22 Jul 2017

MUST READ! How to make her orgarsm last for more than a minute

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The only thing better than an orgasm is one that lasts for a full minute.
Yes, the 60-second climax really exists, it’s not typical. The female orgasm usually lasts 6 to 30 seconds, but if her mood and your moves are right, her climax can keep going. Prolong her pleasure with six easy strategies.

1. Turn Your Bedroom into a Hotel Room

The key to any female orgasm is for her to be relaxed and focused solely on pleasure, The more tuned in she is, the better her chances of having a long, intense climax.
So start by setting the mood. If she’s keyed up after a stressful day, give her a back massage to ease her into a more laid-back state. Turn off your cell phones, lock your doors, hit the lights, and put on the slow jams: Music and candlelight will help calm her central nervous system,

2. Shower Her with Compliments

If she feels self-conscious, it will sap her sex drive fast. Insecurity distracts her and inhibits her pleasure. But if she feels smoking hot, she’ll be more aroused and focused on the awesome sensations of sex. And that can help her experience deeper orgasms.
So show her how much she turns you on: Pull her toward you eagerly, tell her how amazing you think her backside is, and linger as you kiss and caress her body. Don’t underestimate the power of a well-timed “wow” as she strips.
3. Talk Dirty to Her

Dirty talk can help keep her attention focused on the erotic sensations, if you already know what kind of naughty language turns her on, go for it.
Otherwise, start by telling her how wet, warm, and incredible she feels against you. Try taking control and commanding her to turn over when changing positions—some women find that hot. If calling her a “bad girl” is her thing, go for it. If not, don’t force it.

4. Tease Her

Bringing her to the brink of orgasm repeatedly will cause her arousal to spread throughout her body—resulting in a bigger, longer climax when she finally peaks,
if you know she loves oral sex, start to go down on her slowly and gently. Pay close attention to her response. As she gets closer to orgasm, she will begin panting faster and you may be able to feel growing tension in her abs, thighs, and butt.
When you notice those signs, dial your speed and pressure back. Her breathing should slow. Then coax her back up to the brink, and slow it down again. Oscillate back and forth five times if you can, bringing her closer to the peak each time. Then let her have her big finish.

5. Cover All Your Bases

Working multiple sex acts into one session can help prolong her orgasm because the variation creates more tension and arousal, start with oral sex or use a vibrator to stimulate all her erogenous zones: her nipples, clitoris, vagina, G-spot, and even her anus if she’s into it. Then, when you’re both ready for sex, have her grind on top of you so she can control the pressure.
Bonus: Use your thumb or fingers to rub her clitoris as she rides you.


Omg! Flood hits more areas in Lagos (photo)

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This is the current situation in Palace way, okota, Lagos at the moment.  See more photos below...

UK based Nigerian man sentenced to life imprisonment for beating girlfriend's son to death

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A 39-year-old Nigerian man, Marvyn Iheanacho,  who was arrested for beating his five-year-old stepson, Alex Malcolm, to death for losing a shoe, has bagged a life sentence after being found guilty at Woolwich Crown Court in the United Kingdom, Sun reports.

The jurors of the court was said to hear that Iheanacho had taken Alex with him to pick up DVDs from his friend’s place on November 20, 2016. On the way, the pair stopped at Mountsfield Park in Hither Green where a witness overheard that the child saying ‘sorry’ for losing his shoe before he attacked him.

Jurors were shown footage of Iheanacho carrying Alex in a “fireman’s lift” away from the park and towards a taxi rank where he asked for a cab to his girlfriend Lilya’s home.

When he arrived at the address, Iheanacho attacked his partner to stop her calling an ambulance, and shouted: “Keep your fing mouth shut.” It was learnt that Iheanacho suggested putting the schoolboy in a bath before wrapping him in a towel and assaulted.

According to a report by Vanguard, Williams faces 20 years in jail for mail fraud, aggravated identity theft, voter fraud and illegally re-entering the US after being initially deported.

Gov Ambode queues in public for the LG Election

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Governor Akinwunmi Ambode Already On The Queue Waiting To Perform His Civic Duty At Ogunmodede College, Epe. See more photos below...


Indonesia President Orders Officers To Shoot Drug Traffickers

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Indonesia's President Joko Widodo has instructed law enforcement officers to shoot drug traffickers to deal with a narcotics emergency facing the country.

"Be firm, especially to foreign drug dealers who enter the country and resist arrest. Shoot them because we indeed are in a narcotics emergency position now," Widodo said in a speech delivered at an event held by one of Indonesia's political parties late on Friday.

His remarks have drawn comparison to that of Philippine's President Rodrigo Duterte, who launched a brutal anti-drug crackdown about a year ago that saw many alleged drug dealers killed.

Photo of Nigerian man who beat wife to death

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The Ogun state police command have arrested 40 year old, Femi Adebowale, pictured above for beating his 37 year old wife, Kuburat to death at their home in the Agbado area of the state last Monday.

A statement released by the command's spokesperson, Abimbola Oyeyemi, says trouble started when Femi gave the deceased N10, 000 to prepare for her younger brother's baby's naming ceremony but she said it wasn't enough. This led to a fight between the couple. The wife slumped and died in their apartment during the beating.

Femi was arrested after the younger brother of the deceased lodged a complaint at the Agbado Division. When he was interrogated,  Femi accused his wife of committing adultery and that he got to find out she was having an affair with their next door neighbour.

The remains of the deceased has been deposited at the state morgue while Femi is currently in police detention and would soon be arraigned in court.

Fayose - Children Of Public Office Holders Should Attend Schools In Nigeria

Ekiti State Governor, Mr Ayodele Fayose has said that all his children are products of Nigerian Universities, urging public office holders to endeavor to send their children to schools in the country.

Governor Fayose, who was at Covenant University, Ota in Ogun State to witness the graduation ceremony of one of his sons, Ayorogbayimika Fayose, told journalists that there was no reason children of public office holders should study in universities outside Nigeria, except in cases where courses interested in were not offered in Nigerian universities.

According to the governor’s Special Assistant on Public Communications and New Media, Lere Olayinka, Governor Fayose said; “We talk and do. Whatever we say is what we practice. Apart from the fact that none of children attended schools abroad, I have never travelled out of the country for Medicare.

 He said; Even though views of people like us might not be popular among the powers that be because we say the truth and act the truth, we won’t stop telling them what they do not like to hear and one of such is that the only way to improve the standard of education in the country is for children of holders of public office to experience what children of ordinary Nigerians are experiencing in schools in the country.

“During my first tenure as governor, I took my son from a private school and enrolled him in SUBEB Model Primary School in Ado Ekiti.

“Today again, I am here to witness the graduation of my son and I make bold to say here that none of my children attended tertiary institution outside Nigeria.

“That should be the spirit not a situation where someone is the minister of education in Nigeria and his children are schooling abroad.

And by enforcing this too, we will be saving Nigeria a lot of foreign exchange being wasted on medical and academic tourism,” the governor said.

While condemning what he described as the hypocrisy of some Nigerian leaders, especially those in the All Progressives Congress (APC), Governor Fayose said; “Even children of President Muhammadu Buhari that they told us lived a modest life attended universities abroad.

Shouldn’t President Buhari have lived by example by enrolling his children in universities in Nigeria?” While reiterating his commitment to the uplift of education in Ekiti State, Governor Fayose said; “We are after quality education and we want to maintain our position as leaders in the education sector.

We are first in NECO examinations and we are among the best in WAEC and the only industry in Ekiti State is education and we can’t afford to let it depreciate.” The governor also called on parents, corporate bodies and others to support the government in the task of improving the standard of education in the state.


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I Couldn’t Stop Robbery Because Of My Ailing Mother - Suspect

A notorious armed robber suspect in Rivers State, Ogadinma Amadi, has said that he became an unrepentant criminal because he was looking for money for the treatment of his mother currently suffering from stroke.

Amadi, explained that though he had denounced cultism, he could not stop armed robbery because of his sick mother.

The suspect was one of the seven persons paraded by the Rumuolumeni Police Division in Obio/Akpor Local Government Area, for their involvement in various offences, including stealing and armed robbery. A native of Owerri, Imo State, the suspect, was described by the police as a serial armed robber.

Amadi added that he had decided to seek the assistance of a pastor to deliver him from the spirit of armed robbery. “Yes! I used to be a cultist, but I have been able to leave cultism. I was into armed robbery before I was arrested by the police.

 I was not able to stop armed robbery because I needed money to get my mother treated. My mother has stroke.

“If I am freed, I will stop armed robbery. My aim is to meet a pastor, who will show me the way after delivering me from the spirit of stealing,” Amadi stressed.

The suspect was said to have attacked a businessman with a machete before he (businessman) was rushed to a hospital.

Speaking on Amadi’s capture, the Divisional Police Officer of Rumuolumeni Police Division, Mr. Kingsley Chukwueggu, said the suspect was arrested along Mgbodohia-Nkpo road in Rumuoloumeni on July 5, 2017.

Chukwueggu, who described the suspect as a serial armed robber and habitual criminal, recalled that Amadi was always inflicting machete cut injuries on his victims before taking away their belongings.

He explained that the suspect had stolen generators from many residents of Obio/Akpor before he was finally caught, adding that his accomplice, one Ikechukwu Chukwu, who usually helped the suspect to dispose stolen generators, was also arrested.

“Ogadinma Amadi was first arrested for cultism on February 2, 2014, and charged to court. He was released and on the 16th of July, 2014, he was arrested again for armed robbery.

“After he regained freedom, this time around, he went for armed robbery and was caught during their operation. Before his final arrest, he almost killed a man, who went into coma for several days,” the DPO said.

He, however, promised that Amadi would be charged to court after the end of further investigation.


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19-Year-Old Girl & Driver Caught For Kidnapping, Robbery

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The Imo State Police Command has apprehended a 19-year old girl, Chidimma Nwoke and a 40-year-old bus driver with Peace Mass Transport Company, Samuel Nkemjika for allegedly taking part in kidnapping and armed robbery activities.

The state commissioner of police, Chris Ezike told Punch correspondent that the bus driver, an indigene of Bende Local Government Area in Abia State who used his bus in abducting his victims was arrested in Onitsha, Anambra State.

Nkemjika who confessed to the crime,said he got N200,000 from  the N2m ransom which his gang made from their kidnap operations .

In another development, 19-year-old girl,  Nwoke, a native of Umuaka in Njaba Local Government Area of the state was nabbed by the operatives of the command together with her two male gang members .

Ezike disclosed that the gang was notorious and specialised in robbing motorcyclists and traders at gun point.

Ezike said that  luck ran against the gang when they robbed a victim which forced the police to swing into action and arrested the three-man gang, immediately.

He said that the two motorcycles which the gang used in robbing their victims, one locally made shot gun with three live cartridges were recovered as exhibits from the gang.

Ezike asserted that his command had tightened all loopholes, adding that the major reshuffle he made at the command recently was yielding positive results.

The female robber said that she had got N45,000 from her gang in five operations.

Shocking! Prostitute confesses to have killed 100 men and 70 impotent

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A 36-year-old Ghanaian prostitute has confessed to being responsible for the deaths of over 100 men who slept with her, while also rendering 70 more impotent after a Nigerian lady introduced into prostitution.
According to Katrine Obenewaa, her quest for money at a very tender age led her into prostitution. 
Explaining how she became a sex worker to Bryt FM’s Samuel Mprah, she revealed that a lack of support from her poor parents meant she had to find alternative ways to make money. This, she said forced her into prostitution, adding that she got more involved in the business after she met a Nigerian lady called Miss Elizabeth Opeyemi. 

“I was initially working as a local prostitute but later went international after coming into contact with one Miss Elizabeth Opeyemi, an international sex worker from Nigeria,” she revealed. 
She further narrated how this mysterious Nigerian woman enticed her to take her prostitution business outside Ghana. 
According to her, she started spreading her bounds to neighbouring countries like Benin, Togo and Burkina Faso. 

“My eight years of friendship with Miss Opeyemi was a great moment that saw me with billions of cedis. I was able to buy two separates six-bed room apartments from the monies I made through my sex business and now own a lot of other landed properties from this same sex business,” she said. 
Katrine continued to make money, however, her quest to create more wealth prompted her to go in for spiritual backup. 
She then decided to visit a spiritualist in order to make her business blossom the more, but little did she know that it would turn out for the worst. 

She narrates that she realised every man she slept with lost his life afterwards, prompting her to find out why it was so. 
However, to her surprise, the spiritualist told her it was the price she had to pay for her wealth while adding that it was irreversible. 
She confessed that over 100 men had already died, and 70 more were rendered impotent after sleeping with her before she eventually found out what the cause was. 

Katrine also said she's having a big regret over the whole situation,  saying “though I have acquired the needed wealth one could desire for in life, am still not a happy person because of this predicament in my life”. 

Source:  Yen GH.

Nigerian man caught twice before in 2016 for drugs has been caught again in India


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The City Crime Branch (CCB) officials, on Thursday, July 20th, raided a place and arrested a 29-year-old Nigerian national, who was peddling drugs in Bengaluru, India.

Based on a tip off, a team of officials nabbed Makuko Chukwuku Muolokwu while he was waiting for his clients at Bili Shivale bus stop at Kothanuru. Five grams of cocaine, seven mobile phones and a laptop were recovered from him. The total worth of the seized goods is said to be around 1.5 lakh.
Initial investigation revealed that Makuko had come to the city on a business visa two years ago.

He was arrested by Narcotics Control Bureau officials in 2016 and also by Ramamurthynagar police for similar cases. Though both cases are pending, he had continued to peddle drugs while out on bail, a senior police officer said.

Update! Photo of woman who married woman poured hot pepper into her private area

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Ly Chanel was suspicious about her husband Chien Keo, because he kept disappearing for hours upon end from their home in Thai Nguyen province, northeast Vietnam.
According to local media reports, the expectant mother and four friends followed Chien to a motel before bursting in on him with her love rival in Thai Nguyen province, northeast Vietnam.
Furious Ly donned latex gloves while three other women held down the mistress and one took pictures as they removed her underwear on Tuesday afternoon.
They then opened a large bag of super-hot 200,000 scoville units red bird's eye chilies and pushed them inside woman's privates - causing agonising pain from the hot spice.
Horrifying pictures show the woman being held down by her head, arms and legs as she writhes in agony with red fleshy seeds from inside the peppers smeared across her body and the bedsheets.
The group then posted the pictures online boasting of the punishment - but sparked a furious backlash against them for not targeting the philandering husband.
Ly, who is around three months pregnant expecting a boy, said:
"Would my husband like me to live happily to welcome his child? How can he care for us if he then he cheats with another girl. A woman who destroys the family. Women can forgive easily but they can never forget. Jealousy is painful." said Ly.
"She will know this. There are people who hate me now, but life is like that, you cannot please everyone. Whoever does what he or she does is their business. But let's share something that should be shared to see the truth, and do not talk bad about people." she added.
 Police said no complaint had been made from the alleged victim but prosecutors said Ly Chanel could be fined if police charge her.
Lawyer Giang Hong Thanh from the district attorney's office said:
"First of all, it is necessary to share and sympathize with the wife's psychological state of affairs in this case if it is indeed the case that a woman who has been rubbed has damaged her family's well-being.
"However, rubbing chili in another person's sensitive area and posting the clip on the internet is a sign of humiliating others.
"If chili smears cause injury to another woman's genitalia the wife may be dealt with under Article 104 of the Penal Code may be subject to administrative sanctions and a fine of from �70 to �100."