23 Jul 2017

AJANAKU WO!!! ADEBAYO FALETI IS DEAD. May ur soul rest in peace baba.

Image may contain: 1 personErin WO! I can confirm to you now that my father of inestimable value, mentor and friend has passed on. He died in his house around 8.30am this morning at the age of 95. He will have been 86 on Dec 26, 2017. May he find peace with his creator.

Meet the 10 yr old boy who scrapes and eat the dirt he finds on the floor if he doesn't see food

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Tissue Paper 

Caden Benjamin, 10-year-old boy who is constantly hungry due to a rare condition allegedly scrapes together the dirt he finds on the floor and eat that if there's nothing to eat. He is said to weigh 14 stone 2lbs (90 kilogrammes) because of his constant overeating. He is also reported to eat rolls of toilet paper at some point.

He hails from Standerton in South Africa.
He has been diagnosed with a genetic disorder called Prader-Willi syndrome, which is characterised by an obsessive compulsion to eat.
His mother Zola Benjamin says it means Caden will eat anything he can get his hands on.
Caden Benjamin, 10-year-old boy who is constantly hungry due to a rare condition allegedly scrapes together the dirt he finds on the floor and eat that if there's nothing to eat. He is said to weigh 14 stone 2lbs (90 kilogrammes) because of his constant overeating. He is also reported to eat rolls of toilet paper at some point.

Several years ago, he was forced to undergo a tracheotomy and he now breathes through a tube inserted into his windpipe.
Prader-Willi syndrome is a rare, incurable disorder that affects thousands of people worldwide, resulting in physical, mental and behavioural problems.
The condition is made worse by the fact that people need less food than their peers because their bodies have less muscle and tend to burn fewer calories.
Ms Benjamin added: ‘At three years old he was 40 kg (6 stone 4 lbs) and at that time, we didn’t know what was wrong with him.
‘We went to a number of doctors and no one could tell us what was wrong and why he was gaining so much weight.’
Eventually, a doctor at the Steve Biko Academic Hospital in Pretoria ran further tests and diagnosed Caden’s illness.
Ms Benjamin said: ‘Normally he would start off the day by eating four slices of cheese toast and then an hour later he would drink Coke and eat leftover food from the night before.
‘Then at lunch he’d eat two large pieces of chicken. He’d eat hourly for the rest of the day.’
But with his weight spiralling out of control and his health being seriously jeopardised, doctors have put Caden – who wears men’s XL size clothes – on a diet.
Ms Benjamin has had to lock all her kitchen cabinets and her fridge and hide all food items in the house.
‘He’s really battling. I feel so terrible… but the doctors said that if I want to see my son alive, then he has to go on a diet,’ she said.
‘Each and every day is a battle. I have to check up on him all day and night.’
Caden struggles to move around and even breathe because he is so overweight.
He also suffers bouts of depression because he is unable to live like a normal child.
‘Sometimes he’ll just break down in tears and tells me he wants to go and play with the other children outside,’ said Ms Benjamin.
‘But he is unable to do that and there’s no way I can help him.’

Seyi Law - Kemi Olunloyo Is Bullying My Daughter

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Popular comedian, Oluwaseyitan Lawrence Aletile, aka Seyi Law, in an excusive chat with Sunday Scoop says what Kemi Olunloyo is doing to his daughter is called bullying and he hs never seen any adult as old as she is bully a child. He also said contrary to Olunloyo's claims, his daughter is very healthy. He said;

“This is just a case of a person who has refused to seek help. It is obvious that Kemi has decided to bully my daughter. Bullies usually fight people who are within their age bracket and people who have the same body size as them. For her to attack my daughter only means that she is unwell. Who bullies a young child? Never have I seen someone her age bully a child as young as my daughter who is barely a year old.

I have decided to ignore her rants. She also made some obnoxious claims about my daughter’s health. But when you’re a man that wakes up every day, knowing the only reason your daughter visits the hospital is to take her vaccines, you have every reason to be grateful to God.”

Speaking further, he said, “According to her, there was an article in which I said I rejoiced she was sent to prison. But it’s apparent she only read the headline of the article, and not the body. She did not even know that I was pleading on her behalf. I will keep celebrating my daughter and having wonderful times with my wife.”

On the veracity of Olunloyo’s claims that his wife, Stacey’s relative informed her (Olunloyo) that Tiwa has Type 1 Diabetes, Seyi laughed it off. “That doesn’t even make any sense. For the records though, my wife does not have any relative in the United Kingdom,” he said.

Explaining the only physical interaction they had before the online battle of words, Seyi said, “Prior to her rants online, I only met her once. That was during a Glo Lafftafest show in Ibadan when she came backstage to interview me; that was all.”

Seyi also maintained that his wife isn’t bothered by Kemi’s rants. “My baby is fine; there’s nothing wrong with her. I am the one who is a celebrity and I’m the one who should talk. My wife is not even bothered,” he said.

198 Nigerians returns back from Saudi Arabia after living there illegally (photo)

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At least 198 Nigerians who have been living illegally in Saudi Arabia returned to the country on Saturday, July 22, 2017.

At the moment, the government of Saudi Arabia has offered a 90-days amnesty period for illegal immigrants to return to their countries or face sanctions like fines, jail terms and deportation.  

The amnesty had been due to expire on June 25 but it was extended by 30 more days and according to experts, more than a thousand Nigerians are expected to return under the amnesty offer.  

The Federal Government sponsored the return of those who arrived in Kano on Saturday.

Do you know this deceased accident victim?(graphic photo)


She was involved in an accident along the Kaduna-Jos expressway yesterday and sadly lost her life. Her remians is currently at a hospital in Pambeguwa, Kaduna state. The hospital has no clue about her identify. See the photo below. Anyone that knows her should please call this number 08031590142. 


Omg! Asian man attack a black man with machete in public

An argument between two men on a street in New York city escalated into a violent but hilarious fight which was captured on camera.
The fight broke out on Wednesday morning on Manhattan's Upper West Side. It shows a man in a white shirt with a machete fighting with a black man in a red tank top carrying a trash can. A woman can also be seen in the video standing between them to end the fight but she doesn’t succeed. 
The fight continues during which the machete-wielding man throws the weapon at the man with the trash can, before running to get in the car with the woman. But the black man yanks him out of the car and they continue fighting and throwing things at each other. The video ends with the man in red picking up his backpack as the other man gets back in the car.
A witness said the fight started when the man in red was crossing the street on his cellphone, and the other man became angry because he thought the pedestrian wasn’t paying attention. An argument ensued and the light-skinned man flashed a gun clip and told the man he had a gun. He then allegedly got out of his car as the other man quickly grabbed a trash can for protection.
Police have identified the machete-wielding man as 40-year-old Lewis Roman, of the Bronx. He was caught moments after he drove off and police found the gun clip in his possession.
Roman is facing charges of assault, criminal mischief, menacing and criminal possession of a weapon.

Armed robbers escapes through the police station roof while officers slept off

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Image result for images of police station in nigeria 
Residents of the neighborhood are in shock at the gross incompetence and are speculating that the officers on duty that day were either sleeping, drunk, or they were not telling the entire truth, P.M. Express reports. Officers woke on the morning after the criminals were taken into custody to notice that the roof of the cell they were in had been damaged and removed and the suspects were no longer in there.

The police led by their Divisional Police Officer, CSP Camelius began a manhunt for the suspects who were said to be at large. This led to the arrest of a man called Bashiru Rabiu who was allegedly involved in the cell break. He was charged before the Isolo Magistrates court for willful damage and escape from lawful custody under the criminal code. Bashiru denied involvement and pleaded not guilty.

The presiding Magistrate, Mr A.O. Ogbe granted Bashiru bail in the sum of N100,000 with two sureties in the like sum. He was remanded in prison custody pending when he will perfect his bail condition.