7 Jul 2017

SAME HERE OO: Ireland gripped by horrendous 'fly epidemic'

Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...Related imageResidents in the Ringsend area claim they are under siege from a "fly epidemic" and have been unable to pinpoint the exact cause.
The problem started this summer, sparking resident concerns that the flies were coming from the nearby Poolbeg incinerator which opened earlier this year.


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Update! Kidnapper Evans: "What My Mum Told Me When She Saw Bullet Wound On Me"


Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...Notorious kidnapper, Chukwudumeme Onwuamadike, popularly known as Evans, has said he did not receive any major reprimand from his mother or move to find out what actually transpired when she saw bullet wounds on him.

Evans said his mother only told him to stop whatever he was doing that led to his being shot.

In an interview he granted New Telegraph Newspaper, Evans blamed his father and step mom for who he grew to become and his present predicament.

Evans was injured in what has now turned to controversial circumstances in Lagos from gunshots.

While the police alleged that he was shot following disagreement with his gang members over the sharing of money made from a robbery operation, Evans said he was only at the scene of the shooting to settle a feud among members of a robbery gang he knew.

However, the location of the shooting was the same for both the police and Evans: Lagos.

Reacting to multiple questions on what transpired that led to the shooting, Evans told the Newspaper, “It happened in 2008. A friend of mine invited us to come and make peace. They were having issue of money. When we got there, he started shooting everybody.

“The matter was between Emeka, Iyke and others. I tried to intervene and Iyke started shooting everyone. He shot so many people.

“Nothing led to it! I told you it was an issue over money.

“It was not a bank robbery. The major issue was between Emeka and Iyke. It was Emeka and Iyke that were having issues.

“Along the line, myself and others decided to intervene in the matter. Iyke now decided to call everyone in order to make peace. But on getting there, Iyke and his friends, Jude and Humphrey, started shooting at us.

“I wasn’t shot on my shoulder. I was shot on my hip (Lifts his shirt to show the scar). They were having issue over sharing of money.

“It was money they made from robbery. The money was from robbery of a filling station. They said they went to Con Oil Filling Station in the night to rob. It happened in 2008.

“No! I didn’t go. I was not part of them. I was called to come and intervene in the issue, to make peace. Iyke called his friends to come and take their share of the money after the robbery. Later, Emeka now called me that they were having problems with Iyke seriously. He said that Iyke didn’t want to give them their share of the money. Emeka said that Iyke carried out the operation with his instruments (weapons) and as such, Iyke was supposed to give him part of the money. But Iyke didn’t want to share with Emeka, so I was called. It was supposed to be a peace talk.

“I was shot by Iyke. I can’t really say how many people he shot and killed on that day. I only know that after he shot me, I ran out of the place.”

Reacting to a question on the reaction of his mum was when she saw the bullet wound, Evans said: “She didn’t say anything. She only advised me to stop what I was doing.”

He said he is one of the six children his mum had for his dad, who also had another wife, both of whom he blamed for his predicament.

He said further: “I’m the first son. My father will not tell me today that he trained or catered for me. But if there was any way my father and step mother wronged me, I have forgiven them.”

Mistaken For Badoo Cultist, I Nearly Lost My Life - Ikorodu Resident

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A resident of Ikorodu area of Lagos, Mr. Akinrinlade Ayodeji, has narrated how he narrowly escaped being lynched by a mob that had mistaken him for a member of the reprehensible cult, Badoo.

In a Facebook post, Ayodeji described how a simple act of going to fetch water at 7.30pm a few houses from his residence nearly cost him his life, as the residents had mistaken a jerry can of water he was carrying for engine oil, said to be one of the identifying tags of the Badoo cultists.

My story,’ Ayodeji said that on Monday, July 3, he had returned home from work at about 5:21pm, and had taken a nap which lasted till 7:39pm. On waking up, he discovered that he had no water, and decided to go get some water at a nearby tank.

To his surprise, he said, someone accosted him, demanding to know what he was doing in the streets at that hour of the day, with a jerry can.

“Hey hey! What are you coming here to do at this time?” Someone asked him; to which he said he replied, “Sorry sir, I am actually here to fetch some water.”

The person questioning him was rather uninterested in whatever explanation Ayodeji had, and dealt him a slap across the face.

 “Before I could finish explaining myself, I saw a very furious man and decided to just turn back to my house. But before I could take three steps forward, I just felt a big and several bangs on my face through the back.

“At this point, I was lost, wondering if the world was ending today.

“Immediately, I saw people gathered, asking in Yoruba, ‘Ki lo de, ki lo sele? (what happened, what’s going on).”

Unlike the gruesome fate that befell Chinedu, allegedly a comedian, who was lynched by a mob in Ikorodu last weekend on the suspicion that he and two other victims were Badoo cult members, Ayodeji had a distinct fortune of being identified by his neighbours, effectively saving him from being beaten to a coma and then roasted alive.

“To cut the long story short, people attested that they know me, even asking the said baba (his assailant), ‘Don’t you know him?’

“They all apologised after several slaps and molestation initially, then I just carried my gallon that someone else had helped fill with water, obviously out of pity, then walked towards my house, entered my room, put off my already tattered cloth, sat down and started imagining what just happened, hoping it was just a dream, behold, it wasn’t, it was real!” the obviously shaken

He added that a few minutes later while he was still busy pondering about what had just happened, he heard some voices at the entrance to his apartment.

When he opened the door, four elderly men that he suspected were landlords, alongside the man that had raised the false alarm and one of his neighbours, expressed deep apologies for what had just happened.

He confessed that though he told them that he was okay, the beating he received was severe, as several people slapped him repeatedly all at once, until someone identified him as a resident.

Reports say Badoo cult gangs rub engine oil on their bodies whenever they go for ‘operations.’

They are said to break their victims’ heads with grinding stone or pestle, while they rape female victims.

On one occasion, they were alleged to have fled with a baby after they had reportedly killed the parents and siblings.

They are also said to use white handkerchiefs to collect blood of their victims.

News has it that members of the Badoo cult invade homes in the dead of the night, during which they attack mainly families, killing everyone during each attack.

Bukky Jesse Faceoff with Tout Abike Jagaban

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ASIRI TU: Rapist Bollyray Olawale Odumosu omo Jesu Oyingbo Confession pt 3

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I have a dead skin cell in my body before I met.. and bought Funmi products and since then, My dead skin cell was scrubbed in March and to my surprised I had a great change. My skin is glowing. Funmi products are herbal that tones skin, people thought am bleaching my skin with a harsh hydroquinonee .
 Esabod skin is sparkling like a mirror.

Scots mum smothered to death by gang of masked thieves in front of son in Mauritius house raid

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A Scots woman has reportedly been murdered in Mauritius after a gang of masked thieves burst into her home and smothered her with a pillow in front of her child.

Bank seeking judgement for €4 million against couple out of default on loan

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A BANK is seeking summary judgment for around €4m against a couple arising out of default on finance agreements and loan facilities it provided to them.
AIB and AIB Mortgage Bank have brought proceedings against Thomas and Josephine Maloney, Carramore, Kiltimagh Road, Knock, Co Mayo, and against their company Thomas Maloney Builders Ltd.

Brazen rat attacks Dublin youngster right outside her front door

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A teenager is afraid to go back to her own home after a large rat attacked her as she stood outside her front door in the middle of the day.
The unfortunate 14-year-old was bitten on the foot as she waited for her mam to return home to their city centre flat.

Omg! See what this female fraudster stole when caught

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A female fraudster who deceived a EU-based Ghanaian man into a Facebook love relationship before disappearing with his valuables has been arrested.
After a serious manhunt, Police in Ghana have eventually caught up with Nana Asare, who allegedly disappeared with cars, luggage, other valuable items belonging to an EU-based Ghanaian man, Kingsley Osei Bonsu, whom she met on Facebook. 

A friend of the victim made the revelation writing: “The Lady at the center of the alleged stolen vehicles has returned everything. Matter has been settled. Thanks to the power of social media.” 

Frank Bawumia on how it all happened:
“A guy resident in Europe met this lady Nana Ama Asare, otherwise known as Victoria Tebri on Fb and lovi lovi ensued! At some point in their long distance talk talk, the guy expressed the desire to settle back in Ghana so he shipped 3 cars to his supposed fiance plus money for port charges.
Nana Ama Asare dutifully cleared the vehicles giving the impression that she is faithful partner. So May 29 this year, Borga packed bag and baggage to get closer to his Yellow Sister for the necessary biegya and other things! On arrival at KIA, Nana Ama was waiting at the reception. What a loving galfriend she is! 

He had come with two of the vehicles, she drove one veh and a male friend drove the other. Since that was their first time of seeing each other, they agreed to spend the night at the hotel so that no one will hear their moaning and groaning. The luggage was packed in the other car whilst the two new lovers drove in one car. 

On their way to the hotel, they stop to eat a restaurant. Whilst at the Restaurant, Ms Nana Ama Asare asked politely to pick something from the car just for a moment, but apparently that’s was her escape plan! SHE DISAPPEARED and that was the last time her new found lover heard of her.
Borga waited and waited saaaaaaa till he could no longer endure the loneliness and the frustration anymore n went home confused, raped and sad! Soon as Ms Asare disappeared, all her phones went off and her fb porfile pulled down! The case has since been reported to the police and the general public is hereby requested to help apprenhend this yellow sisi of doubtful character! I have the “other pics” and will be provided if u help to arrest her.

Four Nigerian men caught after robbing a pastor of his car

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9 Notorious Armed Robbers Terrorizing the Federal Capital Territory Abuja and Recovery of Exhibits, Stolen Cars and their Operational Weapons:

One Pastor Davies and several residents of Mabushi area of FCT, IGP Ibrahim K Idris directed the Intelligence Response Team IRT to track and apprehend the culprits terrorizing the FCT and environs to book.

IRT Operatives ummediately launched a massive manhunt against the robbers and eventually on 22/5/17, one of the gang members, Lawal Peter, 25yrs old was arrested with one of the stolen Infinix Hotnote Phone. Suspect Lawal Peter confessed to the armed robbery and led IRT Operatives to their hideout in Mabushi FCT Abuja where the following gang members were arrested;

Emmanuel Adole,26yrs old,a native of Otukpo Benue State who Sold the stolen camry of the Pastor for 400k, Ojuma Onoja,24yrs old,a native of Kogi State who was in posession of 2 robbed phones and a gold wrist watch belonging to the Pastor, Danjuma Mohammed,30yrs old, Dickson Uche,21yrs old,a native of Abia State and Ali Abdul,24yrs old,a native of Kano State.

They were all arrested in Mabushi FCT Abuja. All suspects confessed to several armed robberies in Abuja and led IRT Operatives to Akwa Ibom and Cross Rivers States on 27/5/17 where the Following gang-members were also arrested; Friday Emmanuel 28yrs, Akaninyena Etukdo 32yrs, Ikechukwu John 32yrs and Joe Effiong 28yrs. One Samsung Galaxy, one Infinix Hotnote, one Nokia phone, a gold wrist watch and Toyota Camry 2010 model belonging to the Pastor and 6 other stolen cars were recovered from the robbers. Their operational house breaking and car jacking tools were also recovered. Serious efforts to arrest the remaining fleeing gang members and recovery of more stolen goods in progress.


Two Nigerian men and woman caught for using President Buhari's name to defraud job seekers

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The Akwa Ibom State Police Command has arrested 16 persons for allegedly using President Muhammadu Buhari's name to scam and defraud job seekers and other innocent members of the public
The suspects, 10 men and 6 women, were arrested in a storey building located along Atiku Abubakar Way, Uyo, the state capital. The Leader of the syndicate identified as one Felix Obonka from Delta State has gone is currently on the run.

Items recovered from the suspects includes the sum of One Hundred and ninety thousand eight hundred naira (N199,800.00) and two set of forms for Empowerment and Surveillance.
The group operates with the name “Niger Delta Youths, Women and Security Movement for Buhari”. Investigation revealed that, the group’s (membership and surveillance) sold forms were purchased at the rate of six thousand naira (N6,000.00) and N15, 000.00 respectively.

It was further revealed that Felix Obonka and his accomplices tricked applicants into believing that those applying for security jobs will be trained by the Nigerian Army and on completion will be posted to the Nigerian Navy, Police Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department, Department of State Services, for the purpose of pipeline surveillance and protection.

Others were led into believing that they would become trained artisans and proud owners of shops at the end of the programme. However, the syndicate has not trained nor given shop to any persons since 2015.
It was also revealed that the purported recruitment started in 2015 with membership drawn from all the Local Government Areas of the state.

Omg! Man dies three days to his wedding

A Cameroonian man identified as Sorel died just three days to his wedding. Soo, as he was fondly called, was set to wed his fiance and mother of his child on Saturday, July 8th. Details surrounding his death are still sketchy. However, it seems he died on Wednesday, just 3 days to his wedding. Shocked friends and family member have been mourning him on Facebook. Read more below...

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See the two Internet fraudsters scamming people on fake flight booking website

The Ibadan Zonal Office of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, July 5, 2017, arraigned the duo of Oseyomiwobor Marvelous and Idede Stanley Oghenetejiri before Justice Nathaniel Ayo-Emmanuel of the Federal High Court, Oyo State sitting in Ibadan on a Four-count charge bordering on Conspiracy, forgery and obtaining money under false pretence.
The fraudulent activities of the defendants got exposed following a petition received by the Commission alleging that the defendants and others (still at large) are members of a syndicate who operate a website to defraud unsuspecting air travellers who preferred to make bookings online.

The case has been adjourned to October 19, 2017, for trial.

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Omg! See the retired DSP who raped a 9-year-old girl in Cross River State

The retired Deputy Superintendent of Police, Christopher Archibong, who was arrested for
defiling a nine-year-old girl was paraded alongside 62 others at the Cross River State Police Headquarters on Thursday, July 6.
Briefing newsmen, the State Commissioner of Police, Mr Hafiz Inuwa said that Archibong,55, committed the crime on May 31, 2017 in Calabar.

Inuwa explained that the suspect tricked the victim by luring her into his uncompleted building to go and fetch wood for him, adding that in an attempt for the victim to resist him, Archibong threatened to kill her spiritually.
“On May 31, 2017, one traffic warden officer who retired as a DSP, Mr Christopher Archibong, 55, defiled a 9-year-old girl. On June 5 2017, when she could no longer bear it, she informed her mother of the incident and the case was reported to the police on June 7 2017.”
The police commissioner said upon his arrest the suspect had confessed to the crime, adding that he would be charged to court as soon as investigation was concluded.
However,  Archibong, told newsmen in an interview that “the whole matter was a set up.”
“I was set up by my close neighbours who got jealous of me after I bought a piece of land to build my house. I retired as a DSP in February this year, I am a law-abiding citizen of Nigeria; I did not rape the girl as it is said,” he said.

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Shocking! Fayose bans all students activities and public processions In Ekiti

Ekiti state Governor, Ayo Fayose, has banned all students activities and processions in the state.
According to a statement released through Mr. Lere Olayinka, the state special adviser on Public Communications and New Media, he said the ban comes after information was made available that cultists are planning to embark on public procession on every 7th of July in Ekiti State.
He said the governor has ordered security operatives to be on red alert in Ikere Ekiti, Ijero Ekiti, Oye-Ekiti, including other towns with high students activities. The security operatives are also expected to conduct stop and search on any vehicles within the State.

According to the governor, there must be no activities of secret cults nor students procession in Ekiti State henceforth. Anyone found culpable in this act of using cultists to cause anarchy in the State will be dealt with decisively.

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