19 Apr 2017

Help me:‘My sugar mummy has vowed to wreck my marriage’ says A Yoruba Actor

A Yoruba Actor thought he was having fun when he decided to date a sugar mummy for the benefits he was going to get but little did he know he was digging his grave. I met Omosansan Fetuga during my visit to Alh.Kollington Kebe and Ajoke confessed to me that Kebe is her husband but not very good in the bed due to his old age. She asked me to meet her in the hotel the next day.
I know what I did was wrong but I just thought I was catching fun, not knowing that I was digging my grave and it is now causing me untold problems.

Initially, I did not want to fall into the temptation but when I realized that most of my friends, even the married ones were into it, I decided to give it a trial, after all, I reasoned, there was nothing to lose.

Some of them were married women and people held in high esteem in the society but they were all there with their sugar boys while some came to look for new catches

Ajoke came with a complete package and promised me heaven and earth – money, connections, contacts, and contracts – if I am good to her.
Her definition of being good was for me to always be available whenever she needed me and to satisfy her in bed always, and never to have another woman, apart from my wife.
I did not have a problem with that and for about six months, it was all rosy as I had the best of her world.
Fetuga bought me a new car and gave me money that I used to move my family to a duplex. When my wife questioned where I suddenly got so much money, I gave her so many stories that she got confused and kept shut.
But barely one year into the relationship with Ajoke, the scales have been lifted from my eyes and she is threatening to bring my world crumbling.
It started when she began demanding more and more of my time and when I reminded her that I was still a married man and that my family needs me as well, Ajoke told me I would have to divorce my wife and move in with her.
I told her that was impossible but she countered by threatening that she would make my wife and son disappear without a trace if I refuse to divorce her.
She has also promised to make my live a living hell both physically and spiritually and knowing that most of these women are very diabolical, I fear for my life and that of my family.
I know what Ajoke Fatuga is capable of . Thought, she has returned to the state now but still bombading me. Egbami lowo cougar yi oo
Please, I need advice on how to get myself out of this mess I put myself into.
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