was wrong. Amaka is the one that gives them money, not the other way round. They couldn’t be giving Amaka N3,000 because I know what I give to her.

I became very drunk

‘’That singular action confirmed my suspicions that policemen were with her. I called her and told her that I had a feeling that there were policemen with her and they were trying to use her to arrest me but she denied. I asked her to give the phone to her children one after the other and asked them if there was any stranger in their house.

They all said there was none. I wasn’t convinced because I knew how the Police do their job and how they think. I also knew that for a high-profile target like me, the Police will do everything possible to get at me. A few days later, my wife and children left for Ghana. Amaka was still calling and begging me to send money to her. The night before my arrest, I lodged in a hotel in Okota, close to her house and I could not sleep.

I was busy drinking all night and I became very drunk. At 4:am I summoned the courage to see her. Her house is close to the road. When I got close to her gate, I stopped on the road and called her, when she picked I asked her not to drop her phone. I said she should stay on the call and meet me outside. She came bare-footed and was still on the call.

I opened the door, she came in and I drove off with her. When we got far from the house, I took her phone and switched it off. I asked the identity of the people in her house but she said there was nobody in the house. I became angry, held her neck and I tried to kill her. She screamed and confessed that the policemen had been with her in the past one week and they were trying to use her to lure me. Instantly I pushed her out of my car and I zoomed off.

I was stupid

‘’While at Iyana-Ipaja, I saw some vehicles trailing me seriously and thought that they were policemen. At a point, I lost control of the vehicle and rammed it against a culvert on the expressway. I quickly abandoned the car and took a trycicle to where I could get a cab that could take me to my hotel. While in the hotel, I decided it was over and I needed to leave the country as soon as possible. At 7:am I checked out of the hotel and called someone to pick the car from where I left it. I took another taxi home.

Evans at one of the houses (Dens) in Ejigbo
While in the house, I called an Uber taxi driver to come and pick me from the house. The driver was to take me from my house to Seme Border, where I would connect to Ghana, but while in the house and I was packing my things into the Uber taxi, the police showed up at my place and arrested me. I regretted going to see Amaka .

I knew Amaka was used to hunt me down, but I was stupid, I f**ked up. Going to see Amaka was my biggest mistake. It made me fall. It brought my downfall. I ought to have been at the front of that vehicle that took my family to Ghana.”

I don’t collect ransom abroad

‘’ I don’t give bank account to my victims because it could be traced. Whoever made the allegations that he paid part of his ransom in South Africa isn’t sincere. I would have been arrested and they should bring the account number they paid the money into. The Interpol can trace the account and know the owner. I collect my ransom in Nigeria and after collecting it, I also do not travel abroad. I usually ask the people keeping my victims to tell them that I have traveled abroad. I usually call my victims’ relatives with my satellite phones and inform them that I was out of the country. This would make them relax a little and after some time, I will ask my boys to release the victims and drop them where they could locate their people.”

I was fair to my victims

Evans further disclosed that he treated his victims fairly, adding that the only wrong things he did were to chain, blindfold and detain his victim for months. He said he was doing these because he wanted his victims to meet his demand.

He added that the only victim, who he treated wrongly was Mr. Cosmos Ojukwu, who he said he collected an extra sum of $200,000, from after receiving an initial payment of $1million.

Evans said he threatened Ojukwu into paying the additional ransom of $200,000 because members of his family paid the $1million he demanded swiftly without wasting time.

He said: “After he paid the $1million I demanded swiftly than I expected more. I informed him while he was being released that I would be collecting another ransom from him. I told him he would have to pay me an additional $200,000 because the $1 million he gave me earlier were in old currencies. I asked him to bring my balance.

He felt I was joking, then I informed him that I was not just going to kidnap him again, but would hunt his entire family. He panicked and called me that he had raised the money. I asked him to bring the money to Awka. When he got there I asked him to lodge in a hotel, he obeyed me. At night I asked to bring the money to where I was. He obeyed me and paid me the money. From that time I left him alone.’’

Update! How Evans Killed My Father After N15m Ransom, Ex-Super Eagles Player Explains

When news broke that suspected notorious kidnap kingpin, Chukwudubem Onwuamadike (aka Evans) had been arrested in Lagos by the police on June 10, many people celebrated the security agencies that made it happen.

But far less known was the celebration it produced in the compound of the Iloenyosi family of Abagana, Anambra State.

For this family, the news of Evans arrest was a personal victory.

It all began one early morning on November 25, 2013 when the patriarch of the family, Chief James Iloenyosi, was kidnapped on his way back from mass.

His son, Chikelue Iloenyosi, former Super Eagles player who played professional football in France and Turkey, has not been able to get over what happened to his father. He narrated the event that quickly became a game of hide and seek between criminals and the law enforcement agents.

He told Saturday Punch in an emotion-laden tone that his father, who was 86 at the time, was on his way back from their local Catholic church when three SUVs double-crossed him and whisked him away.

He would never see his father alive again.

“When they took him away, they did not talk to us until after five days. They phoned my twin sister. She was sobbing when she called me that the kidnappers had made contact.

“When we the children gathered, my sister called the kidnappers again and they simply told us that they would call back. They did not call back until after another five days just to build our anxiety.”

The N50m ransom negotiation

According to Chikelue, with no idea what could be going on with his father, the kidnappers on the morning of the fifth day called to demand a ransom of N50m.

The routine of begging and pleading for the reduction of the ransom started at this point and after many days, they eventually reduced the ransom to N15m.

Chikelue said, “When we paid the N15m, my father was already dead and we did not know.

“What made me upset was that despite how seriously we worked to get him back, my father did not come out of it alive.”

But upon payment of the ransom, the kidnappers said they were not releasing their victim until the family brought more money. But they never heard from the kidnappers again.

Breakthrough arrests four months later

However, after four months of investigation into the kidnap, said to have involved hundreds of policemen in Anambra State combing the forest at the time, security agencies got a break when a member of the gang that kidnapped Chikelue’s father, a suspect known as Nonso, was arrested along with three other members of his gang.

Chikelue said at the time, Evans was already a popular criminal well known to the State Anti-Robbery Squad of the Anambra State Police Command.

He was said to be a wanted robber known for hitting bullion vans.

“The SARS boss in Anambra told me at the time that any suspect arrested for any major crime always mentioned the name of Evans,” he said.

According to him, the family had to involve a private investigator in the case at a point when there was no longer news about their father’s whereabouts months after the family paid the ransom.

In addition to this, he said a friend of his based in Israel helped to track his father’s line and traced it to a young lady, who said Nonso was her boyfriend.

Chikelue told Saturday Punch, “When we arrested the girl, she said Nonso only gave her the phone for safe-keeping, instructing her not to put it on. We started tracking Nonso. At a point, the current leader of the IRT, Abba Kyari, gave us 18 of his men to follow us to Cotonou, Benin Republic because our trace on Nonso’s line showed he was there.

“We got there and the police arrested a young man, who said he came to buy a car. He said the number was not his and that he only wanted to use it to call somebody in Nigeria. The police had to let him go when it was clear he knew nothing.

“Later we left the Cotonou guy. Again, our private tracker traced him to Lokoja, Kogi State.”

However, intelligence later suggested that Nonso was in Lokoja.

According to him, he and other members of the gang were said to have relocated there immediately they shared the ransom because many security agencies were after the gang.

Chikelue said after identifying the hotel the suspect might be hiding in, some members of the SARS team in Kogi State moved in to make the arrest.

He said, “I was in Lokoja for two months with a private tracker before we arrested Nonso.

“When we got to the hotel with the police that day, we requested for the list of the people staying at the hotel. The hotel staff mentioned a “small boy” with his girlfriend in one of the rooms.

“We knocked on the door and the girlfriend came out. He said her boyfriend was in the bathroom. But I was hearing a sound inside. He was trying to escape through the window but SARS operatives were already stationed around the hotel.

“He eventually came out and said his name was Emmanuel. But I knew it was him right away because we had been able to obtain his photograph ahead.

“But because I did not want him to panic, I pretended it was not him and told the SARS operatives in his presence that the person we were looking for was an older man.

“He relaxed and was going inside when I called him and said I wanted to ask him something. I dialled his phone number there and then when it rang, we took it and it showed the name ‘Kidnapper football’. The SARS operatives immediately pounced on him and handcuffed him.

“I asked Nonso if he knew me, he said he did not. I told him I was the footballer whose number he saved with that name. He then asked if I was ‘General’ – my alias – and I said yes.”

Saturday Punch learnt that as soon as Nonso was arrested, he became submissive.

He reportedly pleaded for his life, saying he would provide any information the police needed.

“He immediately told us that his leader was Evans. But he said there was no way we could get Evans because he had fled to Lagos after the completion of the operation. At this point, Nonso kept our hope alive. He said my father was still alive. He refused to give precise information,” Chikelue told Punch correspondent.

The ex-footballer said he was very hopeful at that point and believed he was indeed going to get his father back alive.

Nonso, who was transported back to Anambra in the company of SARS operatives later provided the police with Evans’ phone line, with which they started tracking him.

When the police team got to Anambra with the suspect, he reportedly began to plead not to be taken to SARS headquarters in the state for fear of being tortured and killed. He said he was willing to give up all the necessary information.

Nonso told the police that Evans was always on the move after each operation.

Chikelue said, “We were calling Evans to pinpoint his location but it was all abortive. Nonso was later made to call another member of the gang called Awolowo to inform him that there was an operation.

“But Awolowo said he did not want to do any operation at the time because his wife had just put to bed. Nonso said Awolowo was part of Evans’ Asaba, Delta State group.”

Suspects refused to confess

The police later arrested Awolowo and two others.

For many days, these suspects were said to have kept mum.

It was learnt that they refused to divulge any information about Evans, which the police suspected was owing to the fact that they had taken an oath.

In fact, one of the suspects, who was on the verge of confessing was said to have suddenly started acting like someone with a mental illness.

Even Nonso’s girlfriend who was also arrested was said to have refused to give any information that could implicate her boyfriend.

“The most shocking thing was that when the police interrogated Nonso, he said that if the SARS ever wanted peace in Anambra, they should kill the lady.  He said she was the one responsible for taking care of the gang and that she helped them buy drugs and collected ransom on their behalf,” Chikelue said.

But he said while all these were going on, his only concern was knowing his father’s whereabouts.

One day, while Chikelue was at the SARS office, he found a sudden ally in an armed robbery suspect called Onyeso, who was detained there.

Chikelue said, “He pulled me aside and said, ‘My brother, you are a good man because you always give money so that the police could buy us food when you come here’. He said he wanted to give me a privileged information.

“He said if we wanted any result, we should take Awolowo to the backyard and tell the police to shoot their gun in the air as if they had killed him. He said the other one would start confessing because they had indeed taken an oath.

“When the police did this, Nonso started confessing when he was told Awolowo had been killed. He said he would take us to where my father was buried.

“We journeyed into the forest for three and half hours before we got to where they buried him. I broke down and my sister who was there at the time fainted.”

Saturday Punch learnt that the late Pa Iloenyosi was buried around Nneyi village in Umueri community.

But most heartbreaking was the information that the old man might have been starved or beaten to death.

When Nonso was asked how the old man died, he explained that it was the fault of those manning the hideout where Evans kept the man.

Pa Iloenyosi was said to have been stripped to his underwear, kept in a cold room and beaten regularly in order to put more pressure on his children.

Chikelue said, “While we were negotiating for ransom, they would call and put the phone on speaker so I could hear how they beat him. My father would cry and beg me to find a way to ensure his freedom.

“We buried him few days after we found his body and started the search for Evans. One of the vital information Nonso gave us was that they were on their way to a robbery when they got information about my father and they diverted to Abagana to kidnap him. So, I was really particular about the arrest of Evans so that he could tell us who in our community gave them the information.”

Chikelue said he was the happiest man in the world the day he heard Evans had been arrested. But he said he was particularly upset when he read that Evans was begging for his life with the excuse that he had never killed a victim before.

“What Evans did to my family was the most painful thing anybody can experience. When I read he has been begging for sympathy, I just laughed. The death penalty for people like him is the only solution. Evans can never repent despite all the second chance he is begging for.”

Chikelue said the police were already aware of Evans connection to his father’s kidnap and murder and are taking it into account in the case against him.

Meanwhile, the Anambra State Police Command says it is liaising with its Lagos State counterpart on the records of Evans’ past crimes in the state.


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Music star, 9ice reveals how he spends his day

Image result for images of 9ice 

The first thing I do once I wake up is to pray to God, then I make sure I check on my family after that. I do some light exercise before I think of checking my phones to read messages and attend to them. After checking my phones, I have a mental plan of my day before I have my bath. Once I am done with that, I have breakfast and leave home. I am currently promoting some of my new songs so most of my days are filled with interviews and meetings. If my schedule is not tight, I go to the studio to record some songs. I try my best not to get home very late and I hardly go to clubs except I have a performance. Once I get home, I spend time with my family, we talk about how our day went and from there, I hit the bed. Before I sleep, I reminisce about the day, things I did right or wrong with the aim of improving on myself. That is how I spend my typical day.

Another 174 Nigerians return from Libya

On Wednesday June 21, 2017 the National Emergency Management Agency, alongside other Federal Government agencies received another batch of 174 Nigerians that voluntarily returned from Libya at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos.  

The returnees, who came back aboard a chartered Nouvelair aircraft with registration number TS-INA, are 34 males, 122 females, 10 children and 9 infants. 

Their return was facilitated by the International Organisation for Migration and the Nigerian Embassy in Libya as they were received at the Hajj Camp area of the airport by officers of the Nigerian Immigration Service, the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Person, and the Police. 

The Public Information Officer, IOM, Ms. Julia Burpee, explained that the organisation had facilitated the return of over 1,170 Nigerians from Libya since February 2017.

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Two Nigerians arrested with 1.5kg heroin in Kenya

The Anti-narcotics Division of Kenya Police has arrested two Nigerian nationals with 1.5kg of heroin with a street value of Sh4.5 million (N14m) in Nyali, Mombasa.
The two, Chukwu James and Gageche Gold Patience were nabbed  Friday morning during a raid at the apartment in the posh Estate.
According to the officers, the suspects were found packing the drugs in readiness for a trip to Brussels, Belgium. The drugs, the officers said, had been hidden in a suitcase. 

Sources also revealed that the narcotics had been supplied from Tanzania, a neighboring country to Kenya.

The two will be arraigned in court once an investigation is complete.

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