10 Sep 2017

RRS Nabs Cleaner Over N500M Fraud

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The operatives of Rapid Response Squad, RRS of the Lagos State Police Command have arrested a 30 year old hotel cleaner for defrauding a company of N2 million and attempting to collect another N500 million after hacking into the company’s e-mail address.

Let’s tell you about Pastor Adeboye’s only daughter, Bolu

Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...That the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God is married with four children is no news.
The couple just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on September 8.
Blessed with three sons and a daughter, many wonder who the only daughter of Pastor Adeboye is.
She is Pastor (Mrs.) Bolu Adubi.

Nigerian army invade Kanu’s home, allegedly shoot IPOB supporter (video)

Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...arely 24 hours after the Nigerian army said it would begin its second phase of Operation Python Dance II in the South Eastern states, video shows soldiers in armoured tank and some patrol vans allegedly invade the home of the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu while some IPOB supporters tried to resist them.

Graphic photos: Man hangs himself in Rivers State after testing HIV-positive

Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...A man identified as Chidom allegedly committed suicide after he tested positive to HIV in Rivers State. Below is the report by Facebook user:
"How a man named Chidom from Ozochi in Ahoada East L.G.A of Rivers state Hangs himself because he was tested HIV Positive and chose to leave his family"

Airport Guard Discovers, Returns N1.2m To Passenger

Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...Joseph Akilo, a guard with the Aviation Logistics and Management Limited (ALML) on Saturday morning returned the sum of $3,338 (about N1, 218,370) of a passenger on Virgin Atlantic Airways flight out of the country to London Heathrow at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport (MMIA), Lagos.
The money, which was in two separate envelopes, was left behind by Mr. Frank Abenemi, a passenger with Virgin Atlantic after going through profiling at the counters of the airline.

Hector Jobarteh’s wife speaks, writes moving tribute to her late husband

Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...Wife of Hector Jobarteh has paid a tribute to her late husband, who was brutally murdered by unidentified assassins.
On Thursday, September 7, 2017, Oseyi Jobarteh wrote a post titled “Happy Birthday My Love” on her blog, “thesecretlifeof678”.

Speed Darlington Is Inlove With Tonto Dikeh,Sings A Love Song For Her(Photos/Video)

   Photo was shared online by internet sensation, Speed Darlington. It’s no longer news that he has a mad crush on Tonto Dikeh. The love is so strong he once made a video of himself singing and professing his love for her. Scroll down to watch the video.
A social media user created this photoshopped picture of Tonto Dikeh in BangDadaDang master Speed Darlington’s arms and the excited self-proclaimed international rapper shared it and said: Lmaoooo! People got too much time @tontolet. Although you are very beautiful. I like. #Speedolet #EnergyCouple.                        

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Nigerian Couple Shares Photos Of Thier Honeymoon In Village After Wedding In Lagos (Photos)

Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...honeymoonNigerian Couple, Victor Agafenam Chi and Vivian, who held their wedding in Lagos two weeks ago, have taken their honeymoon down to their village in Enugu.
Victor who shared photos from their honeymoon in village, wrote;“Ok. We off to Enugu to kick start our honeymoon. Thanks for all the love so far.”

TBoss declares love for Bobrisky, celebrates him as he turns a year older

Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...Big Brother Naija 2nd runner up, Tokunbo Idowu, popularly known as TBoss has declared her admiration for Controversial cross-dresser, Bobrisky.
Recall Bobrisky is a die-hard fan of TBoss, and even campaigned for her vigorously during her stay in the Big Brother naija House.. He even went as far as going to Unilag to distribute airtime, so folks can vote for her.

Kemi Olunloyo exposes daughter of a Nigerian Legislator, claims she’s a lesbian

Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...Kemi Olunloyo exposes daughterLooks like Kemi Olunloyo is back to her “Investigative Journalism”, and rants.
Of recent, the controversial media personality shared a picture of a lady who she claims is the daughter of a Nigerian Legistlator, who apparently, is also a lesbian.
According to Kemi, the girl’s father was one of the lawmakers who passed the anti-gay law.
Below is what she wrote on Her Instagram:
This #Hausa girl is the daughter of a famous legislator. She is an open LESBIAN. In 2013, her father was one of the MOST instrumental federal lawmaker to pass the #Nigerian anti-gay law. I have nothing against gays. I grew up with plenty of them in North America.
Who is he and did you know that northern Nigeria has the most homosexuals in #Nigeria? #hnngayvoices

Update! Man Claims He Caught UNIPORT Ritualist Who Escaped From Police Cell (Photo)

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  Facebook user, Thomas Gwon, took to his page yesterday to claim that he was the one that caught Port Harcourt rapist and ritualist, Ifeanyi Dike, who kidnapped, raped and dismembered the body of his 8 year old neighbor, Chikamso. 

Watch Video Of Physically Challenged Lady Lecturer Wed Her Man (Video)

 A physically challenged Nigerian technologist/lecturer Mrs Isabella tied the knot with her man. Watch video below...

Ushbebe Talks About His Experience In Brazil

The comedian spoke about his experience in Brazil to Joy Marcus.

Updates Something terrible and shocking will happen to Afia Schwarzenegger - Owusu Bempah says

Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...Rev. Bempah, who prophesied that Afia Schwarzenegger's marriage with Lawrence Abrokwa will collapse, said only an apology to him and other men of God she had insulted in the past, can save her.

“I have slept with more than 180 prostitutes in 4 years, are these the signs of HIV?”

Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...A guy needs the advise of Doctors in the house.. Please read his story below, as shared on Nairaland.
Please Doctors In The House Help, Are These Signs And Symptoms Of HIV?

"See hair for man belle" - Tunde Ednut takes a swipe at Bobrisky for wearing a crop top at his birthday dinner (photo)

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The muscian shared a photo of Bobrisky wearing a crop top at his birthday dinner yesterday night, and pointed out the strands of ungroomed hair showing on his tummy.

Omg! Pregnant woman set on fire by boyfriend delivers baby prematurely (photo)

A man, who did not want to be a dad, doused his pregnant girlfriend in flammable liquid and set her on fire, forcing her to deliver her baby seven weeks premature.

Shocking! Nigerian man in search of £400k for his operation to transition into a woman (photo)

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Jide Smith is a Nigerian gay man who recently opened a crowdfunding account to source for £400,000 for his operation to transition into a woman which has been his dream. Jide who now wishes to be known as Malaysia Banks, says he is also battling with HIV after he got infected by his Jamaican boyfriend in London when he was a teenager. Read what he wrote below...

Hi I am Malaysia Bank but known to be born as Jide Smith in the United kingdom in the 80's and grew up as a young gay boy in my home country Nigeria. Having fought through numerous opportunistic infections from my late HIV diagnosis to AIDS , I now realise the great world ahead of me, to support and be of guidance to those who need to overcome the stigma in their minds about the virus and other important life issues especially keeping the mind focused and healthy.

We all as humanity are there to assist one another and my priorities right now are working towards a healthy recovery and also a successful transition which is very expensive and not available or heard of in my country Nigeria that I love so much and would like to be accepted if possible, and also towards that with a healthy body and soul and definitely sticking to my retrovirus medication regime and embarking on the hormonal therapy and necessary operations.

I contacted the virus in the early 2000's in the United Kingdom as a homosexual male in my teens! I remember clubbing at heaven night club every Wednesdays as that was the day I would like to show of my dance steps and be happy and be accepted and be among like minds. Obviously sneaking out of the family home at Wilsdeen green London NW3. I would sneak out through the bathroom window, funny yeah! And then walk my way down to the floor and get the jubilee line. I couldn't wait to hear "the next stop is charing cross" Anxiously waiting and happy to be clubbing in a scene where I knew I belonged and could be myself for as long as I remember. I wasn't sexually active all through my high school and I'm sure class mates would testify to my feminity. I was a regular on the London gay scene and met few transgender which as of then I couldn't figure out why as I was raised up in an African background . I was infected in 2002 to be accurate by a Jamaican who I fell in love with.

He like my dance and fashion sense and I was comfortable in his nice flat. We had unprotected sex few times and also used protections as well. The gay scene is quite small or was quite small then, and it was a close circle especially to the black African and Caribbean community. I Saw the whole drag performances and I tried it few times. Obviously closeted and changing in the public toilets just outside Charing Cross. A friend of mine had got the low down on his HIV status and told me to be careful. I obviously thought oh damn! I am HIV positive. Going for the test was the worst as a teen and panicking and all sorts of fear issues and back then having the virus was the worst thing you could tell an African parent.

I eventually found his medications in his drawers just as my best friend Melvin now Melanie a transgender in the United kingdom had told me to search through. We took the medications and went straight to an NHS hospital and asked the nurse at the counter what the drug was for. We couldn't ask google then as the internet age was quite new. The nurse came back with what I would call a medical dictionary and I cant forget Melanie searching through the pages and finding page 268 missing. I would always remember that number definitely not the name of the drug! She obviously knew what it was and tore it of. I wouldn't blame her as we hadn't gone through the proper counciling as at then and also she must have been protecting us from the news.

Michael his name then in his late 20s was the only guy I dated till this date having contacting him and he denied. I asked for both of us to go for a test as he was much older but he didn't. That was the end of that relationship and then the hunting thoughts in my mind saying constantly "you are HIV positive" I grew up in nice environment and we were opportune to study in the United Kingdom and travel the world and I had the best of childhood. That I cannot deny! I remember family time and I cherish every single memory I had with my mum and brothers and sisters and my off and on relationship with my Dad. They suspected but I had to conform coming from an African background I would never even mention being homosexual or even admit as at then. My brothers were OK, having caught listening to me on conversations on the family home BT landline. The topic was never brought up and quite forbidden in my family.

Years and years past with that heavy burden on my mind that i might have been infected and guilty for not checking my status on time, obviously scared. Once a while I go to the local pharmacy's and get the home test kits which weren't accurate at all. It was a burden to my poor confused and developing transexual mind. I know well who I am and who I want to be and that was way more bigger than HIV/AIDS.

Then I took the test in 2015 when it was a little bit late. Searching through the net and looking for signs and symptoms of the virus and I'm sure some of you can relate. I remember the doctor asking me if I believed in miracles and I was numb for a minute but deep down , I knew I did and I knew I had to. Even if the results had been positive I was still hopeful and determined. It came back positive with good and bad news, with the good news being I had no other infections, no STD no hepetatis and the bad news being positive result and AIDS confirmation with a CD4 count of 13. I had to then fight through the wasting syndrome. I had to fight all that off and get ready for the big world ahead. The second phase was recovering and still remaining focused because, thinking the virus would have killed me but death is enivitable.

I am Nigerian born in the UK in 80s but after 1985 so I don't quality for citizenship. I attended Bosworth tutorial college in Northamptonshire where I did my A levels and also Holborn college University of Wales where I had my bachelor's in business administration all funded by my family. I love my country and family so dearly but this is my one life and my once chance to finally live.

We lack certain advance HIV/AIDS medications and hormonal therapy which I have searched for all over.

No one here knows nothing, not mentioning the stigma and lack of laws that protect people like me! It's 14 years imprisonment for being gay! In Nigeria and then I am a "trangersgendering" that would be the death penalty in some states in my country. I wish I would be a role model and change things positively helping and advicing others who face similar challenges. I am scared of not living having surviving my ordeal I have chosen to fully embark on my transition. I know I would hurt and offend a lot of hearts, families and friends. But its the path chosen by my destiny. Why should a transgender be considered Insane? Or a taboo?

We tattoo our skins, why can't we make adjustments to the bodies we were born in? If not happy with it. I'm religious and putting GOD aside this! For example if i had a nail fungal infection and thought it was best to were nail polish, or being bald and wearing a wig or tupe. Am I not just taking care of the only thing I am in constantly from birth to death. Which is my body, my temple and gateway to my spiritual life. Its the best way for me to express my presence here on Earth. It's the face I see in the mirror, my body is my best friend and worst enemy at the same time if I don't come to terms with it's true projection and wellbeing.

I have grown to love and cherish the skin I'm in and been in touch with that which is within and to show the world the freedom in self awareness and self realization.

I don't have the power to judge, and I don't think anyone has that power over me. I am still improving , remaining focused. I love dancing and listening to music. I have a passion for fashion and a good scenes of style. I am now facing kaposa which is a skin cancer that's improves as the immune system gets better.

I need your support to survive, to raise funds and be able to have medical treatment also very important seeking British immigration lawyer consultation on name changing and a new passport as I am not sure that would be available here. Also funds towards medical consultation and information's on hormonal therapy and HIV/AIDS. Funding towards my transitional operation to finally becoming a woman.

Thank you

Yours truly, faithfully, and sincerely

Malaysia Bank

Nigerian couple spend honeymoon in the village after their wedding in Lagos (photo)

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Newly wed couple Victor Agafenam Chi and Vivian, who tied the knot two weeks ago spent their entire honeymoon in his village in Enugu.

I Was A S3x Toy To An Older Woman - Timaya

According to the musician, who once hawked, who was once a rebel and who once slept with an older woman in exchange for food and roof over his head, life was tough, but God has changed his story.

Updates How husband who killed Globalcom staff in Bayelsa was nabbed at Badagry border after trying to escape

Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...40-year-old Australia-based Nigerian man Stephen Akpata murdered his wife Onyinye Eze, an employee of Globacom Nigeria Limited few months after their court registry in Bayelsa State.
It was gathered that on August 16, 2017, Akpata, from Delta State, allegedly strangled his 33-year-old new wife with the cords of a pressing iron before stabbing her to death with a knife. Read previous posts

A Germany Based Nigerian Man Loses €85,000 Hidden In A Bag To Lagos Wharf (photo)


A Nigerian, Chinedu Onyebuchi who is based in Bremen, Germany has reportedly lost all his life savings for over eight years he has been living in Dutchland. He alleged that €85,000 which is about N34million hidden inside a luggage was stolen at The Nigeria Wharf. 

Kemi Olunloyo Shares Photo Of Lesbian Daughter Of A Northern Legislator

Kemi Olunloyo shared this photo on her Instagram page hours ago and captioned it ;

"This #Hausa girl is the daughter of a famous legislator. She is an open LESBIAN. In 2013, her father was one of the MOST instrumental federal lawmaker to pass the #Nigerian anti-gay law. I have nothing against gays. I grew up with plenty of them in North America.

Who is he and did you know that northern Nigeria has the most homosexuals in #Nigeria? #hnngayvoices

Best answer wins."

When some of her followers disapproved of her sharing the photos, she in her usual manner began schooling them on the ethics of social media and journalism.
She also stated that she is proud to share it because she supports homosexuality,even though the girl's dad is an hypocrites for taking part in the passing of the 2013 antigay law.

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House girl peeps while husband and wife were making love, caught, beaten and sent away.

Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...House girl peepsA 12-year old house girl, Gloria Ukanam has reportedly turned her madam’s bedroom to a live porn centre as she peeps through the opening in the door while she’s having s-ex with her husband in the night.

“I once lived with an older woman who used me like a sex toy” – Timaya reveals

Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...Timaya in a chat with Punchhas revealed that he once took up abode with an “older” woman who used him like he was a sex toy.
Timaya says he was a rebel as a youngster, and that he met the woman one of the times he ran away from home.

Regina Daniels confirms she’s 16, celebrates having 900k followers on Instagram

Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...Regina Daniels confirmsNollywood Teen Actress, Regina Daniels has just confirmed that she is indeed, 16-years of age, while celebrating the fact that she just amassed 900,000 followers on Instagram

Meet beautiful lady Abishine who was mistaken for alleged new Olori of the Ooni of Ife (photos)

Meet beautiful lady AbishineInformations gathered that the rumour reportedly started on Tuesday, August 29, after a photo of the beautiful lady in a white outfit went viral. In the photos, the lady was seen wearing a long white traditional dress with a white head gear paired with ceremonial beads similar to the ones worn by Nigerian royalty.

CELEBRITYSee photos from Bobrisky’s ‘lavish’ birthday party

Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...BobriskyNigeria’s self-acclaimed male barbie, Idris Okuneye Olanrewaju popularly known as Bobrisky turned 26 on August 30th, but he is still celebrating his birthday. The bleaching ‘expert’ had announced he’d spend 15 million naira for his birthday celebration this year.
Here are photos from his birthday party this weekend at a Lagos night club.