18 Jul 2017

Bobrisky's hair stylist reveals he is owing her for hair services


Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...A Houston, Texas based hairstylist @Lexclusive on Instagram has called out Nigerian male barbie Bobrisky for not paying for her services after she handled his "dirty" and "dandruff infested" short hair. In an explosive rant via Snapchat, she called him out saying he wasted her time and refused to pay for her services and products used - because people give him free gifts in exchange for promotion on social media. Lex wrote;

Read A Story Of A Nigerian Yahoo Yahoo Boy Who Sold A Fake Airport For $242m


The story of Emmanuel Nwude who committed the largest fraud in the country by selling a non-existent airport to a Brazilian for $242 million between 1995 and 1998. The rise of internet fraud commonly known as 419 is one phenomenon Nigeria has come to be associated it. Before internet fraud became a global issue, Nwude had committed one of the biggest scams in the world.
Specifically, his fraud was the third largest banking scam in the world after the Nick Leeson’s trading losses at Barings Bank, and the looting of the Iraqi Central Bank by Qusay Hussein. 

How was Nwude able to carry out this jaw-dropping scam and convince Nelson Sakaguchi who was the director of the bank to part with so much money for the purchase of an airport Nwude was a former director of Union Bank of Nigeria and this position made him privy to some links, information and documents that other persons would not be aware of. He impersonated the then governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Paul Ogwuma, and connected with Sakaguchi informing him of a mouth-watering deal of Nigeria’s plan to build an airport in Abuja.

Nwude, pretending to be the Central Bank of Nigeria governor, told Sakaguchi that he stood of chance of pocketing $10 million commission when the deal passed through. Sakaguchi paid $191 million in cash and the remainder in the form of outstanding interest. Nwude’s accomplices were Emmanuel Ofolue, Nzeribe Okoli, and Obum Osakwe, along with the husband and wife duo, Christian Ikechukwu Anajemba and Amaka Anajemba, with Christian later being assassinated.
The criminal gang was able to convince the director of the Brazilian bank to part with the money. How did Sakaguchi find out he was a victim of one of the largest scam in the world.
In 1997, the Spanish Banco Santander wanted to take over the Banco Noroeste and a joint board meeting was held in December of that year. Officials of the Spanish bank noted that half of the Brazilian bank’s capital was at Cayman Islands unmonitored. 

This raised questions as this was two-fifths of Noroeste’s total value.
Investigation began and was carried out in Brazil, Britain, Nigeria, Switzerland, and the United States. Although the sale of the Bank still went on as the owners of the bank paid $242 million bill, the bank still collapsed in 2001.

Meet the man who was raped by two women for two days

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A father-of-four, kidnapped and raped by two women for days to the extent that his penis became bruised, has come out to tell his story and it's really pathetic.

People have been sceptical about the stories being told of an increase in female rapists and this is because the victims prefer to be silent due to shame. However, the latest victim, a 48-year-old father agreed to speak to The Standard on the condition of anonymity.

The victim, Chivamba (not real name), is a teacher from Mashonaland East who lives in Chitungwiza. He said he never believed the stories about female rapists until it happened to him. Chivamba had tears in his eyes as he recounted the incident, saying it left him "confused, traumatised and dejected." He said he still relives the nightmare and hopes the women will get caught soon and be brought to justice.

No man would ever want such an experience and as for me, I would give anything to avoid a repeat, even in a dream, he said.
Recalling the sad incident, he said: My family stays here in Chitungwiza and I was on my way back to Macheke after a weekend visit when this tragedy happened. I usually prefer to use buses when travelling but as fate would have it, that day I flagged down a private car, a BMW and it stopped. The driver told me that he was going to Mutare via Marondera and that was perfect for me. There were three women already in the car, one sitting on the front passenger seat and the other two on the back seat. I got in and sat with the two women at the back and we took off.
He said everyone was very friendly and the driver seemed to be in a romantic relationship with the woman sitting with him in the front.
They were all drinking beer which was in a cooler box and when we got to Ziko shopping centre they stopped to refill. One of the ladies offered me a beer and I politely turned her down since I was not feeling well. I settled for a cascade which she handed over to me."
Chivamba said as they approached the Dema toll gate the driver took the dust road which many other drivers used to avoid paying toll fees.  At this time, he said he had finished his drink and was already feeling dizzy.
I thought maybe it was the effects of the tablets that I had taken that day since I was having a running stomach. I fell asleep and the next moment I found myself in a small room with a small bed. I screamed but no one came to my rescue. My manhood felt itchy and when I looked down I realised I was bruised. I felt weak and I was confused. Then the two women who I was sharing the back seat within the car entered the room. They appeared to be much younger than the one who was seated at the front. They began removing their clothes and told me that they wanted me to have sex with them. I refused but one of them who appeared very drunk produced a pistol and told me that she would not hesitate to kill me.
"They tied both my hands, and began caressing me like what happens in a porn movie. They would take turns to suck my manhood and forcibly having sex with me. I was made to take another drink and soon after I had an erection. They would not stop raping me despite my pleas for mercy. One of the women used a condom but the other one wanted unprotected sex."
The next day the women, while masked with a woollen hat, brought food for him into the room where he was locked. Later that day, they bundled him into their car and they drove for some time before he was dumped along Wedza-Murambinda road.
That was my first time to be in Wedza. I was assisted by some young men who directed me to Wedza centre where I reported the matter to the police. The police then took me to hospital where I was given treatment for the bruises on my manhood and also medication to prevent infection. I am grateful to the police and the staff at the hospital, he said.
Chivamba sustained injuries on his manhood, suffered chest pains and was put on 30-day medication to prevent him from contracting the HIV virus, a medical report shows. He now moves around with the aid of crutches, and each time he goes to pee, the scars on his manhood bring back the memories of how he suffered at the hands of the female rapists.

Wow! Linda Ikeji shares a photo with Majek Fashek

Linda Ikeji welcomed legendary singer, Majek Fashek to her media office. Linda Ikeji shared a picture with Majek before he left.

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Shocking! I Covered My Husband’s Mouth With Pillow While Assassin Stabbed Him To Death

A 39-year-old housewife, Mrs. Omotayo Salawudeen, has confessed that she covered the mouth of her husband, Alhaji Hakeem Salawudeen, 43, while a 24-year-old man she hired to kill him stabbed him to death.

Omotayo, who was paraded by the police in Osogbo  yesterday for alleged murder, made the confession while being interviewed by journalists.

The suspect said her man was a loving husband, adding that she had sex with him before Dolapo Oladapo, whom she hired to kill him, stabbed him to death.

She said, “I hired Dolapo Oladapo to kill my husband. We were married for about 17 years; we were blessed with three children. They are aged 17, 15 and 12. My husband did not offend me; I was just mad at him.

“I choked him with a pillow after having sex with him and Oladapo stabbed him to death with a knife. I don’t know what came over me, but I regret my action.”

However, Punch correspondent gathered from a police source that the man had impregnated a woman sometime in 2016.

The police source said on the day, the wife called Hakeem, who was at a party, to come back home.

He said, “Unknown to him, his wife had brought an assassin home and hid him in one of the rooms.”

Oladapo said Omotayo hired him to punish her husband, adding that she promised him that she would give him anything he requested if the operation was successful.

The Commissioner of Police in Osun State, Mr. Fimihan Adeoye, stated that a relation of the deceased reported the incident to the police.

He said Oladapo was the first to be arrested for the murder of Hakeem.

Adeoye said, “Investigation revealed that Omotayo did not only hire Oladapo, but actively participated in killing her husband.”

The CP said investigation was ongoing, adding that the case would be charged to court soon.

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Update! See what Kemi Olunloyo posted about Comedian Seyi Law's daughter again

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Kemi Olunloyo has claimed Seyi Law's in-laws called her from UK to disclose his daughter, little Tiwa has a disability and medical complication in a new post and wrote an epistle about it;

#BREAKING I just received a call from one of @seyilaw1's wife's relatives in the UK who disclosed privately to me that his daughter Tiwa has a disability and medical complication she was born with. Tiwa cannot process #insulin well and therefore gains weight and retains fat like any hyperglycemic patient would. This sounds close to type 1diabetes also called juvenile diabetes. I spotted this baby as obese 6 months ago to educate others on a medical issue, her father acknowledged it and I also called @majeayida into it, a first clsss fitness trainer who I asked to write an article on child obesity to assist me as a pharmacist to educate Nigerians.

NEXT I was wrongfully imprisoned and Seyi said he was rejoicing when he heard that I was locked up because she called my baby "fat". Rather than him apologizing for that, he insulted my entire family. Today my mom cursed him for saying she should have kept her placenta and thrown me away, called me a family reject and compared me with a dog with RABIES!

None of his fans saw him do wrong, they did not research the original post and all thought this online fight was between me and Seyi. It was about the child. Instead, I got curses and death threats. Some illiterates even thought the word "obese" was a bullying word when its actually a medical term. The other disability the child suffers is too much to say here. Pray for that girl. Seyi, I advise you take down your child's photos from social media. To all the celebrities sarcastically cursing me out not mentioning my name, thank God u will remain scared of me forever posting her pictures and crowning her baby of the year as I made her famous in one weekend, ALWAYS FOCUS ON THE BIGGER PICTURE.
LEARN MORE ABOUT JUVENILE DIABETES. The immune system destroys cells in the pancreas. No more insulin is produced. The child becomes FAT for a lifetime #hnnhealth

Dr Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo Pharm.D

Nigerian musician 9ice reveals he prefer to have children than win Grammys

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Image result for images of 9ice 
Singer 9ice who excited Nigerians years back when he dropped a line in one of his singles saying 'Don't doubt me, I will bring you Grammys' in an interview on Rubbin Minds said he never promised anyone Grammys. Now in an IG post, 9ice also says he will choose his children over Grammys!

Footballer Emmanuel Adebayor reveals more shocking details about his family

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Togolese striker, Emmanuel Adebayor, who went public to reveal some of his personal issues with his family which at some point affected his playing career, has given an update on the controversy.

Recall in 2015, the former Arsenal and Manchester City striker accused his family members including his mother and sister of witchcraft.  He also took to Facebook to offer series of insight into his family life, where he equally lamented on how ungrateful they were and wanted to bring him down.
The striker who now plays for ?stanbul Ba?ak?ehir in Turkey has spoken exclusively to the BBC about the controversy, where he said he made the right decision to go public about his personal problems.

In the interview, the football star who in 2011 joined Real Madrid on loan from Manchester City believes he could have sealed a permanent switch to the Spanish giant but he learned that his late brother sent a letter to the club, urging them not to sign him.
According to him, he doesn't talk to his family anymore, because they never cared about him except for his money.

Omg! Woman beaten by In-laws for havin a baby girl (photo)

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It is insane that people are still this ignorant in this day and age! An Indian woman was beaten mercilessly by her in-laws and her only 'crime' is giving birth to a female child. The shocking assault was caught on tape and has been shared online, causing outrage.
In the disturbing clip, the woman, who has been identified as 35-year-old Meena Kashyap,  can be seen screaming in anguish as she's beaten with hockey sticks by two men. The men are reportedly her brother-in-law and one of his friends. The sad incident occurred last week after her husband's family found out she had made a previous violence complaint in April, local reports say.
According to reports, Meena, from Patiala, Punjab, gave birth to a girl but her husband's family refused to accept the child, hence the beatings. Meena and her husband were already involved in a dispute over a dowry of 700,000 rupees (£8,300) that was given by her parents to her new husband's family at their wedding. When she gave birth to a daughter, it angered the family even more, so they assaulted her.
Charges are being brought against her husband Daljit Singh, his brother Kamaljeet and the friend identified as Gaurav. The charges against them include 'trespassing' and 'voluntarily causing hurt'. 
The victim's father told local news outlets: "We had complained about the issue last year itself but nothing was being done regarding that. They have been married for the past two years now and have a girl child. Their family asked for 700,000 rupees for dowry."

Two Nigerian men caught hiding cocaine inside fake jewelry in Cambodia

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According to reports, the suspects hid the drug in a box of fake jewelry and sent it to Cambodia via DHL shipping company.

Nollywood actress, Halima Abubakar - The devil is a liar, I am going nowhere

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Image result for images of halima abubakar 

Actress Halima Abubakar who is currently undergoing medical treatment for the complications she suffered from her Fibriod operation in India earlier this year, is being very positive about her current health status. In a Birthday post to her friend and fellow actress, Uche Elendu which she posted some hours ago, Halima said the devil is a liar and she is not going anywhere. She wrote

"With all my strength I say happy belated birthday my love.You are a wonderful friend whom I don't regret meeting ???????Thank you for showing me love and constantly checking up on me??Don't worry boo,devil is a liar and am going nowhere ????Wish you greatness @ucheelendu and peace of mind.love you??". 

Nigerian man caught working as a female sex worker

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The 19-year-old man, who allegedly posed as female sex worker was nabbed in the early hours of Monday, along Kaunda road, Malawi and is currently in the custody of Kanengo Police.
The suspect identified as Van Gomani dressed up like a woman complete with hair extension, stood along the road where he was picked up by a man who thought he was a lady.
"They went together and booked a room. It was in that room that the other man noticed that the person he picked is not a lady but rather a fellow man." a source said.
The man dragged the suspect to police because he felt deceived and believed he posed as a lady with intent to rob him.
A statement signed by the spokesperson for Kanengo Police, Salome Zgambo Chibwana said
Von Goman comes from kapetera village T/A kapeni in Blantyre and will appear in court soon to answer charges of soliciting immoral purpose which is under section 180 sub section (e) of the penal code.