8 Dec 2017

When a woman looses all sense of shame- Alibaba to Abike Tolulope Ghaba

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Abike Jagaban, the notorious UK-based Nigerian socialite and social media video ‘mouth-runner’, got a taste of ace comedy merchant and premier compere,Alibaba’s whip when she decided to chill on the vulgar side of Valentine in her video log. In one of her usual social media tirades, Abike, obviously in the spirit of Valentine went on and on spewing out vulgarities that shouldn’t grace this page. But for the sake of records, her strictly Yoruba language post is represented below (you might need a translator).

Alibaba’s thoughts on Abike’s video came after another comedian, Koffi, tagged him and rapper/businessman, Ruggedman, in his original post of Abike’s video. According to Koffi, he didn’t have the ‘liver’ to muster the necessary level of courage and bluntness required to tackle the notoriously ‘loud-mouthed’ Abike whose ranting sessions are well storied on social media. While Ruggedman has not taken the bait, or baton, as Koffi put it, trust the usually candid Alibaba not to miss in on an opportunity to take the bull by the horn. Hear him:
First off, dont press play. Im not playing. So is the video. When a woman looses all sense of shame she becomes reckless in her thought process and throws away all filters. It’s not about being scorned. And It’s not about anger either. It’s about the woman that you have become. I often wonder what life circumstances can make a woman throw caution to the winds. These days, I have come across men who use swear words and see nothing wrong with it. Even the number of ladies who speak vulgarity fluently is on the rise. My rule of the thumb is, if you can not use the words in your prayers to your God… it’s vulgar. OK you can use it behind closed doors with your significant other. That’s were it’s allowed not out loud. And if you think this message annoys you let me know so I can make amends.
Expectedly, Alibaba is not alone in his views, as many social media goers have already started to vent their disgust with Abike. But ass carefully worded as Alibaba’s input may be, it remains to be seen how Abike Jagaban will take it. Celeb Police can bet it’s not going to be politely. Here’s hoping Alibaba knows the lady he is talking to, because dirty is part of her game. Whatever happens, we are on duty.

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